They were all back in the Weyr. Safe? Well, one would hope to be with all the stone walls around them. Skyler looks up towards the rim of the Weyr after getting off of the dragon that transported them home. Home? He looks around the bowl, at the people that are up, even at this hour. Still. He guesses that in many ways it is now home. He headed for the barracks and his bed. A place where he can just curl up. They didn't know he'd heard them talking. They had thought he'd still been asleep. Renegades. Injuries. Laying there in bed, he thought about those that may have been seriously hurt. Maybe even killed.

Morning dawned early, and with that the lessons he was to attend as soon as they got back from the trip. Likely they would have let him off, because of what happened and the lateness of the hour in getting back, still he figured it best to just go. It dragged on, most of the stuff they were going over he'd already knew about, and so he spent more time lost in thought. With only a mild reprimand to pay attention, Skyler tried to, but it just wasn't working as well as he'd hoped to keep his mind occupied.

As soon as they were released he high tailed it off and headed for the Weyr. He hadn't really been too far down them as of yet, but this time he went off further than he'd gone before. Past the lower caverns. He took a few glows, just in case. But aside from that, he didn't take anything else with him.

He took his time heading down the tunnel and just looking it over, noting the glows and even electric lights. He marvels at the beams holding up the stone and misses the side tunnels as he heads deeper down. Then he's marveling even more at the sheer size of the cavern that the tunnel opens up onto. Noting all the lights, he sets his own glow basket near the others and then looks up. He gives a little sound of awe as the ceiling is no where to be seen in all the darkness. "I wonder how high it goes." He muses to himself and then glances around the place. Noting the furniture and some of the people utilizing it. No one seems to be paying him any mind as they are busy pursuing their own interests.

He takes a look at the plaques that guide the way to other rooms and then other's with no identification. Glancing around as he heads to one door, to see if anyone is of a mind to stop him, he heads in and then stares into the room. He can't help but grin at the sheer enormity of the place and all the pillows. There's a quick look around and then he's off to get the glows again, just in case and soon he's back in the room. With the door shut. There's a bit of sneezing and coughing as he decides to flounce onto some of the pillows, knocking up quite a bit dust into the air. He laughs as he lays there, the events of the previous night momentarily forgotten.

He gets back up and looks around in wonder. "Why would any even need to keep so many things that aren't being used?" He starts poking around a little, examining some of the rolled up rugs, blankets and then more pillows and just enjoy the sheer quiet of the room. He flops down again, and lays there for several minutes, but soon he's back up again and dusting himself off. After all, there's more places to explore. Right?

Leaving the room, he sorta wonders down one cavern and finds himself in the dance hall. There's a look of bemusement on his face as he looks at the floor. "Huh." Course, having grown up where the dancing has usually taken place outside, the inside floor seems kinda of neat. He glances towards the stage but soon he's heading back out again. Certainly there has to be something more interesting.

This time he decides to head through the archway and finds himself in a storeroom. He peeks into a couple of boxes, nothing the glass and decides maybe now isn't the right time to be going through things. Might break something. So out he goes again. He's not sure what he's really expecting to find, but now he's starting to wonder if maybe this was such a good idea.

He's pondering checking out one more place and then heading back, it is getting later and all. But as he hits the computer lab his curiosity gets the better of him and he's looking around. Here, the room isn't empty and there are some people on the computers. He quietly walks over towards one, and peers at the screen and then gives a bit of a start as the man who's on it addresses him with a grin.

Feeling almost shy, Skyler politely answers his inquiries about what he's doing and then shakes his head when asked if he wants to use the computer. He has no idea really on using on. His parents never invested in one after all. But, detecting the light of curiosity, the techcrafter started showing Skyler how to use it and how to access information and left him to his own devices for a little while.

One thing led to another and Skyler was looking of flying vehicles. Schematics of the sleds that the ancients had used among other things. Then he stumbled upon something even more fascinating. A hang glider. It was a giant wing. He then started looking up more about it. His brow wrinkling as he accessed the history of the glider and the inherent dangers. Still, anything could be dangerous. Even eating. Hadn't Maloric near choked to death from inhaling his foods?

The techcrafter came back over about that point to check on how Skyler was doing and grinned at information on the screen. "I know someone in Landing who's been working with those." he says offhandedly. Skyler's heart nearly jumps into his throat and he's turning in his seat. "Really?" he asks in as disinterested voice as possible. After all, this guy could end up being a negative Nancy like Cyrus.

"Yeah, he's been working on some design changes. Hurt himself some turns back and broke his leg when it took a dive and didn't pull back up in time." He shakes his head. "Beats me though why anyone would want to try something like that. I like my own two feet on the ground, thank you very much." With that said he heads back around, checking on things.

Skyler looks thoughtfully at the schematics. "Broke a leg." he hmms "But he's still willing to try. It must be amazing." he murmurs to himself. He sets there for a few more minutes, looking things over and then he logs off as he was shown and heads out. "Thank you!" he calls back and is given an absent wave as the techcrafter helps someone troubleshoot some problem. He makes sure to grab up his glow basket that he'd set down.

He heads back up the tunnel and then decides he really doesn't want to go back just yet. Though he's no idea on how late it's getting. He pauses and looks around and notices another tunnel and then heads on down it on a whim. Who cares if it's dark, he has the glows after all.

The tunnel is a bit more twisty than he expected, but he doesn't let that stop him and continues on for some time. He's careful though as he watches his step and then he frowns as he hears something. He shines the light around a little and moves forward and that's when he sees her. An almost ugly looking canine with a half torn ear, nursing a litter of pups. He gets a grin on his face and starts her way. She's watching him carefully, but continues to lay there as the pups make little squeaking noises as they feed. He reaches forward to maybe pet her and she starts to growl. "Easy girl, it's okay." he says quietly and reaches a little closer and then she snaps, lunging forward a little and he yanks his hand back and falls over backwards. Luckily, she doesn't chase. He holds his hand and looks for injury, but he's only just scraped it in his fall.

Letting out a sigh of relief he backs up a little and then notices the crawl space. Curious. He shifts and turns to crawl through. Making sure to bring the glows with. As he stands up he finds a doorway and carefully opens it up. What he finds has his eyes widening and a grin splitting across his face. It's a sled! He hurries over, unmindful of first of everything else in the room. Nope. His eyes are on the sled. Upon closer inspection, he finds that it's in poor shape, but that still doesn't dim the discovery of it.

Carefully he begins moving some of the dust and rock away to get a better look at things. There's a wide grin on his face and his eyes are shining. Oh yeah, he's in love. He walks around it as best as he can, nothing parts missing and other parts that just don't match. Still "Oh, she's a beauty." he murmurs and then begins investigating the seat. Curious, he finds a compartment and then gives a soft sigh as he finds a tool box. "Sweet!" he exclaims and peeks through it and finds a rusty key. "Huh, I wonder." he checks it out with the sled but it doesn't seem to go and then just shrugs as he pockets it absently. Nope, his minds on other things now as he settles into the seat.

"Oh, yeah." he grins as he settles himself him. So what if he's a little short to properly see over. Nope, he doesn't even pay that any mind. Who needs to see over when the imagination paints a better picture than a room that has seen better days. Who knows how long he's there. He certainly hasn't kept track of time, especially with nothing to keep time with. Nope. After some time his stomach tells him that it's been some time since he's eaten.

With a bit of reluctance, but the stomach will not be denied, he climbs on out, heads out the door and then crawls back through the space. He sets a few bits of the rock in a small pattern so he can recognize it again. Noting that canine has moved on somewhere else with her litter, he then heads back up to the main caverns and to see about getting some food. He's definitely in a much better mood than he was when he first started to explore.