Who Carellos, Kezresan, Aignes
What Very Important Questions are discussed. Like when is it appropriate to serve cookies and just what is early?
When Day 21 of Month 8 of Turn 2717, Early Morning
Where Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

Living Caverns
// This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

When the kitchens manage to slow down, once all the food is properly laid out and the rotations are kept a constant, the kitchen staff experiences a lull in activity. Namely the bakers since their prep and cooking begins earlier in the day and concludes later in the evening. During this down time, a particular baker has a problem. A big problem. One that's filled with various sugars and fruits, nuts, even klah in one batch. Carellos stands there with his arms crossed, peering down at the tray of sample cookies to put out. Surely the weyr is TIRED of sugar cookies, right? There's only one thing left to do, and the man gathers up the cookie-laden tray, heading from the kitchens to the tables in search of unsuspecting victims.

Why is Kezresan in the living caverns? Perhaps because he got kicked from the Infirmary. Something about work-life balance or some such mumbo-jumbo. So here he is, looking sullen and distinctly disinclined toward socialization, at a table about as far back as one can possible get and still BE in the living caverns, peering into the depths of his Klah mug as though it might hold the answers to everything. He's still dressed for work, in whatever Pern's version of scrubs might be, and probably has that lovely 'antiseptic' scent to him. But at least it's not sweat, or dung, or something like that. Just nice, clean redwort and maybe a touch of numbweed. If anyone could use a cookie, it would be Kez.

Moving is hard work, even if physically, the heavy lifting may have been done by others. All the sorting and rearranging of trying to figure out the right spot for everything is surely enough work for several sevens and not just one night! But Aignes is stubborn enough to try and get as much done in one night as possible and so, a very groggy eyed weaver emerges from the direction of the crafter's caverns. Like a zombie looking for brains, she beelines right for the klah. Once a mug is acquired, only then can the search for a seat can begin. Dark and quiet seems good to this woman so she was also heading towards a table in the far back of the caverns, but the approach of the traveling tray of cookies catches her notice. "Isn't it a bit early for that?"

Too early? For Cookies? What sorta blasphemous talk is this?! Energetic eyes dart to the source of the comment and he makes a beeline straight for the Weaver! Target acquired! "It's never too early for cookies!" The baker places the tray down at her table before placing his hands down onto his hips, chewing on his lip while those eyes dart between the different kinds. "I want to add a new cookie to the rotation but I can't decide on which. Not really good for me to decide, anyway. I'm too biased!" In other words, Carellos would eat any baked goods, anyway. Kes is peered at, then those eyes peer back at the cookies, then back at Kes. You know you want one. There's… healthy stuff in it! Somewhere.

Kezresan might want a cookie. Maybe. He's at least going to eyeball those cookies with something akin to suspicion before that gaze drifts to baker, and weaver, in turn. Peer. Peeeeer. Frown. His mug is lifted, a slow sip taken, before he's shifting ever so innocently closer to that tray of cookies. Idle curiosity! A glance, and he wonders, "What is in /that/?" as he points to a particularly… interesting looking one. Another glance, from baker to weaver to cookies to weaver to baker again. Also, "It's not that early." Because he's grumpy like that.
Aignes cautiously turns to peer herself at this second supporter of semi-early sweets and raises an eyebrow ever so dubiously. "It's still a couple hours before noon? When do you normally start eating cookies?" Personal you or general Weyr as a whole you, possibly both. The question is at least definitely directed at Kezresan and definitely not the biased baker, but she's got another question for Carellos. "What happened to eggs? I thought eggs were breakfast food."

"That one has coconut in it," Carellos says as he picks one up and just eats it. Because he can! He finishes off the tidbit before those emerald eyes glances over to Aignes and he places his hand over his mouth to cover a smirk and dislodge any clinging crumbs. "Eggs are still breakfast, and wouldn't you know? You're in luck! There's eggs in cookies." The baker is also in luck, because there's a chair! Since the kitchens don't need him just yet, he's just going to take a seat and help himself to one of the klah ones. FREE SAMPLES~

Kezresan frowns, just a little, in either disbelief, disapproval, or straight up confusion. Maybe it's for the coconut. Maybe it's for the baker who's unashamedly partaking of his own creation. Either way, it's a sip of Klah that comes, rather than words. But he's got some for Aignes and her question about noon. "I've been awake since three; it's plenty late enough for cookies," and, just to prove his point, he'll lean over and take one for himself. He doesn't even know what's in it, but that's not the point. The point is, anytime is cookie time! But his first bite is conservative; a careful taste-test to determine whether or not it is safe to proceed.

And in all this confusion about the whole 'when is proper time for cookies?', that table a little further back that Aignes had been angling for just got snagged by a group of werybrats, who also manage to sneak a couple of those free sample cookies as they run pass. Looks like she'll be claiming a seat here as well, although still not partaking of those cookies just yet. She's got some klah to sip first. She will concede Kezresan's point with a nod. "Well, maybe it's not too early for you to have cookies… but most people aren't up at three…" She glances at Carellos and his cookies, then back to the baker. "There's also sugar and butter and… is that… what is that?" She's pointing to a pretty lumpy cookie.

Cookies are one of those sneaky things that tends to make you thirsty and Carellos didn't want to chance another one or ten witout something to drink. Before he wanders off to grab himself a mug, he nods his head at the confection in question. "Oatmeal raisin," he says, grabbing one and taking him with it to the main tables. Once his mug is secured, he returns, dodging people with his full mug before returning safely back to his seat. "The white lumpy ones are coconut, those are… solid brown fluffy ones are klah and sugar, the flat ones are just tea cookies. The little ones with the globs in the middle are jam filled."

Thankfully, Kez seems to have ended up with one of those simple tea cookies. Perfect with Klah! The first nibble seems to satisfy him (that it's not poison, maybe) and his next bite is a bit more deliberate. A shrug of his shoulders, and he decides, "Time is irrelevant and subjective. What is early?" Philosophical questions for another day, perhaps. A glance at his cookie, and Kezresan dips it carefully in his Klah before his next bite.

As dubious as she had been about the merits of cookies before noon, Aignes' stomach is going to win this conversation. There's a bit of a grumble now that the klah has helped wake her stomach up and quickly the oatmeal raisin cookie is snatched, as lumpy as it might be. "Oatmeal is also a breakfast food." See, eggs and oatmeal. It's 'healthy'. She'll nibble on her own treat and tilt her head at the philosophical ponderings. "Time is crucial. If it were irrelevant to everyone, the world would be chaos. How would anything get done if you never knew when the smiths would be taking commissions or someone checking to make sure the wherry for dinner didn't burn?"

What is this time thing that people speak of. Carellos is just going to take an oatmeal cookie for himself, because breakfast, and nibble on it while he nods his head as if he knew even the slightest idea of what the other two are talking about. See? He can feign intellect with a sip of his own mug! Chances are, the baker is just thinking about what to do with his time off or wondering if he should make more of those cheesecakes with the rum and caramel all over it. With cookie crust! Ooh, which cookie though. "Thankfully we've got cooks all over that, I'm just one of the bakers." If a wherry is going to be burnt, he's gonna watch to add a point to the bakers side of the score board.

The baker should /definitely/ make more of those cheesecakes with rum and caramel all over it! The healer would eat them. After a balanced meal of greens and protein and only a little carbs! But anyways, back to this time-topic. Kez just stares at Aignes in a manner that might be impolite. Just stares, perhaps considering her words, before he relents and decides, "Fine. Time is not irrelevant. But assigning words like 'early' and 'late' and is meaningless. Early and Late are relative, and entirely dependent upon the individual experience. To say it is 'too early' for something is extremely closed-minded." But he's not upset. At least, his voice is even in tone, and his expression is flat and neutral. Perhaps at odds with that cookie-nibbleage.

If Aignes had pearls, maybe she would be clutching at them this very moment. As it is, she's just got one hand on her klah mug and the other on her cookie. "Early and late were words made to be assigned to time. It's in their very definition!" She even lets out a little bit of a tsk at the though of anyone thinking otherwise. And she's not about to let Carellos get off that easily with just letting cooks make sure the wherry doesn't burn! "It's not like bakers don't need to pay attention to time either. It's a pretty small window of time between pile of sugar and cream or a burnt mess if I remember how to make caramel right."

"We do have to pay attention to time. Paying attention to time is costly, too. The weyr's funds aren't unlimited. We have a score board in the kitchen with cooks on one side and bakers on the other. Whomever burns something earns the other team a point. Good way to maintain reputation, stay on our toes, and not have burnt cookies." Such as the lovely ones that are quickly, and evenly, disappearing. Carellos notices this, and frowns… then shrugs. He'll just make them all! The baker takes another sip of his mug while he can, eyes peering suspiciously at the kitchens. He believes in bad luck, you know!

Cue more staring from the healer; of the deadpan, slightly perplexed variety. "You have misunderstood," decides Kezresan, in a very 'let me explain it to you' kind of tone. "I am not saying that time is meaningless, or that keeping track of time is not important. I am simply stating that the terms 'early' and 'late' are nonsense and completely dependent upon the situation one finds themselves in. For me? This is late. For you," and there's a faint motion of his cookie-holding hand toward Aignes, "it is early. See? Meaningless. Now, if you'll excuse me," and he pushes upright from the table, collecting his Klah and keeping his cookie, "I've charts to attend too," because apparently, fifteen minutes is adequate for "work-life" balance requirement being met? Sure. "Thank you for the cookie," is at least offered honestly, if rather flatly, to Carellos.

Aignes purses her lips and straightens up until her back couldn't possibly get any straighter as the healer takes on the lecturing tone. "The words do have meaning." It's more of a whisper than an actual argument and by that point, Kezresan is already on his way elsewhere. And while her own cookie may have already disappeared, it was not enough to sate the hungry stomach-beast. The weaver gives a polite nod to the baker and that nearly empty tray of cookies. "Yes, thank you. Now if you'll excuse me… I think I had better find a more substantial breakfast." Hopefully it's still out there somewhere. Eggs. Bacon. TOAST!

Carellos gathers up two of each cookie, leaving the rest for the horde of children slowly inching closer to the table. He chuckles quietly, taking his mug with him as he finishes it up. There's people to see, cookies to pass out, and then it's time for the next round of baking for the day.

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