Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.
Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

It has taken some time, but after two weeks with Ha'ze Kainaesyth is starting to realize that you know, sometimes Ha'ze really does just want time alone. It's not an easy lesson to learn, but the bronze is doing it. That is why, bright and early this morning as he rises with the sun he has made a DECISION. Breezes cascade though sage and desert lavender brushing through the minds of his siblings, while a high reed-like melody twines cheefully at the rising sun. « Today is a day for something new. They should sleep. We should go to live a story to bring back. »

Tovihasuth may not yet realize how important alone time is for Br'enn - and it may still take him a long while - but he does know there's nothing he can do about it when his lifemate needs to sleep. Even though the growing bronze is usually doing the same while Br'enn dreams, that isn't the case this morning; he's been sneaking around the barracks as quietly as possible, trying to get into things without causing a crash here and there and occasionally getting pulled offsides by observing some of his clutchmates' more curious sleeping habit. As soon as Kainaesyth makes that suggestion, however, the little bronze bounds over - carefully - his mind a glad breeze twining between white spires at daybreak. « Sounds good to me. Where should we go? » He blinks a few times glancing about and feeling for whomever else may be awake. « Anyone else coming? It'll be fun! »

Kainaesyth didn't really expect any of the others to respond positivly to his suggestion of an outside venture. So when Tovihasuth bounds forward the breezes pick up and dance playfully with his. « Let us go see what can be found. » Moving his bulk carefully, but also with a sense of grace which almost mimics that of a dancer, Kainaesyth's talons move with exagerated care towards the exit and beyond.

Tovihasuth follows along eagerly behind his brother, perhaps not quite as gracefully but pretty darn close and definitely confident - even when he stumbles a little. He's gotten a lot better about that over the past seven or so, thankfully, or else they'd likely be in trouble before they even get started. To be outside is a glorious thing, as always, and the little bronze flares his wings, stretching and flapping enough to lift himself off the ground a little. « Let's go this way! » he suggests, romping toward the south and of the yard and the exit toward the Bowl.

Kainaesyth had started to move in another direction, when Tovihasuth takes the lead. A bound after with a slight flaring of open wings and Kai is right on his heels (talons?) again. A lilting flute punctuates their steps, loud and bright in the glorious rising sunshine. « This where the elders come from. » An astute observation from the youngling. « It is good to be young and to learn and question all, but I wish to see all also! » Outwards they sweep into the larger bowl. Curiosity drives him forward, for the moment forgetting the frailties of youth and the lack of morning food.

« Yeah, » Tovihasuth agrees over Kainaesyth's initial words, the towered sanctuary of his mind morphing into walls strong and solid in his determination to continue their explorations. « It's not that hard to get here. We should do it more often! Then we can talk to them and learn some new things. » Is he bored with the pace of classes already? « And learning is good, right? Perfectly safe. How can it be a bad thing? » is questioned as he's momentarily distracted by the flight of a brown dragon high overhead. He fans his wings again, rearing back on his haunches. « We could see more if they'd let us do that, too, » he observes with a pointed flap. Then he's furling his wings and on the move again. « Let's keep going! »

Have the babies learned how to quiet their voices yet? Perhaps not, and for sure not Kainaesyth, who seeks for all to hear what he can cay. (Otherwise, they would miss out on the stories!) Flipping his wings to hold tight to his sides, (though their lengths still drag slightly on the ground) he follows Tovihasuth. A momentary distraction though, as a flash of green catches his eye. He veers abruptly towards the farthest side of the bowl, intent on that flash of green.

Tovihasuth has learned to keep many things restricted to just himself and Br'enn…but he still slips fairly often. They're working on it! (And probably will a little harder after this little adventure gets found out.) The little bronze has been contentedly following a curious pattern dragged through the dirt by…something, though who knows what…when Kainaesyth veers off, and his head quickly comes up. « What'd you see? » he wants to know, loping enthusiastically after his brother.

« Not sure. But I see it. » A brush of wind tickles Tovihasuth's mind and urge him to follow as Kainaesyth marches straight across the bowls with utmost confidence. It… take a while, but he will not be deterred. Except for when that really cool rock formation came up to the left. Or when that random wooden pole just BEGS to be circled and viewed. This is an utmost calmness to Kai's mind that he allows to flow to all around him. Each detail is noted, stored, filed and put aside for future review. « There are so many stories I do not know. » A trail winds slowly downwards, deeper and deeper into the canyon, as the temperature slowly rises. The scent of water, still a long way off, beckons the children to go drink from it's murky banks, and bask in the life at the bottom.

Content to let Kainaesyth do the leading for now, Tovihasuth trails him, echoing much of what his brother does in his own way. He's spending a bit too much energy leaping off in the direction of whatever grabs his eye, but he's not about to acknowledge it. « You'll get to learn them all! We've got time- oof! » And that would be Tov falling on his rear after trying to get up on top of that wooden pole to perch on it. He could have balanced on it…had he been able to get up there. « Ehehe… » He picks himself up and shakes out his wings - and his head - with a slightly disgruntled snort. « Next time I'll- hey! » He sniffs the air, catching a hint of the water they're nearing. « We should get wherever that is. It smells good! » And so the following continues!

« Be careful,» A warning, « The large ones say we should not hurry to fly before the story is ready for us to seek the sky. » This sage wisdom from a dragon much to young to consider such things rolls forth on a blast of hot air which twines about green things seeking for life among the red and crumbling rocks. Kainaesyth has no problem leading the way, his large wings brushing the ground behind him and leaving a distinct trail behind which, should their beloveds awaken, will make them easy to follow. As if feeling some intense connection to that water, the budding storyteller points a path that leads directly to the lake and the water therein. Each step seems harder then the last though, and those large wings droop as the tirelessness of youth fades slightly in their long exertions.

« But we can fly, » Tovihasuth insists, hints of greenery and dramatically edged buildings splashed with red and yellow coming into distant view amidst the trees beyond stone walls. « We just have to wait because we can't carry ours yet…which'll be better anyway. » There's silent concession, the mental impression of a shrug, and the little bronze puts his nose down to the trail Kainaesyth inadvertently draws with his wings, watching as it forms. He yawns expansively as exertions start to take a toll on him as well…and then there's all that water, and he warbles happily. « Oh, wow… This is beautiful! » And off he goes, pouncing the water where the gentle slope of the shore meets its edge. « C'mon, Kainaesyth! The water's great! » Especially after all their traipsing around.

Kainaesyth isn't about to contradict on the issue of flight. He has promised the older ones to not seek the sky before the moment was right. Maybe he'll forget that promise, but it is unlikely, as Ha'ze would remember and keep him from pushing too hard for the sky. At the lake's edge Kainaesyth and his overly large wings move right into it. Mud squishes between black and gold lined talons, the white disappearing into the muck. Reinvigorated by the coolness of the water Kainaesyth will continue to wander, poking his nose at the living things which make their place at the waters edge. He is drawn towards the tumble of rubble on the far side. « This is not like the stone where we were birthed. » Rather, it matches the canyon walls in all except colour, and Kainaesyth cannot resist the urge to follow whatsoever trail that they create. He almost disappears behind one of the largest of stones. A high lilting melody sings out across, as each new crevice is to be explored and alas, climbed upon.

Tovihasuth pokes at the local flora and fauna as well - sometimes following after things, if they're chaseable. He doesn't go out too far, sensing greater depth fairly close by. It's only Kainaesyth's observation about the rocks that brings his head up and moves him forward, his curiosity ever-insatiable. Clambering abounds…and in his exuberance combined with fatigue setting in, the little bronze scuffs one of his rear paws on the stones, eliciting a small squeal. No ichor, but it certainly wasn't comfortable! Hopefully it won't wake Br'enn… « I think I'm going to stop now, » he says of climbing around as he sits on the damp bank and yawns cavernously once again. « Maybe we should go back. Before they wake up. » Not that they'll likely be able to make it. Maybe he's sensing wakefulness starting to play at the edges of his lifemate's mind.

Kainaeysth clambers up to the top of a rock and looks downwards, as sunsoaked randrops spread across his mindscape. Tovihasuth's suggestion sounds like wisdom though, and he tumbles downwards off that rock less than gracefully. His wing catches at an odd angle and a flash of heat which bursts into flame sears the delicate plants which cling to life upon the edge of the river. He hunkers down, curling about the wing and the hurt. It is a new experience, this fire and pain. Already his mind is reaching out for the one he knows who can help him- alone time be damned.

« Uh oh! » Tovihasuth gives a shrill bugle as he watches Kainaesyth slip and catch his wing, and he's quick to come to his brother's side, crooning in an attempt to comfort even as he calls out for Br'enn…and any other older dragon nearby, his mind little more that wind and light as he focuses on his task. « Kainaesyth is hurt! » gets announced to both Br'enn and whomever can hear. Sure, he knows they'll probably get in trouble…but that's alright, as long as his brother will be okay.

Off in the barracks, that flame of pain rockets through Ha'ze's mind and he stumbles out of bed not totally aware of where he is for a few seconds, as all he can focus on is the burning that seems to be reaching right into his very soul. He walks right into the stone of an unused couch and swears violently. Then he's up and running with a slight limp out the door, still almost blinded by Kainaesyth's sendings. On the edge of the lake Kainaesyth is experiencing pain for the first time. His bright thoughts missing the usual melodic tones of cheer of reed flute and gentle breezes. His thoughts are those of the harshest moments of the desert, with the clouds stay away and the sun holds tightly to the desert burning and killing what has not achieved the deepest roots. His wordless cry flings out over all who can hear, the story this time of something which he doesn't understand. Outwardly he whimpers, his dragonic thrill making much of what really is a small injury. It's just the first.

Others will hear Tovihasuth's call and maybe not quite the intended ones to hear if they wanted this to be a secret. It won't be, not for very much longer. Aycheth hears and the dark, dark blue is swift to act. M'icha is alerted, then word jumps to Velokraeth and Kayeth, as well as any of the dragon healers on hand to be on standby. Well before the riders show up though, there is a rush of air and Aycheth drop into a sharp, angled landing. « Where is he? » he asks tersely, sternly and eyes whirling in concern and alarm. Not far after him, is the stunted, twisted form of Velokraeth, though the pale bronze stays back and rumbles when Kainaesyth begins to broadcast his distress. « Easy, little one. » he says in a mellow and soft voice, his mind made of sweet and honeyed white and golden wines, smooth and numbing and accented with the scent of summer. Where's Kayeth?

Br'enn isn't far behind Ha'ze, rolling off his cot with a groan followed by unintelligible snatches of words as he grabs for a shirt, throwing it on as he runs for the door after the younger Weyrling. Tovihasuth, being the klutz he can be at times, has already gone through his first bouts of experiencing pain and discomfort, so knows what's going on with his brother and stays right put. « Out by the lake, » he tells the other dragons…and when Br'enn becomes aware that other dragons are being told, he growls and swears under his breath - not in anger at Tov, but because he knows there's trouble to come. For now, all the Weyrling can do is reach his dragon and weather M'icha's likely scolding, along with any others. Then he and Tovihasuth are going to have to have a talk, amongst other things.

Kayeth is there moments after Velokraeth, the queen's thoughts extending to the young bronze, her mind soothing, drawing away that hurt and pain.

The soothing of the elder dragons does seep into the young Bronze's mind, and Kainaeysth curls in upon himself, his mind's flames flickering lower and lower. All that is left along the banks of the river is blackness, as smoke rises upwards. Pain is not something which can be erased so quickly, but the presence of the older dragons helps somewhat. Rain begins to fall upon that burnt area, as the acrid scent of blunted sage curls thickly upwards. His wing, twisted slightly, is held awkwardly away from himself, in the most comfortable it can be held. Ha'ze doesn't even pause to find shoes for his feet, and it seems that every stone in his path cuts into his soles as he runs, heedless of any he passes, towards the distressed thoughts of his lifemate.

Velokraeth rumbles again to Kainaesyth and then swings his oversized head to peer at Tovihasuth too. « Are you hurt as well? » he asks in a gentle inquiring tone, his mind still rippling with those golden wines. Aycheth meanwhile moves closer to where Kainaesyth remains curled up, stretching his neck out to cautiously sniff at the young bronze. « Your wing? » he inquires. « How? » That he sends to both bronzes. He'll get the story from them, while M'icha and the others come in on foot. At least Br'enn and Ha'ze have a moment to get to their lifemates. M'icha's leg will be bad this morning and likely to slow the Weyrlingmaster down and the Weyrleader won't be far behind him, likely waiting to see if Nyalle will be along as well.Logfile from Hazelon.

Nyalle is hastening towards the lake shore as well, and when she sees Th'ero she veers to catch up with him, one hand holding her skirts up. "It's Kainaesyth, isn't it? What were they doing at the lake?"

« I just bumped my foot a little, » Tovihasuth says, his mind levelling from airy spires to gently rolling waters lapping calmly against snowy shores and banks, auroras casting ethereal blue-green light upon above Kainaesyth's canyons as he sends that calming, healing water gently across his brother's mind in an attempt to help. « We were climbing on the rocks, » he explains, his tone becoming contrite. « It's my fault. I shouldn't have said to come this way. » From their initial foray out into the yard, that is. Br'enn did manage to slip sandals on as he went stumbling out the door, though they're not great for running in…or for stopping a good deal of the stones that dig into his feet through the soles. He doesn't stop until Tovihasith comes into view, and he slows to a jog at that. The Weyrleader's dragons are there…which means their riders likely aren't far off. "Fantastic," he grates under his breath. Looks like they'll catch it now!

There are big dragons here? The sight of them for once doesn't cause Ha'ze a moment of pause, as he runs right between the larger ones to kneel next to the dusty bronze hide of his lifemate. "It's okay, Kai, I'm here." He reaches out for that wing, and Kainaesyth allows the touch. The healing water from his brother does help, and some of the overwhelming scent of burnt sage and juniper calms, drifting away in the breeze. « We wanted to see what stories we could find. Ours were sleeping, so we came ourselves. The stones were slippery, and reached out to bite. We were going home. »

Aycheth cocks his head as he listens to both explanations and then snorts, wings ruffling in mild annoyance before tucking tight to his side. There will be a soft whuffle to Kainaesyth however, while Tovihasuth earns a displeased stare. « You're not supposed to go this far yet, for this very reason! Especially not alone. You are lucky nothing worse happened! » he chides to both bronzes, while Velokraeth just chuffs. « Really, Aycheth, they're just inquisitive! Now they've learned the hard way, haven't you, younglings? » He seems almost to grin along that mental link, while the dark blue bristles. Kayeth may end up having to sooth Aycheth's ruffled feathers too at this rate. "It is," Th'ero confirms, scowling and expression dark and grim. "And I've no idea. There's M'icha ahead of us. We'll sort this out…" Sure enough, the Weyrlingmaster limps his way in, red faced from his exertion from rushing with his leg hindering him. "What in Faranth's name is going ON here? What're you two doing out here! Aycheth is saying something of stories and rocks…" he barks, gray eyes glaring from Br'enn to Ha'ze. His mouth twists into a grim line, focusing more on the injured bronze for now. The lecturing will wait. "His wing then? Let's see it."

Kayeth's thoughts extend again, soothing and calming for everyone here, and there's a soft « Thank you » for Tovihasuth for his help in soothing Kainaesyth's pain. Nyalle nods to Th'ero and hurries forward, a hand to her lips at the sight of the bronzes so far from home, and injured besides. She frowns, but stays on the edge of the group for now, letting M'icha tend to them first.

Tovihasuth waits until Br'enn is closer to Ha'ze and Kainaesyth to slink over to his lifemate, butting up against Br'enn with an apologetic fall of a croon before sitting back on his haunches, not quite leaning up against the brawny hunter-Weyrling as he tries to look confident for Aycheth. « We're sorry, » he says. Sorry they werecaught, maybe. But he certainly doesn't want to see Kainaesyth hurt again! The little bronze's head swings over to Velokraeth. « Yes, father, » he replies quietly before sending a warm bit of breeze across Kayeth's mind in answer to her thanks. Br'enn rests a hand on Tov's head as he regards M'icha, straightening further when Nyalle and Th'ero come into view. "They decided to go adventurin' while we were sleepin', sir," he explains. "Got a little outta their depth." He arches a brow a his lifemate, suppressing a chuckle. As if he wouldn't have done the same…

Ha'ze turns to glare right back at the weyrling master, but closes his mouth on an angry retort. "He twisted it, when he slid down off that pile of rocks. They decided to leave while we were still sleeping." There is an intense protectiveness in the way Ha'ze hovers over Kainesyth. He doesn't allow the Weyrling master past him- though he doesn't block the view either. No one but him is touching Kainaesyth right now. Kainaesyth's mind shrinks from the rebuke, and he pulls that wing closer instinctively to protect himself. This brings about another lance of pain, though duller then those which had come before, and very real sigh of air echos from his muzzle, as the rain falls harder. « We are sorry. Ha'ze did not know I had gone. I thought he would like the time alone. It was fun, and much was learned. »

Velokraeth snorts and then rumbles soothingly to Kainaesyth and Tovihasuth both. « I'm sure you are both quite sorry but there's nothing to be done of it now. If you've learned from this, then you will know now not to do it again. Kayeth, be a dear and help Kainaesyth with his wing when they examine it? » Not necessary for him to ask, as he knows the gold will do it but forewarned is forearmed? « Are you hurt too? » He asks Tovihasuth again. Meanwhile, Aycheth speaks in a firm but gentled tone now. « Kainaesyth, yours has to let mine see. He means well, even if he's upset right now. He has helped with many injuries, he knows what to do. » M'icha will wait, with growing impatience, while Ha'ze hovers protectively by his bronze. Th'ero will glance sidelong to Nyalle, reaching out to touch her arm in gentle reassurance. To Br'enn, he only scowls. Somehow the Weyrleader is failing to see the humour in this. "So I can see." he replies bluntly, eyes swiftly inspecting Tovihasuth.

Kayeth rumbles softly towards the dragons, moving forward and around the young ones. « I am here, Kainaesyth. I'll help block your pain when he looks at it, okay? Don't be afraid, let Aycheth's rider see your wing okay? » "Ha'ze," Nyalle calls softly, "you need to let him look at it. It'll be okay, he knows what he's doing."

Br'enn thought he was being less obvious about his amusement, but apparently this isn't the case as he catches a scowl from Th'ero. Now he has to make himself not roll his eyes, schooling his features into neutrality so as not to bely anything else going on in his mind. "Says he bumped his foot," Br'enn notes, his brow now furrowing as he kneels down to look when his lifemate finally lets on that little detail. "Can't see any ichor. What's a bruise look like on a dragon?" he questions to the general area, falling silent as he watches M'icha come up against the glaring wall that is Ha'ze. Tovihasuth reiterates the bump of his foot to Velokraeth again. « I'm fine, though, honest. » He watches as well, sending a croon toward Ha'ze and Kainaesyth - though to which isn't clear. Perhaps both?

Firm objection is right on Ha'ze's lips, when he is interrupted by that patter of rain. Dark eyes turn to look downwards at the bronze dragon, as Kainaesyth sends some of th soothing being directed to him at Ha'ze. « It already hurts less. » Ha'ze casts one last suspicious look at M'icha and moves just a few inches away. There's a particular steadiness to the way he places his feet though; he's ready to put out violence if M'icha's touch does anything to agitate the minor injury further. (Someone should probably grab his shoulder or something…. just in case. Hitting the weyrlingmaster would be a BAD IDEA.) « I am sorry to cause worry. See, it already hurts less. » The weight of all of the concern causes Kainaesyth to try to move, though he very very carefully keeps that wing right where it is.

For all the gruffness and bluntness that M'icha is known to show and his abrasive nature, the bluerider is surprisingly kind and gentle with his hands and when Kainaesyth moves that wing and Ha'ze moves back, the Weyrlingmaster crouches down to inspect it. He won't irritate the wing further, seeing enough without having to ask the bronze to extend the wing further. "It's minor," he confirms. "Nothing worse than rolling your own ankle. Yer shardin' lucky, boy. Both of you," Oh, he hasn't forgotten Br'enn and he heard that about Tovihasuth's foot! "Kainaesyth will have to go on reduced exercises now 'till we're sure it's not hurting him. You, however, Ha'ze, will be making up for that lack. Don't know how yet but I'll think of something." Oh joy. He grins in a grim, unhappy sort of way as he stands again, trying not to swear when his bad leg gives him grief. "Br'enn, you'll be facin' the same, though if Tovihasuth is cleared for his bump 'n bruise he won't be exempted. Now, both of you march it back to the barracks! Get 'em settled properly and the Dragonhealers will give 'em a proper once over and you'll both be off this mornings lesson 'n helping with the chores instead." The nasty ones no one wants. Yay? Th'ero meanwhile hangs back with Nyalle, the Weyrleader silent and his expression difficult to read. He says nothing to M'icha's orders, which likely means he agrees with them.

Br'enn watches Ha'ze carefully, ready to snap out an arm and haul the other Weyrling back if need be. Otherwise, he watches - until M'icha turns his attention from the other bronze pair to him and Tovihasuth, and he straightens again. He keeps that position of attention and a thousand-yard stare as punishment is announced, his jaw visibly clenching against protesting as his gaze narrows. But he was asleep when all this happened! Yet responsibility for his lifemate is deeply ingrained, and in this instance, he can't bring himself to argue. Work in lessons or work in chores - it's all the same to him. "Sir," he acknowledges the orders with a salute before dropping his gaze to Tovihasuth. "C'mon, troublemaker," he half-growls, becoming very deliberate with his movements onward as a mental conversation ensues and occupies most of his focus. It's likely Tovihasuth will be cleared - both a good and a not so good thing. Of course, Tov will likely try to find a way to make it fun, as is his way.

Gentle is good. Gentle doesn't give Ha'ze a reason to use that ready stance. When M'icha pulls away from Kainaesyth Ha'ze moves right back into place between the bronze and everything else. The thread of SOMETHING from M'icha is met with just a slight glower. The dismissal is clear enough to hear. Unlike the easy mental connection between Br'enn and Tovihasuth, Ha'ze and Kainaesyth have no such easy mental conversation. Too stubborn by far, the teen has yet to try to speak mind to mind with the bronze outside of the realm of halfsleep and dreams. "That was stupid Kai." His voice is almost a mutter as the bronze picks himself up from the rocks, careful not to jar his wing further. Because of the lack of practice, Kai's voice still rings clearly though the minds of anyone who listens, « I thought you would be okay. You like to go off alone. » A roll of Ha'ze's eyes. "That's different. I can take care of myself. You don't know anything about what is going on." Holding that wing up and out of the way, Kainaesyth's mind is weary, his breezes just barely flowing over the river at the bottom of the canyon. « I wanted to learn more stories, and I wasn't alone. Tovihasuth came with me! » "And he's as stupid as you are."

« Wanting to learn isn't stupid, » Tovihasuth counters defensively, calm water and unblemished snow giving way to earth, stone, and greenery, a tall tower of levels divided by dramatically pointed eaves splashed with bright colors coming into focus through grey mists - or is it smoke. « I know yours is upset like mine is, but he shouldn't call you that. » Or him, but it's Br'enn who does the bristling about that particular remark. "Watch it," he snaps over his shoulder at the younger man, his strides beside his lifemate not slowing one whit as he concentrates on moving forward with eyes front again.

Though Ha'ze doesn't hear that retort from Tovihasuth directly, the gist of it comes clear enough through Kainaesyth's mind. "It was stupid to walk off without us. I don't care if they are babies, and I'm not going to insult's Kai by calling it anything but." Br'enn's back is given a scathing glare. Only the need to keep pace with the slower moving Kainaesyth keeps him from responding in any other way.

Though Ha'ze doesn't hear that retort from Tovihasuth directly, the gist of it comes clear enough through Kainaesyth's mind. "It was stupid to walk off without us. I don't care if they are babies, and I'm not going to insult's Kai by calling it anything but." Br'enn's back is given a scathing glare. Only the need to keep pace with the slower moving Kainaesyth keeps him from responding in any other way. « Don't be mad at Tovihasuth, I asked him to come. I thought you wouldn't mind… we were going to be back before you woke up. Like you always do! » Hints of sunlight break though the steady desert drip that colours Kainaesyth's thoughts. Optimism, utter and bright. « And I am not hurt much. It will soon be mended! »

Br'enn's only response to what he hears from Ha'ze is a snort and a toss of his hand, fingers flicking dismissively and no backward glance given. It's probably for the best, considering the invisible daggers being eyed at his back. That he thinks Ha'ze's words to be utterly hypocritical isn't worth voicing, with Tovihasuth in mind. « Yours kind of reminds me of Aycheth's, » the little bronze observes matter-of-factly. « You're not like Aycheth at all, though, so that's good. Maybe yours will learn to be happy because of you soon! I wonder why he isn't happier anyway… » That's how things come off to young Tovihasuth, anyway.

The concept of not sharing hasn't quite been learned by Kainaesyth, but… he has enough sense to TRY to keep his thoughts quiet from Ha'ze for once. So in a moment of OVER SHARE, an image forms at the edge of the canyon, looking dowards at the river. He is large, with hair that is long and raggey. Dirty, there is a sense of malice that comes off of the figure in waves of heat which are almost visible. « He doesn't think I see him. But I see him when he thinks I sleep. I love Ha'ze. He loves me. But that man always stands between. » Ha'ze ignores the toss of that hand, and reaches out to place a hand on Kainaesyth's neck. Gentleness which doesn't translate into his words is there. "What are you talking about?" A frown between his eyebrows. Kainaesyth has never tried to keep a secret before.

Tovihasuth examines the image of the man Kainaesyth shows him, the sky above his boldly highlighted stone tower darkening with clouds. « Mine remembers him, too, » is observed, and a curious harshness comes to his tone, an unnerving extra few layers entering the little bronze's voice that seems to add centuries of age and wisdom to him…as if more than one iteration of him is speaking for a few moments. « He wanted to hurt ours, with the ones who followed him! » The brief switch makes Br'enn pause a step in surprise; Tovihasuth had been trying to keep much of the conversation between himself and Kainaesyth, but that bit most definitely seeped across to Br'enn. He shakes his head, words to Tovihasuth internalized as he resumes his previous pace. For his part, Tovihasuth is back to normal, his skies clear once more. « Mine says he's nothing. We should be more important than anything else to each other; there's too much to do! » Whether that comes from Br'enn or Tov himself isn't clear, though the bronze certainly carries on as if it was his own idea.

There is unease not typical to Kainaesyth's mind, as the rain continues to pour over the desert, the river swelling slowly upwards and out of its banks. A steady thrum of drums begins, low and deep. « Mine will not speak at all. » "Kai, stop it." For the pounding of drums breaks though, even though they muffle the words which Kainaesyth slips to his bronze brother. "Look, stop whispering and I'll read you a story when we find the dragon healers." Instantly the rain is gone, as well as any hint of drums. A high reed flute breaks across breezes as the sun comes out. « Can Tovihasuth listen too? Tovihasuth, do you want to hear story? »

There's another shift in Tovihasuth's mindscape, a return to the high spires of mountaintop sanctuaries and life-giving breezes whistling among the pinnacles there. « Sure! I like stories. » Though he's inclined to interrupt them with questions. Good thing he'll have to be listening to someone who isn't a dragon - if he's allowed. Even better? Br'enn is not interested in hearing a story, so doesn't have to be involved in this at all, even as Tov himself listens in. For his part, Br'enn nearly laughs when he catches on that Kainaesyth isn't sharing with Ha'ze, instead smirking a bit - out of the other Weyrling's sight as he continues on straight forward, of course.