Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

The best part of waking up is… a Weyrleader waking you up! Klah might be nicer, but at least Th'ero comes with good news? Sort of. It'll be he and a few others who wake the Candidates up with the words of "Get dressed, time you all had your first visit with the eggs." With a smile. Honest! It's there. Just… hidden. Once all are gathered, dressed and reasonably alert, it's off to the caverns for food! Yes, he'll let them eat first. If they eat. Those smart enough will try to choke something down. The others who let nerves get to them? Well… good luck. Then it's a hustle to the Hatching Grounds and a brief "group huddle" at the entrance. Minus the fun. "Be respectful, move calmly and don't rough house. You'll all get a turn. The shells are tough enough now for you to press your hands against them, but still be gentle. Don't be too loud and most of all, don't go upsetting Kayeth." Th'ero instructs. Or else! "If you get tired, you may sit and wait on the Weyrwoman's platform. We'll leave as a group." Leveling them all with a look, the Weyrleader will wait for a moment in case there are questions before gesturing with a sharp jerk of his head. "Go on now. Single file, greet the dam and sire and spread out." He'll follow in last of all.

Kayeth rests to the side of her clutch, with Nyalle resting on her forelegs and the Weyrwoman will smile and be far more welcoming than the Weyrleader. Never mind the gigglings they may hear at times either.

While others might have had nerves at breakfast, none have shown themselves in Hazelon's countenance. Breakfast is worked though with methodical precision as he keeps his gaze on the table before them. Then this shuffling towards the sands. A bow to Kayeth and Veokraeth, and then he'll hold back, allowing the other candidates to move in front of him. A glance towards the giggling weyrwoman. That's not too strange. At least she's not throwing snowballs.

Sairon steps in with the other candidates, feeling that old suck-your-skin-dry facial from the heat of the sands and he raises up a hand to tug the collar of his shirt a little further away. Not that it helps but reflexes die hard. He listens with a faint grunt of understanding, though much of him appears to be trying to digest and blinking sleep-bleary eyes against the glare. Dutifully he takes his place in line and moves out with them, at least awake enough to execute a proper bow - or he's just on autopilot.

Ravyal isn't terribly good at waking up. It takes considerable prodding for the teen to finally roll and nearly fall off his cot while rousing. They have been /summoned/. At least once awake he doesn't dawdle about too much. There's dressing and even a bit of fussing with his hair that seems intent on sticking up on one side of his head. He hasn't had a proper chance to get himself ready for the day! Thankfully, he does at least manage to get a few things into his belly in the caverns, nervously munching down toast and a little bacon with the rest of the candidates. His hesitation grows finally at the entrance to the sands, worrying his lower lip during Th'ero's little 'pep talk'. There's nodding though, and he goes right on shuffling out onto the sands with a little bow to both Kayeth and Veokraeth as well, looking a bit wide-eyed at the view from ground level.

Brennan is one of those who sleepily shovels something down his gullet, his only acknowlegement to anyone - save the Weyrleader, whom he remembers to salute - being a short nod. This whole Candidacy thing is still not something he's settling into easily - schedules saying where to be, what to do, when to sleep, when to wake… He's always been the master of his own day! But he actually isn'y grumbling too much right now; he isn't going to shy away from the chance to lay a hand on the eggs that have held his fascination since he saw them clutched. He nods to the instructions given at the cavern entrance, nerves causing him to lick his lips as he blatantly stares up at the queen for a good moment…then remembers to bow, both to her and Nyalle. He follows along in line, basically moving by feel as his eyes continually flick between the queen and the eggs.

Velokraeth is stretched out beside Kayeth, looking all the uglier beside her beauty. He's helping to keep her calm by doing what he (and smart bronzes) does best. He's preening her neck ridges, though the fiery queen seems calm enough already if not just watching the candidates approaching and bowing to her. They're clear to go! Th'ero will gesture for a few of the dawdlers to pick it up just a little bit and then satisfied, the Weyrleader will speak loud enough to be clearly heard. "Don't be shy now. They don't bite." Much. "Just remember the rules and you'll do fine." And everyone will have a good time… or so it's presumed. Stepping away, Th'ero will go to join Nyalle by Kayeth, though he keeps a sharp eye on the mingling groups of candidates.

Ravyal takes a few deep breaths, looking from the other candidates to the eggs laying about. There's little else to wait for, is there? And yet, it still takes the boy a moment or two to actually get his feet /moving/ beneath him. They don't bite? Is Th'ero /sure/? Even when Ravyal situates himself in front of the Eternal Blue egg, there's a wait before he lifts his hand up to carefully touch the surface, leaning back from it just slightly when he does.

Egg touchings huh. Well. Hazelon figures he might as well touch the one that caught his eye the first time. That really bright green one. Slipping around he'll do just that. Touch the green one.

With formalities complete, Sairon rubs the palms of hands rapidly over his eyes to get the blood moving and clear them before sucking in a slow, deep breath. It's let out in a puff as he squares back his shoulder. "…right, eggs. Done this before. You were six, but, who's counting?" He moves across the sands then, heading for an egg of blunted edges. He crouches down beside it and reached up his hand, setting it lightly against the surface.

Brennan takes a slow, quiet breath in and out, now fully intent on the eggs themselves. Decisive are his first steps; he starts for the one that held his attention so raptly that day, but another gets there ahead of him, and he turns to another - this one the nondescript, unremarkable ovoid of the Neutral is all the Rage! Egg. Hesistantly, he lifts a calloused hand, seems to inspect it for a moment, then lightly presses the whole of it against the shell.

Hazelon eyes that warm feeling that envelops him, pressing his hand against the egg. What does it want from him? Just… companionship? He shakes his head and waits.

Ravyal leans..just a bit less after a bit, worry turning slowly toward curiosity and then simply awe. That's certainly…not what the teen expected. Brows lift slightly, pushing his palm a bit flatter against the hardening surface of the egg while his head tilts.

Contemplation lends an oddly calm look to Sairon's face, more commonly full of his thoughts running just under the surface. This seems more like when he'd be playing a card game, trying to judge his opponent's next move. Not hostile by any means, only studious as his hand remains in contact with the egg.

"No need to be doin' that." Hazelon will mutter down at the egg, it's excitement more than he typically stands for. Where is the quiet? The thinking? Does it have to be so loud?

Brennan's fingers don't leave the shell right away, a strangely familiar sense of belonging drawing a small smile across his lips. Does it…know him somehow? It was home, it was challenge, life and death and risk and moving…all things he's loved about his life as a hunter. How…does it know?

"…got that right." Comes the faint murmur from Sairon along with the ghosted hitch in his shoulders like a faint huffed laugh, though besides a faint smile there's no actual sound to it. "Only live it once."

Ravyal smiles. Ever so slowly, it's there, the boy's lips curving upward as he stays near that egg. The nervousness that's ever present at least seems to fade for the time being as he studies the egg right back, speaking softly to the shell. Or the forming consciousness within. "Friends, having fun.."

A bit overwhelmed by the noise and energy Hazelon finally yanks his hand back and away from the egg. "I ain't thinkin' that be right." No. Though, he pauses in his disapproval he blinks down at the egg as he tucks his hand against himself. "You be just a babe." Whatever that means the teen will keep to himself, and walk away from the egg.

Brennan shakes his head a little, a strange swimming sensation hazing his mind as memories are somehow sifted. "…If y' say so," is murmurmed somewhat incredulously down at the mottled shell, and his fingers slip away. A few steps back, and he pauses in stillness before moving on.

Ravyal is left smiling all the while as he finally retreats, letting his hand move away from the shell while making a path around it. He's reluctant, really. His first brush with an egg being quite comforting indeed. He takes a breath however, steps taking him away as he casts another look around, offering a brief flash of a grin at Hazelon. "That one is..nice.." But on he moves to the Wrapped in Tranquility Egg, carefully touching once again, although with less concern this time.

Sairon removes his hand from the surface of the egg and rises up from beside it, murmuring something like 'big thoughts for a little dragon'. For a short time, he watches the movements of the other candidates, though the normally wordy young man seems to have nothing to say. In short order his eyes pass over those other eggs and his eyes fall upon one that's not quite like the others. To the ink painted egg he moves next, settling down to one knee next to it and placing a hand to the black marked surface.

Hazelon isn't quite sure he wants to touch another egg. The noise and confusion of the last one having left a solid frown upon his face. He glances back at the gold and bronze at the edge, pondering a bit. An eyebrow arches upwards at Ravyal's words. Finally, he does move forward to touch again, though not the one the boy suggested, but the one Brennan had just vacated.

Now Brennan sets his sights on the Doorways to Spirit Realms Egg - his favorite of the lot by far that day. Much more confidently, he places his hand on the not-quite-white shell, intrigued by what this one might have to show him and narrowing his blue gaze at the barely-there hues swirled beneath his palm.

Ravyal looks calm first. There's a slow change in the former weaver's expression, relaxed going to discomfort while his eyes screw shut. He even hunches inward a little, although his hand remains on that shell. He's frozen, almost, until something finally seems to give and he lets out a held breath, eyes opening again quickly. "Don' that.."

Sairon lets out a quiet sigh that sounds satisfied, his free hand reaching up to run back through his hair. "…you can make it do that for real, I'll give ya anything you want when you come out." He says jokingly down to the egg. That said, he props his free hand up on upraised knee, cushioning his chin in the palm.

Hazelon almost jerks his hand away from that egg when the vision rolls though his mind. His recent memories of a similar scene are hellish to be mild, and one of the few things that deep down does still unnerve the teen. Why doesn't he raise his hand?

Brennan's eyes drift shut at this one, a quiet sigh leaving him. Tranquility. Happiness. A memory - finishing a hunt in the height of spring and crossing a place much like this one to find a cool stream. Simple peace - no more, no less.

Sairon regards whatever the egg offers in further silence, his expressions placid and relaxed even as his head tips slightly, as if trying to tune into a sound only he can hear.

"F*ck that." Hazelon's voice, not the quiet mutter he usually employs around others rings out as the egg works through his mind. There is precious little good for it to find, and the horrors which it brings up wash over him till Hazelon is frozen in place, caught between the desire to fight and the need to run.

There's a quiet chuckle from Brennan as his hand slips a little further up along the shell. "Always," he mutters, but there is the nagging memory of how his scars came to be…the men that put them there…he hated them, but only the once… It's something he doesn't let out very easily. "Why?" Whispered. Why does it want to know?

Ravyal turns…red? It's not from the heat of the sands, either, and the boy's free hand moves down to check, to touch, to make /sure/ things are all still well in place. "I'm not stripping.." Clothes are staying /on/ this candidate, no matter how freeing it is. And then? "That's my mom.." Way to go, egg. Make the poor guy think of losing his clothes /and/ his mother all at the same time. If he gets any more red, his whole head might just explode.

Sairon raises himself up from beside the egg, though one murmur not far away brings his head to slowly look towards Ravyal. His expression is fairly priceless, that constrained sort that promises he really wants to burst out laughing but restraining it in because that would be just plain awkward. At last he settles on something vaguely sympathetic before moving towards one that had drawn his focus - one extraordinarily blue egg.

Brennan lets his hand drop, blinking curiously at the ethereal ovoid. "What more…?" he starts to ask, but his head shakes again, and he falls silent. He loves a good challenge… He steps away, sharp blue gaze seeking another.

Hazelon finally jerks his hand back away from the egg and deliberately steps backwards and away. His voice is the angry hiss that has rarely been uttered in the weyr without provocation. A hint to those around him of the deeper anger which boils just out of sight. "You don't know nothin'. I be survivin', ain't nothin' else matter." He resists the urge to swear… and possibly spit at that egg as he turns to walk away. Only a last second jerk of control keeps him on the sands themselves. But no eggs. Not another one. Maybe soon. Or maybe never.

That inexorably green egg has Brennan's attention now - the one that's so different from the others, greener than it has any right to be, really. The closer he gets to it, the more he has to fight the urge to squint, it seems…but there he goes, laying a hand on that veridian shell and waiting.

Ravyal takes a few deep breaths as he begins to calm again. Finally. Less red, more regular human color in his face now. "Who..?" The question trails off though as the candidate opens his eyes again, taking a few more..calming breaths once again. The egg is given an uncertain look however, even while he pulls away. "I'll play.." But he'll have to play another time, inching away from the egg with a tiny shake of his head. He stares a little at Hazelon though when he jerks away from his egg, worry briefly there…before he moves in to replace him. Uncharacteristic bravery? Idle curiosity? Either way, he touches that Neutral is all the Rage! Egg.

Sairon blinks once, twice, as he looks to the egg under his egg. "…well you're not like the others." He murmurs though he does not move from it, instead leaning in closer with his brows furrowing in curiosity.

Brennan's brow furrows, his face contorting into an expression of puzzlement. "Shhh…" starts to come from his lips, but he just keeps staring at the green-ness, eyes narrowed. It'd be great - if it weren't for the noise. "What…?" What's this one's deal?

Ravyal keeps quiet for a time as he keeps close to the shell, bringing both hands against it curiously. "Snow..?" There's a faint smile even, though his brows furrow a bit in concentration after a time, head tilting to the side. Listening?

Th'ero stands by Velokraeth where the pale bronze is keeping Kayeth company (and distracted — possibly unneeded but who knows?), occasionally in quiet conversation with Nyalle but for the most part he is keeping a sharp eye on the Candidates as they mill about. Pointedly on one in particular when he seems to be drifting away. There's a questioning look and a dip of his head. Go on back? Maybe only that particular egg bites. Always one in the bunch! Or two.

"Man I wish I knew, little, or girl. Whichever." Sairon says down to the egg underhand, a frown faintly touching his mouth. "I'm still trying to figure that one out. Sort of the whole point of living, I suppose, to figure that one out."

Hazelon rubs his hands against his pants, almost like a thick something has coated then and he's trying to get it off of his hands. Rasing his gaze he'll meet Th'ero's, the barely repressed anger at what the egg had forced him to relive without warning. But the weyrleader is king here, and so Hazelon shutters that anger, pushing it down again. Fine. Another egg? The nearest one to him is touched, the one that seems to look a little bit like all the others, his gaze not leaving that of Th'ero. He's not challenging the weyrleader is he?

Sairon removes his hand from the blue egg after the faintest, gentlest of pats. "I think I know someone you need to meet." He says quietly before standing up, taking a moment to brush the sans from his pants. The brief rebellion of Hazelon is noted in the corner of his vision but he seems unconcerned by it. Instead, he moves on. A small egg catches his eye, nothing fancy save in the perfect symmetry of the shell. Curiosity brings him to touch the spattered brown egg of Beauty.

"What could you be shardin' knowin' about fear?" Hazelon will question the egg before him, his gaze finally falling from Th'ero's to look at the egg. "Ain't lookin' for no more experience."

Ravyal nods ever so slightly, still listening to something…somewhere. Somewhere within the egg or his own mind..wherever it might be. His eyes shutter closed though after a moment, not looking terribly disturbed by what he might find. "I don't know about that," he offers softly, shaking his head finally when he looks at the egg again, reluctant.

Hazelon's eyes close as the egg wraps around him, pushing at the core conflict. Who was he? Did it matter? He survived. Thriving was optional as always. His mouth tightens, no smile about to peek out onto his lips. No. Who was that image it showed? No.

"Heh, you all do want to get out and see the sun, don't you?" Sairon mutters down to the egg. "All these trees and light. Can't blame you that one bit. Soon enough, kiddo, soon enough. Bigger than you think out here."

Brennan laughs a bit, puzzled. "Whaddaya want me to do?" is probably said a bit louder than he means to, and the hunter tentatively brings up his other hand, keeping both palms against the shell now. Something close to adrenaline starts to sing through his blood; it wants him to move, and he wants to oblige…but this whole touching thing isn't so conducive to that. Maybe… There's a memory - Brennan, dashing through the jungles in Ista, in chase of whersports on the run, duck, rolling, veering through vines…one of the biggest chases of his life. Will that do? He wonders.

Ravyal gives his head another shake after a long moment, eyes opening to a bit of confusion as he looks around. Did he forget where he was? "I'm not brave.." Softly…very quietly to the shell, he admits it, offering a tiny smile at the egg that has gone silent for him before he tugs away again, moving off.

Sairon coughs out a muffled laugh, shaking his head with his hand still on the shell. "…yeesh, met puppies calmer than you." Though there's clearly nothing ill meant by the words, the same sort of gentle chiding he might have used with his younger sister when she was little.

Hazelon doesn't jerk away from this egg. No, his hand finally falls away. The anger has faded, or perhaps just hidden really well again. But he'll not touch another egg. No. There's only so many times memories can be relived before one is about to crack. His back is turned onto those eggs and he'll head this time for the platform. He'll stand as far away from Th'ero as he can, arms folded across his chest as he looks at those eggs from a safe distance.

"You'll get your answers, promise." Sairon says with a light pat to the egg's surface before he stands. He pauses to roll back his shoulders and flex his spine, popping joints left stiff in the heat and hunched over posture. He moves for another egg then, one that seems to have caused a bit of conflict for this hour of the morning - the suspiciously neutral egg.

Th'ero will murmur a quick word to Nyalle and then calmly step onto the platform. Sorry, Hazelon. Yet the Weyrleader isn't there to hoist him back out onto the Sands. No, he'll just quietly hand the candidate… a glass of water. "It's unsettling." The bronzerider admits in a lowered voice. "Take your time. Some eggs are louder than others. Watch your fellows. Might be able to pick out the quieter ones…" With that, he steps back onto the sands but remains within earshot of the platform, leaving Hazelon to his thoughts.

"Huh!" Brennan jerks away from the egg as if shocked, even going so far as to shake out his hands a bit, looking around to see if he's disturbed much by his sudden bark of bewildered laughter. He just eyes the green egg, smirking crookedly before seeking out the next.

Ravyal does stand away from the eggs for a moment or two, taking his time before he finally begins to approach another. Slowly, carefully he edges around the Beauty in Simple Patterns Egg, drawing his fingers across the shell.

Blue is what Brennan is after this time, his steps toward the Eternal Blue egg mincing very slightly as the heat from the Sands starts to rise in his boots. Out stretches his hand, fingers lightly tracing the tiny, sky-blue shell a bit before coming to rest.

Hazelon is given… water? A confused look at Th'ero's retreating back as he wraps his hands around the glass. A small shake of his head. It's too soon to touch another. Instead he'll follow one piece of advice, he watches the others. Especially those who touch the last two he did. Their reactions are watched, would they relive what he did? Would the same challenge be issued?

Now Sairon smiles, a wider one with far less of the gentle amusement of before and more of the fire that seems to drive him - straight up cliffs, quite literally. "Someone who gets a good challenge, finally." He says as he leans in closer, his expressions clearly more focused on this egg than those he's interacted with so far.

Ravyal gives a small sigh, smiling as he nods toward the egg before him. "Are you happy we're here..?" He keeps moving, despite leaving his hand in contact with the shell, ending up on the other side of the ovoid before he finally comes to a halt again in the sand, leaning close in an attempt to listen to anything within.

Brennan…goes still, eyes closing. He can't do anything but listen; there's nothing to see. There's a sense of melancholy that starts to whisper at the edges of his mind; he's never liked stark emptiness. But as he listens ever more closely, more and more to be heard, he sighs. There's hope yet. And light now. "Here I am." Though it seems to know that now, perhaps.

Th'ero isn't about to force any Candidate out to touch the eggs. It can be an overwhelming experience. Any rider worth their salt knows that. Some handle it well, others have to stop. The Weyrleader remembers his experience with it, has seen enough clutches now and Candidate's reactions. Hazelon will be left alone or quietly joined by other Candidates who need a moment to recollect, but Th'ero won't step in. He'll just keep an eye on the platform from time to time and those who remain out on the Sands.

Ravyal manages a little laugh, despite swaying back just a bit from the egg. "'re..eager." Just like someone /else/ the teenager could name. There's a scrunching of his expression however, not looking entirely..comfortable with the rambunctious presence he's found.
"Course it all matters." Sairon remarks in an agreeing tone, his conversation far more serious that the brotherly tone of before. "Just matters different to everyone. Experience is why I'm out here, so I can figure that all out. Intuition is what brought me this far though and it hasn't lead me wrong yet. Got me here, right? That must count for something."

Slowly, Brennan's eyes drift open again, blue falling upon blue. Contentedness. This is something he knows. What makes him happy.? "Bein' free…" he whispers. Countless memories of the joy of being out among the beauty of the wilderness flash through his mind…quiet evenings with a drink in hand by a fire…unexpectedly, a flickering image of Therynn, the small huntress smiling his way, hazel eyes bright… He blinks at that, decides it can be included. Sure it can. Things that make him happy… It's simple, really.

Ravyal is left staring at the egg again once things..seem to calm a bit, and the former weaver can't help but smile again at it. "Are you sure?" There's a quiet, thoughtful moment from him though before he seems to realize he's not going to get any further with the little mind inside. He draws away, giving himself some space from the eggs to take a little breather.

"Being brave is one thing.. being smart's the trick." Sairon says in passing to the egg. "Anyone can go diving off a cliff but only a fool doesn't look first. No shame in pride, either, and a little big of patting yourself on the back. Life gets tough, sometimes the only one to hold you up is you." And as the egg likely falls quiet, the wanderer stands back upright. He looks over the eggs again, but for now he steps over to where the other candidates rest, taking the time out to relax for a short time.

Thoughtful is the gaze lingering on the blue shell that Brennan pulls his hand away from, and he finds himself smiling again. "Y're not so bad, yourself," he murmurs, pulling his hand away almost reluctantly. Hmmm. Maybe his other favorite has found a little competition. Off he wanders once again, having to remind himself to actually look for another egg to visit this time.

Finally, after watching for a while, Hazelon decides to give the eggs one last chance. Away from that platform he paces. The one which Brennan just left, the blue one. Reaching out a hand he'll touch it, not sure of what to expect; but surely it cannot be worse then the ones which left him remembering his hands covered in blood or challenging him to be what he could never be.

AT first it is quietness, a relief. Hazelon can take the quiet. When the quiet is shattered his gaze narrows, and he waits, ready to jerk his hand away to see what comes next.

"Bein' left alone." Except, that's not quite right. Hazelon will shrugs his shoulders. He's not sure how to answer the egg's question- it's not something he's ever considered before. "Bein' useful mayhap."

Brennan settles on the Organic Ink Spill egg as his next destination, stopping to just peer at the curious black splotches marring its otherwise blue surface. A rough finger traces a few before settling lightly on the shell.

Sairon takes a short time to himself, wiping sweat from his brow that plasters dirty blonde hair back in strings. He's in need of a cold drink and it looking drawn from the heat but there's one more go in him. He turns back and out onto the sands, moving to an egg that's so very much like the others. Will the copycat react the same too?

Ravyal remains off to the side, watching his fellow candidates for the time being. He doesn't seem inclined to try poking at any of the other eggs just now, simply curiously watching now that he can focus on them and their reactions. He clasps his hands together behind his back, rocking on his feet ever so slightly.

Maybe he won't throw that knot back at Abigail and run from the weyr. The firm affermation of this final egg, so different from the rest finally settles his mind. No smile though, other images still quell on the edge of his mind, which push too close to the surface. What a way to start the day. Maybe he can slip away today, find some place to think for a bit.

Brennan breathes deeply, as if he might actually be able to take in the air of where he's been pulled this time. How are these…eggs, or what's inside them…able to do this? Find where he's at home? "Don't mind if I do," he murmurs, smiling again. He's happy with where he's at for the moment.

Sairon glances first one way and then the other, as if looking for something and finally looking back down to the egg itself. Whatever he gets from the egg brings a grin to his face, lopsided and easy and quiet comfortable. "Heh, think we're on the same page on that one." He remarks, as if chatting to an old friend.

Th'ero will drift over to the platform again, eyes watching as Hazelon ventures out again and the Weyrleader smiles faintly. It's to Ravyal though that he steps, that same smile in place as the Candidate is offered water as well. "Quite the experience, isn't it?" he murmurs, before looking back to the eggs and then up to Kayeth and Velokraeth. From the way his brows knit, the bronzerider is likely thinking it's just about time…

Kayeth lifts her head to rumble softly, eying the eggs…the sand…things are out of /place/ and she's about reached her tolerance for it, her need to /fix/ things beginning to rise as she wuffles softly to her mate.

Ravyal looks up quickly at Th'ero, although relief is there at the sight of water. There's even a smile for the Weyrleader, taking it to gulp from a few times before taking another breath. It's /hot/ out here! "Yeah..I mean..I guess I had…you know..some thoughts about how it'd be. It's different. /Really/ different than I was thinking and they're..all over the place." He tilts his head a little though, looking from the Weyrleader to the rumbling Kayeth and back again uncertainly. " we need out of the way?"

Velokraeth tries to croon placatingly and sweetly to Kayeth. Of course things must be fixed! She can wait just a teeny bit longer though right? Give time for the little Candidates to head out (run!). The pale bronze will whuffle back and nuzzle her neck, maybe try to preen her favorite spot on her ridges. Delay tactic? You bet it is!

"Hey, nothing there to be ashamed of." Sairon says, a good-natured debate apparently going with the egg. "I've lived with that guy my whole life. We pretty content with ourselves." The movement of the gold dam does draw his focus though and his voice drops a bit lower, "…sounds like we may have to continue this topic another time though. Mum's getting antsy."

"Somethin's wrong if it's too quiet," Brennan says almost pedantically, then remembers what he's doing. Take pride in the moment? The future is always uncertain…but the now. The now he can do. And there is hope in it. "Mayhap you'll learn," he says reassuringly on the matter of quiet. Maybe someone will help it someday… He's aware, peripherally, of the queen moving, and gives a small hum of thought. "Anything else for me? Else I'd best be off." As if he's talking to a friend.

Kayeth arches her neck beneath the bronze's preening (yeah, right there), though she huffs. Sneaky bronze, she knows exactly what she's doing. But. She'll allow their presence for a /few/ moments longer. Nyalle though is wringing her hands and looking at Th'ero, darting little nervous glances his way.

The big dragons are moving. Hazelon's glaze cuts towards then and if you'll please excuse, he's just going to start walking that way. Getting eaten… or even seriously maimed, is not on the agenda.

Sairon removes his hand from the egg then with one last nod, apparently considering what it has to say. A last glance is passes towards the queen before he dips his head towards her and the sire with a thanking bow before moving back off the sands not far from Hazelon, enough to be heard to say. "I know that look all too well, only my mom's woulda tried to eat us by now. She hated candidates."

Th'ero nods his head to Ravyal's observations and he's about to answer the Candidate when Kayeth rumbles and Velokraeth is swiftly intervening. "We should be going, yes." he says rather calmly as he gestures to Ravyal to stand. Hazelon's already got the right of it, so he just motions for Ravyal to follow while he goes to round up the other Candidates. "Time is up for this morning!" Everyone out of the pool! "Best be moving on now. Back to the Barracks, take a moment and you'll resume your schedule after lunch." Did he just dismiss them from morning duty? Yes. Yes, he did.

There's a quiet gasp from the hunter, and Brennan's expression is bordering on one of surprise, nearly elation. He lingers, not wanting to move away just now, but the movement around him has his attention too much, and he reluctantly pulls his fingers away. Th'ero's words serve to snap him fully back to reality, and he begins trudging from the Sands after the others…with many a backward glance, but not a word.

Velokraeth is a sneaky bronze. He's ugly, but he's smart! He'll continue to preen her until with one final croon, he rubs muzzles with her. See? They're going and she can go fuss over her beautiful eggs all she wants now. Th'ero will nod to Nyalle and send her a reassuring look. He's moving them out! Don't fret.

Not often does Hazelon lead the pack, prefering to keep others where he can watch them. Not today. Today he is one of the first off the sands. He doesn't run, no, he walks swiftly, and once off the sand cuts to one side and disappears as quickly as possible. They'll have to hunt him down to find him, and as an old hand at the crevices in the weyr, it'll take a talented searcher to do just that.

No duties for the rest of the morning? /Party!/ Ravyal nods a little though, hurrying to get up when he's ushered before scooting himself away as quickly as possible. Without drawing attention, of course. No /running/. But the teenager certainly makes tracks, disappearing as well. Though he certainly won't be difficult to find later. Likely, he'll be napping.

Kayeth snorts, rubbing muzzles with Velokraeth briefly. Then she's moving forward as the Candidates move off, nuzzling and nudging, burying her eggs for a little while. She needs some snuggle time with her clutch.