Training Complex
The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.
Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.
It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the centre of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

Though typically sunny in the summer, on this particular day th afternoon has been marred by an abrupt change in weather. Dark storm clouds have rolled in and released their contents downwards. This being Kainaesyth's first rainstorm, he is making the most of it, moving around the training complex to investigate every corner which the water touches. Ha'ze, staying rather less wet, is off to one side under an overhang, just watching.

The rain has never bothered Niumdreoth, the large brown is actually winging his way down towards the training ground once he has caught sight of the bronze young dragon moving about. A low rumble of gretting is caught while his wings shake and soon tuck close to his sides. « Afternoon Kainaesyth! How are you this day? » Abigail is undoing the steps and is sliding down from the brown's shoulders. Her flightjacket is pulled close to help try and keep her dry as she over the area to see whom all may be around.

« It is rain, it is life! » Kainaesyth's mind voice rings out clearly, the high flute singing a joyful melody that weaves in and among the patter of rain around him. His wings flair, and droplets slide down the well oiled hide. Those flecks of gold along the large lengths glitter in the wet. "Wingleader!" Ha'ze calls out when the landing of the brown draws his attention back to the complex and its contents. "There's cover over here."

Abigail glances over at the voice that catches her attention, a soft smile seen and she makes her way on towards where Ha'ze happens to be. "Hello Ha'ze, how got ye?" She questions while sending a glance towards Kai, well he seems alright. Oh yes she was told all about what happened to him. Niumdreoth rumbles while he shifts slowly padding forward towards where the younger bronze happens to be. « Rain is lovely, but I prefer it as snow honestly. » The brown has a love for all things winter so that should not be a surprize.

"I'm ready to be done with the extra cores from Kainaesyth's misadventure last week." Bunk is Ha'ze, now that there is no need for him to hide under some perceived persona. What is the point when Kainaesyth could see though all of that? He moves over in the area, to give Abigail room to stand under cover with him. Kainaesyth pauses in his rain dance, curving his neck to look upwards at the brown. The warmth of his mind, even among the rain, cannot understand this concept. « What is snow? »

Abigail nods slightly as she leans back against the wall slightly. "Yes… I heard of that. Are you, and he alright?" She questions curiously before she is looking back to him. Niumdreoth rumbles out softly while he settles down, though making sure to keep the young dragon plenty of room to continue to dance. « Snow is water, but frozen. It is very cold. » To prove this point his mindscene is that of a wintery forest, only a few trees seen in the distance, but the ground is covered by snow, mounds of it as if someone could dive into the snow and paddle raound in it even.

A sigh, of course Abigail had heard about Kainaesyth's misadventure. "I will be grateful when he's strong enough to get out of here for longer times. Or he's developed enough sense to not do more than he can." There's a slight hint of bitterness there- an under marking of the strain that still exists between the new weyrling and the dragon. Kainaesyth slinks away from that vision, and of the very idea of snow. The flute falters, and then dies quietly into the soft patter of rain. Wings that were outstretched are brought in close to his body again, « I do not like this snow. »

"I know all of this must seem strange to ye Ha'ze." Abigail starts off while watching him. "But… Overtime it will not be that way." She never once had a problem with link between her and Niumdreoth, and early on she was even able to put up certain walls to keep him from snooping, but she never knew it. Still overtime Nium has learned everything pretty much. "He is curious, Niumdreoth was the same." She chuckles a touch. "I remember some of the things he would do and honestly I am amused over it." Niumdreoth tilts his head while a soft rumble is heard. « Why ever not? It is beautiful when the light hits it just right, looking like tiny rainbows dancing across the white surface. » To prove it there is a slight gleam across the snow, as if a box of caryons was dumped upon it. His low drum beat is slowly picked up, faintly heard in the distance.

Ha'ze drops his voice, allowing the patter of rain to cover his voice, and trusting in the distraction Niumdreoth provides to keep his brooding thoughts from the young dragon. His gaze is fixed on Kainaesyth, and frustration marks Ha'ze's next words. "How can I go after Ustrr with him so small?" Kainaesyth continues to slink away from the image of the white that covers the ground, confused at the instant dislike he takes to it. « There is something wrong with it. » The flute is now gone completly.

Abigail ponders this for a few moments as her arms fold before her, a soft smile seen. "Ha'ze my friend. Niumdreoth is not small any more now is he?" This questioned with a curious tone. Oh she has a feeling that he still wanted to deal with Ustrr." She points towards Ha'ze a moment. "I am to still go with ye as well." Niumdreoth seems confused, a soft croon escaping him while he watches Kainaesyth. « How… Can something be wrong with it? It is lovely and white… So clean and beautiful.. » This is a good mark of confusion for the brown, enough to get Abbey to look towards him and she smirks a bit. "Perhaps he isn't all grown up as he looks."

"No. But it'll be… months. If not a full year." The WAITING. That is what is giving Ha'ze a rough time. The need for revenge burns bright in Ha'ze's eyes. Bright enough that it is getting in the way of the bond between himself and Kainaesyth. Resolutely, Kainaesyth conjures forth images of warmth, breezes, and the heat rising up from the canyon. Green things grow with a reckless objection to the cold rolling from Niumdreoth's mind. « It just… isn't right. It has no place in the story. »

Abigail looks back to Ha'ze and watches him, a slight frown seen as for a moment. "There is something ye must understand Ha'ze. During this time ye and Kainaesyth are to be bonding, it is not healthy for ye or him for that matter that y have this wall blocked between ye. It can hurt him mentaly." Perhaps if there is a different spin on this he might understand a bit better? "I understand how ye wish to go after Ustrr, that will come I promise. Though if ye do not work with Kai there is a chance the link between ye both could be broken, an then ye could have a broken dragon or he could even leave." Meaning gone for good, never to return. Niumdreoth rumbles softly while he seems to think over this. « But… The winter has a part in the story as well. Everything must play there role in nature. Spring brings life, summer brings warmth, fall brings change, and winter while it can bring death also brings breauty. The four seasons are a must to make everything work how it must. If one thing is out of sorts that it does not run smoothly. »

For all there is a block between Kainaesyth the thought of something actually happening to the bronze causes Ha'ze to pale and shift. The abrupt discomfort translates itself to the already agitated Kainaesyth, who turns abruptly away from the brown dragon. In a rare moment of affection the bronze makes his way over to Ha'ze and curls up against him. Ha'ze arms fall around the bronze neck and his eyes turn away from Abigail for a moment. For all their corner is dry, there is wetness in those dark eyes. "I don't want to lose him. But I don't know if I can open up the way he be needin' me to."

Abigail frowns at the reaction from Ha'ze, she perhaps said too much? Yes she has a way of doing things like that. She looks a touch pained over it even before a soft breath escapes her. Her hand moves to rest lightly against Ha'ze's shoulder and she lets her gaze settle upon his. "Ye don't have to open up all the way all at once. Over time ye both will learn things about one another. It is not expected to be a sudden thing." She gives his shoulder a soft squeeze before letting her hand fall away from him Her gaze turns to the bronze, a soft smile seen and she offers a slight bow of her head to him. "Hello Kainaesyth. How is yer wing?" There is a pause at he thought of that. "I have something, a special oil for such bumps and bruises that I use on Niumdreoth. I have some to give ye Ha'ze for him actually, if'nn ye think he might like such things."

Ha'ze's arms around Kainaeysth do not move. He takes a deep breath and squeezes that neck gently. "Someone needs to explain that to the rest of the weyrlings. They make this look easy." For just a moment Ha'ze actually sounds his seventten years. "I wouldn't give Kainaesyth back for anything Abigail… Just, I don't know what to do or how to do this. I have to go after him."

Abigail smiles just a touch while she watche shim, a lsight nod is seen. "I can almost bet it is not easy for them either Ha'ze." She offers softly before looking up to Niumdreoth as the large brown has made his way over and is lowering his head to croon out at Kai to make sure all is well. "Ye will Ha'ze, just please give it time. Give Kainaesyth yer attetnion for the moment."

"I think… he gets that sometimes I want to be alone. Which is why he led Tov off to the lake." At least a little of the frustration leaves as the thought of something very bad happening to Kainaesyth fades from the forefront of thought. « It will be well. But I do not like your white stuff. »

Abigail nods at this. "Which is understandable. I feel that way as well, but… Niumdreoth doesn't mind it. Though when Nium was Kainaesyth's age he was a bit clinging. He wanted me to show him things, explain things to him. Rather child like honestly." Niumdreoth snorts at that and is NOT childlike! Abbey glances up to the brown and grins a bit. "It is true, ye was." Niumdreoth grumbles it seems and soon looks to the bronze and soon nods. « That is alright, you don't have to like it. I will like it for both of us. » He will to!

"I'm glad Kainaesyth isn't like that." Relief does colour Ha'ze's voice. Releasing Kainaesyth's neck Ha'ze runs a hand along the dusty hide, flicking away droplets that continue to linger. "If he acted like Liv did…." Shudder. ALL THE TOGETHER. Looking upwards, the Bronze examines the brown above him. Wings spread as playfful flicks of water spread outwards. « I will like the plants for us! And the RAIN! »

Abigail chuckles softly and lets her hand softly brush and slide across Niumdreoth's nose once the brown lowers his head. "I didn't mind any of it dearest." She murmurs to the brown. "Liv?" Is questioned with a curious look to Ha'ze along with a raised brow to show she is curious. Niumdreoth warbles out hearing the bronze. « Sounds great! » This said with a joyful bugle and his wings spread upwards casting a shadow and for the moment blocks the rain from falling down before them.

"Livanyth. She won't let R'yal out of her sight. Or even Jiacoureth." That's right, Ha'ze hasn't spent his time JUST being angsty. No. He has been watching like always. Ohh, Niumdreoth's large wingspan creates something more than a little novel for the young bronze. Breaking away from Ha'ze's side, Kainaesyth darts under the bronze's wings. « Mine will be like that some day? »

Abigail ahs as she hears this and ponders while watching the bronze and brown for a few moments. "Nium wasn't that bad.." She did pick up on that from Jiacoureth during that time she was helping out. There is a soft chuckle heard as she watches Kainaesyth run around lookin upwards. « Indeed! Though I am rather sure they will be bigger, you are a bronze after all. » He points out with a slight nod of his head.

A smile splits across Ha'ze's lips as he watches Kainaesyth. "He's so excited about anything new. It's… almost like his mind is singing." Hard to explain the complexity of what Kainaesyth broadcasts when he speaks, especially when Ha'ze is unfamiliar with them also. Kainaesyth twists under the protection of those large brown wings then pokes his head out from under them to snap at raindrops as they fall from the wide sails.

Abigail smiles and nods as she hears Ha'ze. "Aye… They have a way with things like that don't they? I think all dragons have there own music in a sense. Niumdreoth has it at times as well." The brown has his own way of singing, with a mixture of music and scenery in a sense. Niumderoth warbles out while letting his wings flex and a bit of collected rain water falls on Kai as a result.

A trill escapes from Kainaesyth's jaws, as that cascade of water hits his head and splashes around. Joy curls upwards at the feeling of water, « Ha'ze! I bet my plants would like this! » With that abrupt change in topic, Kainaesyth dashes out from under Niumderoth's wings and into the barracks. Roling his eyes, Ha'ze stands. "He likes plants. Even weeds."

"Weeds?" Abigail questions with a soft chuckle escapes her and she smiles to Ha'ze. "If ye need help with his plants let me know. I have a few tricks with them." This said with a warm smile seen at the thought. Niumdreoth rumbles and shifts to the side while letting a wing flex and it causes more water to splash down in certain areas. « Plants, where are these plants? »

"He got me to dig up every living thing in the complex and replant it. They're in the barracks now and….." Ha'ze watches Kainaesyth disappear inside and shakes his head as an eyeroll happens. "He wants to bring the pots out so they can have some rain." The singing of Kainaesyth's mindvoice continues, born of warm breezes flowing right over the edge of the canyon wall. « Green, living, life! I keep them here, but when we are allowed to wander we will take them to the lake. »

Niumdreoth turns and looks towards the barracks and is slowly moving forward and peering inside to watch as Kainaesyth works on pulling the pots along. He would help but honestly he shouldn't go in there so just waits outside. « The lake would look good with some potted plants. » Abigail lifts her hand to cover her mouth while she holds back a slight laugh at the thought. "I see…" She is grinning and eyeing Ha'ze a bit. "Turning into the gardner then hum?"

"It's not that funny." Ha'ze actually reaches out to shove Abigail just a little bit, though without any real power behind it. "I have no interest in plants." Kainaesyth though? He is allll over those plants as he nuddges it towards the entrance of the barracks and into the rain. « They would not stay in their small things. They need room to spread. »

@emit Abigail chuckles at the shove and gives his hand a soft swatting back. "Right right! I'm sure it is not funny in the least." NOT. "Ye could get him to grow stuff that would useful.. Like berry plants or the like? At least ye could eat 'em." Niumdreoth nods at this while glancing around and rumbles out a bit before he moves off, not flying mind you. Though soon enough he has returned and is carrying something within his muzzle. Abbey is speechless while just peering at the brow, was that an eye twitch? Possible. The reason is Niumdreoth is carrying an empty wooden water trough that he just happened to pick up from the feeding grounds that /was/ for the animals there. « What about this? Could get dirt for it and then replant them. » "Shards and shells…" Escapes Abbey while she covers her face with a hand.

@emit "I have no interest in gardenin'!" Ha'ze at LEAST knows that much about himself. When Niumdreoth walks away, Ha'ze watches him with a slight shrug. Dragons right? Be crazy except…. "What is he doin'?!" Watch him just STARE. For his part, Kainaesyth abruptly stops pushing his small pots and BOUNDS outwards to circle around the trough. « Ha'ze! We need dirt! My plants can live there in the sun! » Too excited to sit still, Kainaesyth bounds back and forth between his pots and the trough, wings dragging on the ground behind him.

Abigail is honestly speechless as she watches Niumdreoth set the wooden water trough down. Her hand moves to cover her eyes while she lowers her head. "I…. Think his trying to help." This is murmured out in a soft whisper as she seems a bit embarassed it seems. Niumdreoth warbles out all the while and glances between the plants and the trough. « I can take it to the lake so it can get plenty of sun. » At least he isn't planning on keeping it in the training yard.

Whatever the two riders over there think, Kainaesyth knows EXACTLY what he wants to do with that trough. His flute whistles with excitement as the winds hurl themselves over the edge of the cliffs to sail downwards. « Dirt. Lots of dirt. The sky brings water…. But there is too much space. My little ones will not fill it up. We need more plants. » Ha'ze sits and covers his face, torn between laughter at the absurdity of the situation, and frustration that once again he and Kinaesyth are not connecting.

Abigail sighs softly as she watches and lets her arms fold in front of her. "Suppose I'll be buying the beastcrafters a new water trough." Because she can /just/ hear it now! A glance is sent to Ha'ze and she smiles to him a moment. "Ye know… Rider's and there dragons can and do like different things. Niumderoth wanted to keep sheep as pets when he was Kai's age." Oh yes /that/ was an amusing thing! Niumdreoth rumbles out while moving over to an area and scratches up some dirt for the plants. « No no… Let the ones you have get bigger. They will fill it in soon enough with time. »

"I. I have to go get a shovel." Ha'ze reluctantly pulls himself up from where he had sat down hard and looks upwards. "What are the chances of you helpin' so I'm not stuck doin' this all night?" He casts a glance back at Abigail, because CLEARLY, this is her fault. Not bothered an ounce by the rain pouring down he scampers over to the large brown to help scratch a hole in the ground.

Abigail hums softly and oys a moment. "Dammit… Niumdreoth!" Is called out once the brown is digging? M'icha is going to have her hide. "Yeah.. Might as well. I'm going to have to fill it in before the night though." She doesn't want to get blessed out! Niumdreoth continues and there is a little pile for the trough soon enough.

Slightly mournful comes Ha'ze's voice backwards as he steps into the rain. "I think I would be okay if he was a little less… individualized." There are always shovels in the training complex for young dragon… messes, and Ha'ze retrieves two of these. Even that short walk is enough to plaster his hair to his forehead and drench the summer weight fabric to his chest. A shovel for Abigail, a shovel for Ha'ze. "I hope you're happy." This muttered to the bronze dragon who is less careful about where the dirt he's digging up ends up. The only response Kainaesyth gives is a brief flash of melody soaring through fluffy white clouds.

Abigail takes hold of the shovel and shakes her head once she has her her jacket button back up. "Ha'ze… It's fine really." She looks to him, a soft smile seen. "Think of it this way, it is a way for ye two both do something together. That is important." Niumdreoth rumbles out happly at this and opens a large wing to hover it over them so the rain will not fall upon them while they 'work'.

"Right. Bonding." Because Ha'ze and Kinaesyth have not done well at that at all. The further grumbling Ha'ze keeps to himself, and instead digs the shovel into the loosened dirt and begins to throw it up and into the wooden trough. "Thanks." It's an abrupt comment.

Abigail works on getting some of the dirt into the trough, and she is thankful for the wing that is used to block out the rain. "Thanks for what?" Is questioned and she stops after another shovel and dirt as she thinks it is /more/ then enough for the plants.

"Helping. Not…. lecturing." Well, she'd talked, but it hadn't been the roar of M'icha tinged with anger, or the disapproving stares of the other weyrlings. "This isn't easy."

Abigail glances to him curiously, a soft smie seen and she nods to him. "I can understand honestly. It… Wasn't easy for me, andw asn't easy for others to change as well." She was well, not as agnsty as Ha'ze is that is for certain. She could lecture with the best of them, but she sees that only brings Ha'ze down so chooses another route.

Ha'ze eyes the hole that has formed in front of them. deep has half a shoved and quickly filling up with rain. "Where can I find dirt to fill this with now?"

Abigail looks to the hole a few moments hrself, a soft breath escapes her and she soon eyes Niumdreoth. "He will take care of it." This said with a firm nod seen. In fact once the two are done digging Nium is jumping into the air and is off to go and collect some dirt to fill in the hole rather quick like.

While Ha'ze and Abigail have spoken, Kainaesyth has been working. Using careful nudges of nose and talon he has poked holes into the wet dirt of the tough. « Ha'ze! » A sigh from the new bronze rider. "Okay." He moves over and begins to move those pots from barracks to the trough.

Abigail glances over to Ha'ze and turns to follow and help get the pots from the barracks and thus starts to gently like place plant from pot and then to the trough. "Hopfully this won't have to be done for a while once this is done." She can hope!

They'll work in silence as each of the *cough*weeds*cough* are replanted into that trough. "Hopefully." He reaches up and brushes a hand through his damp hair. A glance at Abigail, and a wry smile actually stretches across his lips. "I should go get Kai cleaned off before the mud dries." Mud? Kainaesyth pauses to look down his bronze hide which rather looks a lot more brown right now.

Abigail smile once Niumdreoth is back and he is dropping off a good mound of dirt and the another and packing it down into the once hole. Look good now! Abbey looks to Ha'ze and a warm smile is seen before she nods to him. "Sounds like a good idea. I hope you two have a good afternoon now." Niumdreoth moves to pick up the trough with his frontpaws, wings flap a few times. « I will take it to the lake, it will be safe there. Here anything could happen to it. » He will not allow it to stay so at least he hasn't lost his good sense in things!

Kinaesyth slips in to slide a brief brush against Niumdreoth before dancing away again so that the brown can take off without the bronze underfoot. « I will get the oil! » And Kainaesyth is disappearing inside again, calling out to his siblings in the post-trough excitement. This time, it's Ha'ze's turn to reach out towards Abigail. He rests a hand against her arm jsut for a moment, then allows it to drop. "Thanks. Again." Before he and that shovel are heading towards the barracks.

Abigail is a bit surprised at the touch of his hand, but she doesn't push it away. A soft smile is seen as she looks to Ha'ze and she nods once more. "Yer welcome Ha'ze. I'm glad I could help." Hopefully something, anything really that she has said will help Haze and Kinaesyth. Niumdreoth is off taking the wooden trough full of plants to the lake to find it /just/ the right spot. Which he will go about showing Kinaesyth once it is in place to see if it will be a good spot. Abbey watches the two weyrlings go before she is moving off, heading towards the Caverns for something warm to drink.