Fort Weyr - Northeast Bowl
The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area, being that Fort is the largest weyr. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the administration complex and the training grounds were candidates and weyrlings can often be found. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs before it tapers to a point at Tooth Crag.

Upon flashing out of *between* late the previous night, Sharuth had bugled a happy hello to the watch dragons. The bronze was genuinely pleased to be in their company again, even if only long enough to report in before flying a very exhausted So'l back to their weyr. After a full night's sleep and then an early morning sweep, dragon and rider have now returned to the bowl so that So'l might formally report in, now that the hour's a reasonable one. So with a determined purpose in his step, the bronzerider leaves Sharuth to his own devices for a bit and sets course for the leadership offices.

Luckily for all, the day is clear and promising and summer is in full swing. So'l won't have to go far, as Th'ero is making his way out from the training complex after speaking briefly to M'icha. "… so many ideas, but I'm not sure yet if we should put some of those lessons into effect until we're certain the weyrlings are capable…" He is murmuring to another who walks beside him and as he lifts his head to look across the bowl, he'll spot So'l. "Wingsecond!" he calls and his mouth quirks into a wide, pleased smile. "So it's true then? You're back! Velokraeth told me Sharuth had returned last night."

Kimmila nods her head. "Well sure, of course, but I think M'icha knows that and I'm sure he's capable enough to understand-" she breaks off at the sight of So'l and grins widely, lifting a hand to wave. "So'l!" she calls. "How was it? Did you have fun?" She is /eager/ to hear how things went, especially since she set up quite a few of his excursions. Plus, with Varmiroth's less-than-average telepathic range, it's not like he was able to just ask Sharuth how it was going.

So'l is positively /delighted/ to see the pair, and not just because their presence here saves him a long walk. "Weyrleader," he exclaims happily, offering a wave first to Th'ero and then to Kimmila. He'll greet her by rank, too, before the formalities are dropped and So'l takes a moment to just look at them. "Oh yes," he'll finally chuckle, "it's quite true. We returned late last night. Figured I'd check in after our morning sweep…didn't want to wake the Weyrleader, now that weyrlings are keeping everyone up at night." He smirks at that, though behind his eyes there is - perhaps - some bit of sadness at missing the hatching and resultant Impressions. "How are you both doing?" he asks before answering Kimmila's excited questions. "Fun? I suppose you could say that," he smiles mischievously, knowing Kimmila above all will understand that he's putting that mildly. "Learned a lot down there. Hunting, tracking…some healing, even," So'l offers, his face and arms much more tan than most would be used to seeing. "And drinking, I won't lie," he chuckles. "I'm betting that ale of yours won't hit me like a stomach punch anymore, Th'ero," the Wingsecond winks. "But mostly learning. Damn good with a bow these days, if I do say so." And as those riders of Kimmila's will no doubt report, if they haven't already.

Th'ero waves a hand dismissively, "Don't worry about waking me. Ask Kimmila, I'm often not asleep anyways! The Weyrlings have kept us on our toes, to be sure, but even in the evening hours, my work is never quite done." It could be, but the Weyrleader can be tenacious sometimes and too stubborn to stop or allows a particular concern or anxiety to keep him awake. "Or, I'm just not tired." And there's that too and he grins while looking sidelong to Kimmila. There's a laugh as So'l begins his report and brings up drinking, Th'ero's smile almost one of challenge. "I can take you up on that if you'd like, So'l, later? I'd say we could open a bottle now but it's slightly too early to be getting into our cups." Sobering, he smiles warmly to the younger bronzerider. "I'm glad that you and Sharuth are well and have learned so much from your time in the south!"

Kimmila laughs, winking at Th'ero. "I rarely let him sleep," she teases. Then another warm grin for So'l. "Excellent! I knew you would. I can't wait to see those skills in action. Especially your archery." There's /her/ challenge. Not in drinking, but in archery.

"Yes," So'l smirks back at Th'ero, "definitely too early. But I sense an evening of heavy drinking in our futures," the bronzerider chuckles. "I even brought some of their favorite drink back for you, Th'ero. They make it all on their own apparently," he laments, "and the bastards won't tell me what's in it. But it's alright," So'l arches an eyebrow, "I've asked Borodin to get to work on figuring it out for us. Assuming you like it," he shrugs, still smiling. As for archery, well… "Cl'gane mentioned I might give you a bit of sport now. Faranth knows I was hopeless before. Well, mostly," the bronzerider laughs. "The real question, Kimmila, is whether you can shoot /and/ drink?" That's /his/ challenge, it seems. "How have things been here? Sorry to have missed the hatching," and given his tone, there's no lie in that, "but Sharuth and I met our newest Goldrider and her new lifemate a few minutes ago. They both seem pretty amazing. I'm sure the rest are, too?"

"Heavy drinking? Doesn't have to come to that, could just have an ale or two. Could even see if D'ani would like to sit in," Th'ero muses and gives Kimmila another look and what may be a playful nudge. "What about you, Wingmate? Think you could keep up?" he teases her now. Wait, there's presents? "That was kind of you, So'l! Now I'm as curious as you are as to what is behind this new drink. Don't think I've tried any of the Southern brews. How many bottles do you have? Borodin would be the man you want to seek to puzzle out the ingredients. So long as it's nothing too sweet, I am usually fond of it." There's another laugh when Kimmila brings up her challenge in archery and his look to So'l one of surprise AND amusement. "Oh, now there's a challenge! One I'd like to see and yet part of me has to wonder how… unwise it may be to mix the two." That's how people get shot! For the Hatching, Th'ero's mood sobers again and there's a pleased look to his expression and his arm slips loosely around Kimmila. "Thys and Rhenesath! A good pair, very good. We've three bronzes, a brown, two blues and two greens from Kayeth's and Velokraeth's clutch, not including the gold. Her first clutched. As for things here in the Weyr… we had the Weyr Games and some good profit from it…" He hesitates then. It's never good when the Weyrleader hesitates.

Kimmila laughs. "Archery and alcohol don't mix, So'l," she smirks. "Thys? Yes, she's a nice young lady," she agrees. "All of our Weyrlings are fantastic. A bit odd some of them, but when are they not?" She grins. "I think you two should get together and have a drink with D'ani." She supports this idea! "Me? Shards, no. I don't even like that heavy stuff. You guys enjoy it." She leans against Th'ero when his arm circles her, and she nods. "A very good color spread," she murmurs, before frowning when Th'ero hesitates.

"Cl'gane says that if you can't shoot drunk," So'l sobers as well, "then you can't shoot /drugged/. To hear him talk about gathers, you'd think the man expects everyone of chemical treachery at them. But I can't deny that he has a point. That's why he often insisted we practice drunk," So'l laughs then. "Though sometimes I think he just wanted to see me loosen up a little. Apparently I was an 'uptight boy,'" So'l repeats the term of 'affection' the rider used for him, "which Cl'gane insists is why you sent me to him," the bronzerider smirks at Kimmila. "Whatever the reason, I thank you," he nods to the woman and offers a warm smile full of gratitude. "It may have taken a few months but you've got much better Wingsecond for it, I promise you," he looks to both Th'ero and Kimmila before nodding to their commentary on the new clutch and their lifemates. "I look forward to meeting them all. As does Sharuth," So'l firmly confirms, no doubt at the behest of mental commentary running in his head right now. "And /yes/," the rider nods resolutely, "definitely D'ani needs to join us. It's a little sweet, Th'ero," So'l notes, "but just enough to balance out the harshness."

Th'ero looks confused, if not closed to horrified. "Why in Faranth's name would you want to shoot while drugged?" he asks, only to shake his head and run his hand over the back of his head. "I suppose he has a point…" he admits reluctantly. "… but there are safer ways!" Which would be…? Of course the Weyrleader never elaborates. He snorts, "Uptight? You?" Hardly. "Hate to think of what Cl'gane would think of me, then." he drawls and grins faintly to Kimmila when she supports the idea of a drink between all three bronzeriders. "Who said you had to drink the heavy stuff and not just enjoy your own poison?" Or is it a boys-only sort of gathering? Regardless, Th'ero chuckles to So'l. "I've no doubt you've grown from your experiences! Have you spoken yet with Abigail? As for the Weyrlings, you'll meet them all in time."

Kimmila laughs, winking at So'l. "He did get poisoned once at a gather, or so that's his story. Oh, I had no doubt about that. I knew it'd be time very well spent. And I /can/ shoot drunk, but…I don't enjoy it." It's not something she practices. Then she /laughs/. "Oh…wingmate…" She continues to laugh, not elaborating either. She waves a hand. "No, no, you boys should have some time!"

"I suppose being poisoned at one /would/ tend to make you suspicious," So'l nods. "There were these scenarios, you see," the bronzerider turns to Th'ero. "For instance, let's say I'm at a gather. Things are going well until I start feeling *very* sleepy. Turns out someone slipped something into my drink. And now a fight's broken out, you see," So'l explains. "Enemies who seemed friends. Suddenly the Weyrleader's got five men on him and it's /my/ job to shoot a few of them off him. Better to have practiced for that ahead of time, if possible," he winks, despite the gravity of the situation he's described. As the conversation turns, So'l shakes his head. "Not yet, no. Was planning to speak with her once I'd formally reported in," he admits, a little nervousness coloring his tone.

Th'ero just shakes his head and grimaces. "Poison at a Gather? Remind me to avoid the Gathers in that neck of the world then! Shards and shells!" He listens curiously to So'l's explanation and slowly he begins to see the logic behind it. "I suppose you've a point. Still… difficult for me to wrap my head around such a concept." Now his mouth quirks into a half-grin. "Or why I'd be in such a seedy place with equally rough company for a "Gather"." Sensing that nervousness in the young bronzerider's tone, Th'ero is curious but does not press him further on it. Mostly because Kimmila is laughing and not elaborating. "What's so amusing?" he asks, unable to help but smile a little.

Kimmila laughs, nudging Th'ero. "Really? You have no idea why we'd be at a seedy Gather?" Does she need to pull out their scrapbook? "Oh, I was just trying to imagine how you and he would get along." She looks at So'l. "I'm having a hard time picturing it, actually…I can't tell if you'd irritate him or if you and he would click instantly."

So'l eyes first the Weyrleader and then Kimmila, not even daring to guess what 'seedy gathers' might lie in the history of this particular pair. It's amusing, though, especially when Kimmila mentions her uncertainty regarding Cl'gane's potential view of Th'ero. The bronzerider doesn't comment on that, but he has his own ideas of what the rider would say. "Well, I think you'd like /him/ at least. He's tough, honest - brutally so," So'l comments, "but he's smart. So, so smart, Th'ero," the bronzerider says with obvious respect in his voice. "Don't think I could get use to that life forever, though. I tend to like a little more structure in my life. More discipline," he smirks. "I was thankful for the experience but honestly? I'm really happy to be back."

"I'm not that difficult to get along with!" Th'ero protests mildly, eyeing Kimmila as he does and then looking to So'l again. He smirks, "He seems like a very tough man and rider if half of what I've heard of him is already true." he drawls. A brow quirks, "Smart in what ways though?" Maybe it won't be such a good idea if the two cross paths. Chuckling, he'll reach out to attempt to clasp So'l on the shoulder in a brief gesture. "And we're happy to have you back!" To Kimmila, he'll give her another nudge after grunting for the one he receives from her. "Let's not get into that topic, hmm?"

Kimmila smiles warmly at So'l and nods. "It's really good to have you back, So'l. We missed you a lot but. It was a good experience." Worth it. She grins up at Th'ero and winks.

"Good ones," So'l smirks back. "Always thinking ahead. Reminds me a lot of you in some ways. Maybe that's why I took to him…at least at first," he shrugs. When his shoulder is clasped, though, the bronzerider turns to fully regard Th'ero with a smile. "Thank you," he nods deeply, thankful for the warm reception home from both he and Kimmila. "But now that I've officially reported into you," he stiffens up slightly, "it's time to go see my Wingleader." And it seems like maybe that isn't a conversation he's expecting to go very well? Hard to say. "Drinks later, then? Should I bring the bow?" he laughs again, guessing at the answer.

Th'ero dips his head to So'l, his smile still warm but drifting now to a more respectful tone. "We won't keep you then, So'l. Drinks later! Have Sharuth bespeak Velokraeth when you are free and we'll see if we cannot have D'ani join us too. Maybe?" There's a flicker of amusement in his eyes when the mention of the bow is brought up again and then he chuckles. "Clear skies, So'l and give my greetings to Wingleader Abigail as well." At Kimmila's wink, Th'ero just shakes his head and reaches out to slip his arm around her once more with a subtle tilt of his head towards the steps leading to the administration complex. Time for work? Yeah, right.

Kimmila smiles warmly at So'l, nodding her head. "You should always bring the bow, So'l. Never know when the Weyrleader might be attacked." She's joking…probably. "Take care!" Looking up at Th'ero, her eyes follow his head tilt towards the AC. Sigh. Yeah, time for work.
Eyes shift to Kimmila and So'l grins, "Good, good point there." With a wink, he bids farewell to the bluerider before nodding to Th'ero. "I will, Th'ero. Thank you," he smiles, nodding to him, too. "I'll catch up with you both later then," So'l says, respectfully saluting before turning on heels, heading in the direction of the wing's headquarters. Good to be back? Yes. But it's no simple thing, coming home… It never is.