Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It's fairly nice out this afternoon, but Borodin's inside - sitting in a corner of the caverns with a bowl of stew and a glass of… something or other. It's a bit hard to tell what's inside because there's a young bronze firelizard curled around it, eyes half-lidded as he observes the surroundings. Borodin's more observing the stew, poking it with a spoon and giving it a stir before it congeals.

Abigail has made her way on into the cavern, a slight yawn escaping her as she goes. Her flight jacket is on so it is enough to cover up her bandaging under that is under her clothing. She moves on to get a mug of klah and a plate of food it would seem. There is a moment that she catches sight of Borodin, and a firelizard near him? With a smile she moves on towards where the two are. "Hey.."

That's the thing about riders, they wear jackets even in nice weather. The firelizard notices Abigail first, but then, he's noticing everything. Borodin takes longer, but then he does look up to Abigail. "Uh, hey." He smiles. "You… uh." Borodin glances to one of the nearby chairs, then back to her. "How are you?"

Abigail has plenty of reason to wear her jacket, hurt shoulder and arm after all. She sets her plate down on the table as she sits across from her brother, without asking even. "I'm ok, how ye been?" They don't talk much after all. "Ye got a firelizard huh?"

Borodin is joined! Seated-by! All those sorts of things. He shrugs. "I've just been… working on the beers. Seems like there's been a lot… going on outside the Weyr, from what I've heard." Borodin regards his sister for a moment, then sighs. "They'll be going after wagons, next." He looks down to that firelizard, and hehs. "More like he got me. Name's Kanyak."

Hazelon is still wearing that candidate knot. The one Th'ero had managed to get him to put back on despite his rather excellent reasoning for giving it back. Thus the day has continued, almost like the renegades hadn't attacked. Candidate chores are candidate chores, and until the roster chances, Hazelon is a part of them. But now, they're done for the evening. Into the Living Caverns Hazelon slips from the kitchens, heading towards food.

Abigail nods slightly while she looks at the bronze seeming a touch amused. "Yeah… They do that at times." She offers softly before looking back to him. "It's… Been a little crazy to say the least." For a moment she pauses before she goes on. "I was out there during all that mess too." Well she at least told him. There is movements of another and she glances to the side and catches sight of Hazelon, whom she sends a wave towards.

Kanyak looks back, though it's with the same sort of half-interest he's been giving the rest of his surroundings so far. Borodin takes another look at the lizard, then nods. "Well, he did. So… there's that." The vintner shrugs, then frowns a bit as Abigail confirms what's been going on out there. She's there more than he is, at least these days. And Hazelon may be in the kitchens more than Borodin is. So many places Borodin isn't, and he gives a vague nod toward the candidate before looking back to Abigail. "…well, you're not dead. Are you?"

Yep, no one is dead. Which really is a good thing. Hazelon catches Abigail's wave and sends one back, then turns to fill his plate up with food. Once full he'll turn and scan the area looking for a place to sit. Only for a second does he consider actually going to sit next to Abigail before he just does it. Not too close. Like, five chairs away, but, at the same table? A nod to Borodin.

Abigail curiously peers over at Borodin. "Well not yet at least." She looks a touch amused at the thought. She is soon sipping at her mug while casting a curious look towards Hazelon and then back to Borodin. "Borodin this is Hazelon, Hazelon this is my brother Borodin." Makes sense to try and get the other two talking as well, especially seeing how Hazelon sat so /close/.

Borodin watches Abbey, just to make sure, then nods as she confirms that, yep, still alive. "Good." He has a spoonful of his stew, then looks down to Hazelon. Way down… relatively. Apparently it's not that far… given Hazelon. "Hi," Borodin says, and considers Hazelon for just a moment more before adding, "We've met."

Hazelon is about to stuff food into his mouth when Abigail does the introductions. Rather then continue that movement though, he pauses with the food to his lips. Almost on cue with the vintner, "We've met," to keep the awkward at bay though, Hazelon will go on quickly, "Didn't know he was your brother ma'am." That's right, first names go right out the window in front of others.

Abigail tilts her head to glance between the two and nods while a soft smile is seen. "Well that's good." That they have met and so forth. She glances back to Borodin. "Aye that he is." This said with a soft smile seen.

Borodin considers Hazelon. "Does it make a diffence?" he asks the candidate. "That I am." What he am. "…her brother." He tilts his head back to Abigail, then returns his gaze to Hazelon as he gives his stew a stir. The firelizard by his glass lowers head to paws.

Hazelon's dark eyes will consider Borodin for long long moments before answer that inquiry. "The Wingleader be good people sir." It's a carefully considered answer, and it is delivered just as slowly. Then without more explination that food will finally make it the rest of the way into his mouth. So far Borodin hasn't offered an upset about Hazelon hurting his sister, and so Haze isn't about to bring it up.

Abigail watches Borodin a moment at his question, a light frown seen but that is it while she lowers her gaze to her plate which she works upon quietly for a few moments. No she won't be bring up the bit on her being hurt either, and it wasn't Hazelon's fault for it no matter what is thought or said. "So… How goes the craft Borodin?"

Borodin eyes Hazelon for a moment, given that answer, then snorts. "Sure. That'll do." His mouth tugs up on one side. "And meanwhile, I'll just be me, despite all that." The incident? Well, Borodin has heard rumors that things have happened, but… he's a vintner! He doesn't exactly get detailed reports of just went wrong and how. Not his department. That's the vintnercraft, and so he looks back to Abigail for her question and shrugs. "I've been keeping the taverns stocked. Mean to expand distribution, but I haven't figured now's a good time to go traveling."

Why is Hazelon opening his mouth? No one will know, but between bites he does and words issue forth. "It ought to be safe for a least a pair of sevens." And then he's going quiet again, his gaze resting on that food as it steadily disappears into his mouth.

Abigail sends a faint look back to Borodin at the comment of him being himself. There is a pause and she isn't too sure what to say. She supposes this is as good as it will get at the moment. "Well… If'nn ye want to take things elsewhere I could given ye a hand if'nn ye like." She offers while looking over to Borodin a moment.

Borodin looks back to Abigail. "…I'm happy for you, you know. You've got a good position, good dragon. People like you. You should enjoy that." Because, hey, he didn't live with her for turns without learning to see when she's not saying things. Hazelon gets a look next. "Can't say as how I've ever known it to be safe. Might be less dangerous?" He shrugs, then returns his attention to Abigail. "Thanks, but it'll have to go by wagon routes eventually anyhow. Dragon delivery's expensive."

"Less dangerous." Faint agreement there, but agreement none the less. Hazelon has reached that part of a meal where he's full, but he'll never turn down finishing what is before him. So a piece of bread is picked apart into pieces before bit by bit is eaten.

Abigail lets her fingers slide across her mug slightly while she watches Borodin. Yes he does indeed know her well, though at the moment she is really wondering if he is happy for her. For a while there they were at odds with one another after all. In the end she smiles a moment and nods. "Well… I know a dragon that would want to help. Wouldn't have ta worry about the expense."

Borodin nods to Hazelon, then looks back to Abigail. "You and Niumdreoth have other things to do." He leans back in his chair, setting his spoon down in the bowl. "You're already probably doing too much… aren't you? How many patrols do you lead?" Borodin arches a brow. "You don't have to work extra just for me…" He turns his head, looks to Hazelon. "And you don't have to think I'm anything I'm not just because she's my sister and she's a good person."

Hazelon blinks and then looks upwards. Dark eyes rest upon Borodin before he shakes his head. "If the wingleader be sayin' you got somethin' goin' for you, I'll be listenin."

Abigail is quiet for a few moments as she listens to Borodin. "We… Take lead a lot on patrols. Doesn't mean I can't help ye too Borodin." Why? Well why not, his her brother, don't siblings do this sort of thing for one another? "Why do ye say it like that? Ye are yer own person, doesn't matter who I am."

Borodin nods as Abigail admits to those patrols, then frowns. "I don't always need help." He pushes the spoon a little further away, and Kanyak lifts his head to look to the vintner. Borodin's eyes lower, looking back to the bronze firelizard. "Am I?" His own person, that is. "Seems he-" a vague gesture toward Hazelon "-thinks different of me because of you." Borodin looks up to Abigail once more.

Yeahhhh, Hazelon isn't about to get between siblings who seem to be having a disagreemnt. But his food isn't done yet, so he's not going to leave. Perhaps just shift a bit and button his lip. Clearly Abigail hasn't told her brother some things, and as a master of keeping everything inside, Hazelon isn't about to try to explain why the wingleader's opinion matters so much to him.

Abigail is rather use to there being some disagreement between Borodin and herself, it's been this way for turns now and doesn't seem to honestly improving. "As ye do for me because I am a rider?" She questions while watching him. "I'm just a rider Borodin, nothing special about me." Only things she keeps hidden from Borodin is when she gets hurt, like now, well in a way she tryed to tell him though as she is sitting here breathing she can't be dead right?

When she gets hurt. Whatever's going on with Hazelon - not that Borodin knows anything about that. Most of her relationships. Just things like that! Borodin keeps his gaze on Abigail. "It's nothing to do with being a rider." Though maybe if he were one too Niumdreoth could tattle through another dragon? But really, that's not the point, and Borodin's… not enough of a mindreader to translate what wearing a jacket indoors means. He did ask whether she was dead. Now? He shrugs. "Does anyone ever come up to you and say, 'Oh! Borodin's sister?'"

Hazelon didn't say that! He didn't even know before Abigail mentioned they were related. An eyebrow lifts and he shakes his head slightly. Nope, just ignore him over here eating that bread of his.

Abigail doesn't have much in the way of relationships anymore, and even if she did the one she had that she told Borodin about and the way he acted why would she bring them up again? "Honestly, do people walk up and go 'Abigail's brother?'" She questions with a faint tone while peering at her dear brother. As for Niumdreoth he would tattle to Borodin if he felt it was a big enough worry! The brown did use to talk to Borodin a long time ago after all.

"Yes," Borodin says to Abigail, not smiling. There's been three relationships she's told him about… or at least that he's found out about. Well. Two and a half. The two that weren't the half, he smiled and talked to the people. The half? It wasn't so much the relationship as how it started and what came from that. He's quiet for a moment before he shrugs. "They do. Even if it doesn't make a difference to you, it makes a difference to a lot of other people around here."

Right. Okay. Hazelon stuffs the last of the bread into his mouth and stands. A glance at Abigail is slightly appologietic. This family type thing is so not his area of expertise, so unless someone stops him, he's going to sneak off in the general direction of not-here-avoiding-candidates.

Abigail wouldn't stop Hazelon, or anyone else from leaving. She feels like leaving honestly, these conversations never end well. Yes she's had three relationships, three and one ending with a child. Seems she'll have to deal with that forever when it comes to her dear brother, and mother for that matter. "I'm sorry that it bothers ye so Borodin. How would ye like me ta fix it? Get people to stop talking to ye? Maybe I'll just hide out in my weyr? Or better yet wander off with Niumdreoth on some patrol and don't return." She's a bit snippy right now for one reason or another. "I am what I am and I'm sorry for that. I'm sorry that ye take such offense when someone says that to ye Borodin.."

…Borodin hasn't said anything about any of them. Hasn't in months, in fact. Possibly turns. He frowns, an expression that deepens as Abigail continues. "I'm not offended. That's not… at all what I'm saying. I'm proud of you, Abigail. They say good things about you. You deserve it. I don't, and it's not fair to you to keep dragging me along." He shrugs. "So don't be sorry. Don't pretend you're not something special. You are, and if you don't believe me, you can believe him." He points to Hazelon, who hasn't quite managed to escape yet, and then pushes back his chair. "Or one of the many other people who'll say it to you. They're right. And you should listen to them."

Hazelon is being pointed at? He frowns, but Borodin is speaking exactly what he thinks of the wingleader already. "You was the only person what believed me when I was sayin' I ain't hurt no one. Even after," and he'll stop talking now, snapping his lips shut. And he's off, disappearing through that doorway back there.

No, Borodin hasn't say anything on them, but there was talk with a certain parent of there's recently that has made it a bit of a sore subject with the rider. Abigail is quiet for a few moments and lowers her head a touch once Borodin speaks. Well she honestly wasn't expecting all that. "Sorry…" Is offered softly to Borodin. She's never been very good at keeping her comments to herself after all. A glance is sent after Hazelon as she catches his comment, between that and what Borodin said she does smile a moment.

Borodin stays where he is, standing by the table. Kanyak lifts his head, looking to Borodin - chirp? - then over to Abigail. Hazelon's comments recieve a nod of acknowledgment from Borodin, though his eyes remain on his sister. His hands twitch, fingers curling. "Didn't I say…" Don't be sorry? The hands slowly relax. "You should listen to the people who gave you that knot. The ones that listen to you. Me…" He shakes his head. "You don't need any more problems to deal with."

Abigail doesn't follow directions well? At least with her brother it seems. She lets her fingers lightly slide acros the mug before letting her arms fold upon the table careful like though the movement of her shoulder makes her wince a touch. "Borodin… Yer never a problem, yer my brother." She helps everyone else when they need it, why can't she help him?

"I've been a problem for you ever since Gaben gave you a bloody nose and knocked out a baby tooth," Borodin answers, and after a moment, "Probably before, but that's the first I remember." He shakes his head, with a faint smile that turns to a frown as he notes that wince, then a sigh as he looks away from her, up and vaguely across the caverns. "Don't think I ever stopped, I just changed how."

Abigail looks for a moment a touch amused as the name brought up and even gives her cheek a slight rub at the thought. "Yes well… That was the easiest tooth I ever lost." There is a pause and she glances to Borodin watching him a moment. "We've both changed over the turns I do suppose." A soft breath escapes her while she leans back. "Just so ye know, I got a couple knife wound during this mess. There alright save for a few stitches." Well there, she told him she was hurt.. Step in the right direction?

Borodin's gaze lowers to Abigail once more, and he nods. "Some. In the outside bits. You've got Niumdreoth and Breana, and you're wingleader." He breathes out, fingers twitching. "…and you get knife wounds instead of bloody noses." Kanyak's tail twitches, and the firelizard sits up. Borodin glances down to him. "Me, I brew beer and… there's probably about three people in the world who'd even notice I'm gone." He smiles faintly. "So maybe I'm not so different after all."

Abigail lets her gaze rest on Borodin for a few moments. "I'm rather sure more then three people would idneed miss ye Borodin." She offers softly but doesn't push the matter. "I'll be there if ye need me… How's that?" She won't push that either, the offer is there and it'll be up to Borodin to go from there from now on.

Borodin halfway smiles. "You and Niumdreoth only count as one." A pause, and then, "For this, at least." He shrugs, shakes his head, then stops with his gaze settled on Abigail. "I know you will… but… I don't want to need you." Borodin bites his lip. "If I make marks, I want it to be by making good brews and good choices, not because I cheat on distribution. And I don't want people to give me a chance just because I'm your brother. I'd rather they hate me and say so than put up with me because of you." He snorts, half-amused. "Bad enough you do, but at least you're actually related."

Abigail chuckles softly at the bit on her and Niumdreoth. "Alright, I'll gie ye that one." This said with a slight nod of her head seen. "I… Understand Borodin." She does, honestly she does. He needs to do this by himself to prove that he can. "Please… Even if I wasn't related I'd love ye cause ye brew booze." This said with a slight grin seen.

Borodin keeps his eyes on Abigail, then nods. There's a small smile for her understanding, and he reaches out his fingertips to brush them along Kanyak's tail. "Thanks," he says, then snorts. "That easy, huh?" Booze, the maker of friends forever… or at least until the hangover!

Abigail nods a moment and smiles a touch. "Sure." Is said softly before a soft chuckle escapes her. "Yes well… Booze does that to some people I've seen."

Borodin hahs. "And some it just makes fall down." He considers. "Or does both at once. It's like that." The power of booze, healing and otherwise! Borodin shakes his head, and trails fingers up Kanyak's tail.

Abigail shifts so she is standing and smiles to Borodin, whom is getting a hug if he wants it or not right quick like before he can pull away. "I have no idea what that feels like." Not! She use to a long time ago. "I need to get going. I'll tlak with ye later?"

Borodin is hugged! For that matter, he even hugs back, so apparently this isn't an entirely unwanted one. "I could demonstrate." With the booze, that is… but he smiles to her, and nods. "Okay. See you around… and stay safe. Or… at least try."

Abigail chuckles and grins a moment before nodding. "Yeah… I'm sure you could." This said softly after the hug and she turns to move. "I'll try." Try being the key word. Hey at least the two are leaving on good notes!