Fort Weyr - Storage Room
This room is filled with shelves, crates and boxes of dried goods, material, and other necessities of weyr life. The shelves are kept neat and tidy at all times and the floor has been swept clean recently. Occasionally a candidate or fosterling can be found in here cleaning and tidying, or checking for signs of tunnel snake or other pest infestations.

It's a bright clear sunny day, comfortably warm and kept that way by the occasional cool, steady breeze. It's one of those rare days that are best enjoyed outside and that is exactly what a good portion of the Weyr has done today. Anyone and everyone is finding an excuse to be outdoors and if they cannot, they are seeking to finish whatever tasks they have indoors as quickly as possible in order to escape. The lunch hour has come and gone and now the kitchens are at least bustling with activity, even if the cavern is all but empty. Most of the tunnels are too, save for a few workers and weyrfolk passing through. One such tunnel is deserted for now, branching away from the kitchens and lower passage ways as it curves to end at the large door of the storage room. A door that is normally closed is now slightly ajar and from within it comes the faint sound of movement and carefully hushed voices. Which, truthfully, is not THAT unusual, given that anyone (and everyone) can access the storage rooms — with notice and permission, of course. Could be that there are some weyrbrats or fosterlings inside carrying out the (dreaded) chore of tunnelsnake check. Could be anything or nothing. Whoever or whatever is within, they're oblivious to any approaching persons… for now.

Stuck with the duty of preparing for a Thunderbird outing, K'drozen makes his way down thought he passageways to the storages. The large brown rider frowns slightly as he spots the normally closed door ajar. He doesn't say a word though as he apporaches, not wanting to startle tunnel snake huters or the like.

Duty beckons often while others play and today is no exception for Angelique. Caught up in the bustling activity within the kitchen, it at some point that she realizes she needs something else. "Shardit.." she mutters to herself which draws several curious looks from the other kitchen helpers in here. "It's empty." she holds up a box in explanation. Tossing it down she strides out the door to the kitchens. Not the one that would lead to the lower caverns however but the one to the tunnel that leads to the storeroom. Her steps falter and slow though as she sees not the ajar door first but K'drozen. "Need some assistance…rider?" she can't tell his rank yet as she's unable to see his knot right away.

'If tools are all you're worried about, we can replace those,' Kimmila and Th'ero's assurances echo in Solan's head. He, too, is making his way to the store room, a slip of paper in hand granting permission to freely replace tools that had been lost in service to the weyr. The young woodcrafter is thankful not to have to spend his own marks but still feels strange about it. Even so, tools are necessary for his work and it's with a confident stride that he approaches the store room, only to see K'drozen and Angelique standing outside. "Ah, hello," he offers a nervous smile. "Busy down here," Solan remarks.

The storage rooms may as well be a world apart, for those inside still remain unaware of the gathering building just outside the door. There was supposed to be a system in place for this VERY reason, but youthful minds are prone to short attention spans and curiosity is a tempting lure. One such youth is a roughly thirteen Turn old boy, dressed in baggy clothing and in much need of a good wash (if not just replaced entirely). HE was suppose to be "watch" at the door but he's gone and wandered from his post to investigate one of the nearby shelves many interesting baubles. "Hey!" he hisses in a low whisper. "Needle! Hey! Lookit this." He holds it up for his companion to see, his eyes raptly focused on it. Shiny. Whatever it is… and it is also fragile, as he soon discovers as it slips from his grasp to tumble and shatter on the stone floor. "Oh shi—" he begins to curse, only to snicker. "Oops?"

Needlethorn whips her head around, the young girl of around fourteen wearing very clean clothes, though they are a bit patchwork. Still, it's…stylish? Her hair is done up elaborately, held in place with a jeweled pin she found "somewhere". "Vtol!" she hisses. "For Faranth's sake, get back to the door you dimglow! Leave that stuff alone. I can't /believe/ you broke that. I wanted that!" Whatever it was. Turning back to the shelf, she shoves a few more packets of dried meat into the satchel at her side. She's tied a bright scarf to the satchel's plain brown handle in an effort to make it look nicer. Drifting further down, she starts to grab empty water skins next, digging to find only the *best* ones.

K'drozen looks over his shouler at Angelique and smiles, "Thunderbird is going out on a little training outting and I got tapped to get the supplies down here." he nods the others arriving before he steps thoug the door, just in time for the young fellow to drop the item. "What the Hell…"

Before Angelique can answer K'drozen he's stepping inside the door and then the sound of glass falling ( or whatever the sound is). "What…?" she steps forward to investigate as well, calling out. "Whose in there?"

Solan is through, too, hearing the surprise in K'drozen and Angelique's voices. Popping in but at the rear of the trio, the woodcrafter arches a stern eyebrow at the young ones they find. "What are you doing in here?" he asks, his voice hard and his manner now gruff. With his thick body and broad shoulders, he attempts to fill the space in the door as much as he can. If these are the thieves so many have been talking about, he's not letting them by easily.

The one named VTol simply flips a hand dismissively (and rather rudely — Faranth, where did that boy get his manners?) towards the girl "affectionately" nicknamed Needlethorn. "Oh stuff it, Needle. You don't need no more stinkin' trinkets. Turncloak's orders." he whispers grumpily back. "And keep it down! Get what we need 'fore they—-" Find them? Startled, the young boy whirls around at the sound of K'drozen's voice, eyes widening as he shuffles back a few steps to where his companion is still "browsing". "Uhh…" he stalls, liking trying to get Needle's attention somehow without seeming TOO obvious. Plan B! Plan B! Then Angelique's voice is calling out and followed by Solan's. VTol swallows nervously and then quickly skips right into the role of innocent weyrbrat. Rather poorly. "Sorry, uh.. Sir! Just dropped something." he mumbles to K'drozen, while to Angelique and Solan, he simply shrugs. "We were just lookin' around. I didn't mean to break it." Whatever it was. Never mind either that he really isn't giving a FULL answer.

Needle is about to say something equally rude back, but she's halted by the arrival of the adults. She is swift to adopt an innocent and startled look, blinking wide eyed at them. "He's clumsy, I'm sorry. Can…what was it you broke?" she asks her companion, patting his shoulder gently to hopefully hide her deft buttoning of her satchel, hidden behind Vtol's body. "Maybe we can replace it for the weyr?"

K'drozen frowns slightly and slowly steps over towards the youngster his eyes flicking between them and says, "And what exactly are you doing down her in the first place..

The smallest of the trio of herself, the brown rider and the woodcrafter ( though only by an inch), Angelique doesn't try to fit herself in the doorway with those two but stays in in the corridor. Arms crossed there's the barest trace of suspicion in her gaze but she says in a kind tone. "What're you kids looking for? I can help you find something." offers the assistant head women. She'll let K'drozen be all tough and stern sounding.

Solan reins himself in a bit as Angelique offers calm, cool, collected help. Maybe these kids aren't the thieves, maybe they are…the only way to find out is to question. With K'drozen taking lead, the woodcrafter focuses on blocking the way out if possible. His stance is hardened, expanded…intimidating, perhaps. Felling trees and hauling lumber has a way of making one a bit big-looking. Nevermind that he's a little on the overweight side, too. His eyes drift from kid to kid, trying to discern if he's seen them before.

They really just look like two mischievious weyrbrats, save perhaps for their odd clothing. Could be the 'in' thing now though? Well, at least with Needlethorn. VTol's rough and dirty appearance could be chalked up to sheer boredom or lack of really caring how he looks. He'll glare at the girl though for the 'clumsy' remark and almost begins to snipe back in protest until K'drozen's question draws him back to attention. Oh right. Swallowing again, he tries to smile in a charming way but it comes off forced. "I'm not… sure what it was. It caught my eye and I shouldn't have touched it, I know." he says, looking between all three adults. Maybe they know what it was? VTol will play along with Needlethorn though, moving his body to cleverly hide the satchel she is carrying. But while all of them are distracted, the boy's fingers search and find the corner of some small sack which he then drags into his hand, unseen and unknown to all save for him. When Angelique is asking to help search for them, VTol's eyes flick to Needlethorn. Panic? Not yet. "We weren't really looking FOR something. Just curious to see what IS in rooms like this. You know, where all sorts of odd gossip…" Will that do the trick? The boy is eyeing Solan then, a little on edge as the woodcrafter takes on that stance and it certainly does the trick! He fidgets, uncertain and quickly looks away and back to the others when Solan studies them both.

Needle frowns a bit at K'drozen, drawing back slightly. "Why are you being so mean?" the kid asks quietly, pushing hair away from her face and trying to look imploringly at the other two - mostly Angelique. "You're the assistant headwoman, aren't you?" She glances at Vtol and then back to the adults. "He was exploring but /I/ was down here because one of the aunties asked for a new set of knitting needles. I didn't want to bother anyone, since it's so nice outside and everyone's relaxing. Thought I could find them myself." She shrugs with a little smile.

Eyes flick across the three, the trained security rider frowns lightly taking in the subtle actions each take and says, "WEll I would says if you all are down here on the up and up, you wouldn't mind two much if we check that out.. now would you, I mean you wouldn't want someone to think you where all down here causing mischeif now would we."

Angelique's pale blue eyes flicker towards K'drozen briefly before looking back to the girl. VTol may be raising her suspicion but the girl at least seems to be legit. "Nothing wrong with her looking for some needles." she remarks.

Check it out? How exactly? Solan supposes one of them could track down this mystery auntie and ask about the knitting needles. That could be a bit of an undertaking, though. With so many outdoors today, who knows where this auntie could be. In the bowl? At the lake? Out for a stroll? There were many possibilities and it could take hours to search them all. "Perhaps they wouldn't mind emptying all their pockets and bags? Just to be sure," Solan says, "you're telling the truth. Please forgive the suspicion but…we've had a real problem with theft lately."

And that is the beauty of it! It cannot be readily checked or referenced and so they will just have to trust Needlethorn's story. One that VTol is thankful for, even if he was ready to sharply elbow his companion for rewriting HIS role in things. He hates being the bumbling idiot (even though he sort've IS). "What's there to check?" VTol asks as he peers at K'drozen, shifting a bit on the balls of his feet. "We really didn't mean know harm. Did we miss doin' something important before comin' down here?" he asks, still trying to feign innocence that is FAR better left off to Needlethorn. He beams a little when Angelique agrees, figuring that must account for something given her rank but it's Solan's suggestion that has him visibly balking. "But we didn't do anything?" VTol protests, leaning back a little as if taken aback and confused. Truthfully, he's trying to signal to his companion to prepare for the next stage: flight. "So you think we're stealing then?" he asks in a hurt tone towards the woodcrafter, then sweeping it to include the assistant Headwoman and Wingrider.

Needle blinks at K'drozen. "Check what out?" When Solan elaborates, the girl shrugs. "Sure, I guess…" She pulls her satchel out and crouches on the ground, laying out what she has. Four small packets of dried meat, and two water skins. "The meat was for me and my friends, and the skins too. I got good ones so we could use them for a long time. I was gonna sign them out," she says earnestly. "And the needles of course. They don't think we're stealin', Vtol," she says with a teenage eyeroll to her companion. "But they gotta check so they can catch the ones that /are/ stealing." With the things spread out, she starts to scoop them back into her bag. "Can you show me the needles, please, ma'am?" she asks Angelique with a smile.

The large brown rider smiles a bit, "Oh I didn't say that, if you all are on the up and up then you got nothing to worry about now do you?" glancing down to the girls items he nods and says, "And your pockets?" though he looks over to the other pair.

It seems likely, Needle's story. The girl is certainly very at ease (compared to her companions) as she lays out her things and explains. However, the others don't seem quite so cool under pressure and that's what's got Solan thinking along suspicious lines. Why would they be so fidgety? If they were telling the truth - even if they were being pressured - wouldn't they be just a bit more open? Something smells less than fresh but the woodcrafter is, after all, only a woodcrafter. As such, he says no more, falling back to remain lodged between the store room proper and the hallway beyond.

Angelique starts to protest against the need for the pair to empty their pockets and bags. She's generally not suspicious by nature to while the others automatically go to suspicious mode she simply keeps an empty mind. As the girl asks for her to show her the needles she edges her way into the room past the brown rider and woodcrafter if they are indeed still blocking the doorway. "Those are kept more in the back here." she steps towards the back and the particular shelf that they are on. "Lad you look like you need a good bath." for a week or two from the wrinkle of her nose. This is said to VTol.

VTol relaxes a little when Needlethorn goes ahead and lays out everything she had in her satchel. He even grins a bit sheepishly and rubs at the back of his head. "Oh, I get it now." he says to K'drozen, only to step aside as Angelique goes to lead his companion away deeper into the storage room. He'll try to shoot her a look, one cryptic but easily read by her: what is she doing? The young boy is left now with the Wingrider and the intimidating woodcrafter. Oh joy! He struggles to keep from grimacing and then rolling his eyes for the Headwoman's remark. "I'll stop by the baths later!" he mumbles in stubborn protest. VTol certainly isn't winning awards with his acting, but he'll wait with his back pressed to the shelves and hands (more or less) at his sides. Harmless, right? "My pokcets? Really? Alright…" the boy sighs and with his one hand begins to turn out the contents of his pant pockets. Nothing but odds and ends, really. Stuff that any kid his age would grab at random while running about the Weyr. Once the last bit is revealed, VTol will glance up to K'drozen and Solan with a cocky smirk that easily reads: Satisfied?

Needle doesn't turn out her pockets. Angelique is addressing her, so the girl closes her pack and slings it over her shoulder before following after the assistant headwoman. "Thanks so much, I never would have found these on my own," she says brightly, selecting a pair and tucking them into her pack. "Let's go, Vtol. That auntie is going to flutter herself to death if she doesn't have needles to use to knit with." And she approaches the exit again with a little smile. "We'll sign these things out," she says, pointing to the clipboard by the exit, that Solan is standing in front of.

K'drozen watches the boys closely as they clear out there pockets, not seeing anything they are not supose to have in the he says, "Alright, I guess you are free to go, don't let us catch you donw here with out permission first again.

Angelique steps to the side so that Needle can get past her. Her gaze tries to sweep the shelves to see if anything else is taken that she can notice with the quick glance. The suspicion may be hinted at in her tone but she truely doesn't see anything that would bring blame to the pair. "See that you do hit the baths, lad." is said to the boy off-hand. A gesture is given towards Solan. "I think you're in front of the board for them to sign out the supplies." a beat. "*Any* supplies you have taken." she looks to the pair. "And you're names, please." it's worded pleasantly but she puts a slight edge to her tone to perhaps discourage them from giving anything but their true name.

Very well, then. Seems K'drozen and Angelique are satisfied and, given their official capacities, that means Solan has to be as well. Despite his further suspicions, the woodcrafter steps aside and allows the pair access to the clipboard and the hallway beyond. He'll wait until they've left to gather the tools he's after but a look towards Angelique says much: he isn't as sure as she is.

One clue lies out in the open: the fact that Needlethorn just used his nickname in front of the adults. Doesn't that seem a bit odd? Or just chalked up to another "kids will be kids" thing? "Right! Uh, thanks. And sorry about the broken… thing. We'll remember to ask first too!" he adds with a nod to K'drozen, maybe a wee bit too chipper as he stuffs those odds and ends back into his pockets and begins to step back to his companion's side. That sack is still held, hidden in the cupped palm of his hand against his leg. Angelique's order to go bathe only has him screwing up his face in another stubborn 'I guess' sort of pout, but he doesn't protest it. What he does protest is that board and the assistant Headwoman asking them to sign it. Uh oh. His steps slow and then falter, VTol now looking a bit nervous as he glances from Needle and then towards the door. So close, so close! Maybe he can't write? But that would be very suspicious.

Needle signs out the supplies under the name 'Jazelle' and flashes Vtol a grin. He didn't take anything, he doesn't have to sign. And ZIP, out they go!

K'drozen watches them go and says softly to himself "I know they wehre up to something, but no real proof…" he glances about at the stores…

Angelique simply nods to K'drozen. "Perhaps, brown rider but there's so little proof and you stepped in too quickly before we could catch them red handed." she points out dryly. She strides over to the board to see what name the girl wrote. "Jazelle." she reads. "Think that's her real name? I think perhaps I'd better do a little asking around about her. Maybe someone may recognize her from her description. Don't suppose you recognized 'em any?" she asks the brown rider who's undoubtably been at the Weyr longer than she.

"If that's really her name, then I'm a gold rider," Solan smirks darkly. Leaving this business to the 'officials,' the woodcrafter moves into the store room and begins collecting the tools he came for. Unlike others who might be enjoying the day outside, Solan is in fact still working and thus can't dally too long. Soon he's amassed a sack full of hammers, nails, sealants, and a couple of axes. He returns, giving the permission slip to Angelique - who already knows he's allowed to grab these replacements - and sighs. "If I can help somehow, let me know. I'll keep an eye out for them, though." Nodding to K'drozen and then the assistant headwoman, the woodcrafter signs the sheet on the board before slipping out into the hallway beyond.

K'drozen shakes his head, "They where not familuar to me at all, I will be asking around about them, and pass the word to the gaurd." he shakes his head, "I guess we should look closer and see what exactly is missing."

VTol isn't about to be left behind! Once Needle falsely signs, he's following hot on her heels and biting his lower lip to keep from bursting out laughing. Jazelle? OH, she is going to get TEASED mercilessly as they flee for their lives back to whatever hidey hole they have. Indeed, they'll be able to notice the missing supplies soon enough. Plus, a bit of searching will yield that no one recognizes the kids or knows of any who go by the nickname of VTol or the real name of Jazelle. Good luck reporting to the Weyrleaders that you HAD them and they slipped away!

Angelique simply nods, casting another quick glance around but she really doesn't seem to see much missing really. "Jazelle." she repeats to herself to help out the name to memory, even if it's not the right name. "I'll report to the Weyrleader then I suppose. Or the Weyrwomen. Whichever one I find first. I don't suppose your brown could find out if either one is in the Weyr?" she asks hopefully.

K'drozen nods and says, "I can have him contact there lifemates and let them know you need to see them about an incident. Do we have and inventory here so I can start to check it..

Having long forgotten now the original reason that she was even down here, Angelique simply nods at the question of the inventory list. "I should have a fairly recently list here…" she mutters with a bent head to rummage through the satchel slung over one shoulder. Papers are flipped through for several minutes while she searches for what she's looking for. "Ah, here. It's the most recent list from….two seven days ago." she pulls it out.

K'drozen sighs and says, "Alright then, I guess, I will get started on this." he reaching for the list, then turns to walk further back into the stores be begin to look for missing items.

Angelique arches a brow as the brown rider takes on this self appointed task. "Indeed then." she says lightly. "I didn't catch your name though." she notes. "I'm Angelique."

K'drozen looks up and says, "K'drozen, Brown Rhyriths rider." he says softly, "I am part of Thunderbird, I am going to catch no end of crap for this if things turn up missing, since I had them…but no real proof…"

Angelique offers a shrug and a sympathetic look. Clearly the explanation of Thunderbird wing does little for her comprehension on why he'll catch crap for this. "More my responsibility than yours, rider." she says crisply. "Well met thought, rider to Rhyrith." she hesitates at the doorway, uncertain if she should report this right away. "I'll find the Weyrleader though right now to inform him." she decides it's best so that it's fresh in her mind still.

K'drozen says, "Rhyrith has passed on your request to meet the weyrleader, I think he has turned in for the night though.

Angelique flashes a look of thanks. Instant messengers those dragons are! "Thanks. I'll seek him out tomorrow then. I don't wish to disturb anyone." and really it would be fun if she walked in on the Weyrleader and his weyrmate. Fun. Awkward. Same thing, yes?

K'drozen nods and says, "Probalby for the best that." he shakes his head as he checks items slowly off the inventories , 'I should probaly contact my windleader or wing second as well…"

Angelique inclines her head. "That would be best." agrees the assistant head women. Remembering why she came down here to begin with she grabs the item she needs and heads back out. "I need to get back to the kitchens and then maybe I'll seek out the Weyrwomen. Clear skies, rider."

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