Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Rain, rain, rain… and more rain. That has been the current bane plaguing the Weyr on this particular early spring day. It may be only mid-morning, but already many are grumbling about it and for good reason. The temperature stays cold, likely to drop to freezing overnight but for now it makes for a miserable clammy heaviness to the air and light wind that compounds the already slick, slippery and soggy mess outside. For those who absolutely do not have to venture outside, they have all sought work indoors or any excuse to stay indoors.

The Weyrleader is one such man, though Th'ero was honestly just trying to find a quiet spot to enjoy a belated breakfast (or would that be brunch by this hour?) with the usual company of his weyrmate. He'll find that quiet spot after securing an amply laden plate of food, though no klah. Of all things, none was freshly made though that may be remedied soon (and pity those poor souls who neglected that task). The bronzerider's mood was already a little on edge, likely partly from the weather and a dash of stir-craziness at the thought of another day of office work and as he settles himself into his seat he has only a few moments of peace before he's sought out by a fidgety and nervous looking resident. Even from the hushed conversation they hold, one can tell that Th'ero is not thrilled and the other poor individual looks ready to slink back from wherever they came. "You're certain it's not just a mistake?" Comes a snippet of the conversation as the Weyrleader grimaces. "Weather could be the cause. Check the stores again and be sure someone just hasn't borrowed more than they ought have. Then perhaps I'll bring the issue to the Weyrwoman's attention." A dismissive gesture is given then and the worker scrambles off, uncertain but not wishing to argue the issue further.

Kimmila is looking a bit grumpy at the absence of klah, muttering that if the weather weren't so sharding bad she'd fly elsewhere for her first cup. Sitting across from her Weyrmate, she listens to the conversation with an arched brow, and when the resident hurries off she looks back at Th'ero. "That'd better be a mistake," she mutters.

Abigail isn't thinking about klah as she entered the cave, it was on her list of things to do though. One get out of wet weather, two get dry, three klah, four well four isn't important at the moment. She pauses near the entrance undoing her dripping wet flight jacket and pulls it off, giving it a shake before hanging it up to dry near the entrance. With both one and two off her list now onwards to the third, a nice hot mug of.. Not klah it seems. This she finds out as she peers over the table a slight sigh escaping her and she settles for a mug of hot cider instead, maybe she can find some whiskey to put in it for an extra kick. With un-klah drink in hand and a plate of food stuffs she moves to find a place to sit.

Stretching, the Weyrwoman enters from the bowl. Clearly, the rain isn't bothering her because the woman is positively wet. There's a tsk from one of the cavern workers (who have been trying to keep the wet from spreading) as he hands the woman a towel. A bright smile is given to the man before she's using the towel to dry herself as she makes her way towards the serving tables, tracking water all the while. Rebellious Dtirae! A mug of klah is gathered as well as a redfruit and some other tidbits before she's making her way to a table, namely the one where Th'ero and Kimmila are settled. "Mornin'." Comes the chipper greeting as she settles in. Clearly, she's ignoring whatever situation is at hand or: maybe she simply doesn't notice.

Wandering in, empty mug in hand, is D'ani. The Weyrsecond has had breakfast and some klah from that first pot early this morning, but the damp chill has seeped into his office despite the warmth from the hearth and the fire someone has been kind enough to get going in there. So he's come for a refill, maybe possibly hoping to snag a pot to take back and share with Inri. He's passing Th'ero and Kimmila just after that worker scurries off, having heard nothing of the conversation but does catch Kimmila's response to it. "What better be a mistake?" he asks idly pausing beside the spot where the pair sits. And then adds a proper, "Good morning."

For once, Borodin can consider himself lucky. He doesn't have to go outside today! The tunnels will take him everywhere he needs, and the closest he has to get to that rain is… all the wet people. Hopefully they won't drip on him. Speaking of things that drip, there's klah! Water through a filter and then… uh… well. He can get some water, at least. That's… not really the same thing, but he'll pretend for now. He'd better. Those biscuits he's picked up look awfully dry. A dollop of jam to go with them, and then he heads over to join Abigail in looking for a seat. "Hey."

Th'ero's eyes will follow that scurrying resident until the man disappears to the lower caverns before he is turning his attention back to Kimmila and grimaces to her muttered comment, "It should be a mistake! Of all the things to forget… It wasn't the klah he was griping about." he mumbles, picking at his food and selecting a few bites and then finding he has to swallow rapidly as both D'ani and Dtirae are arriving one right after the other. The Weyrwoman gets the longest look from the Weyrleader, considering her cheery mood. Last goldrider to be cheery like that, well… Th'ero smirks, "Morning. You've some good timing," he drawls, only to dart his eyes up to the Weyrsecond and gesture for the man to sit and join them. "Some concern about the stores or something of the like," he explains in a lowered tone and the slightest of shrugs. It's as he gives a quick glance around the caverns that he spies Abigail and Borodin and he lifts a hand up to acknowledge them with a half-salute, half-wave and then a welcoming gesture for them to join should they prefer. Seems whatever the 'problem' is isn't too confidential… or is he going to question them too?

Kimmila slouches a bit in her seat. "So where's the klah?" she asks, short tempered and irritable before her morning cup, though she tries to reign it in as others arrive. Giving each of them a passing glance and a nod, she returns to her breakfast.

Abigail would love to know where the klah is as well, though she is side tracked by it as she catches sight of Borodin. "Hey, looking for a seat?" There is a pause as she catches the wave from Th'ero and nods towards the invite. "Can go over there." Not that she gives her brother a choice as well she is heading that way. "Morning." Is said to the ones there once she does join the table and settles down upon a free seat. With a hand free she offers them a salute even.

After a quick grin tossed to Weyrleader and his weyrmate, D'ani is about to resume his trek to the klah pot, in fact, one foot lifts and he shifts his weight forward to do that when he's bidden to sit. He looks longingly down at his empty mug. Well it can wait. The Weyrwoman's footsteps squish by and for a moment he watches her with almost the same suspicion Th'ero must feel. His greeting to her will also wait until the heads back this way - if she does. He sinks into the nearest seat - there's an empty one beside Kimmila, brown eyes drifting to Borodin and Abigail who get an easy nod to suffice for his hello to them. Fiddling with his cup, he remains silent. So. Another morning goldflight to take the awkward away, what?

Harlin is making his way towards the Living Caverns on this soggy morning. He is bleary eyed with dark circles under his eyes and a not-quite-too-entheusiastic lurch to his step. Every sign of someone that has been awake for too long and is burning the midnight oil. Either that, or had too much to drink. But he doesn't really smell of alchohol or the like. He's at least bathed and his clothes are on properly; that buckle that identifies his craft shined bright. He grabs his food, grabs his drnik and sits down beside Abigail with a mumble of good morning. It's the closest seat and it's a public place right? No, he doesn't know her. He doesn't know anyone here, except Dtirae and Th'ero and he hasn't seen either of them yet. All this young man cares about right now is getting his system going again.

At least a cheery Dtirae isn't unusual, they'd have to panic if it were out of place. "Good timing? That doesn't sound like good news." Her gaze briefly shifts to D'ani and she smiles at the Weyrsecond that lasts only a brief moment before it turns teasing. Then, she's turning back to Th'ero. "The stores? Again? Last I saw, the numbers were all accurate." It's Kimmila's comment that brings her pause before she's peering into her mug. "This ain't klah." Lips press into a thin line, annoyance setting in but she'll sip at it with a wrinkle of her nose. It will do. Her redfruiit is taken, bitten, and a wave is given to Abigail for her greeting.

So, Borodin's choices are follow Abbey… or look for a seat on his own. Okay then. He bobs his head to the various nods and waves (though, really, they're all actually for Abigail, he's sure) and follows her to the table. He's just about to sit down, too, only… Harlin gets there first and takes the seat, leaving Borodin standing there with water-mug and biscuit plate. A moment of staring at Harlin's back, and then Borodin shuffles further around the table. Okay. Here's a different seat. This one will do. He hopes.

"Patience, Wingmate." Th'ero murmurs low and quiet to Kimmila and while there is no extending of his hand to hers, his weight does shift and maybe there is a nudge of a boot to hers under the table. Either his appetite is waning or he's trying to keep the bluerider in good spirits (or distracted), but she will find her plate filled again with his share of bacon. Dtirae's remarks are nodded too, until she exclaims over her not-klah drink and at last the Weyrleader looks up with a twisted grimace. "No, it wouldn't be. Seems some idiot forgot to make a fresh brew and the last was… not palatable." he drawls as his posture relaxes as the Weyrwoman shows no actual further signs of odd behavior. A darted look to D'ani and then Th'ero is leaning back against his chair. All is well, it seems! Except… "You sure about those numbers, Dtirae? Just sent some resident whose claimin' something is amiss. But what he's claiming is gone could just be a few zealous folk taking more than they ought with this miserable weather." As Abigail joins them, Th'ero nods towards the Wingsecond, "Morning, Abigail. Morning…" Wait, that's not Borodin. As Harlin takes his place, the Weyrleader blinks a bit but only goes on with the greeting while seats are shuffled. "Fresh klah should be on its way." Cause that is most important, right?

Mmm, bacon. Kimmila is easily distracted by bacon, giving D'ani a little smile when he sits beside her. "How's the nose?" she asks casually. Glancing around again, she zeroes in on Harlin with a curious look. "Who're you?" she asks, and while it's not unkind, it is rather blunt. "Hey Abby, Borodin. Dei," she adds with a little nod and twisted grin at the 'not klah'. "What's missing?"

Abigail glances to her side to ask her brother something and pauses a few moments as she just stares at Harlin. There is a blink and then another blink. What.. who.. when?.. "Yer not Borodin.." She is captain obvious here at the moment it seems. She watches Harlin for another moment more; the question from Kimmila to him is caught so she doesn't ask it herself. She soon spots Borodin on the other side of the table from her and tilts her head looking utterly confused. "Morning Weyrleader, Weyrwoman, Weyrsecond, Kimmila, Borodin." Everyone gets a greeting. There is a bit of amusement seen as she hears Dtirae comment on the 'not klah'.

Inri sludges into the living cavern, making squelching noises as she walks; her too-long pants are wet nearly up to the knee and her boots are totally waterlogged. The pair of braids she's done up that used to be pinned to the top of her head have now fallen to the side and are also a bit damp and drippy, and she's wrapped herself up in a gray poncho. It's not as if she wanted the aforementioned missing klah, and the kitchen staff knows well that Inri prefers tea, so miraculously there is some. Not as many people prefer tea, after all. She's not aware of the potential commotion, but does notice the group of people she knows and head that way, looking as if she's plotting to snag a seat as close to Dtirae as possible when she overhears Kimmila and stops in her tracks. "Something's missing? This was already the best day ever, too." Sarcasm lined with a smile. "Morning, guys. Sorry I'm apparently late for the party I didn't know we were having."

D'ani idly watches Harlin lurch by. Not that the half-wake state of being is that unusual, but he's a new face. Wisely perhaps, he saves introductions for later, though if he catches the other young man's eye, he'll have a crooked grin to do that for now. He flickers a wink at Dtirae in response to that teasing smile of hers, his mouth curling up at her disgust ofr what she's poured in her mug. "Welcome to morning?" The stores, huh? He seems to find this rather mundane and so nods, probably in some relief. "Healing nicely, Weyrthird," he says with a smirk to Kimmila. Teasing her within arms length. He must be sure she will tolerate him. "Morning Inri. Nice day for a swim, eh?" he teases her too. He's in a teasing mood, apparently.

Harlin doesn't mind blunt, he's blunt himself. It comes with not being especially bright as those around him have learned. It takes him a minute or two to reply to anyone though, not even noticing Borodin. All he cares about is the rate of demolishing his plate which seems to be about 1:3, to say one plate in three minutes. "Nomfnomfnnomf." He replies eloquently to Abigail, and finally washes down his plate. "Who's Borodin?" He wants to know; looking left and looking right. He notices several things here, from the top-ranking members of the Weyr to the fact that he's sitting at a crowded table. Slowly, broad hands lift from the table and cover his face. Just for a second. "Gotta wake up first. Then sit down. Wake up, then do things." Did he even sleep? Maybe, doesn't look like it. "Ah, sorry? Think anyway? Harlin. Minecraft. Sent here four days 'go. Am, I . . " He cants his head towards the Weyrleader's conversation. "Look, um, I can go over there. Yeah, let me. Feel like I just walked into a conclave meetin' and everyone's kinda like who are you and all that." He says most of it, teh introductions at least, to Kimmila. D'ani has been seen, but Harlin's looking a little too uncomfortable to respond yet.

"Lovely. Ah well." Dtirae sighs and takes another drink of her not-klah with no further complaints. "I'm completely certain 'bout the numbers. Jaja wouldn't dare mess with 'em anymore. She was demoted a long time, and I made sure that she did things right." She won't say how she taught the rebellious goldrider, but one can be certain that it wasn't fun. Harlin taking the spot near Abigail has her eyeing the man with a slight frown before her gaze shifts back towards Th'ero. "What're the chances of someone takin' a little more than their fair share? The weather's been 'nough to drive some people to it. Figurin' we'd be okay missing a little for a bit before returning it. Only, everyone got the same idea." As Inri joins them, a smile is given to her junior, a softer one before she's nodding a greeting and an affirmation all in one. "Something. Ain't sure what." As for D'ani's wink, there's no longer a touch of color that fills her cheeks but a rather shy smile comes in response. "Oh, thank you, dear. A welcome to the morning does help." Another teasing smile is shot in his direction before she hides it behind her mug. She'll at least be serious again when she's fixing her gaze back onto Th'ero.

The jam goes on the biscuits, and Borodin's head bobbles in nods to all the various greetings. "Good morning," he says to start with Th'ero (begin at the top, is that it? Or maybe he's just going round in circles.) More salutations follow, to Weyrwomen, Weyrsecond, Abigail and… oh. As luck would have it, his greetings around the table encounter Harlin at about the point when the Borodin Question is raised, so he adds, "Uhm, me." Moving on now. "Hey Kimmila." And that completes his morning salutations. Time for a bite of the biscuit, because he's got nothing to add to this impromptu weyr business meeting he's apparently sitting in on.

Teasing from the Weyrsecond is not unusual, and so Th'ero's mouth only quirks up in a light, but amused, smile while all go about the usual rounds of introductions and settling in. A curious look is given when subject of D'ani's healing injury is brought up, but as that yields a positive answer, the Weyrleader's attention drifts onwards, only to focus (and linger) on Inri. "D'ani's got the right of it… Did you walk half the length of the Weyr?" he drawls, only to smirk for the rest of the junior goldrider's comments. Snorting softly, he picks at more of his breakfast but does not take another bite. "Party? Hardly a party. Unless this is a 'waiting on fresh klah' gathering. Come join us! And yes. Missing… supposedly." he says, gesturing with his free hand for Inri to take the nearest empty chair as his head turns back to Dtirae. Quirking a brow, Th'ero's expression is clearly uncertain, if not wholly disbelieving. "You'll forgive me if I have my doubts? The girl has been a thorn in our backsides for so long… though I suppose she could have grown up." Yeah, right. Glancing between the Weyrwoman and Kimmila then, he shrugs his shoulders. "What's missing? Specifically? Some dry food stuffs, herbs, dried meats and the like. Not enough to deplete us in any way but noted. Blankets too." A new name among all the greetings does catch Th'ero's ear once more and he gives Harlin another curious look, followed by a reserved, but politely welcoming, smile. "Belated welcome then, Harlin." Then his gaze lifts to Abigail and Borodin, as he adds in a tone that attempts at being casual. "You two notice anyone pilfering more often then they should from the stores or hear anything?" Can't hurt to ask, right? Welcome to the impromptu (and very public) meeting?

Kimmila gives Abigail a smile at her greeting, and then her eyes are taken by Inri's entrance. She can't help but laugh either at the goldrider's sarcasm, returning it with a crooked grin. "Best days /always/ start with no klah." Glancing at D'ani, she arches her brow a bit and then smirks. "Don't test me before I've had my klah," she drawls, but she's no threat at the moment. Glancing at Harlin, she at least looks amused. "Harlin. Well met. And no, don't go anywhere. I'd be afraid you'd suffocate falling face first into your breakfast. Up all night?" Glancing between Dtirae and D'ani, her nose wrinkles a little bit. Are they flirting? Ugh. It's too early for flirting. And no KLAH! Grr. Glancing at Th'ero, she frowns. "Sounds like survival gear," she mutters, glancing around a bit at the others.

"Sounds like someone's going…" Kimmila speaks before Inri can finish that sentence, probably because she was actually talking before the younger goldrider's brain had finished percolating. "… camping, yes," she adds, smiling again and actually flopping into a seat. "And yes, thanks, D'ani, the mud puddle was a fantastic place to get my exercise done. Kouzevelth thought it was brilliant. She is, for the record, also the one who knocked me in it in the first place." Inri sips her tea and turns her attention onto the newbie for a moment, providing her signature finger-waggle of a wave. "Hi Minecrafter. I'm Inri." Junior weyrwoman's knot, but no announcement of junior weyrwoman title.

Abigail sends a glance back to Harlin watching him a few moments as she smirks. "No one has chased ye off." Yet. "Just didn't expect ta see ye there. Welcome ta Fort by the way." This is offered before pointing towards her brother about the same time he adds in the 'me'. A soft chuckle escapes her as she hears Kimmila's comment to Harlin and she shakes her head a moment at the thought. Once Inri is here she smiles and a slight wave is sent her way before her gaze turns back to Th'ero as she listens to the items that are missing. "I've not noticed or heard of anything sir.." A nod is seen to what Kimmila says and she ponders this while chewing on a bite of bread.

Who, D'ani? Flirt? As if (yes, yes he is)! A storage inventory discrepancy and Jajanelja mentioned in the same sentence, that settles it, at least in D'ani's mind. He'd never be one to question The Weyrwoman's teaching methods, but how long said lessons stick in the errant goldrider's mind? Is another thing altogether - at least in his opinion. Not that he'll voice that out loud, mind. But the mystery is solved - or so he thinks and so he's hardly paying attention save to brightly chirp a facetious answer to Dtirae's question, "If it's pie, I would!" He'd totally share the loot though. Does Inri look well-fed? "You look great, Inri. Mud is great for the skin." What? It's a true fact! His gaze once again slides over Abigail, Borodin and Harlin. They're eating and so he says nothing save to lean forward with a gentle push of fingertips that sends the butter dish sliding down their way should they need it for those dry biscuits. He starts to ask of Dtirae, Th'ero, Kimmila (whoever wants to answer), "What's miss-" Foodstuffs. Gulp. He needs to go check a certain someone's room.

"Oh." Harlin says to Borodin. The comment has no great intellect behind it at all in tone, and he looks at his plate while he thinks. "Prolly took your seat an' all. Sorry. Dead on my feet." He's interrogated by Kimmila then, but has to respond to Th'ero first even if it comes afterwards. Priveledges of rank and all. "Yeah, thanks. Yeah." He really is short circuiting in the brains due to fatigue but at least the breakfast and the strong klah are beginning to make themselves known and slowly but surely the man is awakening. "Sounds like someone tryin' to hide out, not survive, to me. Not camping. Camping or survival they'd prolly tell someone. If I were goin' off somewhere first things I'd take after my pick." Having said that, Kimmila is focused in on. "Yeah, kinda, guess it. I'll be all right soon enough. Just had lots to do with settlin' in last night and all that." Inri looks a little more friendly than everyone else, so she gets a little more of his attention. "Morning, Minecrafter. I'm Harlin." He pauses, furrows his brows. "Inri. Sorry." Then Abigail finally gets his eye. "Mmf. Fine. Gettin' another plate though." He rises, filling his plate briefly and returns. He's hungry, don't judge him.

Borodin considers on Th'ero's question, though he glances down at the nudged butter while he does. Rank order whatever, he even takes some of the butter on his knife. Hmmm… "No, uhm, I haven't seen anything. Or heard anything." He gives his head a shake, and his biscuit, a bite. Much better, so he looks up to D'ani. "Thanks." He gives the weyrsecond a smile, then looks back to Harlin and shrugs. "Plenty of seats." Yes. Seats all over the cavern, in fact. Like the one he found as a replacement. The details of what's missing make him frown consideringly, watching his plate as he thinks it over. Harlin's move to get another plate makes him glance up. Maybe he should steal the seat back? ….nah. He's already sitting down. So he keeps doing so.

The smile Dtirae gives Th'ero is near devilish for her teaching methods. "I don't think Jaja enjoys rewriting all of the paperwork for the entire day. She's had to do so multiple times." Cruel? Yes. Unusual punishment? Yes. But has it taught a lesson for the past months? Yes. The Weyrwoman continues to grin as she lifts the mug once again. "It's not so much that she's grown up as she's tired of being in pain, and dealing with all that paper. I think her maturity is still a few Turns off, she'll just never mess with things she shouldn't anymore." She continues to smile, even as he lists off what's missing and it takes a moment for her brows to furrow in thought. The mug goes down and is replaced with the redfruit, which is finished off after a few moments. She turns a look to both Borodin and Abigail as Th'ero questions whether or not they've noticed anything. A look of concern shifts to Inri, "make sure you're not catching a cold? But yes, I agree. It does sound like camping or survival. But the question is: why wouldn't they tell the Headwoman or any of the juniors? That way, it wouldn't seem as if they're stealing supplies." There's a pause as she's taking another tidbit from her plate and taking a bite. "Unless whomever it is does not want to get caught…"

Th'ero shoots Kimmila a sharp glance for her muttered glance and it's clear that the Weyrleader was sharing that same thought. Paranoid? You bet he is and he has all reason to be! "Could be we had some folks doing some travelin' but were light on supplies?" he suggests in a tone that carries easily for all to hear. Inri's tale of Kouzevelth's antics earn a low chuckle (or is that a snicker?) from the bronzerder but he keeps his opinion on that to himself. "You're certain?" Th'ero presses Abigail a little further, unaware of D'ani's assumptions on a certain young Stonehaven resident but giving Borodin a nod of thanks despite nothing further to add. Harlin's comments however have Th'ero frowning heavily at the mention of 'hiding out', fingers tapping idly against the table top. "Who knows," he murmurs in a slow and hesitantly, lips twisting into another grimace as he shakes his head. "Could be nothing is missing." Pointed look to Dtirae, though the Weyrwoman is now smiling near devilish-like and vouching for Jajenelja's innocence in all of it. "I'm still not so certain but… if YOU say the lesson has stuck deep enough that she won't meddle with the stores and tithes then so be it." Then she is going on and voicing what he was already processing silently in his head and Th'ero only snorts again and pushes his plate aside, half finished. "In a rush? Or didn't think they had to? Could be very many reasons, aside from not wanting to be caught." he mumbles and then casts an impatient glance towards the kitchens. Where is that klah? Though maybe the Weyrleader is pinning for something alcoholic now too.

Kimmila nods a bit as the discussion moves on around her, though she frowns slightly at Dtirae. "I think it's a bit…naieve to assume she's not going to make a mistake," she says quietly. "Anyone can make a mistake, no matter how confident you are she wouldn't do it on purpose. That sort of gear is rather specific. You sent someone to double check, right?" she asks Th'ero.

Somewhere, where her clutchmates and Varmiroth, Zuvaleyuth and Velokraeth are hearing all about it, Kouzevelth is smug when others seem to compliment Inri's new wet-muddy look. Her rider, on the other hand, has her face buried in her tea — though the eyebrow-raising Th'ero gets at the snicker looks friendly. "Warm tea hopefully keeps aside colds. And I guess Zel was just concerned for my skin, hm? I'm sure she'll use that as an excuse from now on." Not that Inri's about to hold that against D'ani; she seems to think it's all funny. "If Jaja screws anything else up I'm going to poison her beer and she knows it," is added in a good-natured, eternally positive tone. "So between Dei and me, I doubt it."

Abigail glances after Harlin and smirks a moment before she looks over to Borodin, a slight shrug seen before she looks back to the others. "There is that thought, they don't want to get caught." At the pressing question from Th'ero she shakes her head. "I'm certain. No one has gone off anywhere needing anything extra that I know of. They know better than to not let someone know as well sir." Hearing Inri and amused glance is sent towards her on the beer comment, a soft chuckle escaping her.

Somewhere Dremkoth is asking just how she pulled off the puddle-nudging and offering to help her next time. D'ani, just shrugs at Inri, perhaps a bit sheepishly. Great. Rainy days will be a mine field for them both - at least until the dragons forget. "Hey Borodin. You're welcome." Now that it's not super-awkward to call a proper hello down the table to the guy, D'ani combines manners with…erm, manners. "I agree with," a head nod in Harlin's direction, "him." D'ani says offhandedly during a brief lull, "Someone who's hiding. Or thinks he needs to, ah- hide. Yes." He fumbles that last word, which he's changed from "be ready" at the last moment. He'd also note in agreement with Dtirae that not getting caught is probably key, but he doesn't. For various reasons, one of which is he doesn't want to cause the youngster in question any problems. The other? He's not saying. He's looking a touch uneasy, shifting his feet underneath his seat in preparation to go… somewhere.

Harlin is stuffing his face with his second plate, and people are for the most part talking around him so he only speaks up in relative short form. But it is aimed at the Weyrleader. "Yeah. Hiding out. Now if it was me and I'm not too smart at all . . " He can admit it, see. "I'd sit and ask myself . . what would be good for someone tryin' to sneak away, or hide out somewhere and stuff like that and then go check for that stuff first." He shrugs. "Maybe the easy stuff like a runner gone missing first? I dunno. I hated where I used to be and thought about running away lots, like. So it all went through my head 'least once."

Borodin lifts his mug and takes a sip of water. Still not klah, but that's not really the reason why his frown isn't going anywhere. Might be the reason why there's a little more of it now, but that might also be because he's still thinking. He glances up to Inri. Poisoning beer? "That, uh." A moment's pause. "…you'll have better luck with stouts." Stronger flavor, you see. Less likely to have the poison detected prematurely. "Maybe the Brownscale." Borodin shrugs a little, then returns his gaze to his plate and his ears to the part of the conversation that's more serious. At least, one can hope the part about how best to poison goldriders isn't serious! He'll just be quiet and listen now. "Did, uhm." Whoops. He opened his mouth. So much for being quiet; now he's going to have to finish what he started. Borodin sets down his biscuit and lifts up his eyes. "Has anyone been… in trouble lately? Not, uhm, about this," given that it's just been discovered, "but… anyone who… might be mad at, at someone, or the Weyr, and want to leave." And if they're mad at the Weyr, that'd be a good reason for them not to tell anyone what they're taking or why.

"It's too specific to be a mistake." Dtirae reaffirms, and then considers Kimmila. "She knows better than to leave her mistakes, she'll check over them. And I will check." And Inri adds in her own statement and there is a firm nod of agreement, and approval. "It was not Jaja." If Dtirae notices D'ani shifting about? She doesn't make any comment, she'll merely give the bronzerider a /look/ and a gesture to go, subtly before attention shifts back to the Weyrleader. "Do we know if it was enough for one person or multiples?" Though, she pauses to hear the commentary from Borodin and she's giving the man a new look over, as if completely reassessing him. Then? She smiles in his direction before considering. "There's no one that I know of who would feel the need to hide away, or run. There's not been…" The goldrider trails off with a frown, considering. But then, she's saying nothing further and merely stuffing the rest of her meatroll into her mouth.

"Where do you think that resident scurried off to? If he's any sense, he'll check his claim throughly before reporting back," Th'ero mutters to Kimmila, speaking in a tone that seems to imply that the Weyrleader is beginning to think that it was all just one individual's jittery nerves that has lead to a miscount or some gossip or another getting the wrong folks worked up. At least, that is easier to accept than the grimmer thought that unsavoury types could be hiding and lurking in the forests. Again. Another snicker and this time he DOES look friendly, or at least clearly amused by Inri's (idle?) threat. "Perhaps I'll be more inclined to be reassured now, knowing that." Abigail is finally let off the hook with a brisk nod from Th'ero, followed by a smile of thanks. D'ani's comments earn a sidelong glance and Th'ero sighs, "If that's the case, then I best send word to Captain Breshir. Have is Guards extend their patrols, to see if anyone has broken camp recently." Or left trails. Harlin's addition has him being closely scruitinized by the Weyrleader, which may not always be a good thing. Nodding his head, the man then asks in a polite tone though there is a keen curiosity to his eyes. "And where was it that you were from before?" Again, he drifts into distracted silence as his head turns towards the kitchens but Borodin's comment has him focusing back again. "What's this about Brownscale?" he drawls, only to blink at the suggestion. Well, well! The Weyrleader looks… almost impressed? "Good theory, Borodin." And with Dtirae filling in the rest, he simply goes silent. At least, that is, until the klah finally arrives. "About time." Th'ero all but growls under his breath. Rank does pull favors and while the serving tables are restocked, the table to which the Weyrleadership are seated is also served directly by several (nervous) servers. Klah for everyone (who wants it)!

Kimmila frowns at Dtirae. "You don't know it wasn't Jaja," she says in irritation. "She's been so much trouble, how can you both just claim it wasn't her without checking first? It might not be her, but it might be? All pride in your teaching skills aside, she's an idiot." Glancing at D'ani, the bluerider frowns. "Have any theories?" Then there's klah, which the bluerider is grabbing for the klah quite rudely, pouring herself a mug and taking a scalding sip with a low mutter. Then she's on her feet. "Rather than sitting here playing armchair detective, I'm going to the stores to see what's what with my own eyes. I'll check Jaja's work as well, Weyrwoman, and make sure the mistake isn't on her end." Stomp stomp stomp. Klaaaaaaah.

Inri's also looking over at D'ani, though not at all in the same way as Kimmila. She's raising her eyebrows in a 'do you know something I don't?' sort of way that is also the kind of look that indicates they'll probably be talking later. "I'll check over things as well, given the chance, I was actually going to be going through all of the linens anyway —" The bluerider's departure gets another wave, as Inri sits up straighter to watch her go in a respectful fashion that still lingers from weyrlinghood, despite the fact they've acted as equals (Inri not being particularly good at pulling rank unless she needs to) for some time now. Once she's done with those couple of things, though? She's back to /beaming/ at Borodin for his suggestions, and giving him a thumbs-up.

Abigail can't help herself and grins as she hears Borodin's ideas for the drink, ah the little things. Though the rest of what is said makes her slip quiet for a few moments as she ponders over it. All good points for sure. A nod is sent to Th'ero once it seems she's off the hook for the questioning part on the who's and the what's and the maybe's. At the talk of klah getting brought she'll let the others dive for it and is happy with her cider for the moment, though she'll get some soon enough is any is left. Harlin gets a slight look at his talk of where he is from and well not liking it. "Where about are ye from that ye hated so much?"

Harlin has the where-with-it-all to respond to Th'ero first, though he really does look like he's going to faceplant into his breakfast. But he manages to keep everything awake and on subject. "Xanadu, but the problem was really the minecraft hall. Not the best kinda place. Work is important to me, y'know? I'm good at it, I work fine with being told what to do and left alone. Don't need a thousand people breathin' down my neck." He actually doesn't notice the brought klah, but since he answers her, he just grins at Abigail once and briefly.

D'ani will just keep his opinions about Jajanelja to himself, though Borodin gets a weak chuckle for his humorous suggestion. He's one of the ones talking around Harlin but there's always later to get acquainted. And a less hectic time to say hey to Abigail and Borodin. Right now he's a little distracted and the arrival of the klah-pot isn't helping. His avid attention to it - and his attention are yanked away from the pleasant anticipation of the hot liquid by Kimmila's question. "Uh, nope!" Lies! Inri's look is met with eyes widened a titch that could mean, 'you know!' And then? He's up out of his chair before he can be questioned further, shoving his mug towards his office mate and blurting, "Fill that for me, would you? I'll be in the office in a jiffy." He's been bidden by the Weyrwoman to leave, doncha see? To her, he mutters out of the side of his mouth, "I'll talk to you later." And then he disappears in the direction of the resident's cavern.

Brownscale's an ale! And Borodin (not that he ever seems to wear the knot) is a vintnercraft apprentice now. He's also looking awkward at the praise for his suggestions, quickly averting his eyes from Th'ero after a little wobble of his head. He does nod his head to Dtirae's answer, not quite looking at her… until the end, where she trails off. That makes him glance up, but only for a moment before his gaze scuttles off to… oh, no, Inri is beaming at him! He engages the awkward smile as he looks back down to his plate. He'll just busy himself with his biscuits, that's all.

Good thing Dei isn't impulsive when it comes to klah. She doesn't dump her drink on the floor and demand klah when it arrives, instead, she finishes the mug in order to get her actual drink. Kimmila's frown at her has her lifting a brow, "I always check her work." Mouth opens, then closes for a moment before she's turning a look to Th'ero and shifting to lean over the table, to mutter something at him. She can't lean all the way over, but it is enough to meet her goal as she's plopping back down into her seat and giving the Weyrleader a rather concerned look. Harlin's statements, or rather, Abigail's question has her backtracking and focusing on the man for a moment. Another careful look over the man, before attention is drawn to D'ani. His muttered comment is met with a smile and a nod. She'll let him leave without any commentary of her own, and instead focuses back to the table at large.
Dtirae mutters to Th'ero, "Did you… your stick up…"
Dtirae whispers "Did you happen to leave your stick up her rear today? She's incredibly cranky."

It's not a bad thing, though, surely? Inri keeps her smile on Borodin another minute, with, "I always knew you were smart, see, I hope your craft teaches you enough you can come work on inventing things with me," because she never did actually have formal training but she's a tavern brat through and through. Had she the time she'd probably own one by now, but being a weyrwoman suits her a little bit too well to decide to go off and be a business owner instead. "Maybe not in order to poison anybody, though. Meet you in a few, D'ani. Make sure there's space and I'll steal the pot." Don't look at her like that, everyone: there'll be a new one.

One of the servers gives a startled squeak of an exclamation as Kimmila is suddenly and rudely reaching for the klah, but rather than wrestle the pitcher back from the bluerider, she yields it (wisely) and will claim it once it's freed. Th'ero can wait patiently, but he is also distracted by his weyrmate's behavior and her comments. "You will do no such thing!" he says to Kimmila, in a firm tone but perhaps more sharply than intended. Get back here! Will it gain her attention though? Or will he have to throw her rank into play? "There are other issues to address. I'm sure Dtirae and Inri can handle looking into Jajen's work and the stores," he goes on to add, in a voice that is gentler and more respectful, even if it makes it obvious that he's implying that that is the duty of any goldrider, junior or senior. With the klah now poured and doled out, Th'ero dismisses the servers while glancing sidelong once more to Harlin and his curiosity has not waned despite the other matters weighing down his thoughts. "Can't imagine that it would be easy to study or work in a Hall. Hopefully you find what you need or seek then in the Weyr while pursuing your Craft." Startled a bit by D'ani's abrupt departure, the Weyrleader darts a sharp look to the Weyrsecond, which promptly includes the Weyrwoman and an unreadable frown follows. One that is abruptly shifting to a look of incredulousness and followed by a scoffed reply that is not at all whispered in response to Dtirae's muttering. "I did NOT! Shards if I know what her issue is," he growls back at the Weyrwoman and then promptly pushes back his chair. Looks like she assumed wrong? Nothing has changed concerning the Weyrleader and the aforementioned stick and where it may be stuck. "Seems I'll be paying the Guard Captain a visit this morning." he goes on to say in a far more reasonable tone, glancing up to where Harlin, Abigail and Borodin are seated and then the color seems to drain from his face only to return in a darker flush. Oh right. They'd have heard that too! Or enough of it. Clearing his throat, Th'ero straightens his shoulders a bit as he stands. "If you'll all excuse me." he says in an awkward sort of farewell before grabbing his riding jacket and slipping it on and notably he checks the dagger sheathed at his side. Pausing, he will hastily add to Dtirae as he steps back from the table. "I'll have Velokraeth report back to Zuvaleyuth and Kouzevelth." Of his conversation with the Guard Captain? Or… is he up to something? Again.

Abigail smiles to Borodin and grins. "See.. Someone else thinks yer smart other than me." Well he is her brother, so she tells him these things often, not that he always believes her. A glance is sent to Harlin once more and she ahs softly, curious over this. "I see.. Well I do hope that stay here will be more to yer liking." Not that she knows anything about the mines to start with. She is just taking a sip from her mug when there is some muttering and then the sudden growling back and she glances towards the others at the table and just watches calmly. Yup she heard and no she is not about to say a thing. There is a slight nod seen at the talk of Th'ero leaving though.

Kimmila stops and turns slowly back around to look at Th'ero, brows furrowed. She doesn't go back to the table, but she does wait for him at least? And then, oh, he's going that way. With a scowl, she marches back past the tables to join her Weyrmate. "Are you sure they're /going/ to?" she mutters. "They're so damn sure she's done things right this time…"

"…uhm, well, I'll study hard," Borodin tells his plate. Or maybe his biscuit? It certainly can't be Inri he's telling that, because he doesn't look up as he says it. "The, uh, flavors of things are interesting." Yes. Also their combinations. Also their poisons? …maybe not. "I try not to use any actual poison." Borodin manages to glance up for that part, and give a small smile. See? It's a joke. Just a joke. Poison is a strictly aftermarket addition! But he does look a little more at ease. He glances to Abigail, and makes a face. Siiiis. Not in front of eeeeveryone. His gaze lowers to his plate and biscuit once more, though it lifts up again as the growls begin, watching them surreptitiously without saying anything much at all.

Harlin looks a little bit confused as everyone starts running off, but he takes that as the time to do so himself. He stands. "I, um, well. Let's just say I'm settling in well and enjoying it here." He grins, and waves. "Sorry about the chair, fella." He says to Borodin, and then, well, off he goes.

The frown given to her at the Weyrsecond's departure is met with a look of her own, one that is meant to be more reassuring. And then comes the response to her comment and this time, there is a frown. Concern is etched onto Dtirae's brows but she nods once. She'll rise after the Weyrleader. "Of course, Weyrleader." Then, with the reassurance that he'll check in, she nods again. "Thank you. She will be expecting to hear from him." She'll take her full mug and nod to Inri, leaving the junior to stay, or leave at her leisure. "I'll go check Jaja's work. Abigail, Borodin, and Harlin: please let us know if you see or hear anything further." She smiles at the three and then? She's heading back out into the rain, without cover (again).

"I was going to the stores anyway," is Inri's parting call to Dtirae, "So I'll look it over." She waves, and then she's drawing herself to her feet too and wrapping tighter in the poncho; it's kind of waterlogged and a bit muddy, so it's not going to do the best job of keeping her warm and dry, but it's something. Maybe she should go back to her weyr and change before heading back to the office with the klah pot. Either way, she is actually abducting an entire pot for the office she shares with D'ani on her way out, and anyone who gives her a dirty look over it gets a charming smile and a promise that she really did make sure they were making a new one first.

Th'ero will incline his head respectfully to Dtirae and perhaps there is a slight flicker of surprise when the Weyrwoman does not question why he would be reporting in. But before she can catch on, the Weyrleader is taking his leave. Alas, he will never get a single sip of that klah he had so patiently waited on as he turns on his heel and begins to briskly walk out. He will check his stride though as Kimmila turns back and joins him, but he only gives her a warning look before reaching to firmly (but gently) take her arm in his hand and lean in close to whisper by her ear just as he leads them both out into the rain.

Abigail looks to Dtirae and nods, a smile seen after a moment. "Of course.. Not a problem there in the least." A wave is seen after her. "Have a good day." Is sent after the ones that are leaving and she ponders a moment before shrugging and looks to Borodin curiously. So much for a nice simple start to the morning.

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