Fort Weyr - Weyrling Barracks(#1982RA)
The rounded ceiling of this set of barracks is high enough to accomodate growing dragons. Lining the walls lengthwise are sets of stone couches and cots for their riders. At one end of the room are cabinets holding supplies for bathing and oiling young dragons, as well as the weyrling manuals. Against the opposite wall is a table with scraps of leather and leather-working tools. Tacked up on the wall is a diagram of riding straps.

It's the morning after the hatching, the day prior a pretty mindless blur of parties and baby dragons and more parties and more feeding. S'ai is just stepping back into the barracks with Zeruth following along beside him. Outside, there's the forms of a mature gold and bronze rising into the sky and blinking out Between. The young bronze utters a low noise to his rider, to which Sairon gives a sleepy nod and heads for the cabinet to grab some oil and return to his cot where Zeruth has already settled himself.

Somewhere at the back of the barracks, a Faranth-awful keening sound begins. It echoes out on both audibly and mentally, and as Rhenesath pokes her head out of her couch, it's clear the sound is coming from her. Back ducks her head after she's had a quick peek around… then out it comes again, the keening getting louder. "Stop! Rhenesath!" Thys practically runs back from the barracks' latrines, still buttoning up her trousers in her rush. "I'm here! Sssh!" The young gold's keening fades to a happy cluck-croon, eyes whirling bright blue as she emerges fully from her couch to waddle over to her person, wings spread for balance. "Oh, I'm sorry," Thys apologises to S'ai when she sees him… and to the other weyrlings who probably heard the noise made by her lifemate, too.

There is just no way R'yal is waking up. Not yet. With so little sleep the past few days, and the shocking turn of the hatching landing him with the tiny green that's curled up with him, the teen is dead to the world. Only Livanyth seems to be awake for now, her tiny head resting on R'yal's shoulder while he sleeps, the rest of her body hidden on the far side of him. She's quiet, completely silent while she watches others move about..until that keening starts. There's a brief prickle of a chill, thoughts a whirl of startled snowfall while she lifts her head. R'yal isn't long in waking afterward, sitting up again quickly. "Wha..what?" Groggy, he can only stare toward the noise, even while Livanyth primly curls her little body around him. "Oh..morning.."

The newly minted Ha'ze isn't anywhere to be seen at the moment. It seems that some habits don't change all that quickly, and the young man has never been one for groups. Who is here however, is Kainaesyth, who pokes that dusty bronze head of his upwards to cock it towards the keening of the gold. Down his strong body slips from his couch right in the middle of the room, to make his way over to the gold. There he'll rub against her briefly, his mind sending out a reassuring sound of melody, high and happy. For it is morning, and that means rebirth!

S'ai blinks over to the stressed-sounding gold, though relief spreads soon as Thys returns and Rhenesath settles. "No worries.. she okay?" Zeruth cranes his head back towards the gold, eyes whirling as he speaks to her. The impressions of his voice is darkness, shot through with of blue winding like liquid streams of light, cracklings of green-yellow lightning expressing his concern. « Peace. We are all here. Nothing is wrong. We are not going anywhere. » It's said with absolute calm and reassurance, the voice still young but oddly matured when compared to his rider.

"She's…" Thys looks from S'ai down to Rhenesath, cupping her palms around her lifemate's cream-blushed cheeks. A moment of silence is accompanied by a look of concentration as they speak to one another. "… fine." R'yal's sleepy good morning earns the greenrider an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry, Rav, did we wake you? Good morning, and to you too, Livanyth. Morning to you too, S'ai, Zeruth… and Kainaesyth!" The latter gets the warmest welcome from Rhenesath, who bumps her weight right back against him in a greeting, soaking in that reassurance and returning it with flame-flickering warmth of her own. From there, though, it's Livanyth she's interested in; the young gold hop-wobbles over to her sister, sharing a hearthfire greeting with her.

Livanyth is somewhat hesitant, but also curious about her siblings. She extends her neck a bit toward Rhenesath when her larger sister comes forward, offering her a softly melodic croon. She doesn't remove herself from being practically stuck to R'yal though, and he has to be a bit careful of her as he shifts to throw his legs over the side of his cot. "Oh don't worry about it.. There's so much going on in here that I doubt I'd sleep long anyway.." After all, there are young dragons wanting to eat! Including Livanyth, although she seems rather reluctant about it, turning her muzzle up to the boy with a soft, hesitant sound. "What? It's not a problem at all if you're hungry! Come on.."

Seeing Rhenesath calmed completly, Kainaesyth will take this moment to wander the barracks. For Ha'ze has still yet to appear from wherever his wanderings had taken him. Patience is the mainstay of this little bronze though and so he'll wait just a LITTLE longer before going to figure out where the young man has disappeared to. His wanderings bring him to Zeruth and S'ai's couch and please forgive him, he crawls right up on it to investigate what might be found there.

"C'mon, pal, oil time." S'ai says quietly over to Zeruth. The young bronze regards his clutchsiblings with a last, considering whirl of his eyes before he turns back to his rider and settles down next to the cot. He dutifully raises his head to S'ai who begins to rub oil into the dragon's hide. "I was just saying goodbye to the folks, they stopped to see the hatching. Turns out my parents' dragons are the great-grandparents of these guys through Velokraeth." It's about then Kainaesyth comes visiting and the young man chuckles. Zeruth shifts his half-oiled head slightly, uttering a questioning croak towards his brother.

Thys- « Not a problem at all! » Rhenesath's echoing of R'yal's reassurance goes beyond Livanyth's mind to echo amongst all the weyrling dragons, words strung together in a staccato quick-fast fashion. Too fast to pick up on, perhaps? The young gold wuffles encouragingly at Livanyth, sharing the excitement of getting to fill her face with the green. "Really, S'ai? That's kinda cool! Keeping it in the family, and all. I don't think I ever asked… who are your parents? I'm assuming your mother's a weyrwoman, given what you just said?" Kainaesyth's exploration is watched curiously, as she pads over to join Rhenesath beside R'yal and Livanyth. "Is she as shy now as she was on the Sands?"

Livanyth seems pleased enough, even though she shies away from Rhenesath's..exuberance. She's perked up, at least. R'yal laughs though as he stands up, shaking his head. "A bit, but there's nothing wrong with that. She's perfect! The food's over here, right?" And there he goes! At least, he gets about two steps before he realizes Livanyth /isn't/ following. Despite whatever hunger the little green has, she seems quite intent on staying /right/ where she is. Which is a problem, because now R'yal is out of her reach. « Wait! Wait, I don't..just..come back! » That chill is still there, tiny crystals pricking the edges of thought until R'yal comes back to the cot again. The only solution to the problem seems to be hoisting the small dragon into his arms, her tail kept from dragging on the floor by curling about the boy. R'yal might look a bit exasperated, but he doesn't complain as he /carries/ the little green over to the food. Once he finally settles her down and gets food for her though, there's another look around. He doesn't comment on the ferrying routine though. What he /does/ comment about though? "Where's Ha'ze?"

The whistle that Kainaesyth sends towards Zeruth isn't quite melodic, but it approaches that standard more than most dragonic noises. It dips happily as Kai slips off of the couch again to take his wanderings towards the door. Pale coolness washes over dusky rock, as pink flowers pop out of cracked and dry soil. There is wistfulness in the way the breeze forces those tiny flowers to sway, so determined in their quest for life. «Ha'ze should come back. Maybe I should go find him. And make a story!» The breezes shift to excitement, «Long ago, but wait, no, There once was a dragon who needed to find his Forever. And he went looking and found him!» Exuberance picks up as the bright sun crests over redwashed buttes, splaying the scape with brightness and cheer. Brown and black veined talons click on the stone floor as he pauses in that doorway, turning his head backwards towards the others. «I should go find him.»

The whistle that Kainaesyth sends towards Zeruth isn't quite melodic, but it approaches that standard more than most dragonic noises. It dips happily as Kai slips off of the couch again to take his wanderings towards the door. Pale coolness washes over dusky rock, as pink flowers pop out of cracked and dry soil. There is wistfulness in the way the breeze forces those tiny flowers to sway, so determined in their quest for life. «Ha'ze should come back. Maybe I should go find him. And make a story!» The breezes shift to excitement, «Long ago, but wait, no, There once was a dragon who needed to find his Forever. And he went looking and found him!» Exuberance picks up as the bright sun crests over redwashed buttes, splaying the scape with brightness and cheer. Brown and black veined talons click on the stone floor as he pauses in that doorway, turning his head backwards towards the others. «I should go find him. He said he'd be back but he isn't back.» Storm clouds roll quetly across the sunshine, muting some of that brightness and casting the shadows of the desert into sharp relief.

S'ai gives a faint nod of his head towards Thys, "Yah. Saisri, born and raised in Telgar and retired back there. Her dragon is Avanrinth, who had a clutch at Eastern with Treasath, my dad, B'rm's, bronze. It from that hatching there came… Glyith, then from him Velo. Then these guys. Guess it just fits. ..I don't have a clue where Ha'ze is, didn't see him." He says as he continues to oil along Zeruth's neck, highlighting the brighter copper lines and circles that largely remain hidden in his hide. He's got his eye on his restless sibling, though, and to Kainaesyth (and the others be virtue of not being shy when he talks) says, « You should not go out alone. We do not know that world. » And again his mind is nothing but darkness, though there is the faint image of a distant city, glass and shadow and hard to make out. Much loons unfinished without his knowledge to complete the job, nothing but ghostly grid lines and empty spaces. « It will be safer if we all go together. I would like to see more of what is out there. »

Is Rhenesath perturbed by Livanyth's rejection of her affection? Not at all. She sends a feather-fine flicker of heat towards the green, before making her way back to Thys' side. "Faranth, R'yal, I wish I could pick Rhen up that way," the once-Smith comments, watching the teen carrying his lifemate, then looking down to the solid frame of her own. No chance there. « Kainaesyth! You should stay and share a story with us - the story of Kainaesyth and his brave quest to find his One! Then yours will return when you have finished, because Zeruth is right. We should stay here… mine can feed you, or oil you, or scratch your itch… » Rhenesath warbles, stretching out her wings before butting her head with affectionate roughness against Thys's legs. It makes the girl oof, but she remains standing and nodding as S'ai explains his own lineage, and that of their dragons. "I don't know where Ha'ze is… but should we let Kainaesyth wander off on his own?" She looks worriedly after the little bronze.

Feeding is certainly a bit of a process. R'yal has sat down along with Livanyth. It's one piece at a time for her, gently gripping each bit of meat before taking it down. R'yal smiles over at Thys though, laughing. "She won't be that way for long, I imagine.. Hear that?" He tilts his head at the little green, clean fingers giving an eyeridge a soft scratch. "You really are going to have to walk on your own?" What's that? Did he say something about walking? Livanyth…ignores. Though she does eventually turn her head a bit toward her other clutch siblings, a small melody trickling out from parted jaws. « You really should stay.. We don't know what's out there.. » "I'm surprised he's being as calm about it as he is. If I were gone, I don't think it'd go over well at all with Liv.."

«It is no good to stay though, the stories are all out there.» The breeze picks up, curling across the rocky desert and spiraling up a cactus to get a better look at the horizon. His back turned head turns towards Rhenesath, «Out there is where the stories happen.» A melody plays quietly as he thinks, weighing the necessity to go find Ha'ze and the wisdom of doing just that. «Maybe you should come with. We can journey together!» Clear delight plays in this idea, as the bright sunshine unshadows itself, and small creatures scamper to hide from the sudden heat.

« That is what I suggested. » Zeruth reminds Kainaesyth through the chatting of the dragons, rolling black clouds in a sunless landscape the vision of his mind. He turns his head towards S'ai as his rider dutifully works to oil him. "Alright, soon as we're done we'll go out. I could use a good stretch anyway and I need to wake up some more. Gonna be a long day once we get started with weyrling business. We should really see where he went off to. The staff would be furious if they thought any of us left one of the dragons alone, especially this young."

"Rhenesath wouldn't even let me go to the bathroom - and she was asleep when I went. You heard the noise she made…" Who didn't hear it? Thys guides her dragon over towards the meat, following R'yal's lead in feeding her piece by slow piece. "I agree, S'ai. Ha'ze shouldn't be missing, not so soon. Though at least we know he's alright? Kainaesyth seems fine enough, doesn't he?" « Are you hungry, Kainaesyth? Do you need oil? Shall we look after you while yours is away? Because we can! Do you itch? Will you tell us a story while we wait to go? »

After another bite of meat is taken, Livanyth turns and makes..just a little bit of a move toward Kainaesyth. It's not a step. No, her small..almost too small legs have her giving a tiny hop in that direction. One that she immediately backtracks on, settling herself next to R'yal again. One step-hop is just too far away! « Stay..really. Someone will find him.. » In fact, the little green isn't above /tattling/. Or at least poking R'yal to do it, gently nudging her muzzle against the boy. Thankfully she's a neat eater or there'd be blood getting smeared all about. « Someone should bring him back. Have him brought back? »

Kainaesyth pauses in the threshold, then finally, reluctantly pulls back and begins to step towards the others again. «I am well, with needs met.» His thought curls lovingly around Rhenesath's, a cool breeze pulling the vaguest sent of sage with it. The click of his talons against stone pauses though, as some noise unheard by others comes back to him. His strong bulk turns swiftly and he's darting out of that door. "Kai! Stop it." Ha'ze voice rings out, and only a second later the darkhaired teen reenters the barracks. His bow is strung over his shoulder as Kainaesyth follows him like a feline, pacing his steps out and rubbing dusky hide against the young man. For the dragons, Kainaesyth's voice is a rush of wind, stronger then the gentl ebreezes and kicks up dust to obscure the mind's eye. «He is back!»

S'ai looks to see the missing weyrling coming back in with Kainaesyth in tow, letting out a faint breath. "Heya, Ha'ze." He says with a bob of his head. "Lucky the Weyrlingmasters didn't catcha missing." He adds, though now that he's here his tone seems very much a 'no harm, no foul' tone. Zeruth settles back to his oiling as the lost piece returns to the puzzle, grunting out faintly as he opens a wing to let the thin membranes be tended to.

A comforting croon is sent from Rhenesath to Livanyth when the green backs up, and in response to her question. « We'll find him! » And then, when Ha'ze puts in an appearance, there's a waft of fiery glee across the minds in the conversation, tempered with the heat of affection and a clang of hammer on anvil. « Found! » Thys isn't quite as excited as her lifemate, and she winces as she looks at the bronze weyrling, nodding in agreement with what S'ai said. "You probably shouldn't be leaving him so soon, Ha'ze - what if he was to panic, or if he needed something? Or what it something happened to you? You really ought to stay…" She feeds another piece of meat to Rhenesath, who rumbles appreciatively.

R'yal gently brushes a hand against Livanyth's side slowly, offering the little green some distraction in the form of pleasant scratching. "Alright, alright. I'll just..oh! There he is." Livanyth can relax now! And she does, creeping across R'yal's lap to rest and finish eating. The teen himself looks up toward Ha'ze though as the other weyrling makes his way in. He doesn't reiterate the words of the others though. Three times may be a bit..much. But he does tilt his head a little, watching him. "Everything…okay?"

Rynn and Mazz have been pleasantly dozing this whole time. Yep! The whole time! Big hatchling, big appetite, big sleeping. There's enough commotion that finally cuts through the brown's log sawing snoring and with a rumble he wakes his lifemate who is curled up on round belly side. « Trouble? » The brown wakes to a feeling of instant alertness. Rynn propers herself up and rubs her eyes, blinking a few times and looking around the barracks realizing that through all the dreams of the night past, this is all very, very real. A yawn and a stretch, still a little confused. But, it looks like things are working themselves out and so the shared urge to fill tummy must be met sooner rather than later according to Mazz. No more lack of sleep, food or self care for this little huntress.

Ha'ze casts a faint glare over the other weyrlings. "He was fine. It's not like I can't hear him." He pokes at his head where that quiet flute has played throughout the night. "Needed some time alone. No Kai," his gaze flicks at the dusty bronze following him, answring some question that the bronze has thrown out to just him. The bow is unslung from his shoulder and Ha'ze loosens the string to keep it true. He's pointedly ignoring the other weyrlings, working on putting his stuff away. Kainaesyth continues to rub at his ankles for a moment longer, but with the question of where his Forever had gone to answered, there is no need to not explore a bit more. The flute takes on a chipper sound as it weaves through the minds of the others, encouraging them from indolance and away from tasty desires. Don't they want to explore?

S'ai finishes oiling Zeruth and the bronze turns his head to look over the work. He turns his muzzle and dunks it into the pot before turning back around and smudging it underneath the shoulder joint of his wing. Someone missed a spot, or the dragon might just be a bit of a perfectionist. Seeming then satisfied, the bronze bumps his head into the knee of his rider before standing back to all four feet and giving his wings a wide stretch. « I am not hungry, nor tired. I want to feel the sun. » S'ai, disinclined to argue with Ha'ze, just shrugs at him and looks back to Zeruth. "Alright, sounds like a plan. I could go for that." He stands up from his cot and rubs his oiled hands off onto his pants.

"Morning, Rynn, Mazzolyth," Thys says as the brown and his rider emerge from slumber. She looks conflicted over Ha'ze disappearing, but chooses to keep what further opinion she might have to herself as she hands more meat over to Rhenesath. "Alright, lady, you're done for now." And indeed, the little gold's belly is bulging and she is starting to look sleepy again. Up they get, moving over to the oil vats. « I want to feel the sun, but we, » that would be 'we' as in both dragon and rider, « must be oiled. » "Um, no, Rhen - you need to be oiled. Not me. You're the dragon…" She looks over at R'yal. "Does Livanyth need oiling too?"

Rynn raises a brow at Ha'ze's sharp words, placing a hand on Mazz's head and loving on him to ease the feelings it provokes in the dragon. "It's ok Mazz… they've got it under control." Her voice is soothing as she speaks with her worried lifemate « Are you sure? Should I help? » the dragon is not convinced that everything is ok, eyes swirling the vibrant yellow orange of concern. Food first, bath and oiling after, Rynn must take care of business and chooses not to meddle in the affairs of other Weyrling's and their riders, leaving Ha'ze and Kai to figure it out for themselves (especially considering Ha'ze probably doesn't want anything to do with Rynn right now either). "No, no, gotta let them sort it out Mazz. Let's get you some grub." The chipper sounding flute in the back of her mind's eye reinforces that the bronze is ok. Both arms push upwards to assist with the standing process, a few joints popping as she shakes off the slumber. "Morning Thys, Rhenesath." is responded with a head bob "Sorry of Mazz's snoring kept any of you up." A flute and snuffling symphony it was lat night. Heading to the food buckets dragon stays protectively close to Weyrling, but is readily distracted for some (controlled) gobbling. "Slowly.. slowly.." this will have to be a constant reminder it seems.

Glaring? There's a cold breeze that ghosts around the minds in the barracks, with ice creeping up to freeze small streams in place. Livanyth has paused in her eating again, lifting her head up with a graceful curve of her neck to watch Ha'ze. R'yal gently pulls her attention back to him though, averting his eyes away from the wandering weyrling to pop another bit of meat into the green's mouth. How much more can she /fit/ in there? That seems to be it, thankfully, as she climbs from his lap to sit, though skitter-hops sideways to allow Mazzolyth room. R'yal finally gets up then. "Not me, I was completely out of it. Good morning.." There's a grunt to the end of the greeting as the teen picks up Livanyth…again. "She's going to need oil..yeah, but I've know. Business." And there he goes. Bathroom break? …Yes indeed. And that dragon is coming with him. Nobody said it would be easy.

«That is cold!» Warm winds laced with dust sweep across the ice, seeking to melt it. «It is not good to freeze. Warmth brings life, cold keeps it at bay.» More tiny flowers, this time of bright yellow spread across the dusky landscape, clinging to life among the rocks. Impression hasn't changed Ha'ze very much. His bow is stowed away under the cot carefully before he turns his gaze back to the bronze dragon who has drifted away to poke his head under Mazzolyth's couch. "Kai." Ha'ze's tone is slightly sharp as he calls out for the Bonzes's attention. "Get back here. You haven't eaten yet today." The reminder of food perks Kainaesyth right back up, and he trots back to Ha'ze's side without a second of complaint.

"Alright, let's go." S'ai says as he stoppers and returns the pot of oil and returns back to his bronze. "We're ganna head out a bit, get some sun. Catcha guys later if you come out. I wouln't be far in case the Weyrlingmasters come calling." Zeruth chuffs once in agreement before the bronze, without further ado, marches himself right outside through the front doorway and to the yard outside.

Rhenesath adds more warmth to Kainaesyth's flower-studded vista, a gentle, flame-flecked zephyr caressing each delicate petal and sturdy rock. When she's satisfied with what she's done, the gold's touch withdraws and she nudges at Thys's thighs, pushing her towards a couch that's been surprisingly quiet so far. Oh Amidaaaaeth, Rhenesath's coming to viiiiisiiiit! In goes the gold with a croon of hello for the clutch's other green, who's a bit more receptive to her greeting than Livanyth was. Thys slips in for a quiet chat with young Annah; rider to rider while Rhen no doubt mentally fast-clucks Amidaeth's metaphoric ears off.

Rynn shivers the meddling of mind connections starting to fuse. The earthiness of deep forest soil swirls with the frigid breeze from Livanyth and the florally warm winds from Ha'ze. There's a bit of a chuckle from Rynn with the way R'yal's green is sprawled and the skitter-hop has Mazz warbling a friendly croon her direction in thanks for making space for his large and in charge grumbly tummy self. "Morning t'you too R'yal. Have I said congratulations to you in person yet? She is absolutely stunning." A wink given to the green. Mazz gets only a few chomps of meat in before dragon eyes turn blue and stout neck cranes with interest in Kai's couch snooping « What doing? My couch. » He sends to the bronze with some possessiveness, tail curling around /his/ Rynn as if that would be the next thing in the bronze's interest. A wave is sent S'ai's direction and Mazz is sure to be requesting something similar after foods and pilings.

"Common." Ha'ze sits at the edge of the cot and edges out a bucket of meat. For all the sharpness of his voice he's careful when fishing food out of that bowl and offering it to the bronze. There is utter forgiveness in the relaxation of Kainaesyth's form as he waits for each bite. Perhaps Ha'ze doesn't need to handfeed the bronze, but he is. And those weyrlings who watch might catch a hint at the depth of the bond, despite the otherwise outward indifference the teen shows Kai. Breezes curl out fo Mazz's curious. «It is better to not feel the need to keep. There are stories to be told, and they can only be shared when one is open.»

Rynn gives large cut pieces of meat to Mazz, filling his tummy's desire to a sated but not over full state. Sleepiness of course begins to set in, but his response is no less direct. «You have your needs and I have mine.» That tail curls even more tightly around Rynn's leg, which provokes a gentle pinch from girl to dragon. 'Take it easy!' Rynn projects to Mazz since he doesn't know his own strength yet. The loamy mire of fertile forest fills the caverns and the dragon request with interest, apparently seeing some value in asking Kai « What kind of stories? From beneath the couch?? » Rynn will give tummy rubs to help with digestion and when the large brown hatchling saunters back to said couch he will plop down and let head fall upside down to look at the curious Kai. Oilings will start taking place.

The best thing about mind to mind speak is that one can eat while speaking. Rather than answer the question the cadence of drums can be heard, adding to the beat of his words. «There are stories to be found everywhere. Perhaps in the small bits which drop from the food bucket, or from the small creatures who creep across the stone. Why limit what can be discovered? The world belongs to all.» His voice curls quiet again, with the drumbeats slowing to a steady thump of conviction. «It is not good to hide what can be discovered.» Ha'ze rolls his eyes slightly, listening to the edges of Kai's words, the outspoken dragon not even attempting to keep his conversation with the brown private.

Mazzolyth dragon-grimaces while looking down at shared ideas about small bits of food on the floor « Doesn't look like much story down there t'me. » is warbled in reference to the dirty waste that's been trampled by weyrlings and hatchlings. « MY Rynn belongs to me! » The ferocity of a bear is growled with these thoughts, obviously not convinced that his whole world -which is Rynn and only Rynn thus far- belongs to anyone besides him. The huntress turned Weyrling works a fine sheen coat of oils over hide, sighing as she tries not to imagine how long this will take when Mazz is fully grown. Rynn will glance over to Ha'ze, catching that eye-rolling and snickering a bit. "S'gonna be quite the experience eh?" the first words spoken between the two since their interaction in the tunnel.

"Experience. Right." The words are few and far between for the teen. He barely even glances over at Rynn, and no smile has yet to make its apperance upon his face. Kainsaeth stretches himself, taking another bite of meat in his teeth and savoring it before gulping it down. The flute pipes again, almost as if it is laughing at the posessiveness for which Mazz holds Rynn. «Your forever is yours. Mine is mine. But that does not mean that experiences cannot be shared! There is much to be discovered, and perhaps yours will be the one to discover it. Or perhaps it will be mine.»

Wandering in from the yard without comes Br'enn and Tovihasuth - though the dragon half of the pair is decidedly trying to do more of a bound. It isn't working so well; the baby bronze is clearly worn out and trying not to show it. "Would y' stop 'n' breathe?" Br'enn is exhorting his lifemate, though there's endless amusement on his face as he trails his bronze further in toward the others. Tovihasuth's greeting to the others is energetically happy, a brisk breeze whistling over the greenery-shrouded spires of a white-walled, many-towered sanctuary standing tall among dramatic mountains. « Hey guys! Have you seen it out there yet? It's amazing! You should come explore with me sometime! » At least he's allowing for 'sometime' and not 'right now' - much to Br'enn's relief.

Rynn shakes her head at the current state of Ha'ze, not understanding how and why he is acting this way right now. He sure is a confusing one when it comes to Rynn, who's truly enveloped in the oneness and bond with her finally found eternal connection. There's a little frown at the smile-less glance, once he turns away that is, but the huntress must just shrug it off and busy herself with her own responsibilities. Wax-on; Wax-off. Oils are rubbed in circularly with gentle massage that makes the brown hatchling nearly purr. His calm and sedate gravity for a mind voice leaves the impression of pine and new growth in the barracks « Maybe you should tell Yours that then! He sure is a grump and doesn't seem to be very nice to Mine, or anyone else's really. » Calling in the favors right from the start, then there is a rebuttal « We will discover lands far and wide, even if Yours doesn't like Mine. I've got this wise one. I will be there for Rynn always and things will be glorious as the depths of Pern are explored together. » Rynn's hazy gaze flashes to Br'enn, pulling her from trying to focus on exactly what Mazz is conveying to the other bronze. "Br'enn, Tovihasuth!" she bubbles their direction. "Aren't you two just perfect…" is a statement more than a question. « Just woke up.. what a day yesterday! Much food, oilings and lovings must be done before I let her in to the scary outside. » Yep he's a little protective.

The soft melody curves upwards, as breezes push gentle laughter through the link between bronze and brown. «Mine is who he is. And is loved for just that. I wouldn't wish him to change… though perhaps to take me when he leaves.» Ha'ze pauses in his feeding of the bronze, eyeing the creature with a bit of a stink eye. "I came back," is muttered, and Kainaesyth butts his head against Ha'ze's hand playfully. When Tovihasuth's mind reaches out Kai scrambles to his feet and is already bounding for the dodorway. «Come! Out it is time to see the world and develop new stories! There once was a dragon and his Forever, bound to discover the world!» The bronze disappears without not waiting for Ha'ze. The weyrling sighs, and reaches down for teh buckets. "Dang creature hasn't even finished eating." Without a backward glance at Br'enn or Rynn Ha'ze exits the weyrling barracks in the dust of the bronze.

« Awww, c'mon, she'll be okay! » Tovihasuth insists when Mazzolyth's protectiveness arises, playful breezes licking at the pines the brown impresses upon the minds of those nearby. « She knows the outside already. Er…well, that's what mine has in his head anyway. » Kainaesyth's exuberance is met with a glad gust of wind, but Br'enn sets his hands against the small bronze's neck and shoves, chuckling. "No more today, Tov," the former hunter says firmly. "Oilin' for you now, then sleepin'." Which will probably happen during the oiling. The baby bronze huffs dejectedly, but ambles over to his couch, tripping once in the process but not falling completely over.

Mazzolyth is not fully convinced, though for some reason there is a small notion of trusty for Tovi's words as trees sway in the joyous breezes of the bronze's mind touch. « You're sure? You and Yours will help to watch after her too?? I am worried about her. The things I see. What is she doing out there? » Pinecone and spice emanate from this question, the tranquility of crickets in the forest ringing out. Rynn has apparently been letting on slowly as to what exactly her hobbies are, the mind connection between the two still capable of excluding small bits and pieces until the dragon is ready for them. Once the oiling is complete, Rynn wipes her hands off on a nearby towel and the brown does a roll to right himself, paws folded under neatly. "How are you?" the huntress asks of hunter.

Ciesoveth had been sleeping, with the couch a claimed near the south, and Sk'ler had been sleeping with him, as opposed to his cot when both stretch and shift. Except that one falls off and the other doesn't. Ciesoveth wakes up in alarm and is then peering down at Sk'ler . "Ouch." then theres a grin "I'm okay," a soft warble is given and then Ciesoveth looks around.

C'rus and Jaicoureth awaken! And what an awakening it is. The melding of the minds has certainly left a strong impression on both of them. They lift their heads in unison, stand up and stretch…in unison, of course, and poke their heads out of the bunk…again in unison, "We have awakened." they annouce to the gathering present there, "We seek to find food. We love bacon." They both walk out from behind the curtain and survey the new living situation. If they feel strongly about it one way or the other it is not evident.

Br'enn heads to the end of the barracks containing the cabinets and shelves full of supplies - with Tovihasuth following, of course, rather than staying put on his couch - and returns with a pot of oil. The little bronze then happily bounces up onto his couch and flops down as Br'enn wipes his hide clear of any grit picked up from their walk. "I'm…happy," he answers Rynn, the word feeling almost new on his tongue as he smirks over at her. "Not just 'cause he's happy; it's hard t' describe. Y'know what I mean." They all must! "What about you?" At the awakening of his blue brothers, Tovihasuth gives a happy croon, if a little drowsy. « Of course we will! » the bronze answers the brown readily. « Though… I think yours does what mine does. I need to talk to him more about it; it's confusing trying to understand it. » Perhaps the purpose of hunting doesn't make sense to him. « Hi guys! » his boyish voice greets the others, the brisk breezes of his mind lessening and the sky above the greenery-clad temple heading toward sunset hues as sleepiness sets in. Br'enn glances over at Sk'ler as he awakens, then blinks at C'rus. "Uh…mayhap y'might wanna take a moment to figure out the 'you' from the 'we' there, Cy," he notes, on eyebrow arching as his amusement lingers.

Rynn watches as Br'enn walks the length of the barracks, so many thoughts, so many words, and so many things that will be left unsaid circulating in her mind. She'll flop down next to Mazz, who's kind of on cloud-9 being fully fed and oiled. The studly brown is feeling sleepy… verrrryyyyy sleepy. "I know whatcha mean.." is said back to the bronzer, and easy out of a response. "He has found me.. it feels good. We complete each other… though he's got a lot of questions about you." She tries to whisper, but he is obviously keen to just about everything Rynn says or does now and he grumbles at Br'enn quizzically to reinforce that his questions will be answered in time. « I saw them… outside. Mostly good, but… something scary. » The rocky punctuation of cliffsides and mountains fall like the falling leaves of Mazz's mind touch. With Sk'ler and Ciesoveth rousing, the fall from cot has Rynn giggling a little and Mazz concerned asking « Need helps? Must cuddle and keep safe. » His protectiveness will be restrained by Rynn's presence in his mind. "He's alright." she says "Morning C'rus Jaicoureth. Good to se you guys. And.. bacon?"

Has R'yal been gone long? He may have needed to take a bit of a rest along the way. After all, Livanyth might be the smallest, but she's still not small enough not to be a little awkward when carried. And carried she is! Her tail has curled around the boy's waist to keep from dragging on the ground, and she keeps her wings as out of the way as possible as she's carted back into the barracks. He makes it back to his cot before carefully setting the little green down, puffing out a tired breath. It earns a bit of worry from Liv, and the green gives a soft, quiet creel. "No, I'm fine. It's okay. We'll work on it, alright?" He remains standing at least, hands gently stroking along her neck while looking around. " everyone up finally?"

As seems to be the case of S'ai and Zeruth, it is the bronze who walks first. He steps in from the outside, fresh oil still highlighting the subtle linework that highlights his joints and bones. « You should all enjoy the sun. » "It's a pretty nice day out there." « It is warm and bright. Much different than the eggs. » "Good breeze, too." Save the impression of a dark world from Zeruth and the faint subtly in tone, it would be difficult to tell dragon's voice from rider. The more hours that pass the more they sound identical. S'ai makes his way for the meat kept in the barracks, getting a bucket which he carries back to his cot where Zeruth has settled.

C'rus and Jaicoureth turn their heads in unison toward Br'enn «We are fine.» "We are fine." Dragon and human reply in perfect harmony, «There is no disharmony in us.» "There is no disharmony in us." Oh dear. They then begin to cast thier heads around, again in that uncanny unison way, in an apparent search for said food, «They have not placed bacon here. We would smell it.» "They have not placed bacon here. We would smell it." They begin to slowly make thier way down the central aisle betweent he cots, step after step until they stop…at the same time of course, and turn toward Mazz and Rynn, «We also wish you good morning.» "We also wish you good morning." they reply with a dip of thier heads, "It is a highly desirable food. We must find more." «It is a highly desireable food. We must find more.» they reply with a rather serene smile before once again…zip…they turn their heads toward the new arrivals, "Yes. We have awakened." «Yes. We have awakened.» comes the reply. As S'ai and Zeruth enter they also recieve a dip of the head, from both C'rus and Jaicoureth, "Good morning." «Good Morning.».

"Strange, findin' a hole filled y'didn't even know y'had," Br'enn murmurs, nodding slowly to Rynn's observations. That the brown has questions has the bronze weyrling looking thoughtfully over at the pair. "He can ask whatever he wants," Br'enn says, gaze levelling intently on Rynn for a moment. "Just gotta be careful what gets let slip here," he murmurs just loud enough for her to hear as he taps his temple. "For now." Though Tovihasuth may well put things together on his own; there's a good deal of cleverness beyond his Turns to the bronze, even now. Tovihasuth's answer to Mazzolyth pointing out something scary is a change of air to water, a gentle lapping of calm sea against sculpted, snowy shores harboring gracefully shaped buildings and bridges of ice. « It's okay for things to be scary sometimes. We won't know what courage is without those things. » Something gleaned from his bonded, or his own observation? It's hard to say. Br'enn gives a small grunt to R'yal's question, setting work oiling now that
Tov's hide has been cleared of anything that might get in the way. "Not sure how much longer we'll be," he replies. "We've been walkin'." Enough said? « It's amazing! » Tovihasuth concurs with Zeruth. Then he gives Livanyth a croon of greeting before tilting his head curiously at Jaicoureth. « Harmony's good! But you need to talk separate from each other. You'll get off balance if you don't. » What he means by that might be a little vague, but Tov is, of course, trying to find another way to put it. Br'enn gives S'ai a bit of a wave and shakes his head a bit at C'rus, focusing back on oiling. "Yeah, that's pretty obvious." The no disharmony thing. It's not said unkindly, just without much of a clue as to how to help the matter.

It may take a moment or two, but Livanyth does finally lift her head, peering at her clutch siblings for a long moment before the gentle tingle of cold brushes against them. « Hello… » Her voice is quiet, childlike, and a bit shy, really, though tickling with the faintest touches of snow. R'yal finally sits down next to her again, gently nudging the young green until she finally hops over to the edge of the cot. It's really the most space she's put between her and R'yal all day. He shakes his head a little though, peering at C'rus for a moment. "You're in each other's minds, not /the/ same one.. That''s kinda weird when you're doing that." Creepy, really. He curls his fingers gently around the tip of Livanyth's tail though, sighing out a faint breath. "She's tired, too. It's been a crazy day.." What with hatching, and all.

Rynn sage-nods while idly stroking the dragon who's quickly slipping back in to sweet, snoring slumber « I'll take your word for it.. after a nap we can venture. I just don't want her hurt. EVER! » The rumbling of a stampede through a gorge is heard. Outside adventures will have to saved until later. » "Strange.. definitely one way to explain it." Her hazel gaze flickers to the bronzer, she wants to reach out for him, but that is definitely out of the question at the moment. "I think we should save it till he's ready." The holding back gets a big grumble from the dreamy guy who's tail wraps around the tiny girl's waist. They're cuddled up on the couch and she pets "It's ok Mazz, you'll know all about everything in time." He settles at this and sighs himself to sleep, head resting in his life mate's lap. A smile for the doubles from C'rus and Jai noting "Peas in a pod you two.. m'sure someone from the kitchens can bring for you two." A yawn and she's smiling to S'ai, R'yal and everyone else. "Looks like we're back down for the count.." a large log-sawing sound from the brown bear of a dragon. "Catch y'all for adventures later ya?" Curling up in the safety and completion of that which is Mazzolyth Rynn too fades to black.

Green and blue eyes meet and S'ai and Zeruth seem to share some private laugh, both looking quite entertained. The weyrling looks to C'rus, his grin wide and amused. "Yeah, morning to you too." Zeruth's own head turns much the same as his rider, though he looks to Jaicoureth. When he speaks, though, it is to all of them and his voice is as calm and deep as a night black sea. « They will learn. We are all part of the other but each has their own purpose. Give them time. » S'ai settled down in his cot, beginning to dutifully pass over chunks of meat to Zeruth, though the bronze doesn't seem prone to overindulging.

There's a quiet snore from the fine-featured bronze head resting heavily on Br'enn's left leg, and the weyrling himself is rubbing his eyes vigorously, trying to keep them open. "Shells," he swears quietly, laughing a little. "Be good to finally get the hang of keepin' separate enough t' not fall asleep along with 'im." He goes about closing up the pot of oil, his task unfinished. Br'enn will have to somehow make Tovihasuth stay still long enough to get completely oiled once he wakes up again. For now, the bronzer reaches out and manages to flip a pillow from his cot toward him, then lays back on the stone couch and shoves it under his head. "I'm out, too, gents. See ya later." And in seemingly no time, the hunter is in the same state as his dragon, his breathing quiet and even as bond-induced sleep falls heavily upon him.

C'rus and Jaicoureth look around as the others begin to fall asleep, it seems only Sai and his lifemate are awake, "That happened fast." Cyrus says with the dragon offering his customary echo as well. The fact that Zeruth is eating has not gone unnoticed by the presently rather mixed up pair, «What is that?"» "What is that?" Dragon and human ask. Zeruth's comment about giving them time goes apparently rather over thier head, because they don't respond.

S'ai raises up his brow as he looks over the shoulder and slowly holds up one damp piece of raw meat. "…ya know, dragon food? C'rus, think with your higher processes here, just a minute." The meat is passes to a waiting Zeruth who huffs as he chomps it down in two bites. « I do trust you have eaten since our hatching? » He and his rider look to one another simultaneously, and even with the anatomy a bit different the same sort of raised-brow expression could almost be inferred.

If some sort of higher thought process was present, its evidence is certainly lacking both in the expressions that dragon and rider carry as well as in the way that they speak. C'rus and Jaicoureth make their way toward the place where the food sits, "We have eaten." «We have eaten.» is the simple answer to the second question, the first is largely ignored, "This does not please us as much as bacon but it will do." «This does not please us as much as bacon but it will do." they respond as they both poke their heads lower to take a gander at the raw meat.

S'ai raises up a hand as he slants a look aside to Zeruth, twirling a finger at his temple. The bronze just snorts and nudges the bucket and S'ai obediently gives him another piece. "C'rus, don't you dare try and eat that." «Jaicoureth, hear my rider. » There is the gleam of red in the corner of his eye, warning. "Your dragon can eat that but you can't, no matter how much your muddled brain might think it'd taste good."

C'rus and Jaicourth lift their heads from the meat and fix their eyes on Zeruth and S'ai, shifting from one to the other. A look of puzzlement in both of their faces. "We are perfectly clear. We are not muddled. Why do others say this of us?" Cyrus and Jaicourth respond, the dragon once more echoing back the thought. There is no anger in the question, but a certain confusion certainly, "We may eat. We must eat, or we will starve." «We may eat. We must eat, or we will starve.» comes the response.

~*~*~ Scene Continued, and C'rus has the rest! ~*~*~