Fort Weyr - Weyrleader's Offices
Aged by time, this office has lived through the ages of Fort just as its counterparts have. But unlike the Weyrsecond and Junior Weyrwomen offices, this cavern is spacious and formed in a rough semicircle of three conjoined caves that were carved and modified Turns ago. The middle portion acts as a waiting room of sorts, holding only a few modest chairs and a simple tapestry to otherwise brighten up the plain stone walls. There are no windows here and the only light comes from well placed glow baskets.

To the right, the smaller of the two adjoining caverns has been set aside for the Weyrwoman, a large desk situated in the middle and a bookshelf pressed against the wall. A small hearth allows for some warmth in the colder months and another cabinet rests across the room to hold various supplies, as well as several books, reports and records. More tapestries have been hung there, lending some color to room.

On the left, the larger cavern belongs to the Weyrleader's office and the walls here are littered with a vast array of maps, as well as a tapestry hung behind where he would sit. The desk is large and the wood aged, looking old and a bit worn, but well tended too. Shelves and a bookshelf line one wall, crammed with rolled hides, other maps, books, reports and records and all arranged in an organized chaos. A small hearth has been built in here as well and various well placed glow baskets are hung to offer just the right amount of light in this windowless office.

Both offices have stout wooden doors that have been carefully worked into the stone. They can be closed and locked if privacy is needed but are often left open.

It's morning, and the heat is already starting to rise, beating off the dark walls of the weyr and sending folks scurrying on their errands before things get to be /too/ hot. Inside the offices though things are cooler, the scents of klah and eggs and bacon lingering as Kimmila sits…at Th'ero's desk. The Weyrleader is nowhere to be seen, but his weyrmate is sitting at his desk rifling through papers with a little frown, her pencil moving back and forth from the stack to a notepad she has beside her hand.

Dtirae is quietly entering the office space after finishing her breakfast in the caverns. The woman appears to be in relatively good spirits as she isn't frowning, or scowling at anyone she happens to pass. There's a pause in which she moves towards the Weyrleader's office, but there is no Weyrleader there! A pause, and Dtirae considers the bluerider for a moment. "Good morning, Kimmila." But, that is all she says before she is starting over towards her own office.

Kimmila glances up briefly at the arrival of another, offering the Weyrwoman a brief smile. "Morning, Dtirae." Hesitating for a second, she sets her pencil down and leans forward a bit. "Dei? Can I talk to you for a sec?"

Dtirae freezes, only for a moment before she turns to consider the bluerider. Another pause before she makes her way back towards the office. There is a wary look settling into her features before she schools it into one of neutrality. "Sure. What did you want to talk about?" She doesn't linger in the doorway, as that is rude, and instead moves to take her usual seat when she comes to this very office.

Kimmila glances at the desk between them and she stands, moving to take a seat beside Dtirae, so they're both on the same side of the desk. "This has nothing to do with rank, or…or anything," she begins, rubbing a hand over her forehead and pushing hair away from her face. "Woman to woman," she adds with a little smile. So…that could be reassuring or troubling.

Dtirae's brows lift upward as Kimmila moves, then there's going back down into the skeptical level, then to concerned. "Woman to woman?" There's a pause before she's briefly looking elsewhere, a hand lifting to push imaginary hairs behind her ear before considering Kimmila again. "Okay?" Confused? You betcha.

Kimmila clears her throat, glancing at the door and then back. Nervous? Maybe. "I just…I know it's a joke, but I wanted to say that it really, really bothers me when you tease Th'ero about having a stick up his ass." She clears her throat. "And when you implied it had moved to, uh. My ass."

The look on her face only proves that once again, this was not what she was expecting. Dtirae stares at Kimmila for a long, long moment before she coughs. "I hadn't made that joke in awhile, seeing as Th'ero and I are on better terms… However, you were," a pause, and her gaze shifts for a moment before returning to the other woman. "Never mind. I shouldn't have said it, even jokingly. I apologize."

Kimmila arches a brow, grin growing a bit crooked. "I was out of line," she supplies. "Totally bitchy that morning, so I'm sorry for that. Still."

Dtirae coughs slightly, "yes. You were, and regardless of your mood, it was rude of me to state that." Then, she grows silent and considers the other woman for a moment or two before she speaks again. "Is there anything else you want to discuss?"

Kimmila nods her head a bit in silent agreement, and then shrugs. "Not really?" she says with a little smile. A bit rueful, but mostly relieved that she didn't cause another rift between the weyrwoman and…anyone.

Dtirae nods once and rises from the chair. "Well, it was uh.. Nice talking to you." Queue awkward stance before the woman gives a polite nod and makes to flee from the office.

'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.