Fort Weyr - Centre Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

Xianeth has been spending much of her free time playing with B'yrl (or trying to while he's reading), or flying. Flight usually finds B'ryl joining in the activity. It's something they've both taken a liking to, and one might think they'd never come down if they didn't need to. Which they're doing right now. Xia banks tightly and straightens out. A bit sloppy, and B'yrl has to hold on tighter, but she makes it without a tailspin.

Nyalle and Kayeth are nearby, standing just outside of the infirmary while Nyalle checks a few things off a clipboard she holds. The young senior queen arches her neck and rumbles, low and pleased, a greeting and congratulations as she watches the young green fly.

Xianeth looks down as she hears the queen, and sends a greeting back, turning for a steep descent. B'yrl crouches down closer to Xia, streaming the two further for the dive. They pull up a comfortable distance from the ground, and mostly glides over to Nyalle and her dragon, landing and taking the last ten feet on paw. « Flying is so much fun! » she projects to the queen. B'yrl gives Nyalle a polite nod and smile. "A pleasant late afternoon." he greets her.

Kayeth rumbles in pleasure, warm waters washing against the beach of her mind. « It is, » she agrees. Nyalle puts on a polite and easy smile, dipping her head in return and waiting for her salute. "It is, it is. I love autumn," she remarks, looking into the partly cloudy afternoon sky.

B'yrl gives her the deserved salute. "Trees painting the scenery in colors that places the most wonderous paintings to shame." B'yrl agrees. Xia sends a scene of peaceful grasslands, with a light breeze that matches Kayeth's waves, with flower petals blowing across the field. Her mental image is seen from the perspective of one of those petals, high above the ground. How flying feels.

Nyalle smiles, nodding her head and brushing some dark hair away from her forehead. "It does. Have you been flying over the mountains yet? Are you cleared? The colors are just starting to change and the view from the air is spectacular."

"We have no yet been cleared, Senior Weyrwoman." B'yrl answers respectfully. "There's been some concern about Xia's ability to fly long distances, so we've been practicing extended flights here." « They think I'm too small. I'm not too small! I can make it! B'yrl can too. And have fun doing it! » Xia claims to Kayeth. « I shall stand on the peak of the mountains and be the tallest dragon alive! » Has some of B'yrl's poetic thinking affected Xia? Perhaps.

Nyalle ahhs, nodding. "Well, you have to trust M'icha. He knows what's best, he's done it for a long time." She glances at Xianeth when she says that, and Kayeth echoes her rider's words. « If he says you are too small, then you're still too small. Be patient, you'll be grown soon enough. »

"I shall continue following his suggestions." B'yrl remarks. "Xia doesn't think she's too small. There shant be a problem getting her out when the time comes." Xia huffs a bit. « Then I'll become the best flyer ever! We shall defeat the mountains! » B'yrl glances over to her. « In a fun way. » she then adds.

Nyalle smiles. "Good. I am glad to hear it." She looks at the young green and smiles, gentle and warm. "Of course she doesn't. They never do." Kayeth rumbles in amusement. « How do you defeat a mountain? » she asks dryly.

« Mountains try to be as tall as they can be. I'll defeat the tallest one by flying over it! » Xia decides. A mental picture of an unrealistically small-and-tall mountain appears in her mind, with her flying over it. Triumphantly. She even adds B'yrl, missing the whole thing because he's reading a book. B'yrl blinks and looks over to Xia. "I wouldn't do that." he says, quite out of context of Nyalle's statements. Xia chuffs in her own way of laughing, her tail flicking mischiviously.

Nyalle glances to her dragon, and then - now that she's filled in on the missing part of the conversation - she chuckles. "No, you wouldn't," she has to agree. « So your first quest is to find the tallest mountain on Pern. »

Xianeth perks up, at first with a blank look on her face, processing this new quest. Her first official quest! She turns to B'yrl. « We got to find the tallest mountain on Pern! » she decides. Yup, that's a great idea. A mental image of a sea sandbar comes to mind as she accepts the quest. After all, myth has quests starting at bars, right? Yes, that must be right. B'yrl gives Nyalle a smile. "Apparently, we have something to do as soon as we're cleared to go off flying by ourselves. And.." He pauses in private conversation. « You gotta read your books on them! » Xia insists, not bothering to block her thoughts from Kayeth. "And now Xia actually wants me to read some books on this task." he finishes with a light chuckle.

Nyalle chuckles, amused and pleased at the green's enthusiasm. "It seems like the perfect task for you both to work on together."

"We shall do so wholeheartedly. Perhaps it will be a good training exercise for mountain flying." B'yrl muses. "What would you suggest we do in the meantime, Senoir Weyrwoman, respected Kayeth?" he asks of them both. Xia looks up, interested in the answer.

Nyalle chuckles. "Continue to study and work under M'icha's guidance. And perhaps you could visit the library and begin doing research."

"I shall. Thank you." B'yrl says gratefully. "I shall search out M'icha next for assistance." Xia looks over to Kayeth. « I shall be the mountain dragon! »

Nyalle grins and glances to Kayeth, who for a moment looks distracted. "Excellent," the Weyrwoman says. "Best of luck to you both. We must be off. Clear skies!"

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