Fort Weyr - Center Bowl

The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

It's a clear summer's day in Fort, the sky a rich blue color with only a few clouds drifting past. A breeze keeps things relatively cool, though it's a bit warm in the bowl with the sunlight reflecting off the dark stone of the weyr walls and beating down on the earthen floor. In the bowl, Kimmila walks towards the living caverns, a large wooden box in her hands. Her step is swift, quick as the box looks heavy and she wants to get inside and put it down.

Xavier comes walking out of the Living caverns, a small toolbelt around his waist holding a hammer. Seeing Kimmila carrying a large box he quickly dashes over to give her a hand. "Excuse me miss! Let me help you carry that." A friendly smile on his face waiting for her approval before reaching for the box.

Kimmila peers around the box and blinks at Xavier in surprise. "Depends on who you are," she replies with a crooked smile. She doesn't relinquish her hold on the box just yet, looking him up and down and searching for a knot or some sort of sign that he won't just steal her box and run with it.

Xavier laughs slightly, before speaking once more. "Sorry about that. I'm a handyman here at the weyr. I just got the position and haven't received a knot yet." He shakes his head for a moment. "I'm Xavier, it's only my pleasure to help."

Kimmila shifts again, peering at him closely. "Where'd you come from?" she asks, jerking her head towards the Living Caverns. "Just get the door for me." Whatever is in the box, it seems she doesn't want to part with it. And she's not wearing a knot either, just a plain tunic and trousers, and a belt with a few pouches and a blue and silver handled dagger. "Kimmila," she adds, supplying her name with a smile.

Xavier walks over to the door and opens it. "Well I'm from the weyr, my parents are riders here. I guess most don't remember me now that I've grown up. Though now that I think of it you might have ment more where I just came from. Which I was in the Living Caverns, a few things needed repairs so I patched them up. Good as new." A broad grin crossing onto his face in pride.

Kimmila slips inside and turns to study him again, before she shakes her head and carefully sets the crate on the table. "Who are your folks?" she asks, trying to place him and, again, failing. "Well, that's good. Always good to have things repaired." Peering at the box, she removes a small screwdriver from her pocket to start prying up the nails on the lid. "Would you get me a mug of klah? Cream and sweetner."

Xavier closes the door behind himself. "Well that's the thing, I've never met my parents I only know my mother was a green rider and my father was a brown rider. They left me with the nanny's. I guess that's why as a child I played pranks." He walked over and poured a mug of klah and mixed in the cream and sweetner. "I grew out of it I guess." Walking over to Kimmila offering her the mug. "Here you go."

Kimmila ohs, glancing at him with a little frown. "Huh. I'm sorry," she finally says. Then she laughs. "All kids play pranks. Don't think your parentage has anything to do with it. Thanks," she says, taking the mug and taking a sip. Satisfied, she sets it aside and goes back to prying up the lid of the crate.

Xavier shakes his head. "No need to be sorry, as for the pranks well perhaps I might have been a bit worse. Though I suppose your right." Looking at the crate with a sideways glance. "So Kimmila, was it? What's in the box? If you don't mind me asking that is."

Kimmila nods, "Kimmila, yes," she says absently, working her way around the lid with her screwdriver. "I'm not sure. I found it in the caves and it has my family name on it," she says, nodding to the word 'Norwyld' written on the lid in flaking paint. "So…I wanted to open it and see."

Xavier watches Kimmila as she works at the screws on the crate. "Hmm, well it should be fairly interesting to see what is inside then." He reaches forward to tap on the side of the crate with his knuckle listening for any sound from inside. "Now you've got me all curious as to what it is. Hurry and open it."

Kimmila laughs, giving the teen a sidelong grin. "I'm amazed you've been here this whole time and I've never met you. I grew up here, was gone a few turns, and then came back." With the last nail loosened, she pries up the lid and peers inside. The first thing visible is straw - lots of packed in straw, so the contents must be fragile. Digging a bit, she lifts a bundle wrapped in brittle cloth, and begins to unwrap it.

Xavier laughs once more, his eyes lighting up in delight. "Well I'm surprised that you haven't either. Though I realize the Weyr is a big place. So where…." He cut himself off as Kimmila finally opened the crate and pulled forth a bundle wrapped in cloth. A slight intake of breath, a sudden shiver of surprise. "What is it?"

Kimmila unwraps the bundle and then gasps softly. "It's more of my mother's dishes." The dishes are simple, but elegant. Cream pottery with a design of blue dragons swirling around on the edges. "These were made…turns and turns ago, for one of my ancestors that was a bluerider. Back then it was very taboo to have dragons adorning anything, but she had these dishes made anyway. I can't believe there's more of them! My mother has the tea pot and a set of cups and saucers, but…here are actual /plates/!"

Xavier looks surprised and slightly confused. "So they kept dishes?" Looking decidedly confused for a moment before he smiled and gave a light laugh. "It's always interesting to see old stuff I guess. I don't know why it was taboo, dragons actually had a job back then. Wouldn't they have been heros? I mean dragons still work but there is no more thread for them to fight."

Kimmila nods, "It's a family set, of course they kept them. I'll bet she has no idea these were back there. I wonder how they ended up here of all places?" Turning the plate over, she runs her finger over the maker's mark on the back, and sets it aside. "Back then, the way I always understood it, was dragons were /so/ important and /so/ revered that to use their likeness to sell something - jewelry, or dishes - was an insult. Cheapening it. Using dragons just for decoration."

Xavier shakes his head. "I understand that they were that important, I just see it like this. IF they were so important you /should/ use their image to help show your respect." He laughs and smiles at Kimmila. "Makes sense right?"

Kimmila shrugs, "Makes sense to me now, but they didn't think that way back then. Making marks off a dragon's picture…they didn't like it, I guess. Now I don't mind as much, of course. These dishes remind me of my past, my family, my history. Of course I love them. And they're of a blue dragon, so there's bias there too. Wow." A few more plates are set aside, and then a larger serving platter is pulled from the straw. "Shards and shells…look at this…"

Xavier looks at the large platter. "Bet you could fit a nice fat roast wherry on there." He thinks for a moment. "Are you a blue rider Kimmila? I mean you said yourself that there is a bias. Which dragon do you ride?"

Kimmila laughs. "Or…yeah. A bunch of things." Tenderly, she sets the platter aside. "I do. Varmiroth. He's a pale blue dragon, probably seen him most of the time on the Weyrleader's ledge…"

Xavier thinks about it for a moment. "I always wondered why a blue dragon was on the Weyrleader's ledge. That's really cool. Can't riders and dragons talk to each other in their heads right or something like that. I wonder how they do it."

Kimmila laughs softly, pushing hair away from her face as she grins at him. "Well, I'm weyrmated to the Weyrleader, so that's why he's there a lot." Amused, she peers into the crate again and then starts packing things back in. "I've got to take these to my mother. She is going to be so thrilled."

Xavier nods his head. "Well be careful with that Kimmila, wouldn't want to drop it now." He smiles once more. "I should get back to work anyway. Still dealing with the fallout from when the fish were in the bathing pools."

Kimmila snorts, "Yeah, what was /that/ about. That was so strange…anyway. Was nice to finally meet you, Xavier. Take care, I'm sure I'll see you around more now that I know who you are." Packing the dishes away again, the bluerider puts the lid back on and hefts the precious cargo, heading for the exit with another smile.

Xavier nods his head. "I think one of the weyrbrats played a prank and put the fish there." He smiles at Kimmila. "It was nice to meet you as well, Kimmila. Have a good day. Remember if you ever need something fix I'm happy to help." He waves and starts to walk back towards the bowl.

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