Fort Weyr - Northeast Bowl
The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area, being that Fort is the largest weyr. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the administration complex and the training grounds were candidates and weyrlings can often be found. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs before it tapers to a point at Tooth Crag.

The time is somewhere around breakfast; a little early for most people to be out and about beyond the living caverns, and yet Thys and Rhenesath are lingering by the entrance to the Hatching grounds. The growing gold is poking her head inside, making her little cluck-croon into the large, empty space, while Thys leans up against the Weyr wall off to one side. She's eating a hot pastry, breakfast on the go, but is paying more attention to her lifemate than to what's in her hands. "It won't echo, love. Not properly. I think all the sand will dampen it."

« It will echo if it's loud enough. » That is from Kayeth, the small queen circling down from above and landing not too far away. Neck arches and she rumbles softly to gold and rider, settling onto her belly with a shift of her tail and a rustle of her wings. Nyalle is, so far, not visible in the near vicinity. Seems Kayeth is stopping by for a little visit.

« How much louder? » Rhenesath doesn't sound sure, even though there's a warmth that wants to believe. So she tests it, ampying up the softer sounds she was making to a short, sharp bark-like sound. Did it echo? She stands absolutely still, totally silent to listen for it. « Did it work? » Kayeth's arrival is met with a salute from Thys, and a friendly smile. "Hello, Kayeth. Are you teaching Rhen how to make it echo?" She turns to look at her dragon, who's got her head canted so as to hear better… though Thys's talking is a distraction that she protests against with a keening whine. "Sssh, now. I'll be quiet. Try again."

Kayeth rumbles in amusement, pushing to her feet again and walking towards the entrance. Laying down in the tunnel, she scoots to one side and tilts her head in an unspoken invitation for the smaller gold to come alongside. « Listen, » she instructs. Pointing her muzzle towards the caverns, Kayeth /roars/, loud enough to wake anyone still sleeping on this end of the bowl. But…it does echo! « Now you. »

In Rhenesath goes, leaving Thys outside to enjoy the rest of her breakfast. She listens, flaring her wings in surprise and excitement when she hears the echo. « That was it! » Now it's her turn? Looking up at her dam, Rhenesath tries to mimic her. She stands, legs braced, wings raised from her back, and stretches out her neck as she lets out the best roar she can. It's not as good as Kayeth's, but simply doing it is such a pleasure that the weyrling does it again before going completely silent and standing stock still, listening. « Did that work? » Her thoughts are a whisper, as if they might disrupt the sound around them.

Kayeth tilts her head. « Did you hear it echo back? » This roaring has also brought Nyalle hastening across the bowl, skirts swishing about her ankles as she moves between mud puddles and tries to find the driest ground possible. "Thys? What are they doing?" she calls to the Weyrling, looking a bit concerned.

« No. » That's a sulky answer from Rhenesath, who sits her rump down on the floor and gives the cavern a look as if it's all its fault. « Can you do it again? » Nyalle's approach has Thys straightening up from her wall-lean, brushing off pastry-crumbed fingers on her trousers before she salutes the Weyrwoman. "They're making echoes - or Rhenesath's trying to, anyway. I'm sorry, should I ask her to stop?" Now she looks concerned that they're doing something wrong.

Kayeth glances behind her at her hastening rider, and nudges Rhenesath. « Once more, then I need to stop. » She really should stop /now/, but…she doesn't want to. So she roars again, creating the echo while Nyalle covers her ears. "Kayeth!" she says, scandalized. "People are trying to sleep!" Returning Thys' salute, Nyalle takes a deep breath. She's trying to be better at relaxing. "No, no. Kayeth should know better."

When she hears the echo, Rhenesath chuffs happily at it, flaring her wings as she mentally gushes flame-licked excitement at her dam, a rush of feathery heat with the clanging ring of metal on metal echoing through it - just like the roar that echoed through the cavern. « It'll be a good morning now. » "And so should I, but…" Thys bites apologetically down on her lip, looking up at the ledges to see if she can spot any signs of movement on them. "Sorry, Weyrwoman Nyalle. It's just hard not to indulge her - I didn't even though it might wake anyone up."

Nyalle sighs. "It wouldn't have, if Kayeth hadn't come down." She is quiet a moment, watching as Kayeth tries to nuzzle the little gold fondly. « It will be. » "No, it's fine. There are times to indulge and times to control and this one is harmless."

Rhenesath is accepting of the nuzzling, and even tries to return it. "She's curious about a lot of things," Thys explains, shifting around so she's able to see her lifemate and Nyalle. "Echoes popped into my head this morning, and she's been desperate to try making one ever since. This was the best space I could think of for her to try it, though she doesn't seem to have the lungs for it yet." The little clucky sounds the young gold makes as she shares one of her lightning-fast images flashes with Kayeth - a recap of her day yesterday, from waking up right through to lessons and going to sleep - are certainly a far cry from the bellow needed to make an echo. "How are you, ma'am? How're things with the Weyr? … I suppose I ought to start getting acquainted with asking questions like that."

Kayeth lowers her muzzle to accept that nuzzling from the young gold, rumbling softly. "They are curious about everything," Nyalle says with a small, fond smile. "It is good to teach them when they're interested in something. The weyr?" Her smile warms. "The weyr does well. And I am fine." She is less important than the weyr, clearly.

"Glad all's well." Thys grins, fluffing her fingers through her short hair. "Actually, ma'am, I have a question… a few, really. Do you have a moment for me to ask them? I promise I'll not take much of your time, only I think they're things more suited to be asked of yourself, rather than the weyrling staff." Rhenesath is happy enough to be affectionate with Kayeth, sharing warm thoughts with her.

Nyalle looks almost guilty. "Yes, I should have started your private lessons earlier but things have been so busy. I do apologize Thys. Please. Ask. We need to start building our relationship and the sooner the better, so you're ready when graduation comes."

Thys blinks, then laughs. "That… was nearly everything I was going to ask." She grins, slipping her hands into her pockets and rocking gently on her heels. "There's no need to apologise at all, ma'am. There must be a thousand things you have to attend to, and there's always time to teach me. Though I do have one more question; what's expected of me now? Are there things I should be doing, that people will expect me to do?"

Nyalle smiles a bit, laughing lightly. "Yes, but training you /is/ one of them. And perhaps the most important one. What's expected of you now? Be a Weyrling." Of that she's certain. "Learn her, learn yourself, train with your clutchmates. Right now you have no extra duties over anyone else. Focus on her, and your bond, and making sure you are the one in control."

"That I can do. You know, she seems a lot less hard work than some of the others? Though she's got this habit…" Thys looks at Rhenesath, shaking her head as she frowns softly - still a fond look, but slightly frustrated, too. "If she can't see me, and she doesn't know where I am? She… she makes this awful noise. She does it if there's something she doesn't like, too, though I'm trying very hard to get her to stop it. Have you ever heard of a dragon doing that before?"

Nyalle smiles gently. "Of course. Lots of dragons this age dislike their riders being away. What you can do is work with her on your mental link. That will always be there, even if it's thinned by distance. Perhaps play games with her? Hide yourself in the barracks out of her sight, and let her reassure herself with your mind? Like duck behind a barrel or soemthing, so she can't see you but she knows where you are. See how that works? The stronger the mental link is, perhaps the more secure she'll feel and there won't be as much of a need to make that sound."

Thys nods. "Sure, we can try that. At least she doesn't do it any more in the middle of the night if I slip off to the latrines; that was always embarrassing." A hint of colour flushes her cheeks, and she drops her head with an embarrassed smile. "Once we graduate from weyrlinghood, ma'am, will we be straight in under you? What sort of responsibilities will we have? Do you divvy it up, or is it an as-needed deal?"

Nyalle smiles gently. "I'm sure it was, but I'm also sure everyone had something their lifemate was doing that was just as embarrassing." Reaching a hand up, she brushes dark hair away from her face. "You probably will be, yes. As for responsibilities…it'll start gradually. I don't evenly divide things. It's all done by our strengths. Inri is excellent at diplomacy for instance, something that I'm…getting better at." But she hates. "So Inri handles most of that. Jajen handles much of our store caverns and inventories. So we'll see what your strengths are and that is where you'll be placed. We meet every morning as well, just the goldriders, to talk about the day. Further on in your weyrlinghood you'll begin to join us for some of those. Not every morning, but sometimes, so we can get to know you and you can get to know us. I want your transition to be seamless. Easy."

"I'll be interested in finding out for myself what those strengths are," Thys nods thoughtfully. "And it'll be great to join you all on a morning, when it's time for that. I have to admit, I'm very curious about what our future holds; if I'd thought this was even the remotest possibility, I would have tried to prepare for it earlier. But I was so certain I'd be in some other Hold by now filling out other folks' commissions that I just… well. It's not a change that I'd swap for anything on Pern, anyway."

Nyalle smiles and nods. "Believe me, I understand. I never even let myself dream of impression, nevertheless the gold. I thought I'd be back home…" She is quiet for a brief moment, and then smiles again. "You have time, don't stress over it."

The blue pair had heard a sound. A rather loud sound that had woken them both from a rather pleasant sleep. Good grief it isn't time for breakfast yet! So they both wandered out from the barracks to see just what the heck is going on. Nothing was happening on the training grounds so the pair proceeded, side by side out toward the bowl adjacent to the training area to spy what could be spied from there.

Thys's ears prick then, and one eyebrow raises curiously. "Did you know Kayeth's egg was out there, ma'am? Was it known there was a gold on the Sands? Correct me if I'm wrong, but Rhen was a surprise, wasn't she?" She picks up on C'rus and Jaicoureth's approach, waving at the pair. "Morning!" Rhenesath backs out of the entrace to the Hatching cavern, crooning a greeting to her brother. « Look, » she tells Kayeth, still excited enough from the echoes to have them rippling through her mind. « We woke Jaicoureth! »

Nyalle shakes her head. "She was a surprise to everyone, except perhaps her dam." There's a sad smile for a moment. "Yes, she was a surprise as well. In the old times the gold eggs were very visible, but now, for some reason…they like to hide. And Kayeth always treats all her eggs the same. Ah, C'rus, I'm sorry, did Kayeth wake you?" The fiery queen shuffles out of the tunnel as well, wuffling a greeting to the blue. « Good morning. »

C'rus lifts a hand to wipe the sleep from his eyes, and to offer a salute to Nyalle, "Good morning." he says with a smile, "It would seem that she did." he adds to explain his being here. He glances over to his lifemate and speaks softly to him, "Look Jaicoureth. It is your mother." he explains motioning to the gold. «My mother?» he responds quizically. "Yes." he replies softly to him. He can almost anticpate his lifemates question before asking and so shows him images of his own mother and the role that she played and still plays in his life. Jaicoureth sits back on his haunches as he digests this information for a moment. Then does something he has not done before. He walks away from C'rus's side and moves toward the queen, keeping his head down. Certainly breaking his 'my space' rule. «My dear boy says you are my mother. He believes this to be of high importance.» C'rus for his part is just sort of stunned but quickly moves over toward Thys, "Morning." he says absently.

"I wonder why that is," Thys ponders, with regards to the bit about gold eggs hiding. "Sorry, Cy. That would be Rhenesath and I's fault. Kayeth was teaching Rhen how to make echoes in the cavern." And the little gold looks so smug about their achievements, as she watches Jaicoureth approach Kayeth. Rhenesath sits quietly, not wanting to interrupt the interaction between the two. "We were just talking about eggs, C'rus, and how both Rhen and Kayeth were a surprise when they hatched. You know, come to think of it… I don't even remember if Rhen's egg was the one I was drawn to most when I was touching it."

Nyalle smiles apologetically. "I'm sorry about that, C'rus, they were learning about echoes." Kayeth rumbles to the little blue when he approaches. « Am I? I don't think it's that important. » She's already forgotten that they are "hers". All she knows is they are Fort's. "The eggs are full of mystery…they never hatch how they 'felt'. If you'll excuse us, we have some rounds to make before the morning gets too late." Kayeth wuffles over the weyrlings. « I will visit you later, » she promises, before she's gently moving past them and following her rider to the bowl.

Jaicoureth listens to her response, «Ok.» he responds and quickly high tails it back to C'rus side, but finds that his rider has moved and is now near Thys. He makes a mental note not to leave the dear boy alone for a minute lest he get the idea that he is somehow free to start breaking the rules, but for the moment he will allow it. Though he presses against him to prove the point, "We were going to have to get up for breakfast anyway soon." he dismisses the apology as uncessary, "I do remember that Jaicoureth's egg was one of the ones that I really rather liked. I think it was the second one I touched."

Thys waves goodbye to Nyalle, then looks thoughtfully at C'rus. "I really can't remember touching the eggs. Well, no - I mean I can remmeber touching them, I just can't remember what I felt from which one, or which ones I felt more from." She frowns, ruffling up her hair as Rhenesath comes up to sit beside her. "Though Rhen assures me that she came from the right egg."

C'rus did his best to try to keep track of everything, "I was fairly paranoid. There was one egg in the batch that I really didn't like. Rather mean spirited little thing at the time, though I trust that whoever that was has grown out of it." If he had to be trapped conscious in a little egg he would have been rather frustrating too, "Oh Rhen did…I'm sure of it." he says with a smile, "She's a very nice little baby."

Rhenesath responds to the compliment with a warm croon, before turning to preen her wing. She's listening in, even if she's otherwise staying quiet. "Mean-spirited? I don't remember that… what did the egg look like? I wonder whose dragon hatched from it, because I can't think of any in the group that hatched that way. Though, saying that, I think Nyalle said they're different when they hatch anyway?" Thys rocks thoughtfully on her heels, tapping at her chin. "I remember what Rhen's egg looked like. It was sort of creamy-coloured, with brown splodges. Do you remember Jaicoureth's?"

Oh yes. People change. Dragons change. Everything changes. C'rus nods his head, "Yes. Very pushy little thing. I think it was Livs egg, and she certainly isn't pushy. Perhaps she was having a bad day. I don't know. We can all have those." he says with a little shrug, "I do remember what his egg looked like. It was a very nice pale blue with dark splotches all over it. It was a very pretty egg." he says and glances over to Jaicoureth, "And you turned out to be a very handsome boy too." The dragon for his part remains pressed against his side. «Yes. I am handsome.» he affirms. Who isn't going to take a compliment after all.

"Livanyth's? Yeah, she's hardly pushy… Strange!" Thys's tone seems to suggest she's just clocking it up as one of those inexplicable things. "Jaicoureth is a handsome boy. He's got such a beautiful colour; he's seems to shine, doesn't he? Almost more than Rhenesath does." Her own lifemate's not as shiny as she could be, what with that antiqued gold hide with its distinct brown and cream. "I was telling Nyalle earlier how all of the dragonets are so different, especially when it comes to how they've bonded with us. For all Rhen's awful whining, I sometimes I feel I've got it easier than some amongst us."

"It really isn't what's on the outside that matters for such things. I suspect that some thinsg we haven't seen yet out of all of us and them." Things do change after all. He can't help but smile when his little…but growing not so little…lifemate recieves his compliments, and he couldn't agree more. He leans over to him and speaks, "See. Everyone thinks so. You don't have to be so shy. You did a wonderful job talking to your mother." he says. The dragon listens to the compliments and raises his head to look at Thys for a moment before looking to his rider, «She does not think it is important.» he says in response to the much earlier comment that he has been mulling around in his head, "We'll talk about it later ok." he says with a smile. Thys then gets his attention, "I don't know if anyone has it easier than anyone else. Sort of like comparing two completely different things. It's really just a time of all of us figuring things out."

Rhenesath croons reassuringly at Jaicoureth, stretching her nose out towards him, but not going so far as to break his personal bubble. She's already learnt that lesson the hard way! The gold weyrling reaches out mentally with a warm, soothing flames, that tickle on the edge of his mind without intruding too far, just enough for him to know she's there, if he wants to acknowledge it. "Rhen just seems easier than some dragonets," Thys tries to explain, settling her hand atop her lifemate's head. "But I suppose I would think that, since she's mine." After a thoughtful pause, during which she looks fondly down at her dragon, she looks back up at Cy. "You haven't had breakfast yet, have you? Would you like to go get something?"

Turns his mind toward the gold in return. He has grown used to her on some level and though he doesn't always show what he feels does like her, as he likes all the others, but they are so complicated at times! He doesn't share much in return beyond some simple words, «Hello Rhenesath.» C'rus nods to the goldrider, "I think perhaps she seems easy because she is, as you say, yours. She was for you, the others are for the others. Anything that probably strikes you funny about them is probably just because that is the part of the other that you don't understand yet. Even though we have been living together so long there are always things that we don't know about the other person." Jaicoureth looks over curiously to C'rus, «You know everything.» he affirms to his rider, "No really I don't…I know some things. I've been around awhile. You'll know alot too. More and more every day." he responds to Jaicoureth. He gives a smile to Amy and nods, "I think that would be lovely."

"Spoken like a true mindhealer, Cy…" Thys laughs with gentle teasing, picking up on her fellow weyrling's half of the conversation with his lifemate. "Oh, now, Jaicoureth, your C'rus knows lots and lots of things." She's assuming to know what they're talking about, as she signals for the blue pair walk with her and Rhenesath. "I can only pop in quickly for something to eat, Cy, because Rhen isn't going to let me be out of sight for long… though they've got a heap of bacon in there, if you fancy it. I saw it earlier…"