Fort Weyr - Centre Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

Morning brings nothing but clear skies and low winds. It's still cold but a good day overall to be out and about be it on the ground or flying. While the Weyr slowly wakes, the centre bowl is already a hub of activity. Settled to the side is the stunted and twisted form of Velokraeth, his pale hide gleaming in the early morning sun and off the thick leather straps bucked about his frame. Th'ero waits patiently by his forelegs, dressed in his thick riding gear and his helmet and goggles held in his hand and left to rest against his leg. "You sure they were summoned?" he mutters to another waiting with him and likely for the nth time just that morning. The lucky Candidates to pull this draw for excursions were likely warned the night before of where they were to go. No surprises, save for the jump Between that they'll face soon enough.

Gliding down from the ledge is the powder blue form of Varmiroth. Riderless, since Kimmila is already standing beside Th'ero. "Yes, they're coming," she murmurs. "They're just trying to figure out what to wear to space, I'm sure." There's a little smirk for that, but there's no denying the bluerider is excited. This is a /fun/ excursion.

A good warning the night before means little sleep for Ravyal. It could be excitement or utter nervousness that's gripping the candidate though as he bustles across the bowl. At least he ate, since that's the direction he's scurrying from. A little tired, a little mussed, but the teenager at least looks alert as he skitters himself to a stop on the wet…goop the ground has become as winter leaves. Kimmila isn't wrong, though. What /do/ you wear to space? Ravyal has settled for fairly casual clothes, even if he does have a warm jacket on. There's still a chilly nip in the air, after all. "I'm here! I'm here.." And out of breath, too. There's a pause before Ravyal can catch his breath, and salutes with a tiny smile.

Cyrus has indeed been summoned, and consequently he comes. He has left his firelizard back at the barracks, really the first time he has left him alone for any length of time. What does one wear to space? Something warm. He is wearing his standard jacket, a sweater and his regular shirt and vest underneath. He is carrying with him a pack that he can wear over his shoulder. He makes his way across the bowl spying the others. Once he gets closer he lifts his hand and salutes Th'ero and Kimm. Nyalle's influence, "Hello." He also waves to Rav. The look on his face isn't one of excitment, mainly because he is sure that going to space involves flying and he hates that, but he is here.

Sairon is seen strolling across the bowl with his eternally present casualness, the sort of lazy stride that couldn't possible be concerned about a blasted thing - like, oh, trips into /outer space/. He runs a hand back through his hair that's getting long enough to border on shaggy, ruffling the blonde mess into a slightly more orderly mess before he shifts his jacket back into place - a basic affair of old, well-worn brown leather with a fleece interior, long enough to hit at his hips and keep things warm.

Velokraeth rumbles amiably to Varmiroth, his ledgemate and promptly shoulder bumps the blue once he's landed. When the Candidates arrive, the bronze swivels his head to watch their approach with an amused and delighted whuffle. On the ground, Th'ero only rolls his eyes and mutters something under his breath. "… not going to tell them that and spook the lot of them!" The Weyrleader grumbles, smirking to Kimmila. "What's there to figure out? The Yoko…" Ahh, there they are! "Excellent. Just you three to start then? Good. Suppose you're the lucky ones." Oh yes, oh so lucky! "Morning to you all! No sense in lingering here. You all know where we're going. You know the rules. Behave yourselves. More so for where we're heading!" Or else. "Now. You all familiar with riding on a dragon?" he'll pause, giving each of them a level look as he waits on their answers and glances sidelong to Kimmila. She can divvy them up! "Any questions, before we go?"

Kimmila smirks at Th'ero, winking at him. "No promises." She looks out as the Candidates arrive, grinning and returning salutes. "Ready to go to space? Just remember to hold your breath…" She's mean. "I'll take one with me, two to Velokraeth."

There may be some skepticism showing on Ravyal's face as there's talk of holding his breath. And…there may be some slight panic there as well. He's nodding at least, though likely more toward the talk about behaving. "R..right. Behave… We probably shouldn' anything…right?" Ravyal's not the one getting sucked out an airlock! He'll keep his hands in his pockets. "I've ridden.." He confirms at the end, giving his hands a slight rub against his pantleg.

Cyrus listens intently as Th'ero and Kimm speak about where they are going and what they are going to do. He blanches a bit when Th'ero talks about riding a dragon. Yeah. He was afraid of that, "I've only done it a couple of times." Once with Kera, and another with a rider he hitched a ride to he harvest festival with. He blinks to Kimm, "Hold my breath?" he asks curiously. Oh great. This is going to be a fun trip. He just stands there shifting from one foot to the other.

Sairon gives a single nod of his head at mention of riding a dragon. "Since I was old enough to, sir." He remarks and looks between the two riders at mention of questions and instructions. "Nothing from me. Heard of the place, never got to check it out though. Excited!" He says with a wider grin then, "Gonna be an awesome view. Shame it'd be a bad place to jump from, bit higher than an ocean cliff."

Th'ero tilts his head to whisper something to Kimmila after her little comment about holding their breaths. See what you've done? He shoots Cyrus a lingering look, "It was a joke. I can assure you, the Yokohama has air and the systems are operational. No zero gravity experiences…" Yet. They want their Candidates hole and unscathed, after all! His gaze darts to Ravyal and though his mouth quirks up in a faint smile, his tone is serious. "Do not touch anything. Though if it helps, anything critical is found in the control rooms which are strictly off limits. We'll be arriving in one of the Cargo Bays and then heading to the rec lounge. If you wish to tour the ship, you may." Or remain in the lounge, curled up in a ball… The Weyrleader doesn't seem to care either way, so long as it doesn't pose a danger! Which is why Sairon is levelled with a look. "Give it'd result in your immediate death? I'd say yes, it would be…" he drawls, before gesturing to Kimmila. "Sairon, you'll ride with Kimmila and Varmiroth. Ravyal and Cyrus, you're with me." Oh lucky day! Velokraeth rumbles and begins to crouch down in preparation to receive his passengers while the Weyrleader steps aside to help them up into the straps.

Kimmila snickers, amused at their various responses. Tilting her head to Th'ero, she just grins at him. Nope. Not going to do that. "Sairon. C'mon over," she gestures, moving to Varmiroth's side and nimbly climbing up into the straps, offering the Candidate a hand up.

Ravyal just stares at Sairon a moment. Yes, there's staring involved. "Why would you.." Nevermind that thought. He just stops it and shakes his head, looking away again when more instruction is given. Yes. Don't touch things. Good! Death? Not good! He nods along with the instruction of who goes where, however, and starts to move forward toward the crouching bronze. "It doesn't take any longer to get there than..anywhere else..right?"

Cyrus sort of slowly makes his way toward Th'ero and his dragon. Willing himself to take every step as he takes it. An eagle eyed person would note he is just repeating to himself under his breath, "I can do this…I can do this…" When he reaches Th'ero and the dragon he sighs, "I apologize if I throw up." He also casts a pitying glance to Ravyal. Yeah. He gets to come along on the potential vomit comet, lucky him. At leats he doens't have to worry about holding his breath..small favors.

"Hey hey, I may be a few cards short of a deck sometimes," Sairon protests good-naturedly, "But I know better than to jump out of space stations. Now find me a /way/ to, and totally, first in line here!" He even raises his hand, though one could argue it's for the 'stand here if insane' line versus the volunteering. He does give a nod of his head towards Kimmila and heads over towards her and her blue, taking the offered hand and hoisting himself up to the saddle with nary a trouble.

"There's a time and a place for daredevil stunts," Th'ero remarks dryly as his eyes follow Sairon's steps towards Kimmila, only to glance sharply to Cyrus. Vomit? That earns a frown and maybe a sigh that sounds just a little weary. Why him? "We'll take it slow and we will not be in the air long. Only enough to gain the clearance we need to Between." Small comforts? He'll help Cyrus up Velokraeth's straps first, making sure to securely buckle the Candidate in before coming back to help Ravyal up and offering the Candidate his hand. "No, it'll be the same time. You're likely not to notice anything amiss until you see the view from the rec lounge." he explains patiently and will help Ravyal up into the straps, placing him in front of Cyrus. Once assured both Candidates won't go for a tumble off the bronze's back, Th'ero will take his place at the very front and buckle in. "Ready?" he calls, both for his passengers and when he raises his gloved hand, it is also a signal to Kimmila. Doubtful his voice will carry that far! Velokraeth shifts beneath them, his wings stretching as he prepares to spring aloft after Varmiroth.

Kimmila snickers, helping Sairon up and get all buckled in. "Ready?" she asks, before she's giving Th'ero a nod and returning the hand signal, waiting for the bronze to take off first.

Ravyal can't help the fact that he gives Cyrus an absolutely mortified look. "…Sit in the back?" And turn your head! At least he tries not to sound..totally grossed out by the very idea. He climbs up though with the help, settling in with a slight nod for the information. "Ready…"

Cyrus just sort of goes with the flow as Th'ero buckles himself in, trying to mentally prepare himself for this. He closes his eyes. Geronimo.

"All set." Sairon confirms once he's got himself buckled in, eyes glancing towards the other candidates with a thumb's up that's likely meant to be reassuring, but combined with his toothy grin probably just makes him look like an enthusiastic loon.

Th'ero will give the 'all ready' signal once Kimmila gives her cue and looking back over his shoulder to Ravyal and Cyrus, he has two words to share to them: "Hold on!" Velokraeth crouches down just as the Weyrleader faces forwards and with a bounding leap, springs upwards into the air. His wings sweep in great powerful arcs and the bowl dwindles away under them. Despite his size, the pale bronze manages a reasonably smooth take off and his upwards ascent is rather laid back. Lazy, even! No need for fancy flying when they're not… really "flying" to their destination. So they glide and hover above Fort Weyr as the image is shared between him and Varmiroth and their riders and Th'ero will only give his passengers a warning cue of his hand… and they slip Between!

Fort Weyr - Center Sky
The central skies of Fort are usually high traffic areas as dragons are taking off and landing, or ferrying passengers to and fro. The cliff walls stretch up, dotted with the 'weyrs' of the dragon pairs that make their homes here.

Velokraeth suddenly disappears BETWEEN
Darkness and cold like you can't imagine. Nothing to see, feel or hear, except the beating of your heart.

Then, as suddenly as you entered the emptiness…

Yokohama - Cargo Bay
Since the gravity units were restored and now are maintained in working order, the cargo deck of the Yokohama is constantly buzzing with activity. With research needing to be done, equipment to be moved, or a plethora of other tasks taking place people are always coming and going, either from the planet 'below' by dragon back, or meandering in and out from other places aboard the ship.
This area is well lit, the floors themselves have had space set aside specifically for 'betweening'. Three large marked off areas remain clutter-free of people, dragons and equipment. With these 'landing pads' clear, dragons avoid the danger of teleporting into an area of space already occupied and causing a tragedy. Several massive sun lamps have been set up over off to the left, in an effort to make the stay of dragon-kind more comfortable.

Ravyal does in fact..hang on the whole way. He might have ridden before, but that doesn't mean he's /used/ to it by any means. He at least is careful when opening his eyes once the sensation of being 'between' is gone. Although, they very nearly come bulging out of his head. For all intents and purposes, the cargo bay of the Yokohama might be pretty boring, but it's still vastly different than anything he's really..been inside. The whole place seems..foreign. But at least he climbs down before offering up tentative words, still looking about the large structure. "And..and we're up…there?"

Cyrus spent his whole time between with his eyes closed and beathing as steadily as he is able. It's just such and uncomfortable feeling. He stumbles off the dragon and does find his feet after a few steps. Though that doesn't last all that long, "Nope…" he says as he scurries off to try to find a private spot to well….yeah. He settles for a spot behind Velokraeth. Yeah. Fun times. After a few moments he calls out, "Sorry…"
Sairon makes his way down off the blue dragon, feet hitting the deck with a thump that immediately draws his focus for the unfamiliar sound. "Huh. So this is all in space, huh? Weird. If no one told you different, you may never notice - well, I guess until you looked out a window." Thankfully more talking it cut off by the quick retreat of Cyrus and there's a sympathetic wince. "…some stomachs just don't take to Between well. Like sea legs only, in a vast… nothingness."

Velokraeth shifts and huffs when Cyrus ducks behind him to be sick. At least it wasn't while on his back? Th'ero just sighs, already making a mental note to tell some poor soul here about the needed clean up. Doubtful it's the first time it's happened and likely not to be the last. "It's fine, Cyrus. Are you alright? We'll wait by the doors. Join us when you're ready." And with a settled stomach! He's already motioning for Ravyal and Sairon to follow him and Kimmila. There's only one obvious destination to where they're headed: the lift. "It can be troubling, for sure, for the first few experiences," Th'ero agrees with Sairon and with a faint smirk. To Ravyal, the Weyrleader is vaguely amused. "We're up here and Pern is, more or less, below us. You'll see. Kimmila, you remember which level?" Lead on, in other words! If he has to, Th'ero will linger behind the group to be sure Cyrus catches up.

Kimmila watches the Candidates dismount, wincing when Cyrus hurries off to…do that. "Hmm," she mutters, flashing Sairon a grin. "Doesn't feel any different yet, but wait till you see the view." She meanders over towards the others with a grin. "No, but we'll find it," the bluerider says confidently, stepping into the lift.

Yokohama - Main Lift
Manufactured from a lightweight composite of Terran materials this lift supports a "microfoamed" cylindrical cab to house personnel as they travel from one part of the Yokohama to another. Three linear induction motors, mounted longitudinally on the cab's exterior, provide the force to move the cab. Electromagnetic conduits lining the shaft power the motors. The lift reaches an approximate maximum speed of ten meters per second under this system. Inertial dampeners mounted on the cab's base counteracts the acceleration effects. The interior display shows the ship's directory to assist in achieving the correct destination.
The lift is lined with brilliant tubes shining brighter than a hundred glows each, at least. The floor is thinly carpeted in a depressing industrial gray, and the walls are painted an unassuming tan. The doors are quite thick, and bear a small silver plate with the title 'Emergency procedures in case of Hull Breach…' but the rest makes little sense.

Ravyal will just be glad that none of that throwing up happened while he was sitting dangerously close. He does give Cyrus a sympathetic look at least before following along with the group, still looking around before carefully moving into the lift. "This really is all…it's hard to believe people built this."

Cyrus is not really appreciating space much yet. He steps out from behind the dragon and offers him an apologetic look, "Sorry…to be fair you choose me." he adds. The dragon bears some responsibility in this. He reaches into his bag and pulls something out and takes a quick drink of it. Always come prepared. After a few moments he wobbles off toward the lift and catches up with the others who are a bit quicker than he is, "I'll be better in a minute or two…" he says. Yay fun.

"It's something alright." Sairon murmurs in agreement with Ravyal as he cranes his head this way and that, looking increasingly like it's taking a concerted amount of willpower to avoid investigating everything. He was likely the kid who had to touch everything. "This is amazing! So regular folks actually work up here full time or do they just visit? Could you imagine working in /space/?! On something like this that our ancestors built? I mean, how did they even manage this? Were we able to do this sort of stuff when we first got here?"

Th'ero can't help but smile for Kimmila's confidence and as they step into the lift, he'll chuckle dryly to the various responses from the Candidates. "Isn't it? I'm not overly fond of technology but I have to admit, the skill of which they could craft… is admirable." he murmurs to Ravyal, only to blink for the enthusiasm shown by Sairon. "Some folk choose to stay up here for extended periods of time, yes. Not entirely sure how they managed but the records are no doubt in Landing. The technology our Ancestors brought with them were limited. Part of the reason they came here was to escape technology, but they made due with what they had to start the first colonies. Perhaps we'll make our next excursion to Landing…" Extended Pern history 101? Doesn't sound nearly as exciting as a trip to a spaceship! Eyeing what Cyrus is carrying with him, Th'ero won't question as to what the contents may be, figuring the Candidate wouldn't be so dumb as to break any rules right in front of two riders. "Good. If you still feel ill, however, let us know. Perhaps they have something here to help or we can take you back to the surface…" Now that they've all piled into the lift, Th'ero tries not to flinch when the doors whoosh and click shut. He also tries not to fidget and his nod to Kimmila is brisk. "Lead on, Wingmate!"

Kimmila steps into the lift and studies the console. Then, she apparently pushes a button at random.
Kimmila presses the button for Floor: 13. There is a momentary pause as the lights flash at the entryway.
The doors to the lift come closed and after a momentary pause, waiting for everyone to take hold of the hand rails, the capsule bobs and then rockets to its next destination.
The lift comes to a halt at Floor: 13 and the doors open.

Ravyal shakes his head just a little bit. "I don't think I'd want to /work/ up here…I mean..even if the view is great it's so..metallic." So much metal..everywhere! "It feels solid enough but I'd trust real ground under my feet a whole lot better." He peeks at the button pushing though, staring when a random one is poked at before looking again at Th'ero. "We can go there too? I..I think I've gotten more education in the past few weeks here than I have my whole life. Feels like it.."

Cyrus is a healer and so carries with him certain medications just in case there is a need. He often will carry a basic mix of things when he travels just so he is prepared. Cyrus is not so put out by things that he lacks a certain amount of observational skill, "It is my personal med kit." he explains, "If you must know. I do not drink. Ever. I'll let you know there are any further issues." he says, not even before he was a candidate or likely after, "I find it fascinating. To have all of this…and give it up. It seems a waste. The things we could do to better our lives…" Yeah.

"Eh, guess I could see where it'd be trouble." Sairon murmurs, "I'm shocked something this old is still working. You figure metal rusts, right? What's keeping this here? Guess it makes sense that you can't keep technology running without technology, least this.. big. Would still love to know how this all works. I don't have a whole lot of experience with this sorta stuff."

Judging from the way Th'ero is grimacing, he's on Ravyal's side of the fence concerning so much metal, but it's no secret that the Weyrleader has a serious case of technology phobia. He puts up with these excursions to the Yokohama because he feels the Candidates should experience it to take pride in their ancestry and history. "Yes, Landing is on the list of excursions and we encourage Candidates to visit it at least once if they've not already been. And I've no idea, Sairon. Those questions are best asked to a Techcrafter. Just be warned… most of them love to discuss their Craft." Brace for a long winded explanation with Big Words! Th'ero's had to suffer a few of those and the embarrassment in admitting he only understood a quarter of what was explained. "They had their reasons Cyrus. I'd like to think we live enriched lives for the lack of it. Some technology has it's benefits…" And now they're at their destination! The doors open and Th'ero will gesture to Kimmila. "Ladies first?" he drawls and then motions for the Candidates to step out.

Yokohama - Recreation Deck
Tables line the walls of this place, each holding a variety of games for the leisure of the personnel and staff that resides within this station. Computers are set up upon the center in rows, offering a variety of games as well to those willing to tap away at the keys or handle the mice and joysticks attached for education and amusement not required for work. Books are also available here, too, both in the form of stories and reference materials for those wishing to take up a hobby or merely escape to somewhere else for a time while it's allowed between their long days and colder nights of duties here in the Yokohama. No matter where one would like to go, plenty of cushioned seating is here for rest and conversation.
Meanwhile, dominating the room is a large window that overlooks Pern, showing much of the planet as the station orbits overhead.

Kimmila lets Th'ero do most of the talking as she steps out of the lift and heads straight for the window that looks out over Pern, grinning stupidly as she does so. As she does every time she gets this view. "Now you know you're somewhere else," she calls back to the Candidates with a wide grin.

From one strange room to another. Half of he thingies with dodads and joysticks for gaming pleasure, Ravyal wouldn't know what to do with. Books? Books he gets..he knows what those are. Though he's certainly not looking at any of it anyway. He's caught up in the view as soon as he's off the lift, wide-eyed and hurrying over to the window with his mouth agape. "This..we're…" Coherent thought? Gone.

Cyrus steps out of the lift with the rest and looks around. His face brightens a bit. Now this is something! "Wow. So much to look at. So much more than at home." This makes him forget his feeling of nausea and show genuine interest, "You could spend days here just looking at all this different stuff." he's half tempted to ask if they need healers here, though decides agaisnt it for the time being, "I'm sure that they did…" he responds to Th'ero, but what reason could stand up to this awesomeness?

The moment the viewing window comes into focus and is recognized for what it is, it'd take a steel door to stop Sairon from heading right for it. The rest of the place is clearly tuned right out, though he at least is mindful enough to make sure he's not bulling past Ravyal and makes sure to leave space for both the other candidates. "…whoa." He mumbles, nose inches from the glass. "That's really Pern down there? Hah! It doesn't even look real."

Th'ero might be the only one who doesn't rush right for that window. Granted, he's seen the view before and while no less awed by it, he'd rather let the Candidates get a front row spot. The window is huge, allowing for ample space, but the bronzerider will choose to stand close to Kimmila's side and even slip an arm around her if she allows it. He's talking so much because he's nervous and trying to hide it. So much technology unsettles him and he's not quite come to trust the Yokohama even after all these Turns. "Quite stunning, isn't it? And rather peaceful. But it allows you to appreciate just how vast our home is." And precious.

Kimmila leans gently against Th'ero's side as she looks down at the planet below. "Very peaceful. Makes every little problem seem so…little." Or vast. Two kinds of people.

"It's amazing.." Ravyal does eventually manage to tuck his jaw back where it belongs and be less..goggle-eyed. He even backs up enough so that he's not /breathing/ on the windows. He casts a quick glance at the two riders then, before his gaze is drawn right back to the window. "We came from all the way down there, it's.. The space from Lemos to Fort is so small that it's like looking at a map on a table." He even puts his fingers up, squinting at them as he 'pinches' the distance between the two areas on the continent below.

Cyrus moves a bit to get a better look at all the 'toys' that occupy the room. He hasn't really even noticed the window yet. He looks back to the group and smiles, "Think if we turned all this technology to a medical application. All the lives we could save and the things we could do…think about the knowledge. Think about the science!" He spots them just staring and blinks for a second, "What?" Then he turns to take a look at what they are staring at and blinks, "Wow." Yeah. Thats cool too.

The windows are plenty sturdy enough to withstand being leaned or breathed upon! Th'ero chuckles a little for Kimmila's view, holding her close to his side as he watches the Candidates closely. "Kind of puts it all in perspective, doesn't it?" he murmurs to Ravyal. "That what seems so little is in fact so much more." Glancing towards Cyrus, the Weyrleader only chuckles. "They've already applied much of the useable technology and techniques to Healing. That Craft and a few others benefited mostly from the stores of knowledge in the computer databases." he explains, no doubt having learned that too over the Turns. "Pern cannot sustain too much technology. It was never a metal rich planet to begin with and our Ancestors came here to escape the technological advances that had spread through Earth like a plague. They had come here in hopes of starting a new colony that was balanced between. Minimal tech."

Kimmila smiles over at Ravyal, nodding. "Exactly. Things that seem so large seem so petty up here. All of it." She glances back at Cyrus, wrinkling her nose a bit. "There is medical technology…" Fort just doesn't use much of it. Those sorts of cases go to Healer Hall. So convenient it's so close to the weyr. She is silent, nodding along with Th'ero. "That's why Fort uses so little technology."

Ravyal does finally pry himself away entirely, tilting his head to peer over at Cyrus. "I don't mind..not having much of it. I like…I like being able to say that /I/ made something.." Granted, he might feel differently if he had some sort of horrendous injury. But for the Weavercraft? Low tech will suffice plenty for him. "I does..really.. Everything else seems so small and..well..everything." At least he begins to finally poke around the rest of the room, although he doesn't dare to actually touch.

Cyrus can see there is little point to opening up this discussion, especially now when there are so many other things that are amazing to see and look at. He listens as both Th'ero and Kimmila both chime in about technology and its evils, "And yet so many possibilities…" You know what they say about curiosity. Cyrus has it, "If it was up to me I'd deck out the weyrs with all the latest gear." he says, absolutely giddy. You'd never know that not too long ago he was yacking in the cargo bay, "Life is always more important than anything else." At least to him. He wanders over toward the window and looks down, "I want to make the world a better place. Some day I will." He nods to Rav, "I could see how you feel that way. I think most do. Though like you said sometimes we don't know we want something until its a bit late."

Th'ero nods his head as he smiles first to Kimmila and then extends it to Ravyal. "Exactly. There is something about being able to craft or build something with your own hands and what few tools necessary that just seems… more satisfying. We, as a society, have faired just fine prior to our knowledge of our own Ancestry and the technology laying hidden and disused in the South." He's speaking, of course, of the time before AIVAS's discovery and the massive undertaking that the dragon riders and all of Pern underwent to be rid of Thread once and for all. It's because of them that they are now enjoying a life free of it. "The Weyr's already have the technology they need to function," Th'ero remarks dryly to Cyrus, his smile turning a bit crooked and smirk-like. "Anything more would be frivolous and unnecessary." And not something he'd stand for. Currently the Weyrleader is standing with his arm looped around Kimmila as they stand by the large window dominating the room, while the Candidates move about, either gazing down at the planet below or investigating the marvels within the recreation room.

Kimmila nods her agreement with Ravyal. "Exactly. Must more…tangible, somehow. To read a book, to write onto paper or hide…to not have it crash and erase important information." She smirks. Glancing at Cyrus, Kimmila shrugs. "What's worse? Having a generator that belches fumes into the air? Or using glows? That's easy. Fort will not, never, have the latest gear. Fort is traditional for a reason." Lots of reasons.

Ravyal takes a closer look, leaning down to peer at one of the games before he lifts his head again, enough to look over it at the others. "I..I can kind of understand what you're talking about, Cyrus. I mean…saving lives.. But I just think that our lives..otherwise..are better suited without it all." He offers a little smile at least for that, and ducks behind something else quickly to take a look at it. Wanting technology or not, looking at all the strange dodads on the ship is compelling. What's this do? He has no idea!

Cyrus is nontraditional, for probably just as many reasons…and thus the great irony of where he is placed, "A man can dream." is all he says in response. He knows he won't win them over with words, and so he stops. He continues to look out the window for a few minutes more and then wanders back to the rec room to examine some of the 'toys' present within. He might well take a vacation here. Ravyal's response does catch his attention though, "Yeah. I get what you are taking about, it is difficult to find a balance." Cyrus, the king of balance, is not.

More candidates appear! Led by guiding riders, a little knot of them enter the recreation area of the Yoko, big-eyed and staring - or at least those who haven't been up yet are doing so, anyway. Amethyst is included amongst them, her dark eyes huge when she spots Pern through the window in front of her. When the group disperses to go their own ways across the deck, the Smith-turned-Candidate makes her way across to where the Weyrleader, Kimmila, Ravyal and Cyrus are, just managing to overhear the latter's last comment as she salutes to the riders, and smiles at her peers. "Find a balance for what, Cy?"

Thankfully they're not in a part of the Yokohama where touching said buttons at random will result in something Very Bad or Very, Very Bad happening. Th'ero knows better than to bring the Candidates there on their first trip up to the Yokohama. Perhaps later, under the strict supervision and observation of the Crafters and workers posted here. Glancing down at Kimmila, he will smile crookedly as she stands in defence of Fort's traditional views. "It's alright, Wingmate. Opinions are opinions," and so the discussion will be left at that. "A man can dream," he agrees with Cyrus. "Within limits." Smirk. As the lift doors open again, Th'ero will turn just enough to see who it is, half expecting a resident Crafter to be stepping in to greet them. Instead, it's another Fortian rider, to which he promptly salutes and the little knot of Candidates. "Welcome to the Yokohama."

Kimmila chuckles, smirking up at Th'ero. "I don't think Nyalle would go for a full refit of the weyr either," she whispers, teasing their absent Senior. But it's true! When the doors open she peeks back, smiling and waving to those who arrive, and gesturing them to come see the window.

Ravyal looks over when the door to the lift opens again, brightening just a bit at the familiar faces that appear. Happy that they can join in the gawking over the view? Of course. He does reappear from behind one of the various game terminals though, easily pulled away from the thing he doesn't quite understand. "Technology and tradition," he supplies for Amethyst as he comes over, offering the woman a smile. "Can you believe this?" He waves toward the window again.

Cyrus gives the weyrleader a quizzical glance. Nope. Not taking the bait. Thankfully Amythyst arrives in that moment and allows him to be distracted, "Life in general I suppose but specifically the incorporation of technology into daily life. Hi Amy." he says with a smile. Pleased to see her. Then Rav pops out from one of the consoles and he grins, "Yeah. It's pretty cool." Then he turns his head to Amy, "You really should take a look at some of this stuff…its really cool."

"It's quite amazing, isn't it?" Amethyst looks from the riders and candidates out to Pern, though the nervous tenseness to her lips suggests it's not as amazing as she's making it out to be. "I'm not such a fan of all the… big? Big technology," she adds quietly to the conversation, chewing on her lip before turning back to look at the group. "I think Fort has the balance right. Technology should be used for what we need, not for the sake of it." Smiling at Cyrus, she casts her gaze quickly around the room, lingering longest on the book selection. "I'd terrified of touching half the things! Though I wouldn't mind a browse through the books later…"

"This room is harmless. Most of the consoles here are only linked to recreational programs and systems or educational." Th'ero explains and reassures, which is the Weyrleaders fancy way of saying that the computer consoles hold games and Fun Things. He's not exactly known for being a "fun" type of guy. "So please, do not hesitate in exploring this room. Though if you'd like to venture out into more of the ship, we will have to call one of the Crafters." So they DO get full run of the Yokohama! Or, at least, a guided tour for those who desire it. The Weyrleader seems content to stay here! "We do our best to maintain a balance in Fort," Th'ero agrees with Amethyst and then chuckles again for Kimmila's teasing of the Senior Weyrwoman. "No, I don't think she would. At least she'd not tackle it as aggressively as Dtirae would've?" he muses under his breath.

Kimmila chuckles under her breath, her attention once again captured by the view of Pern far beneath them.

Well, so long as the buttons to push in this room have been deemed safe to mess with, Ravyal seems content enough to find a console to start poking around at. He settles there, looking a bit confused in the process. It might take him a while to figure out how the whole

Cyrus nods to Amy, "Yeah. It really is quite amazing. There is so much to explore here." When Amy says she doesn't go in for the 'big tech' he sighs. Oh well. Not many agree with him. Ahh well. He pokes his head back down to look at the console in front of him. He hasn't really seen a computer game before, though he has worked on pleanty of computers in his time. Even at Fort.

Amethyst looks warily from Th'ero and his assurances to the various buttony things around them. "You're sure I can't break anything, sir? I'm not sure if I'm a technophobe or if technology's an Amethystphobe, but we just… don't get on very well." She wrinkles her nose, bringing her hands back to herself and slipping them into her pockets. "I think I might just be best looking out at Pern…" Though she doesn't even look all that comfortable at the thought of that.

Th'ero chuckles again, "I'm certain of it, Amethyst. We've brought previous Candidates here and nothing ill occurred. At most, you may just have the console flash errors or not understand your commands. The areas of the ship where meddling CAN do damage are off limits." Obviously. Yet he is sympathetic for one thing: "Technology and I do not agree either. There's a reason I am rarely in the labs back at the Weyr." he muses. The Weyrleader tends to break things! "Please, do explore this room and if you wish to venture out to the rest of the ship, speak up! We can arrange something, even if just in solo tours. Otherwise, we remain here." At least until it's time to return back to the planet. Th'ero for now, however, is content to just stand with Kimmila against his side and perhaps eventually he'll take a seat by the window, content to keep discussions open between the Candidates. For an excursion, it is very laid back!

Kimmila is likewise content to relax with Th'ero, and chat and stare down at Pern. It's far more interesting to her than any of the technology contained in these rooms.