Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

The afternoon drifts into evening and things are quiet on the Sands. While Kayeth watches things, Nyalle has sent word that a few (and no more than that!) Candidates may come onto the sands to touch the eggs. Nyalle waits, leaning against her fiery queen's side, gently rubbing a hand against her hide as she waits for the Candidates to arrive.

With her opportunity to touch the eggs finally at hand, Amethyst is certainly one of the more keen amongst the little knot of candidates who arrive in response to the Weyrwoman's call. She's with two of the younger ones to be wearing white knots, and leads them into a bow on the edge of the Sands, awaiting permission to approach.

Velokraeth will stretch out where he's lounging nearby, yawning mightily before settling comfortably with his tail curled over his stunted limbs and his wings folded at this side. The pale bronze chuffs towards the Candidates, but it sounds more amused than anything. Th'ero will come up behind the gathered Candidates, giving them all a cursory glance and look over. "You may approach. Just remember the rules and be respectful." he murmurs and his eyes will linger longest on the younger ones. Got that? Good.

Nyalle straightens when the Candidates approach, dipping her head slightly and watching them, her hand gently rubbing Kayeth's foreleg. The atumnal hued queen arches her neck and rumbles softly, briefly protective until Velokraeth's yawn soothes her. She relaxes, and allows their approach.

Amethyst nods in acknowledgement to the Weyrleader, followed by a curtsey dip to both clutchparents and to Nyalle. "Good evening, Weyrwoman, Weyrleader," she says in a hushed greeting as she approaches. There's a moment spent looking from clutchdam to sire, then she softly pads her way to the eggs, to place a hand softly upon the Organic Ink Spill Egg. The two younger ones - Farrell and Ciannah, both crafters like Amethyst - go to choose their eggs, too.

Whatever she may have expected to feel, Amethyst's expression still turns to one of surprise when she gets her first sensation of the little mind within the egg. She blinks down at the shell, gently running her fingertips over its surface, and looking up to the Weyrleaders to give them a surprised little smile, if they're looking. Then her attention is back on the egg.

"Evening, Amethyst." Th'ero greets as she passes him by and he will nod to Farrell and Ciannah both. He'll see that surprised smile and the Weyrleader thaws enough to quirk a bit of a smile back in return. Not so bad, is it? Once he's confident the Candidates are reacting well and settled among the eggs, he'll turn to stride towards Nyalle and half-bow to the Weyrwoman. "Anything I can get for you, Weyrwoman?"

Nyalle lifts the edge of her skirt to curtsey lightly to Th'ero when he approaches. "Not at the moment, Weyrleader, but thank you," she says quietly, watching the Candidates though sometimes her gaze darts to Th'ero for a brief look. She returns Amethyst's smile with an encouraging one, and a nod. "I'm glad it's a small group."

Amethyst can't help but smile again at the sensations the Organic Ink Spill Egg's occupant conveys to her. "Curious," she whispers down to it, pressing her other hand to its shell, too. All the better to… feel you with? Ciannah is reacting quietly to the All Aglow Green Egg, while Farrell is occupied with the Copycat Egg, seemingly trying to press his ear to it.

"Does Kayeth seem to respond better to a small group?" Th'ero asks Nyalle quietly, giving the Weyrwoman a curious sidelong glance though the Weyrleader will keep most of his attentions on the Candidates. Some he feels are mature enough, others… oh, he's watching close!

It takes a few moments before Amethyst is able to draw her hand away from the egg she's touching. After disengaging herself, somewhat reluctantly by the looks of it, she blinks and gives a gentle shake of her head as it to clear it. Ciannah is given an encouraging wink as she passes by her, on her way to touch the Doorways to Spirit Realms Egg.

Nyalle nods her head slightly. "It depends on her mood. Tonight…she's a bit touchy. Stuck on the sands too long, but I was able to convince her to let just a few on."

Amethyst perhaps overhears Nyalle - or it could be coincidence that she happens to look up at Kayeth, thoughtful as she gently removes her hand from the egg beneath her palm… only to replace it, after a moment of hesitancy. "You're… curious," she murmurs, repeating the only word that seems to fit the unique sensation.

Th'ero frowns as he glances up towards Kayeth, then to Velokraeth. The bronze almost seems to shrug. Hey, he can only preen and comfort the gold so much? He's trying but even his wit and suaveness can only go so far! "Has she fed lately? I know Velokraeth hunts for her, but will she go to the grounds if coaxed? If someone remained here with her eggs?"

Her hand withdraws again, and Amethyst looks thoughtfully at her palm for a moment. After being distracted by Farrell's reaction to the egg he's touching, she bites down on her bottom lip and, once more, presses her fingertips to the shell once moreto coax the little mind within out to play.

Nyalle considers her queen with a small frown. "She might have to," she murmurs, earning a snort. "Oh come on now," Nyalle says, a touch exasperated but her voice still low. "You're grumpy and you know you're hungry and need to stretch your wings. So go already!" HUFF.

A soft caress of her fingers over the egg's shell is Amethyst's quiet farewell to the Doorways to Spirit Realms Egg. She steps away from it, giving Farrell a little shoulder-pat as she edges past him to the Beauty in Simple Patterns Egg. Her hand goes out to it, gently pressing to its creamy shell.

Th'ero's attention is drawn away from the Candidates a moment when Nyalle gets into a battle of wills with Kayeth. The Weyrleader can't help but chuckle dryly, shaking his head. "May be easier to convince her once they're done here?" he suggests softly. Velokraeth rumbles soothingly towards Kayeth, his tail tip twitching lazily back and forth.

Amethyst draws in a tiny, sharp breath as her first reaction to the egg-bound dragonet's mind; then her stiffened shoulders and tight expression relaxes, and she softly strokes fingers over the brown-marked shell. Despite her eyes being closed in concentration, she still tilts her head downwards towards the egg, canted slightly to the side looking without seeing, and seemingly listening, too.

Therynn was a little slower getting out on to the sands this time, coming in at the tail end of the small group, taking a nice long moment to gather her bearings with a deep breath with curtsey to queen, sire and riders."Hello m'lady, sir.." she mouths to Nyalle and Th'ero. As if just 'getting her feet wet' toes wiggle in thick soled sandals, watching as Amethyst, Cinnah and Farrell find their places and connect with eggs. Eventually, a few steady steps are taken and she approaches Watered Down Tea Egg. The one who has been beckoning from below during Rynn's numerous gallery contemplations.

Amethyst's eyes open, and she chuckles down at the egg before her. "You're a nosy little thing, aren't you?" Fingers stroke with gentle care across its shell, a soft stroke to encourage more from it.

Therynn gladly gives in to the feeling of being whisked away by this egg, as if when palms are placed and eyes are closed she's instantly drifting in to some sort of sensory deprivation tank. Lashes flutter as orbits chase swirls from beneath shut tight lights. There's a gently rocking to some melody that plays in her head, hands steadily planted with a flexible touch. It doesn't take much to thrill Rynn in to flowing towards the forest that encircles her mind's eye, a soft gasp. "Is someone there?" she whispers "Wait.." the huntress does indeed yearn for more.

Kayeth snorts softly, /eying/ the Candidates. She rumbles low in her chest but she settles - for now - occasionally glancing at the exit. Nyalle just sighs, giving Th'ero a bit of a helpless look.

Fighting the desire to linger by the Beauty in Simple Patterns Egg's side, Amethyst reluctantly tears herself away - though she does turn back to give it one last, gentle stroke with her work-scarred fingertips. "Sleep well, little one," she murmurs, before looking up to see where the others have got to; Ciannah and Farrell both are occupied with the egg of their choice. The ex-Smith then gives a small nod to Nyalle and Th'ero, almost as if seeking permission before moving on to the Wrapped in Tranquility Egg.

Therynn feels a tingling rush attempt to overwhelm her. Slow and steady Rynn reminds herself in reference to breathing. It's surprising how easy it is to forget something like that out here! Kayeth's snort and rumble shakes the soul, but the huntress continues to display the utmost respect and gratitude for allowing her eggs to be touched. A soft grazing of shell with fingertips, eyes opening for only a moment, the complexity of what seems easily overlooked is admired. Rynn is curious too, so much auditory invigoration and suddenly it is as if winter has blown past Fort "How beautiful.." another whisper ".. and fun.." Hiding is definitely Rynn's thang and copious amounts of searching true to her current existentialism. 'To the stars..' she thinks, possibilities endless as she clutches to the idea of spring, eager to know more about what time will tell for this lovely egg.

Velokraeth continues to rumble low and quiet like to Kayeth, soothing her with his sweet words and flattering comments. Suggesting, perhaps, that if she does hunt that she call her finest bronzes to her aid to watch her eggs. He will be on the sands, of course, but others could line the bowl. Zhirazoth, perhaps? He'd make a good guard! Th'ero can only spread his hands out in an equally helpless gesture. Some help he is?

"Oh…" Amethyst doesn't seem overly enamoured with whatever she feels from the Wrapped in Tranquility Egg, and after touching just once she steps back, pressing the back of her hand to her mouth for a moment. She takes a deep breath while looking over the clutch, to Kayeth and Velokraeth, then sidesteps around the egg in front of her to give the Neutral is all the Rage! Egg a go. Gently, hesitantly, she presses fingertips to its shell.

Kayeth snorts at Velokraeth, but…maaaaabye? She seems to maybe be swayed, as she looks again to the entrance, her thoughts silently stretching. Zhirazoth, yes. Sharuth and Dremkoth as well. Fort's finest bronzes. By her foreleg, Nyalle just exhales, rubbing fingers gaainst her forehead.

Therynn is happy too, not ready to pull away, reveling in the sunshine and sky, facing the clouds without hesitation. Alas, it is time, so many questions left unanswered. One by one, hands reluctantly step back. Eyes open slowly, a sigh escapes and she just stands there and stares for a few moments before even realizing that she's doing so. The dragon interactions remind her that she better get a move on, protectiveness revered she looks towards Doorways to Spirit Realms Egg.

"You're… confusing," Amethyst whispers, gently withdrawing her hand while looking down at the egg's shell with a ponderous expression. She runs her tongue over her lips, pulls a little face, then steps back. After glancing over the clutch, she makes a beeline to the Watered Down Tea Egg, stroking along one of those curling lines on its side.

Therynn can't get enough of this seasonal embellishment, from spring to summer she feels enveloped in sunlight. The smoothness of this egg is unmatched, shades so captivating, hazel eyes remain open and fixed despite their lack of conscious sight at the moment. She sniffs, because the sensation of grass beneath her triggers olfactory nerves. "You are lovely.." more songs a'lulling. "What's that?" she's curious too.

Therynn can really get busy with these mind-touches, all foresty and sunlight laden. "I do.." is said of savoring and enjoyment. "No other way t'live.." Rynn confirms quietly. No fear for this little huntress, well maybe some doubts, but that's different. Positivity is prominent in this connection, a moral standard valued and implemented consistently. The delving in to memories sends a flurry of emotions to the surface, she keeps her cool. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming.

Velokraeth chuffs to Kayeth, his oversized and ugly head bobbing a bit. Yes, yes, of course! Zhirazoth, Sharuth and Dremkoth. All fine bronzes, with many talents and skills. No better guard a queen could ask for, for her clutch! Niumdreoth and Rauskazeth are sturdy and steadfast browns too and Varmiroth has a sharp eye for detail if she wants a sentry. Nudge, nudge? "He's going to over do it," Th'ero can be heard muttering under his breath to Nyalle, though his eyes are watching the Candidates again.

Whatever it is that she gets from the Watered Down Tea Egg, Amethyst likes it. She smiles and nods down at its tea-stained shell, running fingers over it in a gentle exploration, than leaves her palm pressed to that black spot it bears. Ciannah brushes past Therynn to get to an egg beside her, looking quickly at the hunter as she goes, while Farrell is busy trying to listen to an egg, yet again.

Therynn gives in to the probing, allowing herself to be an open book and absorb the messages conveyed by this mystical orb. "You are a wise one for being shell-bound.." a giggle passes smiling lips. The reality of its presence retreating and being returned the sands is a bit of jolt. Either that or it was the jostling from Ciannah pushing by her to a nearby egg. Hands retract quickly so that the momentum is not transferred, a raised brow to the girl scurrying by. She shrugs, bygones be bygones, Ciannah must've really wanted to get to that egg. While looking around, she'll catch sight of Amethyst, head nodding to the fellow Candidate with a shy wave as she heads for Neutral is all the Rage!

Nyalle sighs. "He already has," she murmurs, as Kayeth also rouses Niumdreoth and Rauskazeth, asking their assistance as well. She eyes the Candidates. Now they just have to be done.

Therynn isn't as daft as her inept social skills may lead one to think. She can tell the afternoon is waning away and that time is precious. She'll step up to the colorless egg, her tanned hands placed nimbly on mottled tawny brown shell. What a shock it is, from summer to snowflakes, a shiver runs up and down her spine. "Well now.." she mumbles, falling in to the silence easily, waiting to see what will happen next a flash of red startling her with a little jump before the connection fades.

Therynn takes slow and steady breaths, though the urge to shiver is there, she holds still and listens. Attention is commanded and given as they retrace parts of her life together. Life truly is all about the experience, a good point that will stick with her throughout her turns. So many memories, so many thoughts. Where does one go from here?

Amethyst remains with her hand on the Watered Down Tea Egg, sighing in soft contentment. She seems content enough to remain touching, even as her eyes open and look to the Weyrwoman and Weyrleader, gaze flicking between the two, briefly over the clutchparents, to gauge the current situation. Can't be too careful, right?

Therynn listens and follows, powerless to the presence, knowing she is strong but questioning these inquisitions with a genuine heart. She knows she has what it takes, always landing on her feet, putting one foot in front of the other and carrying on no matter what trials and tribulations may attempt to deter. She's grateful for the glory that this life brings, and the inner-reflections provoked by these experiences. Settling in to the silence again, hands will shake as they are pulled from smooth shell. A head nod with thanks as she steps back, looking towards the esteemed riders and their wonderful lifemates for cues about departure.

When the questions fade within the Watered Down Tea Egg, Amethyst steps back, wrapping her arms around herself as she takes a moment to think, to look, and to clear her mind. She's soon joined by Ciannah. "Weyrwoman Nyalle, Weyrleader Th'ero? May we be excused, please?"

Nyalle looks over at the Candidates, and then to Kayeth. "Yes, that would be wise." Wise? "Thank you," she adds, shifting as Kayeth also begins to move.

Th'ero grimaces when he seems to jinx the whole situation, though Velokraeth looks rather smug with himself. "I'll begin rounding them up then," he murmurs to Nyalle and stepping forwards, he will gesture to the Candidates. "You've a few moments left, Candidates, but we best be moving on now. Kayeth wishes to hunt and we best not be lingering here on the sands." he murmurs with a smirk. Or else what? He doesn't elaborate. "Of course you may, Amethyst. We were just about to all gather…" No time like the present! Nodding to Nyalle, Th'ero will gesture to the entrance, "You may go."

When the candidates are gone, Kayeth takes to the skies with a flap of her wings, and while the bronzes and a few browns of Fort watch her clutch, the queen /flies/ and kills and stuffs herself, and Nyalle doesn't have the heart to tell her otherwise.

"Thank you, ma'am, sir." Amethyst bobs her head politely to the riders, bidding Ciannah do the same, and Farrell follows suit. With a little grin to Therynn, the Smith-turned-Candidate ushers the younger ones off, once she's given her formal farewell - a little curtsey, and a playful salute.

Therynn follows Th'ero's Candi-wrangling cues and walks slowly towards the group of Candidates. Holding no grudges for being brushed past earlier, Rynn is smiling as she approaches. One last glance is spared for the Watered Down Tea Egg, a deep bow to Weyrwoman and Weyrleader, Kayeth and Velokraeth "And many thanks to you from me as well." On the way back towards the barracks, once excused, she'll say "Truly amazing isn't it?"