Wandering aimlessly from the tunnel that leads in to the Weyr and to the Candidate Barracks

As the big day nears, and the chores of Candidacy become out-numbered in favor of shadowing riders, Therynn has abandoned parts of herself previously clung to and known so well, and discovered many things anew that she had no idea existed in the depths of her soul. Eggshells have hardened like the rock walls of the Weyr's cavernous galleries, and she can feel it in her very being - that any day now they will have to face the Sands. Life will change for her, for everyone. For this day marks a turning point, after which nothing will ever be the same again. There are two potential outcomes, elation or dismay - the confounding factors of each varying for all involved. Whether or not an Impression is made, both happiness and sadness will tie in to the flurry of emotions when faced with hatching eggs and dealing with that which follows.

I am Rynn's hidden fear.

Trials and tribulations have befallen this awesomely raucous group. Bonds have been made… or not… and in the sevendays to follow, it will all come full circle. It was once said that the things you own end up owning you. Some may even postulate that it is only after one has lost everything that they are free to do anything. But, is this truly the truth? Are we really victims of our own design… puppets in that which we create around us, things merely happening by chance? Or is there some omnipotent design that rules all and guides us to become who we are meant to be, through the losses, and despite the things that end up simply justifying this existence on Pern? So many questions! Rynn is perplexed by the vastness of being. Ideas rush around in her skull like scurrying drudges during dinner time.

Shambling through the musty tunnels that snake through the Weyr proper at night is a great time for thinking. Especially when it's raining outside, and even more so after a disagreement. So it's late, and she's being tailed by two guards who are just doing their job, but every once in awhile the huntress will look back and scowl at them for not giving her some space to sort through the disillusion clouding her thoughts. What precisely is it that shifted in her at Western? Why does the outcome of this Hatching suddenly mean the world to her now that she is at Fort? Did she lose everything she thought she knew about herself, or is she just a chess piece in some twisted game known as her life? These are the questions that plague her so. Does she have something to offer? Or should the search continue on? This is not just about the eggs, but envelops so much more including that pinnacle. Rynn has never wanted to 'be a part' of something like this, and the sensations confuse her. What's more… she stands at the barracks door… pieces of her heart have begun to tether themselves to the crux of another - none other than fellow hunter turned Candidate Brennan.

What of that? Their interactions put on hold as rules were cast between them and what is to become of them afterwards? Will there be any semblance of the connection they had before and the friendship built upon that groundwork during Candidacy? Only time will tell, and for what it's worth, Rynn is kind of at a loss when it comes to things like this having only known the new emotion that the tall and handsome hunter has provoked in her caged heart.   

She knows that just beyond this archway, the group she's spent the better part of the turn with are fast asleep. She should be in there too. The nudge of the guard breathing down her neck is a good reminder of this. Door is pushed open and she tiptoes to her cot. Sweet slumber awaits.