Fort Weyr - Training Complex
The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.
Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.
It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the centre of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

"S*it if I know why they're dying Kai." Ha'ze voice is a bit of a grumble, "Sunshine maybe, I don't sharding know. Can't I just have a moment alone?" Real annoyance there in his voice, perhaps from the strain of all the TOGETHER TIME. Past that first morning Kainaesyth has risen with the sun like a plant seeking the sunshine as a source of energy. Ha'ze's time spent with his bow and practice had come to an ABRUPT END. And he misses it. Perhaps that is why he is now walking away from the bronze dragonet who is carefully, oh so carefully, nudging makeshift pots from the barracks and out into the sunshine of the complex. « But Ha'ze… » Kai's zephyrs of breeze tickle at Ha'ze's thoughts, seeking to introduce a bit of lightness to the brooding thoughts which he utterly fails at sharing with the bronze. « We have a responsibility to make sure that their stories… » "F*ck the stories Kai! They're plants."

There are others emerging from the barracks. It's only until the entrance that R'yal carries the little Livanyth though, finally setting her down again once there is in fact…grass! "Come on, I can't carry you everywhere or your legs will never grow." They might even shrivel up and disappear altogether. If it wouldn't make her look even /weirder/, Livanyth would be fine with this. « But I look..silly.. » The little green hop-walks forward a bit, if only to keep up as R'yal walks further out into the field. "Of course you don't! You're beautiful.." Both pause, however, turning two sets of wide eyes toward Ha'ze and Kai in the field.

« We are late. » "We are not late, Zeruth." « We are. We were not here first. We are late. » S'ai doesn't look apt to argue with the bronze dragonet as the two step out of the training complex, the dragon in the lead as he seems oft to be. The weyrling is straightening a vest he's got on, looking like he'd maybe been napping. Zeruth watches Livanyth be carried out and he remarks, simple and short, « You will look sillier if you cannot walk. » And he just keeps on walking until he finds a place near the front of the gathering weyrlings and settles in, looking attentive and eyeing his rider impatiently over one shoulder. Well, hurry up.

It's barely past dawn and already the fun has begun! M'icha made sure to rouse the Weyrlings good and early and his smirk is hardly sympathetic to anyone's grumbling about it. He'll just toss orders out and expect them to get it together… eventually. At least he's not expecting them to be organized and on the ball quite yet! Feed, oil, out of the barracks! Then into gentle stretching exercises. How… exciting? For the few lucky weyrlings who manage to get themselves and their lifemates out in good time are the first to see that the field has undergone a slight transformation. Namely, there are obstacles. Small ones, mostly hay bales and other not-too-pointy or damaging objects. Hidden at random are objects, large and small and standing to keep any enthusiastic weyrlings out are some assistants. M'icha prowls nearby, his bad leg causing him to limp subtly. "Gather 'round and get to making 'em stretch! Best you do a bit too since I'm sure y'all can listen at the same time." he drawls, eyeing both S'ai and R'yal before his attention is drawn sharply to Ha'ze. Oh, he heard that cussing! "Get 'in with the rest of 'em!" M'icha gruffly instructs, jutting his thumb towards the assembling group. "We'll be doing some exercises to strengthen yer bond!" Cue a tap to his temple and another smirk as he addresses the group as a whole again. Seems a simple enough thing… right?

There is a slight rush of air before a large shadow settles over the training grounds, the position the shadow is in makes the angle where the sun is seem a bit hidden for a moment before Niumdreoth settles upon a spot off to the side within the ground. His large wings tucking close to his sides, tail lashes with a low croon escaping him as his swirling gaze settles upon the form of at least one young dragon. Abigail though is already there off to the side curiously watching and looking a touch amused all the while. She lifts her head slightly once the weyrlings and young dragons are rolling out but her pale gaze is settled upon Ha'ze and the bronze with the pots? That makes her chuckles just a bit.

Right. Because strengthening is exactly what Ha'ze has any desire to do right now. But. With only a minimal of eye rolling he moves back towards the bronze. For all his grump though, that bronze gets a brief pass of his hand, just across the headknob. Then it is Kainaesyth's turn to take off, having only now just realized that the complex was Not The Same. Those obstacles are a subject of his intense curiosity before wait! Something else here is NOT like the rest. Stopping abruptly in place Kainaesyth's gaze starts at those brown claws and travels upwards inspecting every inch of the brown. « You are also one who is older. We shall speak, and perhaps I can learn more of what it means to be older. » Excitement for this prospect zips on light breezes, as a solo flute dances in the background.

Sillier? Livanyth immediately drops into a crouch in an attempt to hide her short legs, then scurry-hops around behind R'yal's. Obviously..nobody can see her there. She is invisible. Though she does slowly worm her head between the teen's legs to see again, little green face smooshed a bit. "You're doing fine…really you are!" R'yal at least tries to comfort her, and they do /eventually/ manage to fall in line. Stretches though? Livanyth finally begins a slow routine of it, one limb at a time getting worked. They function! They're just..tiny.

« Stretching. » "Easy 'nuff." « Yes. It is. » S'ai and Zeruth look to one another in their strangely identical voices and then find themselves a suitable place to do just that. The two star out a bit different - the rider looking more like a guy waking up and the dragon more methodical, judging range of motion and what bits can do which. As the minutes pass, though, the two start to show some tics of synchronicity. They both roll a shoulder at the same time, turn their neck to crack a joint. Even their timing looks oddly identical as S'ai raises up his arms simultaneous with Zeruth spreading out his wings.

M'icha shields his eyes as Niumdreoth comes in to land and for a moment the Weyrlingmaster almost smiles when he spots Abigail waiting there. "Ahh, good! So you did come by after all! Yer gonna help then? Mind grabbin' those and passing 'em out? Gonna stick around too? I'll need the extra pair of eyes," he asks of her, flicking his hand to what suspiciously looks like long strips of fabric. Blindfolds! Of course, M'icha would do something like that to them. Easy exercises, with him? Pfft. His eyes travel from weyrling pair to the next, from S'ai and Zeruth's tandem movements, to Livanyth's antics with R'yal and then Ha'ze and Kainaesyth. Satisfied that they're at least getting through stretches without mishap, M'icha goes on with his instructions. "Now that you've had some time to figure yourselves out 'n whatnot," Barely. "'bout time we start honing it and puttin' it to use! So we've rigged the fields in a simple course. Simple for now, but as you lot grow, it'll become difficult 'n we won't always be stuck here. Anyways, today yer to work on trust. So we're blind folding y'all, just you — not the dragons, and you'll have to picture your intended object to find and yer bonded is to guide you through. Nothing to it!" Yeah right. Why does he suddenly look so amused?

Abigail offers a warms mile to M'icha along with a nod also seen. "Of course sir. I would not turn down such an invite." She offers before a soft chuckle escapes her as she catches sight of those blindfolds. "Aye, I can handle that. My afternoon is free so I can stay to offer up my help and eyes for such things." This said while the Wingleader moves over to pick up the blindfolds and is moving to hand them out. First she is over near S'ai and Zeruth and she curiously watches the movement before offer over the strip of fabric to S'ai. "Nice moves." She offers with a soft chuckle heard before off to the next one, R'yal and Livanyth and she offers the green weyrling the bit of fabric. "No worries, all it well." That said with a soft smile before her steps carry her to where Ha'ze and Kainaesyth happen to be and the weyrling gets a smile. "Morning, how goes with ye and Kainaesyth today Ha'ze?" She might as well get a question in while she can.

Niumdreoth rumbles out while he settles himself down to the ground, tail curling at his side and front paws tucking close to his chest. That gaze of his settles upon Kainaesyth. « Of course small one. When your training is done for the day we may speak. Though for not pay attention to the lessons at hand. » There is just a faint rumble of what would be drums echoing towards the bronze as the brown speaks with him.

Ha'ze and Kai totally stretched… kinda. Well, more like Ha'ze made vague stretching motions and Kainaesyth continued to look upwards at the large brown, because conversation. Way more important. So it's Ha'ze who is listening to the directions. His eyes narrow as they fix on M'icha. Perhaps those words about 'trust' seem to hit a rather deep nerve. But Abigail is moving in to break that gaze and Ha'ze tries to wipe it from his lips. "Fine." It comes out a bit more terse then intended, so he tries again, "Nothing has happened," his voice raises, "Kai! Come here." He points at the ground in front of him as his gaze moves away from Abigail. Joyful melody wraps around the beat of those drums, taking a moment to simply enjoy the rhythm and counterpoint they provide. « We will speak then. But now I must go. » Turning Kainaesyth tucks his strong wings in and goes to just where Ha'ze has indicated. « I will be good at this; this telling of how to reach the end. Is it not unlike the tales which you read from that book? A start, a middle, excitement, and resolution. » Flowers bloom brightly in rocky tracks, as a thin train is visualized, leading downwards into the canyon.

S'ai gives a bob of his head to Abigail, grinning wide at the compliment. "Thanks." There is an adjoining warble from Zeruth before the bronze turns to watch his rider with interest. S'ai gives his dragon a shrug. "Here goes, pal. Don't go directing me into a wall, funny as I'm sure it would be." He catches a glimpse of a devious look from his dragon and the impression of a wall of luminous amber light before he tightens the blindfold around his head. "I mean it, Zeruth." « Don't you trust me? » Comes the retort of the dragon, innocent sounding as a lamb, nothing but placid blue on black. "I know you." « Of course you do. I am you. »

A trust exercise? R'yal's brows lift slightly at the very idea, looking over his shoulder at all the stuff laid out. "We're going to…oh." There's a blindfold that's been handed to him! Livanyth stretches up a little to inspect the strange cloth, just in case it's /dangerous/ in some manner, although there's a soft croon afterward. The thin veils of her wings spread out a little though, still somewhat clumsy with them at this age. « Can we do it? » "We will!" R'yal smiles down at the green though, before he reaches up to tie the cloth around his head, taking a moment to get his bearings at least. The world is…very different without sight. Livanyth remains close though, her tiny body pressed right up against the side of his leg for the time being.

M'icha's smirk returns as he stands, arms folded across his chest while Abigail takes over handing out the blindfolds. He leans heavily to one side, favouring one leg but that doesn't mean he can't move when he has to! For now though he is content in letting the Wingleader be is aide, while he watches each pairs reaction with a sharp eye. "Mhm, that's right! There's several objects out there." And he'll list them off, one by one, along with colour if necessary just for a bit of added flare (or for those wanting a challenge!). "So decide which you want and work on forming the image in your head so that they… your dragons… understand. You're to work as teams, trusting on one another for guidance." M'icha explains. "And when yer ready, you can go ahead. Just be mindful of the others too." Oops, did he forget to add that part of the challenge? Too bad none of them see his faint grin.

Abigail is quiet for a moment while she peers at Ha'ze, a slight nod is seen. "I'm glad to hear things are well then." A brow lifts and she smirks a touch. "What… was ye expecting ta happen?" She questions curious like before her gaze turns towards the course and she nods slightly. "Ye best be getting along to the course. Just remember, listen to what he tells ye, trust him, offer tips if able." This said while she moves off heading back to where M'icha is, her hands settle within the pockets of her jacket while her gaze gaze drifts over the others but they do at times return to Ha'ze to see how things go for him. Niumdreoth rumbles softly, the drums deepen for a few moments before they start to slow and soon disappear much as they had started. « Of course, be well and do watch for the sharp turns and things that can point out and knock in his shins. » Those are rather ouchie!

"Aye well. Not what I be gettin'" It's a bit of a grumble to the wingleader. Kainaesyth's gaze turns towards the objects, and is about to get up and go examine them closer when Ha'ze reaches out and grabs onto a neck ridge. Ha'ze shoots one last look at Abigail, then ties that blindfold on. He attempts to form the picture in his mind, of a brush that he might use on Kainaesyth's bronze hide. "A'right. Where ought I be steppin'?" Kainaesyth lifts himself up, raising wings to scan that course. « The Tale will be spun! For we will follow our hero on a journey into the beyond, where he seeks out that which… is to be found! Forward he marches, straight! No curves! No turns! But… » a pause, where a thoughtful breeze tickles at a cactus standing alone, « what about the drama? For a story requires conflict. » The mental picture sent back by the bronze is hardly helpful. Rather then the complex ground, the visualization is of that canyon again. A path, with hairpin curves, cuts its way cleanly downwards, quite the opposite of the straight line which Kainaesyth has just instructed him to walk. "…" But Ha'ze does what the dragon instructs and steps forward. Clearly there is little trust though, as each step is only taken after Ha'ze sweeps the area with his foot to make sure he's not about to fall flat on his face.

"Okay..okay we can do this..let's see.." Only he doesn't see! R'yal is blindfolded! But he reaches down a moment to brush his fingers reassuringly against Livanyth's head. Somehow, there's just instinctive knowledge of where it is exactly. But what to look for. He makes sure not to /say/ it at least. No, it's about visualizing! He's careful about it at least, trying to make sure he can picture it the way he wants it to. Livanyth's head tilts a little all the while, but then she turns it to look out at the field and everything scattered about. And then…..then she just sits there. Quietly. Yep, there's no movement at all from either dragon or rider.

S'ai listens blindly to the words of the Weyrlingmaster and the various items out there. He frowns thoughtfully before he turns towards where he last knew Zeruth was, only to feel the pressure of the bronze's weight against his leg. « Well? What will we hunt? » "I'm thinking. Hm. Okay, how about .. a doll? You know what people look like." He forms the image in his mind, akin to a human but woven hair and button eyes and floppy limbs. « That is a bizarre person. Very well. » Like the other dragons, Zeruth moves amongst the obstacles, looking for his target with the intensity of a blood hound. In his riders mind, an empty black landscape begins to form. Wireframe images take shape, obstacles taking shape, their size and scale and distance measured with care as Zeruth explores each thoroughly.

M'icha's brows knit as the first pairs begin to slowly venture forwards into the course, jaw working silently as he makes his own observations. For now, he's playing the observer and letting them sort it out themselves. It won't take him long to spot out R'yal and Livanyth however and his frown begins to edge towards a scowl. "Everything alright?" he calls to them. Uh oh. "Yer free to start, even with the others headin' in! Go slow if you must, ain't no race." But you still have to move!

Abigail sighs a touch as she hears Ha'ze comment, she does worry about him with things like that. It was obvious that he was to impress seeing how Kai found him, but will things change or will he stay this grumpy? She lets her gaze follow along once the steps are taken, and she is just a bit amused wondering if this is what it looked like when Niumdreoth and herself went about moving across a course like this all those turns ago. Hearing M'icha she glances over to R'yal and Livanyth, a brow lifting while she curiously waits to see what the answer is.

Kainaesyth keeps directing Ha'ze forward, that visualization of his still oh, so not helpful. That cautious foot hits something solid and Ha'ze stops abruptly. "Kainaesyth." He attempts to be patient. "You got to be tellin' me where to be goin. Your canyon ain't main' sense." Kainaeth's vision pauses for a moment, then abruptly shifts. No longer do they climb down the canyon. Now they are at the bottom. « Follow the story Ha'ze! » A tumbleweed moves in the breezes created by that mind voice, though it doesn't seem to be moving randomly. No, it goes to the left, then forwards, then right, then a sharp diagonal up the canyon. Large obsitcals- boulders, cactus, even a shy buck are avoided. Ha'ze reaches up to scratch the back of his head and sighs. "I'm followin' a shardin' weed." But, perhaps he trusts Kainaeysth more then this grumpy words suggest, because he moves, following those same motions of the tumble weed. To the outside observer it doesn't look like he is heading towards one of the objects…. no, it looks like Kainaesyth is leading Ha'ze to stand next to each obstacle at least once.

"W..we're fine!" R'yal is sure of it! Almost! Livanyth hasn't said or done anything yet, after all! It's only when she's perfectly ready that the way is shown in the form of ice in the darkness of R'yal's vision. A slowly growing crystalline pathway, glowing for him. "Oh! Well…that works, doesn't it?" So what if no one else can see his little pathway? The weyrling just starts moving right along, walking the solid trail with Livanyth hopping along with him.

S'ai remains standing, arms crossed across his chest impatiently. "You know, I don't need a picture-perfect map." « Yes, it needs to be perfect! » The dragon says as his head jerks up, eyes whirling briefly red before he rustles his wings and calms, returning to his work. « This is a test. It needs to be done properly. » "It's not a test-test, we can mistakes." « I do not make mistakes. » "..fine, whatever, knock yourself out. I'll just hang out here. Whenever you're done doing your thing just.. flag where I'm headed. Ideally before dinner, if you could please, buddy." And so the grid in S'ai's mind continues, like a mental three-dimension image behind his eyes - brilliant blue and white lines and pixellated images in a black, empty void.

M'icha shakes his head and chuckles dryly when R'yal moves ahead at last with Livanyth and then both Ha'ze and S'ai hit their own "obstacles" of sorts within the course. "Yer all doing fine!" he calls out, despite it seeming the opposite. He's not looking for speed here, it seems! At least no one has face planted quite yet? Briefly, he'll side glance to Abigail, reaching into a side pocket of his vest to pull out a small flask. "So whatcha think?" he asks her in a low undertone, before glancing out to the group again. He knows better than to look away for too long!

"So far so good?" Abigail offers back to M'icha as her gaze drifts over the pairs, curiously watching how they approach the obstacles before them. "I suppose we all start somewhere like this hum?" She questions with an amused tone to M'icha.

After awakening with the rest of the group, getting fed…oiled, all the normal stuff the pair moved out, albeit a little bit cautiously out to the training grounds. «The outside is big.» Jaicoureth comments to his rider. Presently they are standing away from the other pairs quietly getting themselves ready to participate, «But I do like the wind.» Jaicoureth adds. "I know, but don't worry, everyone is here and its fine." The dragon looks over to the assembled group, «I am ready to go try this I think.» The pair stand side by side, C'rus keeping his hand on the dragon at all times as the move toward the group to try to get themselves situatated.

« You are there! » Sunshine breaks though to illuminate where the tumbleweed has come to rest. Ha'ze kneels, and reaches with his hands in the dust, looking for the object that Kainaesyth swears is there. When his hands find it his shoulders droop. Off comes the blindfold. "KAINAESYTH." Exasperation. "This is not a brush." Kainaesth's bulk moves, and he spreads his wings wide as rather then move around obstacles he jumps right over them to land heavily. « It is better. See the textures? » "Kai…." Bright sunshine remains in place even as Ha'ze turns a brightly colored bolt of cloth in his hands.

There's several more minutes of S'ai just standing there, impatiently tapping a foot, while Zeruth finishes all of his measurements, calculations, and adjustments for topography. The bronze utters a huff as he noses what he expects is the doll, pressing his muzzle to all the angles of it and waiting for confirmation it is what they thing. "Finally! Can I just come get it now?" There's a low growl from Zeruth before the dragonet grunts out. « It will do. » And across the cityscape of obstacles drawn in their collective minds, a roadway of light illuminates. « This is the most efficient path. Follow it. » And so S'ai begins to move, hesitant for the initial steps until his dragon snorts. « Will you just trust me? I promise, I am not walking you into a wall. »

It's slow going, but R'yal seems a bit more confident in his walking, despite the fact that there's still that overall sense of unbalance to not being able to truly see. Livanyth hops from one point in the grass to another though, following along while making sure that her mental path stays solid. Around one bale of hay, and they dodge a bucket…although the little green does stop to sniff it a moment before skittering away. It /smells/. Only when R'yal finally stoops to pick something up off the ground does it end though, and he peeks from the blindfold with a grin to find himself holding…a pillow! Apparently some of those were stolen and flung about as well. "You did it, Liv!"

"Aye, we did, didn't we?" Comes the amused reply to Abigail. "Ahh, there you are C'rus! About time," M'icha greets him, muttering the rest under his breath. He'll gesture to Abigail to give C'rus one of the blindfolds, while he patiently explains the task. "Y'see how the others are going about it? Just take yer time. Bond is still new, so this is to help you lot work on trust and to hone your imaging skills." Iron out the kinks! Which… obviously won't happen entirely in one day! Oh no, no it won't. Especially when M'icha starts making the courses harder. And longer. "Abigail, you mind seeing that C'rus and Jaicoureth get to a good start? Excuse me." Taking a sip from that flask of his, he caps it, slips it back into that hidden vest pocket and limps off to where R'yal and Livanyth have succeeded. "Well done! Now do it again. New object. Lets see how quick you can do it a second time." Spotting Kainaesyth's jump, M'icha frowns. "Keep 'em on the ground! No leaping about!" Not for this round.

Abigail glances to a new voice and offers a smile to C'rus and nods as she hears M'icha. A blindfold is offered to the weyrling. "So the name of the game is to find certain items hidden within the course. Ye are to wear the blindfold C'rus and yer dragon is ta help ye go through the course searching for the item at hand." She points to an area where there are no others at. "I suggest starting there and working yer wayt inwards perhaps?" A glance is sent towards Ha'ze as she hears his raised voice and there is a slight pause and she is not to sure how to help him. this is something that he'll need to figure out at the moment, which is sort of the idea.

Did Ha'ze even know that Kainaesyth had jumped? With that blindfold, it's probably a good chance that he doesn't know. Kainaesyth is busy poking his nose at the bolt of cloth, the trust exercise completly forgotten. Ha'ze has closed his eyes again, and is visiblly trying to calm himself. He spent years pretending to be someone else. He can handle this. Just… give him a second.

With Zeruth's sharply accurate map, S'ai navigates around obstacles like he could seem them - which in truth he does, in some respect. He heads right for where the bronze waits, his eyes gleaming bright and green. « There, close! Grab it! » And his rider reaches down, fastening a hand on something soft and fluffy and he can hear the sound in his mind like a gong. Mission complete. This is confirmed as he peeks from under his blindfold. "…okay, I admit it. Took a bit long with your nitpicking, but, got it." « Of course we did. We'll be masters of these games. » And so they will continue, Zeruth growing quicker with his work though never skimping on the details and S'ai only running into a wall once - though thoroughly distracted by someone walking near him.

Jaicoureth pulls closer toward C'rus as Abby comes closer to offer the blindfold, «She knows you are my dear boy right? And she is so close…» The dragon asks posessively as he looks his rider in the face, "Yes. She knows. And its going to be ok. We are going to move over there soon." he says quietly, still keeping his hand on the dragon. He takes the blindfold from the rider, "Jaicoureth worries about space…" he says to explain. Not exactly an apology, but more an explaination. He runs his hand over his dragons hide, "I'm not going to be able to see, and you are going to have to show me where to go ok?" he asks. «Yes. I will try. I don't want to be near those others though. I will stay by you.» the dragon requests, "Don't worry we will be together is fine." he says as he leans down to wrap his arms around him for a brief moment before he stands again, keeping a hand on Jai.

M'icha will have his attention divided soon enough as the weyrlings start to successfully find their intended items and then go for a second round and possibly a third if they're quite enough and before the Weyrlingmaster shoos them out to go and rest (and watch, of course!). "Hanging in there, Ha'ze?" he'll call out, only to turn a sharp eye to C'rus and Jaicoureth as they prepare to take their turn.

Deep breath. Ha'ze shoves deep annoyance down and flicks his eyes open. Kainaesyth's curiosity of that bolt of cloth continues, till Ha'ze reaches out both hands to capture the bronze's dragon's head and forces Kai to look at him. "You got to stop and be doin' this right. I know you saw the brush. Don't be ignorin' it." His voice is low, and intense. Kainaesyth droops slightly, wings falling to brush the ground under Ha'ze's castisement. Clouds roll in to cover the bright sunlight, sending the desert into shade. The flute falls off to be replaced by a deep resonant sound of drums. « I thought you might like this better. » "You don't know nothin' about me."

Abigail looks to the blue and chuckles softly to C'rus. "That's alright." Not like she knows what he said. "Good luck." Is offered before she turns to move on closer near the edge where Ha'ze and Kai happen to be. Her arms fold in front of her while she watches the pair, waiting to see if she needs to offer some words that may help or if he is able to push on without the aid.

Deep breath. Ha'ze shoves deep annoyance down and flicks his eyes open. Kainaesyth's curiosity of that bolt of cloth continues, till Ha'ze reaches out both hands to capture the bronze's dragon's head and forces Kai to look at him. "You got to stop and be doin' this right. I know you saw the brush. Don't be ignorin' it." His voice is low, and intense. Kainaesyth droops slightly, wings falling to brush the ground under Ha'ze's castisement. Clouds roll in to cover the bright sunlight, sending the desert into shade. The flute falls off to be replaced by a deep resonant sound of drums. « I thought you might like this better. » "You don't know nothin' about me." He drops Kainaesyth's head and swipes up that blindfold. Distance. He needs some distance. And while he doesn't leave the area, he is going to walk to the furthest corner of the complex.

C'rus and Jaicoureth trot off away from Abby toward the place where the obstacle course was indicated to begin. C'rus places the blindfold over his eyes and keeps his hand on his lifemate, "Ok. Lets see if we can do what your brothers and sister have done." he says softly to him, "Just start of slow and gentle. We don't have to hurry. This is for us." he explains. The dragon watches his brother Kai do, whatever it is they are doing and responds to his riders words, «Kainaesyth makes many funny sounds.» Jai points out, having remembered their conversation from the previous day, «My dear boy I will try.». C'rus can't help but smile, "I trust you completely." he says, "Alright take me to the pillow." he says trying to ready himself as best as he can. As he closes his eyes there is a swirl of colors and the jingling of bells, the sparkling of gems and a rather chaotic view comes into focus. He takes a deep breath, "Jaicoureth…can you please…" he hesitates to ask and just lets the dragon do his thing. For his part Jai looks up at his rider, staying at his side, «I will show you.» And suddenly there are all sorts of pillows of all shapes and sizes. Some posh some simple swirling in his head. Oh boy.

M'icha scowls as he catches sight of Ha'ze walking off. "Hey! Yer not to wander off without my sayin' so! What're you doing?" he mutters gruffly, bluntly, to him and there's another glance to Kainaesyth. Concern? Perhaps, but the Weyrlingmaster keeps it carefully under wraps. There's a look to Abigail and M'icha jerks his chin. Go after him! He turns back, still a touch disgruntled, to watch as C'rus and Jaicoureth begin to work through the exercise.

Abigail takes in a soft breath as she catches sight of Ha'ze moving off. She glances to M'icha and nods once the look is sent her way and soon enough she is following after Ha'ze. "Ha'ze…" Is stated to get his attention and make him stop, she'll say it again if needed. Kainaesyth will not be left to his own though as Niumdreoth shifts as it were to check in on the young bronze from his spot. « What sort of brush was it that yours was searching for? It must be well hidden. » Though the brown does not go right out an ask if he is alright, in a sense and a roundabout way it is questioned though.

C'rus contines to stand still as the cavalcade of pillows continues to swirl in his mind, "Jaicoureth…they are very fine pillows but I think we are going to need to find the one out there on the course." he says very gently. «Oh.» the blue responds and soon the image shifts and swirls a there is a brightly colored room before the eyes of C'rus. On the floor is a great many pillows but there is a path to follow. The energy flowing through the riders mind is a bit unnerving, "Jaicoureth…" he speaks and decides to say nothing further, "I'll follow the path." He keeps his hand out to hold the dragon and takes a step forward, the mental image altering as he goes.

"It's fine." Ha'ze takes a deep breath as he rubs hands against his temple. But his footfalls do not stop till he's put some more distance between himself and the bronze dragonet. "Is it like this? Him always there? I ain't hatin' him just. " Ha'ze grinds his teeth and shakes his head again. Behind him, Kainaesyth sinks down onto the ground, laying his dusty bronze head into the dust. « It is over there. But I thought this would be more interesting. » The drums onctinue, solid and low as Kainaesyth waits patiently. Despite the lack of sunshine in his mental image, the flute picks up slightly unerring optimism still intact.

"That's it, slow 'n steady." M'icha remarks to C'rus when he finally begins to move forwards with Jaicoureth. He'll watch their progress, taking notes with his silent observations before he's glancing towards the Weyrling Barracks. "Now where are the others?" he grumbles. Thankfully he has some AWLMs on hand to watch those still within! Else he'd be doing some mad scrambling back and forth, gimp leg or no! There's another concerned look for Kainaesyth and Ha'ze, but he leaves that to Abigail's hands — for now.

Ciesoveth makes his way out of the barracks, takin his time as this walking business just isn't natural. Course, niether is being indoors too long and he's quite glad to be fed and scrubbed and oiled and back out again. He's not really in a hurry though, there is an eagerness about him at the new task that is come. Sk'ler on the other hand seems just a bit more harried as he scrambles to get a boot on still, his new dry shirt sitting on him askew. "Couldn't you have waited a little? I'm almost ready!" He's grinning from cheek to cheek though, he's just as excited in some ways as his blue. « Come! Follow me! You should be faster than me, you've been getting ready more than I have. » Comes the response from the blue, gentle ocean waves glistening with the color of the vast sky.

Abigail doesn't think it's fine, not the way Ha'ze is acting. "I can understand that it is a unnerving feeling to have." She offers once near the other, a slight glance is sent back towards the others, thankful that Niumdreoth is speaking with the younger dragon. "It is, though over time ye and he will learn to not be so overbearing with one another. There will be times though that it doesn't work I have to admit." Niumdreoth rumbles softly as he lets his attention rest upon Kainaseyth. The soft sound of drums picked up once more, to the bronze at least. « Of course, and I'm rather sure that it was interesting. Though, perhaps to start one should not be so colorful. Perhaps… lead into such things? » He cannot even guess what was shared between the two. « Tell me though. Do you have questions for me? » Something to try and help perk the bronze up somewhat.

Jaicoureth continues to send that image into the mind of his lifemate. The rider for his part continues to just walk through the path of pillows that the dragon has sent into his mind. His steps are slow and steady and do not waver, "You are doing so well…" he says softly to the dragon. For his part Jaicoureth is concentrating as best as he can on the path toward the pillow thorugh the obstacles as he twists and turns. The energy in his mind hums as he recieves the compliment and the love he has for C'rus surges through, «Thank you.»

Ha'ze rubs his forehead with a single finger. One last deep breath and he turns back, and looks towards the bronze dragon. "Just. Have to be gettin' use to it." His lips are set in a straight line. "Alright, Ma'am." Resolutly he takes his step back to the bronze dragon, leaving the wingleader behind. Kainaesyth shifts, turning his gaze from Ha'ze to the brown dragon. Wind whistles across the sparse scape, the scent of sage rising upwards. « What is it like in the sky? Up there? I can't go there yet. »

M'icha will let C'rus and Jaicoureth sort themselves out, taking a moment now to approach the second blue weyrling pair of the bunch! "Good of you to join us! Was beginning to wonder if I had to come in and fetch ya myself," he drawls, his smirk hinting at just enough humour to keep the worst of the sting out of his words. With Abigail speaking to Ha'ze, M'icha will be the one to offer Sk'ler a blindfold and jab a thumb to the obstacles. "Y'see those over there? You put this on and have Ciesoveth here guide you through. Pick your choice of item to find and it's up to you two to work it out…" Simple? For now. "Whenever yer ready, lad. Take it slow, ain't no race."

Abigail nods slightly while she watches Ha'ze. "Aye, every rider must get used to it. It will take time but I assure ye it will get better." Right? As far as she know it well! "Why not try it again? Try to be a bit understanding, Kainaesyth has no idea of things, think of him as a child learning and seeing things for the first time. Everything is new, and interesting." Perhaps that will help. She lets her gaze follow after Ha'ze as he moves back towards the bronze, a slight nod seen. Niumdreoth rumbles softly while his gaze lifts upwards to the skies, clouds slowly drift along and the drumming gets a bit deeper. There is a slight swirl of color that seems to flash across a night sky for a moment. « It is like nothing you have experienced before. You feel alive and at one with everything then. The feeling of wind beneath one's wings is such a lovely feeling. » The large brown turns his attention back to Kainaesyth. « But, you must wait until you are allowed to feel such things. Do you understand? » This is a pointed made to be certain Kai doesn't attempt to go up on his own.

Ha'ze pauses and looks back at Abigail. "Okay. Sorry ma'am." Then he turns back, moving towards Kainaesyth. A glance at Niumdreoth, as his statement is transferred through Kai to him. "I won't be lettin' him do what he ain't ready." Is that a hint of protectiveness which makes it into his voice? If nothing else, there is caring there. « I will wait for the proper moment. » Kainaesyth agrees, the tumble of breeze curling away from the edge of the canyon wall to stay firmly on safe ground. On the ground Ha'ze kneels, and this time when he touches Kainaesyth's head his hands are gentle. "Let's be tryin' again, aye?" Sunshine spring forth again, as the scent of sage and juniper drifts with those strong breezes. Joy spreads through the minds of all present, as Kainaesyth picks his bulk up from the sands. « All stories can be started over and become new stories Ha'ze. I'll always wait for you to join mine again. » They will run through the exercise twice more, this time without any dramatics… and failing both times. Because Kai gets distracted and decides to send Ha'ze to something more interesting than that brush. Maybe Ha'ze just needs to reevaluate what is interesting.

Red colors Sk'lers neck and he opens his mouth to start explaining and then he clamps it closed again without saying anything. Instead he gives a nod as he takes the blindfold. Ciesoveth is currently studying the obstacle field with some interest « We can do this, it should be easy. » Sk'ler himself takes a look at the field "Well, at least it shouldn't hurt if I hit bales." he notes after a moment and then hmms "Well, what do you think, which should we find?" Silence of a sort is how Ciesoveth answers. No words are said, just the gentle swells of the ocean easing in around the boys mind, bulstering and cradleing. Sk'ler gives a nod "I guess it doesn't really matter, just pick one. Sure." He looks around then gestures towards a round pot. "How about that?" The blue nods and the boy begins to put the blindfold on. "Hmm. It's dark." Duh. "Okay, umm I suppose saying left and right or hot and cold isn't going to work «Why would it be hot or cold?» the blue asks. "Meaning if I'm getting closer or further away." The blue ponders this for a bit and then there's a light whuffle "Just don't let me fall?" « I am here for you, we will be all right. Just head straight from where you are at. » The blue murmurs, the clouds in his mind centering around Sk'ler. « You shuffle worse than I do. »

Jaicoureth can feel the joy radiating off of the other dragon, but he does not allow himself to be distracted. His dear boy could fall if that were to happen and that would be the /worst/ possible /thing/. The dragon walks around one of the obstacles and then slowly turns to the left. The mental path through the brightly colored pillow room shifts as he shifts. The dragon's excitment growing in evidence as some of the pillows of the mental landscape begin to swirl and sparkle as if a they had been dipped in multi-colored glitter. C'rus pauses as the change occurs, "Jaicoureth…what is happening?" he asks the dragon softly. «Follow the path…you are safe. I would never let you fall.» The words echoing warmly in the riders mind. «We will be there soon.»

Rynn has convinced Mazzolyth that feedings and oilings had to happen first before they come outside to play. He's gotten over his apprehensions to wander outside, but it was definitely a task convincing him that his B.A.E. would be just fine outside of the safety of the barracks. It won't be long before Mazz wants to be front of the line for everything, Rynn can feel is welling inside, so she's savored the days of cuddling and recovering from Candidacy since the hatching. The big brown, already giving way to the mass he will become, lumbers out in to the yard, keeping Rynn close as daylight reflects in swirling eyes for the first time. « This is… that sunshine you talked about?? » Effervescence of pinecones and soil fill the air as he saunters and she tries to keep pace at his side. The hatchling's steps are still- wobbly at best, but he's getting the hang of it. "Now stretch your wings…" she says, stepping a few good paces out to leave room despite the protest of her being too far from him. Large expanse of wings spread out, starlit copper tones glimmering as they do. « I can fly?? » He thinks he's ready, but Rynn chides against it mentally. 'Gotta get this walking thing down first… start slow. We will take to the skies soon enough littl- err.. big one.' As they stalk across the training field, tail wagging begins when the other pairs are in sight and the brown cannot help but bound towards them, hurrying his Rynn along to catch up. « Hi guys! The outside is glorious. No one is gonna get hurt doing this, right? Rynn seems to think it is safe and I have the ultimate trust. We can all look out for each other, right? » He's wiggling with excitement despite these apprehensions, the loaminess of his mind voice spreading with the richness of its presence.

M'icha just shakes his head when Sk'ler states the obvious, smirking crookedly. "No, the bales won't hurt if you knock 'em. Still, you'll want to avoid them!" he drawls and then steps back as they move off. Just in time for Rynn and Mazzolyth to arrive and M'icha will gesture for her to step closer. "See what they're up to there in the course? Here." The blindfold is foisted on her. "Same thing for you too. Blind fold on! Pick an object from the lists, focus on giving that image to Mazzolyth and then have him guide you through to it. All about trust here. Not speed or finesse!" he explains and then waves his hand towards the course. "When yer ready, you may go ahead." And he will watch, as always, so carefully observant of each Weyrling pair. He'll need Abigail's help throughout and eventually as they near later morning and lunch, he will call an end to the exercise and send them back to the barracks to settle and sleep.

Abigail is pleased that Ha'ze went back to try it again, even if in the end they did not find the items in question. It is the process through, the working at it all that is what counts. She nods slightly while making her way back to where M'icha is to go back to watching, offering what helpful comments she can when able. Her gaze settles upon Mazzolyth and she can't help herself but smile at the brown. She has a soft place for browns of course! Niumdreoth lets a deep rumble escape him to the younger brown, rather pleased to see him as well it seems. The large brown stays hunkered down in his spot, watching over the lot as they continue through the course.

Sk'ler is glad the bales won't hurt, and having it clarified does ease things a little as for his feet. "Well, you try walking with your eyes closed. " There is a thoughtful look to the blues face "« Maybe that will be another lessons. We should practice on it. » Sk'ler can't help but grin at that "Maybe we will." He does pick his feet up a little more « You will need to turn towards… Go north. » "Huh? North? Which ways north!?" He stops and then moves his hands. "Right hand, or left hand?" « Right hand then. » The boy moves that direction even as the clouds in his head seem to take on the same motion. Maybe.. "Clouds seem a little I dunno. I wish I could see what you are seeing though. " He pauses and then concentrates pretty hard. « No clouds? » Theres silence for a moment and then the blue concentrates a little harder himself "This isn't quite so easy that way."

It isn't too much longer before Jaicoureth and C'rus reach the location with the pillow. The sheer volume of energy that runs through the dragon's mindvoice causes the image he had previously been sending to swirl in bright colors. The room with the pillows is gone and instead is just a bright sparkles and pops of light in a wide array of colors «We have found it.» he declares. Jaicoureth begins to move his body from side to side swaying gracefully, his tail following the same rythmn as it gracefully sways behind him. C'rus is momentarily overwhealmed by the sheer volume of light and energy that he is putting off and sways on his feet before removing his blindfold. Happy to see the real world again. He is met with the sight of his dragon…it looks like dancing…and not half bad dancing either, "You did not let me fall." he says as he falls to one knee to wrap his arms around the dragon's neck. «My dear boy…» he says just basking in the sucess of their adventure. The presence of the others is moot to the pair of lifemates.

Rynn smiles to her Lifemate, the ultimate bond and comfort apparent in her hazel eyes. Mazz's swooping wingspan is fluttered and tucked back in neatly, even if only to get closer to Rynn again, nudging against her as he half stumbles that direction. The pair, collectively, are not too sure about all this, looking out towards the obstacle course and what the others are getting in to. "Thanks?" is said to M'icha questioningly, holding the blindfold in one hand and mentally assuring Mazz that everything is going to be ok. "This will be good for us.." she pets and soothes his worries away. "I know you'll protect me. We'll be fine." The brown grumbles like an earthshake, dust and grime filling the reluctant mindtouch « If you say so my Rynn. » The huntress pulls the blindfold over her eyes, tying it tight and placing a hand on her dragon briefly before they get ready to set out. Mazz is temporarily distracted slightly, his piney forest of a presence reaches out with a rumble in return to Niumdreoth and Rynn smiles at the sight in her mind of Abigail and her dragon. "Bow and arrow.." she says "Now quit dilly-dallying and go."

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