Fort Weyr - Trader and Crafter's Square
The massive rock face that makes up the outer walls of Fort Weyr looms, ever present even here where a large space has been cleared among the trees. A well tended and worn path threads its way from the Entrance Square, broad and wide enough for even the largest and most cumbersome of Trader's wagons. It continues on some distance, running parallel to the outer walls of the Weyr until veering subtly towards the forests again where it will expand again into a circular clearing. The ground is hard packed and scarcely any grass grows, save for along the edges a few patches here and there where folk are known to sit and relax rather than tread. In the center of this clearing is a stone well, ringed by a swath of wild grasses but accessible to all.
Branching in multiple directions are more paths, another large and broad one leading to a secondary clearing that is clearly designed for the Traders benefit, offering several choice locations, most of them sheltered by trees, for their wagons to be set up and ample room for their beasts to be properly penned. Firepits, large and small, are arranged and set at safe distances.
Another path, still wide but meant more for small wagon or foot travel, leads to a third clearing which holds several wooden stalls, all simple of build but well cared for. They are set up in a horseshoe loop, allowing most visitors to glimpse each of the Craft-related signs that mark each one. During the warmer months, this half is meant to be a Crafter's market and the stalls are often manned by posted Journeymen and any Apprentices under their wings.
Other paths lead away from all these clearings and both the Trader square and Crafter square. Some wind their way towards Fort's Forests, while others disappear up towards the Mountain Pass or loop back around to return either to the Entrance Square or towards the tunnels leading back into the Weyr itself.

Summer is slowly giving way to Autumn and though the sun is shining there is a coolness to the air. It is just past the lunch hour and the trader square is bustling with activity. Word passed through the Weyr swiftly that a Trader caravan had come in, one of the much larger (and well respected) families as they begin the last leg of their north-westward route. Many of the wagons are now open and displaying their wares and goods, some attracting more attention that the others. A calming breeze whispers through the trees, many of which whose leaves are just beginning to turn to their autumn shades.

Despite the cooler temperatures, Th'ero is only wearing a thick long sleeved tunic dyed a greyish blue in hue and his usual black pants tucked into knee high riding boots. The Weyrleader is deep in conversation with his weyrmate, murmuring in a low enough voice not to be overheard easily through the other conversations drifting about. He seems distracted though and for good reason: a small toddler, roughly two Turns in age is boldly walking ahead a few paces, eyes wide and curiously glancing about. So many Pretty Things! Something (shiny!) catches the child's eye and off he goes! "Kyzen!" Th'ero can be heard calling sharply but the toddler just keeps on going in his awkward gait with a delighted laugh. La la la, not listening!

Kimmila strides alongside her weyrmate, her long sleeved tunic a v-neck design, dark blue with some white detailing around the neckline and hems. A belt at her waist holds her usual adornments, and the filtered sunlight gleams off the malachite beads and feline talon necklace she always wears. "Kyzen!" she says, echoing Th'ero's words when the toddler bolts, and her stride lengthens quickly. "I knew we should've leashed him…"

Angelique heard about the caravan making it's way here and it was 'suggested' that perhaps she make herself available within the trader square for when they arrive. So swiftly she slides newly sharpened knives to the pair of sheaths at her side, slips on boots and she heads across the weyr to do so with her normal accompaniment of Skyler, the blue fire lizard who swoops and dives in circles above her head. A familiar pair is spotted a ways ahead of her so she lengthens her strides to catch up behind them. "Hey you two." she greets once she's in greeting range, right on the heels of Kyzen's attempt to run off after the shiny object that has his attention grabbed. Ah the life with no children! Blissfully quiet at times, yes? "Perhaps try to lure him back with promise of sweets." suggests she with no children.

"Maybe they have some strips of leather for trade and we can fashion him a harness!" Th'ero growls as he pursues the wayward toddler right behind Kimmila, matching her lengthening stride. Kyzen continues his bolt, fuelled by curiosity and whatever else lures toddlers to escape and make a break for it. He'd have kept going if Angelique hadn't crossed paths and his young little ears picked up the single word of 'sweets'. Sweets > Shiny. So he comes to a wobbling stop and peers up at the young woman. "Sweets!" He mimics with a hopeful grin and a laugh, complete with outstretched and grabby hands. Perfect moment of distraction, Th'ero will catch up first as he lunges forwards to snag the toddler with a swoop of his arm. Kyzen squeals in protest, already beginning to squirm and writhe where the Weyrleader tries to hold (and pin) him to his hip. "Not going to put you down!" he mutters, so Kyzen begins to try and gain sympathy from his mother by turning to her and whining with outstretched arms.

Kimmila laughs at Th'ero's remark, and her eyes are scanning the booths they pass. She's taking the idea seriously! "Oh, hi, Angelique. No, no sweets before dinner," she murmurs to the kid, relaxing when Th'ero scoops up his curly haired son. Her steps slow and come to a stop once the wayward youngester is captured, and she crosses her arms over her chest. "I won't put you down either," she says to Kyzen, not (yet) falling for his pleading for mommy time. "Come to shop, Angelique?"

Angelique smirks faintly as her presence is distraction enough to let Kyzen be scooped up. No sweets coming from Angelique though the blue circling finally lands on her shoulder and chirps his own greeting to the small human. "Talica sent me down. Wanted to make sure everything was going smoothly for the arriving caravan actually." Angelique replies towards Kimmila. "You two..three out to do some shopping?"

Th'ero was taking the idea seriously too! Kyzen lets out a frustrated shriek when Kimmila does not yield to him and neither does the Weyrleader, though the bronzerider flinches a bit. "Kyzen! Honestly, that's enough!" he says in a gruff and commanding tone, which only has the toddler wriggling all the more until Th'ero is forced to switch him to the other side. "Sorry." he mumbles hastily to Angelique while he settles the toddler against his hip, muttering a few more terse words to the curly haired child that finally sink in. Kyzen quiets down, but glares at them all sullenly until Skyler chirps and ALL is forgotten in a flash. "Blue 'lizard!" Kyzen states with a smug look and a pointed finger, even if it sounds more like 'bloo' and missing a key word. Pronunciation isn't quite perfected yet! "And is everything well with the Traders? They seem to have attracted a fair bit of business in just the first few hours!" Th'ero drawls, shifting to stand closer to Kimmila's side. "Haven't browse yet, yourself?" he muses, before glancing towards the bluerider with a crooked smirk. "We're trying to. With trying being the key word."

Kimmila frowns at their son, grimacing at his shriek. "Kyzen," she mutters, though she lets Th'ero handle it. Yeah, let dad be the disciplinarian. Ignoring the toddler's glare, the bluerider looks around, hands shoved into her pocket. "Atta boy, blue firelizard," she murmurs, automatically praising and repeating (correctly) the words he used. Then she laughs. "Yeah, trying. It's hard though, with a kid." No kidding.

"Everything seems fine so far!" Angelique reports with only a trace of amusement touching her features as she watches the antics of the two turn. There's little surprise also as his attention is fully grabbed by the bloo fire lizard. Perhaps expected? Skyler preens under the attention, never one to turn down such praise despite all that Kyzen has said so far was that he was blue. "His name's Skyler." Ang holds out her long sleeved arm to let Skyler gingerly move down to perch on the wrist so he can crane his head as close as he can. "He likes scritches." explains Angelique. "A challenge worthy of you two I expect." she says impishly.

Kyzen's brow scrunches together as Kimmila praise-corrects him, eyes turning from her to Angelique when the young woman supplies a name. The gears get turning and the toddle burbles in hesitant repitition, "Blue fire…lizard Skyler?" and promptly giggles in delight when praised by Th'ero. Which, of course, has Kyzen repeating the whole thing again sing-song like. Great! He's stuck on repetition now! The toddler isn't so certain though when the firelizard begins to approach, going abruptly silent and leaning in a little closer against his father's body. "Good. I'll have to check in with Breshir to be sure that there are enough Guards to patrol these parts. While I hope things will remain civil…" One never knows. Not ever in Fort Weyr! Th'ero smiles to Angelique and then turns again to glance at Kimmila and that smile broadens into a bit of a crooked smirk. "We were just thinking about fashioning a harness for the brat." he drawls, keeping his tone 'affectionate' enough that it (hopefully) does not come off as offensive as it may seem. He snorts then, giving the bluerider a sharper look before turning back to Angelique. "Quite the challenge, yes…"

Kimmila eyes Angelique and then laughs. "What, being parents? I think leading the weyr is /much/ easier. At least the weyr doesn't run away from you." Or pee on you. Watching their son interact with the firelizard has Kimmila relaxing a bit, even enough to prompt, "what blue dragon do you know?" Watching their son's sudden hesitation with the firelizard, she reaches out to offer Skyler a scritch of her own, in the hopes it'll show Kyzen that it's okay. "I think a harness is a great idea. He can walk, and we can look around without worrying."

"Hah..I've not really been around littles too much to be honest." Angelique admits, in case they couldn't tell! Oh she's comfortable enough around him but that cause his parents are there. If they were gone it would be different story. Most likely ending up being peed on. No doubt. She merely bobs her head in agreement to Th'ero's words about ensuring enough guards. One can never be too careful and her gaze sweeps absently across the square as the three of them chat. "Harness?" she wrinkles her nose a bit at that. "I suppose it could be helpful…." Skyler chirps sweetly to the boy. He wants attention darn it!

Th'ero laughs softly at Kimmila's remark, giving her a sidelong look that is amused. "Easier, Wingmate? Really? After all the problems that have cropped up this Turn alone concerning the Weyr?" he drawls, teasing and yet serious. The Weyrleader could tell that Angelique is not one to really fawn over young children and that suits him just fine. He's not the type either, even if he's holding his own son at the moment. "Or we could tie him to a tree…" Th'ero mutters under his breath as another perk to finding a harness for the toddler and then promptly smirks. He's joking, he's joking! … Sort of. "It's helpful!" he says in a sobering tone, shifting his weight and Kyzen's against his hip. "Kimmila's got the right of it. Not like he'd be harmed by wearing one. And if it keeps him from wandering off well…" What harm could there be? Kyzen does watch Kimmila's lead in 'how to greet a firelizard' and seeing that SHE does it instantly means that HE wants to do it. Out goes his chubby hand and his efforts are clumsy, but he gives it a go all the same. Hopefully Skyler enjoys being pawed and thumped more than actually scritched! "Var! Var-mir-oth!" the boy chimes happily in response to Kimmila's prompt.

Kimmila nods. "Yes," she answers Th'ero without hesitation. "Easier." Then she laughs. "We could tie him to a tree! Give him some mud to play in, he'd be the happiest little boy in the weyr. Drawing her hand back when Kyzen attempts to pat the firelizard, she briefly runs her fingers through his dark curls - identical to Th'ero's. "Varmiroth, that's right," she praises him quietly, looking around again. "I'm sure they've got leather goods here. Maybe even harnesses for canines that we could modify. Not the collar ones, but the ones that go across their chests and their bellies, around the shoulders."

"Huh…tree." Angelique muses over that a moment before merely shaking her head a bit, clearly not thinking that the pair would actually do it. She smirks faintly as the harness idea is still considered to the point of searching out leather goods to be bought. "Looks like the weather's to stay clear for a bit." a brow arches upwards as she peers to the sky. Skyler doesn't seem to mind the pawing and thumps, seems he's a bit more tolerance for kids! Instead he nuzzles the lad's hand with his muzzle.

Oh, what Angelique doesn't know about Th'ero and Kimmila! Because the Weyrleader IS considering it an option, though right now he seems to only be joking, chuckling again with Kimmila's comment. "Until he got bored of the mud!" he muses, watching as Kyzen murmurs nonsense — delighted nonsense — when the bluerider runs her hand through his hair before ducking away and trying to reach for Skyler again, squealing loud enough to alert half the square to his JOY when the blue nuzzles him. "You think so, Kimmila? Could be worth a shot. I'd rather not lug him around… He's getting to be too big to carry all the time." Th'ero murmurs and shifts his weight again. Is that a hint? As for Angelique's prediction, he looks up at the skies as well and smiles. "Seems so! Weather this time of Turn is always so unpredictable." Which is exactly what it is up too, now that both the Assistant Headwoman and Weyrleader have jinxed it. In the distance, clouds are gathering and at an alarming rate, building into one of those storms. The ones that when seen, you just KNOW it's going to be a bad one and should probably stay inside to wait it out. From where they are now and with so much of the forest around them on one side and the looming Weyr wall on the other, it's impossible to see it. "Angelique, you didn't happen to see any leather for trade or sale at any of the wagons by chance, did you?" Th'ero goes on to prompt the young woman.

Kimmila jumps at the boy's squeal, before sighing and offering to take him. "Here, I think it's my turn now," she murmurs, though it sounds more like a chore than a joy to the woman. This is why they foster. "Let's go find some," she says with a nod, moving forward with purpose towards the stalls.

Angelique can totally see herself fostering should she have children. Which isn't in the foreseeable future actually. For now she's married to the job. "I've not…" she'll fall into step with them if they start to search the stalls. "Perhaps that way…" she gestures vaguely towards the southern ends of stalls. As far as the weather go indeed she doesn't see the looming clouds gathering in the distance. "I would suggest perhaps padded leather. For comfort."

Th'ero is all too happy (maybe too happy) to hand Kyzen over to Kimmila. The toddler goes over with little protest, instantly clinging to his mother's tunic for support, though he's still trying to watch Skyler or at least follow where the blue firelizard goes. Shaking out his arm a bit, the Weylreader will follow along as they turn towards the stalls again and he snorts, giving Angelique a funny look. "Of course it would be padded! Probably like we do for our riding straps." he murmurs. The wagons are displaying a lot of finery, this family being able to boast quite the spread. They've a little of everything, as the circuit they travel is long and extensive. Takes them longer to reach some places and it's liable they only come once a Turn to each, but it's worth it. Clothing, fabrics, silks, jewelry, metal, utensils, tools, pottery… it just goes on and on. Trinkets and baubles, useful and practical things and at last, near the south end: leather work. Saddles, bridles, cured leather… It seems to be promising?

Kimmila shifts Kyzen in her arms as she carries (lugs) the child along. "Padded, with a hook for the leash to attach. Maybe he can decorate it so he doesn't throw a fit when we have him wear it. Just like when a dragon doesn't want to wear their straps." She shifts him again with a grunt. "You're heavier than a sack of firestone, kid."

Angelique matches Th'ero's funny look with a shrug. What? "Didn't realize that the riding straps were padded." and here she thought she came up with something innovative! After all Skyler does't need to wear straps. It is doubtful he'd like them if he did though. He's pretty picky. As they walk she admires the various stalls they pass, no doubt making mental notes of ones she wants to return to later and even one or two she pauses at briefly. Those pauses usually end up with her buying some of the scrumptious food. At one she buys three skewers of roasted wherry and tubers, passing one to Kimmila and Th'ero. Another stop results in one warm bubbly pie for the kidlet which she simply ensures it's partially wrapped in a napkin so he doesn't burn himself and it gets offered straight to him. Hey she might not like them all that much but that doesn't mean she can't spoil them.

Kyzen only burbles nonsense again, spattered with the occasional word or half-formed sentence as something catches his eye. A Trader's gathering is like sensory overload to a two Turn old. SO much to see and repeat! Poor Kimmila is going to get her ear chattered off, never mind about him weighing so much. "Now there's an idea! Forgot he may protest…" Th'ero muses to the bluerider, walking close to her side with Angelique on the other. The Weyrleader is dressed in a thick long sleeved tunic, dyed a greyish blue and his usual black pants tucked into knee high riding boots. Summer is giving way to autumn and the wind, now picking up to a steady breeze, carries a cool and brisk feel to it. Not that it dampens the mood around the trader's square. A larger Trader family, well respected, has rolled in earlier this very morning and though it's just shy of the lunch hour, it is bustling with activity. The quartet are about to inspect a wagon displaying leather and leatherworks… and not for the usual means. "They have to be padded!" Th'ero tells Angelique with a crooked smile, "Else the leather chafes their hides." Blinking a little in surprise, he accepts the skewer though he looks a bit hesitant, glancing to Kimmila as he does. What IS with this man and food? "Thanks." he murmurs, remembering his manners at least! As for Kyzen's reaction to the bubbly pie? Pure toddler joy! Hands grab for it likely before either of his parents can protest.

Kimmila shifts Kyzen yet again, blinking in surprise as well when she's given the skewer. "Oh. Wow, thanks." She didn't expect that, clearly, as she blows on it and then takes a bite. Kyzen watches his mother eat (before HIM - THE HORROR!) and is about to pitch a fit when SWEETS. Oh, Kimm's tunic is soon going to be a sticky mess. Thanks, Angelique. The boy grabs for the bubbly and no matter how well it's wrapped it doesn't stay wrapped for long. Bye bye wrapping! Hello sticky, smearing, HAPPY toddler. "Nummy!" Hands wave, get caught in Kimmila's hair…oy.

M'ta cuts an odd figure in any crowd. Tall and narrow with long, swishy red-orange hair and delicate features, gender would be hard to determine if not for the Eastern bronzerider's knot affixed to the shoulder of his unusually long flight coat of black wherhide. His tunic of emerald green matches his eyes as they slide over the wares of one stall and when he runs his fingers through that mane of hair, a band of red and black braided leather stands out momentarily on his wrist before the cuff of the jacket falls back into place and he reaches to pay for a bubbly for himself before turning nearly into the small huddle of people, "Oh, excuse me Weyrleader. Ladies." He bobs a quick nod and starts to step aside to go around them.

the Trader's square is a bustling wall of activity and sound, a happy child. She smiles, and actually starts to approach, and then stops. "Adorable…" she says to Kimmila, softly. She tries to stiffle laughter as the child's hands get caught in his mother's hair. Kivatiel inhales slowly. "Kivastiel, Journeyman Healer.." she begins… though her eyes are immediately drawn towards the androgynous bronze rider, like a love struck puppy. For a second, her eyes snap back to the happy child.

Moyrel, the gracefully aging Masterharper of Pern, hangs around the food stalls for a while, looking over the wares, and finally decides on a sausage on a stick. After paying, she turns toward and approaches he gathered knot of people, the stout cane in her right hand thudding softly against the ground with each step of her right foot. "Greetings and salutations," she greets, her voice kept youthful by her decades of harperly experience. "How is everyone this fine, fine day?"

Angelique is being friendly when she bought them all skewers. After all when you're shopping for potential harnesses for your kid then you need food to do so. Nibbling on the piping hot food she grins a bit at Th'ero's hesitancy and Kimmi's happy expression at feeding the kid sweets. That'll end up in someone's hair for sure! As they are approached she turns curious eyes towards M'ta. "G'day rider." she says politely, turning a brief look also to Kivastiel as she approaches. As more people arrive she settles for a "Fort's duties." as a general greeting. "I do hope it manages to stay dry." is remarked on the heels of the <Masterharper of Pern's remarks.

Th'ero recovers swiftly and helps himself to the skewer, just finishing the last of it before Kyzen's devouring of his treat leads to quite the mess. Poor Kimmila is right! Sighing, he comes to his weyrmate's aid, trying to clean off the worst of it from the toddler's hands (and free her hair in the process). "Great. Now he'll need a bath…" he mutters to her, but his smile remains more or less in place. "See anything in the wagon for leather? Anything pre-made we can modify?" Cue a distraction tactic to keep Kimmila's mood up! Kivastiel's sudden arrival and remark catch the Weyrleader off guard for a moment and he turns to give the Journeyman Healer a curious look. "Well met, Journeyman Kivastiel." One greeting down, he's then right on the heel of another when M'ta greets him. "Afternoon…" Pause. It takes but a brief heartbeat for Th'ero to notice that he does not recognize the bronzerider and secondly: the knot is Eastern, not Fort. "… And Fort Weyr's duties to Eastern and her queens." he tacts on in formal respect. "Welcome!" Then another and the Weyrleader is surprised again (but delighted). "Afternoon, Masterharper! We," His eyes drift to Kimmila and Kyzen, as well as Angelique. "Are doing well. And yourself? What brings you to Fort?" Just like that, Th'ero has gone from a casual form of himself to a more stoic and respectful mask.

Kivastiel smiles. "I don't know, we could use some rain." Kiva chimes in looking skywards, a brief moment. She notices the MasterHarper and takes a moment. "Moryel…" she said trying to remember the woman's name. She almost squints. "Ahh, hmm." She noted the Harper's knots and tried to work out in her head the name again. She took a few moments to compose herself.

Kimmila rocks slightly when they're almost run into, frowning at the tall man. "Easy," she says, while Kyzen waves sticky hands, leaning away from his mother to try and reach M'ta's hair. Kimm pulls him away of course, with a murmured 'no, don't grab' to the toddler. "Bronzerider," she replies with a nod. "Healer," she adds when Kivatiel is suddenly there. "Ah, thanks. He's not that adorable right now…" Sticky and high on sweets. Joy? "Masterharper!" she then says, and this is a happier greeting. "Welcome back to Fort! My mother will be thrilled, are you staying long?" And then Th'ero is helping her, yay, and the bluerider tries to push the kid off onto his father. "Here, I'll look."

Moyrel dips a curtsey in response to the various greetings, and then breaks into a wide smile at the sight of the kidlet. "Ah, but he is adorable. At least, he's adorable enough." Then: "I just thought I'd make a quick visit to Fort. I used to spend much time here before I was appointed as a nonriding weyrsinger at Ista, oh, dragon's years ago. I'll be staying for a sevenday or so, maybe a little longer." The smile brightens just a bit. "I've got some reminiscing to do."

M'ta executes an unusually flowery bow to the group, sweeping one arm back as he dips down, then straightening, a broad grin on his face, seeming not to notice the puppy-dog look (though with his hair maybe he's just used to it), "And Eastern's duties to Fort. I'm M'ta, bronze Rielth's. And a good day to you, MasterHarper. Journeyman." He's only passably good with names, but he at least remembers the major players, "And hello to you, little one." He manages to wiggle his fingers in greeting to the babe while swishing his hair just a little away from sticky grabbing hands. "Rielth, in his usual fashion, decided he had a whim to see a Fortian autumn and dragged me along. This is a nice square you've got here."

Angelique can certainly be thanked ( punished?) later for the state of Kimmi's tunic, hair and where ever else she finds stickiness later on when they are forced to bath the kid. Aint she a wonderful Assistant Headwomen? Oy, so many people! Angelique plasters on a pleasant smile for the newcomers to their little group. She clasps her hands loosely behind her back, listening politely to Moyrel. "If you need anything while here please don't' hesitate to seek me out the Headwomen Talica out."

Kyzen is once more Th'ero's burd— charge and the Weyrleader accepts him with little protest though he tries to keep HIS curly black hair out of reach of any grabby sticky hands. The two Turn old is just delighted at all the attention, making a few half-squeals of giddy laughter and waving back or mimicking random words, usually names or simple things: "Rielth! Brooonze." Eastern! Fort! Masterharper! Not that Kyzen manages to prounced half those words properly, they're likely mangled horribly. "You're welcomed, as always, Masterharper to stay as long as you wish. Hopefully the weather will remain favorable too!" He REALLY should stop saying such things and jinxing it. Unknown to all, there is a storm brewing off in the distance but far enough that the riders on watch do not sound the warnings. "Well met, M'ta. I'm Th'ero, bronze Velokraeth's." He omits his rank, as it is obvious enough by the elaborate knot pinned to his shoulder. Chuckling, he looks around the square before turning his attention back to the visiting bronzerider. "Autumn here can be rather stunning, though it's early yet for the best colors. And thank you! We recently expanded upon it. You should see the cottage out in the mountains as well, sometime. Another… project we undertook."

Kimmila smiles warmly at Moyrel, nodding. "Mother - Elara - often speaks highly of you, so I'm sure she'll be thrilled and hitting you up for tea, no doubt, while you're here. And thank you, this is our son, Kyzenviro." The Sticky. Shifting the boy into his father's arms, she exhales in some relief. "Well met, M'ta," she says with a little nod. "Kimmila, blue Varmiroth's." Since she doesn't wear her knot. "Fort in the fall is lovely, but you should come back when the leaves really start to change," she says, echoing Th'ero's words. "And thank you, it's served us well for the traders that come through." Flashing Angelique a grin, the bluerider's expression promises…nothing. But you never know, with Kimm. "Oh yes, the cabin is beautiful. Much better than it used to be." Moving to the leatherworker's stall, she murmurs their request and endures the man's surprised laughter before he realizes she's serious and - casting a glance to Kyzen - turns around to see what he can find in his little stall.

Angelique looks amused at all the mangled words that Kyzen blurts out. Oh, right! Introductions. "Angelique, assistant to the headwoman here." lucky her? It's at times like herding cats. But then that could fit Th'ero's job description as well. She casts another glance towards the stall as Kimmi moves over to chat with the man tending it. "Don't' forget padding. And maybe some boy bling too." she offers assistance.

Moyrel nibbles a few bites from her spicy sausage, and bows her head at the welcomes, leaning lightly on her cane. "Yes, I am Moyrel," she says, taking her own turn at introductions, she omitting her rank also, letting the double-tasseled insignia knot do such speaking for itself. "And I thank you," she says to the Fortians. "The Crafthall is not far off, but still it's been a while since I last came thisaway, though I remember in my younger days I would come here often, usually on the pretext of needing to chronical the latest draconic hatching to make the visit."

M'ta inclines his head to the Weyrleader and the ladies, "Well met Th'ero, Kimmila, Angelique." He moves along with the group with the ease of much practice with such conversations, "Looking for something to help keep him from wandering?" The swishy bronzerider's eyes are drawn to a skein of leather in brilliant orange. Likely his dragon is commenting on it as well because his eyes unfocus just a little before he nods, "We'd love to, autumn is his favorite part of the turn. Sadly, riding search and rescue, it's rare we get a few days strung together to travel and the spring storms will be coming soon to Eastern. Hopefully we'll find a day to come up again before the leaves drop."

Kivastiel listens to the others speak and simply takes it all in. "Its been a while since I've been in a place where people are soo.. friendly. I mean.. together.. I mean.." she shook her head. "Its good see thewat the Weyr thrievs." she gestures to the little child. Though sh glances back to the Master Harper. "I miss being a harper."

Th'ero glances sharply at M'ta and for a moment his expression is unreadable until he feels he can come to trust the Eastern bronzerider enough to allow for a crooked smile and soft snort of amusement. "Was it that obvious?" he drawls and shifting Kyzen against his side, the Weyrleader can only go on to admit it: "We are or at least going to attempt something like it. We'll see if it works. Could be a very bad idea, in the end!" Briefly he glances to where Kimmila is discussing the design to the leatherworker, frowning a bit for the laughter but not lingering on it for long. "Hopefully the storms won't be too severe this season for Eastern, then. I know how it is. I was a former search and rescue rider for Western before Velokraeth decided to go and make sure I remained here as Weyrleader." Now he really has no time for much of anything! Save for days like this, where he can manage to mix pleasure and duty almost seamlessly. "Boy… bling?" Th'ero drawls to Angelique with a quirked brow and does not sound too agreeable to that… but the conversation is shifting again and he turns to Moyrel, while Kyzen continues to burble happily. "No clutch — yet — to chronicle for now." he muses and would have gone to add more if not swept up by more conversation. So much at once! Kivastiel is given a curious look next, as Kyzen goes on to mimic her gesture with a wave of his hand. Heeeee-y! "Fort is doing well, I must say." Th'ero admits with a modest smile, but obvious pride before frowning, glancing from the Healer to the Masterharper and then the others all in turn. "You were once a Harper too?"

Kimmila glances over at Angelique, and then laughs. "Boy bling? What is that?" Looking back at the others, Kimmila smiles with a nod. "Ah, yes. How could you tell?" she asks M'ta with a crooked smirk. "We don't get out with him much. Clearly he needs a harness. How are things in Eastern? I haven't been back there in turns." Looks like everyone should travel more! Glancing at Kivastiel, the bluerider chuckles. "Really? Are folks usually mean where you go? Harper turned Healer, then, are you?" she asks on the heels of Th'ero's question. With a grin, she turns back to inspect the canine harness the man is holding out to her.

Kivastiel laughs. "For a few months. I was. " she explains. "My family sent me to the Harper for the felt, that I'd do beter as a woman, for it. I have a Harper's voice… but… no I choose to go into Healer. I sing well, but my passion, my heart lies there. And well it depends, the last few cothold I visited were full of old aunties saying that my Midwifery skills were… useful but I should leave. I was a child. I have no children of my own and shouldn't be helping to deliver other peoples…" she roll her eyes. "Essentially I have no place being a midwife, if I've had achild of my own."

"Um…ya know. Dark stuff and um, pictures of dragons and stuff. They like that." Angelique replies with a shrug, turning attention to the leather stuff. "Maybe I can find a belt." with Th'ero doing a good job at playing host and stuff she doesn't feel too inclined to partake in that. Her attention is caught by another stall close by with some dangling jewelry so that's where she takes herself since Kimmi doesn't need much help in obtaining child harnesses. "You have anything for a fire lizard cooler perhaps?" she is heard asking the attendant.

Moyrel nods to Kivastiel, "Well, there /is/ a chance to find your way back into the fold, I think. You wouldn't be the first cross-crafting Harper I've known." To Th'ero: "I think you might have known my daughter Kyldar, then? She's a search and rescue rider at Western herself." She smiles proudly. "And she does do a fine job of it, if I may say so myself, but on the other hand I may be a /wee/ bit biased."

M'ta smirks, emerald eyes glancing at the lad, "He's got a lot of energy and you wouldn't be the first parents to consider that option." His head dips in a nod, one hand still idly fingering that orange leather, "Thankfully, Rielth has not yet managed to thus bless me. I like my freedom a bit too much to make a good Weyrleader." He glances at the trader, but holds off asking a price until Kimmila is done with her own negotiations, "I'll admit the thought of boy bling disturbs me a touch, though maybe the patterning on each shoulder of a dragon, one blue," he nods towards Kimmila, "and one bronze," he nods towards Th'ero, "Might look nice and make it more enjoyable for him to wear."
Kivastiel blinks. "I'd never considered it, but then again my family in a sense-at least my grandparents and much of the famly besides my mother." she rolls her eyes a bit "And I did find where my heart lay, in Healing, though I suppose I could indulge Haper tendancies." She looks at the mention of child harness and tilts an eyebrow."Interesting." She looks back at the little boy, and his parents, and bite her lip, "You're lucky to have both your parents,kid." she told the child in serious tone.

As if on cue, Kyzen begins to wriggle and squirm in Th'ero's arms but the Weyrleader only holds firm, much to the toddlers increasing frustration. He wants down! Kimmila better hurry with that harness! "Yes, he does have energy. Plenty of it!" he agrees to M'ta with a grimace. "Usually he is with his foster family, but we decided to bring him to the caravans for the first time…" A bit of a mistake? Th'ero is thinking so! Glancing to Angelique again, he is a bit distracted as he tries to keep Kyzen calm. "Truly?" he asks, only to blink as the Eastern bronzerider adds in his own design idea. One that Th'ero considers for a moment. "You know… that may not actually be too bad a thought! It would suit him…" Obviously. Like a symbolic identity tag! He chuckles, "Careful what you say! You never know when the next flight you're in ends up being the senior Gold's…" Turning his head again towards Moyrel, Th'ero frowns thoughtfully for a moment and then brightens. "Yes, I do recall Kyldar! I hadn't known you two were related. And nothing wrong with a bit of bias towards family!" he muses.

Kimmila is briefly distracted as she speaks to the man, requesting some padding added, and a strap to go with it. "And, uh…maybe some buttons or something…boyish," she adds, glancing over at Angelique with a little nod. "Yeah." Turning, she leans against the stall and tries to clean off her sticky hands with a rag. "Kyldar…sounds familiar. I impressed at Western," she adds. "Was there back when A'ven was Weyrleader." Looking to M'ta, the bluerider laughs. "Energy. That's an understatement." Considering his suggestions, she smiles a bit. "That's a nice idea, he does love those dragons. Maybe for his next set, since I just want something for him to use now. And his foster parents don't seem to have a problem with keeping him from running into crowds…" Just his inexperienced birth parents need to harness him.

Angelique is getting glanced at but she is SO not helping with a wiggling toddler. No way. See? She's over /here/ at the next stall over. Close enough to hear the various conversations but not to close to offer toddler-aid. Or with any decisions about the toddler harness. She's not even sure she likes the idea but hey..she's only got a small fire lizard to maintain some semblance of control on. She's in the midst of bartering for a necklace though but she pauses to look over to Kiva. "You used to be a harper?" she asks with interest. "I loved the Harper we had posted at Boll. A little old lady who I am certain shrank with age but she remembered /everything/." she gives a firm nod at that. Everything. She turns back to the haggling a moment longer.

Moyrel nods to Kivastiel. "Most certainly," she encourages. "I owe a lot to the Healer profession, really I do, one healer in particular. I'm talking about old T'burk back at Western, who looked after me when I suffered my rodeo accident, way back when. His bedside manner is nigh unmatched. He's still practicing too, though he's well into his nineties." She allows herself a grin at that. "And you probably thought I was ancient, eh?" She pauses to take a bite from the sausage. "Yup," she says after swallowing, addressing Th'ero. "I couldn't attend that hatching myself, but from my sources her Sinasapelth was the last dragon to hatch, and the last to choose a partner. At any rate I have the access to the record at the Weyr and at the Hall." To Kimmila: "A'ven, I remember him. How long ago were you there? Was this while Ae'gus was Weyrlingmaster?" Then: "I've always been in awe of the dragons. I always hoped to be searched for candidacy myself when I was young. It never happened. Life had a different plan for me, but I must say I'm satisfied with my lot. Rank does have its privileges." Finally her attention is drawn again toward the kidlet and she gives a finger-wiggling wave. "Hey cool kiddie," she says.

M'ta nods, his chuckle both easy and understanding, "First times are always the most interesting. So much to see and do, yeah? It will be easier in the future." His gaze turns briefly back to the leather. Someone's probably making a purchase once they're done mocking up the harness, "I've never had the honor of meeting A'ven, sadly, but his reputation speaks well of him." That emerald gaze sweeps back to the family and the other's gathered, "He'd probably like having something of his parents that's his." There's a moment's far-away pause, then he blinks, glancing quickly at Angelique, "My family's farmhold didn't have a dedicated harper, but it was always a celebrated day when harper came down from Telgar on his rounds."

"Is that so? Amazing that the records are so detailed. I figured they just tallied the colors and names." Th'ero admits, not at all ashamed to admit his naiveness when it comes to the archives at the Hall. He frowns a little then, only to smirk. "Wonder what they say about mine, if that's the case." he drawls with a light chuckle. Glancing between Moyrel and Kimmila, Th'ero blinks for a moment and adds: "Velokraeth must have been the last sired by A'ven's bronze then. I was Searched and Impressed while he was Weyrleader…" And then off to Fort he went and stayed! "Masterharper of Pern is just as worthy a rank, I would think!" Th'ero admits and then grunts as Kyzen manages to grip his hands into his hair and tug painfully. "Ow. Kyzen, please!" Your father is trying to be social! Sighing, he relents and puts the toddler down, but keeps a hold of him by one (sticky) hand. Casting a quick glance to M'ta, the Weyrleader nods his head in agreement but otherwise distracted trying to keep Kyzen from trouble.

Kimmila glances at Moyrel and chuckles. "I impressed about eighteen turns ago. And no, Ae'gus was my clutchmate, not my Weyrlingmaster. And I know T'burk as well." Looking at M'ta, her expression softens a bit. "A'ven was a wonderful Weyrleader. He's a good man. Still in Western too, I think. Last I heard, anyway." Looking back at the trader, she accepts the harness he offers and carries it over to try and fit it on the squirming toddler. How many dragonriders does it take… "He's already got Th'ero's hair, what more does he want?" she asks jokingly at M'ta's comment.

Angelique finagles a bit more and ends up with a pretty amber colored necklace with a matching bracelet. Pleased with her purchases she rejoins the group, coming up to stand alongside Th'ero just as he's saying something about the Masterharper rank. "Oh indeed…Masterhaper is excellent way to travel I would imagine." her eyes sparkle brightly. She can offer nothing about Impressions since all she's impressed is a lazy blue firelizaard. So she simply listens to that chatter, her pale blue eyes shifting from one talker to the next.

Moyrel nods as she listens to M'ta. "A'ven is still on the rolls there as a wingrider if I'm not mistaken. Western is currently under Enka and Zi'on. Shards, I remember Enka when she was Weyrwoman of Ista all those turns ago." To Th'ero: "Like I said, I'm happy. To be Masterharper of Pern, yeah, I do love my job. Besides, my daughter and half my in-laws are riders at Western. And I am the first in several generations of my family to join any craft. I come from a trader background." Then: "Anyway Sinasapelth's parents are Gold Sevaruth and Bronze whatshisname, erm, Odryth, for the record." To Kimmila: "I'm sure you can find the appropriate record in the archives."

M'ta manages a quick barter and exchanges marks for the entire bolt of the leather. Apparently he (or his dragon) has plans for something of brilliant orange. The corner of his mouth tugs up at the child's continued exuberance, "I can't imagine my life without Rielth. He changed my whole life." Somewhere in the distance, there's a smug sort of bugle. Yeah. He knows it, too. "It's hard to believe it's been nearly fifteen turns since I found him. The firelizards are a pale comparison." Likely evidenced now by their absence. Or perhaps they're sunning with their large cousin. The conversation of parentage elicits another absent nod, his fingers still toying with the supple leather, "Rielth's sire was a brown. Oddly enough he, too, has reposted from Telgar to Eastern." He just nods about the records, "Records are always… an interesting font of trivia." One of his brows arches up, "From Weyrleader to wingrider? Not even a second? Odd…"

Kyzen goes still as Kimmila places Something New on him, looking up at her with curious eyes and then down at the straps. Too intrigued to misbehave! Move quick! Th'ero snorts to the comment about the toddler having his hair, shaking his head and lifting a hand as if to self consciously ruffle a few of the messy black curls. "Still think it's a curse for the poor lad…" he murmurs, smirking again. Looking to Angelique, he can't help but chuckle. "One of the perks, I'm sure. But these days… travel is a might bit easier." Right? Glancing back to Moyrel, the Weyrleader smiles broadly. "It's good to have such strong family background." he agrees, only to cough as if clearing his throat. "Ahh, yes. Zi'on! His bronze Suldith Searched me. And later weyrmated my sister… for a time. She's in Xanadu now, last I know of." Last he knows of? Th'ero gives M'ta a curious look, both for the brilliant orange leather he carries and for the conversation the Eastern bronzerider stirs up. "Very unique hue." he comments with a smile. "Amazing how it changes one life, hmm? I've not been a rider as long, but I can't think of it any other way now. And what is so odd about the jump? I was just fresh from Weyrlinghood, barely a Turn in as a Wingrider before taking on Weyrleader?" Which… isn't quite the same.

"I think," Kimmila says to M'ta, "that A'ven wanted to decrease his responsibilities so he could spend more time with…his daughter." Only the slightest hesitation there, before she's looking for a subject change. "What is the orange leather for? It's a very vibrant shade." With the harness on Kyzen she snaps on the lead and hands the end of it to Th'ero. "Here, I got you a puppy." Grin.

Moyrel nods to M'ta. "I'll never know myself," she remarks, "but by all accounts and certainly by my personal observation the draconic bond is one of unconditional love. I've always tried to imagine it. Once in a great while my mate's blue Daoth sees fit to talk to me directly, which always takes me by surprise. To have the actual bond must be something special though." Then: "Well, as a bronzer he's probably de facto Wingleader or -second though his wing doesn't mark anyone as a de jure leader as far as I can tell." She leans a little forward for a closer glance at the brightly hued leather as Kimmila and Th'ero discuss it.

Angelique looks curious as well about the orange leather. "Yes, what is the leather for? Straps for the bronze?" she watches with some interest as the harness is put upon Kyzen. "A puppy." a snicker escapes at that. Hey, it's funny! The bracelet and necklace get put on, glimmering brightly when the sun strikes it.

"Ah. I can understand that desire. I could see being much the same." M'ta catches that discomfort, though, and drops the line of topic, siezing on the topic of the brilliant orange leather, "Rielth is most fond of the warm autumn colors. I think the only reason he let me keep this shirt," he tugs at the green tunic, "is because it was tailored for me. And the saddle of my straps has begun to get a bit worn, so," he waggles the leather, "It was time for new leather, he liked this color. Impression was… well, my life hadn't been the best before I was searched, it gave E'don and I both a new lease on life." He glances at the now-harnessed child and chuckles, "Hopefully, there are some things a puppy would do that he will not."

"It was your idea, why don't you test it first?" Th'ero drawls to Kimmila with a smirk, but he chuckles as he takes the lead from her hand all the same. Just teasing? Kyzen isn't quite sure what to make of the harness and so far seems fascinated and almost amused as he tugs at it. When it does nothing interesting, the toddler begins to look around and then take a few hesitant steps. Hey, not bad! "If he's fond of the colors, then you should return in the later autumn months, M'ta." Th'ero murmurs, giving the Eastern bronzerider a broader smile. "That cabin we mentioned is open to visitors and it is near the heart of the forests. You're always welcome to come by if duty allows it. Rielth can enjoy the best of it then and no worrying of having to rush out at the end of the day. In fact, that same offer extends to you too, Masterharper Moyrel." he says as he extends his smile to her as well. Kyzen spies the glimmer of Angelique's new jewelry and immediately begins to toddle over only to reach the end of the lead and almost get hauled back on his behind. Frowning, the poor toddler just looks so confused and lost that Th'ero… begins to snicker. Poor kid, the Weyrleader is not exactly father material!

Kimmila nods. "Impressing is unlike anything else on Pern," she agrees with a little shrug. "Ah! Well that will make a lovely saddle cover, no doubt." Watching Kyzen test his boundaries has the bluerider laughing outright. Ahh. Yes. Fostering FTW. "What did you get, Angelique? And I highly recommend the cabin. It's beautiful."

Angelique lifts her wrist to show the amber colored bracelet. "I couldn't resist!" she grins at poor Kyzen's attempts to lunge forward. "I think I'll keep on walking and see how everything is doing. I still need to ensure it's all running smoothing for Talica. It was nice to meet you." she nods pleasantly to the bronze rider as well as the MasterHarper. "Enjoy your stay."

Moyrel smiles broadly twoard Th'ero. "Well, now, I think I might take you up on that offer. A few days in the open air would do me a world of good, I think. I split my time about equally between the Hall and Ista Weyrwhere I still serve as a nonriding Weyrsinger in addition to overseeing the Craft itselfand one can appreciate the warmer climate of Ista, and I love the people, but Fort's seasonal splendor is winning out right about now I think." She watches the kidlet, now under a bit more restraint than previously, and her smile brightens just a wee bit. "Ah, children. You'll come to cherish all your memories of them as they grow up all to quickly."

M'ta grins, glancing in the general direction Rielth is hiding in, "Oh he wants to, it just depends how bad the storms are. I am appreciative of the offer and I hope to be able to take you up on it. I know Rielth would be glad to. It might be nice to take E'don on a quick vacation here if we can." He smirks at the child's exuberance, "I think you have a good investment there." He raises a hand in quick farewell to Angelique, "Fare well." He glances back at the lad and nods, "I regret not having any of my own."

Kyzen pouts as he figures out, roughly, what is restraining him but that doesn't stop the toddler from testing it some more and with increasingly frustrated and irritated sounds. Not fair, not fair! "Don't like!" he complains piteously, pausing to stare up at all the adults with a hurt look. Whhhhyyy? Th'ero holds the lead slack, letting his son figure out on his own and trying not to laugh AND feel sorry for the kid. Glancing up to Moyrel, he chuckles. "I was about to say… Ista is far warmer and certainly far more appealing than, say, winter here. I've not had a chance to visit or explore much of it, though I was in attendance for the last Hatching." he murmurs and then turns back to Angelique as the Assistant Headwoman moves off, offering her a wave with his free hand. "Clear skies!" Th'ero calls out in farewell and then to M'ta, "Good! And any guest of yours is welcome as well. As for this investment… We'll see!" A long, lingering look is given to the Eastern bronzerider then and Th'ero hesitates before asking. "Forgive my boldness, but you do not seem that old? Not that that is entirely the lone factor." But he's a bit puzzled by that reply and shifting awkwardly, he hastily turns to Moyrel's comment. "Mhm, so I've been told! We do our best to spend as much time with Kyzen, but…" Weyr first. Kyzen isn't finished quite yet with his antics and while the adults talk, he is busy back tracking to his parents, dragging the slack lead along with him and then promptly begins to weave it around anyone not paying close attention to his wanderings. Just then there is a shift in the weather, the breeze now picking up to a gusty wind and word now filtering from the sweep and watchriders on duty. "Storm coming." Th'ero drawls, already looking up to the skies. Sure enough, it does seem to be growing rather darker all of a sudden… "Fast one too, Velokraeth is informing me."

Kimmila laughs quietly at Moyrel, shaking her head. "I don't think back on him vomiting all over me too fondly. They don't grow up quick enough for my tastes." Looking to M'ta, the bluerider shrugs. "You can still have some? Men always can. Just find a young woman and go for it." She does not notice Kyzen weaving around her legs - or rather she /does/, even reaching out to touch his hair briefly - but she doesn't notice she's being snared by the very lead she purchased. Clever, clever, evil child.

Moyrel munches a bit more of her sausage. "I raised only one child, myself, but she has given me two grandbabies who are growing like weeds," sigh "alas." Then: "They're right, you don't strike me as being too old to start a family. K'urk and I were not much younger than you." She glances up at the unsettled sky and frowns. "I may want to seek shelter soonish, I think, but thanks for the conversation."

M'ta barks out a laugh at Kyzen's obvious trouble, "Wait until he learns to get out of it. I have thirty three turns, I have time yet. And it's entirely possible I have a couple running about, but you know how flights can be." He takes a careful step over the line as Kyzen tries to wind him up in it, then his head cocks, nostrils flaring at the wind, "Moisture on the wind. Possibly lightning as well." He blinks, then nods to Kimmila, "First I'd have to find someone willing and able." He inclines a short bow to Moyrel, "Be well, MasterHarper, you and your gentleman both."

Kyzen is clever! And devious, though not entirely on purpose. He's woven his little snare, though M'ta and Moyrel seem to have escaped it for now. Th'ero, meanwhile, is too busy trying not to sputter in shock for Kimmila's blunt remark, managing to mask it behind a cough. "Yes, well…" Cue the Weyrleader looking awkward, but as it's all taken in good stride he is soon relaxing again. "Mhm, yes. Flights do pose that…outcome. And you never know." That will be all he'll be adding to that conversation! Poor Th'ero, so easily flustered! Dipping his head politely to Moyrel, he smiles broadly. "Pleasure to speak with you, MasterHarper! Be well and safe travels. If there is anything you ever need while staying here, don't hesitate to send word!" Glancing up again to the skies, Th'ero frowns apprehensively. "Shelter may be wise then. You're right on the rain, M'ta and Velokraeth is telling me that it is a thunderstorm. Shame… the trading here was going so well!" And now everyone is hastily packing up and drifting out, though the wagons remain and likely will to wait out the storm.

Kimmila lifts a hand to wave to Moyrel with a warm smile. "Pleasure seeing you again, ma'am," she says, before chuckling at M'ta. "Yeah, you're not too old." Looking at Th'ero, she then casts her gaze skyward. "We should get going too…" And she tries to step away, and trips, and sprawls on the ground with a startled grunt.

Moyrel's eyebrow rises slowly as she watches the little bundle of energy wind and bind with the harness lead. "Um," she ums delicately, pointing at the kidlet. "You might want to watch for that," she warns. "Anyway, yes, I hope to talk with you again." She curtseys gracefully. "Fare you well for now." She takes her leave, finishing her sausage as she makes her way through among the bustling stallkeepers, tossing the empty skewer into the nearest available bin on the way out. Exit stage rear.

M'ta can't help it. He does /try/ to be polite, but he can't help a chuckle at Th'ero's obvious discomfort, "Not too old, no, just limited, I guess. I've never been good at the whole weyrmate thing and a lot of female riders would rather not unless they're weyrmated, it seems." He shrugs, "Either it will be or it won't, I content myself with the children of my friends for now." He glances at the storm again, ill-timed because he doesn't see Kimm's falling until it's too late and though his arm reaches out, he cannot catch her, "Shards!" He glances at the child, trap successfully sprung, then offers a hand to his mother, "He's already got it in for you. Where /is/ the nearest shelter?" That question is more broadly offered to Weyrleader and bluerider both.

All warnings come too late! Down goes Kimmila, which has Th'ero swearing out loud in his startled alarm and concern, his facade as a stoic and proper Weyrleader all but gone then. His feet are fouled however by Kyzen's weaving and while he doesn't go sprawling, he is left to stagger and fumble to regain his balance, leaving M'ta to help Kimmila up. As for the toddler? He stands by his mother's head, beaming down at her and amused. "Fall down." he says with a cheeky little grin. PAY BACK. That is… until Th'ero is unhooking the lead, hoisting Kyzen up to all but tuck the child under his arm which has the toddler giggling rather than protesting now. "You alright, Wingmate? Thanks, M'ta." he tells the other bronzerider and then snorts. "Who figured they'd be so much trouble so soon? I was always told to dread the young adult stage." he goes on to grumble and then sighs, squinting up at the now storm darkened skies. "The Weyr, as the entrance square and tunnel are only down that main road." Th'ero explains and jutting his chin out to indicate the proper direction while his hands are full. "There's the Gemstone Tavern along the way if you're looking for something temporary." Just then a few droplets of rain begin to fall and that sends a few of the lingering folks scurrying.

Kimmila has, yes, fallen down. How undignified. Grumbling, she grips M'ta's hand and pulls herself up, brushing herself off and frowning at Kyzen. "That wasn't nice," she says with a little swat at his behind. "You don't trip people." More embarrassed than hurt, she just nods at Th'ero and crosses her arms, frowning at the sky. "The Gemstone is very nice, yes. If it's moving as fast as Velo says, wouldn't be a long wait for it to pass."

M'ta nods slightly to Kimmila, "Are you alright?" Seeing that she is, he glances up at the sky again, then down the path, "Let it never be said I passed up a tavern. But do they allow children in?" He indicates the lad, knowing that many don't. Even then, though, he starts moving towards the exit, whether to tavern or Weyr, the storm is coming.

That swat puts and end to Kyzen's giggling, the toddler promptly going for the teary eyed and crying act. Thankfully not a full on fit, but the toddler has certainly had enough excitement (and troublemaking) for one day. Th'ero settles him comfortably against his hip again, his gaze settling on M'ta once more. "No, not in the Gemstone. But it's high time Kyzen go to his foster parents anyhow." He darts a look to Kimmila then, as if seeking confirmation from the bluerider. Yes? "She was right in saying the Gemstone is a good tavern. If you decide to stop there, we may do so as well. Kimmila?" Now he does turn to face his weyrmate, smiling as he begins to stride forwards. Time to move, no matter if plans are half formed! "They'll meet us at the tunnel entrance. Shall we pay a visit to the Gemstone?" Or will the storm dictate the end? A flash of lightening and a crack of thunder is their last warning and the winds pick up again.

Kimmila brushes herself off again, closing her ears to Kyzen's crying. Parenting is hard. "Sure you want one?" she asks M'ta, blandly. "I wouldn't mind a drink if you want to shelter in the Gemstone, wingmate," she says to Th'ero with a nod.

M'ta starts to move with them, "I wonder if there are any unique mixed drinks up here." Then there's a rumble on the wind, a dragon approaching fast, though the copper-toned bronze is at least kind enough to land far enough away to not spray earth everywhere as his leaf-patterned wings flare out in the final sweep of landing and he blinks a yellow eye at his rider. M'ta gives a soft sigh, "Or not, apparently we're needed home. It was good to meet you both, though, and good luck with your young one, they grow up faster than you think." He snaps a crisp salute, then tucks in the leather and bolts for his dragon, swinging up into the straps with practiced ease and not even bothering to buckle them before the bronze's great wings are lifting his autumn-toned body into the sky once more.

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