Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Naturally, the fallout from the incident in the woods has been unpleasant. The Candidates involved aren't being allowed much down time, to say the least, but this is one of them. Brennan is in the midst of a late lunch; he doesn't have much time, and there's a rider keeping an eye on him nearby. The hunter glances at his 'guard' and gives a soft snort. As if he'd run off. Sure, he's steamed about not being able to leave the Weyr now, but he's still sore enough to not be thinking of sneaking away. His ribs are aching, his scraped up arm is still tender, his leg muscles still have a lingering burn. All he wants to do right now is take the time he's been given to eat and sit, stretching it out as much as he can until it's back to work.

Time to do nothing but satiate hunger is…nice. Brennan isn't the only one recovering, after all. Ravyal has a bandage on his cheek still, and there's enough stiffness in how he moves his arm to suggest he's probably still quite sore. But he still manages to put some food together, carrying it back again toward the tables. Seeing Brennan, he moves to sit down with the other candidate, offering a faint smile to him. Comrade in arms! Or…in soreness. Whatever. "Hey…um… You doing okay?"

Even for those not involved in the 'rule breaking' the fallout has been unpleasant. The rule of not leaving the weyr extends to all, not just those who wandered off. Cyrus had heard earlier in the day that everyone was more or less ok, which pleased him…but he won't really believe it with his own eyes until he visually sees all of his compatriots. Amy has been accounted for, Skyler, Hazelon, but none of the others so far. After getting done with his chores, maintenance today (yay), he has been out and about. After his chat with Skyler he wandered into the living cavern and has been here ever since. When he spots Brennan and Rav on the other side of the cavern he gets up from where he was sitting and makes his way slowly across the cavern toward him. Man on a mission. He takes a seat nearby, "So…late night for all of us huh?" he asks, then he gets to ask the question that he has been wanting to ask all day, "Is Therynn ok?" If anyone would know it would be Brennan.

Brennan glances up from his food at the sound of Ravyal's voice, offering a faint smile and shoving out the chair to his right with his foot for the younger Candidate to sit in. "Yeah, 'm fine," he replies, shifting his shoulders a bit as he spots Cyrus getting up across the room. "Just sore. Looks like the same for you, eh? How's the face 'n' arm?" Cyrus gets a nod of greeting, and snort for his first question. "Just one of many, now," he observes dryly. The question about Therynn brings a thoughtful look from the hunter, finally followed by a slow nod. "Yeah. Banged up a bit like the rest of us, but she's alright. She, ah…" A hand scrubs slowly down his face, lingering to scratch across the stubble on his chin. "She knifed one of 'em. Ended 'im. Been wantin' to talk to 'er since then, but y'know. Bein' kept busy." Blue gaze darkens slightly and drops to his food, but he doesn't touch it again just yet. "One thing doin' it on the hunt, but it's another doin' it to a person," he says, his tone somewhat subdued.

Ravyal nods slowly once he settles down, and rubs at his sore shoulder. "Yeah… Things…hurt and all, but it'll go away." There's a small sniff given at that, before he finally starts to pick at his food. There's a definite amount of hunger there, although that slows again when Cyrus approaches the table, and moreso at the mention of the knifing. He's not terribly happy about the memory of his own bit of stabbing, even if it only was in some guy's arm. He tilts his head just a little to look at the other candidates though, glancing back and forth between them. "I'm glad she's okay though…"

Cyrus 's face shows a certain conflict in his emotional state. The first being that he is pleased that Therynn is ok, but obviously less so at the thought of her having to kill a person, "She's very gentle…this isn't good." he says with a sigh, "I'll have to see if I can find her and let her know that I'm here for her." He looks between the two other men and gives a little shake of his head, "You probably have heard this a million times by now…but what you did was stupid and dangerous. You both could have died." Then he makes sure to give Brennan a particular look, "She could have died." he huffs a bit and looks away from both of them off into the cavern, "When I get ahold of Sairon…."

Brennan reaches out and gives Ravyal a light clap on the shoulder, his expression apologetic. Of all those out there that night, he'd worried for Ravyal the most, not knowing what the weaver had or hadn't endured before. Stabbing someone, even without it ending in death, would have an effect on most. Cyrus' initial comment about Therynn draws a snatch of a quiet chuckle. "Don't let her hear ya say that," he says just before taking a drink. The next bit, though, has him narrowing his eyes at the Healer. "An' y' know who would've died if we hadn't been out there? Hazelon. Then it'd be, 'why weren't y' lookin' out for y're fellow Candidate?' I know shardin' well Rynn coulda died, an' mayhap that was partly why I followed - to look out after she 'n' Rav left to follow the idiot who shouldn'ta been wanderin' in the first place. Don't y' try lecturin' me, Cyrus. Try it on Hazelon; see if it works."

Ravyal wobbles a bit under the clap of Brennan's hand, throwing a sheepish look at him. But unfortunately there is lecturing occurring. At least it takes his mind off other parts of the evening's adventures. The parts with knives and stabbiness. The teenager reaches for his food again to start eating at least, brows furrowing together. "What do you want Sairon for? It's not like he's more to blame. Brennan…he's right. If Hazelon was alone then he'd have gotten…killed." Or possibly escaped without being seen. Minor detail! There's a small frown at least, and the former weaver tries to sit up just a bit straighter. "None of us should've been out there, I know that. But…he was going alone…" Into the darkness of the woods! Where no one should tread!

Anique strolls into the caverns with a determined step towards the klah pot. Once a mug is obtain she wanders near where the candidates are grouped up, listening to the conversation curiously.

Cyrus is something of a pragmatist when it comes to people so his reply to both Ravyal and Bren consists of this, "I admire that you gave thought to Hazelon. I do. And I did try to have some interaction with him this morning, but had to cut it off quickly so I could go have a bit of a shout." Apparently that conversation didn't end sucessfully, "But lets all be realistic here. Given Hazelon's behavior…even now after all this…do any of us sincerely think that he isn't going to do something like this again? Maybe he can't be saved…" If its one thing Cyrus has a had time with its admitting that someone can't or won't be saved…but that doesn't make it any less true, "I'm not trying to lecture you Brennan. Trust me. My lectures are much longer…" As for Rav's comment about Sairon, "I get that Rav, but Sairon should have known enough to drag you all back or get help. At any time anyone of you could have gone to the guards. Then it would have been all of you from the start and things might have gone better for everyone."

Brennan gives Ravyal a nod for his points about Sairon, then snaps his gaze back to Cyrus. "No, we couldn't have 'any time,'" he counters, setting down his fork with a pointed click on his plate and sitting back, folding his arms as he continues nearly glaring at Cyrus. "We were surrounded, Cyrus. Any move to get help woulda had them movin' on us." The greenrider listening nearby isn't noticed for the moment as the hunter continues. "Mayhap Hazelon can't be reasoned with, true enough. Doesn't change what they're tryin' to teach us about lookin' out for each other though, eh? I don't like a lot of what they've got us doin', but that's one thing I can get behind. No one looks out for ya when y're wanderin' alone." Like he has for most of his life. "But when someone decides to, it sure comes in handy. Maybe Hazelon won't ever buy it. Doesn't mean we oughta stop lookin' out for 'im, or anyone else in the Barracks."

Anique perches on the edge of a table as she listens to the talking of the trip. "I heard ya'll ran into a bit of trouble out there." she joins in, uninvited, to the conversation. The green rider is clearly no stranger to knives judging from the two knives at her belt. "Ya sound like you be judging there, Cyrus, without being there to know what all happened, eh?" she ventures a guess.

Ravyal sighs just a little bit, shaking his head. "Maybe I should have…woken someone else up, but I just…" Didn't want to make Hazelon mad? Well that might have been a large part of it! "He was going to go either way, I think… We're all okay…so just…maybe that's enough. Isn't it?" He jumps a little bit when Anique is suddenly speaking up, quickly looking her way. "A…a little…yes…"

Cyrus offers Anique a salute, since that's apparently what he does now, not having forgotten Nyalle's lessons, "With respect…what more do I need to know that some of my friends got up in the middle of the night, went as a group into the forest, and nearly got themeslves killed." That's what has got him so angry in the end. He looks back to Rav and Bren, "I actually, believe it or not, care about you guys. And I don't want to see anything bad happen to any of you. And if I come across as crabby or judgmental then so be it if it keeps you guys alive and here. I never had any friends when I was growing up…and until I came here I've only ever had one friend." He stops there. Not an individual that emotionally gushes but there it is.

Brennan also sketches a salute up at Anique before returning his attention to Cyrus, and the slightly older Candidate's words at least get him to stop glaring. There's still a stern set to the hunter's face, however. He eventually gives a small nod. "I reckon we'd have done the same sorta thing for you, Cy," he says, his tone a bit gentler. "I hate to say, though, that if anythin' keeps us alive, it isn' gonna be your judgin'. It isn' gonna change us. But," he says, picking up his fork again, "mayhap knowin' y' do care might be somethin' we'll keep in mind a little better now." And that's as much of an apology as Brennan will utter on the matter, though there's no denying the entire situation was rather stupid no matter what angle it's viewed from. He looks at Ravyal with a little sideways smile. "Yeah. We're okay. Best to focus on that for now."

Anique seems amused more than anything for Cyrus' salute. "Salutes already eh?" but she does return it though likely it's out of habit once she gets the salute directed to her. Then another one follows so she just assumes her first salute will cover them all. To Cyrus she merely shrugs. "Heard that myself - that a group went out for some 'fresh air'. However ya still can't be sitting here yelling at them can ya?" she questions seriously. "Friends express concern without being all angry at them eh? Be grateful everyone came back alive is my advice." she says solemnly. "So other than that, how did everything go out there?"

Saluting? Oh right, they do that! Ravyal seems to remember that part a bit..late, bringing his hand up quickly for it after the other two candidates get done. There's a curious look at Cyrus for a moment though, before the former weaver smiles just a little at him. "Thank you, though. You know, for caring and all.. and everything." He winces though at the question about how things /went/, and the teen scoots out of his chair. His food is gone anyway. "About…about as well as can be expected…from the woods." It was dirty and damp. And woodsy. "I really should…um…get back to work. I'll…I'll tell Sairon you're looking for him…" So he can hide. But the candidate hurries himself right on out of the living caverns at that point. Escape!

Cyrus isn't going to stop being Cyrus-ey because he aquired a few friends, but for the moment he will keep his mouth shut. He sits back in his chair. to listen to what the others have to say. Though when Rav leaves he gives him a nod, "You do that…" he responds. Yep. Sairon is likely to get a bit more than the standard speech. Its not like he can't handle it Sarion and Cyrus fight about everything anyway and usually make up fairly quickly afterward, "Have a good night Rav."

"See ya later, Rav," Brennan calls after the younger Candidate, and then he looks up at Anique with a smirk. "Though we were supposed to be salutin' any and all riders," he says before forking some more food into his mouth. That Cyrus is still intent on speaking to Sairon earns a slight eyeroll. "So y' lecture outta care, is that it? Surprised we all haven't started callin' ya 'dad'," he comments, though there's definite amusement to his tone.

Anique nods. "Aye, salutes now and salutes later should you become weyrlings." she says as the conversation seems to have dwindled a bit. Fearing she's the one putting the brakes on it since she's the non candidate here she eventually wanders away and out the caverns.

Cyrus gives a wave to Anique as she wanders off before turning his full attention back to Brennan, "I do lecture because I care. Though like I said…this isn't a lecture. You won't ever have to guess if you are on the receiving end of one of mine. If I didn't care I wouldn't say anything." he responds. Though the dad comment does catch his attention a bit. He does feel more protective over some of the candidates than he'd care to admit, "I'm not interested in being anyone's dad," he affirms…protector…friend…perhaps but not dad.

Brennan is a little perplexed by Anique's departure, but he waves after her anyway. "Have a good evenin', greenrider," he says, and then he chuckles a little at Cyrus. "Gonna sound like a lecture to anyone not used to it," he points out, "though I'll take your word for it, you havin' all that Healer business up in that head o' yours. An' it's a good thing y're not interested, because we're not interested in you bein' anything close. Well, I'm not anyhow; 'm not that far off ya in Turns. The younger ones, though…" He trails off a little, thoughtful. "Almost feel like they might be needin' someone to look out for 'em, y'know? Brother-like, maybe. Like Rav there." It's a feeling he can't rightly explain, but it's there.

Cyrus can really sympathize with that thought that he is having, "Yeah. Rav and Skyler both. Honestly Skyler is too young to know what he is getting into." That really worries him and perhaps he's been a bit hard on the boy, but he has serious doubts, "Not that I don't think we aren't too young to know what we are getting into as well. Every day I ask myself why I'm still here. It would be so simple to drop the knot off and run back to the Hall where at least I know what is coming. Here…I have no clue. And that frightens me."

"You an' me both," Brennan snorts, taking a swig of his water. "Nothin' wrong with fear. Can't have courage without it. So good on ya for not runnin' back." There's a moment of silence in which Brennan goes thoughtful, and then he murmurs, "I think the not knowin' what exactly we're gettin' into is just part of how this all works. They're preparin' us for what might happen, eh? No amount of readin' or guessin' or hearin' it from other riders or former Candidates can really give us what we need to be ready for Standin' out there, or what comes after." Whatever that may be. Shrugging again, Brennan takes another drink. "Got a robe ready for the Hatchin' yet?"

Cyrus leans forward just a bit and taps on the table, "You see…thats the thing. Everyone talks about how absolutely wonderful it is to be a rider, and what a great honor it is and all that drek, but if you look around this place…really look. Do these people seem happier than people elsewhere? Not really. They don't seem to be remarkably happier than the people back home, or at the hall. And what have they really told us about anything? Nothing. They are asking us to give our lives away just because a giant lizard said 'They're cool.' I mean seriously…how stupid does all this seem?" Yeah. Cyrus has many doubts, and candidacy hasn't removed a single one, "What robe?" he asks.

Brennan shrugs. "S'pose riders can be just as content doin' what they do as I can be huntin' or you can be healin'. So I reckon there's gotta be more to it than just a 'giant lizard' claimin' a person." Brennan still has a good amount of dragon awe going on, but has given up on trying to convince Cyrus it's warranted by now. "I wouldn't say it's more stupid than a lot of other gas 'n' ash blowin' around in the world. Everything comes with the good 'n' the bad, eh?" When Cyrus seems to be baffled by the robe question, Brennan blinks. "Said we'd be gettin' one from the stores, didn' they? Figured they might be lettin' the lot o' you who weren't out there with us get first crack at 'em."

Cyrus is not really in awe of dragons or anything about them really, he mostly saves that for other people, "I didn't say it was any more stupid than anything else…just that it seems so very pointless sometimes. But the thing that really bothers me is that no one is really telling us anything. They aren't giving us any information to really base our thought process on is all." As for his concern about the robes, "Seriously….they have a dress code too. Fine. I guess I'll have to go to the store and pick one up."

Therynn is in dire recovery mode right now, doing the best she can to heal her aches, bruises and mental anguish while also avoiding Th'ero, Kimmila, D'ani and Nyalle for the time being. She knows this won't blow over, such a serious event occurring due to Candidate wanderings.. someone could've died. Well, someone from Fort that is. The young huntress is still hobbly, a black eye from head knocking against rennie-skull whilst being bashed against a tree, left sided muscles flaccid from being pinned beneath a deadweight and ribs aching with every inhalation from bruised intercostals. Held in the infirmary over night, she's finally been released with strict guidelines to follow for a full recovery before the impending hatching. Hobbling in to the living caverns, she's here for food, water and juice, grabbing the items with slow, painful movements before scanning to see who might be around.

"What exactly do y'think they oughta tell us?" Brennan asks, one brow hiking. "What comes if we Impress? I think just lookin' around oughta give us a good sense o' things." It's then that he spots Therynn coming in, and he rises, wincing a little in his own soreness but quickly forgetting it in order to move over to help her. He's in far better shape than she is. "Hey," he says, coming up alongside her and extending a hand in silent offer to help carry something. "Come on over here. 's just me 'n' Cy."

"I think they should tell us why its worth it. And not the fake line that everyone else gives. I want to know why…and I want to know that if they had the chance if they would do it again, since the true measure of any choice is if you'd make the same one a second time." he says to Brennan, though when the other man rises up Cyrus looks around and spots Therynn. Immediately his heart goes out to her and he too gets up and moves to her other side to be there should she need, "Therynn are you alright?" he asks. Obviously the answer is no, but you still have to ask.

Therynn is relieved to finally see Brennan back in the Weyr proper, and a warm smile is extended to both he and Cyrus when spotted, hands a little shaky as they clutch the sides of her tray. "That'd be amazing…" she says to Brennan and Cyrus as head motions towards trembling juice and water. "N'thanks…glad you're alright. Y'seen Th'ero or Kimm yet?" the tone in her voice feeble with fear of the ramifications for their actions. She's relieved to hear it's just the two of them, following the gents towards their table. "Hi Cy… thanks for asking hun. I'll be alright, just a little bruised is all. How're you?" She says it's ok, but as a mind healer Cyrus can probably tell there's some unexpressed sentiments behind those eyes. A lot has been seen by those hazel orbits, experiences that cannot be undone or unseen.

Brennan gives Cyrus a quick glance - almost warning, but he blinks it away and busies himself with taking both Therynn's juice and water. No need for jealousy! It's a very brief spike of something entirely unfamiliar that he's never dealt with before, but he knows what to name it, and hopes he does well enough to hide it from the Healer. He's just a friend, after all! "Haven't yet," Brennan replies, "though I'm in good enough shape I've been at it all day. Not much time to see much of anyone, 'cept for now." He watches the huntress carefully as they reach the table. He may not be the mindhealer Cyrus is, but he did think it wouldn't be easy on her mind… He sets the drinks down on the table and then - carefully, so as not to aggravate any of her injuries - pulls Therynn into an embrace, wrapping his arms around her and just holding her there for a long moment. He's silent for the time being; a lot is conveyed through that act, both offered and freely given.

Cyrus catches the glance just for a moment and blinks back, Brennan can't possibly think that he is /interested/ in Therynn can he? He knows that look well…he's given it out before himself. Now isn't the time to assure him that there is no need to worry, but he will find a time at some point to explain it all to him. Maybe he can be subtle and find a way to convey that, "I'm alright." he says to her. Obviously he isn't convinced she is doing as well as she says she is. He walks along and sits back down and when the pair of them embrace he just smiles. He'd figured something like this was the case.

Therynn doesn't even recognize what the warning glance from Brennan is, though she sees a flicker in his blue eyes she's never seen before, having no clue what to name it yet. Cyrus is definitely just a friend, a good one by Rynn standards, but she doesn't understand the necessity of ever having to convey such a thing to someone like Brennan who's become much more. "I appreciate it….really…" she says regarding their help. A quick, totally harmless, Candidate rated peck is placed on the hunter's cheek once they are settled and during their delicate embrace. She takes it all in, the scent and feeling of his closeness, something she was worried she'd never feel again. "M'glad you're alright… glad we're all alright. Th'ero and Nyalle are gonna be sooo mad…" is sighed, food looking unappealing at the moment. The fire in her eyes settles on Cyrus, head shaking in regards to their foolishness. "M'glad you weren't there Cy…but maybe we could talk about it later? I'm feeling…I dunno what the word is…unsettled or something… I took a life…" There's a little sniffle-gulp. "…Not an animal life…" It's been weighing on her since plunging dagger deeply in to lung, the scene replaying over and over again, this being her first verbal admission of the act.

Oh if Brennan only knew that Cyrus only had eyes for one woman on this planet and it is most certainly not Therynn. It is Kera, greenrider of Xanadu, who really is Cyrus's whole world. Of course Therynn knows this, Amethyst knows this, Nyalle seems to know it, Th'ero probably sorta does. But Cyrus really isn't all that into sharing and so its entirely possible that others haven't figured it out. If Bren were to see them together though doubts would be completely expelled, "I figured you two were a couple." Not that they hid it very well. When Therynn speaks up though he nods his head slowly, "I heard," he says. "You know that I'm always there to talk about anything that you need, as a friend." he clarifies for several reasons. The first being for Brennan and the second being that he can't practice Mindhealing right now.

Brennan does remember hearing that Cyrus is happily attached, so should know better. The twinge of jealousy is completely reflexive and unexpected, but gone just as quickly as it appears and is quickly forgotten in favor of hanging on to Therynn. The hunter goes so far as to run his fingers through her hair, earning a frown from the rider at a nearby table watching their group. Brennan scowls moderately back for a second, almost daring the man to come say something even as he stops. Cyrus' observation about him and Therynn only earns an inscrutible look - not negative in any sense, just…neutral. Save for his eyes, which seem to brighten slightly. He also gives Cyrus a nod for his offer to the huntress. He gets it; he really does. Still, knee-jerks happen. "Done it before," comes his own murmured admission about taking a life, so quietly that it's almost inaudible. Even so, he holds Rynn's gaze for a moment. "Y'know I am, too."

Therynn has no business explaining Cyrus' love life via subtext, and readily floats on in the conversation. She isn't sure how to take Cyrus' observation of their relationship stating, "We are Candidates above all else…rule-following ones…" Lie! "Okay, mostly rule following…" Throat clearing needs not explain the point in hand. "And you are a good friend Cy. Thanks for being there as an outlet for all this… Good t'speak with someone outside of the situation, dontcha think, Bren?" She also wants to ask the healer about his recent happenings with the lady of his heart, but now is neither the time nor the place. Her hazel gaze fixates on Brennan for a moment. So much has been put on hold between these two, it is almost as painstaking as hobbling around with numbweed salve covered aches. Head will lean in to his hand that runs through her growing hair, hoping he doesn't come across the bald patch that was ripped out in the struggle. She hears his admission, remaining in the silence with him as if paying homage to those passed. "We should definitely sort through all this… Don't want it haunting us out there on the sands, y'know…"

Cyrus nods his head approvingly when Bren pipes up that he is there for her as well. Good boy, he thinks to himself. He also can't help but smile when Therynn talks about being a candidate above all else, "Right…of course." he says with a small wink that hopefuly their watcher will not see. "Personally I believe in being a human being first and foremost." There's the old Cyrus right there. Heretical views and all. "You can always count on me to be there when you need me to be Therynn." She was there for him after all, "You need not ever worry about that." He can't help but smile again at how Bren is protecting her, good. It takes some of the presure off of him feeling like he has to do it. You can only 'save' so many people at any given time, "You can both talk to me about whatever you want and I'll be happy to listen." He leans in a bit closer, "Preferably when we don't have shadows listening…" he whispers.

Brennan chuckles quietly at Cyrus' wink and following comment. How the Healer can be someone who frustrates him to no end one moment and someone he agrees with completely the next, Brennan may never figure out. He simply gives a nod to the Healer's offer, but otherwise doesn't indicate whether or not he'll be taking the other Candidate up on his offer. Cyrus' last has the hunter glancing sidelong at their nearby guardian, and he gives a quiet grunt of agreement. "Yeah. Guess that'll be whenever they decide we're not goin' anywhere." Whenever that might be. "Let's just finish up eatin', in the meantime, eh?" And chatting about other things in between, most likely.

Therynn smiles with certainty that some Cyrus conversing will be happening in the very near future. Though his wink and insinuation gets a bit of a nose crinkle from the gal. "Humans with alotta rules…" she quips as if she's some super law-abiding Candidate, which she kind of is, if you don't count sneaking away from camp and almost getting killed. The small dose of fellis given by the healers to help with tonight's sleep is starting to set in - probably why her appetite is a bit low and definitely why her pupils are so dilated. There's a yawn and a stretch with a slurred "Y'guys are da best…" and one for the guards, "You guys too…" As for the food, she's definitely done eating, starting to play with it instead until the gents decide to usher her back to the barracks.

Cyrus has not, strictly speaking, broken any of the rules either, though that doesn't mean he agrees with them all. He just hasn't found a good enough reason to justify breaking them, that will most likely come later, "Yes. Human's with allot of rules." he repeats. He had alreayd finished eating but will happily stick around until the others are done, "I can't argue with that. It is true that I am awesome," he says with a wide grin. You get so few opportunities like that, "When you are done, Bren, we will take her back to the barracks. I think she's about done…"