Fort Weyr - Guard Area
Just off the main bustle of the Southwestern Bowl is a large field dedicated solely to the intense training regimen of the Fort Guard contingent. Your average Weyrfolk isn't allowed past the corded off entrance for safety reasons but for the Guards that train here, much awaits their perusal.
To the west, rows of targets are set up for archery practice. Long bow and crossbow alike are used here thoughthe crossbow is certainly more travel friendly.
What lies directly before is an open area of packed earth for the one on one contests of skill, and training for the Guard members. The sight of many bumps and bruises, the expanse of dirt is often dreaded depending on who your next match is against. Skirting the back of this area is a beaten track heading to the north, where another field has been set aside for the purposes of emergency response training, in cohoots with the guards.
And finally over to the East is the dummies for exacting some more.. deadly force upon with out endangering your fellows. There's also a table with the first aid kit and a few skins of water for when a break is necessary to keep running at optimun efficiency.

Hazelon is one of those average citizens. He leans against the cords that block off the area, watching the guards below. Silently he critizues their bow work, though he allows no hint of his inner monologue to show on his impassive face. It's warmer today then it has been the last few, and so he isn't wearing the typical thick coat. Instead he has just a jacket and gloves, though the gloves are stuffed into one pocket. Perhaps he didn't mean to be out very long.

Kyzen is an average citizen too! A very young one. He's still a few months shy of six Turns but is already a little taller for his age. Truthfully, the boy shouldn't be here but he's a kid and the Guards fascinate him. What boy wouldn't be? So of course if he's out wandering (read: escaped), he's bound to show up to watch the Guards practice. He's dressed warmly, maybe too warmly but that can be blamed on fussy caretakers. At least he's in a bright, happy mood! He'll bring some cheer! And the remnants of a chest cold, long, long past its contagious stage (don't worry!) but still leaving him a bit sniffly. "Hey!" He greets Hazelon in a bright cheery voice, vaguely recalling the Candidate from the clutching Feast. "Oh! You watchin' too? Is it bows today? I like swords better."

Hazelon blinks and then turns partially, a slight frown upon his face. The voice sounds vaguely familiar, but not something he can place right away. He looks around at face height first, then downwards. "Aye." But the boy's rather bright greeting calls for more than just that one word answer. "You're the weyrleader's kid."

Kyzen grabs on to the thick ropes that serve to cordon off the Guard practice area and promptly begins to swing it a bit, back and forth. He doesn't seem to mind Hazelon's one word answers or the slight frown. Maybe he's used to being frowned at? "Uh huh! I am. How'd you know?" Oh, maybe it's the thick head of wavy, curly black hair he has? Can't be the blue eyes he's inherited from Kimmila. He's no idea Hazelon likely saw Th'ero cart him off to bed that night. How embarrassing! "And you're…" Pause. Peer. "…a Candidate? OH!" Uh oh. Cue instant wide eyed look of wonder. "Lucky!"

Hazelon watches the kid swing on the ropes, his antics promptly taking him down memory lane to memories he hasn't visited in a a long time. Back to before the camps and before he'd ever seen someone die. He'd been like that. But no more. He pulls his mind back to the present. "Your mother was talkin' to me. Figure if ye be her git, then ye probably are the weyrleader's." Maybe anywhere else Hazelon's logic would make sense, but this is a weyr. As for his comment regardin that white knot, Hazelon reaches it up and takes it off to hand the kid. "Can't be keepin' that, but ye want it for a bit?"

Kyzen is unaware of what his simple antics have stirred up, as far as memories go, in Hazelon. To him it's just something idle and FUN to do and so he swings lazily on those ropes. He tilts his head, a bit puzzled by Hazelon's choice of words. "Git? What's that mean? And yeah, Th'ero's my father! Why wouldn't he be? Oh! Well, they're weyrmates but I DO have another father too." Wait, what? "That why you weren't sure? Cause Tlazio is my foster father. Guess it can be confusing." Not to him apparently. Who's foster brother is also his cousin? Yeeeah. Kyzen's eyes widen to the point of almost popping out when Hazelon hands over his knot and his swinging promptly stops as he just stares at the white knot. Gasp! "Yer serious?" He's just about to grab it, but stops to wipe is jacket sleeve under his nose and sniffle. Eew? "Nuh… I shouldn't. That's yours! It's special." To his kid logic. "Who Searched you? Was it my father?"

"Ain't gonna hurt nothing for you to be touchin' it." Hazelon waves the knot gently up and down- the kid knows he wants to take it. As for the rather dizzing explination of his parentage… He's not going to touch that with a ten foot pole. "'n it ain't like I'm the first what's worn it." It's probably true. Hand-me-down-knots. A slight smile tugs on his lips as he watches the kid.

"Huh? What'd you mean? Don't they give you a new knot?" Kyzen asks, brows knit in child-like puzzlement and curiosity. Then his blue eyes watch that knot. Up. Down. Up — snatch. It's almost too easy how he falls for Hazelon's bait and now his knot is held between Kyzen's much smaller hands. He holds it like it's precious and fragile, before promptly slipping it on his shoulder though he fumbles with it. It's likely his first knot! He'll succeed, though it hangs overlarge and a bit crooked. Still, he beams and grins up at Hazelon. "Think if I had one of these I could fool 'em to letting me sneak on the Sands with you?" he asks.

Hazelon laughs. It's a quiet laugh, more of a chuckle then anything else when the boy finally does snatch the knot from his hands. The smile is real now, and more of one then he's worn in a bit of time. He'll take the kid's question seriously, even with the smile quirking up both corners of his mouth. "You might have to be chanin' your hair a bit."

Kyzen's grin broadens for Hazelon's laughter and he'll promptly strut about a bit with the Candidate's borrowed knot to his shoulder. Of course, half of the strutting is caused by the way he has to square his shoulders to keep the thing from sliding off. He pauses though to peer suspiciously at him. "Why?" His hands go to his hair to push a few of the locks out of his eyes. "I like my hair." he pouts. "What's it gotta do with being a Candidate?"

Hazelon crouches down, balancing on his heels so as to not have to put his knees in the wet snow that still covers the ground. "You think your pa wouldn't be noticin' a kid what looks exactly like you?" He quirks an eyebrow upwards, still grinning at the kid. If only every kid could be as open as this one is.

Kyzen is a very open, social child. It'll land him in trouble later in life perhaps but right now he knows no better. He'll relax further when Hazelon crouches down to his level and his lower jaw juts a bit as he mulls over what the Candidate just pointed out. Huh! Good point… "So I'll wear a hood!" Kyzen declares with a beaming grin, even lifting an arm up. Ah ha! Only he'll have to hastily jerk it back down and reach across to slide the knot back onto his shoulder. "It doesn't fit right! How'd you stand wearing these anyways all day? Doesn't it get stuck on things?"

Hazelon reaches out, hesitating with an upraised eyebrow, will the kid let him tie it on properly? If he does Haze will fix that knot so it won't fall off. "Aye, a hood mayhap would work. Though, you might want to be gettin' some stilts too. Even that Skyler kid be bigger than you." As for the question of how he keeps it from falling off Hazelon shrugs. "You just be gettin' use to it."

Kyzen will stand still for Hazelon, though he keeps a wary and not quite trusting eye on him. Not because he's aware of his past transgressions, but more from a child's instinct to never quite trust a stranger. He'll smile brightly in appreciation when Hazelon ties the knot securely and promptly rolls his shoulder and flaps his arm to test it. MUCH better! "That's what all grown ups say." he mumbles, only to snort. "Stilts? What're stilts? And I'm not THAT small!" See? He'll stand on his tip toes and puff his chest a bit. "I can be just AS tall as Skyler!" He'll see! Only Kyzen can't keep walking on his toes and soon "deflates" with a grunt. Okay, maybe not.

Hazelon pushes himself to his feet again, rolling to his feet easily. From his new vantage point he looks down on the kid, raising an eyebrow. "Mayhap if the weyrleader wasn't there." Because it's not like the weyrwoman knows what he looks like or anything. Hazelon casts a glance over to where the guard practice their bows, then back down to the kid again. "You think swords are better than bows? You ever got to shoot one before?"

Kyzen looks up and then promptly sniffs. "Maybe! He's been real busy lately. And grouchy. I don't like it when he's all frowny faced…" Like this! Kyzen pulls off a good representation of Th'ero brooding and dark scowl. Probably because he IS the Weyrleader's son. He dissolves into snickered laughter then, covering his mouth all conspiratorial like. Hee! He sobers, "Don't matter though. Most folk know me. Weyrwoman would probably see through anything and kick me off. I was promised I could get a bit close to the eggs but I dunno…" Silly parents promising things! Kyzen scuffs his boot in the snow, "My father has a sword. He got real mad when I touched it once. But I like 'em and I sometimes use a stick and pretend…" Not the same! He peers up at Hazelon, wide eyed again. "Nuh huh. Not allowed. Have you?"

Hazelon will gaze a bit speculativly down at the boy for a moment. His gaze shuffles out to the bowmen, then back. "It best be time for you to be learnin' then. If your father ain't happy." There, just scare the boy why don't you Haze? He'll hold out his hand for the quasi-candidate to take. "Not here thouh, else they might be tellin' us to be stoppin." Yes, just follow the stranger into the forest, alright?

Kyzen is torn between bursting with joy and looking apprehensive. "For real? You'll show me how!? No one lets me touch stuff like that!" Let alone fire one! "Why'd I need it if my father ain't happy? Usually I just give him one of my stuffed felines or put Boo — that's my kitten — in his lap and he's not so mad no more…" Nope, not scared! But he just blew Th'ero's tough guy reputation to pieces, didn't he? But it's back to bows and being able to FIRE one and he'll take Hazelon's hand without thinking of the dangers. Stranger? Pfft. This guy is his new BESTEST FRIEND.

A whole pile of handwaving goes into this next pose wherein no one notices Hazelon with the weyrleader's son, nor question why he's not wearing his knot and least of all aren't susupicious at all when he retrieves his bow and arrows (yes, he got those back somehow) and takes the kid outside again. If there is conversation Hazelon will answer back more easily then he typically does, what? the kid is easy to talk to. Outside they'll go right to the edge of the forest right next to the stable, though not actually into the trees. "Be holdin' this," and he'll offer the bow to the kid. "I'll be puttin' up a target."

Kyzen is happy to follow along on this little adventure, not at all alarmed or concerned and will chatter poor Hazelon's ear off if the Candidate isn't careful. Of course they could slip by unnoticed! They're blended in. Folk are busy with this or that and the Weyr Games. If anyone is going to get into trouble today, it'll be the caretaker who is taking a Long Time to realize one of her charges is missing. Or maybe she's quietly trying to find him or already fleeing for her life. After all… who wants to tell Th'ero and Kimmila that they lost their firstborn son? Again. Kyzen takes the bow in hand, grunting a bit as he has to brace his knees. Little kid, big bow! This'll be fine, right? Already he's pawing at it (carefully!), staring at it in wonder. So COOL! "Didja make this yourself?"

Chatter of people his own age bothers Hazelon. But a kid? That just brings back memories that are actually plesant. So the kid can just talk as much as he wants. Leaving his bow (but taking the arrows) Hazelon paces out ten steps to the nearest tree. There, he'll take his knife and a scrap of cloth and pin it into the tree. Target. At the boy's question he nods. "Aye. We been through a bit together." Returning to the boy he'll kneel down, ignoring the wet ground so he can get back on the boy's level. "Now, you be knowin' how to hold?"

Kyzen will watch Hazelon a little too when the Candidate walks out ten paces and pins the "target" into place. By then he's almost giddy with excitement, the only thing keeping him from racing about and being a pest is the bow he's been entrusted to hold. He can't run and hold it at the same time! "You've been through a bit? You and this bow?" Ooh. Now it seems even more fascinating. Looking Hazelon straight in the eye, Kyzen shakes his head. "Nope. This is the first bow I ever touched! Not allowed to touch my mother's bow." He's only six!

"Aye." Hazelon doesn't elaborate- the kid doesn't need that kind of reality. Not yet. He'll hold out his hand for the bow again, and hold it in his hands to show the boy the proper way to hold it. It's a medium sized bow, not too big and not too small. Perfect for the medium sized teen, but a bit big for the kid. "Now you be tryin' it." Back to the boy the bow goes. No arrows yet.

Luckily Kyzen doesn't know how to pry yet and he's not about to do the dreaded 'why' game on Hazelon. Thankfully they have the bow for distraction! Ooh. It's handed back to it's rightful owner and he'll watch with wide eyes and fixated attention. By the time it's handed back, he's just about bouncing in place and grabs at it. He fumbles a bit to figure out how to hold it, given the size difference between himself and Hazelon. "Like this?" His hands aren't quite in the right spot and Kyzen wobbles a bit as he works on his footing. "It feels funny. Is this the only way to fire one?"

"It's a bit big for you." Hazelon's answer is simple. He moves himself so he can kneel behind the boy, and reaches out to rearrange his front hand on the bow. "Be holdin' it here, and be restin' it on the ground. Then be pinchin' the string here."

Kyzen pouts, "Everything is too big for me. Too big or I'm too young." He mutters with a little huff and then sniffles, having to wipe his nose on his jacket sleeve by his shoulder as he continues to hold the bow and then adjusted when Hazelon kneels behind him to help. "Like this?" He'll pinch it alright, probably with his whole hand and already trying to haul back. Overeager? Of course he is!

"You'll be growin' soon enough." Hazelon paitently rearranges the boy's fingers so they're pinching the bow, not grasping it. "Be keepin' careful hold there now, and be pullin back." His hand remains on the boy's, to help him if the strength of the bow is too much

"That's something they always say too!" Kyzen protests with a long suffering sigh before he focuses back on the task, letting Hazelon rearrange his fingers on the bow string. "Okay!" he chirps, gripping the bow hard with all his six Turn old strength as he pulls on that string. The Candidate will likely have to help, as Kyzen will struggle with having to pull the string and keep the bow steady. He grunts, "Why's it so hard? The Guards make it look so easy!" Not fair! "How come I don't have an arrow? Do I put it in now?" Kyzen tries to turn his head to peer at Hazelon and then frowns. "I dun have any hands left."

Hazelon does help, reaching out with his other hand to steady the bow against the ground even as it shakes. "Takes practice. Guards got to practice or they'd get all shakes too." He laughs a bit at the boy's egagerness to fit the weapon for action. Leaving the boy to steady the bow, he'll pull out an arrow. He holds it where the boy can see it, to explain. "It lays upon your fingers, and is held by the pinch."

Kyzen giggles in his childish way. "Shakes," Snicker. Snort. Why that is so funny is anyone's guess but he's six and everything can be hilarious. He'll go quiet though, his jaw set determinedly when Hazelon lets go to get an arrow. Don't drop the bow, don't drop the bow! He won't have it drawn anymore, his eyes looking at that arrow. A REAL arrow! "Can you help me?" he asks, not afraid to admit that he doesn't get it. Kyzen doesn't seem to mind if Hazelon has to manipulate or guide him a bit. How else is he supposed to fire a bow?

"Stupid….harness…nannies…sharding…" come the mutters, angrily, heard well before Kimmila's footsteps are heard. Then she comes around the barn, walking swiftly, bow in one hand and quiver slung over her back. And at the sight of her baby boy, holding a bow, with Hazelon's arms around him… She doesn't hesitate. She moves her bow forward, an arrow notched but not drawn back. The arrow is still pointed at the ground, but she is /ready/ should the situation prove dangerous. "Step away from him," she orders, her voice low and firm. Steely. Pissed the F-off.

"'Course," Hazelon is moving that arrow closer to the boy, to rest it upon his small hands (though really Hazelon still has total control over the bow, when that voice calls out from behind him. He freezes, that voice familiar. "This ain't what you be thinkin'." And Hazelon isn't moving. She won't shoot with Kyzen right there. Too much of a chance the kid would get hurt.

Kyzen is almost giddy with excitement and his laughter rings out, slightly nasal by his still sniffly nose. Ahh, winter! He hears his mother too and his happiness is too much and strong for him to catch on to Kimmila's pissed off mood. Not right away. "Mother!" he crows in delight, seeing her bow and assuming something entirely different. "You come to practice too? He…" Never got Hazelon's name but it doesn't matter. Kyzen's catching on now, remembering that he snuck away on the old caretaker again and boy does his mother look pissed off. He shrinks back… right against the Candidate. Who's using who as a shield? "… It was just for fun! I wanted to try… I wasn't gonna alone!" he protests in a sort of whimpered tone. He has an adult with him! Kind of.

"Step away," Kimmila says firmly. She would shoot if she had to, and she's a dead accurate shot. Kyzen wouldn't even feel the breeze from the arrow passing by. "Kyzen, get over here right now," she orders. "Now." In case that wasn't clear. Shields…separate!

Hazelon has choices to make. Let the boy go and risk the woman having a clear shot at something important, or keep him and make sure that wherever he gets hit it won't be life threatening. (Because dying? So not on the agenda still.) Seconds pass in the impasse. Finally, Hazelon will drop the arrow from his hand, allowing it to fall deliberately. "Kid, you'd best be doin' what your ma be sayin'." And hopefully Hazelon doesn't get shot in the process.

Nope! Kyzen is going to start the beginnings of a tantrum. He pouts at Kimmila and gives a stubborn and reluctant look to Hazelon. "Don't wanna!" Foot stomp. Oh, this is going to be a doozy. "No!" he shouts to the bluerider in challenge, sticking to Hazelon's side like the velcro Pern doesn't have. Shield will NOT separate! Cling! "Was having FUN! I wanna fire the bow! He was going to show me how!" Whine. Now she's ruining everything! Of course, he's oblivious to the tension between Hazelon and Kimmila. All he sees is his fun being ruined and having to go away and leave his new friend behind.

Where does Kyzen get that stubbornness from? Both of them. Dammit, Th'ero, look what they MADE. Kimmila sets her bow down on the ground, eying Hazelon, (she still has her dagger!) and then looking at her son as she walks forward. "You're aiming for a spanking, Kyzenviro." Ooh, full name. "Get over here right now. You /know/ you're not supposed to run away." Is she also maybe a liiiittle hurt he didn't want /her/ to teach him? A bit. Yeah. Okay. A lot.

Kyzen isn't letting go. In fact, he's grabbing even closer. But that arrow isn't looking at his chest anymore, so Hazelon will be bold. His arms will reach around the boy, lifting him up as Hazelon rises so he can look Kimmila in the eye when they look. "Found him by the guard area." Did he forget the ma'am? Okay, yes he did. But this is hardly the normal dragon-rider/candidate interaction. "Mentioned he ain't never tried, so figured I'd be showin' him."

Kyzen has definitely inherited his parents traits! Fort beware! He only scowls and defiantly sticks his tongue out at Kimmila. Ptthbh. That's what he thinks of her threat! He's in a right mood and temper now (definitely his father coming through). "I don't like that caretaker! She's old and smells like stinky cheese and she's boring and not fun!" he complains while he allows himself to be lifted up by Hazelon. There's a moment of uncertainty and then he wraps his arms around the Candidate. Poor Kimmila, if she only knew that the whole bow thing was a spur of the moment event! "We were just having some fun! He said I could try!" Kyzen protests again in his whining tone.

"You found him by the guard area so you just thought you'd take him out into the woods and show him how to shoot a bow?" This is BAD, Hazelon! Kimmila is not happy! She continues to approach, intending to take Kyzen out of Hazelon's arms. Or at least try, even if Kyzen screams and tries to choke the poor Candidate. "Kyzen. Stop it. Come here."

Silence for a few moments as Hazelon's dark eyes meet Kimmila's. Finally, "Aye. He was wantin' to try, and I got time." He is torn between helping Kimmila take Kyzen, and holding the boy close to keep himself safe. "We ain't far into the forest. Stables be right there, ain't no danger here." As for why not the guard area… Well, Hazelon was pretty sure they wouldn't be allowed.

Kyzen's eyes fill with tears and he glares angrily at Kimmila. Child tantrum commence! He sniffles, gripping hard and fast to Hazelon as he goes into full blown defiance and rebellion. "NO!" he protests loudly (sorry Hazelon's ear!). "I dun wanna go back! I wanna fire the bow! We weren't being bad! Just having fun!" Whine. If the Candidate tries to shift him to Kimmila or she tries to take him from Hazelon, Kyzen will pull every trick in the book. Cling. Writhe. Flail. You name it, the kid does it.

Geeee, maybe there was a REASON they wouldn't have been allowed. When Kyzen tries to cling to Hazelon, Kimmila just stubbornly keeps pulling at him, trying to work him free. "Let go. Let go. Let go." Calm. For now. But firm. Until, "You want me to get your father?"
One of those writhing kicks manages to hit just right between Hazelon's legs and his face goes white. "Kid, you'd better be goin'." Is his voice a little high pitched? You betcha!

Kyzen goes limp, both for Kimmila's threat and because Hazelon doesn't look so good. "I'm sorry! Didn't mean to hurt you… I didn't!" he wails when he realizes he kicked the Candidate where it really hurts. Now he's crying in earnest, frustrated and upset and he'll cling to his mother despite being angry at her and the whole situation. Why can't he ever have FUN? "I don't wanna go!" he protests feebly between hiccuped sobs, promptly wiping his nose on his jacket sleeve. SNIFF.

Kimmila holds her son tightly, wincing when he kicks Hazelon. "Sorry," she murmurs, and it's genuine despite her 'omg you were in the woods with my son and ARROWS'. "I'll speak with you later, Candidate. Right now, I need to get him back to the weyr."

Hazelon allows the kid to leave his arms when he transfers his clinging to the woman. Okay. So, no danger of being hurt any more, so he'll bend down to the ground (painfully) to retrieve his bow and the arrow which had been dropped. "He was safe enough."

Kyzen clings to Kimmila, his head resting against her shoulder as he continues to cry and sniffle, disappointed and upset. "Can we play again…?" he asks Hazelon sadly, only to start squirming in Kimmila's arms again. "Wait! His knot! He has to have it back." he mutters between hiccups and sniffles.

"I don't know, Kyzen," Kimmila says to his question. "How…?" No, never mind, she doesn't want to know. Shifting, she pulls the knot from her son's shoulder and holds it out to Hazelon.

Mutely Hazelon will take that knot, rather suprised actually that he's getting it back. But she did call him Candidate earlier, so um, that's not a bad sign. "He was safe ma'am." Oh look, he remembered to be respectful.

Kyzen's brows knit and then he's scowling again, features crumpling as his eyes, having dried up a bit while Kimmila tugs the knot from his shoulder, fill again. "What do you mean?" She doesn't know if he can play with Hazelon? Whhhhy? "That's not fair!" he wails loudly.

Kimmila frowns at the Candidate. "In the woods, alone with a man I hardly know, working with a bow? That's not safe." And nothing he says will change her mind of it, as she shifts her child to her other hip and /hugs/ him. "You ran away, Kyzen," she says firmly. "You need a punishment."

Right. Hazelon is just going to not talk again till he's dismissed. The arrow will be put back into his quiver, and the bow thrown over his shoulder. Is he dismissed?

"But he's my friend!" Kyzen howls, not at all acting like the six Turns he's supposed to be. He's regressed to a two Turn old having a meltdown. He scrubs at his eyes, sobbing and sniffling heavily between them with little gasped breathes. "'M sorry," he burbles to Hazelon, his face all scrunched up and splotched from his crying. "I wanted to play and fire a bow… not his fault… Don't wanna go!" Unfortunately he's no good in defending Hazelon, save to apologize for getting him into trouble too.

Kimmila glances at Hazelon one more time, giving a slight nod. Oh yes, he's dismissed. For now. She's got a tantrum child to carry back to the weyr, talking quietly to him the whole while.

"Sorry kid. If your ma be lettin' you, I'll be seein you again." Hazelon actually does sound regretful, the boy didn't deserve his mother's ire that badly. But Hazelon isn't about to come between Kimmila and her kid again. Something about getting an arrow though the chest just IS NOT appealing. He drifts backwards a step, then turns and heads for the weyr.