Fort Weyr - Center Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

Fair skies sign over head, while light breezes playfully dance through the bowl leaving mini dust devils swirling in the wake. It's moving on into the early evening, and though Skyler had been released from lessons hours earlier, the young boy had been no where to be seen. No, moving on towards the dinner hour, Skyler emerges from the caverns with a leather bag piled full of food, mainly meat rolls, and pork buns and the like. Easy to carry, easy to stuff in the mouth. Even if his hands are quite dirty. In fact all of him is quite dirty and dusty and bits of spinner webs can be seen clogging his hair and clothes. But he seems to not even be aware of it. No, he's the look of a boy who's in love. He even gives little sighs here and there and is just smiling all goofy like.

If one were to try to describe the look on Cyrus's face it would be torn between a bit of anxiety and anger. Any given moment he's likely to vascilate between those two points. He had finished his chores for the day as well. Maintanance work. Not the kind of thing he remotely enjoys and what he enjoys even less is the situation with the other candidates. He is out and about just wandering, as he does when he is peeved. Amy was able to talk him down a bit earlier but that was earlier this is now. When he spots Skyler he is pleased to see he looks well enough. He gives a wave of his hand, "What have you been doing?" he asks. He's seen that look on his face before.

Skyler blinks a moment and looks around in a bit of confusion and then he grins as he see's Cyrus "Hi!" he calls out brightly, before taking another bite out of a bun. He chews a bit and swallows. "Umm, what was I doing? Nothing? Well nothing much. Just exploring and things." he says and then looks around a little. "There's lots of places to get lost around here. I hadn't realized. It's so big and so many rooms and tunnels and everything." he says and then tips his head to the side a little "What about you? You okay?"

"I've been better. Been worse too…" Twas the best of times, it was the wost of times. It was the age of wisdom it was the age of incredulity…."You did hear about what happened right?" he asks. The kid may very well be completely out of the loop. Its not like communication is always the best around here, but Cyrus supposes he would have at least heard something.

We have everything before us! "Umm, which time?" Skyler asks after a moment "So many things have been happening lately it seems. Did you know that there's a litter of pups down in the tunnels? Near got my hand bit off though." he murmurs as he looks at his fingers a moment to make sure they are still there, and oh look, missed bit of pork. Which of course he licks off. "Or maybe umm, well I did hear about a couple of people getting into a fight and all. Something about someone's sister and hmm. Lets see, someone messed up the laundry. There's a bunch of pink things…" he trails off a moment, his eyes going wide. "Your undies didn't get dyed pink did they?"

It is true there have been a great many changes and events that show no sign of slowing down, "I'm talking about the camping trip where most of the candidates got beat up by renegades." Cyrus says. That should make it a bit more specific, "And no I didn't know there was a litter of pups in the tunnels though I can't say its surprises me…and I hadn't heard of any fights or sister stuff. And thankfully no….my laundry is just fine thankyouverymuch." he replies quickly.

Skyler looks away from Cyrus at the mention of the renegades and doesn't say anything for a moment. In fact that bright and cheerful look just went and disappeared even. Actually, he doesn't say anything at all about the renegades. Seeming to deliberately not have heard that bit "Well, I'm glad your laundry is great." he says, still looking away. "It was a pretty neat litter of pups too. I kinda miss havin' a canine around. Forgot how much I missed my Da's girl." he murmurs. Course, this all is said in a bit of a monotone now and he then trails off and goes silent again.

Cyrus isn't really going to surgarcoat anything for the kid. If he wants to be a rider its time to deal with reality as it is and not as you would like it to be, "I'm sorry to have to tell you this. I would have thought they would have found a way to let you know. Everyone is least thats what they tell me." Not that Cyrus believes blindly every word that comes from anyone these days, "Thats why we all have to be careful and not do anything stupid. Its a dangerous world out there." He does soften just a touch though, "You probably could get a canine if you wanted."

Turning back to look at Cyrus, Skyler's eyes narrow in a glare. His free hand clinches up into a fist. "Not do anything stupid?!" he yells at Cyrus. His breath is a bit ragged and he's certainly in a temper. "Maybe the whole thing is stupid! Why even take us out there anyways? Someone could have died!" he practicaly screams it out. "It's dangerous yes! I mean.. I mean.. there was that dead lady and all! But no! It's safe no, perfectly fine. They even took Kyzen!" Okay, so he's a little worked up. He turns away from Cyrus "Leave me alone." he says in a low tone.

Cyrus nods his head in agreement as he throws his bit of temper. Cyrus had a bit of a shout earlier today too, "Now you see my point. I agree with you competely. Someone could have died. Anyone could have." Thats just the point. And the absolute stupidity of his friends didn't help much, "Thats part of the reason why I think you should reconsider. You have your whole life ahead of you." When he turns away Cyrus just shrugs, "Fine. Enjoy the rest of your day." he says as he begins to move off toward the living cavern. Bound to be some food in there and he is hungry.

Skyler turns around to stare at Cyrus. Well, now Cyrus's back as he walks off. He takes in several deep breaths and his lips purse together. "I'm not quitting! I'm not scared!" Okay, well maybe he is a little bit. But he sure isn't admitting anything now. "I hate you! I hate you!" he screams "I'm so tired of you telling me I'm no better than a baby!" And with that he lobs the half-eaten pork bun at Cyrus. Without even waiting to see if it hits or not, he turns, wiping his eyes with an arm and runs off. "I'll show him…"

Cyrus just continues walking even as Skyler releases his anger. This isn't a new situation for Cyrus and likely won't be the last time someone utters those words to him. As the pork bun bounces off of his back he just keeps walking. No sense in turning around now. The kid is gonna do what the kid is gonna do and there are other matters to attend to. He just raises a hand and gives a little wave and is off like a shot into the living caverns.