Southern Continent — Creepwater Hold
A small inland hold somewhere in the Southern Continent…

Poor Anrila. Traveling on the boat with Muir and Marel, getting put on the wrong caravan train, traveling for months with no set destination in mind…then she took sick. The poor child withered away and it wasn't until a Healer in a hold the caravan was visiting saw her that she finally got the help she needed. But that Healer knew she wouldn't do well wintering in the cold north, and so calling on a favor, had her sent back to the coast and then overseas to the southern continent. A long way to go to be sure, but the Healer believed death was the girl's only future in the north, and life lay in the south. In a small inland hold, with a dryer, warmer climate, Anrila has been recovering. And she would have been lost forever had a passing hunter not seen a pamphlet that a passing fisherman showed to him when they shared a camp for the night. The hunter stopped over in that hold, and needed to check in the infirmary for a sprained wrist and saw her. Recognizing her - or at least guessing well enough - he sent word to Fort. That was the only part of the message he remembered. A lost girl from Fort. From there, the note was passed on to the weyr, and it finally ended up on D'ani's desk along with the rest of his morning mail: Very young lost girl, name starts with A, found in Creepwater Hold, Southern Continent.

D'ani's mail. Some of it is Weyr business. Requests for this or that minor enough not to bother the Weyrleaders about. Some of it is replies to enquires he'd sent to the Emerald Isles regarding his sisters, and some replies to ports and holds where that trader's ship might have stopped after they'd traced it to Fort Sea Hold. All answers are in the negative. It's been a long time and the on and off again searches for the missing Anrila have been frustratingly unsuccessful. Not even a clue for the last turn. Still they haven't given up - for Ezra and Rayathess' sake, if not for poor little Anrila's. Hope must surely be waning, yet the Weyrsecond plugs away, opening envelope after envelope. Writing mails, taking forays when time permits with whoever of their search party is available to go looking. He finds the note halfway through his stack and… just stares. This could be it? This could be it. THIS COULD BE IT!!!! His hands are shaking by the time he stands to go find Inri (if she's not in the office) and then Ezra and his brother, all the while trying to keep them from seeing he's daring to hope. And so they get ready and the group scramble aboard dragons and… go where the note is from.

Ezra is trying very hard to not hope, but…he can't help himself. This is the first good clue they've had in ages, so he's almost shaking when he helps Rayathess mount up and buckle in, and buckles in himself for the trip to Creepwater Hold. Wherever that is.

A little place with a particularly terrible name, as it turns out, though not a particularly terrible landscape; Inri, who has at least gotten good at masking her own emotions to the point where no one actually knows what they are at all, laughs a little as Kouzevelth makes some positive commentary on the state of the grass. While she doesn't wax poetic in the same method as Zuvaleyuth, she certainly provides sensation and imagery enough to convey that she'd like to stay a while. Inside, a small infirmary with one doting Healer journeyman (a man of about twenty-five or so) is set up, and Anrila, unaware of what's going on outside, has just woken from a nap. The Healer, of course, is a bit confused by the commotion and lingers by the door, waiting to apparently be stormed by important people from some Weyr or another. (All he saw was a gold and a bronze, passengers.)

Rayathess is the third among the group to be holding back any shred of hope. It's almost too good to be true, after all, after over a Turn of nothing. Now they receive this clear letter? It almost seems too good to be true. In his mind, he's already thinking 'trap' but he wisely keeps his mouth shut on that. Ezra's reaction is enough to secure his silence — for now. He'll need the help up too, though he tries to preserve some of his dignity as he settles himself on Dremkoth, remembering at least to mutter some hurried thanks to D'ani before they're off to Creepwater Hold.

Dremkoth approves of Kouzevelth's approval of the grass. Not that he's into grass, mind, but he knows from D'ani that cattle are rather partial to it and so with her imagery, he's tilting an eye to examine it. « There might be some plump ones hereabouts, » is his thought. They're staying? Long enough to eat, he hopes! Recent weeks have taught D'ani more caution than he'd like and since they don't know the people of this holding, he's directed them to land well away from the buildings and in the clear. Since Abigail wasn't free to join them, he's got his sword sheathed on his belt and, more comfortable using his bullwhip, that's coiled neatly at his hip. Mindful of Rayathess, he slides down and offers the other young man a hand down - at least enough so he doesn't land too hard on his feet. Ezra also, if he needs it, but D'ani sorta doubts he'll accept even if he does. He then waits until the group is together before he murmurs, "Keep an eye out." For what he doesn't say, just heads towards that infirmary trying to look casual. Right. A bronze and a gold. Casual. Uh huh.

Ezra dismounts without help, nervous hands rubbing against Dremkoth's side in a twitching motion until they're all on the ground again. He's in his Stonehaven jacket, and despite the warmth he is not taking it off. No way. Fidgeting, he steps up beside Rayathess, noticing how D'ani is armed. Taking a deep breath he walks forward too, biting his lip in an effort to keep from calling out.

"It's a million degrees," Inri mutters as she just sort of looks at the weapons everyone else has on them. She has the Weyrleaders' gift from her weyrling graduation strapped on, and perhaps her strappy bag is filled with small knives, but she isn't telling. Or revealing. « We can go eat, » Kouzevelth agrees, « if they do not need us. » Does it look like they do? Not really, just yet. "Probably one of you two," she adds, looking to the Stonehaven brothers, "should be the one to knock. Just in case. We don't want to scare her."

Casual kind of goes out the window when you arrive on bronze and gold and so does any hope of 'undercover' or 'unnoticed'. Rayathess tries not to hunch his shoulders or look too fidgety and anxious if he spies anyone looking their way (or coming out to stare). Again, he'll try to ignore his pride for a bit as he accepts D'ani's help to dismount — because landing hard on his feet will be bad. He manages well enough and gives the Weyrsecond a stiff nod of thanks before turning to spare Ezra a quick look as he steps to his side. Rayathess is not armed, unless a cane counts as weapon-material. WHY he has it, he won't say and anyone who tries to pry him will just get curt, vague answers. Something about a 'stupid accident'. "Got it." he replies to D'ani, his eyes already roaming in quick, darting looks around the Hold. Inri's suggestion has him regarding her with a lingering, thoughtful stare before he's looking down at Ezra again. "Might be better if it's me?" he offers, following along with a minor limp to his steps. "Or both of us. It'll be a shock either way."

"It's perfect," is D'ani's assessment of the heat in the south. But then, he's from the tropics and after Fort's winter, this is bliss. He has removed his jacket though, tucked it with his gloves and helmet in the flight straps before swinging down. Catching Dremkoth's juicy thoughts, he shoots a narrowed look at the bronze. "Don't. You. Dare." A small hold this size? Probably isn't used to feeding dragons. He nods easily in return to the one Rayathess directs his way, asking no questions about how the foot is feeling or otherwise fussing. "Here," he says to Rayathess and offers him the note he'd opened earlier in his office. That healer is watching them from the open doorway and so he waves even as he steps aside for Ezra and Rayathess to precede them. He and Inri will be the rear guard. He can go En Garde! and she can laugh. Or purse-whap folks.

Ezra glances at the riders and then his brother, and nudges him a bit. "You first," he says, unable to keep his voice steady. "You'd…recognize her better than I would. And she might not recognize me either…" So Ezra hangs back, letting Rayathess go first. Nervously, Ezra darts a glance at Inri and D'ani, and the poor kid looks like he's going to be sick. Is he going to be a middle child again?

The Healer, a laid-back relaxed type, simply waves back. He has no idea who these people are or what they're doing, but if it's even remotely possible they're here to see a patient, he's got to be friendly. Unlikely they're here to see him. Inri hangs back with D'ani, offering a hand out to touch Ezra's shoulder. "It's okay," she whispers, because somehow it will be even if she has to make it be.

Rayathess takes the note from D'ani with only a questioning look and raised brow. Flipping it open, he swiftly reads it over before folding it again and privately he hoped no one noticed the trembling in his hands. "You may be surprised?" he tells Ezra, trying to give his younger brother a reassuring look. It might be a bit strained, but it's better than nothing right? "It'll be alright." he adds on the tail of Inri's reassurance, reaching out to clasp his hand to Ezra's shoulder before he's taking the 'lead' is it were of the group. Waving to the Healer, Rayathess will glance back over his shoulder to where D'ani and Inri stand. Looking for a signal? Or just some reassurance of his own that they're actually still there and prepared? Approaching close enough for talking, the young man tries to look as unthreatening as possible to the Healer. Which means he just looks downright awkward and uncertain. "Uh…" Rayathess fumbles. Off to a great start! Clearing his throat, he tries again. "Afternoon. We heard that there may be a patient here… a young girl. Someone we may know. Could we see her?" Too much, too soon?

"We're here, right behind you," murmurs D'ani to Ezra. He can't promise anything will be fine, because he doesn't know Anrila at all. All he can do is offer his support. For the moment, he refrains from laying a hand to Ezra's shoulder because all three of them pat-patting the boy might look odd. He flickers a wink to Inri though, approving of her handling of the situation and signaling her to step forward with him - they're just a few steps behind Rayathess and Ezra when they reach that door. "Her name…" The Weyrsecond falters and changes it to, "Starts with an A." Awkwaaard! But she might not be known as Anrila, so that's what he says. And with Rayathess talking to the healer, now he offers his friend that encouragement with a squeeze to his shoulder.

Not at all; the healer actually smiles broadly. It's about time someone asked for the girl! "Well," he says, looking pleased but a bit wary, "if you can prove you know her you can see her, anyway." Unfortunately he doesn't have that much information on the girl, as she barely speaks and for a long time couldn't remember her own name. However, that is now one of the few things she's been willing to tell him, and so as soon as D'ani speaks, that's — starting to be close to enough. "That it does, in fact. If she hasn't got a clue who you are, though - well. With this patient I might be forced to let it slide — come in," he eventually acquiesces. They'll just see what happens.

Ezra is trembling, and thanks to all of them touching him, now all of them know it. "Hopefully in a good way?" he answers his brother with a fleeting smile, stopping to the side and a little behind of Raya. He glances back at D'ani and Inri too, his expression trying to convey so much of how grateful he is that they're there with him. Glancing at the Healer, he gives Rayathess a little nudge, gulping dryly. "You go in first," he says quietly, before glancing at the Healer. "She trusts him, so if it's her…" He wants Raya to be the first one she sees. Since for all he knows, she thinks he is dead.

Rayathess won't tell about Ezra's trembling. He's no better off than his younger brother, really and his relief for D'ani's spoken comment about the name is short lived. Replaced by uncertainty, he has to swallow thickly and bury his nervousness before he can move. He barely seems to hear the Healer's response, nodding stiffly, acknowledging only enough to realize they've been granted permission to step inside. Which he does, but only after considerable pause as he's frozen to the spot. Then his hand takes a firmer grip on his cane and he strides forwards, manners momentarily forgotten as he forgets to thank the Healer. "We'll see…" he mutters low to Ezra instead, still not wanting to hope but finding it harder to resist now as he steps inside.

Heh, yeah, D'ani can feel the vibrations of Ezra's trembling under his palm, but he says nothing. Four people around the sickbed of a child who's lost her family, wandered half the planet and has gaps in her memory might be a bit overwhelming. Anrila won't know him anyway and there's no sense in confusing her. His hand drops from Ezra's shoulder, hands get shoved into his pockets before he remembers they're to be on guard and ready for… things to happen and pulls them out. He hangs back, leaning against the doorframe and watches.

Inri is hanging back with D'ani as the healer leads them into the room where Anrila's been staying. She's curled up with her book, looking at least clean if slightly off-color and very thin. The sound of footsteps doesn't call her attention at first; when they stop in front of her space, however, she slowly lifts her glance and lowers the book at once, messy curly hair obscuring parts of her face. She only looks confused for a half-second or so before her eyes widen big as dinner plates. The young girl's mouth falls open slightly, but words don't come out.

Ezra peers around Rayathess and then he gasps, his heart leaping in his chest as he looks at his sister for the first time in…how long has it been? Over six turns now? But he looks at Rayathess just to be sure, because it's been so long, his memory is fuzzy…but… his knees go a little weak and he jerks his head around to look wide-eyed at D'ani and Inri, eyes shimmering already with tears.

Rayathess adds to the tableau of standing and staring as he goes completely still after his last step carries him into the space that is Anrila's room. His breath catches and that hope he had been holding back is replaced by shock and disbelief. He'll try to reach back to Ezra to grip at his shoulder, needing his brother's support despite still carrying a cane. Slow to recover, Rayathess blinks and then gives his head a sharp shake, focusing his eyes on the young girl and truly studying her now. That is definitely her hair, her (equally stunned-surprised) eyes and features. Thinner and maybe a bit more grown since he last saw her, but he's certain. He must be, because he's taking a tentative step forwards. "Anrila." Rayathess calls her gently by name. "Hey." Remember him?

D'ani can't see the girl from where he's standing. But he can see the main room and the field in front of the infirmary and that all the approaches are clear. And what? is? Dremkoth? doing? The bronze is sprawled belly-flat in the grass, then rolling over onto his back and shimmying like he's trying out a mattress for purchase. No, Dremkoth, I don't care if Kouzevelth says it's the softest grass on Pern, we're NOT taking some home with us! He eyerolls and yanks his attention back to Ezra and Rayathess in time to see the bright-eyed look Ezra directs to them. He swallows hard. Not choked up, not gonna cry mantears. He clears his throat. Dangit Ezra!

Dremkoth is not the only one enjoying the grass; Kouzevelth's sprawled out on her side taking up a sheerly appalling amount of space. The bronze's antics are certainly amusing her, at any rate. Silly brother. Inri's blinking tears from her own eyes — so much for emotion masking.

As far as Anrila, well — she certainly does remember Rayathess. Or at least she remembers his voice for certain; she was a little doubtful, around the edges, of anyone's physical appearance. But when he speaks, it's absolutely, undoubtedly her brother, and she sits up a little straighter, shocked expression morphing into a shy smile. "Hi, Raya." No snide comments about how long it took him, at least.

Ezra shifts enough to step forward, his hand reaching out to grip the back of Rayathess' tunic. Brother attached to brother, as they look at their sister. He then chokes on a sob, shoulders jerking, and he covers his mouth with his free hand, giving Raya's back a little nudge with his hand. Go to her. He…he will just stay there and see if she recognizes him. He has more than enough experience with people from bad situations to know that you don't just bound up to someone and hug them.

Rayathess must not have got the memo, as once Anrila returns his greeting he too is uttering something half between a laugh and a broken sob before pushing forwards. That's about as close as he gets to actual tears (for now) and hopefully Ezra is holding on tight to that tunic. Because Rayathess is off as fast as his injured foot will allow him to close the distance from door to bed. "You're alive!" he blurts out, no matter how stupid it may seem to him it's the first thing that comes to his mind. At least he won't sweep her up into a hug? He hesitates right at that moment, arms half raised and then awkwardly frozen mid gesture as common sense comes roaring in. Oh right. Maybe it's an invitation? Then he remembers his younger brother and in his elation he grabs for Ezra — his arm or hand — and tries to pull him forwards or to his side if the youth hasn't made an escape. "Anrila, you won't believe who was at Fort Weyr!" And then he waits… Will she recognize Ezra after all?

D'ani can hear the 'Hi Raya' (she sounds so sweet) and the half-sobs prompted by it. He slides a look sidelong at Inri and that does it! He's never seen her cry before and though he's fit to burst with joy for this reunion on behalf of his friends, his thoughts slip to imagine if he were to be reunited with his own sisters and it's all just too much. His throat tightens and he ducks his head, "I'll be back in a few," he mumbles, then turns and steps out, pacing rapidly towards Dremkoth. The fact that he'll swipe at his eyes while behind the bronze is totally irrelevant. He's uhhh…. saving their turf from excessive wear-and-tear? Patrolling the perimeter? Something!

Anrila does not, apparently, mind the proximity - she bundles herself right into Rayathess' extended arms, looking a little shaken but mostly excitedly pleased. The departure of the bronzerider first, and then the other woman with them following after him (Inri has followed slowly after, just to make sure D'ani is okay) doesn't really register to her as she's using Rayathess as a headrest and considering Ezra for a moment. And it takes about a moment, maybe sixty full seconds of blinking and silence followed by preteen incredulity: "… Ezra?"

Ezra lets go of Raya's tunic when he hobbles forward, so for a moment Ezra is left standing alone, rocking slightly before he's pulled forward again, just /staring/ at his baby sister. He glances around when his friends leave, momentarily distracted…but then Anrila is saying his name and he hiccups another sob and wobbles forward, wrapping one arm around Rayathess and his other around Anrila, and the teen just sobs.

Rayathess isn't quite ready to have Anrila bundle herself right into his arms so swiftly, but luckily the edge of the bed is right there. That, or his legs just refuse to support him any further and once Ezra's joining in on the reuniting group hug he sits down heavily on that edge. For a moment the young man is too choked up to speak, alternating between broken laughter that is all at once delighted and disbelieving. Yet she's there, healthy and hole and very much alive! "Yeah, it's Ezra!" he fills in for his younger brother while he is busy sobbing. "He was rescued and kept safe at the Weyr." In a nutshell. Then he is silent again as he busies himself with just hugging his two siblings close, grinning like a fool and for now Rayathess is more like the young man and youth he was before Laris came to Stonehaven. So wrapped up is he in the moment that he does not notice D'ani's abrupt departure, nor Inri following the Weyrsecond out.

"You got big," Anrila observes of Ezra; not as if she didn't, though her growth has been somewhat stunted from travel-travel-travel-sick. She's thin as a rail, but she does look as if she's passed into her second decade of life. Around the edges. "Is it a nice Weyr?" Surprising lot of talking from her, as well; the healer is standing in the doorway looking incredibly impressed as Anrila clings to Ezra and Rayathess both and talks. More hesitantly, she asks, "Can I come too?" as if, perhaps, they would leave her behind.

Ezra clings to his brother and sister. His /family/, /finally/. Finally. When he's recovered enough to speak he looks up at his sister and blinks a few times. "So did you!" he says with a hiccuped laugh. "It's…it's amazing. And…I…yes?" he asks hesitantly, turning to look at the Healer. "It's Fort Weyr. Is…is she healthy?"

"It's safe!" Rayathess chimes in when he can manage to voice the words, having to clear his throat or cough a few times before he can speak and not sound choked up. Even so, his voice is gruffer than usual but he hardly seems to care. They found Anrila! He's got his siblings back, both of them. "They've treated us both well. Even got our own rooms." he goes on to tell his sister, only to then blink. This time when he laughs, it's genuine laughter. "Don't worry. You'll be coming with us!" Oops. Ezra's question to the Healer has Rayathess suddenly cursing himself. Idiot! He should've thought of that and concerned, he gives Anrila's thin as a rail body a closer inspection before looking up and over to the Healer he had all but ignored until now.

At least Anrila's healer seems used to it. He laughs, giving them a soft smile and, "Oh, you'll just need to keep her real warm; not going outside too much, at first. She's healthy enough. Little weak. We're just working at getting her weight up; she can leave, I was just keeping her on account of no one else having ever claimed her." He wasn't going to send a child out in the world. No one's paid him to care for her really, either, but he doesn't seem to mind or even bring it up; Anrila is immediately vouching, "They've been very good here. But I want to go with you. Maybe we can visit." Even if it is called Creepwater.

Ezra glances nervously at Rayathess when things are uncertain, and then he exhales in obvious relief at the Healer's words. Detangling himself gently (and regretfully) from the embrace, he squares his shoulders and approaches the Healer. "I'm Ezra Stonehaven," he says quietly, but with obvious pride. "That's my - our - little sister, Anrila Stonehaven. She's been missing for turns. Thank you so much for caring for her. If…if there's anything we can do to repay you…" He's getting choked up again, irritably wiping his eyes on his jacket sleeve and taking a steadying breath.

Rayathess also sags a little in relief when the Healer clears the doubt on Anrila's health and clears her for travel. "Fort is just getting into spring, so it'll be easy enough to keep warm." he rambles out loud, still looking a little bewildered and awestruck. "You'll be coming with us. Don't worry." he reassures her and at the mention of visiting he only nods his head, though his eyes flicker with doubt. That will have to be addressed later, if it ever comes up again. With one arm still wrapped around Anrila, he watches Ezra detangle himself with a puzzled look, only to have to steel himself again from getting too choked up with pride for his younger brother when he goes to approach the Healer. "And I'm Rayathess Stonehaven." he chimes in at the end, though he's not moved an inch from the edge of the bed. "As Ezra's already offered… if there is anything we can do to repay you for all you've done…" Since there is little else he can say to express the gratitude he has for this stranger.

What Anrila said is really enough; the healer laughs. "Stop in and say hello sometime," he says. "Despite the fact this is the most I've heard her speak she's livened up the village a bit." Taking care of the sick amnesic girl gave a lot of people purpose, after all. Anrila seems nothing but agreeable to this, nodding along as he speaks. "We can also send a present," she whispers, though it may not be soft enough for only her brothers to hear it. At present she's dry-eyed and simply happy, but likely once settled in with them, the waterworks will start. She's too numb a lot of the time to remember how to cry anymore.

Ezra extends a hand to the Healer and nods. "Alright. Thank you. And, uh, your name?" He's a bit awkward but he's getting through it, glancing back a few times to make sure Rayathess and Anrila are still over there. That they haven't vanished and this isn't a dream. "You can meet my canine!" he says suddenly, with a swift grin. "Her name's Zoi and she'll love you."

D'ani lingers out there by Dremkoth, leaning back nonchalantly against the bronze's muzzle, hands jammed in his pockets deep in thought. It's best to give the Stonehavens some privacy and with him basically sitting on his dragon's snout, the grass is saved from his rolling around on it. He's back in control by the time Inri crosses the space to where he is and able to chat easily enough with her. As long as she doesn't seek to say things to make him feel better, he'll be fine! After a span of time, he'll ask, "Should we go see what's developed?" Cringe. They could all be howling in there!

Rayathess is content to allow Ezra to take care of the rest of the details concerning the Healer, including the man's name. This is only cementing his opinion that his younger brother will make the better holder out of either of them. He can only sit there and hold his little sister, his injured foot propped out awkwardly and his head too jumbled with racing and conflicting thoughts for him to truly focus. He hasn't even noticed that Anrila has been dried eyed (and rather calm) about all of this. When Ezra glances back at them, Rayathess smiles reassuringly and then begins to shift to stand again. "It's true, he does have a canine." he confirms, reaching down once he's steadied on his cane for Anrila's hand if the girl is wanting it. "Oh. And another thing…" Now he glances towards the door and notices the absence of the two riders. Startled, he blinks and glances sharply to Ezra but otherwise does not seem too concerned as he looks back to Anrila. "We came here with two dragonriders. They're good friends of Ezra's - of us. You can trust them, alright?"

"Stenides," the good-natured healer finally gives his name, as Anrila looks finally at Rayathess' injury and looks disapproving. "Did you hurt yourself?" she demands, all the incensed curiosity of the eleven-turn-old before she's distracted from the question by the next thing her brother says. "Oh. Dragons — okay." She seems a little scared, a little shaky, but not overly panicked.

Inri, perched on Kouzevelth's front paw, eventually looks up from her own reverie - no doubt mostly punctuated by complaints about why they can't bring the grass back with them - and nods. "Probably," she says. "I hope everyone's still alive." Though the likelihood of any danger they didn't notice is low enough to be nonexistent.

Ezra nods, repeating the name over and over again to himself so he won't forget it. "It was an accident, he's fine," he's quick to say, returning to the bed and looking around. "Do you have…things? For us to take with us? And yes, they're wonderful dragons and riders. D'ani is my best friend, he is the Weyrsecond and rides bronze Dremkoth. And Inri is a weyrwoman. She's got a beautiful gold named Kouzevelth." Only the highest ranking friends for Ezra it seems. A moment later he offers, "You can ride on whichever one you want. You get to pick!" Picking is good, right? "And Raya can ride with you. And the weyr has candy." Pleasedon'tbescared.

D'ani chuckles, pushing away from his half-lean, half-seat against Dremkoth's muzzle. He waits for Inri. His dark eyes flicker over what he can see of the hold. "It seems a peaceful enough place." Though by now he knows appearances can be deceiving. He's quiet on the short walk over to the infirmary door, though he'll murmur to Inri, "They all could use some healing. I hope this…" He can't voice it but he hopes there won't be more trauma in their futures. Stepping inside almost reluctantly, he then pauses once in there to listen. Calm voices talking. No sobbing. He exhales a breath he probably doesn't know he'd been holding and seems to relax, moving further in until he's at Anrila's cubicle. Poking his head in, he clears his throat, his gaze sweeping the trio, something akin to relief at what he sees there. Then his face lights up in a warm smile as the reality sinks in of their reunion. The Stonehavens are together.

Rayathess will commit the name to memory too and thankfully things like that stick in his head better than other details. Anrila's disapproving look only has the eldest brother looking sheepish and… that could be guilt. Or he's hiding something. Both, no doubt and he just shakes his head. "Just a stupid accident. I'll be fine." he says, using his well rehearsed cryptic and vague reply. "Don't worry. I'll be alright." he murmurs again when he catches on to some of her fear. At least she's going to get a better first ride than HE did. Rayathess then chuckles as Ezra steps in too with his reassurances on his injury and then swiftly followed by the elaboration on which 'two riders' they arrived with. "He's right. You can choose and I can go with you if you'd like. As for the candy," Rayathess shoots a funny look then to his brother. "There is. I'm sure we can find some when we get there. Or anything you want…" Sort of. As D'ani pokes his head in, the eldest of the trio is actually grinning, even if a bit tentative. Maybe it feels a bit strange? Reaching for Anrila, he will either try to get her attention or bring her forwards a little in preparation for introductions he assumes will be coming next.

Anrila appears only mildly doubtful; like, is that all you're going to tell her? Stupid accidents have stories. They're normally funny. She'll be nosy later, of course. "I like sweets," she says, and then looks up over at D'ani and Inri, wary. Inri, mildly more social at least, offers a tiny little wave without speaking; she'd hate to interrupt, but she is naturally straightforward and friendly. Anrila isn't about to speak again, however; now that there are strangers present (as she'd grown used to Stenides) she's begun to withdraw a bit again.

Ezra turns his head when D'ani and Inri return, and then the teen is rushing to them to give them both a HUGE hug. Kind of just…grabbing them and yanking them together. GROUP HUG ZOMG.

D'ani hugs back with a laugh, blinking over Ezra's head at the (smiling-wow!) Rayathess, a crooked grin growing on his mouth as realization sinks in. Things just might go closer to normal for these friends of his. "Hello Anrila," he says simply while still in that hug of Ezra's. He'll just follow their lead here.

Of course there are stories! But Rayathess isn't spilling this one right now and may not even later. Not yet! He'll rest a gentle hand to Anrila's shoulder, trying to convey as much reassurance as he can without being so oblivious to the young girl's sudden silence. As Ezra rushes off to greet D'ani and Inri, he can't help but chuckle heartily and then gently nudge his little sister forwards. "Come on, we'll get you introduced." Surely her older brother's exuberant greeting will waylay any apprehension?

It helps, at least; Anrila might be timid but she does at least force the smallest of smiles, and a little wave - not that the pair of riders are likely to notice at that moment since they're all tangled up in Ezra. "Hi," Inri laughs, giving him a grin and not ruffling his hair in front of his siblings - she does have some sense. "I guess we did good, huh? Or that tip did." Well, their advertising helped, no doubt. Anrila's still lingering with Rayathess, but she's at least watching as if she's interested in meeting them.

Ezra gives his friends another mighty squeeze before he's detangling and wiping his eyes on his sleeve. Again. Shards, so much crying. "This is D'ani," he says, "and this is Inri." Though it's not hard to figure out, really. "This…is my little sister Anrila." Hiccup and grin. "We did good."

D'ani thumps Ezra's back as the group hug ends, dipping his head to acknowledge Anrila with a lopsided smile and a, "Pleasure to meet you, Miss Anrila." And he gives her a little bow from the waist as is proper of holder boys everywhere. Then he turns to the healer, "Tell me what to do to make her comfortable for- she can *Between* right? Should we wrap her in blankets-" And with another smile to Ezra, Rayathess and Anrila, he draws the healer away to finalize the transfer of his patient to Fort Weyr.

Inri may not ruffle Ezra's hair, but Rayathess totally will — and does give it a shot if his brother ever detatches himself from D'ani and Inri long enough for him to pull it off (and if he doesn't evade it either). Seeing as there is little reason for him to be among the introductions, he just stands behind Anrila and keeps a gentle but reassuring hand against her shoulder. "We did very good." he replies, still grinning though it's beginning to slip into more of a crooked smile. Now that the initial buzz is wearing off, the rest of his brain is catching up despite his efforts to shove away his darker, more cynical thoughts. No. Not now. He'll watch D'ani and the Healer walk off, turning his gaze instead to Inri. "Should we get going?" Rayathess asks, before looking down to his sister. "Need us to pack anything?"

That question was asked before, wasn't it? Anrila finally gets the nerve to speak up, jerking her head at a dresser. "I have a couple dresses," comes out soft and still shy, low enough the others maybe can't hear well enough. Stenides is, of course, giving things to D'ani to help keep Anrila warm on the way to Fort Weyr. "And shoes." She probably has to wear those; Inri laughs a little, quietly. "We probably should, yes. Zel and Dremkoth will be crushed they didn't get to eat."

Ezra gets hugs and his hair ruffled and he doesn't care one bit. He is happy. Happy and stunned but mostly happy, flashing D'ani a wide, wide grin. Later, though, the guilt will sink in just a bit, and he'll try and catch a ride somewhere to pass out more flyers about D'ani's sisters. But for right now he's gathering up Anrila's things, stopping many, many times to just /look/ at her and grin.

Rayathess won't be able to help Ezra much with gathering Anrila's things, but he'll do his part with some of the (lighter) carrying. His injured foot keeps him from too much movement and having to use the cane will only further complicate things. Not about to be left out though, he'll do his part — even if it's just to stand close to his sister's side as moral support, which will continue on as they all venture out to where Dremkoth and Kouzevelth are waiting and throughout the trip back to Fort Weyr.

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