Fort's Forests ~~ Fort Weyr - Forest Underbrush
A copse of evergreen pines and lush vegetation borders this large, circular clearing entirely. Poking out of the forest towards the northeast, an immense, petrified log rests on the ground creating a long, natural bench. Ideal as additional seats or even as low tables, several flat rocks and stumps by the log surround a makeshift fire pit which is not currently lit. A single pine grows at the very heart of this clearing. The perfectly round trench that encircles it is clear evidence that someone is making sure it thrives here.

And so marks the kick-off of the Trapping Triathlon! As part of Fort's Winter Games, many people have started to congregate in the underbrush clearing from various areas around Pern. There's some mingling and chatter amongst those present, but mostly, the folk here mean business. All sorts of specialties have gathered, hunters, trackers, fishermen, Beastcrafters and lot of other randoms in the mix as well. Some are paired, as indicated by the matching numbers strapped to lower leg, while many are undertaking things on solo missions. Each section will have one judge keeping mark and making calls: Quorel, master hunter for the land portion, Mahlia Greenrider of Seracenath in the air and Tradal at the nearby waters. Weyrleader Th'ero will be overseeing all basic operations, adding up the final count, confirming adherence to rules and announcing the winners. Instructions are directed at each entrant as they check in with Th'ero and receive their hunting leg bib. Everyone is allowed three weapons of choice and two pieces of trapping materials, everything else must come from the land.

The day is off to a good start, Rukbat beaming proudly in clear skies above with no impending storms (we hope!) Seeing as how a nasty winter has settled across the area, snow cover blankets the whole region, making game slightly more sparse, but potentially easier to track. The three area judges converse briefly before breaking off to their assigned areas. Therynn and Brennan have copped a squat on the petrified log and are going over their game plan. Rynn tightens her boots, and surveys the areas for supplies, having packed a medium sized dagger, long lasso wound up tightly and the go-to set of bow and arrows.

There's one girl that…well honestly…it looks like she may be about twelve turns, fourteen if one really pushes the imagination. Unlike some of the other there, she looks a bit less prepared. Her outfit consists of gray leggings, a pair of green shorts, a navy blue shirt, and an oversized green jacket with several pockets. Inside those pockets are several knives, a bit of rope, and various other tidbits. Alone? Why yes, in fact she is. The girl also doesn't seem to have a knot on her shoulder, but here she is anyways! Apparently, Feyran is also quite a chatterbox because she's going around saying hello to random people and striking up a conversation with anyone that will put up with her for more than a few minutes. Not that she seems the least bit put out when people wander away.

Th'ero is indeed present for this event. Not just for his interest in hunting but because given all the misfortunes found in Fort's forests of late, the Weyrleader is… not taking any risks. He's overseeing all the basic operations but he's there for another reason too, but one he doesn't quite announce out loud. Those keen enough will likely assume correctly. He's dressed warmly against the winter weather and in rough, sturdy clothing. On one hip, he wears his sword, the other his daggers. Now there's a hint? If he's not hunting, WHY does he have them? "… everything just about in order?" he murmurs to one particular bluerider beside him.

Kimmila is here as well, standing beside the Weyrleader. The bluerider does not have a number on her leg, having chosen not to participate and to help out with the logistics instead. Especially given what's happened in the forests recently. She's dressed in her warmest clothing, her blue handled dagger visible, her bow and quiver strapped to her back despite her lack of number. Looking down at the clipboard in hand, she nods. "I believe so," she answers, returning Feyran's smile when the girl glances her way. "Doesn't she look a bit young?"

Abigail is out to join in the 'fun' that is getting close to starting, at least it is something that she might consider fun. The brownrider is moving along, a slight nod sent to a few as she goes to gather her number to join in the hunting bit. As for her weapons, best believe she has her bow and quiver full of arrows, dagger at her hip and her gold firelizard upon her shoulder. She sends glances around before she is near Th'ero and Kimmila. "Weyrleader, Kimmila. How goes ye two?" This questioned with a smile seen as she looks back to the pair, perhaps checking for said numbers. Are they joining in as well?

Kiena is lurking in the edges, nodding to those who greet her and likewise giving Feyran a long look after returning the girl's greeting. Sixteen isn't that young? The Xanadian Weyrsecond wasn't much older herself when she first started. Rolling her shoulders, the bluerider will check her bow, then her knives and her quiver full of arrows. Check, check and check. Next on the list? A sassy little wink to Kimmila and finger wiggle to Th'ero before eyeing the gathering groups. Time to size up the competition!

For his part, Brennan has opted for his crossbow on this venture, as well as his two hunting knives, a substantial length of strong, thin cord, and a scent lure. Clad in close-fitting, lined wherhide bleached nearly white for camouflage's sake, he speaks in little more than a low rumble, his voice pitched for Therynn alone as they put the finishing touches on their plans. Though he doesn't show it, the hunter-turned-Candidate is very much looking forward to this, especially since he'll be in a position to see just what Therynn can do - and he's sure she'll do nicely. Blue eyes glance around at the other competitors, discreetly sizing them up…though that rather young girl wandering about has him wondering a bit.

"Young? Me? I'm practically a grandmother when it comes to hunting, all sorts of experience!" Feyran laughs, her words a happy quip throwing in Kimmila and Th'ero's direction. She…really should learn how to read knots better, but she hasn't met many Weyrleaders. Kiena gets a bit of a bow. Feyran looks tiny by all accounts, not much of a competition by the looks of it. Though…who knows, maybe that large green coat she has on is hiding all sorts of muscles. "What are the rules for this thing anyways? Most catches? Biggest catch?"

Therynn gives Feyran the once over, catching her looking less than equipped in comparison and chatting up a storm as she wanders from group to group. When it's her 'turn' a smile will cast upwards from seated position on log with a brief "'Ello there.." despite being willing to listen to any ramblings in an attempt to sizer her up, knowing that neither age nor appearance are a true testament to skill. Rynn looks around, noticing a few guards also stationed at each area just in case, and sends a respectful nod to the Weyrleader and Kimmila, noticing he seems in rare form based on earlier conversations about hunting prowess. When Abigail joins them a bit of a salute is sent that general direction, boots now snugly double knotted, she pushes to a stand. Kiena is here?! A wave and wink are sent her direction. Things are getting pretty serious indeed, and Rynn takes a few deep breaths to get her head in the game, hopping from one foot to the other.

Quorel bugles a horn and waves the group over for the land portion and says gruffly "You have a maximum of one and one half candle marks for the land portion of this triathlon. You may use any supplies you have, as well as anything you find around you. Size, execution of capture and luring tactics are all variables here. May the most adept find success. On your marks.. get set.." he pauses for suspense "GO!"

"Hmm? The young one there?" Th'ero is about to point out Feyran, but she quips a laughed response to them before he can. He snorts, giving Kimmila a sidelong look. "I think she'll be fine." he muses, only to smile faintly to Abigail. "Wingleader. Good to see you here, Abigail. I'm… well, considering. Good luck out there!" As for their joining? Th'ero only shakes his head and points to the clipboard Kimmila holds. "We're officiating." And more! He'll give Abigail a significant look. She'd catch the hint, right? The horn is sounded then and Th'ero glances to the group of competitors, only to blink and nudge Kimmila. "… that Kiena?"

Kimmila dips her head with a smile for Abigail. "Doing well. Glad to see you're entered! Best of luck." Looking past her to Feyran, Kimm laughs. "Good for you, kiddo." Waving to Therynn and Brennan, the bluerider looks very proud that they're out here, and she calls, "Look out for boots!" with a wink. "Yeah, that's Kiena." She taps the clipboard. See?

Brennan may just give a bit of a snort as he catches Feyran's assertion, though he dismisses it quickly as he settles into further concentration. Kimmila's jibe earns the bluerider a crooked smile. "Mayhap I'll just bring y' back a dozen pairs," he counters. "Unless it loses us points." He shrugs, turning to Therynn. "No boots," he says, straight-faced, though his eyes dance. "Ready? I'm thinkin' west to start."

Sairon was just making his way through the underbrush and his approach alone indicates he is likely just here to watch - a dragon walking with a case of indigestion likely makes less noise. Well, at least compared to those with actual skill. He makes his way for the small, gathered group there to just watch the event and sits himself down with his usual habit of casually claiming an overly large area for himself. Complete virtue of sprawling, of course.

Kiena laughs for the comment of the boots, flashing a crooked grin to Brennan and Therynn. "Good luck you two," she drawls and to Feyran's bow she dips her head respectfully. As the horn is sounded, she gives herself a shake, pulls an arrow from her quiver and prepares herself for the first leg of this challenge. She'll be going solo on this venture, it seems! Once the call is given, Kiena will drift forwards and slip into the underbrush without so much of a single word.

Therynn looks to Brennan as the games are a foot, sending a wink his direction and nodding "Born ready!" As they start to head out, Abigail receives a bow of the head "Good t'see ya Abigail. S'a fine hunter's afternoon eh? How fairs thee?" Because this is totally a good time for small talk! A hearty chuckle accompanies Brennan's crooked smile at Kimmila as she says teasingly "What a set up! Watch out for all the wooden wherries we put out!" A smile towards Kiena "Same to you dear!" and nod towards Th'ero, white knot worn proudly, she tromps forward a few steps with Brennan, focus and determination taking hold. "West it is." Hunting mode activate: steps lighten, eagle-eyes are set keenly across the horizon watching for even the slightest of movement in the brush. Come out come out wherever you are!

Cyrus is not set to participate in this event, not really his thing, but given that there are others he knows participating he stalks his way to where the event is begining. White knot presently worn. He takes a quick glance about the crowd and spots Therynn and Brennan. He also spots someone else. He makes to turn to leave, but quickly thinks against it and decides to come anyway.

Feyran falls silent as the horn blow, but unlike the others she seems rather at east about the whole thing. Really, the trader's just here for some fun. There's a parting wink for Th'ero and Kimmila before she slips into some bushes. Considering all the noise the trader girl was making earlier, she's surprisingly quiet as she moves. At some point she reaches into her jacket and produces a pair of knives. Kiena and Therynn both get grins, as do anyone else she manages to spot again, but now…it's time to get going!

Abigail ahs softly as she hears that Th'ero and Kimmila are to 'watch' over this it seems. At the knowing look from Th'ero she merely peers at him innocent like. What? Is the 'look' she offers back, though her attention is sent to Therynn and she is moving on unless the dear weyrleader stops her it seems. She smiles to the girl and nods to her and Brennan. "Pretty much, though honestly hunting is one of those sports that seems to get better when the weather is at its worse." This said with an amused tone before the horn is blown and she glances up slightly. "hunt on it seems. Good luck all." This offered as she is off not about to stick around and talk.

Brennan and Therynn have some not-insubstantial quarry in mind for this first leg of the competition - and maybe, maybe, there's a little revenge to be had for the blue-eyed hunter in this particular venture. Crossbow unslung and nocked, he crunches lightly through the snow, gaze casting to and fro for porcine sign. They're not far from where he had his mishap, so he's confident they'll find something…and there //are tracks eventually - large and cloven and leading toward a thicket near stand of squat pines. He signals for them to split and approach the thicket from opposite sides, pincer-like. If there's anything there…one of them will be able to at least distract while the other takes it down.

Th'ero will watch as his sister slips into the underbrush with the other competitors and the Weyrleader's expression is difficult to read. His eyes dart to the Guards posted, some of which who are also shifting into the forests to likely trail the competitors at a safe distance. Will it throw off the game? Possibly and possibly not. "Good turn out," he murmurs to Kimmila, reviewing the lists on her clipboard again and then fidgets with the hilt of one of his daggers. "Afternoon Sairon, Cyrus. Not hunting too, are you?" he greets the Candidates with a faint smile.

Kimmila winks at Therynn. "I'm not hunting!" as she waves her clipboard. "Very good," she agrees with Th'ero, offering him a small smile. "Hey, they're hunters. They can protect themselves," she murmurs. "Hey, you two," she says to the Candidates. "If you want a job," because of course they do, right? "you can help set out the water and food for when the first leg is over."

Cyrus shakes his head to the weyrleader, "No. I'm afraid it isn't my sort of event. I don't go much in for violence, even the hunting kind." He then turns his attention to Kimmila as she speaks up, "I suppose I can help out with that." he responds, not that he feels he is in a position to refuse, nor does he have any reason too. He watches as Kiena vanishes. He keeps his gaze in the direction that she went, not going to be surprised upon her return.

Therynn thinks at this moment that Abigail should be careful what she wishes for clouds starting to roll in as if on cue. A befuddled look for the Wingleader, as if she's some weather necromancer, hood is flipped over head and tightened. "Way t'will it.. n'luck t'you as well." A click of the tongue and shake of the head towards Kimmila "Tis a shame!" is said on the way out with a wave and smile to Cyrus and golden haired company. Bow is unslung from shoulder, string checked and taught, arrow pulled and marked. Trekking alongside Brennan, they both catch sight of the tracks and follow them to the pines. A nod at the silent signal and they part ways, Rynn knowing she'll be the one to throw stones and approach in an attempt to flush out the porcine and allow Brennan his sweet revenge.

Quorel circles around quickly to each group, precious time a ticking away "Half a candle mark remains!" He's taking note regarding all aspects of the hunters tactics.

There! Feyran's venture had some point resulted in her following a trail into a deeper part of the forests. It's there that she finds her prize, but doesn't move quite yet. Instead, the trader settles down at the edge of a small clearing, gaze fixated on a rustling bush located beneath a tree. It's with careful steps she begins to move closer. One step, and then another. Just a little closer…just a bit more….and then she springs! Her body hits whatever creature is in the foliage and is quickly followed by a quiet battle cry. "MINE!"

Abigail has her moments, now can see tell the weather? Not hardly! Though she does pull her hood up as she moves on through the underbrush, pausing at times to check out certain tracks and marks. Her bow is lowered, arrow knocked while a soft hum escapes her. The tracks are there, she just needs to follow them to the source. The sound of how much time is left she grumbles a bit. Her firelizards are off helping to scout to some degree. The tracks she happens to be following are from a young buck she knows was in the area days before and perhaps would still be around, one of her firelizards sends out the 'alert' that it has been found. With that in her mind she is heading that'a way to hopefully find the young buck.

Kiena will go her own path, eyes scanning the ground and the faint trails as she weaves her way through the underbrush with careful steps. Her arrow is notched and her bow held ready and when she senses movement she settles into a crouch to wait. Only it proves to be nothing and the bluerider stifles a frustrated sigh before pressing on.

The two hunters approach the thicket at a near crawling pace, steps as quiet as they can possibly be. Light rustling in the brush confirms it - there is indeed something there, and only one, from the sound of things. Brennan gives the signal for Therynn to chuck rocks into the undergrowth, hoping hard that it doesn't scare the creature out the wrong way… It works. Mostly. With a startled squeal, the porcine bursts forth, angled more toward Therynn than Brennan is comfortable with, and he looses his bolt immediately, slipping another from his quiver and reloading. The porcine wheels toward him, and the hunter shoots again… It's down. Perhaps not the same one that chased him, but big and ugly and very dead nonetheless. Brennan grins widely at the huntress, propping his crossbow on his shoulder and catching his breath. "Well. That was fun. What're we doin' next, now?"

Cyrus can't help but notice Sairon's laughter at him. He does not find it humerous in the least. He gives the man a reproving glare, before turning his attention back to the event. He is keeping a close eye on what is happening and isn't going to be distracted by someone's laughter at his situation, "I'm a candidate now. So what?" he says to Sairon. He just moves away from the group to keep a closer eye on the event.

Sairon seems to recognize That Look and puts on his best poker face for the healer, which all in all is a rather impressive one. "Nothing. Nothing at all." He may cough something sounding faintly suspect, but whatever it is isn't clear as he just turns his focus back to the event as if he were utterly innocent of any wrongdoing.

Therynn hears a squealed 'mine' and loud rustling coming from the opposite direction, brow is raised, but there's no room to focus on others at this moment. And, ACTION! Porcine bolts and Rynn is jumping out of the way to allow for a clear shot. She'll ninja roll, coming around with bow ready for a back up shot if needed. Brennan's got it handled, she stands heads his direction and waves over the nearest guard, each of which are available to bring the catches back to the base. "That'll make a great feast later.." is said to Brennan.

For now, the weather poses little threat, looming clouds encroaching on the hunt. The first round is coming to a close, final moments counting down. It's now or never! Mahlia makes a circle with Cenath, who trumpets to the participants and kicks off the next round: catch something that flies (domesticated creatures off-limits).

From Feyran's bush there's quite a bit more squealing, porcine by the sound of it and then cackling laughter that rings through the surrounding area. Her return back to the start point is hardly as quiet as her departure was and the trader girl returns in…rather unusual fashion. She isn't lugging around a dead porcine at all, and neither is her guard. Instead the girl, who looks perhaps twelve or fourteen, arrives riding upon the back of a medium-sized porcine. A rope has been fashioned into reins that she's using to steer the creature in the right direction. And the poor guard that was assigned follow Feyran just looks completely dumbfounded, and perhaps the slightest bit amused. "I'm back!" So maybe she didn't follow the rules about trapping and hunting and all that, but…she sounds pretty happy anyways. It's the fun that matters to her!

Th'ero will continue to fidget with the hilt of his dagger and if the competitors take too long, he'll begin to pace a little too unless Kimmila calls him on it. The Weyrleader isn't used to inaction, and while he's pleased to be officiating, there is a lot more on his mind. Please don't let anything bad happen? He glances to Kimmila as the first of the hunters return, nodding to her to take over. He's going to continue to stare fixedly on those forests.

Kimmila won't call him on it, but she'll try to talk to him to keep him distracted, even as she keeps an eye on the paperwork. When hunters and kills begin to return, she moves forward to take note of who caught what, measurments, degree of difficulty…everything they're judged on.

After a thoughtful hum, Brennan eyes the surrounding trees and hops up to grab the lowest branch of the sturdiest looking one, clambering upward a distance about equal to his height before stopping, sitting on the limb closest to the trunk, and pulling out a collapsible farviewer. He's quiet for a short while, and then smiles and puts the gadget away. "Wanna use that lasso?" he asks, swinging easily back to the ground with a grunt and pulling his length of cord and the scent lure from a pouch at his hip. He motions in a north-easterly direction, leading them both off through the snow once again.

Abigail does indeed find the young buck as she continues along the path it has made. It takes a few moments as once she was about to take the shot something spooked the buck and he was off, though she was quick to follow. Two shots were taken, and the second was what brought the young buck to the ground in a loud crash as it takes out some underbrush in its travels. Abbey smirks slightly and shakes her head at the thought before she is off to get hold of the buck and get it all tied up so the guard can take it back. It is indeed a young animal, one that her dear canines had the luck of chasing some days before though she never thought that she would be the one to bring it down after all that. The arrows are pulled and she allows the guard to take the animal back to 'base' as it where before the second part has started. To the trees and skies for where else would such animals be found?

Kiena will be successful at last in snaring a kill, though it won't be the largest by far or with much flare. In fact, the bluerider may just get lucky in the end and sight her prey at the last moment before aiming and firing. A clean kill at least and she'll let one of the assistants carry it back. Hearing the trumpeted call for the next round, she exhales heavily and rolls her shoulders. "Onwards…" she mutters under her breath.

Therynn catches sight of something truly amazing! Feyran riding by on porcine receives a nod and chuckle of approval along with a great deal of disbelief as she head scratches. The rules were not set that the catch must come back in any other condition than caught, so Feyran is definitely on top of it when it comes to creativity (pun fully intended!) Head shaking returns her attention to Brennan and the next round, eyeing him closely as he does that amazing tree-climbing thing again. Ok, she might be staring a little, but who can blame her? Lasso is untied from side sling, a smirk and she says "I thought you'd never ask.." Northwest they head, cringing subdued with each snow crackling step. No matter how lightly she walks, there's always that *crunchcrunchcrunch*

Th'ero will help with marking down the kills and seeing that they're properly tended too, in case any of the competitors wish to claim them later. No sense letting good meat (or decent, anyways) go to waste! He'll also be certain to keep in contact with the Guards out in the field, the Weyrleader still uneasy about so much activity in the forests. When Feyran returns riding on a porcine, Th'ero can only stare at the young girl in disbelief. "… don't think that was quite the point, girl." he says dryly and with a smirk. He'll notice then that Kiena's kill comes in and he clicks his tongue. "Didn't you teach her to hunt on land?" he muses to Kimmila — which may earn him a good elbow to the ribs for that joke.

Feyran tips her head at Therynn, waving happily to those she passes on the way. When she finally arrives, the trader doesn't bother getting off her porcine mount. This is far too fun! Her 'catch' isn't big at all. In fact, it's perfectly average in every single aspect. Average height, average weight, average strength. It's big enough to carry the little trader girl, but anyone bigger and it probably wouldn't end so well. "Killing is boring, tell me this isn't more fun?" Feyran grins at Th'ero before glancing back to her guard. "I have to go ta round two, look after Mr. Porci for me!" Not that the guard seems like he's going to. He has important stuff to do, like keep people safe! And Feyran…well…she's just ready for the second round!

Kimmila blinks at Feyran, and then she /laughs/. "Wow. You. Wow." Kimmila is speechless. That doesn't happen often. "Yeah, but it works…" As for Kiena's kill, Kimmila snorts. "We only had a few lessons." Not her fault. And yes, she elbows him. "Mr…Porci?" Blink blink. "Who /is/ that kid?"

Brennan had spotted a likely-looking wherry nest a short distance away, and with none of their competitors in the immediate vicinity to scare off their quarry, he thusly leads them toward the spot. He stops, tests the wind, and then uncorks a section of the scent lure, holding it well away as a scent resembling meat just beginning to rot a bit starts wafting unpleasantly from the opening. Setting this near a low bush, he takes his cord and whips it into a wide loop surrounding the lure - a glorified larkshead knot that can be twitched secure quickly. Then he motions for Rynn to take up a hiding spot nearby, while he rolls out the cord until he can do the same further off. Hopefully after not too long of a wait, it will draw the wherry down to investigate…and Brennan can snare a foot at least. Then it's up to Rynn to do the real snaring.

Therynn plugs her nose with non-lasso holding hand. She's always dislikes the scent lures, and for good reason. She'll keep a lookout while Brennan sets the trap, in case anything were to sneak up on the pair, nodding before ducking in to a nearby bush and readying herself for whatever may be attracted to that stench. Dominant arm passes off the rope so it can toss a few practice swings quietly while they wait, and wait and wait for the lure to attract. There's a rustling in the trees a ways off and in the direction Brennan spotted the nest. She motions to her partner for him to pull out the farviewer.

Mahlia gives very much the same directions and time estimates for the air portion of this Traithlon as Quorel did, circling around high enough in the air to not interfere with what's fluttering about, the later trekking back to meet up with Th'ero so they can be in cahoots about what they both saw during round 1. "That one.." Quorel says huskily of Feyran "..a unique style. She's got potential. And those two.." mentioned about the team "Work pretty well together. She.." his fierce gaze settle on Kimmila in reference to Kiena "You trained her?" The questioning comes while noting "..running on luck and just in the nick of time it seems.."

"Not sure, but at this rate, she'll get herself killed." Is Th'ero's grumbled reply. Don't mind the Weyrleader, he's just a sourpuss, even on a GOOD day! It's also his way of showing he does find it amusing but doesn't dare laugh about it. Nope, he has to act all stoic and reserved, save for when he's quietly teasing Kimmila. As Quorel joins them, he'll nod his head in agreement with the hunter and resume his quiet pacing once they're back to waiting for the second round.

Kimmila is quick to shake her head to Quorel. "Nope, I didn't train Kiena. Just showed her a few things." She's not taking credit for the bluerider. Nooope.

It doesn't take long for Feyran to disappear into the bushes again. Only…she's not staying in the bushes. The woman finds her way up into a tree and starts hopping lightly from branch to branch. It takes her deeper into the forest, but it isn't long until a nest comes into her line of sight. The trader girl's movements slow now, and she creeps along the canopy until she's not too far away. Surprise seems to be how Feyran does things, and it's just the same this time. There's no knife, nor rope, just a set of very quick hands and a little bit of netting that she had folded up in her pocket.

Brennan pokes his head a little further out of his hiding spot partially in a snowdrift and partly in a bush, nodding and starting to take out his farviewer…but the sound of wings reaches his ears, as does a contralto squawk, and down he goes again, stock still. There's another long bout of waiting…but after a time, a rather good sized wherry lands in the snow with a fwump, a cautious distance from the bushes. It approaches by degrees, cocking its heat, sniffing, making odd sounds deep in its throat. Eventually, though it gets just close enough…and Brennan tugs the line, closing it around one of its middle legs. It gives a raucous cry and wings heavily upward, trying to get airborne… Rynn's turn to finish!

Quorel has never been much of one for the social niceties thing and nods with an "Oh.." his expression softening on her with the remark of "Y'know.. we really should go on a hunt again some day soon. You've always been a great partner t'go out with.." before whispering to Kimm "S'he always like this?"

Kimmila tilts her head at Quorel, smiling. "We should," she agrees. "Who, Th'ero? No." She winks at her old mentor.

Th'ero isn't always like this! The Weyrleader can be forgiven, can't he, if he's less than amiable at least once? He'll continue to pace, occasionally stopping long enough to converse with the Guards, the assistants or the judges and Kimmila but his conversations will be short and brief. They'll see him relax once this is all over and everyone's back at the Weyr to celebrate. For now? He'll just prowl about and try to pretend he's calm and collected.

It won't take Kiena long to track down her quarry this time and find a choice spot in which to hole up and wait. Again, she is not one for flare and relies mostly on instinct. Her hunting skills are novice at best, but she's good with her bow and will land another kill for her patience. Stepping out from her cover to retrieve her arrow, she'll prepare the kill for transport and continue on, foisting it on the first assistant she comes across. Next up is water and to this Kiena's grin turns wry. "About time," she mutters. This she can do! Fishing she knows very well. Bring it on! Competition is fierce, however, so time will tell if she succeeds at bringing in the biggest catch!

Therynn waits for it! Heart is pounding a steady *thudthudthudthud* as excitement ramps up sympathetic response, pupils dilating like a feline when the robust wherry plops down nearby. She will watch and wait patiently, slow and steady breathing, ready to pounce at any moment. The wherry is baited and interested, those guttural sounds only further encouraging Rynn's alertness, waiting for the snare to catch. SHH-ZIP! Brennan's got hold of a leg, lasso has been readied for some time and is twirled and flung the wherry's direction, a dead ringer around the neck of the feathered creature attempting to take flight. "Giddyup!" she shouts as noose is pulled tight and the wrangling begins. It may not be the biggest of birds, but considering Rynn's petite size, it will definitely tug on her something fierce. "Woah nelly!" Both hands grip the rope tightly, and it is as if some tug-o-war action begins between the two as she tries to reel the thing in. "Bren!" she calls for some extra weight reinforcement.

Quorel was always rather fond of Kimmila, that wink making him a little mushy-smiled as they agree a hunt together is long over due. "I heard there's been sum problems round these parts lately.. guess I'd be worried too if I was responsible for all these people and it was hangin' over my head.." in not so many words, this means Quorel's got their backs, he'd do just about anything for his former mentee.

Feyran's piece of netting falls onto the pair of birds and it only takes her a moment longer to pull the corners together and tie them. As time passes, she repeats this once…twice actually. Each time her path takes her closer and closer to the starting point. She goes for the small quarry rather than the large, and multiple ones at that. Again, proooobably not what the race officials were aiming for but Feyran is pretty much just having fun in her own special way. When she drops down from the trees, it's right next to Mr. Porci who gives a startled oink. "Avians! Get your fresh and cute little avians!" The trader girl smirks, placing the three pairs of smaller birds next to the Porcine.

Brennan springs up, snow showering behind him as he runs forward, reeling in his rope as he closes on the struggling wherry. It takes longer than he'd like, the flying beast almost uprooting Rynn in its exertions. Finally, he gets there. With an almighty rank on the snared leg, the bigger of the pair drags the creature back to earth using his body to pin the thing and struggling to avoid flailing limbs as he whips out one of his knives…and slits its throat. Blood pools thickly, congealing in the snow, and the wherry soon stills. Between them, it's tied up and readied for dragging away, and Brennan sets about cleaning off his knife. "Last leg," he says, grinning up at Therynn from where he's stooping to accomplish his current task, face ruddy with cold and adrenaline. "Your call this time. Where to?"

Kimmila chuckles at Quorel, reaching out to clap his shoulder. "We'll do something soon," she promises, before she's moving off to rejoin Th'ero and help with the paperwork.

Therynn is nearly removed from firm footing on the ground, the flailing wherry giving up quite the fight with near success of taking the tiny huntress with her. She's pulled herself close enough to where she might just be able to ride the thing in to the sky, at which point she'd be able to reach a weapon for the takedown, and hopefully before the fall would become potentially life-threatening. Points would definitely be lost if Rynn wound up broken or deceased! She's gotten a hold of one wing, which helps Brennan gain a little more control as he whips out his knife. Call her morbid, but something about the sight of crimson on white is pleasing to the gal, savoring the sweet success. "Let's take this one back ourselves? Closest water is back towards the base anyway.." Lasso is loosened and re-tightened around the larger circumference of the wherries abdomen. She may be small, but she's a brute when both feet are on the ground and surprisingly she'll begin to drag their catch back to base, meeting up with Mahlia who's found her way back to the clearing as people bring in winged creatures of all shapes and states. Tradal makes a calling and says "Final round everyone! Get yourself together and head towards the water. You have only one candle mark to complete this task."

Quorel nods to Kimmila, sending her off with a wave as he watches the rest of the hunt pan out rather nicely.

Feyran only pauses to arrange her avian catch in a neat little line beside Mr. Porci before she's headed off towards the water. Rather than immediately starting to fish though, she instead makes her way along the forest's edge and finds a sharp stick. Finally, finally the trader girl finds a use for the knife and begins fashioning a spear of sports. The way she's sort of laughing as she does this may or may not be considered a bit creepy by some.

Skyler has scrambled up a tree in hopes of finding easy pickings. Of course he gets distracted by some fallabouts that are there as well. Being the boy that he is, he begins carefully collecting them in a small clay jug and cork that hes got on him. It was originally meant for some spinners but this is better. Wait what? He scrambles quickly down the tree half climbing half falling and theres a gag and a coughing and hes scrambling over to produce the fallabouts for land an well does the vtol he about choked on count as flight? Lookie!

Brennan watches appreciatively as Therynn starts dragging the wherry back, presently whipping some of his cord he's used to help bind the thing around his arm to alleviated some of the weight for her. At the announcement of one candlemark, the hunter reclaims his rope and looks to Therynn with an expectant eyebrow waggle, ready to follow her lead on this one.

Therynn appreciates the extra momentum of Brennan's tugging assistance, and in no time they've left a trail of red through the snow and back towards the clearing where it's dropped off promptly. "This way.." she motions towards the south where a large river cuts through the forest. Coming up along the shore Rynn points towards a few bushes with long leaves "Quick.. grab a bushel, tie knots on one end.." She does the same, except she takes the ones Brennan has already ties and weaves them in to a fishing net. "There's tons of water snakes in these waters.. fortunate for us s'not a pond or we'd have t'break through the ice.." Thank goodness for running water. Nimbly, hands work to create a finely woven mesh, with two holds attached to each side. She grabs a pointy reed, hands one to Brennan and keeps one for herself. The pair will approach the water's edge and she'll have Brennan hold his side out first, his arms being much longer than hers. Rynn has never been one for water-hunting, finding it sort of boring and too trying of her patience. A sigh, the candle mark is passing fast and she's praying for a school of pack tail or water-snakes to pass. Any minute now.. foot taps a few times with agitation.

Now fishing is something Skyler can get behind. "Why does it have to be winter? Too cold to wander into the water." he murmurs. He looks around at the others and ohs at the spear idea. thus he's off looking for his own and wandering along the edge. oh wait, look at that shallows that are sorta closed off from the main and there is something there

Brennan follows along gamely (ha!), slipping off his gloves to better handle the weaving of their rude net - not one of his favorite things to do, but something he's capable of nonetheless. Handing his work off to Therynn, he takes the makeshift spear and holds his end out in the water. Waiting…waiting… If any part of this whole affair loses them points, it'll be this one. Suddenly, keen eyes spot movement beneath the rippling surface, and he whistles just loud enough to be heard, jerking his chin in the direction of what he's spotted to determine if she'll see it, too.

Feyran holds up her wooden spear triumphantly and finally makes her way over to the water. Her gaze slides over to Skyler then and she sidles up to look over his shoulder a moment. "What's that?" But she doesn't even wait around to hear an answer to the question. Instead, Feryan wanders over to another area and takes her shoes off. The girl doesn't go into the water but instead hops onto a rock in the middle of it. "HEE-YAH!" There's a mighty battle cry from the tiny trader girl and she slams her spear into the water…and comes up with a small fish. "OR-YAH!" The motion is repeated, with just as much noise and with the same result. Faranth, is she loud. By the time she's done, Feyran has a shish-kebab of smaller fish that inhabit the lake. Luckily, she's also been polite enough to wander to a farther area so as not to scare off everyone else's prey!

Skyler is now laying on his stomach next to those shallows. Instead of a spear, he had stumbled on a large bit of bark from a fallen tree. Very slowly and very carefully he's guiding some small fish over to his bag which he has submerged in the water with a thin branch hooped in the opening. He manages to get not only fish but some muck as well. But hey, he's got bait?

Therynn cannot help but notices Feyran's different approach at fishing, her somewhat maniacal laughing and expressions receiving raised brow when glances are shot towards Brennan. A giggle is referenced to Skyler's comment and she notes "Too cold fer most things.." The clouds above begin to get darker by the minute, a flash of lightening ripping across the sky. Her partner's whistle brings attention to the movement below the water. Tradal is definitely nearby watching how each individual approaches this section. He's jotting something with a look of discernment, but no one can be quite sure as to what it may be. Rynn does not let anything distract her now, not even shish-ka-fish, not wanting this go on any longer than it has to. Together they maneuver the rods of the net slowly and enticingly towards the movement, a few winter berries dangling off the mesh as an attractant. A large water snake approaches the net and is soon to be tangled, Rynn raising her spear, waiting for Brennan to match, and with a nod of the head their spears will shoot in to the water.

Watersnakes are not friendly things by any means, and Brennan is quite cautious in shifting his net closer and closer with Therynn… A nod, and his spear darts in right beside hers, impaling the thing neatly behind the head. It thrashes and writhes for a good moment, the two hunters scooping it up into their makeshift net as the motion lessens…and that is soon that. Brennan wipes a wrist over the his forehead, grinning over at Rynn once more. "Made it in time, I think," he notes. "Back to base, eh? Let's see how we've stacked up."

Feyran seems content with her catch and hops off of her rock. She slips back into her booths and swings her shish-kafish stick over one shoulder before moving over to crouch next to Skyler. "Catch anything?" Everyone else might be intense about the competition, but Fey's been running around and having fun instead. A lot of people probably think she's a bit crazy by now, and it wouldn't be a wrong assumption. "C'mon, we have to hurry or we'll be late!" Late late, for a very important date! And almost as soon as she's arrived, she's gone!

Time ticks away, and Tradal makes a round to announce that the games are coming to an end any moment now. Checking with Feyran, to make sure she's ok, Skyler to see how he faired, and the water-snake wrestling pair to make sure appendages are intact. The horn bugles and all hunters are to return to base where final considerations will be made and announced the following day.

Skyler looks up and then grins almost goofily at Feyran and he's pulling his bag up, water dripping off of it and slowly draining out of it. "Yeah, I got some little guys. Be good as bait for something bigger, but I guess there's not enough time." he remarks as he struggles a moment with the water filled bag but manages to stand without spilling anything, and he's off following of after the older girl.

Therynn squeaks with glee as their spears come in contact, mostly because she's glad they beat the timer and don't have to wait 'patiently' any longer. The thrashing as her driving the reed further, net drawing the snake inwards and on to land to be carried back towards the clearing. Somewhere along the way, the pair meets up with Skyler and Feyran, a few beads of sweat wiped from brow as Rynn smiles to those present and heading back. "Good huntin' everyone! M'sure hunger rages.. feel free t'join us back at the Weyr for a feast." This implies that the freshly caught game was not just intended for sport.

Tradal sounds the official horn "That's it guys! Bring em in if ya got em.. too bad if you don't! The Trapping Triathlon is officially at an end! Keep your eyes peeled for results after some deliberation amongst the judges."

Feyran drops off her fish and then grins at Therynn and Brennan, "It was fun!" There's a wink for the pair before she's slinging an arm around Skyler's shoulder and pointing towards the Weyr. "C'mon, we've got to fill our stomachs! I can't head back to my caravan on an empty stomach, it's a long ways away from here y'know?" You know you want to go eat food with the strange girl that was riding a wild porcine earlier! And Weyr-wards she goes!

There's a widening of Skyler's eyes and he's grinning just a little more loopily. "Um, yeah. We can't umm, yeah. Uh." Gulp "Food. Good." He's red up to his ears, but he is certainly walking back with the strange but really cute girl. He twitches a little as he starts to put an arm around her back, but then he drops it and well. Yeah, he'll just follow along with.

"Relax, relax." Feyran grins broadly and continues to head towards the Weyr with Skyler. She might be four turns older than him, but she looks about the same age…may a turn or two older at the most. "So what's your name? I'm Feyran, from the traders. Not that they're here at the moment. We're actually parked up by Eastern but I figured I should come up to play."

Relax? Oh, yeah. He's already wondering if he's too muddy or wet, or if any of those fallabouts left their scent on him. "Feyran?" He tastes the name out. "I like it. "I'm umm, I'm Skyler." A pause and a cute little grin "You can call me Skye though." He offers. "You going to stay long?" he asks curiously.

Therynn giggles and sends a smirk towards Feyran and Skyler, the interaction looking… like something.. yeah something about sums it up. "Food is good.. see y'all back at the Weyr. Well met Feyran, m'names Therynn and I like your style. Come back n'visit some time, maybe y'can teach me bout porcine riding.."a look towards the fellow candidate ".. and Skyler, see ya back at the barracks.." remembering him from the clutching and other moments in passing.