Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

With the sands and eggs arranged /just/ so, the queen has settled once more. Only…to have more Candidates approaching. Snorting softly, she lifts her head and rumbles. /Fine/. But not for long.

Velokraeth will whuffle sweetly to Kayeth. It'll be alright! They just want to come and fawn over her beautiful eggs. How could that be a bad thing? Th'ero meanwhile has gone to fetch the second batch of Candidates, having left this group to linger in the living caverns for an extended breakfast after he woke the whole group of them up personally in the barracks. "Remember the rules and behave out there. If you get too overwhelmed, go sit on the platform for a bit. Understood? Now go." He gestures for them to step out, following after the last to walk out on the sands. "And remember to bow to the dam and sire!"

Skyler having followed the others out onto the sands Skyler is looking over at the eggs and doesn't hurry out there. He whispers to no one in particalur. "It's hot." Course then there's the reminder to bow. Oops. They told them and he still forgot. Gulp. He glances at Kayeth and then gives her a deep bow, stumbling a little as he does, but he doesn't fall. Swallowing he then gives a bow to Velokraeth. After another moment he steps out there to the eggs, a glance going towards Kayeth a moment before he steps up to Doorways to Spirit Egg.

Therynn has been through similar motions before, but it seems as though something has changed for the huntress this go round. Maybe it has to do with being woken up by the Weyrleader himself, or the mounting tension and chatter during their 'extended breakfast', but either way the pitter-patter of her heart beat, instant sweat beads on brow and fidgeting are tell-tale signs of her nervousness. She takes one last deep breath of slightly cooler cavern air before stepping on to the sands a few paces behind Th'ero and Skyler, nodding in silence at his reminder. Thank goodness for his reminders. "Yessir.." is squeaked, a deep curtsey and bowed head when approaching Velokraeth and Kayeth. A smirk at Skyler's stating of the obvious and she heads towards All Aglow Green Egg.

Cyrus is still wearing the white knot, apparently not having given it back despite being rather a reluctant candidate. He shuffles in after Th'ero. Carefully listening to everything that is said. The look on his face would give the impression of calmness, even if on the inside its a different story. He nods to Th'ero as he gives his final instructions and then walks out onto the sands. Time to live in the moment. He bows politely to the dragon couple. Velo he has met, the other he has not. The egg that catches his attention is the Neutral is all the rage egg, and so moves over to that one.

Skyler seems to almost twitch a little at soomething and there's a quick glance behind for a moment and there's a frown. His attention turns to the egg and then he's frowning and looking again at it a little closer. There's a look of confusion on his face and he looks around at the others. Is this normal? Then his attention is back on it again. Then there's a thoughtful look on his face.

Therynn feels a deep sensation of vibration resonate with her soul, hands softly placed one after the other on amazingly bright eggshell. Eyes close, as anyone's should given the screamin' green shade, a sort of visual sensory deprivation so that she may truly feel the building intensity of the buzz from within. It is almost overwhelming in a sense, the potency of the reverb, but Rynn does not shy away, holding still to see what may come next.

Cyrus just pauses there as he touches the egg. A smile crosses his face, at least at first. Whatever image is coming to mind certainly seems pleasant enough, though his smile falters a bit in the coming moments. He quickly turns his head from left to right trying to catch sight of…something…but is apparently unable so his head slowly turns back to face the egg. The smile returns to his face again for some reason, but then just like the moment its gone.

Therynn takes a deep breath, the hot air stinging as it enters her lungs. Don't get overwhelmed Rynn.. not on the first egg! It is intoxicating in a way, the rush of sensations as the All Aglow Green Egg takes her for a wild ride. She will stay there, despite the urge to cartwheel and galavant, eagerly anticipating what might come next during this stirring connection.

Skyler tilts his head to one side as if he's listening to some sound. He brushes at his hair a moment, like one might after a breeze goes through. He seems to not be to disturbed by the transition, taking it in stride, or maybe it's just part and parcel. Then there's a thoughtful look, a brief thought, one of being high above the mountains.

Cyrus 's smile does not return as he continues to touch the egg. A rather pained look crosses his face, though there is certainly something that maintains his interest there since he is still touching the egg and hasn't let it go. Then many emotions begin to play on his face. First a look of good humor, then a frown, then full on rage, followed by a few tears, before his face goes flat again, "I am important, and damn you for bringing that before me." he says exceedingly softly. Though still he holds on. If the egg can push so can he.

Therynn is finding that she cannot handle this much long, the beautiful chaos jolting from the lovely being inside, straight through the shell and in to the palms of her hands. She is many of those things shared by the touch, but it is too much to decipher right now. The green permeates in to her mind's eye and she must break contact. It doesn't come easily, but she'll pull away and back up a few paces, eyes opening slowly with a sigh. Where to next? Beauty in Simple Patterns it is.

Cyrus blinks and sits stone still as he listens. So many questions. And just like the day turning to night the moment is gone and he is back where he was. He lifts his hand from the egg and quickly gets to his feet. He wobbles for a moment before righting himself and looking around. He then moves off to Organic Ink Spilled egg.

Skyler stares at the egg in shock and surprise and just blinks "Wow." he murmurs and then shakes his head a little at it. To think that even an egg seems to be imparting the same advice he's been getting from people. He then can't help but grin a little and gives the egg a little caress as he steps back from it. "Well." he murmurs and takes a moment to reflect upon that first experience before glancing around at the eggs a moment and with Kyzen in mind he heads over to All Aglow Green Egg

Cyrus experiences a rather abrupt change of pace as he touches this second egg. The difference is like going from fire and ice to the balance between the two. He can't help but smile a bit. He just sort of relishes the moment, he's had precious few like it recently. He just breathes in deeply and goes with the flow. Though soon enough reality tugs him back and he opens his eyes for a moment.

Therynn is still sort of reeling from the vast expansiveness of the last egg, looking down at the Simple Patterns Egg, unsure what to expect. It is a stark difference from the last, hands touch and she's retracting in to the darkness that encloses her with a bit of comfort and then whisks her away to sunlight through a canopy. There is an aspect of this that definitely feels so surreal, the heat that opened pores and burned her lips forgotten at this moment when there is only Beauty in Simple Patterns.

Skyler seems to almost cringe and then he's rubbing at his ear a moment. No, his head. Then his head is angling back and he gives it a shake at all the buzzing noises. "Do you have to be well, so loud?" He murmurs. "Course, with your color I guess I do." he hrms alittle and then just quirks a little smile.

Skyler can't help but laugh "Oh, if only Kyzen was old enough. He'd love you." he says brightly, although he shakes his head a bit in bemusement. "So much energy. I wonder if you'ld make others tired with it?" he wonders curiously.

Therynn feels as if she's right at home, or at least in her happy place. So many questions she wishes she could answer, but there are no words. Hearing Skyler speaking to the egg she was just with, there's a bit of a smile and encouragement to be less, quiet. "If only.." is the most she manages, implying that it will take more than these shared to moments for a full understanding.

Cyrus continues to gently touch the egg, which seems to draw him back in for a second time…and there is music here! He continues to smile and gently wags his head from side to side in keeping with the flow of the music in his mind. He can't help but speak to the egg, "Hope is all we have…." he says softly as he continues to hold on for dear life, the enjoyment clear on his face.

Skyler gives himself a little bit of a shake "I don't think that would be a good idea right now." he murmurs as he casts a glance towards Kayeth "I don't think your mama would approve. Soon though, someone will play." he adds as he steps back from it. Poor thing, all locked up for the moment. Once more he takes a moment to collect himself. A breather if you will and he's looking over the eggs and then wanders over to the Copycat Egg

Therynn says "It is ok.." softly, wishing they could play in the trees just a few moments longer. Alas, the presence and Truth in Small Packages shimmers and fades. She doesn't mean to frown, it really isn't from true sadness, more like agreed upon acceptance and understanding. Eyes were wide the whole time for this one, closing for only a second before stepping away, uncertain of where to go next, a glance towards Kayeth and Velokraeth before finally heading for Eternal Blue."

Cyrus pulls his head back as the egg takes him for a rather unexpected ride, "Wait….wait…wait…" he says softly, but apparently to late. He just freezes where he is crouched and hangs on for dear life. After a few moments though he grows more peaceful and apparently calm before he opens his eyes and lets go of the egg for the time being. A smile still on his face.

Skyler breaths just a little easier with this egg and then he's eyeing it a moment. Then there's a glance towards Cyrus for some particular reason and then it's back at the egg. He gets a bit of a stubborn look on his face. "Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge." he mutters and then lets out a long suffering sigh. He then gives the egg a caress. "Don't mind me."

Cyrus had moved on and touched the Wrapped in Tranquility egg, and once he had done so a deep frown crosses his face. He pauses for a moment to see if the experience changes and it does, though apparently not to his liking, "I don't abide bullies." Cyrus says firmly, "And don't you dare think you can play games with me….you haven't the stomach for it." Cyrus fires back, "You want to know who I am…well see for yourself." he adds as he fires a memory the eggs way.

Therynn is on the other end of what is shaping up to be quite the journey. Hands trembling as they touch the Eternal Blue and catapult the huntress in to a black void. "Hello?" she says with it echoed back in a faint call that becomes a chorus. She is confused, a symphony erupting inside of her. "This is strange.." she mumbles, then the confusion she felt leads to the penultimate moment of being noticed.

Skyler shakes his head a little at the images that flash before his eyes. He smiles, he frowns. He glares. Again, he hunkers down within himself. "I don't want to change!" he states quite firmly "Why do I have to change? Why should I?" he grumps a little, but it seems more a stubborness than a complete unwillingness.

Cyrus has decided that this egg is something of a bully so his response is clear and abrupt to the eggs advances, "You do not know me. You don't know anything yet of the world. You have poor manners, and you don't get to ask me anymore questions." He apparently chooses not to stay and so lifts his hand from the egg and quickly gets to his feet. The answer is most clearly no.

Therynn finds a sort of middle of the road approach with this egg, her hands steadying at the subdued nature of it's essence. "M'still lookin' t'find out.." she manages a quiet answer to the perplexing question. It seems there is no doubt from inside about the fulfillment contained "That'd be truly wonderful.." another whisper. Rynn almost wishes she could just throw her arms over the shell for a hug, but she knows Kayeth and Velo would probably not be too keen on that idea.

Skyler slowly steps back from the egg, he's frowning. 'Yeah, who cares indeed." he murmurs. He shakes his head "I'm not afraid." a pause. "I'm not afraid." he repeats. Who's he trying to convince? Himself "Cyrus should see you." he mutters and steps away from the egg and looks around and then heads over towards Beauty in Simple Patterns.

Cyrus had moved on to the All Aglow Green Egg and certainly finds this experience more to his liking than the last. He will not be touching the Wrapped in Tranquility Egg again unless he is given no choice. He does smile though at the feeling that is provided by this egg, "So my loud friend. Who are you?" he asks. Might as well get right to the point.

Skyler is silent and still and then he starts a moment. Huh. He blinks a moment as if clearing the focus of his eyes and looks around quickly for a moment "Weird." he murmurs as he confirms that the eggs and the sand and everyone is still there.

Cyrus can't help but enjoy that energy, "I understand you then." he responds to the egg, "I have that sort of energy sometimes, but I'm not as young as I used to be…and even then I don't think I had your energy." he says with a grin. There is no reproach in his words or tone, why not let the egg have its moment. There is no harm in this one.

Skyler almost squeaks a bit and actually somewaht ducks. Silly, but he ducks nonetheless. "Who am I? Who are you?" he asks back, then there's a blink "Hey, that's not a what, that's my sister!" he hmmphs a little. "What indeed." he then eyes the egg and there's a grin "But, I guess, how could you really know?" he asks a little in wonderment.

Therynn feels a sense of jostling within, pulsating and fluctuations below fingertips. "I like you too sweet one.. the sky will be yours soon." Is said with affection as thoughts continue to intertwine. The huntress feels enveloped in the love and acceptance, before her consciousness returns to the sands. She doesn't want to let go, but she must. Stepping away, it seems the only logical place to go from here is towards Copycat Egg.

Cyrus can't help but laugh a little bit, not annoyed in the least by the mental assault this egg is providing, "You have a certain style I can't deny that." he responds, but he also adds, "I don't think I'm for you. I can't play like you would want to play. I'm old and grumpy." he responds honestly, "Though I think there is someone here who would be perfect for you." he says to encourage the egg, before letting it go and getting up and moving on to the next.

Skyler blinks a moment and then gives a little but of a huh sound. "Well." he tilts his head and then he shrugs a little as he steps back from the eggs. He glances over towards an egg, but see's Cyrus standing there, so he looks around and then heads over to the platform to sit for the moment. He's mainly looking thoughtful and not overcome by the heat.

Cyrus is intrigued by this, there is also music here, "I know what you are singing about….my heart made that sound once." he says before the egg notices him and envelopes him. There is no fear here and Cyrus is perfectly willing to be seen.

Th'ero will step away from Velokraeth, his eyes still watching the Candidates among the eggs as he moves towards the platform. Just as before with the previous group, he'll offer Skyler some water when he comes to rest on the raised platform. "Quite the experience, isn't it?" he muses with a faintly knowing smile. There's a glance to Velokraeth when the bronze rumbles. Kayeth is growing antsy again, already, and the Weyrleader sighs. So soon?

Cyrus cocks his head to one side as he is asked the question, "To love another person is to see Happiness." he says simply to the egg. He likes this egg.

Cyrus lifts his hand from the eternal Blue egg and stands up. That is alot to take in. He just sort of stands there in a daze as he tries to make sense of all that he saw.

Skyler greatfully takes the water and takes a long drink "Wow, didn't realize I was so thirsty." he notes and then looks back over the eggs. "It's, it's wow." he grins a little "Exciting and," he purses his lips thoughtfully. "It's an experience." he agrees. There's a glance over towards the dragons and then back at Th'ero at the sigh "Is everything okay?"

Therynn cannot help but get carried away, eyes jumping across from side to side as tantalizing teasers seemingly flash across egg-shell. Before she even has a moment to make sense of it all, the sands seem to slip away again, and now there is moonlight in a brilliant display of a night-sky mirage. Even olfactory senses are tricked, and now she's really bemused beneath the stars on a frosty autumn night, becoming one with the essence of this lovely egg. "My my.." tongue clicks gently and wind whips across ear drums, the phrases leaving her attempting to sort them out. "It is mutual.." is mentioned of enjoyment, though it seems she's see-through as apprehensions peek through. "You are so right.. please show me.." she shakes it off a little as if to shed a layer, so many lessons to be learned. This egg is speaking to her soul, never being one typically concerned with appearances. "I think I can.." she's enjoying this very much.

"It certainly is an experience and you'll have more opportunity to see the eggs. Revisit a few, even." Th'ero informs Skyler when his attention can focus long enough on the Candidate. The Weyrleader's eyes are unfocusing again and it's obvious that he's speaking with his dragon. Whatever it is, it has the bronzerider frowning and Skyler's prompt does earn him a distracted answer. "Not entirely. Kayeth is not entirely calm. We may have brought this group too early…" So time for a hasty retreat? "We best be going." Sorry folks! Th'ero will gesture for Skyler to stand and begin heading to the entrance, while the Weyrleader works on rounding everyone else up too. Not in too big a rush, but he's making it clear (quietly) that all should vacate the Sands.

Cyrus ambles out with the rest of the group, if somewhat distracted. The eggs gave him something to think about…alot to think about. Some good and some not so good. He gives a smile to Velo and Kayeth before he goes. He would say something to Velo in particular but there will be another time and place for that. No need to tick off a mamma dragon.

Skyler eyes Kayeth warily and then scoots and skedaddles off the platform "I hope she doesn't do anything." he murmurs as he makes it to the entrance. Catching Cyrus's nod to the dragons. He gives them a hasty bow himself. "Thank you." he says to them and then he's stepping out.

Therynn shivers as the Copycat Egg sends chills up her spine. She's really taken to a different place in this experience, giving way to any delving that may happen. "Everything and nothing.." she fears "There's a void.." is what holds her back "N'you're right.." she says about what others might think. Rynn doesn't want the presence to leave, especially as just the reflection of her own image on the sands. Holding on for as long as possible, the gust of wind snaps her back on the sands, dissolution making it clear that it is time to step away. Fingertips trail, she looks around to the other Candidates, smiling and then sharing this and the utmost gratitude with the Queen and Sire, as well as their riders. "Wow.." she says to no one in particular, bowing as she steps carefully backwards towards the cavern, one last longing look on her way.