Fort Weyr - Thunderbird Wing Lounge
This Living Cavern Annex may not be the biggest room in the weyr but it's comfortable. Wafts of the unmistakeable scent of burning wood and random mugs of klah fill the room. An arrangement of plush chairs and sofas, the majority seeming to be congregated about the large fireplace, each have a small end table nearby to stow what ever refreshments the Thunderbird riders have managed to smuggle in under the Wingleader's nose. The mantle itself is relatively plain. A tapestry depicting the Thunderbird Wing badge hangs above, but that is the only organization based decoration that the room holds. Simplicity. All you really need is a comfortable chair and a foot rest after a long day, right?

Abigail is just sitting down in a seat, a mug of klah in hand and a stack of paperwork in the other. She eyes the stack quietly a moment and makes a face at it. "Eh.. So tired of the paperwork." Is grumbled out mostly to herself before she takes a sip from her mug and eyes a few things on the top piece of paper. In all it is rather laid back quiet at the moment, which after everything that has been going on it isn't a bad thing. For the moment she just enjoys it being quiet, along with the fact that she can relax for a few moments.

Relax?! Yeah, that's not going to happen! Zaala appears at the door way, with a few healing cuts on her face and a bandage over her arm. She hasn't been able to track down Abigail until after she promised Borodin to go see the healers and they made sure she won't die of human rabis or nothing like that. She slips passed a rider whose exiting, bobbing her head politely and making an gesture to Abigail when the man stops a little short of leaving directly, a questioning eye on the girl. That aside, Zaala makes for Abigail, biting her lip as she looks around upon her approach. "Abbey…!" she hurries forward then, realizing she has this moment with the brownrider to herself. "I need to talk to you," there's a sense of uregency in her voice, "Borodin said I should. I… need your help." For the usually sassy blonde to be hesitating over her words and to have that pitch of worry in her tone, suggests she's not playing a practical joke.

Abigail glances up at the movement and blinks as she catches sight of Zaala running in and over to her, there is a pause and she looks a bit worried at first. "Zalla?.." A slight wave of her hand is seen towards the other rider that is still at the door. All is well it seems. She points to a chair. "Sit down.. What happened to yer arm, and why would ye need me help?" Color her confused it seems.

K'drozen makes his way tiredly into the wing lounge, the brown rider appearing somewhat wet, but in a relitively good mood. He whistle softly to himself a he goes. Spotting Abigail and Zaala he waves and smiles in greating, "Hey." until his eyes fall onto Zaala obvious injuries, his expression darkening immediately.

Zaala looks over her shoulder when Abigail gestures to the other rider, catching the glimpse of him turning and wandering off to whatever life events happen in his world. Zaala does at least, seem relieved to have found Abigail, nodding as she plunks down in a seat. She's wearing long pants too, which seems odd, considering she likes wearing shorts in the summer. Probably something to do with further injuries. The bruising on her arm is enough to show she was messed up in something. "Um…" her eyes look down to her arm, but before she has a moment to explain what happened, K'drozen greets them. Her eyes turn up toward him, but fleetingly, almost as if she was guilty of something and didn't want to see that darkening look. Either way, she exhales, straightens her shoulders, and then addresses K'drozen, "I'm glad you're here too. Maybe you both can help me." She seems to forget answering about the arm, "Look, I found something… someone… I uhm, I'm not sure what I should do. It's… I don't want to get anyone in trouble, they -need- help… by the looks of them."

Abigail she looks over Zaala a few moments, yeing what bruises and the like she can see. A glane is offered to K'drozen and she nods to him before she looks back Zaala. "What happened.. Who needs help?.." There is a pause. "Where's Borodin..?" Well the other girl did name her brother when she first got here after all.

K'drozen frown deepens as he walks up to the pair and looks between them, not adding to the conversation at this point just listening, his eyes scanning up and down Zaala, as if taking in her various injuries.

"Borodin's okay. He wasn't involved. I just saw him first and he told me to come to you, that'd you would know what to do with this sort of thing," she shrugs her shoulders, looking down a little, "I probably should've done something right away, but, they were just kids. Three of them… they didn't look older than fourteen. They looked… so frightened of me. Of ME… I'm not even that terrifying, am I?" She gives a slight smirk, looking between the two, "I guess, I was snooping around in the tunnels…after all the gossip, I just wanted to poke around a bit and see for myself. You can't blame me for being curious." She pulls her hair over her shoulder and twists it up in a bunch, "I um, saw three youths carrying something, so I um, followed them." Cue the innocent but not going to look at you look.

Abigail leans back slightly while she watches Zaala for a few long moments. There is a pause and she tilts her head while takingin the story. "Not terrifying unless using yer words of course." For a moment while she watches her. "Ye went into the tunnels after everything that happened?" A slight frown is seen and she leans forward to point at Zaala. "Ye followed 'em ta where Zaala?" No innocent look seems to be working on her at the moment.

K'drozen frown deepens just a bit and says softly, "What did these kids look like." looking to Zaala closely, "And did they do that to you?" he nods at Abigails question as well.

Zaala lifts her brow at Abigail, a hurt look crossing her face when it comes to being terrifying. Still, with a tug of her hair, she looks between them. Can she trust them not to run straight to the Weyrleaders? There were guard patrols she had to evade just as well as the youths did. "Well yeah," Zaala states with her teenage sassy drawl when Abigail asks her if she went into the tunnels, "It's weyrbrat tradition." Like all those stories about candidates creeping through the secret ways into the hatching grounds, most of them, were in fact, weyrbrats that broke the rules. "I followed them out of the tunnels, up this stair case to this forest area with what looked like ruins of some old building or something. I wanted to follow them further, but guard patrols were coming up on my position so I had to break out of the stairwell before I was caught… except the kids were still there. They dropped what they were carrying and started to run." She frowns, "They looked harmless. The one kid tripped and broke his nose or something, cause he was bleeding. That's when the girl jumped me. I was trying to help the kid with a bleeding nose but she went all feline on me and started to claw and scratch me… I was determined to hold one of them, to get it out of them what was going on, but that's…" she looks to her arm, "when she bit me. They all started running and I chased for a while…" a blush comes over her cheeks, "But I'm no good at chasing, I um… fell. They got away."

Abigail offers a soft smile to Zaala. "I'm only joking." Is said with a soft tone to her friend, her hand reaching out to try and take holf of Zaala's so she doesn't go about yanking out her hair with it getting twisted over and over. She keeps her smile and nods at the bit on them running through tunnels. "I wasn't a weyrbrat so I'll take yer word for it." The story is taken in and she is quiet while listening. A glance is sent over to K'drozen pondering what he thinks before she looks back to Zaala and leans back in her chair. "Which way did they go when they was running?" Fearl kids.. "What was they taking, and did ye go to the healer to take care of yer arm?"

K'drozen frowns deeply and says, "Did you get a good look at them. Sounds like it could have been the kids I caught in the stores.." he frowns a bit, "Didn't find proof of them takin anything until after they left.." he nods to Abigail and says, "We really should go out and look for them. If you can get us going the right way we should be able to find them…." he shakes his head slowly and mimics Abigails words, "You did go to the healer right Zaala?"

"There were three, like I was saying… They were using nicknames, um, Trundlebug, Needlethorn, and Deadglow… Trundlebug was the youngest, twelve at the oldest, but he was pudgy and short, he also had messy hair, like he hasn't ever combed it. His clothes were all rumpled and … they didn't fit him right. Deadglow, had badly cut hair too and he wasn't graceful at all, he's the one that fell. He's all awkward looking… Needle is the girl that jumped me… She's skinny but a wiggly thing. And I have her teeth marks on my arm…" A look toward each of the brownriders, "That Deadglow one, he was bleeding…" which could mean there's still a trail to follow, "They were heading um…" yeah, directions and Zaala don't mix, "Well, um, straight ahead of the tunnel entrance. They said something about going to camp redfruit." There's a nod, "That's where I was before I came looking for you. They made sure I wasn't going to die of infection." She hesitates, "I … um…. hid what they were trying to take. I… I wanted to help them, they were all… dirty and such. I felt sorry for them. They were taking survival stuff, it's in a trunk by the ruins. I hope they didn't come back for it by now. I hid it as best I could." She looks between them, "Are you going to tell the Weyrleaders?"

Abigail nods a moment, pondering this all it seems. "Zaala.. We're have to tell 'em at some point. There was talks of someone stealing things in the past.. Though I think we could stress the fact that there children and need the help." She looks to K'drozen. "Ye know anything about some camp like that around where kids could be hiding at?" She looks back to Zaala. "I want to help 'em too, but we have ta do it the right way.. Understand?"

K'drozen looks to Abigial and says, "I know of a few places it could be around possibly from sweeps." he says, "At that age they couldn't possibly have gotten to far. If we fly missing person patterns up that way, then just maybe. Hell it fits almost perfectly into what we train for really." he frowns still and says, "If we can find and catch them… maybe they won't be to happy with it at first but we can make sure they get cleaned up and some good food in the at least, I don't like the idea of kids out there needing survial supplies..

Zaala looks between them both, "So I guess the notion of bringing them the supplies is out, huh?" She knows that's just a sympathic dream that'll never happen. Instead, she does take a moment to sigh, nodding at Abigail, "That's why I brought it to you… both. I mean, you two are the search and rescue riders, and these are kids that need help after all.." And as for the stolen goods, "They obviously need all those supplies. They learned the guard patrols enough to evade them." A lick of her lips, "Maybe you should um, go to the Weyrleaders right away, before the trail goes cold."

Abigail smiles to Zaala and nods. "We can take some supplies with us, try and win 'em over and all at first." She points to the other's arm. "Try not to get anymore bites along with it." Her gaze turns to K'drozen. "We're get word sent to them, and go out looking see what we can find." There is a glance sent to her stack of paper work, which she is a bit glad to pass on. "I'm going to get a few of the others an start looking for some sign of 'em." While standing she gives Zaala's shoulder a soft touch. "We're going to help 'em, just through the right channel.. Ye did good, thank ye Zaala." With a soft smile offered she turns and is off to get going on the sweep to look for tracks.

K'drozen nods to Abigail and says, "We will take it in shifts, When your group is ready to call it, let me know and Rhyrith and I will go up, I hate to say it, might be easier to find them at night. If they got the survival supplies they might have little camp fires.."

Zaala lets her hair finally free, her nervousness and stress abaited when the reassurances of both brownriders, "I hope you can find them… They didn't do anything wrong, just… trying to live…" a sympathic expression turned toward K'drozen, "And they're terrified. I wish… they would've just… stopped and talked to me." She shakes her head, "I feel like, like I could've done more to help them. Instead I chased them away!" She sighs, going quiet as the riders start to work out their plans between eachother.

K'drozen looks over to Zaala and smiles, "You did good Zaala." steping over to her he lightly slips an arm about her and continues, "We will do what we can to help them. Trust me, you did the right thing bringing it to me and Abi, she will get the first group of S and R out looking for them, I will take the second shift, It shouldn't take to long to locate them.

Zaala makes a quiet but forced smile underneath all that strain of worry, her hands rubbing together as she looks down at her lap, "I just don't want them locked up like… like they did to those other holdless. It's cruel Kal, it's just cruel what they've done. Aren't they all just people? Aren't dragonriders supposed to protect people?" She looks at him, wondering, waiting for an answer, even though K'drozen isn't the one who made the call to keep all the holdless in one place, secure under guard watch.

"How precisely do you tell if a man is good or not? If a woman is good or not?" That is her dilemma, pushing herself up from the seat, almost frustrated by that logic that all are guilty until some are proven innocent, "Do we judge everyone as evil until they prove themselves good?" She gestures with her hand, walking over toward a picture on the wall, something of search and rescue to be sure, maybe even a image of justice, "Just because that girl bit me in her fear, in her desperation to free her friend, does that make her evil? Does that make her bad?" She pivots and pins a stare on K'drozen, whom, maybe she wishes was Th'ero, "If you deem people criminals, then they'll be just that. Ugh. It's so frustrating." She looks toward the door, "I'm going to go wash up…" a beat, her eyes turning slowly on Kal, "I hope you find them and … keep them safe."

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