Fort Weyr - Vegetable Gardens
While the vegetable garden is by no means large enough to fully sustain the Weyr on a regular basis, it does suffice to fill temporary lapses in certain supplies well enough. Most of the vegetables are of the most basic kinds, from fingerroots and tubers to garlic and onions with various types of legumes and squashes from time to time; hardy things that tend to require very little intervention on the part of the cooks and gardeners that tend to them. The vast majority of the plants are planted directly in the ground, but some things — like the tomatoes and some of the peppers — have been placed in half-barrels that keep them off the ground and, presumably, out of trouble. All of the plants are labeled with plastic markers to indicate what's what.
Toward the back are a pair of wooden structures — one has windows and looks to be a sort of shed full of tools and various workstations, while the other is clearly a storage facility for the various herbs and vegetables that are harvested here. The location also makes it convenient for both Healers and cooks alike to get what they need and return quickly to work. Between the two is a manual pump that can be used to provide water, along with a few buckets nearby for the purpose of transporting that water to where it needs to go.


Nothing like a beautiful spring day for tilling the land, sowing seeds and getting the vegetable gardens in shipshape for the upcoming season. A Weyr's bounty is essential, even if from a modestly sized garden, and starting early is the only way to go in a place with long and nasty winters like those that fall over Fort. While this might seem fun to some, and was even enjoyable in the beginning, Therynn is getting tired of this whole ramifications through extra chores thing. She's been at it ALL day, tending to some of the bulbs and plants that overwinter, pulling weeds, laying mulch and fertilizer, the whole nine yards, or at least all of the beds and planter pots. Sweat beads on her forehead, hair pulled back in to a messy bun, dirt just about everywhere by now. Down on one knee she's got a big pile of pulled weeds next to her, reaching for a water skin to hydrate.

Cyrus doesn't really have 'extra' chores but the chores that he has seem to be enough. It just seems that everyone is growing more and more tired and restless as the 'special' day approaches. He makes his way into the gardens. He has been poking his nose around the weyr since this may well end up becoming his home and he figures that he might as well be comfortable. He spots Therynn and gives her a wave of his hand, "Hi Therynn. How are you doing?" he asks as he moves over in her general direction, "Looks like you drew one of the fun ones."

Therynn has plopped down to a seated position for a bit of a break. After all, she has single-handedly knocked out a large section of the vegetable garden. She deserves it right? T'rilian passes and clicks his tongue at the girl with a head shake "You gotta long ways t'go lil' lady. Best not be taking too long on yer bum or you'll be here till chow time." When he walks on by a scrunched nose head wobble will send some snoot towards his back, to which he of course retorts "I saw that!" Rynn frowns and takes another sip of water. She's about to get back to it when a familiar and friendly face approaches. "Cyrus!" her expression is genuine and soft, a large smile sent towards the gent. "Boy am I glad to see you. Been alright.. mostly. Chores have been a doozy since.. well you know." She clears her throat and pulls out a few more deeply rooted weeds. It is clear she's busying herself and there is more to the subtext than talking chores.

Cyrus is always happy to see Therynn too. He grins as he glances over to T'rilian and when he is turned away just gives a shake of his head as if to say, 'What can ya do?' After all there will always be people that don't like your work no matter how hard you tried or how good it actually is, "Yeah. I'm well aware of all of it." he says with a little shrug, at this point who isn't, "At least its over and done with. We don't have too much longer to wait and then it will be more chores or back to our lives." he says stating the obvious.

Therynn snickers in a covert kind of way, since the slave-driving rider seems to have keen senses and shrugs shoulders in a 'beats me' kind of way. You can't make everyone happy, and not everyone will like you, these are truths Rynn is beginning to understand as her social interactions become more widespread. "The whole Weyr and beyond is talking about it.. we really messed up." Admission of guilt and wrong doing comes easily. At this point, her black eye is pretty much nonexistent save for a tiny yellowish hue below left orbit, a covered bald spot and some intermittent tenderness in the ribs with too quick a rotation either left or right. "You said it.." a sage-nod about it being over and done with, as for the second half of that sentence she responds in question "Are you looking forward to it? I mean the hatching and all.." nervousness is evident in her voice.

Cyrus knows /so/ well how you will not be liked by everyone. Sometimes you won't be liked by /anyone/, "Yeah, but you can't continue to dwell on what you didn't do as well as you would like. If we all did that we'd do nothing else." There's the pot calling the kettle black. Though when the conversation turns to the hatching all he can do is shrug helplessly, "I really don't know what I'm feeling about it. I'm scared of impressing. I'm a little scared of not impressing and what that means. I still feel like running away, but I feel compelled to stay at the same time. I guess you could say I'm looking forward to knowing. I need to know….I /really/ need to know." Just what he needs to know is anyone's guess. And is probably a mystery to him as well.

Therynn says "What about dwelling on what I did do?" It's clear there's something bothering her. Cyrus does have a point though, and as she releases a few tangled weeds from glove grip a sigh escapes. The back of hand moves to wipe sweat from brow, making no judgements about her friend or his antics and advice giving/taking. His indifference has a brow raising, gloves are removed and she goes back to a seated and resting state since T''rilan is off cracking the whip on some other rule breaker. "I know exactly how you feel." He summed it up oh so eloquently and she assumes his need to know is completely regarding whether or not his lifemate is out there.

"You'll do that lots. I know I do." he says with a halfway sad smile, "You did what you had to do, and you don't like that you had to do it. And you'd give anything to go back and do it differently but you can't. And perhaps part of you doens't even want too and that scares you too. Because maybe you think that the person deserved it." He just sort of stops talking when he realizes he has sort of gone rather far afield, "Therynn you are a good person. A really good person. Don't forget that." is the best answer he can give her, "Sometimes things just happen." he says with a shrug, "I'm not sure that I really think I understand how anyone feels about the hatching. I'm always the odd man out…always have been. And I suspect I always will be." There is a certain acceptance of that role that creeps into his voice, "But you….you will do great things. I know you will impress. Your time has come."

Therynn absorbs his acceptance and understanding of dwelling on actions, which takes a load off her shoulders and relieves some of the guilt she's been carrying there. "Thanks Cyrus. You really have a way of putting things in to perspective." No wonder he's a mind healer! A subtle smile is managed and she confesses "You've been such a great friend to me. I am truly grateful. Don't know what I woulda done without ya." A long inhalation is followed by a fast and breathy exhale. "You are right. That does scare me." He is not off the mark at all and what he says next nearly brings tears to her eyes as some of the sweetest compliments ever received by a girl who's been cast aside, or overlooked, by most of society in the past. "You.." she's about to ask if he really means it, misty disbelief shown in hazel irises. "Are so nice and good at what you do." It really was the best answer possible. "You seem to understand quite well how I'm feeling.. we are wherries of a feather you n'me." Rynn will never be the popular Weyrbrat, or the prettiest in the land or the most tactful of ladies. She just is! And she's ok with that. "I can't be so sure. Doubt creeps in.. n'after being left standing once.. which I honestly wanted at the time. I'm kind of a mess leading up to all of this."

"You are welcome." he replies to her thanks and smiles at the compliment about friendship. It does matter a great deal to him. When you have so few friends every single one of them counts, "It scares me too." he says with a little shrug, "Don't be surprised. I've had that thought cross my mind as well." He doesn't need to specifiy really. Though when the tears threaten to come into her eyes he finds himself getting just a bit uncomfortable. He hadn't wanted to make her cry. And there are still some things that are just a bit beyond his understanding, so he does what he can to gently pass the compliment aside, "I have nearly a whole weyr that would strongly disagree with you." Though her comment about being of the same feather does agree with him, "I certainly hope so. Because there are times when I feel that no one is on my side." He just takes a nice deep breath, "I think that its sort of the standard condition. I'm honestly more worried about impressing than I am not. If I impress it means alot of things. Some good. Some bad. And if I don't I guess I just get to go back to the hall. Though other complications will steal in I think. I'm sort of damned if you do and damned if you don't. Honestly I just wanted a normal life. And no matter which way I go it seems that will elude me." he gives his head a quick shake, "Therynn don't doubt. I'm sure this is your moment to shine."

Therynn feels safe in the comfort of their mutual understandings. They are more alike than Rynn ever realized up until now, and she sees so much of herself in the words he speaks from his soul. Blessings are counted. It has been one heck of a ride this time spent at Fort and she knows she wouldn't trade it for the world. She comes to the understanding that everyone looks back and wishes they could've done things differently at times, but we are a product of our experiences, they make us who we are, and they happen for a reason. Rynn will find it funny that the threat of waterworks makes Cyrus uncomfortable. They're good tears, and he should be used to a whirlwind of emotions as a mind healer by now, right? This moment for the huntress passes quickly, not a droplet shed as it is an expression that has never come easily until after that fateful night. She sobbed good an hard about what happened, more than once and mostly in private, but she's not about to get all mushy here and now- luckily for Cyrus he's off the hook. "Well not everyone always understands people like us." Her facial features turn direct, brows knitting towards the center as she states very matter-of-factly "Well you should know that now and always I am on your side Cy." There, she said it. They're definitely BFF's whether he likes it or not. Then again this approach did not go over very well with Hazelon. She's hoping for better responsiveness here. "Doesn't it go both ways? I mean the good and bad, but with Impression and without.. and even if you do go back. The dragon that searched you saw something in you and that means that somewhere there's definitely a tiny dragon, even if not shelled yet, who's perfect for you." Ahh the notion of absolutely completion, a bond stronger and more everlasting than any other. It is a grand idea. Isn't it? There is some silence as she listens "What is a normal life?" she honestly has no clue but adds. "Thanks for the vote of confidence Cyrus. I'll be rooting for you to get what your soul needs from all of this.. whatever the outcome may be."

Cyrus couldn't be more relieved that she doesn’t let the waterworks go. He may be a mind healer, but that doesn't mean he is comfortable when its a friend or involves him in some way. He is touched though when she says that she will always be on his side. It does come as something of a surprise so a shocked look crosses his face but its certainly a welcome one, "And you know that I will always be there when you need me." is about as mushy a response as he can outwardly bring himself to say. Though inside he certainly feels it. Indeed they are BFF's. To her next question though he just shakes his head, "I don't know. If I don't impress I can be me, and just deal with the good and the bad in me. If I impress I have other things to worry about…if Velokraeth is right then he best be meaning this clutch because I'm likely going to be too old to try again anywhere else…and I don't really think I would. Once is enough. It's now or never." he says with a big sigh, yep. This is his moment too, "For me..a normal life would be a wife, kids, being a healer in some little hold somewhere…far away from the politics of the hall and weyrs and all that." He can't help but smile, "I'm rooting for me too. Because there are times when I feel I might just need a miracle."

Therynn relishes moments like this, something foreign to her in most all experiences past. Compliments and confidence boosters are quite nice. "Thank you." Is is clear she needs no mushy response from Cyrus to know that what he says is genuine and with fervid depth. Rynn is pleased this bonding moment was well received, smiling back sillily to the shocked look on his face. Nose crinkles and she's giggling "So glad we're in this together.. I needed at least one other person on my level otherwise I probably would've run for the hills screaming with a bow in one hand and a dagger in the other." Granted she's connected with quite a few others as well, but there's something validating and wholesome about their friendship that reaches greater heights than ever before. This must be what a true and platonic friendship is like. Not a mentorship, not a potential love interest, not friendly but surface interaction, a tried and true connection between two individuals who ultimately care about one another and their well being. No expectations, no strings and no ulterior motives. It is enjoyable she concludes, this whole friendship thing and she vows to make an effort to build more connections with people like this, knowing that it doesn't always come easily and shouldn't be readily offered to all. Especially those who don't want such a thing. For the next segment of the topics at hand she can't help but wonder "But will you be you? I mean I was me… and I am still me… but after Western, I became a different me." This may not make any sense, but she thinks Cyrus will get it. "Even if you are you and without a dragonet, you'll still have other things to worry about. That is how life goes ya?" What he speaks of when mentioning Velo provokes pensiveness. "I suppose it will be the way it will be, and we will all find what we are looking for on the other side. You are wonderful Cy and I bet your life mate is out there right now just waiting to get out and show you a whole new world." Even if he doesn't quite feel ready for a magic dragon ride. There's a shrug about what his definition of normal is and she blurts "Sounds kinda boring…" realizing this may be a little insensitive it is censored "I mean.. for some. We're all different. N'I know great things await your arrival too Cyrus. We are lucky you n'I, we know what it truly means to be." With that comment T'rilian comes around the vegetable bed and lashes "What it truly means t'be lazy if y'ask me. You're done Candidate, get to the barracks and wash up. Eat dinner as fast as you can then report to greenrider Alyssa for night sweeps." Ain't no rest for the wicked, nor the good around here it seems. "Welp, we better head in eh?" Says Rynn. She'll stuff the weeds in to a sack and clean up her tools, springing up to a stand, there's a stretch and the pair of Candidates head for the barracks.