Fort Weyr - Training Complex
The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.
Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.
It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the centre of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

Those small sprigs of life are utterlly interesting to one of the newly hatched bronze dragonets. He paces around the plant, careful not to touch it or squish it with his strong lithe body. «Ha'ze.» Strong breezes push the scent of newly fallen rain though the minds of all who might find themselves listening, with the strong presence of one who simply hasn't learned how to mute their voice yet. Words mix and raise, precise. «We need water to give it life.» "It's a plant." Ha'ze's voice comes from a patch of shade where he rests, staring at the bronze creature. "It will live or die on it's own." A slight shakes runs through the bronze hide, «No, Ha'ze. It is life. We must care for it!» The rebuke is softened by that patter of rain, cooling the heat and providing life where it falls.

Kimmila and Varmiroth are here to visit, both walking towards the training complex from the bowl. The powder blue hued dragon pauses when he sights one of the young weyrlings, rumbling softly and extending a tendril of night-thought towards him. The calm, cool night flecked with stars. Kimmila also approaches, smiling and tossing up a wave. "So." So indeed. "Congratulations, Ha'ze."

Perhaps it is fortunate that the contraction of his name so closely resembled what others naturally came to call the teenage boy. It causes little confusion when one calls out the name. Not that it lessens the jerk of surprise when his name is called out. Not that the weyrling masters had not done so already several times this day, but Ha'ze had been thinking, lost in the choices… which really were not choices. He rises from his seat to salute the bluerider has he had been instructed. "It's… I'm not sure on the congratulations." Honesty, how strange. Kainaesyth however has no compulsion on reaching out, rain swept winds reaching out to twine among the night. The night is good, when life in the desert is at its peak, and small creatures who avoid the harsh sun come to dance the way of life. «You are not young like I.» The thought is filled with pleasure, as it seeks, wordlessly, to learn more.

Kimmila returns the salute with a crooked grin, pausing to study Kainaesyth. She whistles softly. "He's really something," she murmurs, looking back at the stunned new Weyrling. "Surprised? You okay?" She taps a finger to her head. Varmiroth settles on his belly, head down across his forelegs as he watches the young bronze. « No, » he agrees, his voice quiet, « I am not. I am older, full grown. » In his mind's eye, painted across the night with casual brush strokes, emerges a painting - an imagined thought of what Kai might look like as a full grown dragon. « You will be too, in time. »

"A… lot actually." Ha'ze tilts a look back at Kainaesyth. "I'd expected to be gone now to be honest. Not… watchin' a dragon talk about savin' a plant. Is that normal?" His gaze slices back to Kimmila, uncertain. Maybe Kai is cracked… or something. It would explain the fact that he's now residing in the teen's head and not somewhere else. The painting is examined, combed over by eager breezes, which fail to leave behind those moisture soaked parts and smears the painting. This too is given a calm look. «I will grow. As needed. Till then, it is not bad to be young. There is much to learn! Like this,» His attention turns away from Varmiroth and to the small sprig seeking for life, «this should live to grow large too. Ha'ze does not think it is important. But life is important.»

Kimmila nods. "Gone…?" She prompts gently, leaning against Varmiroth's side. Attention shifts to the bit of life the bronze is fussing over, and she quirks a grin. "They all have their quirks," she says with a chuckle. "I'm sure he's just fine. » Varmiroth rumbles softly, amused and interested. « There is a world to learn. » And then forget. And then learn again. He peers at the plant. « You should have yours dig it up and put it in a pot. It will die out here. »

Ha'ze glances towards Kainaesyth again, and then actually moves closer to Kimm. Perhaps so that the young bronze does not overhear? "Ustrr." A simple word, but conveying more meaning then the simpleness of the phrase. « Mine says it is not important. » It is not quite a pout that curls into those wet winds, as a lonely flute melody swings up into them. « Maybe if I ask again. Ha'ze….. » The flute twines outwards and Ha'ze turns his attention to Kainaesyth. "No." Short. To the point.

Kimmila nods, giving the young bronzerider a sympathetic look. "I understand," she murmurs. "Still…" She gestures towards his lifemate. "You can't say he won't help, when the time comes. Much easier to hunt from dragonback." Varmiroth rumbles softly, rain beginning to shimmer through his night mindscape. « Why not? »

"I," Ha'ze begins to say to Kimm, when that melody flutters through his mind again. "No. I'm not diggin' up that plant. Only shovel I got's the one for your business." Kainaesyth doesn't wilt, doesn't pout, he just sighs mental breezes. « He just does not see the value. » Carefully Kai lays himself down, curling protectivly around the green, and tilting his head upwards at Varmiroth.

Kimmila watches the exchange with amusement. "Have you tried talking to him in your head yet?" she asks quietly, when it seems their conversation is done. Watching the bronze curl around the plant, Varmiroth rumbles softly and pushes to his feet, moving forward. « You could dig it out. »

Ha'ze shakes his head at Kimmila's question. "Just, it ain't right to have something that close. He's so… open." There is more than a little confusion on the utterly private teen with a SHARING dragon. Kai perks up, his head rising from that protective circle. « Show me? »

Kimmila lifts a brow. "Isn't right? Have you asked him to not share so much with others? They're babies, they don't know any better until you teach them." She smiles though, amused while Varmiroth rumbles again. « I'm too big. I would break it. » Well clear of the little plant, the blue (omg I typed brown SEE WHAT YOU DID) puts his talons to the earth and gently scoops up a palmfull.

"I don't care him sharin' with others. It's sharin' with me." Ha'ze cuts back to the blue and sighs. "He's showing him how to dig isn't he?" Shoulders droop slightly as Kainaesyth carefully gets up to watch intensely how the blue digs into the rocky soil. « ! » Excitement rushes on wind that is suddenly bone dry, rustling through sage as it soars skywards with the excited thump of drums. "You know anythin' about carin' for plants?" Because apparently, this thing is happening.

Kimmila ohs. "Well…that…" She smiles gently. "There's ways you can control that but we don't start that training until later. Right now, you shutting him out would probably cause him to panic. So sorry, you're just going to have to toughen up and deal." She smiles at her lifemate. "Yeah, he is. And me? Plants? I can barely keep children alive."

Regardless of Ha'ze's opinions on this matter, Kainaesyth has paid CLOSE ATTENTION and now digs carefully around that patch of green. His talons cut into the dark soil, as dust fluffs up to settle onto his hide. He's going to need a bath… and probably oil. "At least where I can be findin' like… a pot. So I can be takin' it elsewhere." Kai's head pops up, « It can stay with us till it is stronger! » He broadcasts this to the blue cheerful words on a bright breeze. "Or.. to our cot."

Kimmila snickers as she watches, very amused at the sight of the bronze so tenderly digging up the weed. "Uh, yeah. There's probably some old oil pots in the barracks somewhere…"

Ha'ze shakes his head and turns to walk away, his mouth moving as he mutters quietly to himself. He doesn't check to see if Kainaesyth is okay with this sudden departure, and heads for the doorway to the barracks. Kainaesyth doesn't pause in his digging, for the moment not even realizing that Ha'ze has left his sight. « What does it need. » Winds shift abruptly back to the patient blue, « Do you know who could teach me about caring for plants? »

Varmiroth and Kimm both watch Ha'ze vanish, the bluerider snickering to herself. The blue himself rumbles softly, distant thunder in his mind. « Water and shelter. » He pauses. This *might* be from Kimmila. « And you need to sing to it. » Another pause. « I am not sure, a Farmcrafter perhaps? »

« I can sing. » The dragonet is confident at this, and as he digs begins to trill quietly. It's a rather…. grating sound, but it does manage to hit at least a few plesant notes. The trills fall off abruptly though, as he raises his head. « Where did Ha'ze go? » His winds do not pick up, and there is no anxiety in the question that is broadcast to the blue.

« He went to get a pot like you asked him to? » Varmiroth gently reminds the bronze.

« Oh. » The breezes pause for a moment as Kainaeyth ponders this. « I wish he would say before he left. » But there is a plant to be saved and so Kainaesyth goes back to digging carefully around the plant. Ha'ze returns, carring a couple different containers, though none of them a true pot. "I don't know the first thing about plants."

« Ask him to? » Kimmila approaches to peer at what Ha'ze has. "Do any of them have a hole in the bottom? That's best for drainage."

As if the thought had never occured to Kainaesyth he pauses in his digging again. « That is a good idea. I will ask him. » After the plant is saved. Ha'ze eyes the bottom of some of the containers. "This one has a hole? I think… it's a bit greesy? But I guess that doesn' matter." Because seriously, he doesn't care if the plant dies.

Kimmila shrugs. "I don't know if it matters or not," she admits. "Then just put dirt in it, and the plant, and then water it." It'll be their love weed.

"Right." Ha'ze shakes his head and moves towards that mostly dug up plant. Kainaesyth moves aside, brushing against the blue as he does so. Reaching out Ha'ze pulls on the plant and settles into that slightly greesy container. More dirt is shoveled into the container using Ha'ze's bare hands. "You know, I wish you was payin' this much care to eatin'." A comment just for the bronze.

Varmiroth doesn't flinch when the bronze brushes against him. He just rumbles, watching Ha'ze pot that plant with curiosity. Kimmila…is trying not to laugh.

It's probably good that Ha'ze is looking down at that plant and not upwards at Kimmila. This is weird enough without a full dragonrider laughing at him. Kainaesyth rubs against Varmiroth again, this time purposefully, before stepping forward to poke his nose into the love weed container. « Water. Water is also life. » If his mind thought could produce it, it would come, as the melody shifts to a rain calling cadence, drifting along the breeze as if his thought could call it from the sky.

Kimmila and Varmiroth both look upwards, but alas…clear skies. For now. "There's water in the barracks," Kimm says with another grin. "he's quite adorable you know."

Ha'ze stands, and for all his outward indifference holds that pot gently, almost like it is a child. A look at Kimm, and reluctantly, a small smile inches onto his lips. "He's pretty excited about things. Though I thought he and Mazzolyth might get into it a bit earlier when Kai decided to be gettin' into his stuff."

Kimmila grins at the sight of that smile. /Finally/, sweet Faranth's tail fork. "Excited is good. That youthful energy and curiosity…it's infectious." Her brows lift. "Oh? Is Mazzolyth protective of his things?"

"I guess he is. Though Kai just… started talkin' about stories. I… don't know many." A bit of a shameface rolls onto Haze as he looks down at that plant. "Should proly be learnin' some."

Kimmila looks around and then back to him with a small smile. "Everyone's got stories. Don't think he'd care if they were Harper stories or not. Just make something up." Something that she, with her creative lifemate, doesn't have any trouble doing.

"Right." Ha'ze just lifts a single eyebrow up. Creativity. He's got his feet pretty much nailed to the ground. "I'll be figurin' it out. Ain't like he's goin' anywhere." An undercurrent of uncertenty about that though, as if Ha'ze still hasn't quite settled in his mind this newfound bond. Kainaesyth looks up from the plant. « I wish I could carry it. »

Kimmila nods, "You could ask the Harpers for some books?" He…can read, right? She grins. "Nope, he's not going anywhere." Varmiroth peers down at the plant and wuffles softly at the bronze. « Yours could make a sling for it. »

Good thing she didn't say that out loud. Because the Harpers were SOOO all over Ha'ze when they realize how broken his education had been. Cram years of broken learning into his head? Oh yes they did. "I'll ask. What do you want to do with this thing?" It speaks to his unease as Ha'ze continues to speak aloud to the bronze. Winds pick at this idea, the picture which is formed examined. Then, with a hint of reluctance, « Ha'ze would carry it better. He's good at holding things. »

Kimmila almost answers before she realizes he's not talking to her. She just smiles. « It should go into the barracks for some water, » Varmiroth suggests.

« Let us go! » And this time it is Kainaesyth's turn to lead the way back to the barracks. There is rather jaunty skip to his step (do dragons skip? Whatever, Kai does right now) that matches the melody that rides the breeze upwards into a crystal blue sky peppered with fluffy white clouds. "I should probably be followin' him." Ha'ze lifts the pot, it's an explination.

Kimmila nods, grinning at him. "See you later, bronzerider." There's a wink, and the bluerider turns to meander back towards the bowl. Varmiroth though…he'll hang out here for a bit.