Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.
Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

Mid-summer sees the Weyr undergoing a bit of a heat wave. Not unusual for the region even if it has a few of the more seasoned riders (especially in Thunderbird) a little uneasy. Some still remember all that trouble with the forest fires — even though it turned out over half of them were intentionally set. Today though, the Weyr is calm. Folk go about their usual tasks and those who aren't have flocked to the lake if they haven't retreated to the lower levels of the Weyr where the stone keeps things relatively cool. Dragons are bathing or sunning themselves in the deeper end of the water, while some residents swim in the shallower end including most of the weyrbrats (supervised, of course). Th'ero is making his round of the shoreline and well away from the water though his attention continuely turns to it. Perhaps out of mild curiosity or perhaps for a glimpse of a familiar face or two. For all the Weyrleader knows, his children are among the groups swimming. Could be he's there just to relax and cool down a bit himself even if he isn't really dressed for it either.

R'yal is one such resident of the Weyr taking advantage of the much cooler waters. With a dragon so predisposed to the chillier months, the two have certainly made an effort to dampen the effects of summer. Livanyth is further out, repeatedly dunking her tiny body under to keep cool. She's not /pleased/ with this whole summer business..though she's not terribly fond of how crowded the lake seems to be, either. She edges away whenever another dragon swims a bit too close. There is a /bubble/ that must be respected! R'yal, while in the water, has kept to a more shallow area that he can simply lounge in. Being able to simply lay in the water without the chore of floating? Excellent. Except when nearby children cause a rush of water to abruptly cover his head. The greenrider sits up rather quickly then, sputtering faintly.

And here is another resident in the form of freshly turned 13 turn old Teena. Here to swim perhaps she carries awkwardly a young blue perched on her forearm towards the waters. He's creeling quite loudly and from the stress on Teena's expression, has been for some time.

Velokraeth has already bathed and is currently lounging on one of the lower ledges overlooking the lake below. He likes it there as it gives him a great view. Not that he's spying! He prefers the word… observing. Yes, that's it. Observing! Could be he's observing Livanyth or the children or Faranth knows what but the bronze looks pleased and amused. Which is never a good thing. Th'ero will catch the last end of R'yal being doused by the passing children and there's a slight grimace of sympathy for the greenrider. "You alright?" he asks, a touch curtly but not meant to be. Give him a moment, he'll eventually thaw! Teena's arrival is noted not so much for her but for the creeling blue. She's given a curious glance followed by a slight frown. "Is there something wrong, child?" Surely there is if the firelizard is making that amount of noise and she looking so stressed!

Just a little coughing, and R'yal can breathe again. And since breathing is important, all the better. Fingers brush damp hair away from his face though, looking up at the sound of Th'ero nearby. "O..oh! Um..yeah, no problem. Just a little water." Though there's now a somewhat wary eye given to where the children are playing. The greenrider shakes his head just a bit, then finally stands in the shallow water, dripping as he takes the few steps out towards Th'ero. Although, he too turns his attention toward the creeling, brows arching upward.

Teena spies R'yal's dunking out of the corner of her eyes but really most of her attention is focused upon the tiny blue. "Oh I don't know!" she says with some worry to her tone as she replies to Th'ero. "He's not hungry cause he just ate but he keeps making this noise!" poor Teena is a tad stressed for her new friend. "I thought maybe he wanted to swim in the lake?" hopefully glance is cast towards the beautiful waters.

"A little water or closer to drowning?" Th'ero drawls in his usual dry manner. There's humour there even if his smile is faint and barely more than a quirk at one corner of his mouth. As R'yal steps out of the water, he'll add in a more serious tone. "Lake is crowded today. Surprised more haven't gone outside of the Weyr." Those that could anyways. "If there's one thing I learned though is that there is no peace if the nannies and caretakers bring the children out here." Glancing back to Teena, the Weyrleader's usual unreadable and standoffish stance softens slightly. "Perhaps?" There's a sidelong glance to R'yal. Does the greenrider know the answer to this mystery? "… How much did you feed him?"

R'yal sighs faintly, settling a hand on his hip while looking back at the water. "I wish some of them would. Livanyth's not keen on them all, especially with the way she's glowing." The greenrider makes a face at that, and simply sweeps his hair back again with his fingers. Damp hair is at least easy to push around! The continued crying from the firelizard earns a wince though, and a glance is given back at Th'ero with a shrug. "If he ate /too/ much I doubt it's any different than when the dragons are little. Could get…um..clogged up..?"

Teena stammers on the question as she looks between both men. "Um..well uh, not too much. A whole bowl full of meat." she pauses. "He was really hungry." the young blue snaps open his wings to their full width which ends up with one of them in Teena's face. "Ouch!" seen by anyone close enough there is a flaky patch of skin under the wings. "Can he get…clogged up?" Teena looks towards R'yal also.

Not that dreaded word! Th'ero starts and gives R'yal a sharper look before darting one over his shoulder. Suddenly Velokraeth's head is tilted in an "innocent" way as he pretends to preen a wing. The Weyrleader sighs, "I was wondering why he was insisting he bathe here. Normally I'd share a few semi-private lakes that are accessible to riders but…" His hands lift in a helpless gesture. They both know neither Livanyth or R'yal can leave and the grimace that follows says it all. Sorry? Focusing back on Teena and the firelizard, Th'ero frowns again but nods his head in agreement, "Yes the can if they're fed far too much. Not as common as with a weyrling dragon but it happens. Doubt one bowl of meat would do it…" Unless it was huge. Wincing when the girl gets smacked in the face, he does catch that little patch of hide and points. "That, however, may be the culprit. Did no one tell you to oil him?"

R'yal does offer a slight smile at least, shrugging. There's nothing /he/ can do about the fact that his dragon is proddy. Though the green does finally make her own way out of the water across the lake. It's at least a quieter shore where she can curl up. "I know a few places, but…yeah." Not being able to escape the crowd of the Weyr? Bleh. Both hands come up to rub at his temples a moment, but there's a grimace for that dry hide on the firelizard. "Oh..yes that could definitely be the problem. That's got to be terribly uncomfortable for him."

Teena totally missed the whole glowing comment though honestly it would likely simply go over her head anyways. "Ooh, oil?" she blinks with confusion. "Oh. No." her head shakes. "Like for dry skin?" concerned now she lifts her arm with the blue on it to see the offending patch closer. "Oh." is said for a third time. "Where do I get oil from?"

"Another time, perhaps." It's not exactly a promise but just a polite way to end that strand of conversation. Th'ero's trying to ignore Velokraeth too as the pale bronze takes no shame in following Livanyth's movements. He won't swoop down to join her though. He's smarter than that (and maybe tried once). Glancing to R'yal, he'll blink as Teena is clearly lacking in basic firelizard care. Exhaling softly, he nods his head. "Dry hide, yes. They need regular oiling, just like dragons. Otherwise it gets flaky and cracks and it's dea—- not good for them." Yeah, good save there! Th'ero is only just reminded that Teena looks on the young side. He clears his throat, glancing again to R'yal. Help? "Storage sometimes has it. Most learn to make it themselves. In your case, you could just ask… There's always some. Do you want us to show you how?" Notice he says 'us'? "Where did you Impress this fellow…?"

R'yal holds both of his hands out to his sides helplessly. He very much did not bring any oil with him while swimming! Though, he does reach for a towel finally. Sure, he's been drip drying for a while now. But a towel is at least..more covering. He uses it as a drape around his shoulders, fingers squeezing a bit of water from his hair with an end of the cloth. There's a sidelong look at Th'ero though for including 'us' in his offer of help, a brow lifting. Really? /Really/? Though he does only sigh in the end. "Well someone certainly should, I suppose…"

Teena looks very much relieved at the offer of help. "Oh could you? Would you? Oh thank you!" she says enthusiastically. "I Impressed him at Xanadu when I was visiting my brother." one hand absently strokes the still softly creeping blue. "His name is Zephyr. " is added as an afterthought.

Yes, really! Sorry, R'yal. Th'ero might remember to try and make it up to him another time. "Who better to teach then dragon riders?" he drawls, giving the greenrider a significant look. Though really, he could escape anytime and the Weyrleader wouldn't be able to chase him down. Offering Teena a slight smile, he'll gesture for her to find somewhere to sit. Not terribly hard, given it's the lakeshore. "Xanadu? That's far to travel. Is most of your family Fortian?" Now comes the tricky part! Where to find some oil? Th'ero has a few methods… namely a well trained firelizard of his own (and nudged a bit by Velokraeth). The bronze that arrives sticks around only long enough to drop the small container before vanishing Between again. Catching it, he'll hold it out to Teena. "This is the type of oil you'll need. Same stuff we use on our dragons… only we need a lot more."

"You need a lot more." R'yal laughs faintly at that, lips quirking upward. One thing the greenrider will never envy is how much /work/ the larger dragons are! Livanyth is perfect and tiny. "Xanadu though? Interesting souvenir to bring back. Firelizards aren't terribly difficult, and since the oil makes them feel good, they're not too squirmy usually. Makes getting it done much easier." The sudden whoosh of air above has him sighing though, and the greenrider peeks up to find Livanyth there, giving a plaintive little warble. "And I..need to deal with her. I'm sorry, I.. I do, need to go." Alas, Th'ero will be abandoned to teach alone as R'yal trails off after the little green as she glides back across the bowl.

Teena looks quite impressed at his well trained bronze. The FL not the larger version. "Oh I never thought to ask. I thought I'd been taking good care of him. He likes to sleep right next to my head." sitting down somewhere she cradles the softly mewling blue and reaches for the container. Dipping her fingers into the oil she slathers it along the oily patch which draws a contented sound from Zephyr. "Most of my family is actually from outside of Monaco." she replies though a bit absently now as she works. Her eyes widen as suddenly the green dragon is there. "Good bye and thank you!" she says to R'yal.

Th'ero smirks for R'yal's laughter but he'll let the greenrider win that round. "Very true," he says instead in agreement to the tidbit of information that R'yal shares with Teena. He hardly blinks an eye though when Livanyth slips in and not surprised that she is calling her rider away. "No need," he says. No apology required! Th'ero understands (and is ignoring Velokraeth's disappointment). "Clear skies, R'yal." He dips his head in a respectful manner to the greenrider and then turns back to his young "charge" only to find she's already well underway in oiling Zephyr. "What brought some of your family here to Fort?" Th'ero asks curiously, while observing her work. "You've been doing fine, with the knowledge you had. Don't be shy in asking for help with a new firelizard."

Teena shakes her head. "Just me here actually." she admits shyly. "My momma's a cook and she wants to come here to work in the kitchens but right now she doesn't want to leave Rubicon River hold yet until my brother's hand fasting is complete. Which hopefully will be soon." she smoothes in more oil on other dry spots and the young Zephyr is nearly asleep in her arms now. "So I came here first. I don't know many people yet."

Th'ero continues to watch over her use of the oil while caring for the young blue firelizard. "I see," he murmurs. "Congratulations to your brother. Who are you staying with now, here, in Fort?" He's guessing at her age here, but he's figuring she's too young to be on her own. There's a low chuckle, "You'll get to know a few faces and names. Have you met any of the other children your age?" That's always a good place to start, right?

"I've a room." she says simply. "I'm 13 turns now." pride in her old age! "I've not met many yet tho." she doesn't seem too dejected by that though. With Zephyr fast asleep she stands with exaggerated care. "I do lots of sewing and stuff. I earn my keep!" she adds hastily as if she's done something wrong.

Th'ero holds up a hand when she goes a little on the defensive. He's the Weyrleader, he's always full of questions! Though it's not his business to chide or pry. That's more the Headwoman's jurisdiction and if she agreed to this arrangement then there's little he can do. He might talk to Talica later but beyond that… "It's alright! You haven't done anything wrong and I'm sure you're capable of doing the work you say you do. I didn't mean to offend. It's just not often that we have someone so young transfer ahead of her family. Which reminds me… What is your name?"

Teena looks relieved that she's not in trouble. Especially with the leader of the weyr. "Oh I am quite capable, yes!" she says with vigor. "I'm Teena."

Th'ero chuckles dryly, "Well met, Teena. I'm Th'ero, rider of bronze Velokraeth." He doesn't bother with his rank, it's obvious enough by the knot pinned to his shoulder. Glancing back to the now much calmer blue firelizard, he seems relieved. "Looks like you've got him settled now. Just remember to oil him again if his hide starts getting dry or patchy. Beyond that, there's little else too it. Though you might want to think on training soon." Straightening, the Weyrleader takes a step back. "I've best be returning to my own duties. Be well, Teena." There may be a hint of a teasing tone there too. Stay out of trouble? Hard to tell, as Th'ero rarely shows much in the way of emotion. Dipping his head again, he takes his leave, walking slowly back towards the northern bowl.

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