~~*~~ Fort Weyr - Council Chambers ~~*~~

// A large table, spacious enough to seat all of the Weyrleaders of Pern simultaneously, takes up the majority of the space in this room. Comfortable chairs are placed at regular intervals around the highly polished table, and writing materials have been laid out at each place in preparation for the next meeting. Along the walls are a series of sideboard tables, meant to hold food and drink for longer conference sessions.//

The hatching approaches and the summer day is bright and warm. A note has gone out though, calling a certain Candidate by the name of Cyrus to the Council Chambers. Dun dun dun? Inside, Kimmila sits at the table, sipping a mug of iced klah and eying it suspiciously. "I still don't know if I like this," she remarks to the other person in the room.

Cyrus can't say he is overly surprised to be a getting a note being called to the big room. It wouldn't be the first time he was called into an office or room to discuss something. So he is overall fairly non-plussed beyond being curious to see who he was being called to meet. He makes his way into the council room and takes a quick gander around, not having been here before. Looks nice enough. He gives a wave of his hand to Kimm when he spots her and follows it up with a salute, "Hello."

That other person would be the weyrsecond, who rather than sitting, is pacing slowly behind Kimmila. He seems fairly relaxed, just needs to stretch his bad leg somewhat and exercise that shrunken muscle to build it back up from inactivity. "Mmm," he muses noncommittally. "Time will tell?" As it always does. Are they discussing Cyrus? Or iced klah? It's hard to say. Nevertheless as the candidate arrives, D'ani turns to face him with a neutral expression, but not an unfriendly one. He waits for Kimmila to speak, simply nodding his greeting silently.

Kimmila is talking about the iced klah, but she'll let folks believe whatever they wish. Looking up when Cyrus enters, she returns the salute and gestures. "Have a seat, Cyrus, just had a few things we wanted to talk to you about." She glances over her shoulder at D'ani, watching him walk for a moment.

Cyrus makes his way toward one of the chairs and takes a seat. He also offers a salute to D'ani as well. Though he doens't know the man as well as he does Kimm. Still..weyrsecond and all that, "Sure." he says, again his voice not betraying any surprise whatsoever, "Always happy to talk. Never really had a shortage of things to say." he says with a smile, apparently he's in a rather fine mood today. Why? Who knows.

The iced klah, which, heh, D'ani isn't drinking. He salutes Cyrus back gravely and moves slowly to take a seat as well, easing himself into a chair with a wince as his healing knife wound pulls a bit. Brown eyes regard the candidate steadily, candidly. He's been around, busy with wing duties and paperwork until the fracas in the forest a few sevens ago. The candidates may not know him, but he knows them. He's read the files, observed from afar and listened to the AWLMs reports with the weyrleaders. A faintly ironic smile tugs at his mouth as Cyrus answers Kimmila so expansively and yet he remains silent, giving Kimmila the floor.

Kimmila sets the klah down with a frown at it. Nope. Definitely do not like you. Hot klah it is, turn-round. Sigh. Her eyes focus on Cyrus as he sits. "Well, I've heard from some of the Candidates that you've gone around saying that riders are hiding things from you all. That we're not telling you everything about…" She gestures. "I don't know, impression, being a rider? So I wanted to bring you in here to give you all the time and space you needed to ask us anything you wanted to ask. Ignorance is dangerous. As are assumptions." She glances over at D'ani. Anything he'd like to add?

The walls have ears. Or maybe more like riders and AWLM assigned to linger nearby and watch have overheard. These whispers and snippets, not exactly super-clear have likely reached the ears of the leadership. There's nothing but genuine concern on the weyrsecond's face as he keeps his eyes trained on Cyrus. As Kimmila finishes, he glances to her, nods subtly and returns his attention to Cyrus. "Now's the time to air any doubts or fears you might have, Cyrus. Because we don't want you feeling obligated to step out onto the sands with those in place. If you feel you cannot trust the Weyr to your best interests… then impressing a dragon… could result in death. Not only yours and that of your dragon's but other riders depending on you." His tone is gentle, earnest and his posture relaxed as he nods once, encouraging the man to express himself.

Cyrus momentarily ponders that thought, smile returning to his face. Too good a mood to care, "I suppose that is fundamentally accurate." he affirms, "And that is so nice of you." he adds. Wow. Cyrus happy, "I do have more than a few questions. But I suppose the one that I'm most curious about is would you do this all again? I mean if you could go back and change things. Would you do it all again?" He gives a glance to D'ani as he speaks. Life and death are something he is rather familiar with, "I don't trust people I don't know. There are pleanty of people here I do trust. I trust Th'ero and Kim here…" he motions over to her, "…Therynn, Sairon..when he isn't being a ditz, so yeah, lots of people."

Better late than never? Th'ero quietly slips into the council chambers, moving slow but purposely. He knows what this is about, but duty kept him away until this point. The Weyrleader will take his seat too, without pause and dips his head respectfully to them all with a low murmured greeting. "… do continue." he adds, after polite apology. He'll catch up! Namely with Cyrus motioning to him.

Kimmila nods back at D'ani, grateful for his elaboration. She looks back at Cyrus and leans back in her chair, listening. "Amethyst asked me the same question. Yes, I would do it all again. In a heartbeat. I can't imagine my life without Varmiroth. He changed it for the better." Then she tilts her head. "So…you don't trust most of Pern? What does that have to do with your questions on impression? You think all the riders of Pern have some big conspiracy going?" She smirks. Th'ero's arrival is greeted with a warm smile and nod, before she looks to D'ani again.

D'ani coughs quietly, "That's four people, Cyrus." He flicks a glance at Kimmila brows lifted for a second then returns his attention to the candidate. "If you impress, the health of your dragon, and perhaps your life will depend on following orders - sometimes without questioning them - from people you might not know well. The Weyrwoman and Weyrleader, the weyrlingmaster, me, your wingleaders…" He maintains eye contact somberly. "Those people have had the training and experience - they've been selected to help you, not hurt you." Grave concern shadows his brown eyes, eyes that glance up as the Weyrleader enters. "Th'ero," he pushes up slowly, salutes and just as slowly resettles himself. The candidate's question is given serious consideration. "I would also do it over," he says firmly. "Dremkoth is all the family I've got. I… lost mine in a flood turns ago. Everyone. My sisters, my parents. Dremkoth is my brother, my friend, my protector and my partner. We work more closely than I do with any other because we are a team. He's here," he points to his head, "and here," his fingers rest on his heart. "He knows my thoughts before I think them, he knows my deepest feelings. He understands me and even when he disagrees, he puts my wishes above his own. There is nothing, no one closer. His love for me is all-encompassing and I…" he finishes softly, "…I couldn't live without him."

Cyrus shakes his head fairly honestly in response, "Nope. I don't." he says in a heartbeat. Trust most of Pern that is, "I have found that most people aren't worthy of it in the end. Let's be real honest here. Most are out for blood like those renegades or out for their own selfish purposes. Before you ask, of course I have my own selfish purposes.." he says with a wink, "To be honest. This is my moment of complete freedom. I had an epiphany the other night after talking to Therynn, who is awesome by the way, and I'm just enjoying it. For this one brief moment my life is so simple. Gotta relish the small things." The gathered group is certainly witnessing a rare occasion where Cyrus is unconcerned…about anything, "I still have questions sure, doubts…probably loads, but I feel great. Living in the moment and all that." he responds, "Alot of people think that I have some major dislike of dragons. It's honestly not true. I do like some of them. Others not so much. Not too different than people in that respect." He then gives a glance to D'ani as he explains and he can see where he is going, "I don't have a fundamental problem with following orders. But if you are looking for an automaton who is going to not think before he does something you are coming to the wrong guy. So many things have been done in the name of following orders…" Though when he considers what D'ani says about his dragon he does find interesting, and it shows in his face, "If you can swear to me that if I were to impress the same thing woudl happen to me, then I don't have any issues about impressing whatsoever. What you have said confirms the working theory that I've sort of been taking on faith…" In truth it makes him feel a great deal better, even than he was feeling.

Th'ero is quiet throughout the conversations, his brows knit together as he scrubs his fingers along his lower jaw thoughtfully. Much of what he wanted to say have been covered by Kimmila and D'ani both and he will nod his head to show his support to their insight and opinions. "Automaton is a harsh word to use," he says with a smirk. " And I think you've missed the point of what they are trying to explain to you. I do not expect my rider's to be brainless followers. I expect trust and respect from them Cyrus and often that means that they do not question orders. And why is that? Because, I'd like to think anyways, that they trust me. I certainly trust then," Often with his life. "However," And he holds up his hand for a moment. "There are occasional exceptions. We are but human and err at times, so I do not hold it against anyone to question my orders. That is their right. If I put my foot down on a decision though, I expect my riders to respond." Shifting in his chair, the last comment has him looking expectantly to D'ani, his expression unreadable. He speaks up though, with a slightly apologetic smile to the Weyrsecond for slipping in. "That is not something we can promise. Every dragon is different, every bond unique to each rider. I trust and love Velokraeth in ways I cannot even describe but there are times when he tests and tries me and we do not always see entirely eye to eye. It does not change how I feel of him or vice versa."

Kimmila smiles over at D'ani, reaching out to try and briefly rest her fingers on the Weyrsecond's arm if he allows her to. "Well spoken," she murmurs. "And I agree with D'ani on all counts." Looking back to Cyrus, her brows lift. "That's a rather…bitter place to approach life, Cyrus. How do you get to know people when you start out not trusting them?" She pauses. "What are /your/ selfish purposes?" Because now she's curious. "What questions do you have? Ask them now, because you've got a wealth of dragonrider knowledge here…" She gestures to herself and the two well seasoned, well respected bronzeriders. "So if a Wingleader tells you to duck, because something is flying at your head, you're going to ask 'why' first?" She is quiet for a long moment and nods. "And with Varmiroth and I, he bends to my wishes almost always. Sometimes to our detriment. Sometimes he lets me do things even when he knows they're bad for me. Every dragon and every bond is different, like Th'ero said."

D'ani won't argue that some of people are out for blood, but most of them? He just shakes his head, "Fundamental distrust is as big a problem as gullibility," he notes calmly before listening to the rest of what Cyrus has to say. Ignoring the man's wink he asks, "And what selfish purpose would that be, Cyrus?" The question is asked with deceptive mildness, spoken almost simultaneously with Kimmila, who gets a quick grin. Clearly he's expecting an answer, his gaze leveled back to the candidate's face. "For all we know, you could be a renegade hoping to impress to gain a dragon to use as a weapon." That's ludicrous, isn't it? says the slight smile that tugs at his mouth. No, he's not accusing Cyrus. He's making a point: They could choose not to trust him. His eyes get crinkly around the edges at the comment about that epiphany with Theyrnn and he lets that one pass without asking for clarification. He snorts quietly at the word 'automaton'. The candidate is putting words in his mouth. "Get over yourself and your own importance, Cyrus!" He says it firmly, but without raising his voice. "I spoke of saving your life. There is a difference-" He quiets as Th'ero addresses that. Asked for an assurance he cannot give, he simply shakes his head. "Life is unpredictable and risky. If you want guarantees, you need to go back to the healer hall and ask for a desk job where you can line up your pencils to nitpicky measurements where-" Again he stops so Th'ero may speak, nodding firm agreement with the Weyrleader. "I can't guarantee your impression, let alone that if you do, the bond will be amicable. It might be as stormy as hell! You might clash and quarrel, make up, wash, rinse, repeat for the rest of your lives." He shrugs, "I do know that riders and their lifemates adjust and compensate, but it's a risk and you don't seem to be willing to take those." The look he shares with Kimmila and Th'ero is telling: he's got his doubts about this one.

Cyrus first turns his attention to Th'ero, he can't help but smile a bit, "You made the list of people that I trust." he points out. He had already mentioned that he did, "And you do have my respect." he adds. Which is remarkable on several fronts, "I said what I said to prepare you for the possibility of what might happen in the future. I do so because I don't appreciate surprise and I suspect you don't as well. I can't promise to follow every one of your orders, but you can be sure that if I have a problem I'll discuss it with you in as respectful a manner as I'm able. I've /never/ lied to you. And I can promise you that will continue. I can't abide a liar." Though when Th'ero backtracks a bit on what D'ani said it does cause a small amount of concern to creep back into his mind, though given his positive disposition at the present moment he quickly shakes the thought from his mind with a quick shake of his head, "I know there are no guarantees." he says in response. As for Kimm he can't help but respond with honesty, "It is. And I really don't know. But I have and I likely will continue too. I have many friends here." he says with no small amount of pride, "When I came to Fort I had only one friend. Now I have many. Some of them are very close…" He shakes his head quickly to her, "Only an idiot wouldn't duck. And if you ask me to clean the latrines I'll do it without question..and almost anything else really. The only time I would refuse an order would be if I believed it to be immoral." Th'ero's questions and Kimm's have been easy…he takes a moment to regard D'ani, "In case you have not noticed I'm a man of many problems." He says honestly, "I've not hid this from anyone. I have my reasons, and they are my own. As for me being a renegade…." he says trailing off for a moment, "Even if I was. Velokraeth searched me. That would mean something would it not? Would it not also point out a flaw in the system? Granted this is moot since I am not a renegade but still." He glances back to Th'ero and Kimm feeling a bit bombarded with so many questions, fairly sure he has missed a few but he can't help but respond to D'ani, "My own importance?" he asks rather emotionlessly, "I realize there are no guarantees. Why do you think I'm still here? And honestly isn't that the point on both sides. I've been telling you the same about me. I can only give you myself and not many guarantees." He sighs and shakes his head, "Weyrsecond…with the greatest respect…you don't know me. You don't know what risks I've taken in the past or what I'm willing to dare. I can assure you that despite being uncertain about many things both inside and outside of myself…I /know/ what I'm willing to dare and you might be surprised." He sits back in his chair, "As for my selfishness…I suppose it boils down to what everyone is selfish about. I don't think I have any uniqueness there."

Th'ero nods his head to Cyrus' reminding him of having his trust and respect. They've had that conversation before and the Weyrleader isn't about to focus on it. It takes enough of his resolve not to just fidget uncomfortably in his chair. He will be silent as he listens attentively to Cyrus elaborate and explain his reasonings and actions, but he will remain deep in thought and say nothing. He will look up between D'ani and Kimmila however, one brow quirked and his gaze subtly expectant. Did they have anything to say first? The only thing he does quietly bring up is: "I believe D'ani was speaking rhetorically concerning the renegade example." And leaves it at that.

The quiet snort at Cyrus' comment might be from D'ani or it might not. Is the Weyrleader supposed to be flattered that Cyrus trusts him? That quiet incredulity is multiplied as the weyrsecond just blinks at the candidate's claim that he knows there are no guarantees. What? But he just expressed wanting one? With a little shake of his head, he… listens while trying to make sense out of the… let's call it what it is… garbled reasoning and evasions out of Cyrus. He nods when Th'ero speaks of rhetorical. "I was, Cyrus. You've missed the point entirely." He takes a deep breath, still earnest, still patient, "You're correct. I don't know you. And yet you're asking us to trust you on the whim of a search dragon-" he holds up a hand to forestall the man's protest while he makes his point, "but you sound like you're unwilling to do the same. And for me, that is a problem if you're going to be a wingrider. Because sometimes there isn't time for discussion of what is moral or immoral." It hasn't escaped his attention that the question both he and Kimmila have asked - twice - has gone unanswered and he levels a look to the candidate, opens his mouth to restate it but Kimmila does so more succinctly than he would have. "Please answer, Candidate."

Cyrus could honestly care less if anyone was flattered or not. He spoke what he felt was the truth. Nothing more and nothing less. D'ani is the focus of his attention at the moment, "I am not asking you to trust me. I have never asked that. If you trust Velokraeth though I imagine you would have good reason to attempt to trust me, though I'm uncertain if that is the case or not. But regardless from my end you have given me no reason to distrust you weyrsecond. However, if there is reason to distrust me on that intense of a level you should logically ask me to leave." He is largely limiting himself to facts, but its all true, "In a case like that I will follow my conscience, and submit myself to the consequences. It isn't anymore complex than that." Short and simple answer. Though the repeated question from Kimm does catch his attention, "I already told you that I don't believe my selfishness is any different than anyone else. I want things to go my way and when they don't I get upset. I'd imagine the same is true for anyone here. As for my purposes…those are simple too. I want to help people. I want people to be well, primarily emotionally but physically. Everything I do….everything…is filtered through that lens."

Th'ero can only stare at Cyrus when he mentions Velokraeth again, opening his mouth to speak up and then choosing to go silent again. For awhile, he simply broods in silence as he picks his words carefully. "I'd not say that's the truth for any of us sitting here right now, myself included. Things do not always go as planned or desired and to hope they do is foolish and a good way to drive one insane trying to twist and warp fate like that. If you want to help people, Cyrus, you need to learn to trust and respect them and accept them as they are and understand that they may not want your "help" or conform to your opinions or views. Do you see the flaws in your logic? Life is not about control."

Kimmila blinks at Cyrus. And she blinks again and then grabs for that mug of iced klah. She gulps it down like a shot and EYES Cyrus. "Then stop being so damn confusing. Because you're making me emotionally unwell." Her brain hurts. "That's what I want to go my way. Any more questions for us, Candidate?"

Don't tempt D'ani to ask for the knot! Because if this keeps up…! The Weyrsecond continues to stare agape at what Cyrus says. "Oh but you are. By accepting that white knot and taking the chance of becoming a rider, you're asking all of us to trust you - to trust that you'll follow orders when the chips are down. To be there for your wingmates. Following your conscious sounds noble, but consider this: that can get your wingmates killed. Can you live with that? Can you live with the thought that one of the friends you made might die because you felt something in the orders was immoral?" He exchanges looks with Th'ero and Kimmila before looking back to Cyrus. "The difference is, we don't get upset when things don't go our way, Cyrus. Disappointed? Maybe, but not upset, not thrown off. If you can't do that, then you don't want to be a rider. Because you're not an individual most of the time. You function as part of a unit. For the good of the Weyr. For Pern." The Pern he distrusts and thinks is out for blood. The weyrsecond remains troubled as he regards Cyrus. Kimmila's outburst breaks the tableau and he laughs, relaxing a bit. "It's a lot to think about. But questions… yes. If you have them, now's the time to ask them."

Cyrus has found that it is remarkably easy for those with all the power to talk about how control is of little importance, at least until their own control is challenged. Then they really get you, "Weyrleader. I will do my best." is all he can say, "I have not found that people in general have extended the same courtesy to me….present company excluded of course." he notes, as they certainly have made the effort, "I believe I have been very open about my flaws." he adds before looking at Kimm, a slight touch of hurt creeping into his face, "It has not been my intention to be confusing. I've done the best that I could." He takes a moment to gather his thought, "I have no further questions. Whatever may hapen now…I'm along for the ride. There is no going back. Though I would like to take a moment to convey my gratitude. If I impress at the hatching or not I have loved being at Fort. You have given me more than you realize and likely more than you will ever know. I can't thank you enough. It has mattered a great deal to me. Thank you." He regards D'ani with a simple appraising look, "I can live with the consequences of my decisions. As we all have to learn to do Sir." he says a bit more stiffly, perhaps than he had when he mentioned his gratitude.

Th'ero nods his head again to Cyrus and shifts in his chair to quietly push it back as he stands slowly to his feet. He stands, straightening his clothing. "I've no further questions. Cyrus, I wish you the best of luck. If you'll excuse me, I am needed on the Sands." Now what has he done? Glancing to Kimmila, he gives her a lingering look and one that is extended to D'ani. "I'll speak to both of you later or you're welcome to come by the Galleries later." Pause. "… depending on Kayeth's mood." That should be warning enough right there. "Clear skies." And with that, he is briskly striding out of the room. Maybe he'll grab a wineskin along the way while he's at it.

Kimmila gets to her feet as well when Th'ero does, nodding to the Weyrleader. "And I have to be off on sweeps. Weyrsecond?" she asks of D'ani, tipping her head towards the door. Coming? She does look back at Cyrus though, thoughtful. "You have to give to receive, Cyrus. Fact of life, there. Excuse me." Then she's following Th'ero out.

Forgive D'ani for continuing to stare, but the florid, effusive language the candidate directs to the other two is all but making him gape. They've done nothing but what they'd do for any troubled candidate. The weyrsecond doesn't expect thanks from Cyrus and thus, when none are forthcoming, isn't surprised or dismayed. "I feel you just need to give all this more thought," he says gently, again earnestly troubled, rising when Th'ero and Kimmila do. "But I also wish you luck." He does mean that. He's rubbing the back of his neck, flicks a look at Kimmila, and mutters an answer, "Yeah, coming. Despite the headache I now have." He too follows her out, limping slightly.