**~~*~~ Fort Weyr - Galleries ~~*~~ **
//The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded laterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches. //

Nothing like a hot steam in the galleries to rid oneself of the frigid and bone-chilling cold of a Fortian winter night. The caverns are deserted, which is pretty surprising considering the eggs are getting harder by the candlmark, but it is pretty late for people to be roaming about to places like this. One may wonder, what in Pern is Rynn doing here and isn't it past curfew?! Truth be told, she was granted absolution for the night. After a lengthy conversation with Th'ero, and considering she'll be spending time pouring thoughts and gratitude over the eggs, dam and sire below, her training for the night includes sorting herself out with a good ol' sit n'stare. So that is exactly what Rynn is doing, having ditched heavy coat at the door for her flowy but conservative nightie that is perfect for this type of heat, letting out some serious sighs and mulling things over in her head. White knot is held in one hand, chin resting in the other with elbow propped on knee. She's been at this very spot, the first tier of the benches, directly in the middle for quite some time and this is apparent by the way her clothing clings to the tiny beads of perspiration on skin.

Nae was not expecting it to be this hot in Fort. She's always been told that the Weyr was a cold and frigid place. So she's decidedly overdressed and uncomfortable in her leathers. Still, she had to get a peek at those eggs she's heard about. Once she arrives, her gaze is drawn straight to that alluring and familiar form in the flowy nighty. A grin crosses her face. "Therynn?" She asks, stepping closer.

It is really only this particular area that could be considered hot at this moment, though the bathing caverns are rather toasty too, so it will come as only a slight surprise when Nae enters the Galleries wearing all those clothes. It takes a moment to register, focus affixed on those little mounds below, but when she realizes someone has approached and is speaking her name, she'll snap out of it with a blink and jostle. "Uh..wha.. oh! Nae.." an instantaneous flush of rose blossoms on the apples of her cheeks, looking down at her own attire, then at the rider's. "What're you doin' here?" it's not said in an uninviting manner, Rynn is just taken aback by the random arrival of her Western friend.

"More training exercises. Some sort of inter-weyr cooperation thing. You'll have to deal with that yourself one day, I bet." Nae says with a wink as she steps closer, eyes sweeping over Therynn. "Nice outfit, by the way. The boys must never leave you alone… I hear you're wearing the white knot again, too. Congratulations."

Therynn smiles up to the green rider, hazel eyes glistening as if there's so much to say yet no way to make sense of it all. "Inter-weyr cooperation.." she giggle scoffs with a shrug. "Well m'glad it brought you here at least.. and.." she looks down at the white knot held in one hand, leaning back against the bench one row up "… I unno Nae. There I was thinking that kind of life was something I'd never want anyway, and now m'doubting if m'even cut out for it at all.." She sighs again and looks from the lovely green rider back to the eggs and dozing queen. "It's just, there's so many awesome Candidates.. what makes me special or worthy?!" Self doubt sparkles and tortures. It is particularly late on this cold Fortian eve, but Rynn has been cleared for mind 'training' at the Galleries, enjoying the warmth while talking with Nae quietly in the front row or an otherwise deserted cavern.

Nae tilts her head to one side, eyebrow raised. "Well… there's sort of two different issues going on here, isn't there?" She says as she slowly moves around Therynn, eyeing her. "Nobody but you can decide if being a dragonrider is something you want. You can always leave. Though if you've touched the eggs, I can't recommend that." She crosses her arms. "The other issue is, are you cut out for this? And Therynn… if anyone's fit to be a dragonrider, it's you. You're as tough and as cunning as they come. But more than that, you're kind and intelligent. Any weyr would be lucky to have you ride for them."

Without a sound, Brennan enters the Galleries, a small bow given toward the queen watching her eggs as his ears pick up quiet, familiar voices. The hunter-turned-Candidate keeps one eye on the eggs as he continues in, though that blue gaze turns on the two women the closer he gets to them. "Evenin' Nae, Rynn," comes the quiet greeting as he sidles over to sit beside the huntress, not saying anything else just yet since he's more or less walked into the midst of their conversation. His sights are on the eggs again for now, his mood rather pensive for the moment.

Therynn can't really explain the mad symphony playing with her mind. "I suppose you're right.. that a million other ones too.." she at least smirks at the apparent perplexion of it all. "I want it.." is stated very matter of factly, that twinge of huskiness she's formerly known for inching back in to her voice ."I mean.." everything softens again. "Being a rider s'probably a dream come true, n'I didn't even know this void existed until standing with y'all." Theres a mistiness attempting to form in orbits, but it is quickly shoo'd away with a quick inward nasal breath and shake of head. "I just.. if m'dragon wasn't there.. n'isn't here.. I dunno if I can keep my wits about me time after time waiting for it to find me." This is getting pretty deep, confessions she's never spoken aloud. "Things were so much simpler out there on the out-skirts, living on the edge of it all.." Not that she wants to be a recluse again, but Rynn never wanted for anything, because she was so used to the nothingness.
Nae's words tug on her heart strings, a true confidence booster, but still there is doubt, looking up it is asked "Y'really think so Nae?" Smiling she pats the spot next to her "You really are the best friend I ever coulda wished for.." So there's Nae in her leathers, Rynn in a semi-conservative nighties and now BRENNAN?! *GASP!* Shifting awkwardness, puddle of blushing, the huntress-turned crushing-turned Candidate tries to keep it together. "Oh hey…" Yeah, real cool Rynn! He falls in to a similar pensiveness and she musters"Umm.. how'd you get outta curfew mister?" That's a little better. Right?

"I don't think so. I know so." Nae says with a playful smile and a wink to Therynn. When Brennan arrives she turns a wide smile to him. "Ah, hello there. Brennan, right? How's the white knot treating you?" The question Therynn asks her fellow candidate makes Nae blink, looking back to Therynn with amusement. "That raises the question of how you got out of curfew. Hrm?"

"It's, ah…takin' some gettin' used to, still," Brennan replies, rolling the shoulder bearing his knot a little as if there's some sort of physical weight to it. "Not use to havin' to follow any schedule other than my own." Nae's counter-question to Rynn's about curfew has him smirk. "That is does, eh?" he says, his tone lightly teasing as he looks over at the blushing huntress. "Hey," he says quietly, venturing a gentle nudge to her shoulder with his own. "Easy there." He winks at her, and that probably doesn't help very much. Taking a leisurely sprawl on the gallery seats, he leans back and stretches out his legs, lacing calloused fingers across a flat stomach shrouded in a loose white shirt. It seemed he'd been getting ready to sleep, then changed his mind. "Guess I'm riskin' more chores by bein' here right now, eh?" he says with a sigh. His tone seems rather nonchalant about the prospect, however.

Therynn gives white knot a squeeze and then green riding friend a squeeze, beaming brightly from the reassurance. "Thanks Nae.. that means a lot to me.." Attentions turn to Brennan, momentarily, before her own question is shot right back. "I got permission from Th'ero.. part of m'training considering m'usually at my best during the night time anyway. Plus he says since it's inner-weyr and Nyalle is down there with Kayeth s'ok for me t'do some after-hours contemplation here." Yep that's her alibi and she's sticking to it! The gentleness to the feminine side yearning to get out continues to take hold, one leg curling up beneath her as she scoots towards Nae to make room for Brennan, because it's so packed in here y'know. Leaning in to that nudge, she'll fall in to his eyes as she often loves to do. The wink elicits a girly giggle, one straight hand covering lips as she looks away coyly. "Guess you are.." is responded, giving him the once over "… totally worth it.. for us at least." A wink towards Nae. And now for your viewing pleasure, eye-candy Bren!

Nae eyes Brennan for a moment, a wicked little smile on her face. "Hrm. I'm tempted to blackmail you… but you're a friend of Therynn's, so I'm going to let it slide." How generous of her. She winks, enjoying Bren's eye-candiness for a moment. "Well… I suppose I'd best leave you two to it. I can claim plausible ignorance if you get caught. Goodnight, lovelies. Therynn, don't forget what we talked about." Nae gets to her feet and stretches, winking before she heads for the exit. "Have fun, you two. Don't do anything I wouldn't do." So, basically no restrictions whatsoever.

Brennan smirks at the 'worth it' comment, the toe of one boot thumping the other at crossed ankles as he looks over at Nae. "Oh, 'course not," he says, sketching a salute as he watches the greenrider get up and start to leave. "Goodnight to ya, Nae." Once she's gone, the hunter's eyes fall back on Therynn, looking her over and heaving a nearly grumbled sigh. He wants to at least put his arm around her. He can't do that. The restrictions that ban such things are the worst in his mind, and he's severely tempted to break them more often than not. But he wouldn't dare do something to get Rynn in trouble…and he's rather keen on seeing what comes of Hatching day for himself. "You get to touch 'em yet?" he asks quietly, jerking his chin at the eggs but keeping his eyes on her.

Therynn snickers at Nae's empty threats. "You wouldn't!" she jokes with the Western AWLM, reading her wicked little smile and knowing she's teasing when she says she'll let Brennan off the hook. "Already?" a frown is shared with Nae giving her side a pinch while she stretches and wave with "You got it." and "Bye hun.." as she heads for the door. Nae has always been one of Rynn's favorite people, exemplifying so many things she could never manage herself. They're so different, yet get a long so well, and the Candidate is grateful for a friendship like that considering her typically inept social skills. Now it's just Rynn and Brenn.. what to do.. what to do?! Not thinking about what she wants to do is a good start! The sigh is mutual, and the petite lass will scoot a little and lean in to her fellow Candidate. Nothing to see here, just some good ol' friendliness. That is totally allowed! "Ayyup.." is nodded in reference to the eggs "N'you did too?" it was almost as though she could sense the imprinted presence of others on the shells. "Didn't get t'all of em 'fore it was time t'go.. absolutely mind-boggling.. much more so than I remember from before."

Friendliness works! Following Rynn's lead, Brennan keeps that contact in the lean, nodding as his eyes find the eggs again. "Yeah…" is answered thoughtfully, subdued. There's still wonderment in the memory for him, evident even as his eyes narrow on the colorful ovoids. "Mind-bogglin's a good word. Isn't much in the world I ever get absolutely confounded by…but those eggs - or what's in 'em, I guess - did it." He shakes his head slowly, glancing sidelong at Rynn and smirking at her again. "Least you had some idea what to expect. I just…don't get it. Them. But I want to." He goes quiet for a long moment, absorbing the quiet of the cavern and staring at the eggs as if he might be able to hear them again from so far away, with his hand pressed to them. "How long y' plannin' on stayin' here?" he asks quietly. "Mayhap y' wouldn't mind some quiet company?"

Therynn stares longingly, both at the eggs and towards Brennan, the little contact of shoulders being the most they've had since the hands-off white knots were pinned. In all fairness, it is not as though there was much preceding it to tide them over either. A catch 22.. must follow rules! When his gaze wanders and settles on the eggs, hers do as well for the umpteenth time tonight. There is a nod of total agreement and genuine understanding "Definitely.." pause "Sent me for a loop too Bren.. questioning everything I've ever known or wanted.. n'I feel more lost now than I ever did wandering unknown woods." More sighing, hopeful, terrified and so many things in between. There's a shrug at his sidelong glance "S'different.. like I said.. last time, my intentions were muddled.. the connection when one's heart isn't really in could not compare to the way it is now." Head shakes, glancing from knot, to eggs, to fellow Candidate and back again before settling on the sands. One thing that has always been fortunate for these two is their shared appreciation for silence. They'll sit there for a good chunk of the time, the surreptitious dawn threatening to take over the night before too long, which means barracks check isn't far off either. "Your company is always topping m'list.. head back with me? We've got Nanny Duty together t'day and should get at least a few winks of sleep or them weyrbrats'll run amok like none other!" When the huntress turned Candidate stands, her nightie will billow, and on her way out heavy coat will be wrapped around snugly to brave the cold and misty morning.

Brennan nods slowly as he listens to Rynn expounding on her experience with the eggs, a very slight crease forming between his brows. "Dunno if…what I felt means my heart's in it or not," he confesses with a small shrug. "But the more I was down there with 'em…the more I wanted to know. I'm curious. I wanna know more about 'em, and maybe I wonder now…" He trails off, licking his lips a little as he considers what he's about to say. "…Maybe I wonder if somethin's supposed to change for me now. Guess we'll see soon enough." The fact that Rynn feels lost, though, makes him look back at her, and he discreetly reaches for her hand, lacing his fingers with her for a moment. "No matter what happens, y' don't need to be lost, Rynn." With a squeeze, he relinquishes her hand, keeping his shoulder against hers. The silence stretches comfortably, and after a time, they do indeed head back to the barracks, the cold and dimness of impending dawn leading them onward to another day of Candidacy.