~~*~~ Fort Weyr - Galleries ~~*~~
The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded laterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches.

It's been a ridiculously raucous day of Nanny Duty with Brennan and a nuisance of nine Weyrbrats. Rynn is pooped after sledding, snowball fights, igloo building, angle making, snowman creating and being nothing short of a pinata for the little ones. If she's ever questioned what it takes to be a rider, she's definitely evaluating how on Pern anyone ever becomes a parent of Weyrnanny. Eesh! She's been fighting off a headache and trying to catch her breath since, and has trekked in from the cold to recoup in the delicious warmth of the Galleries. An atmosphere formerly viewed as stuffy, the Fortian weather has created new appreciation for an area as comforting as this. Being excused from duties for a much needed break, Rynn has returned to 'her spot' front and center bench, peering down at the mounds below in reflection. Surprisingly enough only a few others inhabit the area, keeping mostly to themselves and dispersed sparsely throughout the cavern.

There's been none of the aforementioned activities with little ones for Anique. Duties for this green rider include nothing more strenuous than soaking in the hot springs for today is a rest day. Not a big fan of the colder weather it is a sign that she's at least adapted to it for her attire today isn't completely bundled up but instead she's donned the riding jacket as well as a dark brown fuzzy hat to cover her head. And where does one go when they don't wish to deal with cold? Why somewhere warm of course. So Anique meanders into the hatching caverns to peek at the eggs. Spying a candidate here she approaches. "You get the chance yet to touch 'em?" her chin jerks downwards towards the eggs.

Therynn is lost in thought, daydreaming about what life could be like, fearing what may happen should the void continue, so many perplexing aspects for the life of a Candidate. Idly she plays with the single looped white knot donned on right shoulder, biting bottom lip with contemplation, still looking a little disheveled from tasks past. Hair's a bit of a mess, and bits of kid food are strewn here and there with a few scratches from wrestling and breaking up scuffles. When the green rider enters, a respectful nod is given, smiling as she approaches. A nod, solemn, fascinated and enthralled "It was awe-inspiring.." she manages before asking shyly "What's it like? The life of a rider I mean.."

Anique meets that shy question with a bit of a grin. It wasn't too long since she herself was bearing the white knot and wondering about what the future holds. "It's life changing and yet it's the same as any big event in your life that alters everything." her reply is slow in coming as she seeks to give a completely honest answer to the candidate.

Therynn's hazel eyes shimmer as they look up to the rider, pleading silently for advice, searching for the hope within her success and stories. "Aye.. you said it.." is squeaked meekly "..same fer my experience at Western. Never even thought I'd want /that life/.." she gulps "I mean.. no offense meant. I just wasn't really interested before.." she won't dare mention abandoned distaste, but smiles. "The change is definitely paramount to the experience." Another question "N'you enjoy your life now?"

Anique gives that no thought before she's nodding her head quickly. "I enjoy every aspect of being a rider. Of being life mated to my Typriaeth. I wouldn't change this path I ended up on for all the marks on Pern." she says feverently. "I love her for who she is and the fact that she really does utterly complete me. I'd love her no matter what…even if she was..bronze!" laughs the green rider.

Therynn smiles "I figured as much.. it truly was an eye-opener watching my friends find their life mates at Western. Really made me see things differently y'know.." her voice is soft but becomes tinted with a hint of disappointment "..n'then I felt lost afterwards.. a void I'd never known before." She sighs but smiles to the rider "It sounds.. very fulfilling.. completing like you said.." The thought of Typriaeth being a bronze elicits a chuckle from the Candidate.

Anique moves to settle back on one of the benches. Propping her feet up on the rail around the caverns she lets her gaze drift to the eggs. "One can never really plan for what happens at a hatching. No matter what though you need to remember you are special and somewhere out there your 'mate is looking for you." then in a sidestep change of topic. "Got a favorite egg out there?"

Therynn nods, leaning back a bit in her spot to prop her upper back on the bench behind. "That's the truth.. really blindsided me. After m'handsoff upbringing becoming a rider didn't seem like a desirable aspiration. Things in the forest were so simple and pleasing.. but then afterwards, all I could think of was what it'd be like to share that existential bond, greater than any other connection possible." She may be getting a little carried away, another sigh escapees and she beams a smile at the compliment. "Thank you.. for the reassurance. N'talkin t'me n'all. I really appreciate it." The change of topic is welcome, looking out towards the eggs. "They're all so amazing.. That one.." she points to the Watered Down Tea Egg "I can't seem to shake the interest in it.. even before the opportunity to connect with it, but those two.." Copycat and Neutral "Also take my senses for a wild ride.."

"I love just admiring the eggs whenever I get the chance." admits Anique. "The wild colors and the images they seem to present on each egg…" she trails off thoughtfully as she studies the eggs that Therynn points out. "I always wonder how much the outside colors affect the inhabitant inside. Typriaeth thinks I'm silly though." she admits with a sheepish grin.

Therynn has a bit of a head wobble "Same.." that sweet nervous demure continues as she fidgets a little before settling in to her lean again. "Spent a pretty large chunk of m'free time in here. S'a great place for workin' through thought.." She bonds, even if one sided, this comes a bit easier for one who's typically on the more anti-social side. "So true.. n'the touching was, out of this world. It's like I wasn't even on the sands!" A giggle at the second admission about her dragon thinking she's silly and it is asked "Now why would she think that?! She came from in there! I can only imagine what it's like on the other side of the shell."

Anique agrees with that. "It is a very good spot to come for working' out thoughts." a shrug lifts one shoulder. "I have no idea why Typ thinks /half/ the stuff she does. But perhaps sometimes I am a bit silly." crossing her ankles over each other she gets comfortable on her seat. "How're you liking candidacy? Any surprises yet?"

Therynn chuckles and reaches for an itch on right cheek, head nod-shaking as she does. Hazel gaze lingers over the eggs a few more moments before looking back towards the green rider. "I suppose silly is a good way to be.." Rynn is working on enveloping a little more of that herself. The next question has her contemplating again, concluding that "Candidacy has been awesome thus far.. 'specially since I'm enjoying it beyond sleeping and eating inside or the grand notion of using latrines instead of spending all m'days in the outskirts." A bit of a shiver as she thinks what it would be like to be in the woods at Fort "Definitely couldn't do that in the extensive winter months 'round here. Other than that.." she mulls over surprises "The whole knotting thing was amusing t'being with and it's amazed me how close I've become to some of my new friends. Such an amazing bunch!" Another thought she adds "The games have been really fun too..N'that whole jewels ordeal.. ugh.. how morbid.. glad I wasn't there for that." Funny for a hunter to be squeamish about a frozen corpse, but she's always viewed humans and animals a bit differently. Candidate and hunter sit near the front in a relatively quiet galleries, it is mid-day, post duties.

The conversation continues for a bit longer, and eventually only Rynn remains, mulling it over in head the possibilities that await.