Weyrling Barracks
The rounded ceiling of this set of barracks is high enough to accomodate growing dragons. Lining the walls lengthwise are sets of stone couches and cots for their riders. At one end of the room are cabinets holding supplies for bathing and oiling young dragons, as well as the weyrling manuals. Against the opposite wall is a table with scraps of leather and leather-working tools. Tacked up on the wall is a diagram of riding straps.

The air is cool and crisp, after the wont of most mountain atmospheres in spring. Breezes gust gently, edged in the warmth that belies life and new growth. The path Br’enn walks is slightly sandy, a pale brown strip curving between rich green lawns bordered by clean white walls with vines tracing up and across them. He keeps a leisurely pace, steps bringing him closer and closer to the start of a stairway at the edge of a complex of towers rising high above the surrounding mountain peaks. The sunlight washes those spires in deep gold, the sort that rises with daybreak and lingers for a time until it’s touched every shadowed place it can discern.

And all around, surrounding him and filling every space with his invisible, powerful spirit, is Tovihasuth.

The breadth and flexibility of the little bronze’s mind is a constant marvel for his lifemate. In the moments of quiet allowed them during the day, Tovihasuth delights in showing Br’enn what’s there, and it is a journey not unlike his own treks across Pern - so much to see and discover. He’s still learning which mental landscapes correspond to what moods the bronze goes through; so much is still new and delightful and fun. Still, there is passion and power and determination there. Br’enn thinks he’s finding out what matches those, but these high, peaceful temples of air are Tovihasuth’s favorite realms.

Br’enn almost regrets that his own mind isn’t so vivid. He knows it’s simply the way draconic minds work as opposed to those of men, but in Br’enn’s philosophy of sharing things measure for measure, he feels as though he falls short - particularly because of the things he has to block from his still maturing companion.

Tovihasuth always tests Br’enn when he comes up against a mental wall blatantly thrown up. In this moment, there really aren’t any save for what’s been established already. Even so, in this quiet moment of exploration within Tovihasuth’s mind, the bronze can feel what Br’enn is holding back. « Br’enn, » he questions carefully, « why are there some things you don’t tell me? I show you everything; why don’t you do the same with me? »

» Ah, mate, « Br’enn answers with a low chuckle and a bit of a sigh, » ‘s not that I don’t want to. ‘s just that ‘m not allowed to yet. «

Tovihasuth chafes a little at that, his occasional impatience with authority manifesting in a brief flash of red and yellow banners fluttering in the breeze on the highest tower. « Because the Weyrlingmasters say so? Why do they know us best? Don’t you trust me? »

Focusing his eyes into the real world - which takes a good moment; it still isn’t completely instinctual yet - Br’enn places his hands on either side of Tovihasuth’s jaw. » I trust you more ‘n’ anything or anyone, Tovihasuth, « he assures his dragon warmly, » but when we’re growin’, we don’t always know what’s best. We don’t always understand everything that’s told us. The Weyrlingmasters know better right now. But I won’t keep all this stuff from you forever - I promise. ‘sides, « he adds, briskly rubbing the gleaming bronze muzzle, » y’re so clever y’might just figure it out on your own! «

« But how am I supposed to learn things if I’m not told about them? »

» We’re learnin’ plenty right now, troublemaker, « Br’enn chuckles, rubbing at Tovihasuth’s head with a motion suspiciously like a noogie. » One thing y’gotta learn is patience. Like I said, I’ll tell ya someday. Just not now. «

Outwardly, Tovihasuth grumbles, eying Br’enn with a golden-green gaze that almost seems dubious. Then he settles his head in the hunter-Weyrling’s lap and sighs a little. « Okay, » he concedes, the overdramatic dejection of youth drawing the word out. Then, abruptly as always, his mood bubbles right back up. « Do we get to fly soon? »

Br’enn lets his head drop heavily with a snort. » No, Tov. «

More bold colors flare, the tower Tovihasuth is leading Br’enn toward suddenly assuming the appearance of a grey stone bastion, its floor divided by brightly hued eaves. The air around them takes on a warmer feel, the faint scent of sulphur and magnesium carried from somewhere unseen. « But why not? »

» Y’can’t carry me yet, remember? «

« Oh. Yeah. » A pause. « But I’m bigger than you! »

» Not by much, mate. Y’re wings still aren’t strong enough for us both. Patience. «

Tovihasuth rolls on his side and sprawls, huffing in exasperation. There’s no image for it in his mind, but amid the gust of wind that accompanies that physical huff, Br’enn has the definite impression of a preteen boy flopping down on his back on a bed in his room, a leg dangling off the edge and arms flung out to either side. « Yeah. Patience, » the growing bronze capitulates finally.

Br’enn sighs and scrubs a hand over his face, relaxing once that point is finally reached. Silent for a long moment, he scratches along the tapering stripe of bright copper between Tovihasuth’s headknobs. » ‘sides, « the Weyrling says after a long moment of that, » with how much you’ve been eatin’, you’ll probably be big enough to carry me by the end of the next seven. « Belatedly, he realizes it may not have been such a good idea to say that.

As if cued by Br’enn’s words, Tovihasuth’s stomach gives an audible growl, and the little bronze quickly rights himself. « Well, no time like the present to keep working on it! » With that, he bounds off his couch and heads straight for the meat buckets.

Although Br’enn nearly protests, it’s interrupted by the fact that the hunger pangs from his lifemate are real enough. With a sigh and a chagrined chuckle, the hunter-Weyrling pulls his brawny form off the stone couch and follows in Tovihasuth’s wake, ready to make sure the little bronze doesn’t get overeager in his eating. Just another day in the life for this bronze pair - so far.