~~*~~ Fort Weyr - Candidate Barracks ~~*~~
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this cavern has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants in comfort. Set into one of the long walls is a natural hearth area, not as large as some but more then enough to warm the cavern. Before it lays an old, well-worn rug that's colors have faded over turns of being un cared for. Mismatched chairs, an old couch, and a few randomly placed floor pillows finish up the sitting type area where candidates can relax after a long day of chores.
Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses with curtains dividing them for privacy, each made up to the standards of the Weyrwoman. The left hand row of cots is made up with coverlets of brown and trimmed in black for male candidates, while the right hand row is made up with a lighter brown coverlet that's trimmed in white for the female candidates.
Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours, while basket of emergency glows are stored in corners around the cavern for use during power outages.

It's early enough in the morning that the candidates, for the most part, are just starting to rouse. Some are already up, some seem nowhere near waking, but the smell of fresh klah permeates the room, cutting through the acrid smell of numbweed where someone's applying it to a freshly-earned injury. On the girls' side of the barracks, Amethyst is making her bed, tucking in the corners and straightening it all up with almost OCD-like intention for perfection. She whistles a perky tune as she works, watching a younger candidate making up her own cot, just two down the row.

Cyrus didn't really sleep. He laid there for a time, sometimes getting up to give Aegnor something to eat and comfort the firelizard who by all accounts is still crabby that he was left behind. After going to the infirmary and being turned away he came here not really knowing what to do. Now he is sitting on the edge of his cot just thinking. He does hear a voice though…well a whistle…and he pokes his head out of the curtain, "Amethyst. Do you have any idea what is going on. They wouldn't tell me anything?" There is a great deal of worry in his voice, perhaps just a touch of anger, "They wouldn't let me help. They said I'm a candidate and not a healer anymore…" While he disagrees emphatically that his idenity for turns could just vanish like that there was no amount of presuasion that would make any difference.

"Morning to you too, sunshine." Amethyst tucks in the final corner of her blanket, before going to help the other candidate with hers. Conveniently, that brings her closer to Cyrus. "Details? No. But there was a big to-do, we weren't involved, and from what I saw before I was booted out of the infirmary, it was probably best that we weren't." She tuts and shakes her head, looking down the way to where Ravyal's cot is. "They say he's going to have a scar, poor love. Right across his cheek."

Cyrus opens the curtain around his cot. He was already dressed and ready for the day anyway, though he quickly takes the little dragon plush that had been sitting there and tucks it away in his traveling luggage before turning back to Amethyst. The burning question on his mind is a simple one, "No one died right?" he asks. He had pretty much figured out that something awful had happened, but that is the one detail that he really wants and doesn't want to know. He cares about all these people after all…at least in a cursory way, some more than others and it shows by the look of concern that is spread across his face.

Amethyst pauses when she's asked that question, straightening up and smoothing her hands over the front of her tunic to ease out invisible creases. "I'm going to say no," she starts, slowly and uncertainly, frowning down at the floor as she thinks about it. "No rider, or we'd have heard it. No candidate, or we'd… well, is there anyone missing? I haven't noticed. Hopefully no-one from the guard, but… I don't know for sure, Cy. I'm just as blind as you are." She shrugs her shoulders helplessly, motioning that she's headed to the klah pot and he's welcome to join her. "We got back, I arranged cookies to be sent here, shooed candidates to the baths, went to the infirmary to help - then I was given the boot and came back here. We'd be best asking one of them who was there."

All of the handful of candidates had been roughed up a bit in the mix up, and with Hazelon right at the center he has come back with more than a vew. Visible bruises purple on his neck. He walks carefully into the candidate barracks, having been kept back from returning to the barracks by the healers. When the fear of broken ribs had been dispelled, he has been released, a jar of numbweed in hand. Activly he avoids looking at any of the candidates…. especially those who had followed him into the forest.

That really wasn't the answer that he wanted to hear, though she is probably right. They would have heard /something/ if somone from the weyr had died. He remembers what it was like when Thea passed away, "Still…" he says getting to his feet to move toward Amy, "…would be nice for some kind of update…." he adds as he moves along with her toward the klah, but then…he sees Hazelon slinking in and shifts on his feet to move toward him, "Haze…are you ok? Do you have any idea what happened? Is Therynn ok? Sairon?" Lots of questions.

Amethyst's by the klah pot by the time Hazelon appears, and is already pouring a mug out - which she carries with her as she falls in behind Cyrus. He's asked all the questions that need to be asked, so she sticks by his side, offering the mug of klah to Haze. "Milk? Sweetner? I can go get them for you… or would you rather sleep? What did the Healers say to do?" Then she bites her lip, looking guiltily at Cyrus. "We're crowding him. That's not good, is it? In your professional opinion?"

Hazelon proceeds forward through the barracks, only hesitating for a moment when Cyrus is abruptly THERE and asking QUESTIONS. "Everyone's okay." His voice is soft, and holds a hint of bitterness. "Bunch of riders got cuts and roughed up. Candidates are all just brushes 'n cuts."

Cyrus focuses all his attention on Haze. He /really/ wants to know what is going on and right now Haze seems to be the primary source of information. He glances back to Amy as she speaks. Its true they are perhaps crowding him a bit but eh "I'm not allowed to have a professional opinion." he remarks dryly back to his fellow candidate, before Haze reclaims the attention. He does sigh with relief when Haze informs the pair that everyone is alive and well, "Thank goodness…what on Pern happened?" is the next logical question that flows very naturally from his mouth.

"Oh, c'mon now, Cy." Amethyst tuts at him, one dark brow raising over her equally dark eyes. "Just because you're wearing a white knot doesn't mean you're not a Healer. I'm still a Smith. We're just taking vocational vacations." She winks at him, then tries to offer the klah to Hazelon again. "Do you want this? Keep your whistle wet while you fill us in?"

Hazelon's gaze cuts between Cyrus and Amethyst. Is there must point in holding back. A shrug brings a wince of pain, even though the liberal application of numbweed. "Went out into the forest away from the riders. Got caught by the renegades I crossed a few months back." Wait, were they looking for more?

At the entrance, a brownrider steps into the barracks and stands there, hands clasped, watching the Candidates. He doesn't say anything - yet - but he's there at least. Background.

"It's true…they told me as much last night…." Cyrus says to Amy, clearly he doesn't feel good about it, but it is what happened, "They were very clear." So yeah. Though when Haze speaks up again his mouth just sort of drops open as he stares at him, "You all did what?" he asks softly before looking back to Amy helplessly. All of this chaos…for that. If there is a look for a boggled mind, Cyrus wears it now.

Well, since Hazelon doesn't want it, Amethyst will happily sip on the klah she offered, raising the mug to her lips and cupping it gently between both hands as she listens to the younger candidate explain. "Saying something isn't what it is just because it's got a different name is bulls… you-know-what." There are young ears around! "Just 'cos you're dressed in a white knot doesn't mean all your turns as a Healer are cancelled out, Cy. You're just wearing a different hat right now. Isn't that right, Haze?"

"They didn't have to follow!" Hazelon's voice suddenly rises as he stands abruptly from his chair. "No one else woudl f*king have gotten hurt if they'd stayed behind. I could've stayed hidden without them following along."

Cyrus hears what Amy is saying, he really does, and deep down /somewhere/ inside of himself he agrees with her. Though all of his anger about that situation quickly vanishes as he hears what Haze is saying. He just sort of nods his head in a funny way and turns his back on Haze facing Amy and raises a hand into the air and points to his cot, "I think I'm going to have a bit of a shout now…" He walks past her and to his cot, closes the curtain and a few moments later you can hear muffled shouting as if he had covered his face in a pillow, there are a couple of irritated noises that sound like they are coming from a firelizard as well.

Amethyst looks at Cyrus with brows raised in surprise, gaze following him as he heads back to his cot… then her attention snaps back to Hazelon, fixing him with a frown over the rim of her klah mug, which is raised and ready to be sipped from. "Hazelon, there are younger candidates than us present. Mind your tongue." Dramatic boys! She sips her klah, then exhales softly. "What happened happened. Blame them, blame yourself, blame whoever. It happened, and it can't be changed, so there's no point swearing about it. All that's to do now is for all you broken birds to heal."

The look that Hazelon places onto Amethyst is scornful at best. "You don't f*king know anything- so don't pretend you do." Even though the movement is painful, Hazelon is going to leave the barracks again. He pauses as he spies that rider at the door, and pauses. "I'm going."

The rider looks at Hazelon and dips his head, reaching over to push and hold open the door for him.

The sounds from Cyrus's cot slowly fade away and he opens the curtain once more. This time he emerges with Aegnor on his shoulder. Apparently the firelizard has no desire to be left in the cot any longer and has latched himself firmly there and won't be letting go. Cyrus makes his way back toward Haze and Amy as if nothing had happened, "So…." he says. Not really sure exactly what to be doing now. He returns just in time to hear Haze's little fit, "I don't think they are going to let us wander far…I don't even want to think of what they are going to do with us when they get around to it."

Hazelon's reaction to her leaves Amethyst stunned, and she's unable to say anything in response to him - so she just nods, and steps away from the teen's cot with an offended look. "Alrighty," she murmurs softly, once she's a few steps back and closer to Cyrus' cot. Just in time for him to emerge. "I think we're on lock-down." Her dark eyes glance briefly at Hazelon, before she looks back down into her klah mug. "I'm going to go fix more klah. Would you like some?"

The lockdown isn't too serious, as Hazelon slips back out the door and is lost to sight beyond that door. … Hopefully he is back by curfew?

As long as they don't leave the weyr, they're fine.

Amethyst's revelation that they are on lockdown makes him just roll his eyes. It's not like he had plans or anything, but now that he is back from that camping trip he would like to enjoy his potentially last free moments, "So. What exactly does that mean? Do we have to stay here in the barracks? Are chores cancelled? Can people come in and out from other weyrs?" Yeah. Cyrus is just full of questions today, "No thanks. I don't really much care for the stuff."

"We're Weyrbound, most likely," Amethyst replies with a shrug, since she doesn't know exactly. "If Hazelon was just allowed to leave, then I'm sure we're allowed out of the barracks. Could they even stop you from seeing other people? I mean from other Weyrs?" She's unsure about that, too, and frowns as she ponders it. "I think Hazelon's maybe a little… sore. About what happened. Do you think it might be a good idea to see if we can't get everyone to leave him be for a while? Or to not ask him, at least?"

The brownrider speaks up. "Candidates are not allowed to leave the weyr. You still have chores, you don't have to stay in the barracks." As for people coming in and out from other weyrs, the brownrider shrugs. "They can, if they're cleared."

This is all brand new territory for Cyrus and so he is just as unsure as Amy, "I suppose they could lockdown the whole weyr. No one gets in or out. It probably wouldn't be the first time. Though with the hatching so close…." He can't imagine they would, "….they probably wouldn't. Though I…." he begins to say before the rider at the door clears things up substantially, "Thank you. Good to know…" he says before looking back toward Amy, "That clears that up. As for Haze. I don't know. That boy is trouble. I can't imagine what they will do with him. He nearly got half the candidates killed…and some riders too. I don't imagine that looks good on your record."

"Oh. Thank you for the clarification, sir." With a smile and a nod at the rider by the door, Amethyst looks back to Cyrus. "There, that does clear it up. So things are near enough normal, just no leaving the Weyr… which is fine. We can live with that." So she assumes, anyway. And back to the subject of the troublemaker: "He was quite abrasive with me just now. Quite… offensive, actually, given I was only trying to help, but I'll chalk it up to being stress, or him being worked up about what happened or something. But that's no way to speak to people, Cy. Did you hear him?"

"I was actually sort of hoping to get one more visit to the Hall in before…well you know…" Cyrus explains, "But….as Sairon would say I have to go with the flow. It's not like I had any definite plans anyway." He nods his head in response to Amy's question, "I heard a little bit of it. I think thats just the way he is. He's not gifted when it comes to social interaction. I talked to him when we were on the trip and he was much the same, though perhaps a bit less abrasive. I don't think he's a bad kid…just well…you know."

Amethyst's nose wrinkles in a moment of distaste, then she shrugs. "Well, whatever. I would just rather he didn't tell me I don't 'effing' anything. There's a time and a place for such words, and this wasn't it." She sighs, looking along the length of the barracks to where the other candidates are all well and truly awake and embracing the day. "You know what, Cy? I could murder a bath before chores this morning. Sloughing off the remains of the camping trip would be amazing. Would you care to join me?"

Cyrus has been known, on occasion, to use colorful metaphors. Though one would have to get him supremely angry to see it, "I think his language is probably the least of his and our troubles. Besides…its nothing I haven't heard before." He gives her a smile and nods, "I'd be happy to walk you there." he says with a smile, "But I don't think I'll join you….I just…." he says in a fumbling way, "Too modest. Sorry."

"Nothing I haven't heard either, but… time and place." There's a young candidate passing by, and Amethyst tilts her head towards him with a meaningful look at Cyrus. "Anyway. Yes. That would be nice, if you would walk me there? We can keep talking… and you can tell me what you're going to buy next from me for your lady." She stands up and winks at the Healer-candidate, clicking her tongue cheekily as she sets her empty klah mug down with the rest. "Shall we, then?"

Cyrus chuckles and nods his head, happy to be back in more normal circumstances. This is definitely more comfortable than the forest, "Yeah. There is a proper time and place and this isn't it. The barracks should be a bit more peaceful than that." He begins to move along with her toward the door, "I think when it comes to jewlery I'll hold off for a bit. She seemed a bit overwhealmed, but loved it all the same. Maybe if I'm really lucky and things continue to go well the next piece of jewelery I'll be getting from you will be a ring…" One can dream, and Cyrus is definitely a dreamer, "Lets be off…."

And they slip away for bathing and whatever else the day may hold!