Mountain Pass - Fort Weyr - Glacier Lake
Wind and water washed stones of harsh gray and black scatter the area surrounding a large bright greenish-blue body of water. As if carved out with a spoon the land abruptly dips down into a deep and pure crystal lake, where the bottom is visible because of how clear the lake actually is. The water is a strikingly contrast with the cold harsh landscape that surrounds it. The shore is rugged with large boulders and chunks of rock prevent easy access to the shore line, making it less than ideal for swimming. Of course, the water is also freezing to the touch as its source is the glacier nestled between the higher peaks of the mountainsides surrounding it. Marks exist higher along the walls of the gully, a washed out white water mark showing the variability of the water level, scarring the stone as a permanent reminder of what once was.
To the west of the lake, hidden in the grove of rock, is a foundation built up with matching stones. Its very indistinguishable against the background, often hidden from view as it so easily blends in. It spreads out away from the lake and towards more forgiving and friendlier grounds where some soil holds dominance over rock and ice. Once in disrepair, the entire structure has been rebuilt and expanded and in this rugged terrain it looks so inviting and welcoming despite it's odd location.
Still, to the north, the mountain peak towers into the clouds, often covered with snow and ice. This is where the glacier roosts, some hundreds of feet further up. Scaling it requires a skilful climber with ice and rock climbing gear. Its also treacherous and known for unforeseen fissures and the odd avalanche. Caution is aired when heading up that route.

So, what's something you can do to a man who dislikes the cold, grew up in the tropics in a fishing hold, and therefore hates fishging? Ice fishing, obviously, is a perfectly logical outing. And thus, Kimmila is tugging (perhaps literally) Th'ero towards the lake while Varmiroth (and likely a bronze companion) settle down nearby to watch. "It's fun, c'mon," she teases. "You cut a hole in the ice, and sit and fish. Then you go inside the cabin and warm up."

At least it's not raining? Or Kimmila would be dragging a much more reluctant Th'ero out over the forests and towards the still frozen lake. The Weyrleader would even go as far as to shed his pride and totally pull the 'dig my heels in and play limp rag doll' card and see just how long the bluerider's strength would last trying to lug his dead weight… Alas, even if it's cold (he'll suck it up) and it's fishing (maybe he's curious how it's done with ice), Th'ero humors her and follows, but not without a few grumbles and mutterings. He can't make it TOO easy, right? "And what if we all fall through it?" he can be heard firing back at her teasing as he carries the necessary supplies they need. "Soaked and frozen doesn't quite seem fun." Velokraeth has settled close to Varmiroth, finished with his duty as transport and now delighting in watching the two riders, looking far too smug and amused.

Another dragon has joined the group, Niumdreoth turns slightly as he makes his way down towards the snowy ground before, a bugling greeting is sent towards Velokraeth and Varmiroth as he settles down upon the ground. Abigail glances around curiously while undoing her straps soon hoping down and taking with her what looks like a fishing pole and a few other things. Seems others have showed up for the fishing. At least Abbey grew up at Fort Hold so she is use to the cold weather, mostly…

Kimmila turns around as others begin to arrive, and she happily waves at Abigail. "You go inside," she says with a wry grin. "But the ice is so thick we won't fall through. Now," she says, stopping on the edge and digging into her pack for some shallow spikes, "put these on your boots, tie them, and we'll head out. See those flags? Each one is an ice hole."

Th'ero snorts and eyes the ice warily, not quite as confident as Kimmila and even goes as far as to nudge it with the tip of his boot. "Guess it does last longer at this height," he admits reluctantly and then reaches down to accept the spikes. Turning them over, he exhales and shrugs, doing as the bluerider instructs. "How'd you become an expert at this anyhow?" he drawls, giving her a teasing look before his eyes turn skyward as Niumdreoth bugles his greeting and Velokraeth is answering in his rich and honeyed voice, welcoming the brown with a sweep of his wing that is almost a 'come and join us' gesture. With the spikes in place on his boots, Th'ero straightens and offers a wave to Abigail, only to blink as he spies the pole she carries. "How'd you know?" he calls to her, only to then look a touch awkward and sheepish. "Or… do you ice fish too?" Duh?

Abigail hums a faint tune to herself while she moves along heading on out towards the ice, a wave is sent towards Kimmila and Th'ero. "Hello Weyrleader, Kimmila. How are ye both doing?" At the question from Th'ero, a soft ah escapes her before she grins. "I just knew? Aye, I do. Just haven't done it in a while. Can be fun actually." Niumdreoth shifts, wings are given a shake and he makes his way on towards both the bronze and blue. « Hello hello! »

Kimmila grins crookedly at her weyrmate. "I grew up here, remember?" she teases. "Hey, Abigail! Join us? I'm doing great but I don't know about Mr. grumpy pants here."

Maybe Th'ero's balance slipped or maybe he's fumbling with the poles he's carrying, but one just happens to "accidentally" thwap Kimmila against the back of her legs right around her witty name calling. Regardless, he's feigning innocence by pretending not to have noticed and instead has his eyes turned towards Abigail. "I'll have to take your word for it. I've fished before but not on or through ice. It just seems… odd. And I do remember," he drawls as he turns back to Kimmila with a smirk. "I just did not peg you as the type to do it." Taking the first step out onto the ice, he seems content to let the two women take charge in this and pick out the marked spots. "I'm doing just fine, Abigail. Yourself?" Mr. Grumpy pants indeed!

Abigail sends a slight glance towards Th'ero as Kimmila calls him 'grumpy pants', she can't help herself and just grins. No she would never say such a thing but still it is amusing. "Sure, don't mind if I do. It'll be fun, especially when ye catch something." Though how many fishermen go out and start catching something right away? Could take a little bit of time before they start to bite like any other fishing trip someone might take. A soft chuckle escapes her but that is about it. "I'm doing well, little bit of fishing always good to help relax some as well."

Kimmila snorts, eying Th'ero with a 'I know that was on purpose' look. She doesn't comment on it though. Yet. On the ice, she moves with a growing confidence as she gets used to the spikes again. "What's got you tense?" she asks Abigail as they make their way out to the hole in the ice. Someone has thoughtfully set out cushions for them to sit on and hopefully keep from getting too cold.

No one better mention that it'll take TIME! Otherwise Th'ero may be finding an excuse to beat a hasty retreat. Though truthfully, he should know it will. He fished most of his young life, how would this be any different? "Don't mind you joining at all, Abigail!" he says towards the Wingsecond, flashing her a welcoming smile as if to reassure her. "Mhm, that it could." He goes on to agree, only to fall silent as Kimmila asks the same question that crosses his mind. The look he gets from the bluerider only has his smile broadening to one that is almost mischievous and it certainly flashes briefly in his eyes before he's focusing on walking on the ice. And they'll find that he's SLOW about it. HAH! Looks like Th'ero does not have ice walking skills… spikes or no as he follows along.

Abigail tilts her head, a smile seen and she shrugs. "Nothing really at the moment to tell. Still, don't mind the fishing part, nice ta get out for a spell too." As for walking across the ice she doesn't have much problem, though she did pause to get a set ofher own spikes on her boots to help in the walking.

Kimmila leaves Th'ero behind then, and when she reaches the ice hole she picks up the metal rod and begins breaking the hole apart with it. While the rest of the ice is several feet thick, this hole is only a few inches and clearly was open not too long ago. Which makes it easy to re-open. Laying the stick down, she settles onto a cushion to bait a hook and drop it in. And then the waiting begins, as she digs into her pack for the insulated klah skin.

Th'ero quirks a brow up and his gaze lingers curiously on Abigail for a few moments, but he won't pry her further. If the brownrider doesn't want to talk, then he leaves it at that. "It is nice to get out." he agrees and his mouth twists into a bemused smile. Yes, the Weyrleader did just cryptically admit that he may actually not be minding this little adventure so much. He won't take forever in joining them and once Kimmila has picked a spot, he will join her at her side and crouch down to start setting up his gear. "That klah?" he asks, hopeful as she begins to rummage about, taking a lucky guess as he settles heavily on an empty cushion next to her.

Abigail isn't one to talk about things on her mind often, which is one of those moments it would seem. She pauses next to the spot that was picked and there is stuff around so that is rather nice as well. Her pack is set down, along with her fishing pole. Speaking of klah there is a pause while she fishes out a thermos from her pack and shakeshakes it. "I have some.. Just in case."

"Of course it's klah," Kimmila says with a crooked grin. And after a loooong moment of apparent indecision, she holds it out, "Want some? Or you can drink Abby's and let me have mine."

Th'ero is not one to usually ramble on about his personal thoughts either and so in that respect he and Abigail are alike — in a way. Glancing between both her and Kimmila, he looks a few shades of embarrassed. "I'd not have thought to bring any." he remarks with a sheepish smirk. As his weyrmate seems indecisive about sharing and his pride will not allow him to mooch off of Abigail, he simply waves off the offer. "I'll survive. My fault for failing at the first rule of ice fishing, it seems." Shaking his head, he can at least chuckle as he goes about baiting a hook and tossing it in. "Only thing I brought are my knives and the fishing gear. Figure if we actually catch anything, may as well have the tools to prepare it! Cabin has the cooking stuff." At least the thought… somewhat ahead?

Abigail smirks a bit as she hears Kimmila before her pale gaze settles on Th'ero. A smile seen and she offers him the klah. "Sok.. I happened to bring two with me actually." This said with an amused tone, she does like klah that much after all. She'll wait to see if Th'ero takes the klah before going about picking up her pole and getting the hook baited and tossed into the cold waters below.

Kimmila snorts and rolls her eyes, pushing the klah skin at Th'ero. "Go on then, but you owe me." Then she takes her skin back and laughs, a short, very amused sound. "Well there, see? She was prepared enough for you, too. Looks like you owe her now. Maybe mud wrestling." In a playful and teasing mood, the bluerider chuckles and pulls up her line before dropping it again.

He's gone from no klah to too much klah! Th'ero can only accept both, too startled to protest — at first. Once his mind kicks into gear and he gives his head a brisk shake, he mutters. "Seriously, you guys don't have to pity me." So Kimmila will have her skin returned, untouched and with a crooked smirk. He'll keep Abigail's thermos though, since she claims it's a 'second'. Apparently that is a loophole he can accept! "I only owe her," he points out to his weyrmate. "I didn't touch your klah." Snorting at the suggestion of payback, he gives the bluerider a sharp look though his eyes flash with amusement. "Nah, we've already done that. Right, Abigail?" he drawls towards the brownrider. "Save the rematch for the festival. I could just owe her fresh klah?" Boring!

Abigail chuckles as she shifts while sitting on the pillow, her knees tucking close to her while she works on keeping warm now. "I'm not giving ye pity sir." She offers with a tilt of her head, pale gaze watching him curiously at that. "Merely sharing." This said while she grins. At the bit on the mud wrestling, a faint ah escapes her while she just shakes her head and chuckles. "Aye we did.. The rematch is only to be done at the festival." This said while she nods at the thought, no mud wrestling to festival.

Kimmila wiggles the line and gives them each a little grin. "It's fun to pity you though," she teases.

Th'ero shrugs his shoulders and dips his head towards Abigail. Pity or sharing, it seems to amount near enough to the same in his head. Regardless, he'll lift the thermos up to toast his thanks to her before setting it safely aside. At Kimmila's teasing, he snorts and shifting on his cushion to lean forwards, he begins to check on his line. As he lifts the pole again, it once more "accidentally" smacks into the bluerider's legs. Oops? This time though he does glance at her from the corner of his eye before playing innocent. See the halo? It's held up by horns. "Fun for whom? You two? Care to tell me what's so entertaining about it?" he drawls to Kimmila, though sweeps his gaze to Abigail to include her, curious on her input as well. Though it may have to wait, as just as he sets his pole back into place, the tip dips down and wavers. Dip, release, dip. Something is nibbling and then takes it, leaving Th'ero to grab at the fishing pole before it's yanked down into the depths.

Abigail chuckles softly and nods to Th'ero, she also fishes out that other thermos that she had in her pack and takes the top off to get a sip from it. She does look amused as she watches the antics between the pair, a slight shake of her head seen while she looks back to the water and gives her pole a slight wiggle. "I'm so not in this conversation.." To prove this she is sipping at her klah once more. She can't talk while she is drinking after all.

Kimmila doesn't even take her eye off the line. When Th'ero bumps her, she punches his thigh. Payback. "Because it's easy," she drawls back at him, and even tosses in a wink. She grins excitedly though when he seems to have caught something, reaching out to try and help. But she does flash Abigail a grin.

"What do you mean you're not in this conversation?" Th'ero fires towards Abigail when he's not distracted trying to wrestle in whatever has hooked onto his line. He'll shoot a mock glare at Kimmila as she punches his thigh. "Ow!" he growls at her, "And it is NOT!" It so is. Rolling his eyes, he shifts off his cushion and truly begins to reel in the line. How sweet of his weyrmate to come and help and biting at his lower lip as he struggles with the last of the fight (or he's trying hard not to snicker and grin), he hauls back on the pole and up pops a decent sized fish. Good enough for eating but nothing to go spinning tales about. And with a deft flick of his hands, he sends it flying… right into Kimmila's lap or her legs or just in her general direction. With his luck, she'll get it in he head and really pay for it. "Catch!" he calls at her and then shoots Abigail a look that could read like 'be ready to run'. Or is it 'be ready to duck?' Not that the brownrider is in any danger.

Abigail just grins, a slight wave of her hand seen. "Simple.. Means I an't talking on it or tossing in me thoughts." Unless forced, not that she comments on that part. A faint snerk escapes her as she watches them, and there is a shake of her head while she glances to the hole, curiously watching a moment to see what Th'ero may have caught. "Nice catch!" This said before the fish goes flying towards Kimmila which makes her eyes widen a moment at the sight. "Oh dear.." Escapes her and she chuckles softly before pulling her line in, hook and bait is gone. She is back to checking her pack for more such things thought comes up empty, knowing she brought extra she is up and turning to slip off back to Niumdreoth to find her other pack. Looks like the timing was good on her account, she can run and duck if needs be on the way there. "Back in a few moments, need to find the rest of me hooks." Special hooks, hooks that fish like to eat it would seem.

Kimmila has a FISH FLYING AT HER HEAD. Lifting her arms she yelps, instinctively pushes the fish away and it bounces off her hands, down into her lap, and then with a wiggle and a flick, it *plops* back into the hole and vanishes.

Not their dinner! Th'ero's laughter abruptly ends in a startled exclamation as he is suddenly trying to lunge forwards as the fish goes bouncing and flopping. It is too awkward of a movement to do and he moves too slow, not that it keeps him from dunking his hand into the water in a futile attempt to grab it. "Shard it all!" he swears, more disappointed than he is truly upset. What'd he expect?
Kimmila blinks, and then she laughs. And laughs, loud and long, clutching her stomach and rocking. And laughs some more

Th'ero sighing, he sits back on his heels and peers to where Abigail was once seated but has now returned to Niumdreoth. He'll wave briefly to her and then Kimmila's laughter is ringing out and he turns sharply to glare at her. Not that he means it, to judge from the broad grin that splits his features and the deep chuckles following his words. "Enjoying your payback?" he drawls and gives her a rough nudge to her legs with his elbow. Rolling his eyes again, he baits his hook again and sets the pole back firmly into place.

Kimmila laughs some more and then shakes her head, wiping at her eyes as she catches her breath. "Hey, hey, don't push me in!" she says when he nudges her, and then she's giggling again.

"Hole is too small," Th'ero drawls with sarcasm and mirth, her laughter and giggling too infectious to ignore. Not that he wants too and he continues to chuckle heartily along with her. Then he grabs her boot by the ankle and begins to drag her forwards. "Might be able to shove half your leg in there though! That's a start, eh? Wonder if the fish will prefer some bluerider as bait…" he teases. All in play… right?

Kimmila gasps and shoves him now, "Don't call me fat!" she says, but she only laughs a moment later. Then she's yelping, gently kicking at him to try and get him to let her go.

Whoops! He totally just did — sort've. Th'ero laughs, taking her shove easily and then deflects her kicking as she tries to make him let her go. He's not done with her yet though and keeping his grip strong he will haul her across the ice until her boot is inches from the water. "You said don't push you in, but you said nothing about pull!" he teases her and lowers that boot down just enough to get the very tip of the sole wet before he's abruptly letting her go. Sitting back on his cushion, he looks far to amused and smug for his own good.
Kimmila snorts as she scrambles back to her cushion and huddles up for warmth. "Catch something already so we can go eat."

Did he go too far? Th'ero continues to chuckle even if Kimmila has quit laughing. "We'd have had our dinner if you had caught that fish!" he remarks dryly, shooting her another crooked grin. If he hadn't gone to far before, he might've then. Settling himself comfortably on the cushion, he will help himself to that thermos Abigail left for him.

Kimmila snorts again, eying him for a long moment before she laughs, tucking her knees to her chin. "I wouldn't have dropped it if you hadn't have thrown at me," she fires back, grin coy. Dropping her hook into the water again, she lets it sink and settles in to wait.

Th'ero waves a hand in a dismissive gesture that is also mocking and teasing to Kimmila. "Minor details!" he drawls, flashing her a sidelong look and a wry smirk. "Figured you'd have the reflexes for it!" Ooh, is that a challenge? It might be. Not much has changed out here on the lake. They are both still seated on cushions by the same hole in the ice and the fish that Th'ero had just begun to reel in before Abigail had made her departure is no where to be seen and likely the source of whatever banter is being tossed between the Weyrleader and his weyrmate. The weather continues to hold clear and fair, but cold and while Th'ero sips at the cup from the thermos of klah that the Wingsecond had left with him, he's likely silently grateful for it. Reaching out with his boot, he tries to playfully kick-nudge at one of Kimmila's, only to then point past her to where her pole is resting. "Better tend to that!" he drawls. Is the line dipping? Could be!

Kimmila just eyes him for a long moment, like a predator deciding if their prey is worth the trouble or not. In the end, Kimmila must decide not, since she just quirks a little grin and turns back to her pole. Shifting her grip, she bobs the line and then grunts softly as there's a sharp tug. Pulling up and reeling in, she settles into a well known rhythm, though she's a bit awkward with it. "I hope," she pants between hauls on the line, "it has teeth…so when…I throw it at you…it'll bite…" How sweet.

Abigail has made her way back after the time it took to look through her things and finally found a small box of hooks. A soft humming tune escaping her as she walks along the ice. It takes her a few moments before she is back to her seat and she settles down upon it. "So.. What did I miss?" This questioned with a curious glance towards the pair as she goes about putting a new hook on her poll and getting some bait on it before dropping it back into the water.

Th'ero stares right back at Kimmila for her long, sizing look and then chuckles softly when she only quirks a little grin at him. Shifting on the cushion, he rests on his knees now and cocks his head a bit to the side to watch as the bluerider begins to wrestle with the fishing pole. And does he help? Of course not. "Only if it manages to latch on to me!" he taunts back, his grin implying it all: he totally intends to expertly catch it if she dares! Karma, if it exists here on Pern, would not yield a fish with teeth in this case, but one with spines. Nice, sharp and stinging spines. That'll learn him. Glancing away as Abigail rejoins them, Th'ero's grin remains in place as he juts his thumb back at Kimmila. "We HAD dinner, but it got away. Now it's round two." he drawls. "Find what you needed?"

"He threw it at me!" Kimmila argues. Pulling on the line some more, she comes up with a huge fish. Huge. Barely fits through the hole. And with a cry of smug triumph, she wrestles it up and tries to shove it at Th'ero, the whole slick, wiggling, massive fish.

Abigail shakeshakes her box of hooks. "Yeah, had to find my lucky box of hooks. Hopefully ones that the fish won't eat in one bite." There is a pause as she hears Kimmila, a slight grin seen before she shrugs. "Well, could be worse.. Somehow?" Sure! She eyes the fish that is yanked up through the whole, a slight whistle escaping her at the sight of it. "Nice catch Kimmila!" Then the fish is getting shoved towards Th'ero which makes her grin.

"What're you using as bait for those hooks?" Th'ero asks with mild interest to Abigail, only to then scoff and roll his eyes. "So what if I did? It's a FISH. Not like I threw needlethorn or something poisonous at you." he fires back to Kimmila, still grinning and then dipping his head towards Abigail again. "Exactly. It could have been worse." How? He doesn't go on to explain. The cry of triumph has him pulling his attention back to his weyrmate's struggle with her catch, only to swear loudly and expressively at the sheer size of it. "Shards and shells!" he finishes, only to laugh as she shoves the massive fish at him. Instantly he tries to grab for the tail, which is likely to impossible if the thing is flopping and thrashing about. But he's going to try!

Kimmila shrieks a laugh, delighted and amused at the sight of her weyrmate wrestling with the massive fish. "Get it!" she calls, probably unhelpfully.

Abigail shakes her head at the talk of the bait. "Can't tell.. Secret and all." This said with an amused tone. As for the bait it looks like small white squares of something or another. Her gaze flicks to watch the fish as it struggles about to try and free itself. "I think Th'ero has it.." Right, might Weyrleader get it! After all knowing her luck she would move in to help, knock into someone and then someone might be taking a swim.. Or something along those lines.

Th'ero almost drops his hold on the fish when Kimmila lets out that delighted shriek of a laugh and her call IS unhelpful, to judge by the glare he shoots at her. "Some help you are!" he fires back at her, but it's all in teasing fun! Grunting, he firms his grip on the fish, which only has it fight all the harder as it senses it's impending doom. "Shardin' slick bastard!" Th'ero swears out loud in a very undignified and un-Weyrleader like way. "Didn't peg you for the secret-bait type, Abigail!" he manages to answer her, belated and a bit breathless from his continued struggles. He then snorts, "Won't have it for long! Any of you mind lending a hand?" That is cue for his grip to slip again as the fish gives a good buck and flail, which sends it not towards the hole but skittering and flopping towards Abigail.

Kimmila grins at Abigail, and then laughs again at Th'ero, in a very undignified and un-supportive sort of way. She just stays by the hole. She'll make sure nothing falls back into the lake, be it fish or human. That's her job.

Abigail chuckles now at the talk of the bait. "Oh come on.. I have to have some secrets around this place. Even if it is just /fish/ bait." There is a pause as the fish is flopping and skittering towards her pole is left to the side of her pillow and she tries to grab out at the fish. It takes her a few tries before she can even get a hand on the fish and it does an about-turn and whacks her in the face during a half jump to try and find freedom somewhere in the air, silly fish. "Shells and shards.." A few other words are herd but there nothing nice as she scrambles to try and get the fish.

"Wasn't implying you had to spill any non-fish related secrets," Th'ero remarks dryly, but his crooked smirk still carries enough of an amused tilt to it that it's clear that he's still joking about. Rare to see in the Weyrleader but given the situation… even he can't resist! He shoots Kimmila another look for her continued laughter and unhelpfulness and then proceeds to act the 'child' and scrape his spiked-laced boots over the ice in a way to send a fine spray of 'snow' in her direction. Oops, foot must've slipped! He is, after all, trying to go after that massive fish before it can wreak havoc. Too late, as poor Abigail gets a slap in the face for her efforts. "Hold on, I'll grab it again!" Th'ero growls, already lunging forwards to snag the now weakening fish by the tail again. It continues to thrash but not with as much vigor. "Someone's got to do the deed already! Going to be one of you. My hands are occupied." A pointed look is fired at Kimmila then. Well?

Kimmila laughs again, shielding her face from the spray, and then she steps forward. Waiting until the fish's head is relatively still and against the ice, she just…stomps on it. That's one way to kill a fish, though it takes two stomps to truly kill it. Even the huntress grimaces slightly. "There."

Abigail chuckles as she hears Th'ero talk about the fish and non-fish related secrets. "Funny." She offers with an amused tone and shake of her head while she rubs at her face a moment while the fish escape her fully. Though Th'ero is there to save the day, to some degree at least." At the sudden stomping kill from Kimmila she eyes the fish a few moments. "One way to do it.. Nice catch Kimmila." This said with a grin.

"What was?" Th'ero asks and is glancing to Abigail, puzzled for a moment. Before he can ask further however, help is finally on the way! Though NOT how he expected it. Giving a startled grunt and yelp of surprise when Kimmila's boot comes down once, then twice, on the poor fish, he grimaces and adverts his eyes. Even he has limits. "Shards, I had a tool for that you know!" he mutters, but looks up at her with a thankful glance and then hauls away Kimmila's prized fish. Seems he's going to set to work on HER catch! "This should be able to feed us all easily, if we're looking to fry him up now." he goes on to say as he returns to his cushion and rummages through his supplies. "Or are you two wanting to try for a few more?"

Kimmila blushes a bit (or is that the cold?) at their reactions to her stomp/kill. "Well…I improvised," she mutters, shifting off to sit down again. "I'm fine with just that one I think," she says, eying the fish with a mixture of regret and pride. "Thanks," she adds to Abigail.
Abigail shakes her head to Th'ero. "Nothing.." Is offered quickly as she isn't to eager to say just what was funny it seems! She wipes her hands off and shifts back to settle against her pillow while tilting her head to eye the fish pondering. "I wonder if we can catch some more about that size." Well it is an idea.

Th'ero only stares, bewildered, by Abigail's continued reluctance to share. Part of him is frustrated and the other intrigued and wanting to pry at her some more. But that is rude and he has already stepped out of his Weyrleader shell enough with his laughter and joking about. So the Wingsecond is safe — for now. "Probably can with enough patience and the right bait. Won't be today, that's for sure. Luck like that never strikes twice." he murmurs and looks over to Kimmila. Sensing, perhaps, by her blush that he was a bit too blunt with his words, even if jest. "Well, your choice of improvisation did the trick for sure. Now you've a tale to tell! And we can only hope he's delicious enough to make the struggle worth it. You wanting the honors of prepping the beast, Kimmila? Your catch after all." Straightening from where he had knelt over his supply bag, he then holds out his gloved hand and gripped safely within it is a knife used to descale the fish. Resting safely against his thigh and in his other hand is a deboning knife, which he will only pass over if the bluerider agrees.

Kimmila shifts her weight to get comfortable on the pillow once more. "Go for it," she says to Th'ero with a smile. "You're better at it than I am." Glancing at Abigail, she leans forward a bit. "So what's this special bait you use?" Either she missed their earlier conversation or she's decided to try and pry.

Abigail doesn't even offer Th'ero another glance as she is busy picking up her pole and giving it a slight tugtug, though nothing is there just yet. A glance is sent to Kimmila and she grins a bit before pointing towards a small tin that holds the small white pieces of bait. "Pieces of animal fat with a small bit of meat still on it. The fat basically slowly drifts through the water getting the fish to come closer, in a sense." There is a pause as her ling is pulled at from something in the water.

"I guess I do have the steadier hands," Th'ero drawls, flashing Kimmila a swift grin as he cannot resist teasing her one last time. Shrugging, he sets himself down comfortably on the cushion and goes about arranging all he will need to 'work'. He does so swiftly and with apparent skill, the knife moving cleanly and evenly as he scrapes off the scales and then moves on to deboning the fish. No need for details there, but he hardly flinches and anything he discards is flicked away and immediately set upon by his firelizards and any others bold enough to sneak in and off with a few tidbits. Waste not, want not! "Ahh, clever!" he speaks up, though his eyes never leave his hands. Not a smart thing to do when handling sharp knives and delicate work!

Kimmila grins when Abigail gives up her secret. "Sounds like a great bait," she compliments, turning her head to watch Th'ero work. Impressed, as always, by his skill despite his dislike for the sea. "Steadier hands, right…" she mutters, grin crooked. "We should probably head inside then, and start a fire. Did you get something there, Abigail?"

Abigail catches sight of how Th'ero deals with the fish and makes it a point to not give him a reason to use the knives near her mind you. "Ye two can go on inside. I'm going ta see if I can get this here nibbler I think first." This said as she works on relling in whatever could be upon her hook.

"No rush," Th'ero tells Abigail and then looks up long enough to glance at the brownrider and then to Kimmila with a crooked smile. "Sounds good to me. I've had enough of this ice and cold. Cabin will have all we need to cook this," And with a bit of a flourish of his hands (yes, he's showing off!), he lays out the now deboned fish, cut neatly into two very sizeable filets that could likely be halved and still be plenty for one person. "Wanna wrap that up, Kimmila?" he asks while he goes about wiping his knives clean. Abigail has nothing to worry about, he'd never use these knives on anyone. That's what his dagger and sword are for, though those he left back IN his weyr. "You catch something too, Abigail?" Lifting his head, Th'ero cranes it a bit to see what she may (or may not have) snared.

Kimmila grins as she eyes the huge fillets, chuckling. "We need to bring in about five more people to eat all this…" Wrapping the fish up in a cloth, she heads towards the cabin to start the fire and see what other food stuffs are available.

Abigail peers down into the hole a moment while she reels the line in, which she has to work at for a few moments. "I think so.. Surely feels like it.." There is a pause as she thinks she sees something and then there is a snap at the line breaks and whatever was on her line is gone. "Well.. Whatever I had is gone now for sure." She smirks at the thought and shakes her head while she fixes up another hook, and bait seemingly determined to try and catch something. "Think I'll try again before calling it quits at the moment." While the others go to cook up that catch she rather grab her own it seems. Perhaps third time is a charm.

Th'ero clicks his tongue in a disappointed sound when the line snaps and Abigail's catch disappears back into the depths. "Pity!" he says as he slings his supply bag over his shoulder and pushes to his feet. Brushing off some of the snow and scales (eew!) that have stuck to his pants, he chuckles dryly for Kimmila's observation. "Maybe we'll bring back some for Kyzen and the others?" he muses, giving the brownrider a parting nod. "Best of luck, Abigail! Don't freeze out here trying to best Kimmila." he teases them both and then follows his weyrmate up the path and into the cabin. Once inside, he will kick off his boots rather than track through the rooms. "Leave the fish in the kitchen, I'll dig around for supplies. Mind starting a fire though?" he asks of her, setting his bag down and also slipping out of his jacket.

Mountain Pass - Snowbound Cottage
Upon entering, one is greeted with a broad, wide and open room of wood and stone. High ceilings allow for more illusion of space, the rafters above arranged in an almost artful and tasteful way to accentuate the shape and layout of the room. Large windows have been set into the wall facing the mountains and lake below and high above closer to the ceilings, allowing much of the natural light to fill the room. For nightfall, there are several hanging fixtures of metal rings, each capable of holding several clear containers of glows, along with several alcoves set into the walls within easy reach, leaving any guests capable to adjust how much or little glow-light they prefer. The rest of the decor is simple and rustic, with some of the wall space taken up by a few small paintings of Fortian or northern landscapes.
A large stone fireplace lines the other wall, the mantel decorated with a few tasteful pieces of pottery, the vases holding no flowers save for those placed there by visitors in the warmer seasons. Around the fireplace three low couches have been arranged around each other with various sized pillows arranged for even more cozy comfort. A large woven rug is spread out on the floor and an equally low but dark wood table rests on top of it, perfectly placed for easy access.
One one side of the wall where the fireplace rests, a small archway leads to a winding wooden staircase that leads to the private upstairs rooms and the balcony that overlooks the room below from the long hallway. The other side also boasts an archway, but it leads to another short hallway that opens up to a full kitchen, capable of keeping food and drink cool and a small stove for preparing meals. The cabinets are fully stocked as well with dishes, utensils and cookware.
Back towards those large mountain facing windows is an almost invisible wooden door. Even it's smaller glass windows look to be part of the design, allowing it to blend in so craftily. If one opens it though, it leads out the large and covered raised patio outside. Another staircase leads to the underside of the patio, where another sitting area is arranged for those wishing to enjoy the outdoors and the fire pit not too far away.

Kimmila nods her agreement to Th'ero and walks with him into the cottage, looking around with a smile. "So much better than how it used to be," she murmurs, setting the fish down in the kitchen and moving to the fireplace to start a fire. "So…nice and cozy. Warm. No holes in the roof." An improvement!

"Well worth the investment, then?" Th'ero muses as he gazes about the much improved cabin, lingering on some key points of the architecture. "Mhm, that is the point. Somewhere nice, cozy and safe between the Weyr, forest and wilds and the Hold. Glad to see that the caretakers have been tending to it well. Don't think I've been back here since… well, shards. Since Abigail, D'ani, Inri and the rest all Graduated." Leaving her to tend to the fire, he steps back into the kitchen but he can still easily hear her from there. She'll hear enough evidence of his rummaging, as well as some muttered comments. "Hope you don't mind if these are just pan fried. Seasoned. But nothing more." he calls to her.

Kimmila nods, "Very much worth it. Is it getting used often?" she calls as she gets the fire started and then wanders into the kitchen with a warm smile for him. "That sounds perfect, wingmate. Still can't believe the size of him. Hope he's delicious." Crouching down, she finally pulls the spikes off her boots and goes to put them near the door, before she gets the fire going a bit more warmly and sets out some of her outer layer of clothing to dry.

"I'd have to check with the Headwoman. She's been dealing with it mostly, but there are records and I've not heard otherwise." Th'ero says, raising his voice above the natural sounds of him moving about the kitchen and pulling out a frying pan and digging through the stores. He'll pause, looking up to return her warm smile as she joins him for a moment. "He should be. Got the right seasonings at least. Is there a setup to cook in that hearth? Or do I have to build one in here in the little hearth?" Which is dark and empty. "If it weren't so sharding cold, I'd use the fire pit outside." But from his tone, he wants to stay indoors if he can help it. As she crouches down to undo the spikes from her boots, he'll turn to tend to the fish, seasoning it to start and glancing at her curiously as she steps back to the main part of the cabin.

Kimmila nods, "Yeah, you can cook out here," she assures him, setting her spikes near the exit and peering out to make sure Abigail is fine. Not that her brown wouldn't alert them if something were amiss. "It's a nice place, I hope it's getting used and making us some marks…"

Th'ero looks rather relieved that he won't have to be trekking in and out of the cabin to have their dinner prepared. It won't take long for him to get the fish seasoned, mixing the spices and salt in a bowl before generously coating the filets in it. As he walks back to where Kimmila is in the main section, he'll be carrying the pan in one hand, a plate with the fish in the other and a small bottle of oil tucked under one arm. "Mind setting this in place then?" he asks with a crooked smile, offering her the pan and noting her peering towards the exit. "I'm sure Abigail is fine." he says with an uncertain look. Did he guess right? "It must be, or Talica would have been whining about it by now. Even if not by travellers, it's a good spot even for weyrfolk and riders."

Kimmila takes the pan with a nod and sets it in place, shifting back to give him plenty of room to work. Then she grins, since he did guess right. "True…" she says, looking around with a little smile. "So what are your next big plans for the weyr?"

Th'ero gets to work almost the second Kimmila has set the pan in place and once the oil has heated enough, he tosses in the filets which madly sizzle the moment they make contact. He doesn't quite pull his hand away fast enough and some of the oil spits onto his hand and causes him to inhale sharply and hiss out a curse as he wipes his hand against his tunic. "She'll come by if she wants to. Though I've the odd feeling our Thunderbird Wingsecond is… hiding something. Or many things." he murmurs, keeping his eyes focused on their dinner, less he burn it all and waste a prize fish to his lack of concentration. Even so, he laughs for her next question. "I've none? Nothing as grand as this," He lifts a hand to sweep over the room to indicate the cabin itself. "The usual festivals will go on regardless of my plans."

Kimmila winces in sympathy when she watches him get burned, shaking her head a bit. "You okay?" she asks quietly, before she glances towards the door again. "You think so?" she asks, thoughtfully. "What sorts of things?" Then she grins at him. "No? No plans? Shame…"
"I'm fine," Th'ero mutters as he shakes out his hand and inspects it. No damage done and so he goes right back to the task of cooking, this time managing to flip the fish without incident. "You don't think she was being a bit evasive?" he asks, looking up briefly to give Kimmila a curious look. He then shrugs, "Faranth if I know. Could be relationship or family. No idea. But it just didn't quite seem like… her? Or was she always so secretive?" At her grin, he shakes his head and finds himself mirroring it. "Shame? How is that shameful?" he muses. "Do you have some plan - or plans? - tucked up and hidden that you're just itching to share, then?"

Kimmila shrugs, "I don't know her that well," she admits. "Maybe she's always quiet? I don't know. Rarely spend time with just her." Then she laughs, rocking back on her heels and watching him for a moment before she shrugs. "Maybe? I think we should look at the farmland more closely. See how we can maximize our crops."

"Neither do I, but I just found it odd. Could be she just doesn't trust us to spill out whatever is nagging her. If there is anything and I'm not just being rude trying to assume and pry." Th'ero muses as he turns to pull the pan from the fire. "Damn. Forgot actual plates! Hold on." And he leaves, gone only for a few short seconds before he returns with two plates in hand and two bottles pinned under his arms. Drinks! He remembered those. "Found some cider, though it'll be room temperature. Could always mull it, if you didn't mind the wait?" he asks, before giving her a curious look. "The farmland? What's got your eye turned to that? Predicting a poor Turn?"

Kimmila chuckles. "Maybe it's none of our business," she teases him fondly, watching as he vanishes and returned. "Mulled sounds perfect," she admits, reaching for the plates. If he gives them to her, she'll dish out the fish for the two of them. "Are the rest of the fillets in the ice box?" Then she laughs. "No, but I've always loved the idea of farming for ourselves. Not having to rely on others. Plus, we're known for our garlic…there's got to be some way to turn a profit from that." Garlic festival!

"Actually, it IS my business." Th'ero drawls with a knowing little smirk. "As Weyrleader, if I am concerned about one of my riders, I can speak to them privately." Or snoop. Though given the type of man he is, he'll likely try to speak first and then sneak around later if he's overly concerned. He'll hand over the plate for Kimmila to take. "Mhm. Still plenty to go around. If you want seconds, ask. I swear, we could probably feed another three, four… possibly five hungry mouths from that one fish. Don't know how you managed to wrestle that thing to land and not snap the fishing pole clean in two." he murmurs and goes about preparing a small pot for the cider to mull in. He'll spice it too before finally joining her and sitting down on the couch by the hearth. It's midday, with the skies clear but the air cool. Up here, there is still some snow and the lake is still solidly frozen. Which is where there had been some ice fishing earlier, which led to Th'ero and Kimmila to retreat into the cottage to cook their prize while Abigail had remained out on the lake itself, intent on catching her own fish. "Garlic? Surely we already profit from trade in that staple. I do like the idea of upping our self sufficiency though. But where would we find land for this… project?" The Weyrleader can be heard clear enough, as he speaks in his usual low pitched voice to his weyrmate.

Along the path through the mountain Pass K'drozen comes walking slowly along, a pack on his back. He smiles as he spots Th'ero and Kimmila. "Hey there."

Kimmila nods, "Yeah, I know," she says with a grin, looking smug over her catch. Then she laughs, "I'm just /that/ good, Th'ero," she teases, giving him a saucy wink. Then she shrugs. "There's lots of land out there. Maybe we start another farming cothold. One that's more closely tied to the weyr… It's too bad Stonehaven doesn't have good farmland…" Turning her head when K'drozen appears in the doorway, she smiles. "Hey there! Want some fish? I caught a huge one."

"In some aspects… yes, you are just that good." Th'ero fires right back with the teasing, lowering his voice a little as he does and chuckling for that wink Kimmila gives him. "But I call 'beginners luck' on this one." So there! Reaching for his plate, he pauses midway to glance sidelong to her, distracted by the thread of conversation. He frowns. "Is the land bad up there? All of it?" he murmurs, thoughtful now as he tries to recall the details. He shakes his head then, "Forming cotholds is… Hold business. I suppose we could pitch the idea to them but you know how they are about their borders. They bicker enough between themselves. But is there land within the Weyr limits?" Th'ero will lean back as he looks up, his plate of fried fish forgotten as his head turns to seek out the source of the third voice. Kimmila's greeting is swiftly followed by one of his own. "Good day, K'drozen! What's brought you up this far? Hiking?" He then snorts, amused by the bluerider's claim. "She's not lying. I could grab a filet from the ice box and fry it. We've some cider mulling on the fire too."

K'drozen chuckles and says, "You caugh a huge one huh?" he smiles, "sure I wouldn't mind some at all." he looks to Th'ero and nods, "I like to get out and up here on my off days. IT is pieceful up here."

Kimmila laughs, reaching out with her free hand to try and smack Th'ero's arm. "I've been fishing a /long/ time, Weyrleader dear," she drawls. "At Stonehaven? It's really rocky and they have a short growing season. Not that they couldn't grow /some/ things but it's hardly the best piece of farmland in our territory. And yes, there's land. Plenty of forested lands. We could clear some for smaller plots. The trees should provide protection from the elements…" Right? She's no farmer, but it makes sense. "You're up here a lot, K'drozen?"

Th'ero's arm will be smacked and he will withdraw it with a hurt look that is utterly faked. "Since when? I knew you hunted, but fishing?" he drawls, only to wrinkle his nose a bit for her choice of 'dear' after his title. Ugh. "Mhm, you're right. I forgot they were in the higher elevations." Scratch that idea then and he's lifting a hand up to scratch along his jawline in thought. "Don't know if I like the idea of clearing forests… unless we can find some natural open clearings and just modify them a bit." Who knew Th'ero would be so against a bit of clear cutting? "Shards if I know, Wingmate. I'm the born fisherman. I know only the seas, not the land. Couldn't hurt to ask a few farmers though. Sure the Craft wouldn't mind parting with some knowledge." Right. "That's the purpose of this place. A peaceful retreat for those travelling or just needing a nearby escape." Th'ero muses as he pushes to his feet, nodding to K'drozen as he does. "Go on and sit, I'll get that fish." Which he does, leaving for only a few moments before he returns with a seasoned filet and a fresh cleaned pan. Setting it over the fire to cook, he'll then tend to the mulled cider which he carefully pours into three mugs he brought with him as well. The first he hands to Kimmila, ever polite even in a casual gathering.

K'drozen moves to sets his pack aside and says, "Yeah I do alot of hiking. Gives me something to do." he says, "What are you looking for a good clearing for? I know of a few from my sweeps?"

Kimmila nods, "I've fished a fair bit," she drawls innocently. Maybe it was dumb luck, but there's no way she's going to admit that. Lifting her brows, she shrugs a bit and then turns to answer K'drozen's question as Th'ero goes to get him some fish. "Farmland. A few little farms here and there."

Th'ero does not buy Kimmila's innocent drawl for a second, giving her a lingering look for it but no teasing remark comes from his lips. Not right now, anyhow. "Fair enough. Though you hike out this far? Is Rhyrith with you or back at the Weyr?" he asks K'drozen, his tone casual and relaxed. The fish cooks fast over the fire and soon he is setting it on a plate, to which he hands to the brownrider before turning to sit back down next to his weyrmate and claim his portion of the fish before it gets any colder. "An idea we have in the making, it seems. Small farms, small plots… but all tended by the Weyr. Right, Wingmate?" Turning to face her, he seeks her clarification. She did, after all, start this!

K'drozen chuckles and says, "He drops me off part of the way up. The exersize does me good. Rhy is out hunting right now." he looks down to the slice of fish apprecitively and says, "looks like you caught a beauty Kimmila." he things, "I might know a couple of place that might make for some small plots for farming."

Kimmila eats her own fish with a crooked grin, and then nods. "Yeah, that was my thought anyway. Managed by the weyr, providing to the weyr…not necessarily independent. Excellent. Maybe you can mark it down on a map for us?" she suggests, before grinning. "Thanks! Th'ero caught one but then it got away…"

Th'ero chuckles between bites and washes it all down with some of that mulled cider, though he's careful not to burn his mouth on it. "Ahh, wise way to go about it. Exercise IS good, but trekking half the day away one way and then the rest going back is tiresome. Odd that I say that, considering I was a Guard once. Guess I've got a bit lazy in my Turns as a rider," he muses and then turns thoughtful, glancing between K'drozen and Kimmila before nodding his head. "Perfect! No maps here, but when you get the chance K'drozen, you can drop them off at my office? Pity this project is coming too late for the Candidates for Iaverulth and Halenth's clutch. If we find any that are useable, we'd at least have extra hands available for the work." he suggests before tucking into more of his meal. He then snorts, but it ends with him coughing as he almost chokes on a mouthful of food. "Only because someone here can't catch…" he drawls with a pointed look to Kimmila and an innocent smile that is anything but innocent.

K'drozen smirks a bit and says, "Wouldn't be bad to put candidats out helping folks with the crops for a few days, would be a good way to keep them busy." he nods, "I will mark the onces I can remeber and pass it along to the other thunderbirds to see if they have any I don't. I mean we fly all over on her S&R sweeps.

Kimmila sips her cider with an innocent look. "Perfect," she says to K'drozen then, with a smile. "I'm sure we can find plenty of work. Maybe the weyr kids can learn about farming. Where their food comes from and all that. Seems like a good thing for them to know, especially when they're throwing it around in the caverns…"

"What's this about the 'brats wasting food?" Th'ero asks with a sharp glance to Kimmila. Uh oh. This is news to the Weyrleader, it seems! Setting his empty plate aside, he leans back into the corner of the couch, bending one leg over his knee and holding his mug of cider between his hands as he frowns thoughtfully. "I'm thinking much of the same idea. It'd to them some good to have a task like that. Easy enough to arrange supervision for it too. As for the Candidates, it'd fit in with the routines I plan to pitch to the Headwoman and the rest of the Leadership. We seemed to do so well with the excursions with the last clutches…" Does he mean to keep it a tradition then?

K'drozen nods and says, "Well if I can do anything to help just let me know."

Kimmila glances at Th'ero and chuckles. "Just your usual food fights. They were handled appropriately, I'm sure. Still, it's never a bad lesson to know where things come from so you don't take them for granted. Which routines would those be? I think the excursions were great. They enjoyed getting out."

"If you got us the map with the locations you know of and then any that other Wingriders may know, that would be plenty helpful, K'drozen." Th'ero tells the brownrider, lifting his mug to take a slow and cautious sip of his mulled cider. "If this project ever does get underway, we'll no doubt need help later on. Even if it's nothing but supervision duty to be sure no weyrbrat or Candidate is wreaking havoc." he muses before glancing back to Kimmila with a crooked smile. "The routines of the excursions, versus just the same chores used Turn after Turn. I think giving the Candidates more options will have it that more are prepared to take on an important skill or Craft if they never Impress. If they didn't already have one, that is."

K'drozen nods ands says softl, "Might not be bad to get them some basic knowledge in a craft in that case give them a path they might be able to take if they don't impress. I wouldn't mind if you wanted me supervising the candidaes and the like, I don't mind working with the kids."

Kimmila nods, "Agreed. I think it gave them a larger sense of purpose. Less like the weyr viewed them as free labor, and more like we were…investing in them. Very important, I think. But the farm would be a good place for them too, and be a bit of both." Smiling at K'drozen, the bluerider then laughs. "Can we get that in writing?" she tease.

Th'ero lifts his hand up, mug and all, to point it towards K'drozen as he smiles crookedly. "Exactly! More options to paths they may not have ever considered. And the Crafts will profit, and so will the Holds and Weyrs if they go on to postings. It is a win-win all around." At Kimmila's teasing, the Weyrleader chuckles dryly and only sips at his drink once more before adding, "Investing… now that is a term I like. It is very important. We're investing in " He pauses, mulling over his words before he speaks again. " their futures, as well as Weyr, Hold and Hall. Sounds about right, doesn't it?" Glancing between Kimmila and K'drozen expectantly and curious, Th'ero is currently sitting on the couch by the hearth. Lounging more like it, in all honesty. The Weyrleader has his back pressed to the corner in a relaxed posture, one leg bent over the knee of the other and a drink of mulled cider in one hand, deep in discussion with his weyrmate and the brown Wingrider from Thunderbird. Outside the midday skies are clear, but the wind is cold. Up at this height, there is still some snow even if it is getting on to spring and the lake remains frozen solid. Previously Th'ero and Kimmila had been ice fishing with Abigail, but with the bluerider scoring a massive catch, the two had retreated back to the cottage to feast on the prize fish and are now joined by K'drozen. The cottage is not locked and it is known by all Fort residents, Weyr and Hold alike, to be open to all who wish to visit it: temporarily or overnight.

K'drozen chuckles and looks to Kimmila as her teasing and says, "you got some paper?" as he leans back in his chair.

Kimmila nods at Th'ero as she sits on the couch and finishes her fish, and then sips at her mulled cider. "Sounds perfect. That's a great way to pitch it. And paper? There might be some around here, I'm not sure…" But she doesn't offer to go find any. She's comfortable!

The door opens, letting in a bit of cold air. Sgt. Yurolt enters and shakes the chill out of his body. Turning around from closing the door he notices the others around the cottage. "Um…Hello, sir, Kimmila, K'd." Salutes and a wave are dispensed. "I'm not intruding am I?"

"We may need that paper, by the way things are going." Th'ero muses and actually grins towards Kimmila and K'drozen both. "First to jot down these ideas, since I don't trust my memory half the time anymore. And secondly, for that claim of yours K'drozen…" That last bit is said in completely joking manner as he jumps in a tad late on it. Better late than never, right? He's just about to enjoy another long sip of his cider when the door is opening and instantly he is turning his head to try and glimpse the newcomer to a rather impromptu gathering in the least likely of places. Curiosity is replaced by surprised amusement and the Weyrleader is swift with his greetings. "Sergeant Yurolt! No, not intruding at all," he says, while hastily executing a salute in return. "This cottage is open to all. We've just been enjoying a bit of fried fish here. Kimmila's catch from the lake there. Massive brute and plenty to go around, if you're wanting a bite?" he offers, along with a gesture for the Guard to seat himself, though he gives him a curious look. "On or off duty right now?"

Kimmila glances around when the door opens, and she lifts her mug in a salute to the guard. "Hey there, Yurolt. Yeah, plenty of fish to go around if you want some. It's delicious." Looking back at Th'ero, she laughs. "Your memory isn't that bad…"

K'drozen chuckles and says softly, "WEll I guess we can't get that in writing." he glances up and smiles Yurolt arrives, giving the gaurd a wave, "Hey there." he blinks at Th'ero calls him on it and nods, "Truthfully I don't mind, Working with the kids is well worth while."

Yurolt nods to everyone and grabs a seat. He eyes the fish and grabs a bit. "Thanks. You know me sir, I'm always on duty, even when I'm off." The guard drings and pops the fish into his mouth. "My, that is rather tasty. Well caught Kimmila." He'll just sit and eat some good fish for a bit, thank you very much.

Abigail has finally given up trying to catch something out on the lake it seems. Before the door fully closes it opens again and the brown rider is making her way into shivering a bit from her time out there. With no fish in hand it is safe to say she either didn't get one or Niumdreoth felt the need to stop her from getting too far with it. "Hello all." Is offered while she works on pulling off her gloves and gives her hands a good rub to try and get them warm once more, which is going to take a few moments for sure.

"And I was just teasing you, K'drozen. I'll take your verbal word for it," Th'ero stresses but with another wry smile that is so uncommonly seen on the Weyrleader. Seems his good mood from the earlier ice fishing is returning and he's being social. For once! "Oh, it isn't? How kind of you, Wingmate dear." he drawls to Kimmila, that smile edging towards a grin in private payback for her earlier and similar remark. As Yurolt takes a seat and helps himself to the fish, Th'ero snorts and gives the Sergeant a grimace. "You're as bad I as am. Careful that it doesn't come around to bite you in the… Well, just be mindful you do take some time off. Like now." Was that an order? Nah, couldn't be. Abigail's return is met with a half wave from him and a curious look. "No luck, huh? Better sit closer to the fire to thaw out. Still some fish left too, if you want it and there's mulled cider by the hearth. Plenty more stashed in the kitchen, all for us to raid as we please." he goes on to mention.

K'drozen look up and smiles giving a nods to Abigail and says, "Hey there Abigail." he smiles and begins to stand, "Thanks for the meal Kimmilia."

Oh! Yeah. How quickly Kimm forgets her own jokes. Maybe she's the one that needs to write things down. Just chuckling, the bluerider settles more comfortably into the couch and sips her cider, nodding a greeting to Abigail when she returns. "Plenty of everything, really," she says happily, content and relaxed.

Yurolt is still stuffing his face with fish, oh such good fish, and just sorta mumbles, "Hello, Abi." Nosh nosh nosh. As for Th'ero's 'not order', the guard eyes the weryleader for a second and nods. He'll take the hint. Although he does have more paperwork….it can wait. "K'd said it! Thanks for the catch Kimmila, very good."

Abigail doesn't have to be told twice to sit near the fire, that is right where she is headed. "No luck.. Think the brute that Kimmila caught either ate the others or scared 'em all off." This said with an amused tone while she sits down and works on warming her hands up. "Hello K'drozen, Yurolt. Hope ye both are doing well."

At all the thanks being sent Kimmila's way, Th'ero can't help but snicker and grin a little though he tries to cleverly hide it behind his mug of cider or a well placed hand. "Cottage was built to cover most of the necessary comforts," he adds to the bluerider's comment, looking just as relaxed as she is. "You've been well, Yurolt?" The Weyrleader will go on to ask the Sergeant, once he's not too busy chowing down. That'd be rather impolite of him, wouldn't it? With K'drozen rising to his feet, he'll pause to give a nod of farewell to the brownrider, before his attention is drifting towards Abigail again and he laughs. "Might've been both, given the sharding size of it! And took, what — five of us to eat him?" he muses with a flick of his hand towards the evidence: empty plates and half filled ones.

Kimmila waves a hand dismissively at all the thanks. "I just caught it, Th'ero cooked it." Was that what his snicker was about? She laughs. "I think my fish must've eaten all the others in the lake…"

K'drozen nods and says softly, "I should start heading back down the hill." he smiles, "I'll talk to you all about that offer later."

Yurolt grunts a farewell to K'drozen. "Have good one, K'd." He also nods in response to Abigail's greeting. "Well sir, I can't complain. I'm sure you know how it is, busy in the weyr. And don't short end yourself Kimmila, if you hadn't caught it, Th'ero couldn't have cooked it."

Abigail waves after K'drozen and then chuckles as she nods to Th'ero. "It is rather possible that is what happened." This said while she undoes her her jacket as being near the fire has helped her warm up a good amount it would seem.

It could have been why he snickered and did not correct anyone on it! "Catching the fish is the hardest part," Th'ero goes on to drawl, giving Kimmila a sidelong look as he does. "Well. Now that we've slain the monster fish, maybe the lake will recover with the tyrant gone. And eaten. Ironic?" he muses with a low chuckle. Nodding towards Yurolt, he can only exhale heavily. "Yes, I do know. And I'm sure Captain Breshir has kept you all busier since the whole situation with the stores? Nothing new to report on that, is there?" Please say no. He doesn't say it, but the Weyrleader's expression tells all. While Abigail settles in, he gestures for her to help herself to what remains of the fish if she's got any appetite left of it, after having to sit out in the cold in hopes of catching one herself.

Kimmila chuckles at Yurolt, shaking her head a bit. But in the end she just shrugs, and she'll take the compliment. Pushing to her feet, she goes to get some more mulled cider, though she keeps an ear out for Yurolt's answer.

The Sergeant knows well enough not to break bad news on the weryleader with that look on his face. Lucky for them both, there is nothing to report. "No sir, not to my knowledge." Yurolt chuckles at the monster fish mention, and pops another bit into his mouth. "How long have you been outh there Abi? You look…chilled."

"Long enough to know better. Thought I could grab something as they was biting well but.. Not so much luck." Abigail offers with an amused tone while holding her hands near the fire for a few moments more. Once she is able to feel her fingers again she too is up to get herself something nice and warm to drink.

Th'ero's eyes follow Kimmila as she pushes to her feet and then drift to Yurolt as he makes his brief report. One that almost has the Weyrleader sighing with relief, though he's trying his hardest to not make it so painfully obvious. "No news is good news," he drawls with a slight shrug. "Though it still doesn't quite solve the problem. Could be it was just a fluke or a one time thing…" He can be hopeful, right? Glancing to Abigail, he chuckles dryly. "Better luck next time? Or season. Doubtful the ice even up here will last much longer."
"Another sevenday or so," Kimmila says. "After that it'll be too thin to walk on reliably.

Yurolt says, "We're doing our best to investigate, sir. You'll know as soon as the Guard does." He nods at the thinness of the ice. "Thankfully. I'm looking forward to the warmer weather."

Abigail chuckles osftly. "It's alright, didn't mind not catching anything was just nice to get away for a bit and do something relaxing still." Catching a fish, well that would have just made it all that much better of course. Abbey half listens in on the conversation between Th'ero and Yurolt. "Warmer weather is always good.." Not that she minds the snow and ice for a bit.

"Wonder if the lake is good for swimming," Th'ero idly muses as his gaze wanders towards the windows overlooking the lake in the distance. Abigail's comment earns another chuckle from the Weyrleader and he seems to drain the rest of his cider as if to toast to that statement. It IS nice to get away sometimes! Something he is slowly coming to realize. "You know I have no lack of confidence or faith in the Guards," he tells Yurolt, following it with a respectful smile before he too is pushing to his feet. Stretching, he then rolls his shoulders a bit. "You are all welcome to stay here as long as you wish, but I've something I must tend to. Enjoy the rest of your day, be it here or elsewhere." Th'ero then dips his head politely in farewell to both Yurolt and Abigail as he steps back to find where he hung his jacket and placed his boots. There is a sidelong look given to Kimmila as well, but he seems to be leaving it to her to leave or stay. "Clear skies!" He'll call, just before slipping out the back door.

Kimmila drains the rest of her cider and gives the others a smile. "Yeah, enjoy the place and eat the rest of the fish. It's in the kitchen," she says, perhaps unnecessarily. "Thanks for sharing it with us though. Glad you all came out." Vacations are good! "Take care," she says, gathering her warmer gear (and any of Th'ero's that he might have left behind) before she's following the Weyrleader out.

Well, it's a good time to leave as any. "Good day to you all." Yurolt stands up and moves to the door as well. However, he halts at the mention of more fish in the kitchen. "Perhaps I should grab a bit more…for the other guards…of course." He grins and winks, before heading off into the kitchen, from which he'll head back to the barracks.

Abigail glances up as Th'ero is on the way out, and Kimmila.. and then Yurolt. A smile seen and she nods towards them. "I hope ye all have a good night.." Seems she is going to take here a bit longer to get warmed up before heading off.

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