Fort Weyr - Trader and Crafters' Square
The massive rock face that makes up the outer walls of Fort Weyr looms, ever present even here where a large space has been cleared among the trees. A well tended and worn path threads its way from the Entrance Square, broad and wide enough for even the largest and most cumbersome of Trader's wagons. It continues on some distance, running parallel to the outer walls of the Weyr until veering subtly towards the forests again where it will expand again into a circular clearing. The ground is hard packed and scarcely any grass grows, save for along the edges a few patches here and there where folk are known to sit and relax rather than tread. In the center of this clearing is a stone well, ringed by a swath of wild grasses but accessible to all.
Branching in multiple directions are more paths, another large and broad one leading to a secondary clearing that is clearly designed for the Traders benefit, offering several choice locations, most of them sheltered by trees, for their wagons to be set up and ample room for their beasts to be properly penned. Firepits, large and small, are arranged and set at safe distances.
Another path, still wide but meant more for small wagon or foot travel, leads to a third clearing which holds several wooden stalls, all simple of build but well cared for. They are set up in a horseshoe loop, allowing most visitors to glimpse each of the Craft-related signs that mark each one. During the warmer months, this half is meant to be a Crafter's market and the stalls are often manned by posted Journeymen and any Apprentices under their wings.
Other paths lead away from all these clearings and both the Trader square and Crafter square. Some wind their way towards Fort's Forests, while others disappear up towards the Mountain Pass or loop back around to return either to the Entrance Square or towards the tunnels leading back into the Weyr itself.

Summer is well on its way in Fort. Today is no exception, with the skies clear, the sun bright and hot. What better time for a few Traders to pull up in their wagons and setup in the square outside the Weyr wall? Despite the humid afternoon, the square is packed with a variety of weyrfolk and even a few Crafters and Holders intermixed, browsing the stalls or lounging in the shade of the trees enjoying refreshments provided by Crafter, Weyr and Trader alike. It's rare that the Weyrleader ever makes it down, unless it's some form of formal event. Yet Th'ero can be seen moving among the crowds, dressed not in his formal attire, but something semi-casual and much more suited for the summer weather. He nods his head politely to a few greetings but for the most part he's left to his own devices.

Kimmila returned from sweeps and, having not found Th'ero in the weyr proper, heard a rumor he was here. So she changed into a light summer dress, braided her hair, and headed down to mingle and try to find her weyrmate.

Another rare day, with Kimmila wearing a summer dress? It seems that way from Th'ero's expression when he looks up from a tanner's stall to see her approaching him. "You look lovely," he tells her in earnest. It could be the first time he's so cheerily greeted her, even if it's only the lightest of smiles that curve his lips. He extends his arm, inviting her to take if if she so wishes. "Join me?" What else would she do?

Kimmila smiles, giving her skirt a little flick. "That was my intention," she teases, slipping her arm into his and giving it a squeeze. "What brings you down to the traders?"

"To join me or to wear the dress?" Th'ero quietly muses as he draws her closer to his side. Stepping back into the slow moving throng of the crowd, he lightly shrugs his shoulders. "Figured I'd get a feel for the mood folks may be in." Of course he's not here solely for pleasure. It's always work for him, in some form. He tilts his head a bit so he can keep his voice lowered in soft spoken conversation with her. "You heard about the leadership flight in Xanadu?"

Kimmila smirks. "To join you /while/ wearing the dress," she clarifies. Her eyes scan the crowd. "And? What's the mood?" Then her brows lift. "No, I haven't yet heard about that. Been busy." As he well knows, helping in the cotholds.

Th'ero chuckles low in his throat. "Appreciated," he drawls with a hint of his accent catching in his tone. "As always." Too bad they're in a crowd and he has to behave himself. While he's softened up over the Turns concerning public displays of affection, there's still a few lines he won't cross — unless he's been drinking. Which he hasn't, yet. "Mixed." he simply replies and then grimaces, unsurprised that she hadn't heard the news. Given Varmiroth's condition, he doesn't hold it against her. "Luraoth rose in Xanadu and bronze Draukaith caught her. Problem is… is that his rider was Weyrleader already to Monaco Bay Weyr. It's caused a fair bit of rumour mongering and talk."

Kimmila's brows lift. "Ah. Well. Surely that's happened before in Pern's history? There must be a plan in place…" Or not. "Who is Xanadu's weyrsecond? Can they take over/ Seems the most logical choice."

"Not that I'm aware of? I've heard tale of brownriders becoming Weyrleader… for a short time, anyways." Th'ero admits as he looks ahead, mindful not to bump into anyone or get too close while they walk. "Someone new, from what I recall. Also a brownrider, a woman. I don't think that will go over any better — not that I've any doubts on her skills or her capability." Since he himself appointed a female brownrider as his second, it'd be hypocritical of him to judge. Neither is he that hidebound in the old (old) traditions from over a hundred Turns ago. "I'd imagine it will be left to the bronzerider to choose which Weyr he wishes to lead. Regardless, it will be unfavourable for either side. I'd hate to be in that man's position."

Kimmila winces. "Indeed. That's not pleasant for people no matter which way it turns out." Then, a chuckle. "I don't think you'd ever put yourself in that position, wingmate."

Th'ero shakes his head. "I'm sure it'll resolve with little issue, though I'd not be surprised if Conclave was called over it. Again, I'd see that only happening if the bronzerider refuses to relinquish either title. That's probably why things have been reasonably quiet — all are assuming the choice will be made, one way or another." He snorts then and jerks his head slightly towards the Weyr. "Don't jinx me, woman." he drawls in a dry tone. "Velokraeth's been prattling on since news spread about how he had no idea two senior queens could be claimed or he'd have gone about it Turns ago." The horror?

Kimmila laughs. "Why would anyone want to be Weyrleader over more than one weyr?" She gently digs him in the side. "Or just one weyr?" Her eyes flick to the weyr and she grins. "He's too loyal to Fort to do that, horny or not." A laugh. "And can you imagine the beating he'd get from Kayeth?"

Th'ero grunts at the dig to his side but he'll give her a light smile before gently steering her under some trees and into the shade. Not so crowded here but he'll keep her close all the same. "Power hungry?" he answers with a smirk, "Greedy? Power mad? I could go on you know… You've seen it happen among the Holds. Heard about it, even. Who is to say that some day, someone won't try it for the Weyrs?" He catches that jab and gives her a look, "I don't take it lightly." he drawls and sighs soon afterwards with laughter faint in his tone. "Yeah, I can and while he won't admit it, it's the idea of Kayeth's wrath that makes his commentary mostly bluster. I think."

Kimmila shakes her head. "The dragons would never let that happen. The dragons temper our worst natures and desires. The queens would not allow it." She chuckles, turning to face him and wrapping both arms around his torso, resting her head on his chest for the moment. "She'd kick his ass."

"I suppose you're right. It'd be obvious enough what was going on that the Queens would put an end to it. There'd be uprisings as well…" Th'ero both agrees and admits to her comment. As she rests her head on his chest, he'll slip his arms around her in return in a rare display of affection. At least he didn't hesitate? "She would and he knows it."

Kimmila chuckles, resting her head to his chest and breathing in deeply, enjoying a moment of quiet connection that, these days, is so difficult to find.

Th'ero holds her against him and gently rubs her back with his hand. It's subtle enough that it shouldn't draw much attention but he seems reluctant to let the moment end. So it'll continue for a good spell until the quiet is disrupted by his soft spoken: "Do you want to see what they've to offer for food and drink? We may as well make the most of this afternoon."

Kimmila looks up at him with a loving smile. "Yes, let's. I'm famished, and it'd be nice to have something different for a change."

"Can't promise that the food will be that much more exotic than our usual fare," Th'ero admits with an amused smirk to her as he offers her his arm once again. "But perhaps we'll be surprised." Once ready, he will deftly slip back into the crowds still milling about the square. Walking slowly, he'll bend his head again to speak quietly to her. "I'm sure you've heard of the change I made to Thunderbird, as well?"

Kimmila keeps her arm linked with his, swaying her hips a bit as they walk, her eyes taking in the sights. "Different is what I'm looking for," she teases. Then, a few more steps. "Mmmhmm. I have to admit I was surprised, considering…"

It might be a good thing that Th'ero can't see Kimmila's swaying hips or they'd collide with something (or a group of people). Even after all these Turns, she never fails at gaining his complete attention in certain matters. "Aren't different and exotic the same?" he teases her before sobering again. The smirk that follows, though faint, carries some amusement with it. "Considering what?"

Kimmila lifts a brow as she peers up at him. "Considering what he's doing with your sister"

Coming to a near dead stop, Th'ero has to twist slightly to keep from bumping them both into another couple walking behind them. There's a quick exchange of apologies and then he's fixing his weyrmate with a shrewd look. "How do you know about that…?" Duh, she was there during the altercation, idiot? He seems to have skipped that memory, focusing instead on the fact that he hadn't outrightly told anyone of the link.

Kimmila blinks at him. "Wingmate. I was /there/. It was so obvious…"

Th'ero frowns at that and his lips purse into a thin line as he looks ahead, deep in thought. "… she's going to have to be careful about how much she flaunts it…" he mutters low in his throat. Notice he says 'she' and not 'them', as though the blame rests solely on his sisters actions and none of Ashwin's. And they wonder why Kiena wants to claw out his eyes in frustration half the time? He exhales heavily, "You, of all people, should know that I didn't give him the rank because… because of that." That. Nice. "He's qualified. He was even recommended by the previous Wingleader who stepped in to fill Abigail's place. If he's gained that much trust among his Wing…?"

Kimmila shrugs. "I was just surprised, that's all. I know you wouldn't let your personal feelings interfere with the running of the weyr, but still. That's…a big thing. How /do/ you feel about it?"

Th'ero quirks a brow as he resumes their steady, but slow, walk towards the food stands. His answer will come after a few silent seconds and she may not be at all surprised by what it is. "Does it matter?" he tells her. "If it's what she wants and it makes her happy, I'd be more than a fool to intervene."

Kimmila nods, giving his arm a squeeze. "That's a good answer, wingmate. The right one, too, I think."

Th'ero blinks as he looks back down at her with a hint of surprise in his features. "Is it?" he prompts her, before accepting it as the truth. Truthfully though? He has many, many an unanswered question when it comes to his sister but he knows it will be a near futile attempt to expect any answers.

Kimmila nods "I think so. It's not your life. And if it's a mistake, well…we don't know that it is and if it were, she wouldn't listen to you anyway."

Th'ero's gone silent again but it won't last nearly as long. It's slowly broken by what starts as a deep chuckle and ends in quiet laughter. "You are right, as always, Wingmate. She wouldn't listen to me. But she might listen to you?" He'll just plant that little seed now and see if it grows to fruition later. Sneaky Th'ero is… kind of sneaky? At last they arrive at the food stands and he gestures with his free hand. "Lead on, love." Ladies choice, today!

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