~~*~~ Fort Weyr - Galleries ~~*~~
The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded laterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches.

It's not long until the candidates' curfew kicks in, and so a small knot of them are enjoying the evening's free time by egg-gazing. They're ranged about the galleries in little groups, with one of the groups closest to the front including Amethyst, little Ciannah and Farrell. The Smith-turned-Candidate points out an egg to the younger candidates, using big hand gestures to explain whatever it is she's whispering to them about it.

Ahh, whispering Candidates! Nothing quite like that sight and it never grows old. Th'ero doesn't tire either of sneaking up on them, though he knows better than to truly spook the group. Screams will make mama-Kayeth mad and he'd rather not have Nyalle storming up here for all their hides. So before he's well and truly upon them, he'll clear his throat. "Just some harmless wagering, I hope?" he murmurs with a faint but crooked grin.

Kimmila follows Th'ero up the stairs, a few steps behind. She saw him entering and so jogged to catch up, hoping to surprise him. "Who is wagering?" she asks. Down on the sands, Kayeth is curled around her clutch, /watching/ the galleries with low rumbles. Nyalle is there too, trying to soothe her growingly more and more irate queen. For now though, the galleries remain open.

Sneaking and throat-clearing still makes the little group jump - though there are no screams, just a little 'ooh!' of surprise from Ciannah. Amethyst gives the younger girl's arm a little squeeze, then greets the Weyrleader and Kimmila with a salute that the other two echo. "Sir, ma'am. Evening. No betting going on between us, though we are trying to guess what we think might hatch from which egg." She looks over her shoulder to where there's a group of candidates a few rows back. "Lazorus back there is taking bets, though. I've got a little something going with him."

Th'ero dips his head respectfully to those salutes, only to look surprised when Kimmila's voice suddenly speaks up from behind and beside him. "Interested, Wingmate?" he drawls with a smirk before his eyes drift back to Amethyst, Ciannah and Farrell. "Evening! Ahh, I see. Seems to be a classic tradition. May I ask what you've come to guess so far?" Don't mind him, he'll just take a seat on a nearby bench. Not intimidating at all, is it, to have the Weyrleader sitting with you, right? Glancing over his shoulder to where Lazorus and his group sit, Th'ero snorts softly. "Is that so?"

Kimmila returns the salutes with a casualness that suggests she really doesn't care about salutes, glancing down to the sands and then back with a grin. "I always place bets, excuse me." Off she goes to find Lazorus, risen from the caverns to take bets.

Amethyst watches Kimmila head up to towards the bet-taking group, while Ciannah starts babbling on to Th'ero - apparently she's not intimidated by his presence. "See that one? The funny-spotted one?" She's pointing at the Organic Ink Spill Egg. "That one's gonna be a blue. And the blue one there?" Eternal Blue Egg! "That's gonna be a brown." Something she sounds excited about, until Farrell butts in with a scoffing sound. "Nu-uh. It'll be a blue from the blue egg. All the blue ones will hatch blues. That's why they're blue now." Amethyst shrugs in amusement at the Weyrleader as it seems the argument between the two younger ones has been ongoing. "What do you think, sir? Do you think the colour of the shell makes a difference to what's inside? I've been trying to explain to these two that I don't think it's so."

"Good tactic not to assume that the colour of the shell means the colour within is the same," Th'ero muses to Ciannah, weathering the babbling with good natured patience. He's had enough practice by now with past Candidates and his own son, Kyzen. Just ignore the slightly distant look that may come to his eyes. Until he blinks and smirks to Farrell with a dry chuckle to follow. "Perhaps or perhaps not. You'd be surprised of what the eggs can hold. You can't even really wager on their size being an indication. But," Turning a bit, he looks up to where Kimmila is. "Did you hear the theories, Wingmate? All blue eggs blue?" What does she think of that? Looking back to Amethyst, Th'ero only shakes his head. "In my opinion? It's all random chance. Sometimes the egg shell hatches the same colour. Other times it doesn't. Not even close! Velokraeth's egg was a little of every colour, for instance."

Kimmila places her bets (secret ones) and returns to sit down besides Th'ero with a grin. "You never know what'll come out. They could all be green and we'd have no idea until hatching day. I can't remember Varmiroth's egg color…" She looks down at the eggs and shrugs. "I think they'll be chromatics. Maybe one bronze."

Amethyst nods at what the riders have to say, agreeing with them. "There, see? The Weyrleader and wingrider Kimmila said there's no way of telling." Farrell doesn't look too pleased at having his theory discounted, so he pulls a huffy face and gets up from his seat, saluting before he stomps his way out. Ciannah seems to find it amusing, and she sits there grinning hugely at everyone, including the eggs. "Do you think," Amethyst asks, looking down at the clutch, then to Kayeth, "that the clutchdam knows anything about what's inside them? Is there any way of telling by… well, actually, can a dragon even talk to the eggs - the dragons within them? Can you tell through a mindlink what colour a dragon is?"

Th'ero snorts, "Has a clutch ever been all one colour? Though usually greens tend to be numerous…" But a whole clutch? The Weyrleader finds that mildly amusing (and horrifying). He doesn't hide the surprise in his eyes when Farrell stomps off. "I've… not upset him, have I?" he asks, glancing between Kimmila and Amethyst. Why does he always seems to piss someone off? As for her next questions, Th'ero takes a slow breath and exhales, looking back to his weyrmate. Little help with this? "Afraid not. At least, Nyalle has never told me if Kayeth has any intuition as to what egg may hold what. I know sometimes a gold egg can be obvious but not necessarily all the time. Velokraeth cannot tell me anything about the eggs either, other than knowing the hardness of their shell."

Kimmila grins, "I'm sure there has been." Watching Farrell storm off, Kimmila snorts but spares no more time for the sulking Candidate. "Wiyaneth could never tell either. It's just a presence. Could you tell when you touched them? Same sort of thing."

"No, sir, not you. It's been an ongoing thing between him and Ciannah…" Amethyst looks at the girl, who gives Th'ero and Kimmila a huge, toothy butter wouldn't melt grin, "and I think he really wanted to be right. You wanna go smooth his ruffled feathers down, Annah?" She nudges the younger candidate away, reminding her to salute as she goes. "A one-colour clutch would be… interesting. Though I suppose in our time it wouldn't make as much of a difference as it might have done when there was thread, would it? Colour is hardly a limiting factor today, compared to what I've read about what it used to be." She looks from bronze- to blue-rider, then down at the clutch. "So the dragons really just feel what we felt when we touched the eggs? I thought they would maybe… I don't know. Feel something a little more?"

"Perhaps in the larger clutches during the time of Threadfall. I've read that in those clutches, often up to forty eggs, almost a quarter would be just greens alone." Th'ero grimaces as he watches Ciannah wander off to find Farrell. "Guess it can be a bit disappointing when you're proven wrong…" he admits and then glances sidelong to Kimmila as if to warn her. No comment on that! Glancing back to Amethyst, he nods and takes a moment to mull over his answer before he speaks. "… well, there is a little more to it but as to what it is, we're not sure. It's been a mystery since… forever. It's a theory that the unhatched dragon's sense something but there is no proof that it completely influences. I've seen Candidates Impress to Hatchlings from eggs they'd not even so much as given another look…"

Kimmila snorts. No, she won't /say/ anything, but she'll smirk and eye him. "Eggs can change, too," she adds. "I've known Candidates who touched an egg, and then impressed, and say the dragon that came out of the egg was nothing like the presence within. They grow and change as they're being formed in there. It's all very…" She waves a hand in the air.

"Huh." Amethyst is intrigued, and curious. "There's so much more to dragons than I'd ever thought. They don't teach you this stuff in the Holds, you know? Maybe they should." She runs her fingers through her short hair, then leans back with a relaxed sigh. "It's hard to imagine that they'll hatch sometime soon, and that I might be one of you… or that I might be back on the road again with Tashryn. I'm not sure which I want more. That's not… it's not a /bad// thing, is it? I can't help but wonder if the dragons might sense that I'm not desperately trying to Impress one of them like some of the other candidates. Is that something that might turn them away?"

Th'ero just returns that look right back to Kimmila. Not. A. Word! Something piques his interest however and he gives Amethyst a curious look. "Holdbred?" he asks gently and mostly from curiosity. His mouth quirks into a bemused smile. "Might work in some Holds, but it'd never fly in the cothold I was born 'n raised to." Shaking his head, this time he does chuckle and in a genuine manner. "No, it's not a bad thing. I had doubts of even being a Candidate when I stood and I Impressed. Granted, I was also convinced I'd Impress green." Surprise? "There's nothing wrong in not being certain as to which outcome you'd prefer over the other. Isn't that right, Wingmate?" he glances sidelong to Kimmila again.

Kimmila shrugs a bit. "Why would they? It's not really necessary knowledge in a hold." She shakes her head. "No, that's not a bad thing. Lots of Candidates try to…temper their enthusiasm so if they don't impress it doesn't crush them. As long as you're /open/ to it and not actively pushing the dragons away, if yours is out there it'll find you." Then she laughs. "You on green?" Forgive her as she /laughs/.

That laugh Kimmila has? It sparks a muffled snigger in Amethyst, who is trying very hard to hold back something bigger. "I, uh… I have no expectations of what colour I might Impress, if I do." She gets that would-be laugh under control, even if she is still grinning broadly. "Honestly, I've still not been able to picture myself as a rider. I just don't see it happening. But, I'm here for curiosity's sake, you know? And it's not like I can't have both Weyr and Craft if I do, right?" Her smile softens thoughtfully, and she looks back to the eggs. "I'm not so good with the not knowing bit. Right now, I'm hoping it's over sooner rather than later, so we all know what's in our future."

Th'ero sighs when Kimmila laughs and she'll earn a good nudge of his elbow to her ribs for that. See? Look what she started! Now Amethyst is muffling a snigger of her own! He's not going to live that down, is he? "Exactly. I had no expectations either of what colour I'd Impress but I figured if I were to Impress, it'd be to green. It wasn't what I wanted, but at the time… Shards, I was a very conflicted youth." No, really? He'll leave it at that. "Another perk of being a rider in this time… it doesn't have to be the end of your Craft, no. Smithcraft, right?" Th'ero likely recalls Amethyst from the exhibition, along with Tashryn or at least the reports of the thefts that followed and… that grisly discovery. He chuckles, "Soon. It shouldn't be much longer now. Another sevenday at most. Possibly less." Not helpful. His eyes drift to the Sands and go from the eggs to where Nyalle and Kayeth are resting. His brows knit, a brief and distracted look to his features before he sighs. Uh oh? "I'm afraid I'm needed on the Sands." he drawls as he pushes to his feet, pausing long enough to clasp Kimmila on the shoulder and squeeze, while to Amethyst he dips his head respectfully in farewell. "Best of luck with your guess work of the eggs," he muses. "Clear skies!" And with that, he's moving down the aisle and towards the stairs.

Kimmila isn't welcomed on the sands, so she just smiles up at Th'ero and watches him go. Then she turns back to Amethyst. "I thought I'd impress gold," she admits. "I was /convinced/ of it. Thought I'd make an amazing goldrider. Now…Faranth, I'm so glad I didn't. I'd have been awful." She nods too. "And he's right, you can totally continue your Craft after you graduate. We've even got a wing for crafter riders."

Amethyst blinks. "Less than a sevenday?" She wanted it over quick, but that is fast! "Wow. I think I can wait that long." When Th'ero leaves, she salutes smartly, then dips her head politely. "Clear skies and a good evening to you, sir." Her gaze goes to the Sands briefly, before looking back at Kimmila. "Really, ma'am? I don't know that I'd make a great, let alone amazing any-colour rider. My strategy is to just go with the flow, wait and see what happens… because I suppose whatever colour my dragon happens to be, if I have a dragon out there, then that's the colour I'm supposed to be good at… right?" Her nose wrinkles thoughtfully, and she touches the tip of her tongue to her lower lip, before biting on it. "K'drozen was telling me about the wings, ma'am, yes. Haast… that's the Crafter wing?"

Kimmila shrugs. "Not necessarily. Jajen is an awful goldrider. Though that's partly because she hasn't tried to /improve/ any. No one's born perfect at anything." She grins. "What color would you /want/ to ride though? Girl, boy? Small? Big? And yeah, Haast is transport and craft, though you don't have to do transport."

"After washing a blue dragon the other day, I'd say small." Amethyst laughs, then shrugs to show she's joking. "Honestly, ma'am? No clue. No clue at all. Though I'm not all that sure that I'd like to deal with proddiness, so maybe a blue? It's possible to stop a male dragon from chasing, isn't it? The whole flight thing…" She shakes her head, lips pursed. "It doesn't really do much for me. Would you care to tell me what it's like?"

Kimmila laughs. "Aye, washing my mother's gold took forever, dad's bronze too…" She chuckles, thoughtful for a moment. "Ah…no. Not really. Some dragons are naturally lusty and there's really no way to stop them from chasing if they want to. Think of it this way. It's nature taking it's course. If it's something your dragon wants, would you prevent them from that joy? Satisfying that urge? But other dragons aren't as interested. Varmiroth /rarely/ chases. Velokraeth chases all the time. It's just in their personality." As for what it's like? "Well, Varmiroth isn't a good example. He'll chase, there will be a surge of desire, but then…his attention tends to fade and he'll get distracted by clouds or something else. You've been in the weyr for a goldflight, yes? Felt the lust of the rising queen?"

Amethyst nods. "Yes, I was here when Kayeth rose." She blushes, chewing on her lip as she remembers the occasion. "It's just as well greens don't have the same effect, really, isn't it? As for denying the chase, I… I don't know. Does it change the way you think about things, when you Impress? Your dragon becomes your everything, doesn't he? What's that like? Does it leave room for… loving other things?"

Kimmila nods with a laugh. "It's very good greens don't affect the weyr, otherwise everyone would be pregnant all the time." Then her smile softens, and she gestures down towards the Sands where Th'ero is. "We may not be very affectionate in public," like, at all, "but I love Th'ero very deeply. At first, if you impress, it will be /all/ about your dragon. You won't have /room/ for anything else. BUt as your relationship with your lifemate gets deeper, there…more room opens up? It's difficult to explain. Your dragon becomes your core, your center, but there's always room for more love once your relationship has settled. I love a dragon, a man, four children, a weyr…there's always more love to go around. Then it's just a matter of time management."

It's evening, and the galleries are dotted with little knots of candidates - some are taking bets, some are watching and discussing the eggs, pre-curfew. Amethyst sits with Kimmila down near the front of the seating. "You'd never get anything done for people's lust getting in the way!" She laughs, the blush still very present on her cheeks. "It's good to know there's still room to love others. Not that I need that room at present, but… love is a hope for everyone, isn't it? Even if we don't admit it, we all sort of crave it, don't we?"

Kimmila grins, "Also a reason why greens don't clutch. And yes. Once Weyrlinghood is over, once you've settled in, once you've let things relax and things are more settled, then you'll find that you're more available for love. If your dragon allows it. Some dragons are really jealous of their rider's time. Again, it all comes down to personality." She chuckles. "Maybe? Not sure it's a hope for /everyone/ but.." She smiles down at the Sands again.

"No? You don't think everyone wants to be loved by someone?" Amethyst is intrigued by that, and purses her lips thoughtfully as she looks at Kimmila. "It's my belief that even the people who think they don't want it want to be loved, somehow. Deep down. I suppose Cyrus would be better to comment on it, but isn't itsortof an intrisic human need, to crave affection?"

Unsurprisingly, Brennan is here again to spy on the clutch. Also unsurprising is that he doesn't do so as part of a little knot of others. Even so, he gravitates toward the familiar faces of Kimmila and Amethyst as he wanders through the stands, giving them both a nod of greeting so as not to interrupt the conversation. He does, however, sit nearby, giving the women a sidelong, thoughtful glance as he picks up on the subject they're discussing. He says nothing for the moment, just watching and listening.

Kimmila shakes her head. "Not /everyone/. I don't like to make generalizations. I'm sure there are people out there who like to be alone and are just fine with that. I…don't subscribe to that romantic notion that /everyone/, deep down, just wants to be loved. I've met some pretty hardened people that just wanted to be left alone." She looks up when Brennan approaches. "Hey, Brennan. What do you think? Do you think everyone, everywhere, wants to be loved?"

Amethyst listens attentively to the bluerider's opinion, nodding in agreement. "That's fair enough," she says with a gentle shrug of her shoulders. "I can see how people like that would make you think that way." Brennan's approach is met with a smile, and she bobs her head politely to him. "Evening, Brennan." Her fingers brush through her short-cropped hair, sweeping it back from her forehead. "Yeah," she says at the end of Kimmila's question, looking at her fellow candidate. "Do you think everyone, deep down, just wants to be loved?"

Brennan's gaze snaps over to Kimmila and Amethyst, and his brows arch. He was going to wait until they switched to another topic, not get roped into this one! But what's done is done - he's the one who ventured over, after all - and he shifts a little to face them more fully, ruffling calloused fingers through his hair. "I, ah… I think it's a nice idea," he gets out finally, "but I'm not sure it's true for everyone. Most people seem t' want it, need it even, but every now 'n' again y' meet someone who just seems…I dunno. Made of ice or somethin'." He shrugs. "People can change, though. Not easily, but I reckon it happens."

Kimmila nods, leaning back against the step behind her and smiles, looking back at the eggs. "So. Less than a sevenday. You guys have any questions?"

"That makes sense - well said, Bren." Amethyst grins at him, then, at Kimmila's question, grins again. "Just… what's it going to be like down there? When all the eggs are hatching? Everyone's said something different about it so far, and I've never seen one so, if you'd like to give your opinion, ma'am?"

Brennan inclines his head a little at Amethyst for the compliment, smirking, then shakes his head vaguely on the matter of questions. He may come up with one in a moment, but for now is content to hear Kimmila's answer to the one posed by his fellow Candidate. "Never been, either," he says, but nothing more.

Kimmila waves a hand. "Stop calling me ma'am. I'm not my mother." She looks down at the sands. "Fast. Overwhelming. You've got to be alert. We haven't had a mauling in a while, and when we do it's always because some kid wasn't watching, but…there's a lot to watch. Don't be afraid but don't be lax either. Eyes open. There's only 9, I can't imagine what it was like when there were 40. They'll hatch almost all at the same time and stumble out, awkward, trying to find their person."

"Nine little dragons tumbling onto the Sands at once is quite a scary prospect, let alone 40 of them doing it…" With eyes wide, Amethyst blinks down at the Sands and the eggs upon them. "So they're clumsy when they hatch, right? What happens if one falls, or hurts itself? Are we allowed to help them, or should we leave them?"

Brennan chuckles a little over Kimmila's discomfiture over being called 'ma'am,' then looks out at the eggs again for a moment. He nods as he listens, then asks, "Do they ever get confused in all the commotion 'n' pick the wrong person?" Would anyone know if that happened? His question comes on the tail of a new one from Amethyst, however, and he waits until Kimmila gets around to it, still intent on learning a thing or two from the other questions posed.

"Leave them. We've got Dragonhealers who can go in and help. You don't want to scare them, or make your dragon stumble after you because you're going the wrong way. It'll be hard, but know that someone will go help them if that happens. And no, Brennan. They never pick the wrong person. Sometimes their person isn't even here. They're in the galleries, or in the bowl. They'll go find them."

Amethyst blinks in surprise. "Even if they're in the bowl? But… how will they know where to find them? Can they Impress without even seeing the person that's theirs? What happens if they don't find them?" The frown she has suggests she might already have an inkling of what happens in that instance, and she looks from Kimmila to Brennan, as if to see if he might know, too.

"That'd be somethin'," Brennan notes with a snort, glancing out at the rest of the seating in the huge space. "Seein' a little dragon clamberin' all over everything t' get up here, or runnin' clear out the door." At Amethyst's next question, however, he sobers a little, his expression darkly pensive. "Never heard of a wild dragon…" he says as he looks at the other Candidate, shrugging one shoulder slightly and sliding his gaze to Kimmila. Yeah…it's probably bad.

Kimmila shakes her head. "They go find them. No one knows how, but first impression…it's always right." If they don't find them… Kimmila frowns. "There are records that say the dragonet will die. I've never seen it though, or heard of it happening in recent times."

"I hope we never see it." Amethyst's expression darkens, her eyes cast down to the eggs and her lips pursed in an almost sullen pout. "It would be awful, wouldn't it? Poor clutchmother - poor Weyrwoman too, I suspect… though the dragons would forget it quick enough, wouldn't they? Their memories are short, right?"

Brennan nods to that; it's not something he's keen on seeing, himself. "Well, if it hasn't happened recently…" he says, shrugging yet again. Odds are they won't witness it, then.

Kimmila nods as she pushes to her feet as Th'ero begins to make his way towards the sands exit and glances up to the galleries. "I hope we never see it too," she agrees. "Yes, their memories are short. Smaller the dragon, shorter the memory." She smiles at the pair of Candidates. "I'm going to go now. Nice chatting with you both." With a little wave, the bluerider's long strides carry her down the stairs and back to her weyrmate's side.

"Have a good evening, ma— Kimmila." Watching the bluerider leave, Amethyst sighs softly. "It's quite intimidating, isn't it? Knowing that there's no more than a sevenday between us and whatever our future holds? Th'ero said they could hatch in less than a sevenday. I want it over, but… well, I don't know if I'm ready for it to be over that soon. How do you feel about it?"

Brennan says, "Evenin', Kimmila," Brennan says as the bluerider departs, and he stretches out over a couple of tiers, lacing his fingers behind his head as he listens to Amethyst. "Ready for it to be over," he says with a soft snort, glancing over at the other Candidate. "Not makin' light of it, just ready t' move on from this routine. If that means goin' back to what I used to know, or somethin' new entirely, I'll be glad. And I guess…" He reaches up to scuff fingers against the stubble of his chin. "…Mayhap it makes me nervous. A little. Helps, havin' been down there t' touch em and be near the queen.""

"It definitely helps having been down there, though yes, I'm still nervous too." Amethyst sighs softly, then leans back and looks at Brennan with a gentle smile. "I'm keen to get back to earning my Journeyman's knot, if that's the way life takes me. And I'm going to speak to Tashryn, see if we can't maybe cut the whole thing short, get it for me sooner. What I'd really like…" She pauses, rubbing her hands across her knees, "is to settle somewhere, maybe meet someone, and maybe… well, I think I'd like a little pet goat, or something. And some chickens. Make jewellery, sell milk, sell eggs… it'd be good, I think."

Brennan raises an eyebrow, shifting to drape his arms across the tier he's laid back against. "Y'can still do that if y' Impress, eh? Gettin' your knot, I mean?" This is what the hunter has heard, at any rate! "'N mayhap y' can do most of the other stuff, too. Meetin' someone, at the least…" He trails off at that, looking back out at the eggs with that pensive look he had when he first walked in and heard the initial conversation. "Settlin' never felt right t' me…but if it suits ya, 'n' that's what y' want, I hope it works out for ya, Ame."

Amethyst nods; yes, she can still do that if she Impresses. "Oh yes, I'd intend to still do all of that whether I have a dragon or not. It might be easier - quicker, certainly, if I'm not a rider, but absolutely, I can achieve it with a lifemate. It'll mean settling here, in Fort… and I think I'd like to do that anyway. It's not so bad here." She smiles, casting her gaze approvingly around the hatching cavern. "Forgive me if this is too personal a question, but if you've never felt like settling, why would you want a dragon? Won't it impede your freedom to a degree?"

Brennan's brow creases slightly, and he shakes his head. "Doesn' seem like the same thing. Bein' able to go anywhere in the span of a few heartbeats seems pretty freein' to me. Wouldn' have to trek for sevens just to get from here t' Benden, y'know? Talkin' to Kimmila about it the other day…well. Sounds like there's more freedom to bein' a rider than we might think." He nods, slowly. "No, 's not so bad here. Took some time for me to square with that, but…some good things've happened here. Said settlin's never felt right to me, but that doesn' mean 'm not open to that changin'."

"Well, yes, a dragon means you can go anywhere faster than if you didn't have one, but you're always obligated to return to the Weyr; that's what I meant by saying your freedom would be somewhat more limited." Amethyst smiles and shrugs softly. "But, freedom means different things to different people, doesn't it? What may be freedom to me may not be freedom to you." Her gaze shifts back to the eggs, then to Nyalle and Kayeth. "Do you have a favourite down there, Brennan? Any that you liked the feel of?"

Brennan says, "Brennan inclines his head again to Amethyst, agreeing. At her question, his gaze readily returns to the Sands, and he nods. "That sorta plain lookin' one," he says, "'n' that really really blue one. And that one that looks white but isn't, if y' get close enough." He goes quiet a moment, thinking. "Those're the ones that…had me questionin' some things. 's a big reason I didn't refuse the knot." He gaze returns to Amethyst, a small smirk playing at his lips. "I wanna see if they hatch some answers.""

"Well, the only thing for certain is they'll hatch something…" Amethyst returns Brennan's smirk with a grin and a wiggle of her eyebrows. "I like that splodgy one, and the one that's sort of washed-out brown, with the little darker patterns? Maybe they'll have answers for me when they hatch." The rest of the candidates are getting up to leave, and Amethyst stands too. "Curfew's nearly on us, Bren. Want to walk me back to the barracks?"

Eyes flicking back toward the Sands, Brennan searches out the eggs Amethyst speaks of, nodding. "Sure," he replies, groaning a little as he stands, "I'll walk back with ya." He gestures to encourage Amethyst to precede him, then follows her out, the two slipping into the stream of their comrades on their way back to the place that's been home all these months…and won't be for much longer.