Lana's Weyr - Fire In The Sky
This weyr rests high on the central bowl wall, its ledge narrow and difficult to land on, requiring quite a bit of nimble flying and finesse to land properly. A shallow cavern offers a wallow for Rauskazeth to rest in, and beyond is a wooden door, finely crafted but slightly askew on its hinges. Opening the door leads you through a narrow and low ceilinged tunnel, into a private complex of tunnels and small rooms - three in total. Any of these rooms could be used as a bedroom, or an office, or storage space, and with the lack of furniture it seems it's up to the new owner to decide what goes where.

Each of the rooms has rough walls but a smooth, polished stone floor. The stone has been carved to form recessed shelving and glow baskets, but something unique about these rooms is how the owner tooled the stone and added little touches. In one room, the glow basket shelves have been lined with colored glass, effectively adding a nice tint to the lighting. In another, rough cut but polished gems surround the glow recesses, adding yet another type of gleam. And in the final room, the stone has been painted red, a subtle and dark color that adds a richness to the walls.

You know, I always thought that it was impossible to wear a hole in solid stone only using someones feet. But it looks like you’re determined to prove me wrong with all the pacing you’re doing.

Lana casts a slightly annoyed glance at Rauskazeth in response to his largely unnecessary comment. The glance is soon off its mark though for the brownrider is indeed pacing and does not stop at her dragon’s not-so-subtle remark. Despite how easy the dragon’s words had seemed there is an undeniable tension in the air. Lana has a lot on her mind and wants to do something about it, the brown has worries of his own but doesn’t want to risk his rider doing something too risky, and over all it’s a tangled web of complications. Maybe you should sit down, he goes on to suggest. Worrying won’t solve anything.

This gets a sharp burst of what could almost be considered laughter from the rider. “Worrying? Who said anything about worrying? I’m planning. Something needs to be done and there’s no way in hell I’m content to just sit around twiddling my thumbs.” The rate of her pacing increases. “Sure plenty of people are thinking about the hatching and whatnot but… well dragonets certainly won’t stop renegades!” Anger seems to be rolling off her in waves as she pictures exactly what she would do if she finds out who is responsible for the attacks.

Rauskazeth can’t help but feel a little less than certain about this. You do realize that we’re in the search and rescue group, not policing, right? And are you entirely certain that you’re not just reacting so strongly due to who was attacked? Now this at least gets Lana to stop pacing, although it’s to whirl around and aim a glare at her dragon.

“Just what are you implying!?” Not she found it particularly hard to figure that out herself.

I’m talking about Ezra’s clutchsibling! You seem to act and think differently when things involve him, like it becomes more important somehow. Are you saying that you would be this agitated if it were a different member of the Weyr, one that you have no connection to, who were attacked and not him? I don’t think you should go charging off because you are letting him affect your judgement. We are all members of the Weyr, Lana, you should not let any affections for him change the way you go about doing your duty. In the end he is not worth more than everyone else, especially to the point that you would take unnecessary risks. There is a moment of silence where Lana can just stare at the brown. In this window he adds in a way that makes it seem under his breath, I’m not sure why your relationship with the boy is so complicated anyway. It seems like it would be much easier if humans had flights.

The last comment is likely added in an attempt to lighten the atmosphere. Unfortunately it fails and Lana brushes it off for the most part, instead focusing on some of the more important statements. Alright, for a moment her mind does linger on why Rayathess has been referred to as ‘Ezra’s clutchsibling’ and why Ezra was deemed worthy of her dragon using his name in the first place but it is not what she focuses on when she speaks. “I’m allowed to care!” she snaps out in a defensive voice. “And I’m not placing him above the rest of the Weyr, I would have gotten to this point anyway even if he wasn’t involved. If he had anything to do with my judgement at all it only sped up the process a little bit and… well that’s not bad!” From the feelings she gets from Rauskazeth it is apparent that he doesn’t entirely believe her. She doesn’t choose to call him out on it though, instead growling out, “besides, why are you so worried? It certainly isn’t like you’ve never made any rash decisions.”

Dragon memory isn’t all that great. However, humans tend to remember things and sometimes dragons can look back through that memory. A flash of a memory passes through the brown as he speaks, a memory of icy cold and fear. I’m worried because I don’t want you to get hurt again. Rauskazeth likes to view himself as a protector. Yet his rider is talking about rushing forward to face who knows what, likely someone willing to cause some bloodshed, without knowing much at all when things have at least been wearing a mask of calm. For all that he wants to be a protector it is not protection if you might just be causing more harm, even if it is only to yourself.

Lana seems to deflate at this. She slowly makes her way over to her dragon, slumping down to lean against his side when she reaches him. “I can’t just do nothing,” she whispers. The unsaid words, ‘I’m sorry’, flash through their bond. She does not want to cause him to worry or hurt, but every moment she goes about her normal life when she knows that something is out there while also knowing too little seems to burn her from the inside out. Maybe does have something to do with it, maybe she would have gotten like this either way, it might even be something else all together. Potential reasonings don’t change the way she is feeling here and now. “I don’t know what to do,” is the quiet admission.

I know, Rauskazeth murmurs in a soft voice that is reserved for a select few. We’ll think and come up with something. But for now… for now let there be peace.