Weyrling Barracks

High and lonely, a single strand of wind dances quietly through juniper and sage. The cloying sweet scent drifts with the breeze, entreating the senses to close, to renew, to sleep. To take in the coolness that comes only after sunset, and bask in the depth of stone walls that curl protectively upwards in ragged faces. This is the time of stillness, between the heat of the day and the chill of the night. The time when the day stalkers rest and the night has not thrown off the veil of sleep. The single flute, just a few notes to its melody now, sings a song through the stillness.

Ha'ze lays, eyes open in the darkness of the weyrling barracks, eyes fixed on the wall. Even asleep, Kainaesyth's mind continues to sing to Ha'ze's, reaffirming what he had spoken earlier. Love. Without exception, without question, without hesitation.

It had been the first time Ha'ze had ever felt it. And the jump of his heart when that connection had been made, the filling of that unknown void, had almost been painful.

How could this have happened? The blackness before him holds no answers to the confusion swirling deep in Ha'ze's heart. For there is blackness there- which even Kai's cool drip of water and play of gentle breezes cannot sway. I can't stay and care for a baby. His guilt twisted revenge curls deep, making it difficult to even breathe. I have to kill Ustrr. Unbidden in the darkness though, his hand smooths down across a dusky brown neck, and Kainaesyth curls closer, flipping a black and gold veined tail over one of Ha'ze's feet, and curling it there securely.

I can't leave him. It was a fact as simple and unrefutable as the fact that Ha'ze still had a responsibility to kill Ustrr, to exact that revenge.

Inner turmoil brings Kai slowly out of the stillness. A buck, wary of the approaching night and the predators it brings, steps cautiously from behind fragrant sage where it had hidden so carefully disguised among the gray and green. Stepping forward he dips his nose to that pond and licks, once, twice, before he is gone again. «Ha'ze. Don't worry.» The quiet rumble of an approaching storm marks an underlying understanding. «We are together.» Curling even closer the soft hide of dragonskin smooths under Ha'ze's hand.



«I have story for you.»

Separation was not an option.

But still, even as Kainaesyth's voice curls through the night, telling of werrys that were tasty, and couches that are soft and love that is forever… Ha'ze continues to stare at the wall in the darkness.

I can't leave him. Kainaesyth was too firmly bound around his heart. I can't take him.