Fort Weyr - Living Cavern
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Cyrus had spent a good amount of time in the living cavern earlier in the day during the thunderstorm that had raged, but after the storm subsided he went back to the barracks and rested for awhile. After waking up again he got a few more of the assigned chores down and now finds himself once more in the living cavern eating dinner. He is seated by himself at one of the tables. No other candidates with him…or in the entire cavern for that matter. All are busy doing other things. Which is fine with Cyrus because presently he is lost in thought, idly having some leftover soup as he gazes into nothing.

Nothing like the first storms of the warmer seasons! Quite the dampener in some regards, but others find the thunderstorms invigorating. Th'ero is one of those and he steps into the living caverns in riding gear that is still damp from being well soaked from the rains. He could have gone right back to his private weyr, but he decided to stop in the caverns instead. "… just a quick bite and something to warm my bones…" He can be heard murmuring to someone as he works the clasps of his heavy jacket loose. Scanning the caverns, he looks relieved to see the lack of crowds. "Timing seems good. Ah," One lone Candidate! Now that won't do, will it? "… Good day to you, Candidate Cyrus." he greets with a respectful nod of his head.

Kimmila was there, then she left, and now she's back, walking behind Th'ero and stomping some mud from her boots. "Cyrus is still here! Did Sairon kill those kids?"

Cyrus raises his hand in a salute to the weyrleader and to Kimm as well as they make their entrance, "Good day to you both as well." he responds in return. He smiles and shakes his head, "No. I think he took them out with him shortly after you left earlier. I actually have not been here the whole day. I went back to the barracks, got a bit of work done. Fed and oiled Aegnor so he wouldn't feel like I was ignoring him and then came back here to get something to eat for dinner. A fairly uneventful day all in all." Nothing to complain about anyway, "The barracks are quiet. Therynn and Bren are still sleeping off whatever the heck they are doing. Sairon is busy and the others not sure. Maybe Amythyst is working on her jewlery…"

"Kill those kids?" Th'ero echoes after Kimmila's statement, his brows lifting up in baffled inquiry. What in Faranth's name did he miss? The Weyrleader will shrug off his damp jacket and hang it over the back of a chair to dry out. "Ahh, I see. And is today a free day for you then, Cyrus?" he asks in a low voice, giving the Candidate a lingering look. Mind if he sits? Both of them! As Th'ero is still ever the gentleman and he will pull out a chair for Kimmila first and see her comfortably settled. "Can I get you anything?" he murmurs to her, an offer that is extended to Cyrus. "And for yourself?" He'll notice the soup bowl too late.

Kimmila shrugs out of her coat and sits in the seat Th'ero offers, settling with a smile. "Klah, and food." She's easy to please.

Cyrus shakes his head, "No I'm afraid I did not have a day off, but some chores are easier to finish earlier than others." he says with a smile, "Please…" he says as he motions to the chairs around him, "You are more than welcome." He is the weyrleader after all. He can sit wherever he pleases. He does smile though when he sees Th'ero pull out a chair for Kim, "No thank you. I'm doing just fine. In fact I'm pretty much finished. Just been sitting here thinking is all." Which is what he has been doing most of the day anyway, "Sairon has many gifts I'm sure, but looking after children isn't one of them. He was assigned nanny duty today. Kim and I helped him out."

Th'ero could sit wherever he pleases and do whatever he pleases but he doesn't. He's Weyrleader but does not abuse his rank and station and is not against mingling with folk of all rank, be they Weyr, Hold or Hall. Candidates? He enjoys to speak with them when he can. After all, some of them will be future riders! "Thank you. You've a point… some chores are easier," he muses, only to have a look of understanding cross his features. "Ahh, I see." Poor, poor Sarion. Th'ero does not envy him. There are days when just watching Kyzen for a few candlemarks strains his patience! "Klah and food." He'll clasp Kimmila's shoulder in a brief squeeze and then politely excuse himself. Th'ero won't be gone long before he's returning with drinks in hand and a drudge following with a tray laden with food. Even before he settles himself and the drudge sets the tray to the table, the Weyrleader glances back to Cyrus, "So what's on your mind of late?" Loaded question?

Kimmila smiles at Th'ero, watching him go, and then watching him return because both sides of him are equally pleasing to her eye. "Thank you," she says softly when he's returned. "Any more deep thoughts about dragons?"

And that is why Th'ero has Cyrus's provisional respect. Unlike some others who he has met. "They are indeed. Though honestly watching children isn't one of the worst ones. The group he had to watch was certainly 'busy' but nothing that can't be handled with a bit of patience and understanding." he says with a smile and a shrug. He glances over to Kimm when she apeaks, "I have nothing but deep thoughts on dragons, my future, life in general. I think its all fairly standard candidate stuff, even if I don't always feel I'm a standard candidate."

"Welcome. Here," Th'ero speaks softly to Kimmila and pulling the tray closer, he will hastily divvy up the food and offer her her plate first before taking his own. It's a rare sight, to see him doting so much on the bluerider, weyrmated though they've been for so many Turns. Rarer still to see the Weyrleader affectionate, even if on such a subtle note. "And what is the worst chore then, do you think? Tending children can be… stressful, if anything. Some don't mind it and others cannot handle the pressure." he admits and then chuckles when Kimmila cuts straight to it. "It doesn't hurt to think on those things, Cyrus. Fairly standard, yes. But have you found it helps?" Tilting his head, he'll take a small bite of food as he studies the Candidate closely. "What makes you think you are not standard?"

Kimmila looks surprised as Th'ero tends to her, but her smile is grateful as she accepts the plate and begins to quietly eat, glancing between the two men. Curious, to be sure, to hear what Cyrus has to say and if he's made progress from their earlier conversation.

Cyrus enjoys seeing couples together. He always has. Darsce and Jeth were an example back at Xanadu. He smiles, but says nothing. It would be both rude and ruin the moment and he wouldn't do that for anything, "Nahh. Kids are never stressful. I nearly completed my study in pediatrics as a specialty before I switched to mind healing. My masters thought I would be better suited. They said that I liked puzzles far too much for my own good and that my obsessiveness would help. Who was I to argue?" he asks in a more rhetorical fashion. He licks his lips for a moment before shaking his head, "Honestly probably not. I've nearly turned in this damn knot at least 10 times since I said yes. I was even nearly to your office once. Had my resignation speech all planned. But something holds me back." When Th'ero asks what makes him think he isn't a standard candidate, "Do you want the short list or the long?" he asks, "For starters…I have a notorious problem with authority. I can't keep my mouth shut to save my life. I've been told my opinions range from insane to….well heretical for a lack of a better way to put it, and yet I'm still here and yet Velokraeth chose me. Its a paradox that I cannot solve. Even the person closest to me couldn't help but react in shock and try to dissuade me. Lest you think I'm depressed or lack self esteem I can assure you I'm just trying to be as open as I can. My emotional state is not a motivating factor." After saying all that negative stuff he said about himself he does feel the need to balance it out a bit, "I'm also driven to do the right thing. I will fight for it, even die for it. And while I may not be perfect with protocol if I find someone I can respect would follow them to the ends of the earth. I will do whatever they asked of me. And I'd like to think I have a marevelous sense of humor…"

Th'ero chuckles dryly, "Those could be famous last words, you know, Cyrus." he teases the Candidate gently on the remark of kids not being stressful but otherwise does not pursue the topic further. The Weyrleader is content to pick at his plate as he listens to Cyrus, his interest keen enough and his eyes never quite drifting from the Candidate. Looks like he has a rapt audience? Especially for the talk of stepping down. That brings a slight frown and there's the obvious desire to ply so many questions to him but Th'ero holds his tongue and glances sidelong to Kimmila instead. Is this what they discussed earlier? "You'd not be the only one with issues regarding authority, Cyrus. Some just find it a difficult thing to adapt or adjust to. As for your opinions, well… Clearly you've learned a lesson of sorts if you can openly admit that it's a fault and that takes a certain type of character." And why does he look amused at this? Or give Kimmila another look? Th'ero's always enjoyed a bit of crypticness among a supposedly "open" conversation. Taking another bite of his meal, he'll wash it down with some of his drink as he mulls over the last of his answer to Cyrus and once his mouth is clear he will speak in a quiet tone. "You know what I think? It's what any Candidate faces. Nerves. Uncertainty. There is so much to face that is unknown and cannot be determined until the day those eggs Hatch. We all have our faults, Cyrus, but what you've claimed are your virtues are good ones to have and hold to."

Kimmila eats slow and steady, glancing at Th'ero from time to time with a little return grin for his looks. A smirk, even. "See it through, Cyrus," she encourages quietly. "On Hatching day, you'll know, one way or the other. Either your dragon is out there, or it's not. You'll know soon enough."

Cyrus doesn't seem to even be sucessful at running himself down. Does Cyrus suck at everything or what? "Oh at this point I don't think I could do anything else. I'm along for the ride wherever it ends. Just don't want to end up reminding you of this conversation down the road sometime when you find out personally how much of a pain in the ass I can be." he can't help but smile a little. He actually finds himself rather liking both of these individuals despite his better judgement, "You are the first Weyrleader I've met that has talked to me as a person, and not as a 'resource' to be commanded. You are also the first weyrleader I've met that seems to treat riders and non riders the same. And you are the first weyrleader I've met who isn't so insecure that he has to go around saying he is weyrleader every 5 seconds to convince himself of that fact. You intrigue me. I might just have found a good man…and woman." he notes for Kim's sake too since she certainly qualifies.

"Kimmila has the right of it," Th'ero gives his weyrmate another fleeting look and smile and unseen beneath the table his hand will come to rest against her leg and gently squeeze. "You'll know soon enough where your path will lead. Be it onwards to a dragon rider or back to your Craft or to a whole new course. There's no shame in any of them." He'll quickly finish off the last of his plate and he has just taken his drink in hand again when he pauses in lifting it to his lips. To say Cyrus' words surprise him is an understatement, though Th'ero is careful to school his expressions and keep them respectfully neutral when in truth, the Weyrleader is a touch flattered but also a little uncomfortable under so much praise. At least he doesn't squirm in his seat? He is on the inside, but remains quite still otherwise. "It is true, every Weyrleader is different and takes a different approach to his Leadership and what he expects of his Weyr and her residents and riders…" he murmurs after clearing his throat. "I do my best to be honourable and just and protect those under Fort's territory — be it rider and weyrfolk, holder or Crafter." He will dip his head, however, in silent acceptance to Cyrus' praise and then his head turns towards the entrance. His eyes take on the characteristic unfocused look of any rider conversing with his dragon and by Th'ero's sigh that follows when he focuses again, it's not entirely good news. "I'm afraid our talk will be cut short. Wingmate? We're needed. M'icha is insisting we look over his new lesson plans." RIGHT NOW. Weyrlingmasters! They're a breed of their own. Pushing back his chair, he will grab his jacket and try not to grimace at the dampness lingering in the fabric. Ugh. "Good luck to you, Candidate Cyrus. Know that my office door is always open if you are feeling… conflicted. Clear skies!" Th'ero will respectfully wait for any further farewells before gesturing for Kimmila to follow him as he walks back out to the bowl.

Kimmila laughs. "Oh good," she says dryly, "I'm glad I fit in there somewhere. Glad I'm not the only good bluerider you've met." Her hand vanishes beneath the table to cover Th'ero's and return the squeeze, smiling at him. They're hardly a mushy, PDA couple…there's no simpering looks of adoration in Kimmila's eyes, but there's an easy smile. Relaxed and calm. When Cyrus goes on to praise Th'ero, Kimmila grins. Both because it's true, and because she knows it's making Th'ero squirm. She giggles at his reply as well. "So humble and diplomatic. Bet you're the first humble, diplomatic Weyrleader Cyrus has met too. With the best hair," she adds, grinning and gently teasing him. "He is the best Weyrleader on Pern," she says to Cyrus, firm in that statement. Good for him for noticing what she's known all along. She grins when they're summoned. "I guess this means he's finally looked at my suggested plan of having the dragons tightrope walk across the bowl…" She winks at Cyrus (she's not helping), grabs her coat, and follows her Weyrmate back outside.

Cyrus can't help get one last comment in, "No there is no shame in any of it." he says with a smile, "It isn't a difference in leadership styles its a difference in both goodness and competance. Remember that…" he says to emphasize the point. If he meant something specific by it, he doesn't take it any father now, "Good evening to the both of you." he says with an offered salute, "I hope your evening is both productive and pleasant."