Fort Weyr - Arch Stone Bridge
Stretching the span of a deep chasm hundreds of feet below, the bridge connects one cordillera to the next. Engineered by imaginations of historic times, the bridge has stood between these plateaus for ages. Built solidly with a technique lost to those of today, there is evidence that it has become slightly weather worn, but is also indestructible. A dragon span in width, the bridge is constructed out of huge blocks of stone, layered in a fashion that each chuck supports the next and carries the burden load to the base, where it is meted together with the walls of the bowl - there by creating an arch in the design.
Exposed to the elements, the bridge is often dangerous to navigate. Winds or ice could become a potential threat, which is why the sides of the bridge have been built up with stone guard railings, reaching at least five feet in height. Scenic views aren't necessarily easily accessed for those who are smaller in height, for the rest, the view can be disorienting due to the height but spectacular otherwise. One can view the central and northern bowls from here, as well as get a glimpse of the hatching cavern and the training complex.

A storm is coming. You can smell it, hear it, see the clouds building on the horizon. Though it's not here yet, the winds are picking up and rumbles of thunder roll over the forests and echo against the high bowl walls. But this bridge, arched and high, is open to everything. In the middle of it, a young girl of around 7 or 8 turns old stands, balancing on the middle safety rail with the top rail against her lower abdomen. Arms outstretched, eyes closed, she /leans/ out into space and lets the wind blow against her body.

Skyler has his nose to the air as he takes in the scents of the coming storm. Course, with the height of the Weyr, watching it isn't easy. So poking heare and poking there, he wanders his way upwards and when he reaches the bridge, he's stunned at the sheer scope. The stone guard rails are eyed curiously and then the girl is spotted and he watches her. There's a bit of a grin and he heads over there. He climbs up near her and peers over and there's a gasp of sheer delight at the feel of the wind. "Oh wow, I had no idea that this was up here." he murmurs as he holds onto the top rail and peers over and looks all the way down. "It's almost like flying."

A storm is coming and Kyzen loves storms! He finds the lightening and thunder exhilarating rather than being frightenned of it and often enjoys puzzling out when the thunder will boom and roll. What luck that his Harper lessons are done and now he's climbing up to the stone bridge to enjoy the winds and view too. Should he be there? Probably not. Once he spies Skyler and the unknown girl though, he forgets any doubts of whether or not this is good or bad. Trotting up, Kyzen grins. "Hey! What're you two doing? Can I try?" he greets both Candidate and girl with the same enthusiasm and warmth and he's already reaching out to begin climbing the rails.

Sharaza opens her eyes and glances over at Skyler when he climbs up, beaming and showing off crooked teeth. "That's why I do it!" she announces, her voice high pitched and delighted. Shaking her dirty blonde hair, she turns her smudged face back to the wind, mouth open, head up, beaming. Kyzen's arrival has her glancing over to him too, grinning. "Just don't fall!" Obviously that'd be bad.

Letting his arms spread out as well, Skyler grins "Oh man, this is great!" he calls out into the wind and then there's Kyzen "Hey come on up Kyzen! We're flying!" Sorta? "And yeah, don't fall." He looks back over at Sharaza "I don't think I've seen you yet. I'm Skye, how about you?" he asks curiously "And this is Kyzen." he glances back over at the younger boy "How've ya been? Things been so crazy I've not seen you in a bit."

"Well duh, I'm not going to fall! Don't you fall either!" Kyzen's grin broadens from ear to ear as he looks from Sharaza to Skyler. Already eager to join in the game, he climbs up and leans against the rail like they do and throws his arms open wide. He'll also let out a whoop of delight, followed by a laugh. "This is fun!! And if you really want to fly, I can ask my mother or father?" Yeeeah. Cause scoring a ride on the Weyrleader's dragon is just so doable, isn't it? Tilting his chin up into the wind, Kyzen flashes the little girl a bright smile when Skyler introduces him. That's his name! "'M good! They keeping you busy cause your a Candidate? I heard some went to the… Yokohama…" He stumbles over the name a bit but forges on. "Did you go? I couldn't go." Pout.

Sharaza shifts a bit, darting a glance down below and quiet for a moment before she softly speaks her name. It's impossible to hear though, over the sound of the booming thunder. She doesn't repeat it. Eyes go /wide/ as she looks over at Kyzen. "Your parents are riders?" she whispers, just staring at him for a long moment. Then she looks at Skyler. "Candidate?" She inches away just a tad.

Skyler blinks at Kyzen "Umm, I'm sure you have to ask your dad. I mean, isn't he busy and everything?" he asks and then shakes his head. "Nah, I was in the middle of helping with inventory in the storerooms." he says and lets out a sigh. "I think it would have been more fun to go up there, than to be counting how many bandages we have. But I guess it's good information to know." He then blinks and leans a little towards Sharaza "What was that? I didn't.." he trails off as he looks at her as she backs off. "I am. What's wrong with that?" he asks as he frowns a little as she moves away a little. "Is that a bad thing?"

Kyzen lets out another whoop of delight when the thunder booms and he'll open his eyes and glance sidelong to Skyler and Sharaza, his grin saying it all. Did they hear that one!? "Uh huh! They are!" he says with pride, chest puffing up a bit until she just stares and says nothing more. Deflating, he frowns, just as puzzled as Skyler. He's distracted though by the Candidate's reply and his nose wrinkles. "You should ask to go since you wanna and you missed it! I bet they'll let you go. And yeah… he is? He's the Weyrleader! But my mom is a Wingrider. She's not so busy?" Pfft. Yeah right! Sharaza's inching away has Kyzen peering at her and after Skyler's comment he adds in with a snicker. "It's not like he has cooties!"

Sharaza eyes both the boys with wide-eyes, shifting a bit on her perch, her arms dropping so she can hold onto the railing more. "Mom says riders and Candidates are to be treated with the best respect and that we need to be on our best behaviors at all times." And she's…'flying' with a Candidate, and the son of…"Weyrleader?" she practically squeaks.

Skyler blinks a moment and then grins "Oh! Well, it's okay then. You're not being disrespectful at all. Though I'd still like to hear your name." he says brightly "If the wind doesn't take it away again, or the thunder drown it out. He hmms a moment and then grins at Kyzan "Yeah, no cooties on me." he states proudly. Then he's loking back at Sharaza as she squeaks and then looks a little forlorn. "Though I guess if you don't want to play with us…" he trails off some. "All the other candidates are way older then me. Cyrus thinks I'm too young and well, I dunno. I just thought it would be nice to be with some kids."

Kyzen groans and rolls his eyes skyward, blowing out his cheeks in exasperation. Not THAT speech again! "Yeah but you can have fun with them too! I play with the Candidates and I play with the riders here too. There's some stuff you don't do and is bad but it's not like… like they're…" What's the word? "Forbidden!" Okay, not quite, but a good try? "Yup!" Kyzen confirms to Sharaza, gripping the railing and leaning back to peer at her from around Skyler now. "You can play with me, it's alright, you know! I wanna play with you. You have FUN games!" Never mind the "dangerous" part. "Do the other Candidates not want to play with you, Skyler?" Kyzen asks, all concerned and a little confused. "I played with Hazelon! Do you know him? You could play with him!"

Sharaza shifts her weight on the pole, as the wind picks up and droplets of rain begin to splatter down. She suddenly grins and throws open her arms, head tilted upwards and beaming at the storm-tossed skies. Of her name…she doesn't speak it again. "Number of turns don't matter. If a dragon thought you were ready then you're ready."

Skyler eyes Kyzen a moment "Hazelon's kinda scary." he notes quite simply, and it's not that they don't want anything to do with me. They just don't know how to play anymore." he notes. Then he's looking back at Sharaza and he sighs a little "I bet it's a pretty name." he says as he turns to peer out over the railing. "Course, I could always just give you a name." he looks thoughtful "Maybe…" he glances back over at her. "Skydancer" He grins and then he looks thoughtful "Well, dragons know." he agrees. "But Cyrus was saying something about not being old enough to know what I'm getting into." he shakes his head a little at that "And that I should be spending lots of time learning everything that I can, and keep my options open. Not that I had a lot of options." He shrugs "But how can you knot know? I mean." he shrugs again and then looks back down over the railing. "I wonder if there's a way to make a good pair of wings?" Hmm.

Kyzen squints as the first droplets of rain fall and while he almost asks if they should go inside, seeing Sharaza return to the rails, he does the same thing. It's only rain! "I'd like to try but they say I am too young to Stand," he mutters in disappointment and then shoots Skyler an incredulous look. "Haze? Nu-huh! He's fun! He took me out to the stables and was gonna show me how to use a bow! A real one!" See? Not scary. He's COOL! "That's silly that they don't know how to play anymore. How do you forget? You should SHOW them, Skyler!" Kyzen states firmly and grins. "Skydancer! That's pretty. Do you like it?" he asks Sharaza before turning back to Skyler. "No one is ever old enough. I hear it all the time! And you can still learn stuff as a rider! LOTS of things cause you have a dragon and you can go wherever!" Kyzen spreads his hands out to emphasize this and leans heavily against the railing. His eyes widen and his beaming grin eager. "COULD we!? Really? Build our own wings?" Uh oh.

Sharaza blushes a bit, though it's hard to tell. "I like Skydancer," she whispers. A furrow creases her brow. "You're getting into maybe having a dragon! It's the most amazing thing you could ever get into ever." Nod. "And you are learning! How to have fun and how to fly on bridges." That's important stuff.

Skyler is silent for a moment as he listens to Kyzen. "I, I dunno if I'd want to learn to shoor a bow. I used to think I did, but." he shakes his head "Someone could get hurt." he gives a little shiver, course, that could be for the rain too. "I dunno if we can, but it'd be like sails wouldn't it. FOr a boat? Just going about it differently." he purses his lips and then agrees with Kyzen "Yeah, I think you're right. Never be old enough for everything." He grins brightly at Sharaza "I'm glad you like it. It's a pretty cool name for a pretty cool girl." He looks thoughful "It would be amazing to have a dragon. To really fly. But if there's no dragon there for me. I think I want to figure out how to fly. Maybe, just maybe there's something there to be found at Landing." He grins at Kyzen "Whatcha think?"

"How could someone get hurt?" Kyzen pouts, looking disappointed that neither of them think it's fun to play with a bow. "We were target shooting! At trees." Perfectly safe! "I bet Hazelon knows more games than just that," he mumbles but quickly moves on to topics of wing-making. "I think so? They're called 'sails'. Dragon wings, that is. You hear the riders say it all the time… And we could use wood and stuff for the bones?" Grinning back to Skyler, he nods. "Maybe? How come no one else has ever flown before you think though? And if you go to Landing, can I come too?"

"You could get hurt by /not/ knowing," Sharaza says quietly. Then she perks up a bit. "Wings? To fly?" She peers down at the bowl floor below, raising and lowering her arms as a gust of wind sends rain into their faces. She just closes her eyes and grins.

Now that's the worry, how come anyone else isn't doing it? Skyler glances at Kyzen, but he doesn't say anything though about getting hurt or not and then just answers about the flying. "Well, maybe because no one really wanted too? And if they did, there are dragons. And I suppose it would be a lot of work. ANd maybe they were just too lazy?" He then grins "Hey I know, maybe your mom could take us both to Landing!" See, that would be a great idea, right? He glances back over at Skydancer, as he thinks of her now. "Yeah, not knowing could make it dangerous. Not know if someone else might be behind the trees and then you have.." he stops what he was about to say and then peers back down over the rail "Maybe Hazelon does know more. He just always seems so… so.. I dunno. Serious?"

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