Who Riohra, Baylee, Inri, Catwin, S'ndri
What It's the tidal pools. It's tidal pools chat. Inri claims another bluerider. Riohra has a money-making scheme … kinda.
When Month 10, Turn 2713
Where Tidal Pools, Half Moon Bay Weyr

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Tidal Pools
Up a path from the lagoon sits a plateau of tidal pools. The shallowness of the pools combined with the dark stone they're made up of means that Rukbat beating on the pools in the daytime keeps them warm. The rock has been hewn gently on most of the pools to allow for ledges to sit on while still in the water. The pools allow for a more private, relaxed atmosphere than the beach below. When they are occupied, it is not uncommon to see a waitress or waiter come up from the Tiki Lounge to serve drinks to the occupants.

Baylee has been in Half Moon now for all of about a day and a half. She'd gotten to see the waterfall the previous day and now finds herself wandering around the rest of the place. It does have some cool scenery she'll give the place that much. The beach and the pools here are very nice. So far he stay here has been a quiet one, but who knows what might happen before she is sent back to the hall.

And then there is Riohra, nothing but a ball of chaos wrapped up in a cute bow. Today our little maniac is in the middle of building something with long poles and tubing as he sits in one of the tide pools. He is humming in his only sounding bass singing voice as he keeps looking out to follow something in the water.

Baylee moves toward the man who is working on something and recognizes him for who he is, "Hi Riohra." she greets, "You sure do travel all over the place. The weaver hall, the green dragon and now here." She will look at what he is working on and smile, "What are you building?"

Riohra jumps alittle and spins around, he first tries to cover the contraption with his body. Then he sees it is the nice weaver girl from before saying "Oh, Hey Baylee, uh yeah I like to visit people. and look at you, I bet this is the farthest away from the Weaver hall you can get" he glides over to her, and offers her a hand to shake.

Baylee will move to accept his hand as he offers to shake, "Yeah. It's pretty far from there. I'm still not sure about it. Krenn seems to think it's nice so I'm giving him a chance to prove it. He'll have alot of work to do." Yes Krenn will have lots of work to do to show Baylee that Half Moon is an ok place.

Riohra grins still holding her hand and says "well it is always good to jump in with both feet I always say". He actually looks like he is going to pull the woman into the water with him but his contraption goes off and there is a line that starts being reeled in. He grins and lets go of her hand, as he turns to see it what he has caught.

It's probably good that Rio didn't pull her in. Baylee would have been pretty upset and ended up chewing the young man out. As it is though she doesn't have to do that, "What are you doing with that?" she asks as she motions toward the contraption thing.

Riohra grins over his shoulder saying "fishing! I got the idea from watching some Dolphins play." The 'contraption' finally pulls up a pretty good sized fish, maybe two and a half feet log attached to a hook on a bouy. He grins happily, and holds up the yellow finned fish to show Baylee.

Baylee has been around fishing all her life. Her father owns a small fleet of boats and so the fish is nothing new, but it is still a slick system that Rio has going for himself, "Very nice Rio."

Riohra grins "thanks, oh land I am a great hunter, but well no so well at fishing" he goes to take the fish of the hook. As soon as he does it starts to fight him again, he is having a hard time hold on it and his balance as the large creature is trying to make a break for it's life.

Baylee stands there and watches him, making no move to help him yet because he is unsure of what exactly she could do for him, "Careful they are pretty slippery." He may be a great hunter, but fish might not be his thing.

The fight is a good one, Riohra has the grip and strength to match the ability of his prey's drive for escape. Every time it gets loose he manages to grab on again, at one point he seems to subdue the animal. He has it wrapped in his arms now, hugging it to his chest as it stops fighting. Rio grins and is about to calm victory…Then the fish fights dirty, with one last twitch of his tail he smacks the hunter in the already bruised left eye which causes him to help in pain and drop the animal back into the water.

Baylee stands there rather unimpressed, "You have to club them first. Otherwise you end up getting thwacked." Sure. She'll offer the helpful bit of advice after he has already failed. Though there isn't exactly a club lying around that she saw. "One good bash usually does it."

Riohra nods as he holds his bad eye again, "right, will remember that." he looks glum for about a hairs breath then testing his cheek to make sure no blood saying "But it worked, I mean you saw it it worked." he is probably more excited now than he was when the fish showed up.

It is true that the thing did manage to pull in a fish. Baylee nods her head, "Oh yes I saw it. It works. Did you build it yourself or did you get it somewhere?" She'd imagine something like that would be rather popular in the fishing holds and maybe even around here in Half Moon.

Riohra grins and nods as he leans back on sitting ledge saying "I built it my self, though I am sure I could give it to a Smith and they could make it better." he shrugs and grins up at the young woman, "arnt you a little warm in those clothes" he motions to himself "got to dress for the weather"

Baylee shakes her head slightly from side to side, "No. I'm fine. I like the clothes I have. I won't be staying here very long anyway. Krenn said only for a couple of sevendays or something then I'll head back tot he hall." The machine will get a nod instead of a shake, "You could probably make some decent marks selling those things once you get it down pat."

Sitting in one of the tide pools closest to the the open water, is Riohra next time is a large 'contraption' that is made of poles and what looks like a wench system. He tilts his head at Baylee who is standing near by on the path. "sell it? why would I do that?" his face is bewildered "If someone wanted one I could just build one for them" yes the actual thought of building something for profit is lost on him.

Baylee shakes her head slightly from side to side, "No. I'm fine. I like the clothes I have. I won't be staying here very long anyway. Krenn said only for a couple of sevendays or something then I'll head back tot he hall." The machine will get a nod instead of a shake, "You could probably make some decent marks selling those things once you get it down pat."

Whatever that thing is, Inri doesn't know and isn't trying to figure out, either — but from what she's been able to overhear? It's something that's worth a sale,a nd that's always nice. It does look impressive! Whatever it is. She's in a loose wrap dress with swimsuit underneath, hair loose, looking every bit the relaxed thirty-something on vacation rather than anyone's weyrwoman. And that's the idea, as she nods to the parties nearby and joins the pool Riohra is in. "Don't mind if I do," she says sweetly, without giving anyone a chance to mind.

Baylee had missed what Rio had said with the arrival of the new woman, "Hello." she says politely before finally answering Rio's question, "If you sell it though you could make some marks, and have your own business." Baylee says sensibly.

Riohra grins over at Baylee "But hunting at Fort Weyr is my job, and I like that. Besides, what would I do with a business?" he smiles and moves over as Inri joins him in the tide pool.

Catwin is absentmindedly wandering along the bath from the lagoon. She's dressed in her typical outfit, lightweight but long skirt and tunic, so out of place with the norm. She also has in hand her ever-present flask and is nipping a drink here and there as she does. For a moment, those in the pools are ignored. Mainly because the occupents haven't registered in her mind.

Guess who is back? S'ndri! That ever lovable Ierneian blue rider. He is dressed simply in swim shorts and a towel that he wrapped around his shoulders by all guesses he is ready for his day at the beach, and Half Moon's beach is far better than Ierne's beach. But first soaking must happen and so he makes his way toward the tidal pools and finds there a group already gathered. This is unsurprising since the tidal pools are very nice. Who are the people he finds. There's Riohra who gets a wave, and Baylee and Inri who both get wide smiles, "Hello everyone. It's fantastic to see you all." And of course who could forget the lovely Catwin. He'll just ignore her though. Safer that way.

"Without even knowing us! Or — me. Without even knowing me. That's quite lovely of you." Inri is all smiles for S'ndri; his approach makes sense to her, and has anyone else noticed all her friends seem to be blueriders? She clearly has a social type. She's also made herself comfortable but not in such a way that impedes on Riohra's personal space. Not that she recognizes him either, but she's going to give someone she doesn't know a wide berth until they make it clear that they're cuddly.

Baylee will smile politely to the new arrival before looking back to Rio, "You could make a killing I think. Especially if no one else has thought of that thing." she motions to the contraption in question, "Just think about it." She gives everyone else a polite wave and says, "Excuse me but I have to go meet Krenn to do that leather working thing he wants." And with that Baylee scurries away.

Riohra grins and waves at S'ndri "hey welcome back there bud" he lifts and moves his 'contraption' well out the way of others wishing to join in the water. He turns and grins "Well what a lovable little group we have" he turns and nods to Inri "I am Riohra, And that fleeting figure was Baylee. The Grinning man you see of there is S'ndri" He looks up and waves at Catwin, if she doesnt see him he will result to the more direct approach later.

That voice. She knows that voice. Catwin stops dead in her tracks and slowly turns towards the people concregating in the water. Oh shards. It's /HIM/! Catwin is silent as she watches the man's approach. Stiff and unmoving and then starts to relax a little as it's plain he's not advancing upon her. Her gaze flicks a little bit to the one waving. Oh. That one she knows. She waves back, and though she walks a little closer, she stays well away from the water. "Hello, Rio." she says softly and then wave to Baylee as she heads off. S'ndri? Nope, not there. He's not there. Inri gets a polite little nod as she drink from her flask again.

To know S'ndri is to love him! Unless you are Catwin. But Catwin doesn't count. Everyone knows that. S'ndri will send a glance to the woman who is scurrying off and shrug. That leaves Rio and Inri. He zeroes in on them and laying his towel on the side of the pool and makes his way in with a soft 'ahhhh'. The pool feels good. Catwin gets ignored. Ignored by S'ndri! Inri though does not. He'll give her one of his big smiles and say, "For such a lovely lady how could I do any less?" he asks. Is he flirting! Oh yeah! "As Rio said. I'm S'ndri and I'm honored to meet you." Inri will never have to worry about invading S'ndri's space. Never.

Oh, emotions. The tension kind of emotions. Inri notices the lack of interplay between Catwin and S'ndri, and pointedly does her best to ignore it. That sort of tension may not ruin her mood today, thankyouverymuch. "Hi," she says, offering a hand to S'ndri and then seeming to hesitate: this is one of those moments where she has to decide what revealing her name will do, where it may go, and if it will hurt her. Or if she should lie. Sometimes lying is the only way to have a good adventure, but in this case … "I'm Inri. A pleasure."

Riohra gives a knowing smile when Inri introduces her self but turns his attention to Catwin, as S'ndri has the other woman…blanketed is probably a better term than covered. "Hey Catwin, how are you today?" He glaces back at the pair over there, trying to figure out the tension between the blue rider and Catwin.

She may be ignoring S'ndri, but Catwin does still have ears. As she listens to him laying it on thick for Inri, her eyes glance over Inri and she watches how the other woman and how she reacts. It's a puzzled look on her face and then her attention shifts over to Rio. "I am well." she says simply as she continues to enjoy her drink. "I'm surprised to see you back here after Kassala hit you. I had the impression she didn't want you here anymore."

Yes! We must just brush off the tension. Brush brush. Adventures await! He will take her hand and shake it warmly, "What a beautiful name. It matches the rest of you." Inri is in luck. Either the bluerider doesn't know who she is, or doesn't care. Either way it leads to the same place. S'ndri will scoot ever so slightly toward Inri, but not so far as to invade her personal space…yet. Not until she gives him some sign she doesn't mind. He isn't a cad. Ok. Maybe a little bit of one but not a complete one. Catwin is still being ignored. Ignored ignored ignored. Rio though gets a slight smile, though his attention is still on the pretty goldrider. See Catwin, this is how flirting works!

"Sweet indeed." Inri's not quite cooing, but she's certainly also being sweet. She's a far more accomplished flirt than her player, alas, so she's not going to be too bad. She's also not edging away or closer. Public space, and all that, but she's comfortable sharing a pool with multiple people as is. She's a people person. "Born with a silver spoon in your mouth for compliments, as it were — wait, who hit who, now?" Catwin has gotten Inri's attention even if S'ndri thinks she doesn't exist.

Riohra grins at Catwin "oh she said no more stupid, and to be fair I am pretty stupid at times." he leans back into the wall of the ledge to move closer to speak with her to try to give the moony one as much room as he will need to play this field. He grins over at Inri "Oh my lady clocked me good, for scaring her then trying to pick her up afterward. Totally my fault" he uses a near by hand towel to wipe concealer of his left eye showing it to be that nasty shade of green black. He then picks up a small container and starts re-applying it.

Adventure can go hang. Catwin is happy as is. As Rio answers Inri, Catwin just nods and then sits down on the rocks, still back from the pool edge. "She did indeed get him good. All for going swimming." She shakes her head a little and drinks some more. Who needs to flirt? A little liquid refreshment can help keep things going smoothly. No need to muck it up. Nope. Nope. Nope.

And the game has begun! S'ndri will not move any closer since she makes no sign, but the night is young and he's liking where it is off too, "You are far too kind my beautiful Inri." he says the grin never leaving that face of his. That loveable loveable face, "Anyone that fails to compliment a beauty such as yourself must have no taste at all. Surely you must be here with someone?" he asks. When he see's Rio's eye he will pause for a moment, "You might need some help with how to act around women." S'ndri will help! He's ever helpful. Catwin. Ignored. Lest he end up like Rio. Or dead. Gah.

It is likely a horrible thing, but when Inri sees Riohra's face like that, she lets out a giggle and claps her hands. "Oh. Brilliant. That's brilliant, good job on her, she certainly told you. And you seem to have learned! I bet you won't make that mistake again, will you. Benefits to everyone and you're picking up skill with make-up. Hm?" S'ndri asked if she was here with someone, was that it? A genuine question, or just flirtation … the world may never know, but Inri's expression darkens for a moment. "No," she says, and then pushes her smile back. Optimism. "I'm not. I usually travel alone."

Riohra grins "well I can't say I won't make it again.. but maybe I will duck faster" He turns back to Catwin "and to be fair, I am terrifed of deeper water. So you could see why she reacted that way." he looks over at S'ndri and says "Oh I need no help, she is all the woman I will ever need. everyone else is just friends I havnt met yet"

Catwin hasn't actually killed anyone herself. Though who knows if she'll get someone to do it for her. Amazing what men will do for some Shine. But. How can anyone try to ignore that drival for long. It's not long before Catwin is simply staring at S'ndri as if he's lost his mind. How can anyone say such things and not crack up laughing? However, that last bit concerning Rio? It has her quirking a little bit of a smile "Maybe just how to act around people." she murmurs under breath. Did she just actually try and tease Rio?

Beautiful and a sense of humor to boot! This is going to go swimmingly! Especially since they are in the water already. Flirtation. Question. It's all the same thing really. As she says those wonderful words that she is here alone, his smile will broaden (if that is possible). "Well then. I'd like to offer my services as you company for this evening. I'm positive, upbeat, and I promise you will have fun." He may even offer her a sly wink. Rio will be given the thumbs up. Catwin is still ignored. But all the laughing happens on the inside.

"Acting. Makeup. See, already a step in the right direction." Inri's on top of this. She also may be slightly tipsy. "Company, dear sir, is always appreciated," aside to S'ndri, with a little nose-crinkle smile. There's no promise of anything in her voice or smiles except for the appreciation of right now, but what is that other than who she is since the end of her ill-fated weyrmating? And, to be fair, before it to some extent. Though Inyri would have gone home with anyone. "So that I shall accept." When she gets another opportunity to talk to Catwin, when she's not appreciating the company of someone who Catwin is ignoring, they'll surely get along. Getting people killed for pleasure and all.

Riohra gives Catwin a winning smile "Hey I am getting better, besides if I acted like this one" motions to S'ndri who also gets a wink "or that Krenn can you imagine how bad I would be on your nerves" Rio for all his faults, at least is prepared he moves over to where his towel rest in a bundle safe and dry. He moves the towel showing a bucket with iced down drinks in it "Any one want one?" he offers to the others.

Catwin eyes Rio for a moment. She's silent. She wants to ignore S'ndri. Not have attention called to him. After all she's made no bargain like she has J'en. No talk until both are well lubricated. Speaking of which. She takes a long drink from her flask "Krenn's okay, immature, but then that goes with the age." she notes and pointedly look at Rio. Glance is stolen towards drinks and she shakes her head "I'm good." Best not to water down good whiskey. Right?"

S'ndri is a man willing to take his chances with the possibility that this goes nowhere. Still though he remains an optimist! "That is fantastic." S'ndri says with a slight bob to his head, "It's a decision that you will not regret. You are going to have the time of your life. I'm the funnest person I know." he says with a chuckle. It's not bragging if you end it with humor. Since we are brushing away tension lets also brush away ill fated weyrmatings. Brush brush. Happy thoughts. Think of S'ndri! And how amazing he is. When S'ndri hears Rio mention others like him his ears naturally are drawn to that. Huh. Others like him. Hardly. He's the best. And he's a bluerider so thats a sign. A sign from the universe to Inri! Catwin gets no signs. Just ignorings. He will give a nod to Rio though, "Sure."

The only other quite like him that Inri knows is Am'ry, and the guy went and got weyrmated to a greenrider at some point along the way. Which also delighted her, but definitely changed that friendship a bit. "Perhaps I should stay away from this Krenn," she muses. She knows J'en; she likes J'en. "And I'm not good. I mean, I'll have one. I'm usually good in a — sense that doesn't involve whether or not I have a drink."

Riohra grins and passes out the bottles after he opens them saying "I dont judge about good or bad, that is for people with more common sense than me to work out" He winks at catwin. He sips his drink and relaxes.

Tuning out, tuning out. How can S'ndri live with himself and all that silly nonsense? Catwin blinks a little as Inri dances around with her words. She arches a borw a little and just shakes her head some. "Well, Krenn's not bad. He's just not..' she frowns a little as if searching for a word. "For all that he's made journeyman, he's rather immature."

Yes. Stay away from Krenn. Stay close to S'ndri. S'ndri is good. Just like Inri is. S'ndri will smile sweetly and take a drink from what Rio offered, "I'm sure you are a perfectly fun woman." He'll stay away from bad and good too. Though he will wink at her. Winks are good. "And we are going to have the best time." S'ndri lives with himself very well. He even can look himself in the mirror and everything.

Immature? Everyone here is immature. You are all infants; Inri has eight turns on the second-oldest person here. "Depending on the craft, some masters don't care. The art is more important than the mannerisms." Pursed-lipped, it's clear that Inri doesn't entirely follow this philosophy herself. But she's been in Weyr administration a long enough time now that she prioritizes mannerisms over arts most of the time anyway. "Whatever that art happens to be." She's totally leaning against S'ndri now, though. Just a little. She gets to relax and have fun until her dragon ruins it.

Riohra laughs at S'ndri "Words are all well and good my friend. but actions are what wins the day" or in some cases in-actions, glance to Catwin and then back to the pair.

Catwin hmms a little as she listens to Inri "True enough." Faranth knows Catwins art is better than her mannerisms. Litral' on the other hand. He's got /all/ the manners. There's a glance at Rio "Words have their place as well, and can easily lose the battle."

S'ndri wins! If Inri is so kind to allow it he will lift his hand and gently drape it over her shoulders. If not he will stay as is. Just so she can lean more comfortably dontcha know? S'ndri is just thoughtful like that. See Catwin. S'ndri is not bad. Just misunderstood. "Thats right. You deserve to relax." he coos to her. She may be slightly older but she is still gorgeous! "My words and actions working for you?" he will say softly to Inri. He's got words and actions down man.

Inri is completely fine with arm-over-shoulder draping, and will snuggle a little closer to said open arm, too. So very comfortable! She's missed people, cooped up as she's been. "So kind," she says softly, a gentle murmur, before pitching her voice up to include everyone again — because she is, of course, still part of a conversation. She's just nestled against one member of it in particular. "It would depend on the situation, I would think; some situations require actions, some words, some are better to think before you act and sometimes impulses win the day. Life is hard like that." She presses her eyes shut for a moment in a more frustrated sense; she's tuning out her dragon now, or at least trying to.

Cenvath senses that Kouzevelth has to reach further than normal, but she makes it; she is the briefest flash of lightning in Cenvath's mind, an instant of need and yearning and apology. Feelings are spoken more in, well, feelings than in words, though she does offer any at all. « It is not because of him that I call her away. » Or, in Kouzevelth language, the message behind the words belies a welcome to come see Inri again, or find her, or meet up again here by coincidence, all is well: Fort's queen does not begrudge S'ndri. She simply has her needs as well.

Riohra nods at the words being said "always another path" he smiles at Catwin, yup he knows how to read her by now. Looking back at S'ndri and Inri gives them a salute with his drink "To life and its never ending adventures" he says.

Kouzevelth senses that Cenvath will send his dry sands against the golds mind, « I understand. » he says. There are no hard feelings and he will pass this information onto his own rider as well.

And thats why Inri's the goldrider. Such a headache. There's an odd look though on Catwin's face as she watches Inri becoming more comfortable with someone she just met. Weird. S'ndri is eyed and she's closly watching his actions. Drink is consummed. No words are said. Wait. Was that a smile? She blink as she looks at Rio in confusion. Did she miss something? Why is he smiling?

S'ndri could not be happier right now if he tried all cuddled next to Inri such as he is. Though all good things must come to an end and he knows from his dragon that Inri's time is short. "I'll find you soon. We'll see if impulses win the day." Thats always his vote. He'll even be so bold as to try to kiss her on the cheek. Just a peck. Inri could avoid it easily. "I know you have to go. Though our adventure will continue." he will say taking some of Rio's salute into the context. Catwin still ignored. Poor Catwin. Someone should give her catnip.

That wince that started on Inri's face has turned into an outright eye-close bridge-of-nose-pinch of frustration, and then whatever drink it was that Riohra gave her is downed in one fell swoop. "I am easily found," she tells him with a small, shyer smile; she would never turn away a kiss on the cheek from anyone she didn't outright hate. She takes them from strangers, from Lord Holders, from random blueriders! "Kouzevelth is … fussy. Fussier than usual. I think — Never mind. Thank you, again, for your company. And you, for the drink. And Catwin," Inri remembered her name, "For your insights." That comes with a smile too: she genuinely has enjoyed what Catwin has to say, see, she wasn't ignoring her. Then Inri rises from the pool and puts her wrap back on, forlornly returning to her fussy dragon.

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