Fort Weyr - Candidate Barracks

Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this cavern has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants in comfort. Set into one of the long walls is a natural hearth area, not as large as some but more then enough to warm the cavern. Before it lays an old, well-worn rug that's colors have faded over turns of being un cared for. Mismatched chairs, an old couch, and a few randomly placed floor pillows finish up the sitting type area where candidates can relax after a long day of chores.
Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses with curtains dividing them for privacy, each made up to the standards of the Weyrwoman. The left hand row of cots is made up with coverlets of brown and trimmed in black for male candidates, while the right hand row is made up with a lighter brown coverlet that's trimmed in white for the female candidates.
Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours, while basket of emergency glows are stored in corners around the cavern for use during power outages.

It's well after midnight and well before dawn, during that hazy 3 am time when the body is in its deepest rest and most minds are lost to dreams. It's this time that the eggs have chosen to begin to tremble and shiver, and Kayeth's humming begins to reverberate through the weyr. Other dragons pick up the sound, and soon the very walls of Fort are vibrating with the sound. The hatching is upon us.

Therynn had /finally/ fallen asleep not much more than two candlemarks ago, and what sweet glory that 'nap' was. She had fallen deep in to delta waves quickly, not moving a muscles for the moments of corpse position time. Legs and arms crossed, the huntress is wrapped like a mummy in her blankets. Something cutes deeply in to this state, jarring her awake with a flaily start. "Wh-wha?" Sleep dusted eyes are rubbed. "Is this a dream?" she mumbles.

Ravyal was already awake! Thank goodness, or it would've been a chore trying to get the boy to roll out of bed. In fact, he's /just/ sat down after getting that bowl of meat for the young firelizard that's been hounding him for food, only to jerk back up again when the humming noise begins. "Wha…what? Oh.. ohhhh…" /Robe/. That's what he needs. There's a mad scramble for it, forgoing any usual modesty to make the quick change he needs to.

Hazelon has lived at the weyr for enough time to know what that humming means, though never has he actually had to react to that humming beyond getting his butt to the kitchen to help out. Now though, he rolls off his bunk with lips set in a straight line. The white robe fits well enough, and he settles it over his shoulders.

Cyrus is awake as well. This is the moment! He gets to feet, quickly changes to his robe and then opens of the curtains of his cot to look around. He leaves his little blue and Aegnor on the bed, "Behave you two. The time is here."

Sairon hasn't really been asleep, but then he'd been tending to two baby firelizards. The sound stirs him out of his autopilot feeding stupor and he jerks up his head. Oh he knows that sound. Plopping the bowl of diced up meat down to let the two feed themselves, he runs to one of the night buckets of water to quickly wash the blood from his hands and is then methodically yanking down his robe. Underclothes. Robe. Shoes. Check. Hair? Nah, shaggy and scruffy is fine.

Incoming Weyrlingmaster, staff and backup! M'icha comes limping in, barking orders and looking freshly rolled out of bed. No doubt a lot of people are going to be looking at their… not greatest? "UP! All of you! Wake up and get into those robes." He smacks his cane against the nearest chest for added effect. "Up! And get into line! Quit yer grumbling too about the hour… no choice! MOVE! And when I call yer name, you hustle yourself out neat and orderly, alright?" His eyes narrow as he stands by the door now, arms crossed over his chest.

Brennan was pretty soundly asleep, but the foreign sound - something unlike anything he's every head before - quickly snaps him awake and up to sitting. With an incoherent grumbling, he rubs his eyes and glances about. Right. This is humming, and this is when he needs to find where he stashed his robe. Luckily it's close by, Off goes the sleepwear, on go the white thing and sandals, and then he's quietly waiting to hear what comes next.

Ravyal doesn't take long to change, thankfully, even if he does practically roll over his cot while attempting to pull on his shoes in a hurry. There's a few stamps of his feet given once he's on them again, making sure everything is secure before he hurriedly crosses the barracks again. Line? There's a line? He hurries himself to it, taking a few deep breaths as he goes. Passing out would not be good.

Skyler is up and scrambling for his robe, pulling it on along with his sandals before he's groggily moving into line, trying to wake himself up.

"Stop grousing!" M'icha barks to one of the stragglers, eyeing the Candidate until they pick up their feet. Snorting, his eyes scan the barracks and then nods his head when his assistants and the backup signal him the 'all clear'. "Alright you lot! Time for the real thing now. You remember to walk out single file, bow to Kayeth and Velokraeth and arrange yourselves. Don't do anything stupid to get yourself mauled and you'll come out of this fine! No matter the outcome. When I call your name, start marching!" And the Weyrlingmaster will do just that, calling out names above the din of the humming and the chaos. The Candidates will be lead and watched by his staff and volunteers, while he takes up the back of the line.

Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands

The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

Doorways to Spirit Realms Egg begins to tremble, those ghostly colors on its shell brightening and gleaming with the sudden movement.

Watered Down Tea Egg begins to twitch, rocking back and forth, the liquid illusion on its shell creating small ripples across the surface.

Kayeth rumbles in irritation when candidates /invade/ her Sands, the fiery queen bristling. Nyalle stands at the gold's head and presses a firm hand to her muzzle, ordering her to shuffle back a ways and reveal her clutch to the approaching candidates.

Sairon makes his way in his proper place in line out onto the sands. Only briefly do his eyes look up to the stands before looking back to the resting dam and sire. Both receive a bow of respect before he moves to the line of candidates along the edge of the sands. He looks only slightly nervous, which is generally a big deal for him. It's the excited anticipation though, the kind of sort a kid on their Turnday might have anticipating presents and a great time - not a baby dragon that could maul him. Then again, Sairon is not a man known for logical priorities.

Cyrus follows the proper line of candidates as they walk single file into the hatching area. He takes a takes a deep breath, bows properly and follows the others.
Hazelon bows to the clutchparents and slips off to one side. For his part, he doesn't seek out the company of those around him, nor look upwards at the stands. If anything he looks remarkably cool, as if standing in front of the eggs doesn't bother him at all.

Velokraeth rumbles as soothingly as he can to Kayeth but the pale bronze is keeping his distance for now. Just in case. Th'ero remains close to the Weyrwoman, casting her a brief glance before the Candidates begin to arrive. "Here we go," he mutters.

D'ani arrives to the edge of the sands as slowly as M'icha walks, having come from a different direction. Though the weyrsecond's limp is less pronounced than it has been and he's without the aid of a cane, his steps are careful ones. He's looking as sleepy and rumpled as the candidates, having been somnolent not long ago. Brown eyes sweep the sands and he makes his way to a point somewhere behind the line of candidates where the AWLMs are.

Ravyal makes his way out along with the others, already firmly clinging to the hand of another nearby candidate. Amethyst? Yep, that's who he's managed to attach himself to. He hurries along though, and comes up short as the others to in order to bow as respectfully as he can. There's a wince though at a sudden /whooping/ from the galleries, and he glances up as he makes his way further onto the sands.

Therynn was a jumbled mess for a few moments trying to get it together in there. Robe on backwards, shoes on the wrong foot and breaking hair fasteners left and right. She'd finally straightened herself out, hair twisted and secured with chopstick shaped spears, robe on straight, free of stains and shoes on the right feet. Now it's time to try and remember to breath, entering near the end of the Candidate group with a curtseyed bow to the clutchparents and their riders.

Nyalle glances nervously at Th'ero, dipping her head as she forces Kayeth further back, the queen rumbling in her displeasure. Velokraeth. Come here and preen.

Amethyst steps out onto the Sands, head held high and gaze straight ahead. There's a flush to her cheeks that gives away her nerves, but otherwise she's schooled her expression into forced calmness. She has Ravyal's hand clasped in hers, with Ciannah holding her other hand as she greets the clutchparents with a deep bow. Then she moves into place, winking encouragingly at the candidates either side of her, and giving the crowd in the galleries a quick look over. She did say she'd look for certain people, after all!

Brennan bows along with the rest of the Candidates, still not really noticing who's near him at the end of the line as he gazes up at the irritable queen, licking his lips a bit as nerves begin to cut through. There's already some movement from a few of the eggs, drawning his gaze. Just how quickly is everything going to happen?

Doorways to Spirit Realms Egg begins to crack, long, jagged fissures making their way across the shell, barely holding things together.

Watered Down Tea Egg begins to fracture, small fissures racing across the surface in random patterns.

Cyrus stands as straight as he able to. His face a mask of calm. He does take a quick moment to glance around to take in the moment. He offers Therynn, who he is blessedly near, a quick smile.

Sairon predictably has himself near Cyrus, his arms loosely crossing themselves over his chest. "Just remember: don't scream. If you absolutely have to, make sure it's not high-pitched and girly." He straightens himself back up and looks out towards the eggs, eyes shifting to one then another then another. So much movement to keep track of.

Therynn murmurs to Brennan (whether he realizes he's near-ish yet or not) and Cyrus (who thank the shells she ended up right next to) "Oh my.. they're wasting no time." Hazel eyes are wide with glee and fright a few nervous nods down the line to other's glances who also happen to be spinning around the room.
Gathering her bearings with a deep breath she shifts from one foot to the other. She doesn't remember the sands being so hot in the past. A soft smile is shared with those around, looking to Ravyal before there's a nod and chuckle for Sairon's comment. "Good advice."

Velokraeth cautiously approaches Kayeth, still rumbling between his humming and when she permits (orders him) his presence he will settle himself down beside her and do what he always does to keep her happy (and not chasing everyone off). His eyes whirl at a quicker pace when two eggs begin to wobble and crack with others soon to follow. Th'ero, meanwhile, steps closer to Nyalle now that Kayeth seems distracted but he says nothing. His attention is out on the sands.

Ravyal is still breathing. That's good. That's a very good sign. There's encouragement taken of course in the other candidates near him, gaze directing toward those eggs that are /moving/. There's a glance now and again at the others, but for the most part it seems that the teen's attention is riveted to those eggs.

Nyalle steps closer to Th'ero as well, her attention torn between her lifemate and the clutch, while Kayeth submits to Velokraeth's attentions with a lash of her tail.

Doorways to Spirit Realms Egg shatters, egg fragments falling away in graceful arcs to land upon the hot sands, giving birth to the creature within.

Hidden Wellspring of Strength Bronze Hatchling
As though freshly wrought from the very alloy his color is named for, he is forged of a bright and vibrant polished bronze. His hide is the danger, beauty and gleam of fire and metal, his body shaped for fluid and grace despite his size. Small though he may be for a bronze, he holds a surprising amount of strength and endurance in his unassuming frame. Lively and energetic, his lean and athletic build is proportionate from the tip of his muzzle and the fine boned features and broad, wedged-shaped head to the very end of his tail and the dark curve of his taloned feet. Bronze remains pure and unblemished over most of his frame, polished to a fine gleam and shine even without the use of oil. Yet one cannot be without some variance and shades of copper-bronze surface between his rounded headknobs and down over his forehead, ending just above his eyeridges in a gradual tapered point. It sweeps back over the strong curve of his neck and the ridges there and down the length of his back. Branching out over his shoulders, his wing arms and the top of his long, slender tail, even his limbs have a winding strip of copper that follows the natural curve of his musculature, enhancing his features rather than detracting from it. His wings are broad and wide, tapered in just the right way to be balanced to his frame and promising of strength, elegance and endurance when in flight.

Hidden Wellspring of Strength Bronze Hatchling shakes himself free of the last of his egg and lifts his head to peer about curiously. Uh. Alright, this is new. He has an idea of where to go too but first… time to get to his feet! Which takes a moment, as his wings get in the way and he almost sends himself sprawling with his stumbling steps. Oops! There we go!

Cyrus nods his head to Sairon, "I'll keep that in mind…" he replies softly. His attention is then drawn by Therynn who gets a grin and then when the egg hatches he directs his attention to the sands.

Hazelon continues to remain utterly silent while the others mutter to one another. His hands have found their way behind his back and clasp one another, his feet settled into an easy stance, like he is ready to move at a moments notice requires it. The first egg to hatch draws his gaze and he watches, wary.

Amethyst squeezes Ravyal's hand when the first egg cracks - "Bronze! Look, Ravy! He could be yours! Bronze first is lucky, isn't it?" She looks down at him with a huge grin, part-nerves, part-excitement, then looks back to the newly-hatched dragon, eyes set on him to watch his progress.

D'ani smiles as the first to hatch is a bronze. Good luck, so tradition says. He and Dremkoth cannot argue with that!

Brennan finally registers both Cyrus and Rynn near him, and he gives the Healer a short nod before shooting Rynn a tiny, faintly unsettled smile. Sairon's crack earns a snort, though it's an appreciative one…and speaking of cracks, some of the eggs have them already. Rynn's comment is well-timed. "Guess not," he says, clearing his throat of the requisite just-woke-up crud that makes itself known upon first speaking. Suddenly, the not-really-white eggs bursts open, and the hunter simply stares at the incredible bronze that's revealed, his breath inadvertently catching. "Bronze… I've heard that's a good start, eh?" he says, perhaps not loud enough to be easily audible.

Sairon gives an approving nod of his head as the first to hatch is bronze. "A good formed little guy too, real nice color." He murmurs appreciatively as he regards the firsthatched with a widening grin. "Speaks good for the rest of the clutch."

Therynn is stopped dead in her tracks when the first egg shatters, jaw dropping to the floor as the vibrant bronze hatchling makes an appearance. "Oooo…" she says to the guys on each side, eyes now straight ahead "… and a bronze starts it. Seems like a good start to me." Tensions rise for the huntress when the rumbling gold dragon tail lashes. That look Brennan gave her is like non other she's seen before. When the fell hunter turned Candidate is close enough she grabs his hand and gives it a squeeze.

Cyrus just stands there smiling, "Good." he says when Sairon speaks up about it being a sign of good luck, "He is very pretty."

Neutral is all the Rage! Egg begins to shimmy across the sands, rocking back and forth in a rhythmic way.

Ravyal shakes his head, attention momentarily unsettled. "M…mine? I've's good luck." Possibly good luck anyway for whoever might have been taking bets on such an outcome. The teen shifts on his feet though, his gaze flicking immediately back again toward the eggs..and that loose hatchling.

Watered Down Tea Egg breaks open, shards spilling onto the sands and spilling a brown dragonet unceremoniously into the world. *drop*

Transformation of the Spirit Brown Hatchling
The rich, loamy darkness of fertile earth after a thirst quenching storm is the hallmark of this stocky, sturdy brown dragon. Muscular even just out of the shell, his hide ripples with his strength, colors shifting with his movement and the play of light across his dark brown hide. Bands of lighter hues cross his muzzle and eyeridges like paint, subtle but present especially when close. Umber hues swirl over his neck and neckridges, dropping down to pool into darkness between his wings. Sails are massive, wide and strong, darkness gleaming with flecks of copper within, almost in the pattern of the stars. His tail is shorter than normal and a bit stumpy, but its strength will no doubt be of assistance as he grows. Talons are dark brown and nearly black, tipped with grey on the underside curve. His paws, as well, are tinted grey. Not from a lack of health, but just his natural coloration. Hints of dark green are also faintly visible across the swirling pattern of his hide, subtle in their gentle undulations along curved muscles.

Transformation of the Spirit Brown lifts himself up and shakes himself off, standing with shoulders hunched and body rounded. For a moment the hatchling simply stands there, and then slowly his wings extend, showing off their already massive width. Giving them a shake he begins to amble forward with an awkward, rolling gait.

Hazelon steps back a single step then forces himself to stop.

Cyrus keeps his eyes fixed on the sands, "There's a brown." he annouces, "And he looks strong." he adds.

F'rari, the most green of the assistant weyrlingmasters (no pun intended, of course) is, at the moment, mostly watching Kayeth with a little bit of nervous wariness. The skinny nineteen-turn-old is younger than a fair number of the candidates and it'll be something to see him ordering them around, but he's proven a good teacher … though for now one who is more distracted by the clutchdam than paying all that much attention to the bronze. It's when the second egg hatches that he redirects his focus.

Amethyst nods to Ravyal, though she doesn't actually look at him. "Could be yours… but so could that brown! Ooh, I liked that egg. Isn't he handsome?" Her brown eyes fix on the brown, occasionally flickering over to the bronze.

Wrapped in Tranquility Egg begins to shudder, shaking the petals from the leaves as the heat shimmers across the shell's surface.

Therynn eeks as the bronze hatchling takes a tumble and there's suddenly there is a large brown hatching from one of the shells she admired so. "Rockin' n'rollin.." another deep breath and she's swallowing hard, the dusty heat coating the passageways to lungs as she does so.

Brennan is hardly aware of the fact that he's squeezing Rynn's hand right back, his eyes glued to that impressive bronze - which almost trips over himself, eliciting a slight frown. Then…yes, there's yet another one tumbling out of its shell - a handsomely sturdy brown. He nods vaguely as he hears Amethyst's assessment, but is otherwise silent, gaze flicking back and forth between the newly hatched.

Hidden Wellspring of Strength Bronze Hatchling has the hang of it now! Kind of. Not that a few tips or stumbles will stop him. He's caught sight of those Candidates and his curiosity draws him in. Hey there! Hmm. Nope, not quite right. The first few are passed without a second glance. You? Nope. You? Hmm… no. Oh well! He just goes with the flow of things, unhurried — for now.

Ravyal chews on his bottom lip a little bit. "Could be yours too.." At least the brown. /Probably/ not the bronze for Amethyst. "They're coming.." At least he doesn't look terribly panicked about that part of things. If he needs to get out of the way though, he's quite ready for it, watching the brown and bronze both as they make their way towards the candidates.

Transformation of the Spirit Brown pauses and lifts his muzzle, sniffing a few times with a low grunted sound in his chest. Then he moves forward again, prowling towards the Candidates and eying them closely. His clutchbrother is ignored, his focus elsewhere. Again, wings extend, shake, and fold against his sides. While his brother is going with the flow, this brown is more intent on his search, though both seem to be heading in the same general direction.

Neutral is all the Rage! Egg begins to crack, fissures racing between the spots of brown. Perhaps it is playing a game of connect the dots.

Sairon reaches up a hand to drag fingers back through his hair, grimacing as he rubs his fingers against one another. "…how is there sand in my hair already?" He sighs, though looks up past his hand towards the approaching bronze and brown. "Heads up, guys." He says and slowly drops both his arms. Yeah, let's not look even remotely threatening to sharp-toothed things. "We got incoming."

Hazelon watches the progression of both brown and bronze. Slightly, just slightly, his feet dig into the sands as he shifts his weight. Flight is very much a possibility here. His face remains flat though, with just the slightest of frowns.

Amethyst squeezes Ravyal's hand more tightly. She's also chewing on her bottom lip as she watches the progress of the hatchlings. "Could be…" Because the brown could be hers, right? Her teeth press down into her bottom lip, suppressing the grin that can't help but grow at that thought.

Cyrus nods to Sairon when he makes his comment about incoming, "So it would seem…." he replies softly. Calmness still showing on his face, "Just hang in there…" he says to Therynn, Sai, and Brennan.

Wrapped in Tranquility Egg shakes more violently and cracks form, racing out from a central point in beautiful angles that will last but a moment.

Incoming? Brennan snaps to a bit more at that pronouncement coming from a few different quarters. Is he aware of his legs? Yes, yes he is. And he's prepared to move them if he needs to get out of the way; that bronze or brown might take a wrong step at any moment. Well, perhaps the bronze might. "Not goin' anywhere," he says, though if he's replying to Cyrus or not is a bit up in the air. Hopefully Therynn isn't intent on giving up her hand anytime soon.

Therynn feels pretty frozen for how dang hot it is in here. The hatchlings begin to survey the Candidates, bronze passing by a few, brown shaking it off. The grip on held hand intensifies and she can't believe how calm Cyrus is about this… ok maybe she can, but still! That Tranquility Egg is not so tranquil with it's violent cracking. "Thanks.." is said to Cyrus, a raised brow but no turn of face for what Brennan says from the other side of her.

Hidden Wellspring of Strength Bronze Hatchling slows for a moment as he spies his brown clutch sibling, head tilting to the side in curious observation. Oh! Is… that how it's done then? Huh! Focus. Focus… aha! With a delighted warbling, he picks up the pace, weaving his way through a few Candidates as he goes and somehow manages not to run afoul of any of them (or they're just good at dodging!). At last, he comes to a stop by one young man, who hopefully isn't dodging as he's approaching! Otherwise… well, hunter becomes hunted, right?

Transformation of the Spirit Brown isn't exactly subtle in his approach, as much as he might try to prowl. With only two dragons on the sands, it's hard to miss him when he walks around behind the Candidates. Sneaking up on his chosen (or so he thinks), his muzzle extends to give her shoulder a firm, slightly unsteady bump.

Th'ero's shoulders drop a little as the first eggs hatch and the first Impression is made. The Weyrleader smiles faintly, looking sidelong to Nyalle. "Bronze first. Good sign!" he tells her, offering his arm to the Weyrwoman if she so wishes to take it. "Quick to choose too. And a brown now."

Brennan shuffles half a step back as the bronze comes his way…and freezes. Stares. His mind…there's another in his head…and right in front of him, and filling a space he didn't know existed within him with something indescribable. "Wh…" It's just air that escapes him, and suddenly the most incredible grin leaps to his face. "T… Tovihasuth. Yeah…me too." Hands are placed gently on the little bronze's head, and suddenly the baby dragon is moving, and Brennan - Br'enn - is on his feet. "Ah…no, follow me. I really think y' probably don't know!" The way to food, that is! And the newly bonded pair heads for someone with a solution.

Ravyal holds his breath for just a moment. That breathing thing? He's taking a break from it while the dragons approach and actually /make/ their impressions. Wide eyes take it in, bouncing just a few times on his toes. "Brennan..! Therynn!" Amethyst's hand is given a tug to make sure she's looking as well. /Look/!
Cyrus has arrived.

Oh, that would be F'rari! He doesn't really know Brennan, but the gangly greenrider still grins and waves him over. "Tovihasuth and lifemate!" Kedizeth got the dragon's name, and F'rari heard it too, but Br'enn's new name remains a mystery. "Food's right this way, good sirs!"

Therynn is none the wiser as Brennan is metaphorically swept off his feet by the bronze. "Yay.." she says with a genuine smile clapping softly as they depart. For as keen as her senses usually are, it takes a moment before she realizes that studly brown has disappeared. She looks right, and then left and receives a nudge from behind. "Mazzolyth? Me.." she can hardly believe it, the warmth and comfort of the hatchlings presence wrapping around her. "From end to end.." she repeats out loud, her own stomach grumbling as the first sensations of their connection arise. "That feels weird.." is giggled. "Lets get you some food." As she wraps her arms around the hatchling a "Thanks." Is said to congratulations, while suddenly everything on Pern feels right and complete. 'Rynn' and Mazzolyth are not far behind Br'enn, looking forward to that which lies ahead.

D'ani perhaps shouldn't be out here given his inability to dodge quickly. But he is and when the brown impresses to Therynn, he moves towards her with a bit of a smirk. "Well now. He's going to be something to keep you from runner riding for awhile, isn' he? Rynn is it now? He's a handsome fellow. Follow me, please." And he leads them off the sands to where M'icha awaits.

Amethyst applauds when Brennan Impresses, calling out excitedly for the newly formed pair. "Well done, Bren! Tovihasuth! Congratulations!" And then Therynn, too! "Therynn! He's lovely! Congratulations!"

Hazelon's stance relaxes just slightly as that pair of baby dragons stays far far away from him. The frown is washed away when they impress, leaving his face impassive again. Two down, seven to go.

Skyler has a lump in his throat. He is still finding this almost surreal that he of all people is on the sands. There's a glance towards Cyrus, and he just barely controls himself and resists sticking a tongue out at him. He's watching the dragons and he's holding his breath. But it lets out after a moment as they both find there own partner. "Oh! Oh!" he can't help but be glad though. "Cool! Yay! Oh wow! It's really happening!"

Cyrus watches as Brennan is the first of impressions, "Congrats…" he says to the new pair as they pass by, "It is happening." he says to Skyler with a slight smile.

Sairon watches the once-candidate and his new bronze head for the edge of the sand, a faint grin on his face. "Good match." He murmurs as his eyes turn away from the now empty patch next to Cyrus and towards the brown as he finds his parter as well. "So far so good." He says, "No one bleeding and two well-made impressions. Not done yet."

Neutral is all the Rage! Egg finally shatters, egg shards falling away like confetti onto the hatching grounds and spilling its damp occupant out into the world.

Wandering Storyteller Bronze Hatchling
Dusty, aged bronze shimmers across the hide of this sturdy dragon. Strength is present, even just after hatching, in his limbs and the curve of his neck. Dusty brown flecked with gold curves around his rounded muzzle, the gold dusting highlighting his neckridges and headnobs. The dust continues over the tops of each neckridge, glimmering in the sunlight, while beneath that shimmer is a brown and bronze coloration, faint bands of colors ranging from bright bronze to black, and occasionally swirling together in muted mingling. The lines are not distinct, each edge smudged and flowing along the natural build of his sturdy frame. His wings are long and broad, perfect for gliding and lengthy flight, their sails shimmering with faint greenish hues that almost look like tendrils of growing things, a tarnished bronze in contrast to the black and gold veins that decorate his spars. His talons are black with gold tendrils running through them, tapering to a pure white point, and those colors also make up his tail, muted but textured with an aged depth. His coloring is not new. It is ancient, it is weathered by sand and sun, though parts of him still retain his metallic gleam that gives no question to his color.

Wandering Storyteller Bronze pushes himself slowly to his feet with a low rumble. The pitch rises and falls, flute-like and almost like a song, remembered from a time long past. Giving himself a little shake his body curves, back and shoulders arching upwards. He holds that hunchbacked pose for a moment before his body elongates and he moves forward again, one paw in front of the other across the sandy ground.

Eternal Blue Egg begins to shudder, rocking slowly back and forth in an easy, rhythmic fashion.

Amethyst squeezes Ravyal's hand. "Look, Ravy! Another bronze - he's beautiful, don't you think? I hope he's yours!" She's hopping a little in place now, the heat finally getting to her feet. "It's getting hot, isn't it?"

Skyler can't help but catch his breath again as the bronze shatters out of it's shell. No, certainly not done. Then there's the other one. Moving in it's shell still. "Just watch the way he moves." he says with a voice of awe as his gaze turns back towards the bronze. He shakes his head somewhat. There's just another glance towards Cyrus and then he grins brightly "Isn't it the coolest?!?"

Wrapped in Tranquility Egg finally breaks open, the fragments of shell falling away to reveal the egg-wet hatchling within, curled up in a tight little ball.

Rising Winter's Dawn Green Hatchling
Frosted green glass worn smooth by time's gentle hand sculpts itself into this dragon's form. No sharp angles for this lady, this princess of a green. Everything is smooth and rounded, except for the wickedly sharp points of her pale green talons. Shadows seem to play beneath the surface of her hide, promising a depth to her mind that mirrors itself in her keen, attentive gaze. Her body is rounded, a bit short and a bit stocky for her color, a compact little bundle of power. Color darkens along the curve of her neck and her limbs, tendrils of seamless color gradiating from darkness to light and almost changing depending on which angle you look at her. Her wings though, oh, her wings, are glorious. Long, narrow and tapered, with translucent pale emerald sails, her wings are perfectly symmetrical to each other, a testament to swift flight and pure speed. She could turn on a mark with those wings, and her compact body only makes them seem to stretch out all the more. Her muzzle is likewise elongated, as is her tail, colors deepening to a rich jade at its fork. Her limbs are small, narrow, and seem almost like they couldn't hold her up. Her proportions are just a bit odd, but everything works to the advantage of flight.

Rising Winter's Dawn Green Hatchling shakes herself free of the last of her egg and instantly she becomes shy and timid. Nervous, even and rather than move forwards, she begins to awkwardly step backwards, wings tucked tight to her sides once she sorts them out.

Kayeth extends her muzzle towards the nervous little green, crooning a soft and gentle encouragement. Go on, little one. Go find your rider. Nothing to be scared of here.

Sairon blinks as the third egg to hatch disgorges another bronze. "Wow, two bronzes. Shiny clutch." He mutters with a chuckle full of a toothy grin. Skyler's question over towards Cyrus earns the healer-candidate a raised brow expression. He doesn't say a think though, just waits for an answer. Even if he does keep his other eye on the dragons.

Hazelon watches the two newcomers to the sands, shifting in place a bit. No, his arms fall to his side from where they had clasped behind. No, don't move.
Cyrus nods his head at Skylers question, "I've not seen anything quite like this before." he responds to the young candidate. He watches as Therynn is too chosen and murmurs a word of congrats as she passes by.

Ravyal glances briefly at Amethyst, almost laughing. "You're really going to throw me at one of them, aren't you." He /suspects/. There's a brief chew to his bottom lip though, taking another calming breath as more of those eggs fall apart and plunk their occupants into the sands. "Still..that's a lot of bronze..on and a little one.."

Wandering Storyteller Bronze tracks a path in the sand as he moves, his steps steady despite being newly hatched. He moves forward with purpose but with ease, knowing where he's going but not in any real hurry to get there. The seasons will change as they will. He'll just nudge things along a bit. Approaching the line of Candidates he begins to move down that line, pausing to sniff and stare, and then moving on, down that long line.

Amethyst laughs at Ravyal. Her nerves seem to be fading. "Maybe I will!" She waggles her eyebrows, before her attention's caught by the little green. "Ooooh. Look at her! Isn't she gorgeous?"

Cyrus keeps his eyes on the bronze who seems to be walking the line, at least until the green makes an appearance. He can't help but smile, "Awww…she's shy." he says to no one in particular.

Hazelon turns his gaze away from the dragons for a moment, instead watching his fellow candidates.

Eternal Blue Egg fractures, cracks spreading across the surface of the egg's shell, creating patterns and islands where before there was nothing but a uniformity of blue.

Sairon looks to the tiny green, nodding in agreement with Cyrus. "Not too often you see one that's not at least walking /at/ us as opposed to away. Poor girl looks spooked. Guess I can't blame her. I can't imagine how crazy this all has to be.. well, maybe a bit. This is crazy. But, their's gotta be a whole 'nother view."

Skyler glances over at the green at the mention of her from Cyrus and then looks thoughful "Kinda like Rav." he notes and then looks around for said candidate "Whatcha think of her? She is pretty nifty looking though. Oh hey! There's another looking like it'll almost hatch!"

Wandering Storyteller Bronze continues on down the line, peering at faces and rumbling softly at each negative. Hmm. He's not anxious though, it just means he hasn't found his One yet. Then there is a break in the line, a gap where Candidates should be. His head lifts to peer at one on the outskirts, on the edges of the group, and with a rising flute-song of joy, the bronze moves forward to meet his One.

Ravyal gives a faint nod of his head. It's difficult, keeping an eye on two different dragons. That bronze is being eyed quite a bit, but when his attention turns away, he looks back to the little green going..backward. "She is, but…she's sort of going backward." Which is certainly not the right way. Skyler is heard, of course, and the teen tilts his head that way instead with a faint smile. "I guess…kinda, yeah. She is pretty though."

Beauty in Simple Patterns Egg rolls a little, tapping against another nearby egg in curious solidarity. Is it time yet? Is it? No … maybe it isn't. Motion descends again into stillness.

Rising Winter's Dawn Green Hatchling freezes when Kayeth croons to her in gentle encouragement and her head turns back to the waiting lines of Candidates. Her chest swells with a deep breath and she begins to tentatively inch //forwards this time. She's going the right way now! Closer and closer, though her shyness has her giving a wide berth to some of the Candidates. No, no… stay away! Her steps quicken and at last she finds what she seeks and she's sure of it and she whistles in relief to have found him.//

Amethyst's watching the little green, teeth pressed into her bottom lip. "She is, isn't she? She looks… shy?" Kayeth's encouraging nudge is given an aaaw… and then the little green's moving!

From almost ready to run to total stillness in seconds flat Hazelon's impassive expression falls away the instant that bronze finds his gaze. His shoulders droop as he stares. "Kainaesyth…." And he's at a loss for words, the name of his forever slipping through on the barest whisper of breath. "I," another pause as he reaches forward to that calm and bubbling presence. "We can be findin' food for you…" Shaken to the core the always composed young man leads his new life towards the edge and not the exit he had been expecting to take today.

Amethyst nearly missed the Impression of Hazelon and his bronze what with watching the green, but manages to turn around in time to hear him call out the dragons name. "Hazelon! Congratulations!"

Cyrus watches as Haze is chosen by the bronze and grins, "Good on you…" he says to the pair as they make their way off to find something to eat.

Sairon watches the bronze walk past to see it impress to Hazelon. His brows raise, blinking once. Twice. "Huh. Well, they always manage to surprise ya." He lets out a breathy huff of a laugh before he looks to the remaining candidates. Far fewer, now, as he sees the green impress as well.

Skyler blinks a moment at the sounds of congrats. "Huh? What?! Oh! Hey! Cool! Way to go!" he cheers as he grins at Hazelon and then he's twisting and leaning around to see just who the green went after.

Ravyal can't help smiling a little bit while that green walks the line of candidates. So far away, and yet so intent! Although there's nothing but a squeak from the teen when she suddenly rushes to him, dropping down to meet the little green in a rush. "Livanyth? That's..of course not. Not ever. But…oh that's /food/. We'll get some of that for you..of course." He stands again, now R'yal, to gently usher the little green after the other newly Impressed.

Amethyst squees gleefully when Ravyal Impresses, stepping aside to be out of the way of the pair. "Oh, Rav - oh, wow. She's beautiful… congratulations." She beams with pride at the Impression of her friend, leaving the new-formed pair to step over closer to Cyrus, Skyler, and Sairon. "Hey, boys… good clutch so far, right?" She's excited. And bouncing. Her feet must be burning!

Eternal Blue Egg finally breaks apart, those blue islands falling to the hot sands, and leaving an egg-wet hatchling spreading his wings for the first time.

Challenge the Storms Blue Hatchling
Subtlety. The muddled, almost muddied blue of this dragon's hide makes him one that would blend in with either sea or sky, vanishing without a trace unless he wished to be found. A bit boxy shaped for his color, he seems to have inherited just a tad of his sire's looks in the slightly uneven shape to his face, one side a bit higher than the other to give him a tilted look, and prominent eyeridges. His coloration is muted shades of blue swirling and overlapping in graceful waves, though sometimes the mix of colors ends up more muddied than complimentary. The swirls give his hide the appearance of having texture, despite being smooth, and stare at it long enough and you're bound to notice shapes within, interesting little hidden pictures to be explored. Hints of blue-green like the arc of tropical waves are splashed here and there across his mottled hide, especially pooling between his shoulders and along the sweep of his belly. Forelegs are a bit shorter than average, which will give him advantage in the sky but make it a bit awkward for him to walk on the ground, his talons black and razor sharp. His wings are broad and long, gracefully tapered with sails just thick enough to be perfect for catching drafts and gliding for an eternity. Here his color brightens, colors of the sea fading to pale steel blue and splashed with near-white foam. Bands of color arc down, tracing the contours of his wingarms and fingers, ghostly curves of darker blue that bend and curve between bone and sail as if to enhance and strengthen the structure of his wings.

Challenge the Storms Blue Hatchling is in a hurry, apparently and even before he's found his feet, he has his wings spread and attempts to launch forwards! Only it fails and he ends up on his belly, sprawled and tangled. Snorting, he doesn't let that stop him though and no matter how ungraceful he looks he's clawing and scrabbling his way back to his feet. HA! His wings are given a quick flick and he tucks them //properly this time though with reluctance. He has to… walk? Fine.//

D'ani returns just as the glass-green hatchling impresses, passing F'rari and his charges on the way. It's to Ravyal, now R'yal that he heads and says with a smile that's perhaps a touch envious, "She's lovely. Let's get her some food, shall we? This way." And he leads them the same direction he took Therynn just moments ago.

All Aglow Green Egg wobbles about on the sands.

Cyrus also calls out to Rav, "Congrats…" before his attention is caught by the little blue that now has joined the world. The offers a smile to Amy and Sai, "So far so good.." he affirms.

It's a little awkward for F'rari to be herding Hazelon, since at one point in their youth they were in Laris' camps together. But that's not stopping him from doing it, and looking pretty smugly pleased. "Haze! Or whatever your name is now. Bring that beautiful fellow this way, we'll get you all set. Fed."

Beauty in Simple Patterns Egg was just sitting there, minding its own business, rolling a little on one axis, when suddenly! surprise! it begins to crack. S-l-o-w-l-y, long and drawn out, as if there is much to consider in this motion.

Beauty in Simple Patterns Egg has been relatively content to rest, sitting patiently on the sands with only a few attention-grabbing wiggles. No show-stealing here

No Harm No Fowl Gold Hatchling
Homely and humble could be words to describe her, but they are not what defines her. What makes her stand out is not the fact that she shines but from the decisive lack of it. Oh, it is still there of course because she is a gold and there is no changing that, but her hide tends to vary more towards an antiqued and dusty brown-gold which gives her a very understated and earthy look. She is a curvy and broad young gold, big-boned and while no slender waif, she still moves with grace and strength and lady-like flare. Her hide is not all brown-gold, with shades of lighter gold, almost cream-like, dusting her rounded cheeks and eyeridges and trickling down over the curve of her throat before fading away to nothing down the length of her neck. This lighter gold appears along her chest and down along her belly, accentuating her curvaceous build without drawing too much attention to it as it continues on along the underside of her slightly-thicker tail. Her wings, large and broad and a little shorter than they ought to be, they will still allow her to fly without struggle and when extended, only the undersides hold the lighter gold hues while brown-golds shade the top, mottled here and there with faint speckling of darker antiqued gold.

Kayeth trills happily at the sight of the queen - her first ever clutched - and Nyalle gasps and grins. "Someone to share paperwork with!" She…didn't just say that.

No Harm No Fowl Gold Hatchling explodes out of her egg, all gooey and flustered, and just sits there for a moment completely perturbed at how she's got all this stuff on her. After a couple of wing-shakes to get it off, she pulls herself to her feet and skips about the sands a bit. Skip. Skip. Hop. Pause, to stare at Kayeth and try to make that sound right back at her dam. Like this?

Kayeth warbles at her first golden daughter. That way.

Skyler is then grinning brightly "Oh hey! She's perfect for you Rav!" He can't just help it, and then there's the blue. "Oh wow. Would you look at him." he says and then trails off a little as he looks curiously at just the way the blue looks. "Huh." And then there's a little wince. "Oops." he murmurs as the blue falls. "I think he tried to fly there. Wow. He's certainly eager, isn't he?"

Amethyst returns Cyrus' smile with a big one of her own. "That blue's for one of us, I'm sure of it! Fingers crossed, hrm?" The nerves of before seem to be all be gone, as she settles in to just enjoy the event. The blue is watched, but then there's another dragon to steal her attention. "Was it you who said a shiny clutch, Sairon? That's… that's pretty shiny."

Cyrus nods to Skyler as he speaks up about the blue, "He certainly does seem to be eager to get himself into the air…" he responds. He can't help but smile when he watches the blue barrel forward, "He is wonderful though."

Th'ero has been a quiet and silent observer, which is nothing new. He takes note of those who Impress, some of which have his brows lifting high in surprise but he keeps his comments withheld. "Good spread of colour," he murmurs to Nyalle, only to blink when a blue hatches and is followed by a gold. "Well…" He turns to peer at Velokraeth, who only looks as smug as a bronze can be and will hum himself hoarse by the time the sun rises.

Sairon grins widely as he sees the gold crack free of the egg even as her blue brother works to find his footing. "…called it." He mumbles to no one in particular, though he does look over towards Amethyst with a laugh, "I did, didn't I? Can't argue a good number of bronzes and a gold in a clutch. She's shiny alright. Beautiful."

Copycat Egg wobbles…just like the other eggs wobble.

All Aglow Green Egg shudders as a crack appears down its side.

Challenge the Storms Blue Hatchling doesn't seem to like this business of walking. He feels awkward and stops often to snort or huff in frustration and try flaring his wings again. No such luck! He can't fly and he just folds them again. Fine! He'll stay land bound. For now. His attention is drifting anyways towards the Candidates and he begins to drift their way with clumsy footing. He knows who he wants though and happily he makes his way straight to the youngest Candidate in the class with a rumble that turns to a delighted warble of greeting like meeting an old friend.

Amethyst laughs right back at Sairon. "Right? Out of nine, two bronzes and a gold! Very shiny - well done, Kayeth and Velokraeth!" She grins at Cyrus, reaching over to squeeze his arm gently. "He's gorgeous. They've all been gorgeous - and there's still more to come…" The blue's movements are watched as he approaches, and she steps deftly out of his way.

All Aglow Green Egg cracks wide open and out stumbles a birth damp dragonet.

At a Steady Pace Green Hatchling
The hatching of the brightest-green egg reveals a green dragon — but not one whose hide even remotely matches the brightness of its egg. The green in question is small but speedy, darting away from the shell like a shot and hopping (yes, hopping) about the sands for a few moments before picking a Smith for her very own. Ciannah is now Annah, forever Amidaeth's.

Copycat Egg cracks…just like the other eggs crack.

Organic Ink Spill Egg begins to shake, rocking back and forth and making the colors and patterns swirl in the heat of the sands.

No Harm No Fowl Gold Hatchling takes Kayeth's advice, and keeps her hop-skipping motions up to move over toward the Candidates. As Ciannah is stolen from her selection pool, she stops to sniff a couple of the boys (maybe she's a little confused, or just curious — probably just curious) before continuing on to actually inspecting a female. One who clearly disappoints, as she holds her head up in the air and keeps on skipping along, occasionally brushing a little bit of sand about. These girls aren't healthy enough, and this sand is a mess.

Skyler can't help but laugh brightly as the two golds talk to each other. "It's almost like a duet." Then there's a blink "Paperwork? Man, I'm glad I can't Impress a gold." he says after a moments thought. "That sounds /so/ boring!" He exclaims and then he's looking back to see where the blue's at, only to find the blues at him! "What? But? Huh?" he's speechless and just trips over his tongue a little "I'm so glad you found me too! Oh! Oh! Wait. Food! Yeah, I just bet you're hungry. They told us you'ld be hungry." His face is just one big broad grin "Food! Lets find you some food!" He grins as he looks around "His names Ciesoveth!" He's excited, yes he is. And with that, the newly renamed Sk'ler takes his time and leads the blue off towards the sides.

Amethyst squees excitedly when Ciannah is chosen by a green, clapping her hands with glee. "Ciannah! Well done!" From the wobbling eggs that are left, her attention is drawn to the gold, and there's maybe a hint of that nervousness back as she bites down on her bottom lip. Then… "Skyler! He chose you? Congratulations!" She must have missed it while watching the now-named Annah!

Copycat Egg hatches…just like the other eggs hatch. What do you want? It's an egg hatching, how detailed can we get? Words like 'fracture' and 'splinter' and 'fissure' can only go so far. It HATCHES and there is the hatchling, dumped onto the sands.

Dreams of a Digital Frontier Bronze Hatchling
Bright copper-bronze flows over the smooth hide of this young dragon, polished to a fine gleam and without a single variance or flaw — or so one would think on first glance. Athletic and lean in build, he is a bronze that is perfected for the strength his color is often known for. Longer in body, limb and tail, he has a slight advantage for speed over some of his stockier kin and he moves with a confident and determined grace. Copper-bronze he may appear, but for those who look closer will see the subtle shifts in hues, barely discernable in most lighting. These discrepancies, merely a slightly brighter shade of copper, trace over the contours of his anatomy, following the natural line of muscle in solid lines and sharp angles, with even the occasional circle lined up over joints, a hand-with or so in size. They start at the base of his jaw, leaving his broad, angular head neck ridges untouched and follow the natural curve of his neck down to his shoulders, down his front legs and along his chest. From there they fade, only to reappear again along his hind legs and tail and when he extends his wide, long and proportionate wings the same fine tracery can be seen along the arms and wing-fingers. Wingsails remain untouched, formed of pure copper-bronze as the rest of his body but paled by the thinner membrane.

Dreams of a Digital Frontier Bronze Hatchling takes a moment to survey the scene around him, red-tinged eyes whirling. So what's all this then? Carefully, he pushes himself to his feet, flicking his wings to rid them of the excess bits of egg. Ahh, now he sees! Inhaling deep and head held high, he begins to move forwards with determination.

Cyrus offers Skyler a large smile as he impresses his new lifemate, "Good job you two…" he says softly, "You will fly now…."

Organic Ink Spill Egg begins to let itself go, cracks playing connect-the-dots across its shell.

D'ani's walking slower, his limp more pronounced. This is more walking than he's done in a long time. Back and forth he goes sometimes in tandem with F'rari and sometimes passing him. Next hatching he's going to hold a big sign with an arrow on it!

Sairon gives a faint, sideways tip of his head as the gold passes. "…ma'am." He mutters, ever so faintly, before Skyler's exclamation and impression takes his focus. "Awesome. That kid deserves it." His smile it wide and approving. He looks to one side to Cyrus, the other to Amythest. "We aren't leaving these sands without a dragon, or my name ain't— oh shards, look! Another bronze." His eyes immediately go to the egg so like the others. But then it's not there and that dragon is standing there.

New blue pair! F'rari is rocking back and forth on his heels, and sort of rocks in a generally forward direction. "Sk'ler," thanks, Kedizeth, for finally getting everything included, "Ciesoveth. Eating is this-a-way," as he extends his arm to guide the youngest of the clutch. (He would, of course, approve of D'ani's plan. They also need a banner.)

Organic Ink Spill Egg finally breaks, revealing the hatchling within and letting him take his first look at the world.

Of Life's Greatest Things Blue Hatchling
If blues could be metallic, this one would be close as his coloration gleams in the sunlight, sparkling with thousands of tiny facets of brilliance. Dark sapphire blue glimmers around his angular muzzle, a dusting of pale azure over his eyeridges. That shimmer of sky blue, a silver lining to the darkness that otherwise cloaks him, continues over his neckridges, also more angular than smooth. There are no outright sharp edges on him, but neither is he soft and cuddly. His limbs are well proportioned, sturdy and strong, his body slender and his tail a long whip stretching behind him. His wings are long and narrow, dark facets winking and fading to a twilight blue across his sails which gleams with flecks of silver almost like stars or precious gems. Flexible and nimble, his wings speak to a prowess of flight, an ability to soar and dip and weave and dive like many of his color. The darkness of his body continues along his limbs to his talons, which are as sharp as the finest crafted blade, streaked with white.

Of Life's Greatest Things Blue Hatchling takes a moment to gaze around him in rapt fascination, wings fanning, humming softly to himself. Shaking one paw and then the others to rid them of egg shards, he moves forward with grace and poise, head up and peering around eagerly.

Cyrus glances over to Sairon and is about to speak when the next dragon reveals himself. He keeps his eyes fixed on this one. He looks to be something special, "He's something else…" he says with a smile.

Amethyst watches the newest blue - the last blue! - to hatch, blinking at him, then the bronze, then the gold… then at Cyrus and Sairon. "Good luck, boys…" She bites down on her lip to stop her nervous grin from growing too huge, though the way she keeps running her hand through her short hair is a definite tell for how she's feeling.

No Harm No Fowl Gold Hatchling is cautiously probing the minds of the nearby females, a cool mist of mental air //so utterly quiet that it's not likely they're even noticing. Until she stops before a particular group and finds precisely what she's looking for. A creative mind to meld hers with, and someone who has her things together … but only just. Imagine how much better she would be with the pair of them together! And with that decision, Impression is made to the one who will travel Pern with her to learn things, and make something beautiful out of every moment.//

Sairon none-so-subtly elbows Cyrus, his grin bordering on manic. Maybe the heat is getting to him. "Last run. Stand up, own it. We got this." He looks over to Amythest, giving a grin and opening his mouth - no doubt to say much the same - but then the gold makes her choice and his eyes widen in surprise and glee. Not everyday you see that up close.

Of Life's Greatest Things Blue Hatchling continues forward with determination, searching for his other half, for the one to complete him, for the one he can love and be loved in return by.

Dreams of a Digital Frontier Bronze Hatchling does not stop once he has set his mind to something and he moves with purpose across those sands. No pausing, no nitpicking or shyness in him. He just sidles right up to the one he knows he wants and gives him a good, solid bump with his muzzle. If a bronze could smirk or grin, he would be but his posture is certainly smug and pleased!

Amethyst didn't see that coming. She looks down into the hatchling's eyes, her own wide and blinking, mouth parted in surprise. "Rhenesath." Its whispered at first, a taste of the name that's suddenly become everything to her. Then it's shared with the rest of the crowd on the Sands - possibly even heard in the galleries. "Her name is Rhenesath! And she's… I'm…? No - no that's you, you're starving…"

D'ani, having just returned is at Amethyst's side in moments because, well, the group is smaller? His voice is kind as he murmurs, "Congratulations." It sounds almost like condolences? Perhaps. He and Inri will be sharing their office with her eventually. "Follow me and we'll get her fed, eh?" And he limpingly leads them off. Or…not. He may actually fall behind them, herder-style.

Cyrus grins to Sairon, "Yes Sir.." he says with a chuckle. The look on his face is one of a person enjoying himself, "Congrats Amy…" he calls out.

Sairon just stops talking for a minute. It's a rare moment, but then this is a moment to actually Shut Up. He looks down to the bronze dragon as he gets bumped, blinks once. Twice. Three times, lost in the brief onslaught in his head. "…s-shards, took your time!" He says with a broken, nervous laugh. And is that a tear? NO. Liquid pride. His laugh gets louder then, bright and shocked and maybe a little hysterical. "Yeah, it's beautiful… I knew you weren't ganna leave me hanging, man. I just knew it." He reached down to rest a head on the hatchling's head, letting out a shaking breath. High in the galleries, there's a double-roar from an older gold and bronze dragon, the sounds of their riders drowned out. "Come on, Zeruth… priorities, right? Food. Food is good."

Of Life's Greatest Things Blue Hatchling moves forward swiftly after his clutch brother and sister, since clearly there are GOOD candidates over there. And that's where he finds his beloved, standing there waiting for him.

Impressions. Impressions everywhere. F'rari's herding is reaching an impressive pace, but he does manage to catch up to the newest bronze pair without issue. "Let's get Zeruth a meat bucket, huh?"

Cyrus just stands there as the blue arrives, and what a splash he makes. A look of joy crosses the healers face, "Thank you…" he just can't stop grinning, "Yes…we will be together always…" he responds. The feeling of joy that surges through him causes him to take a step toward his new lifemate, "I am yours…and you are mine." he response, "So true…" If C'rus could dance he would, but a certain need takes over, "Let us go Jaicoureth….time to eat some dinner."

D'ani isn't dragging his feet - honest - as he approaches Cyrus and Jaicoureth. His leg is killing him - that's what the wince and the grimace is for, because the man gets a smile, a crooked, whimsical one at that. "Well now. Life's just taken a turn off the well-beaten path, hasn't it? Good luck when he starts flying, you're going to need it!" No, he's not smirking, he's totally serious. He saw that belly-flop back there! "Follow me and we'll get him settled." However long settled will last.

Th'ero exhales heavily and turns to give Nyalle what may be the first genuine smile of the day! "Nine new weyrling pairs," he murmurs. "And a good spread." Velokraeth rumbles his approval as well, almost drowning out the Weyrleader's final speech for those left Standing. "I best get to the caverns, see how things are fairing. I'll see you soon, Nyalle." And then he is hurrying off. Dawn is still a ways off but he has work to do already.

And with that, with a flurry of egg shells, it's over. Nyalle steps forward to quietly address the remaining candidates, and then she looks to the galleries. "Breakfast feast!" That is all. There will be bacon.

And candy?

And candy.