Fort Weyr - Shenanigan's Lounge

The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.
Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.
Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

It seems that those of Shenanigan's are being indulgent of the Weyrwoman, as pillows have been gathered for the woman's table. Settled on a fluffy pillow, with her leg propped up on another fluffy pillow is Dtirae. And while special treatment normally brings one to smile, the woman is, for the most part: less than pleased. A frown is settled on her brows, a drink is in hand and the woman is sipping listlessly at said drink, with her gaze entirely elsewhere. It is noon, a time for lunch and not really a time for drinking, yet, here she is.

"Have the healers caught up with you yet, jailbird?" Two glasses clink on the table before Dtirae and D'ani is helping himself to a chair, turning it around to face her, swinging a leg over to sit astride, forearms casually across the back of it. He doesn't blame her for moping. He would too, if his leg was broken. As for drinking, it helps sometimes. He'll join her in one, in fact! One hand slides the glass towards her. Ice clinks pleasantly in the rich amber with a curl of orange peel twisting up through. "Give this a try instead?" he coaxes with a rakish smile.

Dtirae sighs heavily, "yes. And I'm not allowed to take off the cast. Or do anything." But, there's a hint of a smile there as she gives the bronzerider a teasing wink as he joins her. It is, however, short lived as she is enjoying her moping, if one can call it enjoyment. A brow lifts for his offered drink, and she's then giving it a look over. "You better not be poisoning me. And there had better be alcohol, because I am needing it." Another teasing smile before her mug is, temporarily, abandoned in favor of the glass he's slid towards her. She won't even question what it is, she just takes a sip.

D'ani chuckles quietly. "Yeah, can't disagree with them there," he says of the cast. "They are," he says raising his brow at her comment, lifting his glass and taking a long sip of the sweetened whiskey, savoring it and swallowing before continuing, "incorrect about you not being able to do anything." See? Not poison.

"It's needed to fix my leg, isn't that amazing?" Dtirae teases before another sigh escapes and she loses herself in the drink, just for a moment, as she takes a longer drink versus her initial sip. "Correction: They said I can't do anything /fun/. I wanted to go hunting… Or, swimming." Not that she swims much, "or running." She doesn't run much, either. "Or anything even remotely fun. Though, I do still have a dashing, handsome boyfriend to look at, so I guess that's something fun to do." Grey eyes dance with mischief as she watches him.

"See how blessed you are?" D'ani says silkily. He lifts his glass, tsks at her then winks over the rim while taking another long drink from his glass. Lowering it to swirl the ice idly, he says casually, "I can think of dozens of things that are fun to do with a broken leg." Not that… he's got firsthand experience, mind. Number one, his finger gestures in the air and then points to himself in a self-mocking gesture. He can be eye candy for her. Two fingers lift and then he points to their glasses. She can drink. Given the right company, it can be fun. "Have a poker party," he suggests.

"You know, this is one of the reasons why I like you so much." Dtirae notes with a teasing smile for his wink. She keeps watching him, however, not looking away at all. Is he starting to burn under her gaze? She takes a sip of her drink, hiding her smile for a brief moment as she continues to watch him. "You know, that first gesture could be taken as an invitation." Another teasing smile before she considers. "I win at poker too much. Everyone'll go broke." Maybe she cheats. It's entirely possible!

D'ani is a cool cucumber? "Mmhm," he says in agreement to her comment, lifting his glass and draining it. "Winning is fun," he says placing his empty glass on the table. The fun is, after all, for her benefit, not theirs. If they go broke making the Weyrwoman happy, it's well worth it, right? "Shall I go round up Th'ero, the Weyrthird and other rich people? Or I can just find buff ones and we'll make it strip poker." She'll have a bar full of smelly cattlemen at this rate.

Dtirae pffts softly before taking another sip of her drink, "there can only be one winner." She points out to the bronzerider with a simple look. "Really? Really? No, no. We shouldn't, they are busy and I'd rather kiss you." She is a woman of simple needs at the moment, until she gets /really/ bored. Then? Then she might complain that he should have done something sooner.

D'ani smiiiiiiles and half-rises and leans across his chairback, stops just before his lips touch hers, "It looks like we won't disappoint you then." He kisses her then, firmly and decisively, right there in the bar. Isn't he obedient? He's then straightening up, clapping his hands and commandeering the bar for the afternoon, kicking out the current patrons with paid-for drinks. Calls sent out via Dremkoth to Velokraeth and Vermiroth, he turns to give the Weyrwoman a wicked smirk. "You may leave your entertainment to me."

And here comes the back up dancers? Kimmila strides into the bar in her usual attire, dragging Th'ero - literally - behind her. "C'mon, you're Irondell. You can bluff better than any of us," she's saying to him over her shoulder.

Th'ero is dragged — literally — by Kimmila, shuffling along behind her and frowning heavily. "Was Irondell. And I've never played poker before!" he grumbles low in protest. Of course he hasn't! But he really had issue with this, he'd have put the brakes on well before the bluerider could drag him out this far.

Dtirae is pleased with her kiss, grinning at the bronzerider with a smile before he goes about and takes control of the lounge. By all ye unrelated parties! The woman will simply watch them all depart. Then enter Kimmila, and in tow, Th'ero. D'ani's given a very skeptical look from the woman. "What are we doing?"

Having herded everyone out, the Weyrsecond is just returning with a deck of cards the bartender has provided when Kimmila and Th'ero enter, doors having been unlocked just for them. They get a crooked grin and a head-jerk indicating the Weyrwoman over there. "She's bored," he says simply, that wicked gleam still in his eye is one of mingled merriment and challenge. Dare they? He beckons them an invitation to join and heads back to the table there Dtirae sits, hands her the cards. Very patiently, because fellis will muddle memory even though it's only been five minutes since he suggested it, D'ani answers, "Strip poker."

Kimmila snorts and rolls her eyes. "She's /bored/? So, what…we're summoned for entertainment?" A bit insulting. But she's never backed down from a challenge as she lets Th'ero's arm go and strides forward to take a seat. "Five card? Who decides what comes off?" Seems she's played this before.

Th'ero glances around, his frown now changing to a look of wary curiosity. Where is everyone? "You cleared out the lounge…" he says, pointing out the obvious before his eyes slide over to where Dtirae is seated with her leg propped up. Smirking, he snorts when D'ani points out the Weyrwoman's boredom, not looking the least bit surprised. He'd be stir crazy too. Following Kimmila even after she's let his arm go, he's just about to take a seat when he hesitates. Strip… whatnow? "Pardon?" Th'ero heard them correctly, right? He stares at them all, first Kimmila, then to the Weyrsecond and lastly the Weyrwoman before he settles heavily into his chair. "Couldn't just be a normal game, could it?" he drawls with a grimace and yet doesn't go storming off. Yet. Kimmila is given a puzzled look at her question of five card, lost already.

Dtirae gives D'ani another /look/ as he hands her the cards, "really?" She, however, begins to shuffle the cards before turning her gaze to Kimmila. "I told him not to." She promises, but then chuckles as the woman settles in. A smile is given to the Weyrleader at his hesitation, giving a shrug when he looks to her last. It wasn't /her/ idea. Then the cards are offered to Kimmila, allowing her to do the deal, if she doesn't reject.

"She did tell me not to call you, but," Did D’ani listen? Nope! "I figured you could use a break and it's a great team-building exercise?" It's lame but that's what he goes with. He nods to Kimmila. "Five card, the loser of each hand removes one item of clothing. The Weyrwoman decides which." He's still got his jacket on at least. He just chuckles at Th'ero's question. What? Strip poker is a normal game. If you're bored enough. "Would anyone like something from the bar while I'm up? Rae? Another whiskey cocktail?" It seems he's relieved the bartender as well.

Kimmila cuts the deck and pushes it back to Dtirae, assuming that's what the weyrwoman wanted of her. "Are you really bored?" she asks with a little frown. "Does jewelry count?" she asks, glancing at her necklaces and her dagger. "Yeah, klah if they have any fresh. If not, ale," she says to D'ani, leaning back in her chair. "I'll help you," she says aside to Th'ero.

Th'ero turns his gaze from Dtirae to D'ani and quirks a brow. "Team-building exercise? Really?" That's his excuse? The Weyrleader isn't buying it at all but he's already taken his seat and it's too late to back out now. He's really going to need a drink and soon… so the Weyrsecond's offer is all but leapt upon. "Usual ale—" he begins, only to realize the bartender is gone too. Smirking, he amends his order. "Ale from the black barrel. Should be very dark and reddish tinged if it's the right one." No surprise there, right? Glancing again to Kimmila, he grimaces and exhales heavily, "If someone would just explain how it's played and the rules… I may be able to grasp it. Otherwise this will be a one sided game." he mutters.

"Wait, wait. Why can't the winner decide? I don't want to be the one deciding who is taking off what every time." Dtirae would be a dictator if that were the case. And she doesn't really want to be. "That'd be lovely, D'ani." A smile for the bronzerider before she looks to Kimmila and takes the deck back with no protest. "I am really bored, but, again… It was his idea. I could think of a few other things we could do." But he's not hearing any of it, and she isn't arguing. The cards are dealt out, D'ani's in place for where he'll be sitting when he returns. "Jewelry shouldn't count cause I'm not wearing any." A grin is given to Th'ero, but, she doesn't explain how to play. How cruel.

Black barrel, black barrel… D'ani, back there behind the bar grabs two glass mugs and fills them both from what he hopes is the appropriate one - the color looks right. He mixes two more whiskey cocktails, grabs a pot of klah and a mug for Kimmila. No telling how long it's been sitting on the burner - it's looking quite dark. If she doesn't like it, there's always that extra mug of ale. These are brought on a small round tray back to the table in time to hear Dtirae. "Alright, loser decides what to take off then." He's easy! The drinks are placed where they belong and then he retakes his seat, straddling his backwards once more.

Kimmila opens her mouth but then snaps it shut. She's not going to spoil the fun, nope. "Thanks," she says to D'ani. Then she looks at Th'ero, and swiftly but clearly explains how the game works. And we're going to hand wave and be vague here, because her player has never fully understood all the rules of poker. "So. Any questions?"

Th'ero might spoil the fun yet, as he's not looking too pleased at the idea of stripping down. He could be thinking that they're all just joking around, that they'll all have a good laugh about it and do something else. No such luck, as Dtirae has the cards then and he can only blink. Oh crud, they were serious! He's about to say something, but D'ani returns with the drinks then and the Weyrleader can't seem to grab his mug(s?) of ale fast enough. "I've plenty of questions," he drawls, looking to Kimmila again and then his smirk takes on a slightly amused tilt. "But we'd be here all shardin' night, I think. So. Shall we?" Get it over with. Look at him trying to be good and social and… not entirely a stick-in-the-mud. "So aside from being bored out of your mind, Dtirae, the led is mending well?"

Dtirae beams a smile at the Weyrsecond for the drink, taking her easily and sipping at it. Her cards are lifted with a dismissive glance and she quietly puts them back down once she's finished reading them. There's no indication of her thoughts, especially since she's looking between Th'ero and Kimmila. Is she stalking her prey? Maybe. "Since we ain't bettin' or nothin', should we bother tryin' ta intimidate or just show our hands? Well, after we get a chance ta fold. But foldin' is an automatic loss." Which means they'll be stripping.

Yep, D'ani has brought Th'ero two mugs of ale just in case he needs to share with Kimmila. How's that klah, Kimm? He, meanwhile tries not to grin, fails utterly, when the deck is cut and dealt. His drink is sipped and savored while Kimmila explains the game to Th'ero, then he gets down to business glances his cards with an expressionless face and gathers them under his hand. "Just show," he says flicking a curious look towards his weyrleader. Poor Th'ero! He slides a look at Dtirae. She looks… less bored?

Kimmila settles back in her chair and sips her klah, grimacing and then rising to go find some cream and sweetner. When she returns, she figures they'll have come up with a decision to Dtirae's question.

Th'ero is already bluffing but… not really in relation to the game about to unfold. He's just trying not to stare at Dtirae with a completely blank and obviously clueless expression. What and… what now? It all goes right over his head and as he sips slowly at his ale he will look down at the five cards he holds. May as well be written in a completely different language, for all the good they tell him! D'ani's comment to 'show' at least sinks in and Th'ero will flip his hand over without hesitation. "Didn't think you guys were all poker players." he drawls, still trying to mask his utter failure in grasping the game.

Dtirae grins at D'ani for his answer in response, "sounds good ta me, then." She drawls out, taking another sip from her drink as Kimmila departs to fix her drink. She'll lift her cards once more before peeking over at Th'ero. Poor man. She flips her cards in response to his show, hiding her grin in her drink. Though, once she's had that sip, it goes back down. "The boys like ta play some nights instead of doin' any fightin'…" And, it's hard to say what they're doing now that the woman's gone and broke her leg.

"Surprise?" quips D'ani to Th'ero. The weyrleader did once ask what his weyrsecond liked to do for fun but the vague rum and deck of cards he'd mentioned referred to another game. After Dtirae, he turns his hand over and fans the cards out with a deft move of his hand, then lifts his glass to sip watching with interest to see who's lost this round. He doesn't seem to think it's him.

Kimmila glances at her weyrmate's cards, and then at him. "I've played a bit," she says with a shrug as she lays her cards out on the table as well. And…she'll wait for the verdict, leaning back in her chair.

Th'ero peers over to Dtirae for her comment, puzzled and not quite sure he grasps the reference. "Boys?" he prompts her and then to D'ani he simply shrugs. "Yes and no. Most folk play cards." Right? "Just wasn't quite expecting this." 'This' meaning stripping of course. Poor, poor Weyrleader. So baffled about how this could ever be deemed as fun! But he's trying and perhaps it's for Kimmila or for them or for himself. "I've never played. Not even as a Guard, though it was popular for those of us off duty." Among other things he doesn't go into details about. "Much prefer darts, to be honest." he muses and with one hand still on his mug, he glances down to everyone's hands. Now he really does just look blank and clueless and part of him is already hoping whatever is spread out there spares him from being the first to strip.

"D'ani wins." Dtirae declares simply. Wait, did she just ignore her own hand? Yes, yes she did. Another sip from her drink and she looks oddly pleased for the moment. "Boys," she answers simply, "my hunting crew. We fight, play poker, and hunt. When they ain't out huntin' for the Weyr." There's a shift in the woman's position and leg is propped at a different angle, and the pleased look is gone all at once as she is glaring, briefly, at her leg.

Wait - wins? D'ani slants Dtirae a crinkled browed look. Wasn't this supposed to be about losing? Does this mean he has to strip? He just settles back against his chairback, eyeing the hands there and when it settles on Kimmila's he chuckles. Looks like Th'ero is off the hook - for now. Yay?

Kimmila just looks around. "Well? Who takes off what?"

Don't look at him! Th'ero is clueless and not even aware that he's escaped this time. "Guess this means D'ani is safe?" he ventures to drawl, smirking as he lifts his mug again and takes another long, deep pull from it. To Kimmila, he only shrugs and then snorts. "Eager, are we?" he drawls with a sidelong look. Did he just tease her?

Kimmila kicks Th'ero under the table.

Dtirae grins at D'ani's look, and grinning just a touch wider as he is eyeing the cards. She'll just look innocent and then nods to Th'ero. "D'ani is safe. Kimm loses. D'ani, tell Kimm what to take off." Scandal! She just takes another sip of her drink, all nonchalant.

D'ani levels a look at Dtirae. It's an, 'I'm onto you Weyrwoman' sort of look. He knows how to play poker and no, he didn't really win this hand. But he'll play along because she needs her daily dose of amusement. He looks across to Kimmila and warns, "She cheats," as he headtilts to the Weyrwoman. So he's giving her permission to cheat too! And then since he's won and she's lost he drawls… "Okay, take off your… left boot. Shoe. Whatever's on your foot." He peeks under the table to see because he hadn't noticed what she's got on for footwear when she came in, is just in time to see her kick Th'ero under the table and laughs.

Kimmila snorts. "My shoe? This game is going to take forever," she drawls teasingly to D'ani as she obliges him, kicking it off and setting it aside. Taking the cards because she's next, she shuffles and deals, and then lays out her hand.

Th'ero grunts and frowns. Hey! What'd he do? And as for that kick? He returns it and feigns innocence as he looks to Dtirae though D'ani is witness to it all. "Ahh, right. Forget sometimes that you were a hunter." And still is, to some degree? The Weyrsecond is given a brief look for his laughter or it could be for his choice of clothing for Kimmila to strip. Regardless, Th'ero only leans back into his chair and smirks. "Somehow not surprised with the cheating either." he murmurs. To Kimmila, he only chuckles dryly and shakes his head, reaching out for his hand when the cards are dealt again. Like before, he'll glimpse and with a blank face (really, he's just go no idea) he shows the hand. Once all are down, luck of the draw favors D'ani again as winner and the loser? Dtirae. That's what she gets for cheating!

Dtirae is innocent, she simply blinks at her boyfriend with that innocent look before chuckling. "Why would I cheat to /lose/ that's counter productive, isn't it?" She beams another smile before snorting softly. "You're so prude, D'ani." She tsks softly and then downs the rest of her drink. Th'ero is also given a look, but not so innocent, just a smile. As for her losing? Well, there's still that smile on her lips even at her real loss.

Yeah, innocent, my foot! Or Kimm's foot in this case. There's a lot of non-innocence sitting around the table at the moment. "I'm sure you have your reasons, Rae." D’ani just snorts at her other remark. He leans against his chairback, lifts his drink, sips and considers his Weyrwoman lazily, gaze roving over her as he decides what she should take off. With a wicked twinkle in his eye, he smiles slowly and drawls, "Take of your… cast." She can't really do that without a saw. Oops?

Kimmila snorts at D'ani's request, shaking her head and sipping her klah. "Let's see some action. Off with the shirt." She might have spiked her klah.

Th'ero pauses midway through another sip of his ale only to stare at D'ani for his request to Dtirae. "Oh, now that's just cruel…" he drawls but his mouth quirks into a crooked smile. He approves! Kimmila's remark has him nudging her again, this time with an elbow to her side. Really? He may be wondering himself now what is in that klah.

"Ugh, you're so boring, D'ani." Dei gives the Weyrsecond a withering look, sticking her tongue out at him, even. She'll turn her head away after that. "There, much better suggestion." And off her top goes! Without a lick of hesitation. Oh, Dei doesn't wear underthings, either. Poor everyone at the table. And she'll just take the cards, shuffle, then deal without any further comments.

D'ani chuckles, not one bit offended by Dtirae's opinion of him. Hey, she cheated, it's only fair that he cheats too! And since she can't comply, the 'entertainment' will have to take another track… But then Kimmila's speaking up and he scowls at her. "Hey, cheat on your own turn-" he begins with a 'stay' hand motion to Dtirae. Too late! He blinks as she begins whipping off her shirt, immediately drops his eyes to the cards. Cards! They need to be shuffled and dealt! He scoops them up and focuses on the task, shuffling… shuffling.. shuffling… He needs a drink and so with his eyes still on the deck, grabs his drink and down the rest. Shuffling… shuffling…

Kimmila whistles loudly when Dtirae takes it off. "There ya' go," she praises, amused.
You paged Kimmila with 'But! Kim can take the cards away from D'ani and deal them if she wants to. XD'.

Th'ero is swift to drop his gaze as well once Dtirae strips after Kimmila's prompt, clearing his throat slightly. Where are those cards? The ones he pretends to focus on and understand? Again, he nudges the bluerider for her praising and without even so much as looking up (nope, nothing to see there), he drains the last of his ale. Now isn't this just awkward?

Dtirae heaves another sigh as D'ani does not look at her, oh well. She shrugs and shifts to make herself more comfortable. "Maybe we should play on our own, Kimm. The boys are boring." Wait, what?

D'ani has the cards, Th'ero. He's still shuffling them. This game was supposed to go a lot slower than this starting with shoes and socks and superficial things and those drinks were supposed to kick in and she was supposed to forget what they were playing. This… was a bad idea, wasn't it? Dtirae's comment recalls him and he passes the deck to Th'ero. "Who needs drinks? I'm going for a refill." Something stronger, maybe? D'ani is up and headed over to the bar… this may take him longer than it should…
Kimmila lifts a hand. "I could use an ale, D'ani, thanks," Then she's smirking a bit at the Weyrwoman. "Well, they /are/ gentleman. Can't really blame them. Maybe we should play for something else," she says, nudging Dtirae's shirt back at her. "Duties, perhaps. I'd love to be Weyrleader for a day." Smirk.

Th'ero waves off D'ani's offer of another drink, having claimed the second ale that was meant for Kimmila. Though he alone knows that she dislikes the same black-red ale he is so fond of, to anyone else it just seems as though he's hogging it all. Taking the deck, he keeps his eyes adverted from Dtirae as he deals out the cards, not even knowing if he does it correct or not. But oh, is he ever tempted to glare at the Weyrwoman for her comment. "I think I prefer to be boring in this case." he drawls, only to snort. A gentleman? Sure, he'll run with that. Looking up and sidelong to Kimmila, he frowns. "Duties?" Does this man ever play games? "And you would like to be Weyrleader for a day, wouldn't you?" Th'ero says in an amused voice, settling back in his chair with his head still modestly adverted.

Perhaps this was her evil plan all along: make D'ani regret calling the others to play when she told him not to? Neither one of them are looking at her, and she's certainly grinning like she shouldn't be. "I need a drink!" No, no she doesn't. When Kimmila nudges her shirt back over, a wink is given to the bluerider before she's pulling her top back on. Then, she's peeking at her own cards… And D'ani's, because he's at the bar. There's a look to the other two at the table and then? Then she blatantly swaps some of their cards. Playing by the rules, apparently, is for chums. The Weyrwoman just does not care anymore.

Yes, yes she does. Here comes D'ani with another one to help side-track her from the game. On his tray a few mugs of ale in varying shades and another two glasses of whiskey. Briefly, ever so, do his eyes track to the Weyrwoman's face to see that grin. And that her shirt is back on. His step returning steps are swifter seeing that and the tray is set down, the ales nudged towards Kimmila. It's then that he sees his hand - the losing one - and Dtirae's grin. He settles, eyeing her. Yeah, he trusts her as far as he can throw her. But she's being entertained so it's all good. "So. What do I have to take off?" He drawls his question to Th'ero since the Weyrleader won. Whatever it is, he'll do it and stalk back to his office to finish his day's work. Inri, bless her, will get an eyeful.

Kimmila winks at Th'ero and then snorts at Dtirae, getting to her feet. "If you're going to cheat, I'm not playing anymore," she says with a little smirk, tossing her cards onto the table. Moving away, she ducks behind the bar to try and find some food.

Th'ero would have scowled and tsk'ed over all the cheating, if he had been focused on it. Right now though, he is focused on other things and namely that is squashing his awkwardness so he just doesn't simply get up and walk from the table. That second ale is drained, foregoing nursing it carefully and if the Weyrleader doesn't slow down he won't be walking anywhere very shortly no matter how much he'll wish to. Kimmila's abrupt departure has him blinking in surprise, only to exhale heavily. "Does it even count?" he drawls to D'ani and, now that Dtirae is no longer topless, he includes her in that as well with a knowing smirk. Cheater! Eyeing the cards, he rubs his hand along his jaw and can only shrug and fumble. Now this is awkward. He considers the Weyrsecond for a moment and then smirks, pushing back his chair as he comes to his decision. "Take," he begins as he stands. "… the rest of the day off. Or…" Or? It takes him a moment to say it and when he does it's a hurried jumble. "Lose the tunic." Or both. The Weyrleader leaves the decision into D'ani's hands as he begins to move away. "I've something I need to attend to" Suuure he does. "Kimmila?" Where'd she go? Th'ero will wait to catch her eye and then give her the 'you coming or staying' look before nodding farewell to Dtirae and D'ani. "Enjoy the rest of your day." Th'ero muses with a crooked smirk and then he's gone, slipping out those doors. At least he's not running?

D'ani settles back in his chair - a little heavier than he did the first time. Maybe he shouldn't have had a third whiskey? But he's got it and so sips through the awkward, smirking at the 'take the day off'. Now he's slightly buzzed (not drunk, just relaxed) which is probably not the best way to offer the Weyrwoman a piggaback ride, but he's got to keep her from boredom, right? So he says, "C'mon, hop on and let's go…somewhere." They'll be wanting the bar back and the fresh air and change of scenery will do her good. He grins rakishly at her, "You can tell me where to go." They can go be… silly where people won't flutter and gasp over her leg. Just… no high ledges where they might go splat.