Fort Weyr - Northeast Bowl
The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area, being that Fort is the largest weyr. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the administration complex and the training grounds were candidates and weyrlings can often be found. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs before it tapers to a point at Tooth Crag.

As the sun sets over the Weyr, two weyrlings and their lifemates are exploring new boundaries by stepping beyond the training grounds, and into the Northern Bowl. Not too far yet, as so far they've only just managed to get a few steps beyond what's been their home for the past near-month. Rhenesath lingers by Livanyth, while Thys stands slightly ahead, watching her lifemate as she croons to the smaller green. "How's she doing, R'yal?"

Ralik has been out here for a little while, doing odd things along the lines of poking around, pausing, then bending down to pick something up. He looks like he's collecting rocks or something along those lines, weighing and eyeing them before tucking them in a small pouch he keeps tied to his belt. It's kind of hard to miss baby dragons wandering out into the bowl, however, especially when one is attached to someone he is fairly well-acquainted with. Leaving off his odd scavenger hunt, the tall young man alters his meandering path to direct him towards R'yal and Thys, his hands dropping to his hips as he quirks a wryly amused smile, "Are you running away or are they finally letting you out of the house?" This is directed towards R'yal, though he's not so impolite as to not at least send Thys a curious look.

It's slow going across the bowl, with Livanyth hop-stepping the whole way…and pausing to make sure no one is /looking/ at her. The farther she goes, at least, the more comfortable she seems to be with it, forgetting the embarrassing walk of the short-legged in favor of the newer sights and smells. R'yal lags back of course, staying beside the green while they make their way. "She's fine." Of course she is! Her head is held higher, wings giving a bit of a shining capelike quality where they're held firmly in place. "It's not so bad once she gets going. Right, Liv?" Indeed there's a faint murmur of noise from the green's throat, although she abruptly looks around R'yal at the approach of /another/. Who's this? She halts immediately, trying not to look like she's /hiding/ behind R'yal while she sidles up against his back. R'yal's hand goes back a bit with a grin, fingers sliding over her neck gently. "We talked about him, remember? Ral! /Yes/, of course we can go out. We've got a big yard and everything that way."

Rhenesath spots Ralik before Thys does, since she's got her back to the bowl to watch R'yal - not Livanyth! Eyes aren't on her at all. The gold weyrling cluck-croons at the unknown figure, snaking her head towards him to get a better look when he comes closer, and huffing hot breath on him. Thys approaches too, settling in beside her lifemate, grinning in response to the curious look. "Ral?" She looks at R'yal, picking up on the name he used. "Hi, Ral." Out goes her hand, offered for a greeting shake. "Thys. And this is Rhenesath."

Ralik chuckles slightly at the way the gold huffs at him, lifting one of his hands in an inquiring fashion before he reaches out to try and give her headknobs a bit of a scratch. He's seen riders do it, so it must be something dragons like. Taking Thys's hand, he smiles properly and gives it a light shake, "Ralik. Nice to meet you. I'm Rav's older brother." Directing his attention to Rhenesath, he nods to the dragonet and adds, a touch awkwardly, "Nice to meet you, too, Rhen." Yep, nickname. Why not? Satisfied that he's made appropriate introductions, he focuses on his brother and folds his arms loosely, a hint of a grin still on his face, "I think yours is scared of me, kid. How's Weyrlinghood treating you? I haven't had much of a chance to see you outside of handing over that box."

Livanyth seems reassured to discover this is actually../family/. That's different. She hop-shuffles on legs that look quite too small for her body, but manages to come out from behind R'yal enough to get a good look at Ralik. Her head tips, a polite little chuff given at him. Manners! R'yal can't help grinning, and just shakes his head. "She's not scared, she's just not too sure about strangers." It's different! Totally not the same thing. Of course, Ralik revealing that family tie has the weyrling nodding a little, almost looking a tad embarrassed over it. "Yeah, I told you my brother was here, didn't I?" Maybe? "Weyrlinghood is fine, really. It's..well it's a bit tiring and all and there's a lot of running around and doing stuff, but..but it's nice."

Rhenesath dips her head to allow the scratching of her headknob, crooning happily at the attention. "Ralik. Of course!" Now that she's placed him, Thys shakes his hand more enthusiastically and beams hugely at him. "My egg was beautiful. Thank you very much! Rav did tell me you were here, but we've not had the pleasure of meeting you yet." She meanders over to be a little closer to her fellow weyrling, rolling her eyes in understanding for his explanation of what it's like. "You can say that again, R'yal. It's exhausting, but I wouldn't change it for all the gems on Pern." There's approval for that from Rhenesath, who moves around to settle near Livanyth, stretched her neck out towards her sister with an affectionate wuffling. Hi there.

Seeing as R'yal's lifemate is no longer shrinking away from Ralik so much, he endeavors to introduce himself to her as well, offering a hand and saying lightly, "Hello, then, little lady." The enthuisiasm shown for the glass egg he made is met with a somewhat entertaining uncertainty as Ralik has no real idea exactly how to respond. He winds up just shrugging mildly and giving a slight nod, "Yeah, sure. No problem. I don't think people usually recognize me as Rav's brother, anyway. We're not exactly twins." He reaches up and tweaks R'yal's nose playfully, his smile becoming lop-sided and somewhat teasing, "Ravy is the delicate flower of the bunch, yeah?" Bwaha. He folds his arms again and frowns a bit to hear how tiring the entire thing is, giving his brother a suspicious look now, head tilted, "You're eating and the like, right? Don't make me write the old lady - estranged or not, she'll send more food than either one of us could ever hope to eat." As an aside to Thys, he adds, in a conspiratorial tone, "Farmers take a pretty serious view of food, understandably." Sage nod.

There is another pair that is about to make their appearance. Having been informed that they could leave, and after having a long conversation about why it would be a good idea to get out there and see beyond the training grounds, they ventured out of the barracks and across the training grounds and out into the larger world for the first time as a pair, "I think you will really like it out here. There is more stuff for you see and I know how curious you are." he says to the young dragon who is walking by his side. The rider has a hand on Jaicoureth's shoulder just for reassurance. There does seem to be quite a crowd gathered. They hang back a bit just to make sure that there is enough space between them and the others, "Hello." C'rus calls out to those gathered. The dragon says nothing but just keeps his eyes peeled on the riders, the dragons and some other people he has not seen before.

There is a small, polite whuff given to Ralik's hand. Livanyth doesn't touch, however. There's a certain amount of distance kept at all times, tail curled around her haunches as she sits there, quite primly. Though her head does turn to stare at Rhenesath when she starts whuffling again, offering at least a soft churn of melodic noise from her throat..while edging just a bit sideways to keep her space. R'yal meanwhile,is having a hard time not blushing, though he does bat away Ralik's hand when there's his /nose/ being bothered. "I'm..not.." ..Alright, he /is/ a bit on the delicate side. He can't help that. There's a small huff given though, arms folding around himself. "Do I look like I'm starving? They feed us plenty.." When he has time to eat it. The arrival of another gets his attention though, enough to smile faintly at C'rus as he and Jaicoureth come out. "Oh, hey.."

"… and I'm making sure he eats," Thys adds onto the end of R'yal's sentence, with a little 'got your back' wink to her younger friend. "If I can help it, Ralik, I won't let anything happen to Rav, or to Livanyth." Because she's fond of them, as the warm look she gives the green weyrling suggests. C'rus's approach is welcomed with a wave, echoed by Rhenesath's clucky hello. "Hey, Cy! Come join us? This is Ralik, who made us all those eggs!" Which she's still incredibly pleased about. "When I'm out of weyrlinghood, Ral, you and I ought to chat… I've got some ideas of what we might be able to do together." A beat… during which she frowns, and blushes a touch. "Workwise, I mean…"

Ralik gives a soft snorting sort of laugh at both Rav's denial of his delicacy and Thys's somewhat mixed meaning, though this latter is also followed by a bit more quiet laughter. When he gets over being amused by that, he nods slightly in agreement, "Yeah, we should. I can come up with a few ideas myself." It's hard to tell if he's teasing her or not, managing to avoid any clarifying inflection, though he does follow it up with, "What is it that you do, then?" He helps himself to his own brother, hooking an arm around the slighter youth's shoulders and tucking his other hand into his hip pocket. He offers C'rus a quick nod of his head, considering he did meet the man before the Hatching, calling over a casual, "Hey. Congratulations on your new position." At least he seems done bugging R'yal about eating - though, like many things with an older sibling, it's probably just laying in wait to rear up when you least expect it.

"Thank you." C'rus responds back to Ralik. There are so many around the weyr that he hans't had the chance to meet yet, which isn't all that surprising considering he hadn't been around Fort all that long before he was searched, and then it was a busy life. Jaicoureth looks up to his rider and makes a little wuff sound to drawn his attention, and the rider glances down to him, "Yes. He knows." he says gently. He just can't bring himself to answer him harshly even though he has asked that same question at least half a million times. Jaicoureth presses himself closer to the rider, keeping an eagle eye on the others, "Do you want to try to move closer to the group?" he asks him. Apparently the answer was no, since the pair doesn't move.

R'yal sways a little under the loop of Ralik's arm. He doesn't seem to quite mind it, of course, despite looking a bit uncertain about it. Who /isn't/ uncertain? Livanyth, whose leaky cauldron of a mind spills over with ice water, freezing immediately at the edges with sharp pinpricks of lancing cold. R'yal gives a faint squeak and rather quickly disengages himself from his brother, instead holding his hands out to soothe the little green that hasn't moved a single inch despite the icy turn. "Alright, alright.. Come on. We'll just.. this way. Sorry! We're just going to go…back..toward the barracks. Right?" Livanyth certainly seems happy with /that/ idea, getting up to hop-stride back across the bowl with R'yal in tow.

Thys cants her head curiously at C'rus when he talks to his dragon, and beckons the pair of them over. "C'mon, boys, we don't bite." Rhenesath croons encouragingly, sharing mental encouragement with her blue brother. "What is it that who knows, Cy?" Then there's the reaction from Livanyth… and she looks from Rav to the little green in surprise. "… R'yal? Everything ok?" From the departing greenrider to his brother, Thys frowns. "What happened?"

Ralik blinks a couple times as R'yal moves away from him and heads back towards the barracks with his little green, tucking his now free hand in his pocket. His brow is furrowed for a little while in annoyed thought, but then he smirks and looks over at Thys, "I think I made her jealous, like a kid who doesn't want anyone to take up their mother's attention." He shrugs, apparently unperturbed about the situation, and just waves slightly after his brother before putting his hand back in that pocket. He looks over at C'rus and his blue after that, shifting his feet so that he's facing Thys and C'rus properly, "He looks suspicious. She doesn't bite." He jerks a thumb at Thys, separating himself from her reassurance because, well, who even knows? Prompting Thys somewhat absent-mindedly, he tosses out, "You didn't tell me what you do, by the way."

Jaicoureth watches from a distance with what happens with R'yal and Livanyth. «Livanyth…are you….» though he never gets the chance to finish the statement before the green and her rider head back to the barracks. He looks up to his rider questioning « Is she alright?». All C'rus can do is offer him a helpless shrug, "I'm not sure what is happening. If its something serious the weyrlingmasters will be around to help." he says. He then looks up and over to the remaining humans and dragon, "Oh. It's the same question he always asks when he meets anyone new. Do they know that I'm his." he says with an apologetic smile, "I know you don't, but he has problems with personal space."

"Some of the dragons still have difficulties with… what's the right word for it? Not possessiveness, but along those lines." Thys's explanation, of sorts at least, is then backed up by C'rus's explanation of Jaicoureth. "Ah, see?" Rhenesath seems less inclined to be that way, as she watches across the bowl with a calm blue-green whirl in her gaze. "That's ok, Cy, you keep him where he's comfortable." To Ralik, she gives a gentle shrug of her shoulders. "Right now, I do whatever Rhenesath and the weyrlingmasters ask of me. Before this, though, I was a Smith senior apprentice, working towards my journeyman's knot. I'm a jeweller… though how much time I'll have for that after graduation I'm not sure." Her lifemate makes a low, cluck-like sound, turning her head to look sharply at Thys. "Aah… yes. Alright, love. Rhenesath insists that I continue my craft, as she has some ideas that she wants me to make."

Ralik doesn't seem surprised to hear that the dragonets can be possessive, reasoning aloud, "It makes a certain amount of sense. The first time most people make friends, there's usually a grace period before sharing them with other people, and that's without any kind of psychic life-long connection involved." He waves one of his hands near his head as he comments on this last part, though his eyebrows lift with interest at mention of a jewelry-specialized Smith, "Really, now? I was using it as an excuse to flirt a bit, but you're right. We really should get together when you're back to being able to craft. It's not anything like gemstones, but intricate glasswork is what I tend to specialize in, like the eggs." There's a pause where he seems to deal with something internally and when he speaks again his voice is aloof and a bit gruff, but otherwise amiable enough, "If you feel like it, I could make some glass beads for you to look at. I make them anyway to sell for trade, but if there's any specific design you'd like to see, I could work it in to the next assortment." Ahem. He smiles faintly at the little gold dragon as well, reaching over to scratch her head once more, if she'll let him. He admires the fact that the small creature is stubborn about keeping her future rider on the crafting track.

"I certainly will." C'rus says with a smile to the goldrider. Happy dragon. Happy life. Those are the rules, "I'm sure when he feels more comfortable with everything it won't be like this. Though even if he doesn't it doesn't change a thing." he says making sure to send all his love toward the young dragon, "You are perfect just the way you are." he says softly to him. The dragon apparently approves because he relaxes just a touch more, "You are exactly right." he says to Ralik before turning his attention once more to Amy, "I'm glad you will continue. I hope to have at least one more job for you…" He pauses not willing to continue, so much work to have to censor what you think about.

Rynn and Mazzolyth are out for their daily rounds- post eating, sleeping, eating again, sleeping some more, lots of lovings and a few good oilings as well. It is time for the lumbering brown to stretch his wings, even though this means stepping further away from Rynn than he is comfortable with. They've walked the length of the Training Complex and back, some flaring and flutters of impressively expansive wing span. Mazz keeps begging to put more force behind the beats, watching dragons fly overhead he wants to try sooooo bad. But the Weyrling eases and keeps him grounded, allowing just a few flutter hops at most now that he's finally gotten that whole walking thing down. Since the AWLM who was overseeing their training feels comfortable with their progress, he has allowed for them to head to the edge of the north bowl- after a good stretching and relaxation session that is. Seeing their group a ways off, they head their direction. "Hey guys! How goes?" Mazzolyth's earthy rumble reaches out in greeting as well.

There goes that blush, colouring Thys's cheeks again when Ralik mentions flirting. "Oh, well, um… that's… haha. I'm flattered…" And embarrassed, as she chews on her bottom lip. "I'd like to see your beads. Rhenesath would like to know if you can create glass teardrops? Coloured ones, sized from about this," she holds up her fingers to indicate about a quarter inch, "to this? No - this." Roughly an inch, once she makes it bigger at her dragon's insistence. "Oh, don't worry, C'rus, Rhen won't let me quit it. Since she picked up on what I do she's been on about it all the time… I don't have a choice in the matter, though I may have to squeeze it in around all the paperwork Nyalle seems to have lined up for me when I get to that point." She winks at the bluerider, before Rhenesath draws her attention to Rynn and Mazzolyth, right before the brownrider weyrling greets them. "Hi, Rynn! We're just meeting R'yal's brother - Ralik. Ral, this is Rynn, and… would you like to introduce your lifemate, Rynn?"

It's pretty rare that Ralik gets any kind of glasscrafting requests from a dragon, so he cocks his head at the question and nods, shrugging slightly, "Shouldn't be hard at all. Do you mean as beads, or something more like a pendant…?" As yet another Weyrling appears, Ralik lifts a hand once more to wave to Rynn, seeing as Thys has saved him the trouble of having to introduce himself, "Hello, there. Congratulations on Impressing." It seems the thing to say. For C'rus, he adds, with a hint of some amusement, "I imagine he'll be more comfortable with people when he's five times the size of most. It's hard to feel antsy when you can pick up anyone that might make you nervous."

Jaicoureth can't help but look up the crags above them, with no small amount of wonder, and after that his gaze slides toward the setting sun which holds no small amount of fascination as well, though there is something else that catches his attention and causes him to tap his rider gently, «Candles. In the sky.» he says making a reference to those first few stars that have come out for the evening. C'rus finds himself taken a bit off guard as he looks up and notices what his lifemate is indicating. Though the young dragon's mindvoice often includes stars it occurs to him that this is the very first 'real' star he has seen, "Those are called stars." he says leaning over to his lifemate and speaking to him much like he would to a young child, "If you'd like you can make a wish on those stars, but don't tell anyone or it won't come true. Well…you can tell me." he revises since there really is no way for him not too. Realizing he has been rather rude in his distraction he lifts his head back up and smiles to Rynn and Mazz, "Hi you two. How are you doing? We are doing well." he says in answer to her question. "I suspect that might be the case." he says to Ralik, how could it not be? As for Amy, "Good." he says with a wide grin.

Rynn smiles while Mazzolyth is… less inviting would be a solid way to put it. His large opalescent eyes swirl an orange yellow, wings snapped tightly against his side so he can sidle up as close as possible to Rynn without knocking her over, stubby tail wrapping around her waist as snout extends to sniff at the tall glaring-looking gent. "It's ok Mazz…" she eases and extends a hand with pearly whites. "Thank you." Head bobs with gratitude to Thys and Ralik "M'names Rynn, as Thys mentioned and this'eres Mazzolyth. Toughest most wonderful protector brown on Pern. We crossed paths briefly if I remember correctly?" The dragonet is proud to be called such a thing, head held regally high for this introduction. Rynn is happy to be out and about, and especially seeing Jai, C'rus, Rhen and Thys this far from the barracks as well. Dragon will croon to them, finally being a bit more comfortable and loosening his 'grip' on his Lifemate. Rynn smiles fondly at the conversation between blue and Weyrling. "We are also well C'rus. Thanks for asking. S'been… a whirlwind, but I'm sure y'know all about it."

"Beads, I think. I can't quite think right now how I'd set it as a pendant in the way Rhen's trying to show me…" Thys's dragon might have pictures of what she wants, but the practicalities of realising them is a whole different kettle of fish. She shrugs softly at Ralik, smiling at him as she does so. "Let's get together another time, when we can perhaps go over some sketches and possibilities together? I can send Shards to you to let you know when a good time is, if you'd like?" Rhenesath croons at Mazzolyth, flicking her wings out, just to settle them back in against her side. "Hey, Cy? Rhen says Jaicoureth likes the stars? What does Mazz think of them, Rynn? Oh, Rynn - did you know Ralik here is the one who made our glass eggs?"

Ralik gives a quick nod of agreement in regards to sending, ah, Shards to let him know, "Sounds like a plan. So long as I'm not in the middle of another project, it should be pretty easy to get away - and at some point you'll be back down in the Crafter's area, anyway." He looks like he may say something further, but refrains in order to look over at Rynn and offer a hand, "Nice to meet you. And you, Massolyth. Always had a bit of a soft spot for a brown, honestly." Probably because he's something of a human version of one himself, even if he doesn't know it. He frowns suddenly and plucks an odd looking pocket watch from, well, somewhere on his person; it looks like a special order where the body is mostly glass and you can see all the gears inside. With a huff of a sigh, he tucks it away again and says, "Ah, sorry, I have to go deal with one of those projects now. Easier to work at night sometimes, heat being what it is. Sorry I couldn't spend time, seeing as you all are free for now, but I'm sure I'll get around to seeing you soon." There's a beat before he suddenly flashes a grin at Thys, "Some of you in particular, yeah?" Heh. He lifts his hand in a wave as he starts to head back towards the main weyr, "Behave yourselves - and you, too, little dragons. I'll see you around." With that, he's off to work at a light trot.

C'rus nods his head in answer to Thys's question, "So it would seem." he says as he glances over to his lifemate, not really having seen him excited about something else (other than him) before. He can feel the excitement rise and the dragon sends out waves of bright colors, swirling and glowing as he makes his pronoucement to Mazz and Rhen, and of course C'rus «I want to reach the stars. I want to touch the heights.» he says indicating the high crag that overlooks the bowl. His wings shoot out from his side as he extends them to full length. C'rus has just enough time to step out of the way to avoid being knocked over. He moves his hand from his lifemates shoulder to his neck, "No flying just yet." Ralik recieves a wave, "Good evening. I hope things go well for you and your project." he says when Ralik annouces he must depart. Rynn recieves a smile, "Oh yes. Whirlwind indeed."

Mazzolyth hasn't had many opportunities to interact with his gold clutch sib, but the croon and wing flicking has snout venturing out to give her a nudge hello. « You and yours will make such pretties? » Scents of cedar and wormwood are entangled with the foliage of his deep and earthy mind voice. The dragon hadn't paid much attention to that which is above, nor has he been out a night up until now. Neck cranes with curiosity and Rynn tries to explain the flurry of questions that pop up in his mind. "No Mazz, they won't fall or burn. They stay there. Planets, comets and the like. Maybe someday we can visit our Starcrafter friend to plain a little more." A brow turns towards Thys with a smirk and shrug "He's not too sure. Like most things I guess. And he definitely wants to take a closer look, but I keep telling him our adventures will come in time." There is a dichotomy occurring here- on one end Mazz wants to see the universe with Rynn and on the other he wants to lock her up and keep her in the safe confines of the Weyr forever. It has beene explained time and time again that everywhere is safe when they're together, but this will be an ongoing struggle for the pair. "He is? Why thank you Ralik, they are beautiful." she mentioned in reference to the eggs her own hand meeting his for a solid shake. "N'nice to meet you too." The brown is not too pleased with 1: their touching and 2: the Ssss accentuation on his name. He's a peculiar one that is for sure. "He sure is something else!" she pulls shaking hand back to pet the grumbly brown catching that flashed grin from the glass crafter to goldrider. She may not know much, but there's something behind that smile of his-nothing is said of it- totally not her place. His departure receives a wave and there's that fond expression for C'rus and Jai again. « To the stars and beyond you and yours will reach. Maybe we shall see these heights together? If you will allow it brother. »

"That's because browns are adorable. And blues, and greens, and bronzes - Rhen, you go without saying." Thys winks at Ralik, reaching out to stroke her lifemate's muzzle when its pushed towards her for scritching attention. "It was nice to meet you, Ral. Good to know it's not just me hassling Rav to eat up." She grins, and Rhenesath turns her head to look side-on at the glasscrafter, regarding him curiously. "I'll let you know when I've got time, ok? Though, um, maybe don't expect it to be any time soon… we're, y'know, busy." Baby dragons and lessons take up all the time. Rhenesath wuffles a breath to her brothers, sharing warm thoughts with them. « We will, » she answers Mazzolyth, taking an image of the stars for Jaicoureth and placing it around his neck.

Jaicoureth isn't all that used to communicating with the other dragons. He has said a few words here and there to them, but there hasn't been anything that he would classify as meaningful. Not because he doesn't care about them, but because well…expressing yourself is hard and they aren't C'rus. Expressing yourself to your lifemate is much easier. So when Rhen sends the image of the stars around his neck he doesn't know what to do for a moment but takes in a nice deep breath and just accepts it for now. Babysteps after all. His wings stay extended almost as if he intends to fly away right now, but some things will have to wait. The dragon looks over to the brown and simply replies «Yes.» Though not without the cavaet of asking C'rus, «You will come too yes?» The rider has more reservations about 'touching the heights' than his lifemate does, "When the time is right." is his response. C'rus is more than a bit surprised but is more than willing to encourage Jaicoureth to interact more with his cluchmates. He has felt how much the dragon cares for them, but also feels how torn he has been. Where Rhen might have been too timid to mention something to Thys, C'rus is not, "You might need to be careful." he limits himself to saying. That is not a conversation that these young ones are ready for.

Rynn feels a rumbling in her tummy, and not just from Mazzolyth's trembling mind voice, but more so from the hunger pangs from the large and constantly growing brown. "Ugh. We hafta eat again, and by we I mean he." The dragon would bat lashes if he had them, cooing to his lifemate who is the absolute best of all time in his eyes. Rynn smile to the lovely blue and his extended wings, catching bits of his brief words. "Absolutely well said Cy.." he will always be Cy to her and hopefully some day they will have some moments for the friendly chatter she'd come to appreciate so. Head is tipped to the warm gold and her rider. "If you guys will excuse me… grub time… again." As for the carefulness Thys might need, brow is raised with a shake of the head. Rynn can't even fathom, consider or talk about anythings of that nature, a large part of her thoughts and memories still with held from lifemate as now is definitely not the time to even convey such things to the already overly cautious brown. She gives a wave and as mile and the two are headed back to the barracks.

With Ralik gone, and a farewell waved to Rynn along with a wince of 'oh yes, we get that' - those hunger pangs are always close by, after all - Thys is left looking at C'rus, leaning gently against her dragon's neck with an arm draped over her in a loose hug. "Be careful of what?" There's confusion in her question, and she cants her head to one side as she brushes her fingers through her short hair. Rhenesath puffs out a warm breath, sharing mental warmth with Jaicoureth, too; her presence is barely there on the edge of his mind, just enough to let him know she's there if he wants to acknowledge her.

How do you talk about something that you can't even think about without causing this other half of you to worry or fuss or whatever it is that would happen if Jaicoureth figured out that he had feelings for another person in such a deep and abiding way. He scans through his mind to come up with the best word, "Flirting." he responds with a single word. Jaicoureth for the moment closes his wings, seeming to be pleasantly distracted by all there is to see. The gold isn't acknowledged directly, but he doesn't pull away which is probaly the best that could be reasonably hoped for at the moment.

Thys laughs. "What? Nooo," she's amused, grinning as she shakes her head. "I wasn't. He was." She laughs again, stroking her hand along Rhenesath's headknob. The gold seems completely content… perhaps even a little too much so, as her eyelids start to droop. "Anyway, I've only just met the guy. He's Rav's big brother. And dear Faranth, when would we even have time for such things with everything else there is going on right now?" She grins, shaking her head again. "Don't worry, Cy. Now, I've got a dragon here who's about to doze off… would you like to accompany me back to the barracks?" A little gentle nudging gets Rhenesath to her feet, and she stretches out with feline luxuriousness - wings stretched, neck and tail taut… and her back leg raised and stretched as far back as it will go.

How complex a time is werylinghood. So many things so very simple and planned out, but other things terribly complex and vague, "Believe me. I understand, but feelings are always complex." That is both his professional and personal opinion. He gives the dragon a gentle rub along his neck, "Come on Jaicoureth. It's getting late and we should probably get some sleep. Amy and Rhen are going to sleep too." The dragon responds by taking one last look around the bowl and looking up one last time to the stars, the number of which has grown during the conversation «So many wishes.» he says before he shifts and begins to walk off toward the barracks for a good nights sleep.

Once she's stopped stretching, ending in a huge dragony yawn, Rhenesath nudges Thys along towards the barracks, falling in beside C'rus and Jaicoureth. "I believe you, Cy, but trust me. I know me." « We are going to dream of wishes, » Rhenesath replies to her blue brother, sending out a wave of flame-flecked warmth towards him. « … and stars. » The clang of hammer on anvil sends a shower of star-like sparks into her mind, all of which are shared with Jaicoureth. "Anyway," Thys says as she hop-skips a few steps to be in line with C'rus, "my heart's too full of Rhenesath for there to even be room for anything like that. Right?" She smiles, slipping her hands into her pockets as she strides alongside to the barracks. Once they're inside she waves goodnight to the pair, before leading Rhenesath through to their own couch.