Fort Weyr - Crafter's Cavern
The Crafter's Cavern is quite stunning to behold. A high vaulted ceiling arches overhead, ornately sculpted sconces along the walls, once having held glows, are now fitted with the electric lights, casting a gentle glow over the area. On the walls around the caverns edge hang beautiful old tapestries, which depict various aspects of craft life.
All around the cavern the tapestries extend, representative of every craft. The door next to each leads to the quarters of the WeyrCrafter, while the large area in the center is divided into smaller work spaces, numerous desks and chairs, terminals and sandtables clutter the space.

It's a short while after lunch most have gone back to work or sleep, with the grey skies and muggy air most have chosen to stay inside as the hail starts to fall. Xavier is here, only his legs sticking out from under one of the benches. A slight grumble can be heard from below the bench along with a scrapping sound. "Shards, people have to be more careful.

Who's dressed impractically? Polana is, of course! Isn't she always when she isn't working? But as it turns out she isn't dressed oddly for no reason at all this time. As a matter of fact she was planning to go to a local inn where she would relentlessly woo a wealthy boy that she had seen there. And she couldn't do that if she was wearing her messenger girl clothes! So she wear a short dress that was flowy at the end and light pink in color along with a pair of nice high-heeled shoes. No, the dress was not hers, instead having been borrowed from another girl that she happened to be able to blackmail. Either way, it didn't change the fact that she believed she looked wonderful. The blonde had been intending on walking right through the living caverns when she heard a scraping sound along with someone speaking. Curiosity getting the better of her Polana walked over to the bench, looked down, and asked, "what exactly are you doing down there?"

Solan is here too, working not far from Xavier. Instead of a bench, however, his ministrations are focused on a couple of chairs he's dragged away from the tables. Both have broken legs and both have certainly seen better days regardless of the most recent damage. "Tell me about it," the young woodcrafter remarks in reply to Xavier's comment. Reaching down to pick up one of his tools - which are packed in a forest-green backpack on the floor beside him - Solan shakes his head and begins prying off a broken leg.

Perched nearby, an obviously newly hatched firelizard is watching the two men work with whirling interest. Dark mottled green - like the shadowed treetops on a gray day like today - Brynn keeps cocking her head from side to side, tilted as she attempts to discern what exactly Xavier and Solan are doing.

Xavier slides out from under the bench, the giant of a man slowly, getting to his feet. "I was just fixing the bench, most folk don't realize all the repairs that get done." Dusting his hands off on his pants he offers out his hand. "I'm Xavier, nice to meet you." He nods his head in the direction of Solan, "That there is Solan., So who might you be miss?" He thought in his head, he had never seen this girl before but then again he never really had any luck with women.

She is calm enough when he slides out, although that calmness vanishes when he offers out his hand. People generally offer their hand when they want to shake. Like one person's hand touching another's. Like his hand touching hers. His dirty, awful, filthy hand that had been who know's where. While she didn't let it show on the outside aside from a slight crinkle of her nose she was panicking within. But ever so slowly she took the hand, giving it a quick shake before responding, "I would be Polana." Quick, curt, and simple.

The other woodworker - also of the burly, brawny sort - tosses a nod Polana's way. His hands are rather occupied at the moment so Solan simply smiles - a wide, toothy sort of thing — and says, "Hello there." Before he can say more, Brynn has fluttered her way over to rest on his shoulder. Tiny - only a few weeks old at this point - the little green paws at Solan's beard almost as if to say 'Get back to work so we can go EAT!' Of course, that message is more feeling than words but the woodcrafter abides anyway. Pulling the leg off, he reaches down for a replacement he's brought. "Heading somewhere nice?" he asks Polana, looking briefly over to smile at Xavier.

Xavier gives a hearty laugh at Polana little crinkle of her nose. He sits back down and starts to grip the bench and with a heave turn it onto it's side. "Good to meet ya Polana. So is there anything I can help you with? Anything at all?" He gives a nod to Solan. "Solan, can you pass me a screwdriver, I need to tighten up the legs on these."

The newly hatched green firelizard gets a bit of a nervous glance from Polana. She has always been afraid of small things, including firelizards. The only exceptions were when her two firelizards had been hatchlings. It's hard to be afraid of things you are bonded too, after all. Yet oddly enough the two rather burly men to do scare her at all. As a matter of fact large things have never really disturbed her, only the small. At Solan's question she manages a grin before responding, "yes, as a matter of fact I am. A date, actually. Well, at least I hope it will become a date." To Xavier she adds, "and no, I'm good. Just wanted to see what you were up to. Fixing things… I've never been good at that. I'm actually a messenger, getting people, telling people stuff, occasionally fetching small things. That stuff."

"Of course," Solan nods, reaching down into his bag and pulling out the requested tool. Brynn scurries down into his lap and holds out her forelimbs, obviously wanting to carry it over to Xavier. "Not yet," Solan chuckles, "it's a bit too heavy for you still." He reaches down to rub her neck with his forefinger while tossing the screwdriver to Xavier with his other hand. "Up," Solan says, sparking the little green to his shoulder again. The new leg is fit into place and the woodworker reaches into the bag for a hammer and nails as Polana explains where she's headed. "A date," the young man smiles, "hope it's a fun one then." As he begins pounding a nail into the chair leg, the excitable little 'lizard suddenly darts from his should and pops *between.* "Flight little thing," Solan smirks.

Xavier catches the screwdriver and smiles at Polana. "Lucky man, I suppose. Though I don't see how you wouldn't know if it's a date or not." He starts to tighten the screws around the leg of the bench, "A messenger? well, I guess you can come in pretty handy. At least it means I get any messages for me. Not that there ever are." He grinks at Solan, "So where did you pick up that Firelizard by the way Solan?"

She eyes the green firelizard attempting to help with slight interest, but only slight. After all, it's still rather creepy. Solan's response is rather easy, just him hoping that it's fun. And then there's Xavier, commenting that he doesn't know how she wouldn't know if it's a date or not. A small cross crosses her face at this. Despite her desire to not really say anything and walk away some part of her won't let herself be silent. So she finally admits, "well, I don't really know him and he doesn't know me. But he's at this inn slash tavern about this time most days, I've seen him, and he's cute. I guess you could say it's more of a flit date than anything?" She then bites her lip, suddenly unsure of herself.

"Kimmila, actually." With another quick pounding, the second nail is sunk. "One of her mother's firelizards had a clutch and Kimmila brought me an egg. Figured a firelizard would come in handy, given my line of work. I also think she knew I was a bit lonely here," Solan remarks. "Telepathic pets have a way of easing homesickness, I've found." While he's been at Fort Weyr for just over two months now, the young man still misses his friends and family back in Lemos. This is the first he's admitted to it, though. "Have you got one, Xavier?" Before he can begin on nail number three, however, Polana is commenting on her 'potential' date and her hopes for how it will go. "You're sure to be noticed by him," Solan nods, his smile warm. "Amazed anyone can walk in shoes like that though," he smirks at the heels she's wearing. "Impressive."

Xavier finishes tightening the screw before turning and looking up at Polana, "Your being as flighty as a green about to rise, though to be far, you got the glow of a gold. So I'm sure he won't miss you." He gives a shake of his head to Solan, "Sadly, no. I don't have one. I'm sorry, you feel alone. But you got me right? Good friends are always good to have around."

Polana wrinkles her nose once again at the mention of Kimmila. She has met the bluerider too many times for her liking, and not once has it turned out well. However, her pang of dislike at the mention of her is washed away by Solan's compliment. She gives a wide grin before adding in a small curtsy and saying, "thank you! Really anyone could get used to walking in them in time, even you! Although you might get more than a few odd looks if you went around in heels." Xavier's words have her eyes narrowing at first, although a small smile soon enters her face as well at the mention of a glow of a gold. At his mention of having no firelizard she quietly offers, "I just so happen to have a green, if you like I could probably get a egg for you at her next hatching."

"Well, I'm sure you'll have one long before," Solan smiles at Xavier, "but if you don't, you can have one of Brynn's first clutch. That's a couple turns away though," he chuckles, hitting the nail without paying proper attention. His reward is a savage pain throbbing in his thumb. "Gah!" he exclaims, irritated with himself for not being more attentive with the hammer. Brynn chooses that exact moment to pop back in from *between,* chittering noises of disapproval issuing from her as she circles overhead. Solan rolls his eyes at the green - feelings of joking sarcasm sent alongside the gesture - and sucks on his thumb for a moment. "Ow," he laughs. "Should be more careful, I guess." As to having good friends around, Solan smiles brightly at Xavier.

"You're right. I *do* have you. We need to do stuff more often, I think. More than just working in the same room, I mean." In response to Polana, the man actually emits a booming laugh. "Now /that/ would be a sight indeed. Me in heels" He snickers at that as Brynn comes to perch on the nearby table again.

Xavier laughs along with Solan, at the thought of him in heels. Wiping away a tear from his eye. "That would be much appreciated Polana, Thank you. Thank you for your offer as well Solan. I agree we should do more then just work. I'm thinking at nice swim in the lake sometime soon?" He turns at looks at Polana, "Would you like to join us Polana? The more the merrier right?"

Despite her almost constant desire to stay composed her finds herself chuckling along with the crafters. It is their bonded's sudden bought of amusement, something that they do not feel very often, that causes two firelizards to blink in from between. A green and a brown, both fully grown, circle above the group for a moment. The brown them silently flies over to a nearby table where he sits down, giving a little chitter of greeting to Brynn. The green, Opal, meanwhile lets out a light trill before landing on Polana's shoulder. She winces slightly as she does not have any shoulder padding on at the moment but does not say anything. Instead she tells the crafters, "sure, that would be awesome." Oh, look at that, she's smiling!

"A swim?" Solan's smile widens. "I could definitely go for that. Hopefully, the water isn't as cold as *between* yet." As Polana agrees to swim with them, the young woodworker flashes her a smile. She's definitely welcome to join them and he's glad to see amusement flood her features. When her two firelizards suddenly appear, he whistles impressively. "Two? Very nice. And look how big they are!" he comments, the brown very, very large in comparison to the two-week-old Brynn. The little green is chittering back at the brown hesitantly, as if unsure what to make of this new arrival. Her eyes slowly whirl with the dimmed-pastel violet of anxiety.

Xavier smiles gives a nod to Solan and a wink. "I'm glad, she agreed to come with us, don't you agree Solan?" He watches the two new flits as he rights the bench and puts it back to how it normally rests. "A job well done." He grins at Polana. "You look much nicer when you smile."

A small nod when he compliments her firelizards followed by, "thanks! Yeah, they're pretty decently sized, but they're also a bit of a handful. It seems like they need to be oiled every day sometimes! Well, Opal at least. She's a bit of a diva." Meanwhile Mjolnir lets out a soft croon to Brynn before rolling over in a playful pose. Polana then blushes slightly at Xavier's words before murmuring, "thanks. You don't look half bad when you smile yourself."

As the flirting goes back and forth, Solan's smile falters just a bit. Then it's a bit more and finally, it's gone almost entirely. The woodworker has firmly turned his attentions to the task at hand now but as Polana remarks about daily oiling, Solan nods slowly. "Cracked skin is no fun. Brynn eats so much right now and is growing so fast that I find it hard to keep up," he explains. "But I don't mind," his eyes flick to the green, who is now imitating Mjolnir, "she's worth it." A smile returns and it's full of warmth and love. Turning away to Xavier, he says, "Good work on the bench. Hopefully the kids will stop climbing all over it. Would hate for someone to get hurt." Bang! Bang! Bang! The second chair has now been repaired as well, the final nails driven home. Solan sits on it to test loadbearing before nodding with satisfaction. "Looks like we're done here," he nods.

Xavier gets up and flashes a grin at Polana before turning to face Solan, "Well alright then." He sees the poor weather outside as hail begins to fall. "We will go swimming later I guess…" He gives a sigh before shaking his head. He walks over and passes the screwdriver to the man. "Thanks for the hand. Got it done much quicker." He turns to Polana. "Thanks for helping keep us entertained while we worked. Though I think you missed your date."

Polana nods at Solan's words and gives a small laugh when Xavier talks about her missing her date. She gives a shrug as if to say, 'oh well', before commenting, "There will be other men and other times." At that moment someone calls her name, rather loudly at that. Apparently something important is going on. She gives a small sigh before saying, "Well, I'm off. See ya!" She then runs off, if a little slowly in the heeled shoes.