Who Riohra Yulise T'lon Shanatea
What Yulise the trader comes to the Weyr.
When Summer
Where Shenanigan's Lounge, Fort Weyr


Shenanigan's Lounge
The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.

Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.

Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

The bar is cool and reasonably busy this afternoon, though even with the crowd there are still open tables and chairs. And of course there are a few dart boards free as well, well one less now that a young man with short black hair and blue eyes has walked up and started setting up at one of the boards closest to a wall. He has a pitcher of beer set up with a glass on a small table with two stools.

Yulise walks in, obviously a first timer. Her outfit is definitely not Fortian fashion, probably a little breezy for the weather. Plus, the way she's looking around suggests a total lack of familiarity. Still, she knows taverns, and this seems pretty much like a tavern. Taverns mean drinks! Not that any self-respecting Yulise would ever /pay/ for drinks. No. She spies a young man with his own pitcher, who seems like an easy mark. She makes her way over. "Heeeey! Can I have some of your beer?" At least she's straightforward.

Riohra grins as he approached by the lass and just says "play me for it" and offers her the darts "Best throw wins". He smiles down at her, it is friendly as there is a twinkle in his eye as he challenges the lady.

Any disappointment Yulise feels at failing to get immediate free beer is forgotten as her competitive side comes to the forefront. "You're on!" She says, grabbing the darts eagerly. She steps up to throw, then pauses as a thought occurs. "Wait. What do you get if you win, then?"

Riohra grins and sits on a bar stool near his pitcher of the golden trophy she seeks to win "some good company and a game of darts" He takes a slow drink form the glass he had already poured for himself.

"I'm better company with beer. You win either way." Yulise claims with a wink. She then concentrates, closing one eye and sticking out her tongue as she stares at the dartboard. She then makes her throws. She's certainly no expert, though she at least manages to hit the board with each of her throws. "Hah!"

Riohra nods and gets up to retrieve the darts saying over his shoulder "it does seem that way doesn't it. Not a bad way to spend an evening" Walking back and throws his darts they are grouped rather well but the new lady is winning saying "Do I get to know your name or should I just call you Darts?"

"Hah!" Yulise is not above gloating about her early lead. She grins as she goes to take her next throws. "I'm Yulise. Trader. How about you, beer guy?" If she is 'darts', he gets to be 'beer guy'.

Riohra grins as she gloats, saying "Riohra, I am Hunter here at the Weyr. And hopefully your a better trader than the last, he sold me some shoddy rope that caused me to fall" he raises his shirt a little so his bandaged chest and torso can be seen.

Yulise looks Riohra up and down, an amused little grin on her face as she leans closer. "… Did a trader really cause that, or is this your usual pick-up technique? Gives you an excuse to show off how rugged and dangerous you are? Granted the bandages seem excessive, but…"

Riohra grins and leans in saying "Yes they did and your throw" he leans back on his stool. And takes another slow sip of beer "Besides, I am spoken for so I go around using that what kind a man would that make me?"

Yulise arches an eyebrow. "There are still weyrfolk who do the whole monogamy thing? Huh. Learn something new every day, I suppose." Time for another throw! It's pretty much the same as the last. Not terrible, but certainly beatable.

Riohra gets up and retrieves the darts and shrugs "I wasn't born here so maybe it is that. But I cant speak for everyone. Though if your looking for a good time I am sure I could rally you up a suitable prize or two if you want choices." He walks over and throws the darts with his left hand, it is decent but still not enough to beat Yulise. It is close through like with in a point or two.

Yulise rolls her eyes and gives Riohra a grin. "Shards, I'm /kidding/. C'mon. I might not be weyrfolk, but I know the stories aren't all true." The teasing doesn't stop, it just switches topics. "Are you sure you're left handed?" She's bragging a lot for someone not doing particularly well at the darts contest she and Riohra are currently engaged in. Not well, but enough to have at least a little lead.

Riohra grins and says "Oh I throw just fine thank you very much miss sassy pants" he is all mirth and merriment adding after he takes another small sip from his glass "Are you sure you can beat me?"

"I'm winning, aren't I?" Yulise taunts with a grin. Then her grin falters. "Wait. Am I winning?" She squints at the board, uncertain. "How does the scoring on this work, again?" Clearly a master of the game.

Riohra nods and grins "yes dear, you are winning" he leans his back against the wall on his stool. Watching the bar around him ebb and flow with people coming in and out of the room.

T'lon has slipped on into Shenanigan's all stealthy like. Not. Still, he does catch a bit on what's going on. He shakes his head some "Are you pulling that stunt you pulled the other night?" he asks as he grins at Rio. "I saw those throws you made at the Green Dragon." He snorts a little as he finds a spot to sit down and watch the game.

"Hah! See? I'm the greatest!" Yulise brags again, taking her next series of throws. Once again, her performance can be described as passible at best, but she gloats anyways. "Mwahahah!" She then turns to face the new arrival. "Green Dragon? That place in Ierne? You guys get around."

Riohra grins as T'lon shows up "no giving away all my secrets my friend." He turns and makes introductions saying "Yulise, this is my good friend T'lon. T'lon this is Yulise, a trader and currently trying to win my pitcher of beer there" He walks back to the board and retrieves the darts.

T'lon shrugs a little "Well, easy enough to get around when you've someone who's quite happy to take you places." he says with a bit of a shrug. He snorts a bit at Rio and shrugs "What, you don't believe in full disclosure?" he asks with a grin.

Yulise furrows her brow. "Full disclosure… refers euphemestically to the other as 'good friend'… traveling together to exotic locales…" She grins. "Ooh. This is the other half you mentioned earlier? Nice to meet you, T'lon!" She does a little curtsey before whirling around to watch Rio take his next shot at the dartboard.

Riohra chokes and misses the board completely as he starts laughing, for probably a good full minute till he wipes his eyes saying "I give girl you win, claim your beer" shaking his head and still laughing goes and gets a few extra glasses to share.

No matter what, life can't keep Shanatea away from T'lon. They're just so twinsie. And he slips over towards the group, offering Rio a grin and a nod and then slings an arm around his identical, albeit shorter, twin's shoulders. "Teasie-peasie." he tilts his head to the side, down at the brother-thing. "What

T'lon looks blank and doesn't even react at first to Tea coming up and then he laughs "Oh no, I don't know what Rio's been tellin' ya, but we are soo not together. He's more Tea's type then mine. Me, I like a woman." Oh yeah there's a broad smile there. "Hey Tea, how'd your day go? You get to know that J'en a little more?" he asks. And he doesn't seem to be at all put out that his brother was getting a little on the side.

Yulise pouts a little bit, giving T'lon and Riohra a skeptical look as she crosses her arms. "Awww, c'mon guys. Just because I'm not weyrborn doesn't mean I'm going to be weird about it. You shouldn't feel embarassed to display your love!" Uh-oh. Fortunately, she is distracted from this line of thought by her victory. "Yay, beer!" She pours a glass and is about to take a sip when she spies Shanatea. She blinks and eyes her glass. "Huh. Usually I don't start seeing double until after I drink."

Riohra walks back and hands Shanatea and T'lon a beer saying "Hey Shanatea, welcome to Fort" He grins over at Yulise "keep drinking, a third one will show up" he sits down on the stool and is still chuckling.

Shanatea snorts. "I swing both ways." he comments to his brother, grabbing his neck and noogieing him for that comment. Then he lets go and shrugs. "Can't say, gentlemen don't kiss and tell." But he looks rather smug at the moment. Then he accepts the beer and beams cheerfully. "Thanks! I had a meeting with a beasthealer to discuss techniques, happy to find y'all here. And to the lady he gallantly steps forward and bows in front of her a bit, "Shanatea, the handsomer one, at your service." So what that they look exactly the same… He's taller, and older. Barely.

"Nah, I ain't embarrassed, Rio's just too young for me." Yeah, figure that one out. To Tea T'lon says, "Fair enough. I won't tell you either of my night after the gather." There's a smug little look there. He takes the beer and tosses it back. Well, only part of it. 'He's also the one that's more troublesome." he adds "I'm the good twin."

Yulise slowly sips her beer, glancing sideways at Riohra before fixing a more skeptical look on the twins. "The good twin? That sounds exactly like something the evil twin would say." She remarks suspiciously, eyes narrowed. "Hmm."

Riohra laughs at T'lon "She has you there, and how did that adventure with that gold rider turn out?" He sips his beer and grins at Shanatea "And how did you far with Jea? was the kiss the only thing or was there more?" yes he knows the tall bronzerider by name.

Shanatea takes one look at his brother's smug look and shakes his head. "We both musta got lucky." he arches a brow. And shakes his head. "No, no, no. T here is the one who's more troublesome." Nod. Tea is an angel, really. Or….both of them are trouble. He nods to Yulise, "Then you know him, obviously. Because you're absolutely right. I'm the good twin." He grins at Rio. "Well, Let's say it was….special."

T'lon lets out a dreamy sigh and then he smiles "Well, I certainly have nothing to complain about. Even Saumath was quite pleased with the night. There's a glance for Tea "Yeah, you're good at getting into someone else's." He stops and looks at Yulise "room." Yeah. We shall leave it at that.

"Special as in banging?" Yulise inquires between sips of beer. She's super classy and diplomatic. When T'lon corrects himself, she gives him another raised eyebrow. "Whaaat? Are you censoring yourself in front of me? Is it not immediately obvious that I am one of the cool ones, or what?"

Riohra is laughing so hard he starts to wince and sharply sucks in air holding his ribs but still smiling. He has to take shallow breathes to get his breathing under control before he can speak again saying "I think it is safe to assume, my friend that miss Yulise is a cultured woman of the world."

Shanatea eyes his twin and gives him a faux threatening look, as brothers are wont to do to each other. "Right, room." he rolls his eyes and then shrugs at Yulise, "Personally," and he glances at Rio and T'lon briefly. "I believe what happens with men's…. pickles and private lives should stay there unless we're all rip-roaring drunk." and he just grins, and dips into his beer looking innocently over the rim of the mug. He enthusiastically adds a nod to Rio's statement. "I can tell she is."

T'lon can't help but laugh and shakes his head a little "Yeah, and here I thought you didn't like pickles." There's a snicker there and then a sheepish look for Yulise "Umm, sprry about that. Mother would have my ears if she heard that I spoke that way in front of you. And seeing as at times I do end up hurt and in the infirmary and I also bring them supplies and all. I'm apt to see an awful lot of her, and one thing I have learned is that she always finds out. How, I don't know. But she does, and well. I ain't willing to offend her sensibilities about how I'm supposed to be behaving, even if it doesn't offend yours. Oh look beer. Drink. Yeah. Quiet now.

"I am extremely cultured and sophisticated." Yulise insists with a sharp little nod. "No strange men ever get into /my/ room." She says with as much imperious haughtiness as she can muster. "… Mostly because I don't have a room. I sleep in a tent." Still technically correct. More drinking!

Riohra is still holding his ribs a bit and nods "Aye as it should be, living out in the fresh air and under the stars" he says happily and drinks his whole glass down then askes the people there saying "These cracked ribs are killing me, shots anyone?"

Shanatea snorts at his twin, "Its because mother's seem to have eyes and ears everywhere. Maybe she's a dragon whisperer, eh brother?" he elbows him right in the ribs, because he can. "Yes, ma‘am. Very polite and cultured and sophisticated. Right after me own heart, lady." he looks QUITE innocent. Yes, he enjoys picking on people, it means he likes you! He shakes his head at Rio, "You’ve had them ribs seen too, yes? Ooooh, shots." He's easily distracted, perhaps ADHD even.

T'lon looks at his empty beer. Thinks about shots, knowing he shouldn't but well, one beer down and he's already filling the effects, lightweight that he is. "Sure, bring on the shots." He exclaims. "You know, I wouldn't be surprised if mother heard dragons and just didn't tell us." he murmurs and then he nods to Yulise "Well, so you'ld let them in if you knew them?"

"I am super shardin' polite." Yulise agrees enthusiastically. "It is one of my many ladylike virtues." She pours herself another very full beer. That pitcher has got to be pretty empty by now. "Yes, shots please! The pitcher is tapped." Then she looks to T'lon. "Well, of course. That'd only be polite. Or, y'know, if they were just cute. That'd be polite too." Does that actually make sense?

Riohra returns with a new pitcher as well as around of shots. The shots are a mix of some kind of cream liquor and clear one, he passes them out to each of group and grins happily saying "Bottoms up" He shoots it in one go and then waits to collect the glasses.

Shanatea chuckles a little, shuffling his feet a tad. That thought actually makes the twins nervous, well, lookie there. Mother must be terrifying or something. He just grin at his brother, amused by Yulise just a teensy bit. " Well, guess its a good thing we're not strange men, we're perfectly normal. You'd let us in, right?" he asks, pretending to be all cute and innocent. He's cute, all right… innocent? nah. BUTTERY NIPPLE! And he downs it in a simple toss of his head. Mmmmmm. Melty.

Bottoms up? T'lom eyes the shot a moment. This is drinkable? A glance for Tea and watches and then he's nodding to Yulise "Yeah, that would be the polite thing to do." He murmurs in quiet agreement and then he tosses back the shot back and his eyes widen a little and he lets out a long breath.

Yulise beams at Riohra when he returns with the shots. "Now you know how to treat a polite lady." She then performs the 'impressive' bar trick of downing her shot all at once without using her hands, just wrapping her lips around it and throwing her head back. "Woo!" She calls out, triumphant. Liquor coursing through her, she gives Shanatea and T'lon a wicked sort of grin. "Ooh. Both of you? I don't usually let two men in my tent at once, but there's a first time for everything." Cue eyelash flutter. The magic of alcohol!

Riohra grins and collects the empties and says to Yulise "that is because I am not really a good person I just hate drinking alone" He winks and then goes back to the bar for another round of shots. Yup he is an enabler tonight and doesn't seem to mind at all, and neither does the bartender it seems.

Shanatea grins happily, licking his lips. "Love them nipples." he comments, eyeing Rio with appreciation. "Please, Rio, enable me. Them's tasty." he calls out, plopping his fine rear onto a bar stool with a cute grin headed towards his brother. Yes, let the alchies flow. You'll see the softer side of Sears.

T'lon looks at the empty glass and then his hands as it disappears. And then it clicks. Both of them? With one girl? Blink. Blink. Oh. "Really?" he aska Yulise surprise in his voice and eyes and then he's looking at Tea. He gives himself a shake. "I think I need another drink." Oh wait, look at that. More booze. "But what about Rio?"

Yulise blinks, looking mildly alarmed at Shanatea's remark. She looks down at her dress, fussing with it a bit. Then it dawns on her. "Oh. The drink. Right." More shots! She at least drinks this one in somewhat saner fashion. "I dunno. My tent would probably be pretty cramped with both of you… you'd both be very, very close to me." Yeah, Yulise, we get it. The flirting is getting much less subtle with every drink.

Riohra returns with a double round of shots this time in time for T'lon to inquire about him as he says "Oh don't look at me, I am on a strict sleep by my self policy" lifting up his shirt to show his bandaged rib cage. Then winking at Shanatea, he says to Yulise "Well we have rooms you can use that would accommodate extra people" he takes one of the shots but leaves the rest out for the others.

Shanatea shrugs, "Rio can come play in the tent too, I'm sure. Yulise seems like a very kind, sweet lady." he offers with a innocent wink to the group. He pauses a second, "We might need a bigger tent though." He comments, rather indelicately. "Especially if the party lasts all night." Yes, Shan, you're so delicate and suggestive. Although even though the innuendo, he is honetly talking about drinking. Wink, wink at Rio. "See! As he says, bigger rooms, more people, longer party….."

Yay, something to put in his mouth so he doesn't need to say anythink. Tears appear in his eyes as he downs it. He blinks at Rio. Oh look. Words are coming out. "You need your ribs to let a lady engage in a little… in a little." Blink. He frowns a moment "To drink!" Okay. That made no sense at all. "Umm, yeah, bigger is better. Litral seemed to think that. So big room is good."

Yulise smiles tipsily at Riohra's practical suggestion of an actual room. "Oh, that'd be lovely! And so much warmer. You're so helpful, R… Roh." That's as much of the name as she currently recalls. "A big warm room would be very nice." She blinks, then feigns wide-eyed worry as she looks back to the twins. "Oooh… but I didn't think to bring pajamas with me. If we went to a room, I'd have to sleep naked. Wouldn't that offend you guys?" Yes, Yulise, we get it. Very subtle. More shots! One shot, two shot, red shot, blue shot. Wait, why were they red and blue? Nevermind.

Riohra grins and repeats same process this time coming back with clear shots, saying "ok kids this one is strong so after that it is just beer. I dont need you all passing out" he looks pointedly at T'lon. And for all this drinking Riohra still seems as sober as he was when they arrived.

Shanatea almost falls off his chair. "Oi. Pickles, not again…" he groans, but is grinning far to big for a real groan. But he grins wolfishly at his twin, then Yulise. "Awwww, thats all right. US too, no pajama party!" Because who travels with pajamas. Towel, sure. Pajamas? No. Hey, Shan will drink a red shot and a blue shot. Just offer them up to him as sacrifice. Shana is only tipsy, he has a better tolerance than his twin, and so down the hatch the shot goes. Its much prettier to see Yulise take her shot than Shana, with the hands and the male boyness.

Oh look, there's another. Down it goes. He blinks a little and shakes his head some. Which cause T'lon's eyes to widen. "Oh, bad move. Yeah, no pj's are fine. You're too hot for them." Pause "I mean it's to hot for them." Yeah. No tolerance. None at all. "Is it hot in here?" he fans his face a little "I think I need something alittle more refreshing.

"It's okay. I can hold my booze." Yulise's claim would be much more believable if not for her increasingly obvious slurring. Still, down goes the shot, and she's still more or less upright. That's a victory, isn't it? The answers her incredibly unsubtle suggestiveness receives earn more wicked smiling from her. "Yaaay! You're right. Too hot. Or something." Yes, she's following all of this. "Drinks over. Soo… we go where?"

Shanatea just shakes his head and then turns around at a beconing shoult "Ooh, boys and girls. Thats my ride. Un-PJ party raincheck Tealie, Rio, Yulise?" he grins innocently and nudges his brother in farewell. "Rio, take care of him. Little puddin' pop can't do it after that much liquor. And with that, hes OUT!

Riohra grins and collects the empties and then says two the two "This way you too, I will show you to the guest rooms, or would you both just like to use one of the ground weyrs"

"Are there stairs involved? I don't think I can do stairs. Ground is good. Sau likes the idea." He looks at Yulise "You don't mind sleeping with a dragon do you?" He blinks and frowns "That sounded worse than I thought."

"Yay rooms!" Yulise almost shouts as she hops to her feet, wobbling a little. When T'lon makes his question she blinks, wide-eyed, and takes an unsubtle glance at his crotch. "… Is that another euphemism? Such bragging." What? She follows along to the room, but ultimately will prove too intoxicated to follow through on any of her suggestiveness, instead flopping on the nearest bed and promptly passing out.

After showing Yulise to her room, Riohra walks the very drunken T’lon off to the guest weyr to sleep it off. Making sure the young man and his dragon are settled he heads back to the bar to play another round of darts before making the trip to his own room. He checks to make sure Yulise’s room is locked for peace of mind before he too drifts off to slumber.

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