Fort Weyr - Trader and Crafter's Square
The massive rock face that makes up the outer walls of Fort Weyr looms, ever present even here where a large space has been cleared among the trees. A well tended and worn path threads its way from the Entrance Square, broad and wide enough for even the largest and most cumbersome of Trader's wagons. It continues on some distance, running parallel to the outer walls of the Weyr until veering subtly towards the forests again where it will expand again into a circular clearing. The ground is hard packed and scarcely any grass grows, save for along the edges a few patches here and there where folk are known to sit and relax rather than tread. In the center of this clearing is a stone well, ringed by a swath of wild grasses but accessible to all.
Branching in multiple directions are more paths, another large and broad one leading to a secondary clearing that is clearly designed for the Traders benefit, offering several choice locations, most of them sheltered by trees, for their wagons to be set up and ample room for their beasts to be properly penned. Firepits, large and small, are arranged and set at safe distances.
Another path, still wide but meant more for small wagon or foot travel, leads to a third clearing which holds several wooden stalls, all simple of build but well cared for. They are set up in a horseshoe loop, allowing most visitors to glimpse each of the Craft-related signs that mark each one. During the warmer months, this half is meant to be a Crafter's market and the stalls are often manned by posted Journeymen and any Apprentices under their wings.
Other paths lead away from all these clearings and both the Trader square and Crafter square. Some wind their way towards Fort's Forests, while others disappear up towards the Mountain Pass or loop back around to return either to the Entrance Square or towards the tunnels leading back into the Weyr itself.

The Trader and Crafter's square is a happening place! Why is that? Well, it could be the Trader wagons gathered with their wares out and on display under raised canopies. The weather is cold, but with winter ebbing towards spring there is a milder note on the air and likely the other reason why the outdoors are so populated today. Crafter stalls are also setup, wares set out to tempt anyone with the marks to spare and, of course, there are stalls dedicated to food and drink. Drifting among the crowds are two young girls, six Turns of age, bundled in warm winter clothing. Holding hands, they wander, occasionally stopping to peer up curiously at the sea of faces, only to look at each other in disappointment before they venture off again and begin to drift towards one of the food stalls. They look lost but at least they're not shrieking at the top of their lungs? "…mother s'gonna be maaad…" One girl mutters to her twin sibling. "…was your idea, Ezzie…" mutters the other. Indeed. Where is the Xanadian bluerider?

Cyrus has finished his duties in the living cavern's for today, and decided to explore deeper in the weyr, maybe even find where Kera got herself off to since he knows she is here for the games. He had poked about some of the caverns, still finding himself turned around down there, so he gave up and decided to explore the more above ground portion of the weyr, which lead him to the trader and crafters square. He quickly surveys the gathered group to see if he knows anyone there, and it just so happens that he does and it causes him to freeze in place.

As Cyrus is finished with his chores in the caverns, so is Skyler. He too has been wandering and has been hopelessly loss. But, he'd heard to rumour of traders, and remembering Feyran, he decides to check it out. Even if she's likely not here and still at Eastern. "Thanks!" he calls out to some rider who directed him the right way to go. He'll worry about making it back later. "Oh, nice." he says as he all but drools over the various wares and wanders back and forth through them and he spies Cyrus "Hey there. Long time no see." he says with a grin and then he pauses. "Something wrong?" he asks quietly.

It would seem that many chores have been finished up, with Ravyal also making his way around the square. At least he doesn't seem terribly lost at all. Of course, he's been busy looking at a display of fabrics, plucking some of it up to check the weave of it with a slow smile. "Oh..this is very well done. Very.. It…no, no..I'm just looking." There's a quick movement to put it /back/ again, and then the candidate moves on. There's a slight frown upon noticing the two small girls, however, and the teen walks over to peer down at them. "Hello..? Are you two here all by yourselves?" He doesn't know /much/ about kids, but they do seem a little..alone for their size!

Kera is there somewhere, doing a little shopping or just plain gawking at everything to be seen among the bright wagontented displays. Stuffing her purchase into her satchel, the Xanada greenhealer turns back to the milling crowds. Two small figures go by, hand in hand. Kera frowns after a few seconds when she recalls who the young girls are, and no one seems to be watching them. Well she will til someone else better suited to the job shows up. So, the twins are stalked, sorta, she keeps them in sight through the crowd.

Eliana and Ezsrisa, or Ellie and Ezzie as they've come to be nicknamed (easier to yell!), aren't aware that they're being stalked by Kera. Their attentions have drifted to Ravyal when the Candidate greets them. He's eyed warily, at least by the shier Ellie, but her sister is quick enough to answer. "No! We're here with our mother. She's a Weyrsecond." In case Ravyal's thinking of doing anything bad! Don't do it. "…well, we were with her… Who're you?" she adds a bit sheepishly and ends brashly. Ellie huffs but says nothing.

"It's fine." Cyrus says to the young one. He knows those kids. He had seen them before, and if they are here…so is their mother. Or Mur'dah. Either way not good. He pulls himself up to his full height and after a deep breath strides confidently into the square. This is his home now, he can't live in fear. It's in that moment that a rather blessed turn of events happens, he spots Kera. He waves widely trying to get her attention.

Skyler gives a bit of a nod and then he too is noting the kids and he grins and waves at them and leaves Cyrus because he didn't really see who he was waving too. "Hi there." he says with a grin as he comes up alongside Ravyal "Where'd your mom go?" he asks curiously as he looks around "Are you lost maybe?"

Ravyal tilts his head just a little bit. The former weaver isn't exactly the most imposing figure in the world, after all. But he does smile just a bit, giving a quick look around the square. " she? Wow, that's certainly..something." The candidate doesn't seem to find what he's looking for, however. How could he? /He/ has no idea what the girls' mother looks like! "I'm Ravyal… just a candidate." Still, he does look a bit..worried still. After all, he might not know what their mother looks like, but nobody else looks like they might lay /claim/ to them either! "Did /she/ get lost?" He suggests after Skylar, offering the other candidate a little smile in greeting. "Hey…wanna help me look?"

Kera maintains a distance of five or six leisurely paces behind the twins, steps slowing to a stop when Ravyal approaches and begins questioning them. Sidestepping to get out of the path, due to a bit of grumbling from behind her when she stops, Kera glances around quickly, noticing Cyrus and Skyler when the healer waves. Smiling and waves back to both candidates, pointing out a tent nearby that she's heading to, and looking back to the twins. A few words drift her way and she chuckles at the bolder twin's boast to Ravyal. Edging closer to perhaps hear better, she waves towards the candidate from behind the girls. Ravyal may or may not notice. Though after a moment, she does look around with a frown for there mother…or father.

Sairon appears to be amongst the tents, his voice carrying on a shift in the breeze from a tent near the edge of the square. He's sitting next to a small fire with another young man, the two having an animated chat over a game of dice. It's seem the candidate and trader know one another by the sounds of it. "…how is it you always win these, Sai?" "Well, you know, Trey, just a matter of skill. Rolling dice is an art. You can't just sling them down like an old washrag."

Both girls give Skyler the same wary look that Ravyal received, looking a little more uncertain now that there's two of them. "Dunno?" Gee, there's a helpful answer! "Are we lost?" Ezzie asks in a quizzical tone. She doesn't feel 'lost'. Mercifully, neither girl seem overly panicked. Worried, yes, but not to the point of tears. Yet. "Hi, Ravyal!" They'll greet him in return in and not quite in sync. That'd just be creepy! "We're Ezzie and Ellie," Helpful pointing as to which is which follows. "From Xanadu." Giggling follows his implied remark that Kiena is lost. "What if we're hiding…?" Ezzie adds with a mischievous little snicker. Ellie just looks confused. "… but we're not? Was supposed to stay with Kyzen 'n his foster folk…" So they snuck off to find Kiena, while in the care of others. Speak of the devil though and a man wearing a Smithcraft badge is calling to them in an exasperated (and scolding) tone. Get over here! He'll at least flash a grateful smile to those gathered about the twins, along with a muttered apology as he gathers the two girls. "Bye…" Ezzie says, while Ellie pipes up (finally): "Tell her we say hi!" Because… they totally know her mother, right? Right. They're protests are left to dwindle as they are led away, likely passing Sairon and his friend at their game of dice.

And Kiena? She'll arrive a few moments later from the tunnel, still dressed in her flight gear and in animated chatter with some riders from Fort and Telgar, her helmet and goggles held in one hand. She's fresh from a competition, one of the few she has managed to attend and while she has no ribbon to boast, the Telgari do. As they move off, Kiena will spot Kera first, blinking in surprise before she waves to the greenrider and her eyes will drift to the gathered Candidates as well. "Afternoon!" she calls, stepping forwards to join them.

Cyrus moves off to stand somewher nearby Kera, the young children seem to have developed quite an entourage. He says nothing to Kera at the moment other than offering her a smile, clearly pleased to see her. He spares a glance or two to the other candidates as they talk to the children. The girls don't seem to be upset in the least and so he sees little reason to worry. Nothing is going to happen to them. Then he hears the voice and turns around to face Kiena. He just sort of freezes like a deer in the headlights.

Skyler just clinks at the girls and then he ohs "Hey! I know Kyzen!" he says with a bright grin and then they're off." Huh. He shakes his head a bit and then looks over at Rayval. "I guess we're not needing to go look for her after all." he then looks around again. "Have you seen anything good that's not real expensive?" he asks the older boy as he looks towards the riders coming through the tunnel, only a few of which look somewhat familiar.

Well that's one problem solved. Ravyal has noticed the waving from the other side of the girls, but looks a little surprised at the almost-creepily in sync greeting he gets, right up until they're carted off. All the better, really. Looking for a faceless mother sounds like quite a difficult task! The boy lets out a breath though, shooting a look over at Skyler, nodding. "I..suppose not. It's good they were found at least.." He glances back again toward all the trading when asked about it, tugging on his lower lip to chew on it. "I've been mostly looking at the fabrics and clothes.. Not a whole lot there I can afford.. A..are you looking for something in particular?"

Kera looks around when a man who appears to be a Smithy comes stalking from the crowd and scolds the mischievous duo. Grinning to herself as the pair are led away, she shakes off her concerns over them now that they are being kept track of. Looking back around she grins when the group is closer, and waves again, stepping closer to the candidates. "Hello Cyrus. And Skyler and Ravyal." A quickly lifted brow as if questioning if she recalled the candidate's names properly. Hearing another greeeting, she peeks over and dips her head to Kiena. She does seem to hesitate only briefly, her eyes flicking to the gathered candidates then the bluerider before shrugging off any sudden tension in the air "G'afternoon Weyrsecond." After a few seconds she eases into a smile "You're girls seem quite adventurous. They were just recaptured and hauled off that way." The greenhealer can't help but smirk a little.

"Afternoon, Wingrider. Candidates," Kiena greets amiably enough, her smile warm and welcoming to Kera and the little group. She'll give Ravyal and Skyler a curious look over, though her attention is drawn back to her fellow Xanadian rider. "My daughters? They were here?" That seems to surprise her and then she sighs. Not in anger, as her mouth quirks up in an amused smirk. "I warned Tlazio but he'd not listen. He must've let slip I'd be here…" She waves a hand dismissively. "I'll see 'em both later. Promised I'd stay for dinner with the whole family lot…" But from her shrug, she's not sure if she'll hold to it. Her rank doesn't allow much in the leeway of free time, though the bluerider certainly hopes no emergency occurs back home. "You here for the Games too Kera or for personal…" Reasons. Kiena's finally spied Cyrus there and it's not so much that he's here (she knew that), it's the knot he's wearing and she remains quite fixated on that for far longer than is polite.

Cyrus pulls closer to Kera just because he needs to feel protection of some kind. He doesn't cringe like some animal though. He stands tall and simply returns her gaze. Emotion effectively hidden for the present. Though if one were to be able to read lips one might see word 'peace' being formed several times. Trying to keep himself calm perhaps?

Skyler can't help but blush. /She/ remembered his name. He can dream happy thoughts tonight. "Hello, Kera." Oh yes, the name is sweet heaven on his lips. But then there's Ravyals question "I guess not really, I don't have much either. Just a quarter mark. Maybe I'll just get some treats." Skyler seems oblivious to any tension in the air at first. He then notices Kiena staring at Cyrus. He looks at Cyrus and then looks Kiena and frowns a moment. "Is something wrong?" he asks after a moment.

There's always room for jello. Or…other treats for spending marks on. Ravyal nods faintly, looking almost amused really by the change. "They always have a few really good things at the booth about…three or four down.." But then his name is being used, and the candidate turns abruptly. Unexpected? Perhaps so, from the way he stills and has to look to actually find who called. He smiles though after a moment, giving a quick nod of affirmation to the correctness of his address. "O..oh! Hello again.." And there are /more/ people, even. His gaze flickers to Kiena as well, voice growing just a bit quieter. "W..welcome to Fort.. It's nice to../you!/" Well there's an abrupt shift in volume, Rav's startled realization bringing pitch to the exclamation and a finger to /point/ at Xanadu's Weyrsecond. Of course, he seems to realize very quickly how odd..or rude that might be, dropping his hand while color floods into his face. And see? Even Kera is filling the woman in! "'re their mother. Yes.. They were…they say hi?" Perhaps there is a hole somewhere nearby he can crawl into.

Kera grins, looking and pointing back through the crowd in the direction the twin girls were herded off to then looks back to her Weyrsecond. "Yea, I followed them for a bit, and Ravyal here slowed them down til someone wearing Smithy knots along in a hurry and scolded them off that way." A little nod to said candidate as he adds to the tale of the twins. Canting her head a bit, another nod given, her gaze drifting to Cyrus with a little smile. "Both actually." Her hand slips to the Journeyhealer turned candidate's and gives it a little squeeze before turning her attention back to the group. "I figured I'ld try to get a bit of practice since I've never skiied before. After trying it, I figure I need more practicve than I thought." Kera smirks at that "I'm still gonna compete though, wanna see if I can get to the bottom still standing." She babbles on a bit, perhaps trying to ignore the tension, following Kiena's gaze to Cyrus's shoulder, she chuckles weakly back to the bluerider "I know, quite a surprising turn of events." The greenrider's gaze flicks from one face to another, quick someone else pop the tension bubble and keep her from rambling on.

"That'd be Tlazio," Kiena says distractedly with her eyes still fixated on Cyrus in an unreadable look. Blinking, she shakes herself out of her thoughts by Skyler's prompt, giving the Candidate a brief, if not sheepish look. Nothing's wrong, see? Ignore the darted look to Cyrus before she finally looks away and clears her throat or the way her hands relax from the curled fists they've become when her posture tensed. Nothing to see! Except she's being pointed at by Ravyal and Kiena scowls at him. What? Oh. OH! Her expression immediately softens and her tone half-apologetic. "Sorry. Usually being pointed at means bad things… Thank you for the welcome. If you're speaking of two twin girls, one shy and one smart mouthed, then yes… those would be mine. Ravyal, is it?" Thank you, Kera! Kiena snorts, "Skiing? Shards, woman, you're brave!" Tension? What tension? The bluerider is relaxed or making a good impression of it.

Cyrus allows a brief look of gratitude to cross his face when he feels her reaching over to squeeze his hand. He he turns his head quickly to face her, a feeling of strength growing inside of him. He still says nothing, not really trusting himself to open up his mouth and speak. Saying things gets you into trouble and he has no intention of going down that road again, not when he is accepted here. He just continues to hold Kiena's gaze. There is no malice or anger in his gaze, its just that. A gaze. When Kiena looks away so does he, turning his attention back to Kera. He leans down to whisper something to her.

Skyler just looks back and forth between Kiena, Cyrus and even Kera. He leans over towards Ravyal "Do you know whats going on?" he asks curiously as he's completely clueless. Still a look back at the others. "How are you all doing in the games?" he asks. He still hasn't really ventured into trying much, beyond the hunting that was a major flop.

Ravyal shakes his head quickly. ", I don't know where that came from.. Sorry." Really, it's embarrassing to have sudden outbursts. There's a smile though when his name comes up, however, nodding quickly. "Y..yes ma'am..Ravyal.." There's talk of /skiing/? The former weaver looks a little baffled, but more likely due to an aversion to the sport himself. Body parts being unbroken is the way to go! There's another look tossed at Skyler though when the younger candidate speaks to him, shaking his head. This is the face of one who knows…absolutely nothing. "I idea…"

Kera nods to Kiena when she supplies the Smithy's name "Ahh. I wasn't close enough to speak to them, just sorta, keeping an eye them as they wandered around." Grinning over Ezzie and Ellie's antics, she smiles and shrugs at the brave comment "A doubt the combat training instructors would agree." Not with her throwing her pugil stick at her opponet and yelping like she did. Looking among the candidates, she shrugs uncertainly to Skyler's question "I'm not sure how well I'm doing, but so far I've not been eliminated from any events. Moncerath's was happy to put those huge wings of hers to use against the Fortian dragons." Her gaze drifts towards where Moncerath is resting, even though she cant see her, gaze distracted a moment before she chuckles to herself and focuses back on those around her. "How about you lot?" Her gaze drifts from face to face "I've heard about some trapping events happening, but I'ld be flat out useless in those."

Kiena will try not to react to the whispering between Cyrus and Kera or between the Candidates either. She's just going to let that moment slide. "No need for the apologies," she assures Ravyal with another smile and wave of her hand. "And well met, Ravyal. So far," Now she's turning her attention back to Skyler and her mouth shifts to a grin, "Not as much luck as I had in the Summer Games. A Candidate too, are you?" Name? "I'm Kiena, rider of blue Ujinath and Weyrsecond of Xanadu Weyr." she offers by way of introduction. Kera's mention of pitting herself and Moncerath against Fort has her chuckling, "Which event?" she asks curiously, only to grimace. "Eh, I tried my hand at the hunting one you speak of. Way too tough competition there! Don't know these forests well enough either."

Cyrus lets his breath come easier as the situation grows less tense with every passing moment. One who knows him would get that he has that wary look in his eye, but for the moment thats all. He listens to all the talk of the games and skiing and flying and when someone mentions getting hurt skiing he looks over toward Kera, "It's just a small hill right?" he asks, "Not one of the super huge ones?" he asks. He hasn't been to the skiing course to take a peek at what is in store for those folks, "I'm planning on entering the snowball contest, as well as a few of the others." he chimes up.

Skyler ohs a little and then gives a little bow. He's been learning some manners after all. As he straightens he does smile, he draws for charming, but well, on such a little one such as himself, it doesn't quite work as well as he hopes. "My pleasure Kiena. Please give my regards to Ujinath." he says "You can call me Skye. I'm just a lowely candidate though."

Ravyal shakes his head just a little after a moment, but takes a step back. There's one, and then another as the candidate inches his way out of the group. Maybe he won't be noticed at all. He shoots another glance at Skyler though, and then hurries off as best he can down the row of booths set up for trading. Maybe there's something he still has his eye on.

Kera cants her head to Cyrus, smiling with a half shake of her head "There are several courses, but the one I've been practicing on isn't the bad one." She doesn't mention that she wa being passed by little kids that actually know /how/ to ski. An amused glance around the group "Nothing that taking a few minutes sitting in the snow to ice my…pride didn't fix." Kiena's questions draws a quick grin "We're going for the speed event and she insist that she can outfly most in the endurance event. So I've been doing more straight flying the past sevenday…" Growing quiet a moment, she smiles to Skyler, though a slight quizzical frown appears briefly when he calls himself 'lowly'. Her gaze drifts around, waving when she sees the candidates slip off in the crowd. Snowball event catches her attention and she grins. "Yea, I'm gonna use one advantage I have unfairly. But all's fair in snowball war right?" She glances to Cyrus pointedly a few seconds before Kiena and the candidates get her attention again.

Kiena dips her head down in polite respect to Skyler, only to laugh. "Lowly Candidate?" she scoffs, "Hardly. You're one of the lucky few who get a once in a lifetime chance! Not everyone on Pern is Searched, y'know." She's teasing him, honest! Her grin says as much and she'll murmur a hasty farewell when Ravyal and then Skyler too drift back into the crowd. Which… leaves her with Kera and Cyrus. Tension? More like awkwardness. "Snowball… You mean there's a snowball fight scheduled?" Kiena asks, sounding both surprised by the event itself and even moreso that the former Mindhealer signed up for it. She does chuckle to the greenrider though for her remarks about the races. "Hey now. I bet Ujinath could give Moncerath a good race. Never underestimate a blue!"

Cyrus watches the other candidates slowly wander away, he too is painfully aware that the only two left are Kiena and Kera. He does his best to only look at Kiena when he absolutely has too, "Oh good…" he says to Kera when she mentions the course she is practicing on, "I'd hate to have to mend you if you fell. Skiing can be quite dangerous…" As the others have mentioned. As talk turns to flying balls of snow he can't help but smile a bit, "Using your beauty as a weapon…" he says in response, "I'm not so sure /all/ is fair, but in this case I think its fair enough." He then looks over to Kiena as she speaks up and utters the first words to her that he has uttered since The Incident, "Yes. There is." he says with as little inflection in his voice as he can muster. When they talk of their dragons he falls silent once more.

Kera 's grin turns to mock disbelief before scoffing and rolling her eyes upwards, grin threatening to crack wide again. "Oh please. Moncerath's wings are nearly the size of a small brown, she can easily grab more air, making her better at working the thermals at a glide for long distances." A good naturedly wink is flashed to the bluerider, before canting her an almost shy smile to Cyrus's wording. "Yes well, we already decided you were biased." but the candidate's clipped response to the Weyrsecond may get a little elbow bump to his side. As if to try and get Cyrus to elborate further. "Have you had a chance to get a peek at the obstacle course. You've been settled in here at Fort about a sevenday right? Got any little hints about the obstacles for us?"

Kiena's grin broadens for Kera's teasing and the Weyrsecond is soon laughing. She's always game for a good challenge and the greenrider hasn't failed to deliver! "Ujinath's wingspan may not be as large as Moncerath's, but he's got the lithe build. Less weight." Did she just imply Moncerath is heavy? Not at all! Cyrus' clipped and short response earns a terse nod from the bluerider and nothing more. She'll focus on Kera's elaboration, which is followed with a crooked smirk. "Obstacle course? Let me guess… it's carved of snow and ice?" She sounds curious!

Cyrus blinks as he is elbowed in the side by Kera. He's really doing the best that he can here, "I'm afraid I haven't been able to be out and about much and see what they have coming up for that. I'm not even sure where they plan on holding it." He says as he looks back and forth between the two of them laughing. A look of discomfort crosses his face. He shifts on his feet from left to right.
If Kera is disappointed that Cyrus hasn't been able to learn anything about the course he can share, she doesn't show it. "Oh well, guess we all go in blindly." Shrugging it off, Kiena suggestions about how it may be built gets her to thinking. "Wow, that sounds like it would be a massive untaking…but, then again, it's not like an ice maze is it? They don't have to build all kinds of ice or snow walls do they?" Reaching up to rub her head at the thought.

"Isn't that the point and half the fun of it? Wonder if Mur'dah will join me in signing up for that one." Kiena drawls and then looks out towards the forests thoughtfully before glancing back between Cyrus and Kera. "If I had to guess, they'd build it out there somewhere. Just need enough of a clearing and maybe some less dense forests and there you go! And well… Fort gets enough snow I think." Chuckling, Kiena will shake her head. "They might? Wouldn't be too difficult. A simple obstacle course is sometimes the most difficult," she muses.
"I haven't signed up for that one if I remember correctly." he says to no one in particular, "I know that there have been many folks that have been busy with a great many preparations, but I haven't seen the ones that are out and about, only the food preparations really. I'm sorry that I'm out of the loop." he apologizes to Kera. When Kiena speaks of Fort getting a good deal of snow he nods his head in agreement though doesn't speak. Too much snow.

Kera tilts her head to Cyrus, offering a smile and slight headshake "No need to appologize for being busy with duties." Another smile to the Journeyman turned candidate before flicking her gaze between him and Kiena, nodding agreeably to her Weyrsecond anbd look around pointedly at all the snow "Can't argue that point." Smirk added before she grins suddenly "How about we go practice for upcoming events? Doesn't have to be skiing. Could be skating. Silly me signed up for that too even though I've only done it once before." Peering between candidate and Xanada bluerider "Or we could work on our snowball form technique." She winks and rubs her hands together mischievously.

Kiena only shrugs for Cyrus' apology, even if it wasn't directed to her. She offers a bare smile, her eyes flicking again to the knot on his shoulder and her brows knit together faintly. At least she's not flat out staring again? "It can be a very trying and busy time for a Candidate. Weyr Games aside," she remarks dryly and perhaps the most words she's spoken to Cyrus. Glancing to Kera, the Weyrsecond holds her hands up in a warding gesture. "With you looking so mischievous like that, Kera? Shells, I dunno…" she drawls, peering sidelong to the Xanadian greenrider. Does she smell a trap? It's a clear and mild winter day and the square is bustling with activity as folks take advantage of the weather and browse the wares from Trader and Crafter's alike. Kiena, a visiting bluerider and Weyrsecond from Xanadu stands with Kera and Cyrus to the side of one of the paths.

Cyrus wouldn't mind getting away from this place. Far away from this place. He looks to Kera as she gets that look in her eye. He knows that look well, but he also knows its sometimes better to go along with it than try to thwart it, "I wouldn't mind trying to skate again. Its been many years, but I hear you don't really ever lose the ability once you've done it."

Bustling along the path comes Amethyst, bundled up against the Fortian cold in her thick winter coat, with the fur-trimmed hood pulled up over her short, dark hair. Carried between her gloved hands, with all the delicacy she can muster, is a tiny little pouch, that's made of hide thick enough to suggest it must be insulated. The sigh of Cyrus makes her slow in her quick-paced steps, looking from him to the unfamiliar faces of the two ladies he's with. As she comes to a halt beside him, all three are given a bow of her head, and a polite smile. "Hello," she says to the group, ending with her eyes settled on her fellow candidate. "Skating, as in ice skating?" Then, remembering her manners, she offers one gloved hand to the riders in turn. "Amethyst. Hello there."

Kera chuckles at the wary look Kiena is giving her, glancing down and playing as if noticing the way her hands are acting "D'oh, that gives me away every time. I need to work on that." Snickering by the time she finishes, her hands simply clasp loosely in front of her. When Cyrus seems in board with the idea of skating, she brightens and looks to Kiena "Oh come on. It'll probably take ya both to drag me off the ice when I can't stay upright." Her amused gaze flickers between Cyrus and Kiena at that. "Standing on the flat skis is one thing, balancing on the edge of knives.." The new voice nearby draws her attention, nodding newly arrived candidate's greeting and dipping her head politely "Well met Candidate Amethyst. I'm Kera, Moncerath's greenhealer from Xaxandu."

"All about schooling your features," Kiena remarks with a crooked grin to Kera, demonstrating as she quickly drops the grin to a neutral mask. See? Simple! Chuckling, she drops the facade and flashes the greenrider a wink. "Good try though! As for skiing and skating, I'd think you've a better chance at being whole at the end of skating. Skiing involves hills and speed… If yer not going that fast on skates, less likely you're to crack something important!" At least, that's her theory! Another laugh, "Shells, I can't skate to save my hide, Kera. You'd be more 'n likely to be hauling me off the ice too." She'll pause in her rambling as Amethyst approaches, giving her a curious but welcoming look. The offered hand has her grinning and she takes it firmly in her grasp to politely shake it. "Well met, Candidate Amethyst." she murmurs in an echoed greeting to Kera's. "And I am Kiena, rider to blue Ujinath and Weyrsecond of Xanadu Weyr. We were just discussing the Games here and the pros and cons between skiing and skating. And the obstacle course."

"I hope we won't be dragging anyone off the ice." Cyrus replies. Ahh balanceing on the edge of knives, "It isn't so hard to learn. I had to learn when I was a child." There were many things he was forced to learn that didn't seem particularly useful at the time, "I am sure I could teach you." he says to Kera. When Amethyst apears he gives her a smile and a wave, "Hi Amethyst. Its good to see you again."
"Pleasure to meet you, greenrider Kera, Weyrsecond Kiena." Amethyst bobs her head, fixing both ladies with a smile, before winking at Cyrus. "It's been so terribly long since I saw you at breakfast, hasn't it?" She's teasing, of course, and reaches out to playfully pat his shoulder. "I was taught to skate as a child, too, though it's been absolutely turns since I gave it a whirl. As you said, ma'am," she looks to Kiena, "it's a darn sight safer than skiing… not that I've tried that, but it sounds dangerous." The parcel in her hand is cradled gently to her chest, whatever cargo it carries obviously being precious, to her at least. "The obstacle course sounds like a real challenge! Do any of you know anyone who's participating?"

Kera smiles to the young candidate, brow perking slightly at the way the candidate seems to be cradling protectively. She doesn't ask, though she does leans a bit, stretching her neck just a little before straightening up and turning her attention back to the conversation. Nodding as Kiena summarizes the dicussion thus far for Amethyst, grinning when Cyrus offers to teach her how to ice skate. "You'll probably regret that later." is murmured with a good natured grin and quick wink then attention back to the group at large. "Ice skating, yea. I was just about to add that falling on your butt on ice is a bit more painful than the fluffy snow on skis." A rather innocent expression turned to Kiena as she offers up her last thoughts on it. A weak argument at best, but there it is. Amethyst's enthusiasm causes her to chuckle "I'm signed up for that too. We were trying to figure out what the obstacles would be earlier." Sorta

Kiena laughs. "I guess you've a point there, Kera. Snow isn't too soft though when you're flying into it at high speeds," she counters with another wink. "Wasn't taught anything of the sort as a child. Where I grew up on the Emerald Isles to the west, weather was too mild all Turn round for snow and ice. Wasn't till I visited High Reaches once that I learned to skate," she admits as she glances from Cyrus to Amethyst and that little parcel is given a curious look as well and a brow lifts in a silent inquiry. What is it? "Knowing Fort, the obstacle course likely IS a challenge. Especially if my brother had a hand in it," she muses with a grin. "I might participate in it. Actually, I will! Far likely to do better at it than skating or skiing." Chuckling, she'll offer Amethyst another smile, "You been participating too? Or just spectating?"

Cyrus is a man of more than a few regrets, "Teaching you to skate will never number among the things I regret." he says with a soft smile to her, "Never." When she mentions her concern about falling, "If you are worried about that I will skate alongside of you and catch you if you should slip." It is a reasonable possibility that she will fall, most folks do the first couple times and even the later times too. He gives a nod to Amethyst, "It was only a short time ago really, but yes…much has happened." he says in regards to his change in status, "It's good to see you. I hope all is well…" He does listen as Kiena tells her story of were she grew up, but says nothing about it.

"Contemplating participation," Amethyst laughs in reply to Kiena, looking from the bluerider to her green compatriot. "Though it would seem there's tough competition in the field. Should I enter with the knowledge I'm likely to be beaten?" She clicks her tongue in her cheek as she winks, then turns to Cyrus with a grin. "As seems to be the constant case here! So much going on. It's invigorating. Shall we catch up in the barracks later? I've got to pop into the caverns real quick, but I'm headed that way." She dips into a shallow curtsey for Kera and Kiena. "Pleasure to have met you, ladies. If I'm not against you in the obstacle course, I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines. Until then!" The trio are given a farewell wave, before the Smith-turned-Candidate steps back out onto the road and trots on her merry way.

Kera can't help but giggle back to Kiena and nod "You do have a point. But in my defense, I've yet to get up to much speed on the couple of ski attempts I've done. I made it most of the way down without falling on the third ry, so I'm getting better. And it was the simplest path down." Laughing good naturedly at the competive banter over upcoming events, her gaze travels around the huddle group as the discussion is picked up and passed on. Cyrus's offers to skate at her side is met with a grin "And more likely you'll be pulling me along as I just concentrate on staying up." Her gaze flicks to the mostly hidden object that enthusiastic candidate seems to be huddling protectively, trying ot get a better peek with a none too casual neck stretch. Still not a very good look, but a better idea. As the candidate excuses herself, Kera smiles "If we're competeing against each other, you'll more likely to go flying right by me. Unless Moncerath is with me." Chuckling, she waves to Amethyst as he departs and turning back to Cyrus and Kiena "If I didn't know any better, I'ld wager a mark she's keeping a small egg warm." Or tryin to against Fort's current icey breezes.

Kiena laughs again to Amethyst, "It'd not be a competition or that fun if there wasn't the risk of losing!" she admits and then looks a little disappointed when the Candidate hurries off so soon. "Well met as well, Amethyst. Clear skies and thank you!" Kiena won't go into further details of her past home or her family life. That'd be a mood killer for certain and she's only ever told a very select few the whole story. "You think so? Could be possible. Or she'd just made a purchase and was carrying it…" Kiena murmurs thoughtfully to Kera, only to glance skywards. With a sigh, the Weyrsecond looks between the greenrider and Cyrus. "You two will have to excuse me. High time I rescued Tlazio from my daughters and ready them for their dinner with their extended family. Perhaps we'll cross paths later tonight." Or not. She may not survive a dinner with her brother Thero, his sons and daughter, Kimmila and Ellie and Ezzie and Mur'dah there too as support. Time will tell! Dipping her head in polite farewell to both, Kiena begins to step back before turning to walk back into the Weyr. "Clear skies and best of luck if you do decide to enter any competitions or just go for a leisurely skate!"