Fort Weyr - Center Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

Pale blue sky colos the areas in between the wispy clouds that make the sky look even paler and gives it that look of cold. Course, it is cold out, the winds blues and the ice not yet melted, except in the heacier trafficated areas. This doesn't stop those needing to be out and about in the middle of their duties, nor does it stop on small lad from being out and watching them. Just a little ways down from the barracks, Skyler is leaning back up against the wall itself and is studying the people as they go out and about. No intently, nor even too curiously. He's just watching them as if he's nothing better to do really.

A nimble green dragon appears from between and circles down towards the bowl floor, her wings fanning and flaring to touch down lightly, with elegance and grace. Arching her neck, she crouches to let the passenger dismount, while the rider stays in the straps. Words are exchanged, a bag is pulled down, and the green takes off again. Ezra shoulders his bag and looks around, rolling his shoulders and taking a deep breath.

A glance is given towards the green and a thoughtful look crosses Skylers face and then a frown as he shakes his head. Then there's a bit of a shrug and then he glances towards the man who's dismounted and then there's a perk of curiosity as he steps away from the wall. He wanders over to the man and he's looking at his coat. "I'm not sure I know those colors." he says thoughtfully and then looks at the man "What colors are those?"

Ezra looks down at his jacket, the most recent in a line of such coats made custom for the young holder. "Stonehaven," he answers, with a small smile. "I'm Holder, Ezra Stonehaven."

Skyler hmms a little as he thinks about it and then he shakes and sighs "I don't remember that one from my studies." he murmurs "Where is it?" he asks and then he ohs. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't keep you, Holder Stonehaven." he blushes a little "Umm, can I help you with anything? Fetch anyone for you. Or well. Umm." Hrm. He looks hopeful though, he's still learning the intricacies of Weyr life.

Ezra chuckles a bit. "North," he answers, tipping his head in that direction. "We just opened. Reopened. It's a small cothold, nothing that's in the history books." At least not yet, he doesn't think. Not unless they're doing studies on violence and massacres. "Ah, no, thanks though. I'm fine. Just waiting for someone to meet me." He shifts his bag to his other shoulder, glancing at the kid. "Candidate?"

Skyler gives a nod "Yes, sir. I'm a candidate. It's my day off from chores today, though." he says as he shifts a little, in case the man thinks he might be slacking off from work." He's silent for a moment. Well, really only barely a moment "Who are you waiting for?" he asks as he looks around and then looks back to the man "You sure you wouldn't be more comfortable inside? Though I suppose if you're from the north this isn't too bad of weather for you."

"My brother, Harper Rayathess," Ezra responds, glancing to the Caverns. "Probably," he admits with a little grin. "Care to join me? This weather isn't bad but sitting and having a mug of cider or something sounds pretty nice."

Skyler gives it a bit of thought and then nods "Sure, and cider is quite tasty, especially when it's heavy on the spices." he chirps "I don't believe I've met Harper Rayathess. Least I don't think I have, so I guess I can't really help you to spot him." he states as he leads the way on towards the caverns. Least that's one place he remembers how to get too.

Ezra walks with an easy confidence, shifting his bag to his other shoulder. "He's not posted here but we're meeting here," he remarks as they approach the large, arched doorway. "And don't worry, we're good at spotting each other. How're you liking Candidacy so far?"

Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Skyler heads on throgh the opening as he thinks about the question "Well, it's actually been well. Not what I expected I guess." he murmurs "It's been well, I dunno." He hmms some. "There's a certain something I guess in being here and not having to follow the path my parents insisted on." he looks a little sheepish. "They mean well, I know, but. I never knew any other ideas."

Ezra looks curious as he sets his bag on a chair and makes his way up to the drink tables. Cider…cider…ah! There. He pours Skyler a mug and holds it out for him. "What did you expect?" he asks. "And what did your parents want you to do?"

There's a little bit of shrug "I dunno really, exactly. I guess a little more structured like being an apprentice. My parents want me to be a beastcrafter, working with the Herdbeasts so I can take over back home." he wrinkles his nose a little "Sure, I work well with them. But, well. There's gotta be more than herdbeasts. Right? I'd do it, though. I mean you gotta do what your family wants, right?" He then hmms again "Still, it was an opportunity and well. I took it."

Ezra smiles a little bit as he takes his mug and returns to where he put his bag, sitting in the chair beside it. "I always thought Candidacies were structured when I was here. You've got a schedule and duties and stuff… Rules. Beastcraft is really structured? I've never been in a Craft, so…wouldn't know." Then there's another little smile. "Sometimes you do. Sometimes…you don't. You have to do what's best for you in the end. Not your family."

Skyler grins "Oh yeah, they have us doing things and all. I've been told it keeps us busy, and makes the time pass by quickly and also well, no idle hands. And that makes sense and all. But it doesn't all seem like it's engraved in stone. Do it this way and only this way and so on and such." He shrugs "It's well. Different." There's a thoughtful look. "But how do you know what's best for you? I was always told I was too young to know whats best for me, and that my Da knew what was best. I never understand how he could know better than me, but now that I'm confronted with it, I wonder if mother wasn't right. And after recent things I wonder even more."

Laurali slips into the caverns in the middle of a pack of other weyrfolk and riders but once inside she will step aside to shake off as much of the snow from her boots as possible. She'll brush off her jacket too and then vigorously chafe her gloved hands over her arms. Cue one chilled young Healer? Scanning the tables, Laurali is just about to slink off to find a private corner when she spots a familiar face and curiosity brings her over to the table where Ezra and Skyler sit. "Good day," she greets softly, offering a bit of a curtsey to Ezra and a small but friendly smile to Skyler. "Mind if I join your table?" She doesn't bite, honest!

Ezra shrugs. "It takes time," he says quietly. "And sometimes…things happen in life that alter your path. You change, and learn and grow and stuff." And stuff. "Then things become more clear." The arrival of others draws his attention as it always does, but he's startled to see Laurali, pushing to his feet when she approaches. It's only polite, and he gives her a slight bow in return, reaching to pull out a chair. "I don't mind." But he looks to Skyler as well, to see if he minds.

Not minding at all in the least Skyler grins "Please, do" he says brightly and then ohs a little as he watches Ezra. Hmm. Something to keep note of for the future. He thinks thoughtfully over at Ezra has said and then nods. Course, there's a wistful little sigh "Why is it that everything takes time?" he asks almost forlornly. "Seems that's always the answer in one form or another. Least you didn't say I'll understand when I'm an adult."

Laurali almost waves off Ezra's gesture of standing but is too late, so her hand just returns to her side and she tries not to fidget awkwardly. "Thank you both," she murmurs, glancing sidelong to Skyler as she slides into the chair Ezra pulled out for her. That earns him a brief warm smile and then her attention focuses back on the conversation. Brows lift in mild curiosity and her nose wrinkles a bit. "I hated that line. Never understood how it worked as an answer…" she murmurs with a light smirk. Realizing she just jumped right in, she flushes a bit a clears her throat. Uh. "How are you both? Don't think I've seen you here before…" That last is for Skyler.

Ezra chuckles. "Because it does? But…it's not something to wait for. Try things. Do things. Like you said, you're taking this opportunity. And that's great. Because who knows? Maybe you'll impress. If you don't, you'll still have learned things about yourself." Then he coughs. "I'm lecturing. Sorry." He looks down at Laurali. "Can I get you anything? The cider is good tonight."

Skyler is silent for a bit and then he grins as he likes the rest of Ezra's answer. "Yeah, I'll try different things." There's a pause and then he looks thoughtful "Wonder if I could stay here though, if I don't Impress. I think I heard someone say something like that. Maybe I can find something cool to do." There's a pause and quiet frown "Not being a guard though. No. I don't want that. I don't want to see anymore dead bodies." he says quite blandly. He gives himself a little shake and then shakes his head at Laurali "I don't belive so. I am fairly new come."

Laurali looks between Skyler and Ezra, listening politely in silence as she tries to piece together enough of the conversation to assume what they're discussing. It's only at the word 'Impress' and when she glimpses the white knot Skyler may be wearing that the Healer makes the connection. "You can always continue with your Craft? Ask to be posted here if you don't want to go back to the Hall…" she offers helpfully, only to start a bit. "Dead…bodies? How'd you… Oh." She grimaces. "You were one of them?" Laurali asks in a voice that is almost lowered to a whisper. On to happier topics! Dipping her head in a polite nod, she'll add in a clearer voice. "I'm Laurali, Sr. Apprentice Healer. Cider?" She looks up to Ezra and her answer is obvious. Yes! "Would you mind? I pulled an early morning shift and have been on my feet since…"

Ezra nods, "You could stay if you don't impress. There's always jobs…" but he trails off, looking startled. "Dead body? What dead body?" Is it bad he immidietly thinks of Rayathess? But of course it wasn't Rayathess. "Cider." Nodding to Laurali, he goes off to fetch her cider.

Skyler blinks at Laurali "One of them?" he shakes his head "I wasn't one of the bodies. No." Well, duh. Oh wait. "That found it? Well I didn't find it. Was just sorta there." There's a look towards Ezra but that's all he says on that. "But I don't want to work with the herdbeasts." he says almost forlornly. I mean. I know someone needs to care for them. But I really don't want it to be me." He lets out a long sigh, then he's looking at Laurali "Oh, I'm Skyler." he states as it dawns on himself that he never did introduce himself.

Laurali startles again and sinks a bit in her chair. Oops. "…wasn't really supposed to say anything…" she mumbles. No, it wasn't Rayathess. She doesn't even know if the thief HAS a name, only that the woman was quite dead upon discovery. She does smile gratefully to Ezra though when he's kind enough to get her a drink. Darting a look to Skyler, she blinks. "You're quite young to have… seen that. Brave. I know adults who pass out at a drop of blood." Laurali murmurs. "Well met, Skyler. Ahh… well… you've all the time in the world to choose something new, right? I started in Healing quite late." She shrugs.

Ezra returns with her cider and sets it down before he takes his own seat. "So who died? How did you find them? What happened?" the young Holder asks, finally shrugging out of his jacket and draping it over the bag on the chair beside him.

Skyler shrugs a little at the question and then wanders over to get himself some cider and therefor avoid the questions for a moment. He comes back with the cider and sits down with a slump. "Yeah, well." he's not about to admit to it being a close call there himself. "It was some woman. Thief I guess." He gulps some and stares at the cider and then pushes it away. No longer wanting it.

Laurali gratefully accepts the cider from Ezra, murmuring her thanks and only looking faintly surprised when Skyler gets up to get his own share of the drink. Her brows knit and she's about to ask if he's old enough, only to bite her lip. None of her business! Though when he pushes it away, she has to lift her mug up to her lips to hide the amused smile. "Something wrong?" she murmurs after taking a sip, only to nod and glance sidelong to Ezra. "They found a body out in the woods the other day. It wasn't… pretty." And she'll leave it at that, mostly because she has no further information. "Enjoying being a Candidate, Skyler? Have you enjoyed any of the Weyr Games yet?" she asks the youth, giving him a curious look. To Ezra, she smiles. "Surprised to see you here…"

Ezra got the non-alcoholic kind for all three of them, as he takes a sip of his own. "Huh," he mutters. "Well…" There's a shrug. What else can he say? "Here to meet Rayathess. We're going to check out some of the Games this afternoon, and tomorrow morning too. Soon as he's free and gets a ride up here…you here long?"
Cyrus had spent the day in a daze. After being searched this morning he had wandered aimlessly around the weyr for awhile, then gotten his stuff from the healer hall and brought it back and set himself up in the barracks. Which are remarkably similar to the dorms he has lived in most of his life. After that he just sat, but now he is up and about and wandering again. The new knot on his shoulder, and more questions in his mind than he'd care to admit. He makes his way into the living cavern and scans the cavern to see if there is anyone present he has seen before.

Yeah, no hard cider here, just spiced hot stuff. But yeah, question that's not about dead people! It certainly wasn't pretty. "Yeah, it's been umm pretty neat. And no. I've not." he murmurs "I dunno about any of that stuff really. I wouldn't know what to do." There's a pause "So, what do you do as a healer? I've a sister who's a healer. She delivers babies."

"I am here for the remainder of the sevenday. Journeyman Sarah had to take in a few lectures at the Hall, so she sent me here for some more practical work. Figured with the Games, there'd be plenty to do…" So far, that hasn't been off the mark! "Just lots of scrapes and minor things." Laurali shrugs, almost making it sound like it's dull. "You're not thinking of competing, are you?" she muses to Ezra, glancing sidelong to Skyler as she takes another sip. "… not know what to do? I guess some of the events are pretty specific but they have fun stuff too. Rayathess was trying out this — sledding, I think it's called? Tried to convince me it was safe." She snorts and rolls her eyes. Yeah, right! "Oh, she's a midwife then your sister?" Laurali blinks. Her? "Um. General practice and herbology. Still studying. Won't be officially practicing on my own until I walk the tables."

Ezra pushes himself to his feet with a soft laugh. "I might particpate if there's something going on tonight or tomorrow that interests me," he admits. "Excuse me for a bit, there's someone I need to speak with." Dipping his head, the Holder makes his way across the caverns to talk with someone else for a little while.

Cyrus recognizes Skyler and Laurali, though the man that just left the conversation is not recognized. He offers him a wave as he makes his way toward the remaining pair, "Hello." he says once he gets close enough to be noticed in a meaningful way, "How are you both doing this evening?" he asks. Politness counts. He just sort of stands there and waits, not realy sure what to do with himself.

Before you stands Cyrus He is a young man in his late 20's. He stands about six feet tall and has a thinning mop of brown hair upon his head. He isn't in the absolute best of physical condition, but neither is he what you could classify as out of shape. All in all he looks to be a fairly normal sort of individual that wouldn't stand out overly much in a crowd. Today he just sort of has a 'look' about him. A look that says you had best steer clear of me if you have any idea whats good for you. Normally he can be seen in his customary purple signifying he is a healer, and a journeyman at that. Though today the only thing about him that would give any indication that he is a healer is the knot that he wears on his 'civilan' clothes. He wears a simple white shirt buttoned all the way up to the top with a collar. Over that he wears a navy blue vest. His pants are black as are his shiny shoes. The light jacket he wears is also navy blue and comes down to just above his knees. It isn't an overly distictive jacket except for the red lining that can be seen when he moves. On his shoulder is his journyman knot.

Skyler watches as Ezra heads off and lets out a sigh of relief perhaps? Or maybe it's just a deep breath. Either way, the uncomfortable questions go. "Sledding?" he thinks about it "That's a game? I've sledded down hills before." he says and he starts to look a little excited about it. "That might be fun." There's a glance at Cyrus and he grins. "Hi!" he exclaims cheerfully.

"Don't think it's a game? Maybe as a race, but I think the sledding is more just for casual fun," Laurali admits before cocking her head to the side, curious as she regards Skyler. "You have? Never thought it'd be… something to consider "fun". It looks dangerous to me." Duh, that'd be the Healer in her talking? Though given her past and the life she grew up in, one would think she'd be all over such a pastime! She smiles warmly when he seems excited over the sledding. "It could be! There's skating too, up on the larger lakes. I tried that. Not very good…" Not good at all. As Cyrus approaches, Laurali recognizes him and offer a shy wave only to have her eyes widen a bit in surprise. "You too?" she blurts out and then promptly covers her mouth. Oops! "I mean… congratulations! Sit?" Join them. Not awkward at all.

Cyrus might look to be in something of a daze, but he surly can follow orders. When she tells him to sit he does so. He pauses for a moment and nods his head, "Yeah. This morning." He glances down at his shoulder, "I'm not sure I like the color." he says with a sigh, "I'm used to purple. I like purple." The talk of the weyrgames is a major topic of conversation these days, "I'm sure some of the games are a bit dangerous, others less so. At least I can't see how a snowball fight can produce too many major injuries. Unless someone used ice or something." He then pauses again and says "Thanks." to Laurali.

Skyler looks confused "Why would it be dangerous?" Course, kiddy play hills would be a lot different than competition slopes. "Skating?" He shrugs a little "Never really got into that. And then there's a blink as he looks closer at Cyrus and then then he looks confused. "How come you're a candidate?" he asks looking a little startled. He doesn't mean to be sound rude, but he's confused "I mean, you seemed quite upset that I was one, so I thought. I mean." He trails off.

Laurali blinks as she quietly drains the last of her cider, glancing from the white knot on Cyrus' shoulder to the former-Healer himself. "You can still work on your studies," she murmurs softly. "So… white and purple?" That's a pretty combination! She's trying to be helpful, but she isn't quite sure what else to say to Cyrus. Except for when he brings up a snowball fight and the young woman chuckles softly, "Exactly. Just takes a bit of ice in the snow and you've got scrapes and cuts. Minor, silly injuries." Unless someone loses an eye! Smiling to Skyler, she can only shrug her shoulders. "Dunno. Maybe because it seems to go so fast? The sleds, I mean." Laurali admits and has to bite at her lower lip to keep from giggling at his startled reaction. She's sliding from her chair though, glancing over her shoulder to see where Ezra had gone off too. "Don't think they've ever solved that puzzle, Skyler, as to what tips off a dragon in Search." But he'll leave Cyrus and Skyler to "debate" over it, while she slinks away. Not without giving both of them a half-curtsey and a faint smile. "Clear skies," she offers in farewell. "And well met, Skyler. Best of luck to both of you in your Candidacy." Then she's off to slip into the crowds and rejoining the Stonehaven Holder.

Isn't that the question of the hour? All he can do is just shrug his shoulders, "I honestly don't know. I mean…I was asked and said yes, but I'm not really sure of anything at the moment." Processing all that new information takes awhile, "I think its just gonna take some time to find a way to deal with it all." he says softly. A bit of Cyrus can't help asserting itself through the daze though, "I was upset because I think you are too young." he says bluntly. He takes in what Laurali says, "I suppose you are right. I don't stop being a healer just because I'm a candidate. I wouldn't want to do that. I've worked to hard and to long to just walk away." Yeah…silly injuries, "Hopefully there will be few even of those."

Skyler rolls his eyes a bit at that. Well, he starts to and then just stops and then slumps. "I guess I'm not sure of anything either." he states. "Can I ask you something?" he wonders after a moment. He pushes at the mug of hot cider, or well lukewarm now. He seems just a little nervous, or perhaps it's out of sorts.
"I don't see why not. We are all sort of in this mess together now. If we don't help each other through it don't suppose there will be a line forming to help us." he says with a shrug, "My professional assessment is that we are all crazy for doing this, myself most of all." Granted that probably isn't saying much but still.

Skyler doesn't say anything for a few moments "It's, it's not about candidacy." he finally says. "It's, it's about…" he looks around a little and then leans in a little closer. "It's about.. about what they found." he finally gets out. "I, I couldn't sleep."

Cyrus isn't surprised in the least to be hearing that, "Yeah I heard about that. I'm sorry you were there. It's a horrible thing and something that you can't unsee once you have seen it." Being a healer he's seen lots of horrible things, but some still haunt him, "I can't tell you that it will get better quickly…because it won't. But the fact that you can admit that it bothers you is a good thing. Acting tough doesn't solve anything. I don't care who a person is or how old they are. If they can see something like that and not be affected by it there is something terribly wrong with them."

"You mean, it's, it's normal?" Skyler asks as he lets out a breath of air that he'd been holding. "I thought that. Well, I didn't think anyone else had a problem and that it was me. That maybe, maybe I am too young." he bites his lips a little "I wanted to see it. I thought it would be neat." He shudders a little "It's not, is it?"

Cyrus nods his head in affirmation, "Yeah. It's really normal. I'm glad you feel that way. I'd imagine you aren't the only one who was horribly bothered by it." He suspects that anyone who was there will be bothered by it, "I think you are to young to see something like that. I think I'm to young to see something like that. The reality of it is…is that noone should have to see something like that ever. It just happens sometimes." Not alot a person can do when they come across something like that, "No. It isn't neat at all."

Skyler takes a few deep breaths. "Does it make me a bad person that I was hoping to see it though?" he asks "I mean, isn't it terrible to want to see it? I mean, that woould mean wishing someone died, and that's just a terrible thing to do. I mean, what if wishing I could see it caused it to happen? Am I bad?" Skyler bites his lip again and seems genuinely trouble by this. In fact his voice choked up a little there at the end "I don't want to be a bad person."

"No." he says clearly, "No you are not a bad person at all. It's normal to be curious, but it isn't bad. And don't let yourself think for one second that because you had this feeling that it caused anything to happen. That isn't how the world works. From what I've heard it was an accident and no one is to blame for it, certainly not you. You weren't even there. You can't wish something true….believe me on this. If I could wish some things true the world would be a different place, but I can't do it anymore than you can. You are /not/ bad. The fact that you are worrying that you are bad shows that you care and that you are a good person. If you were a bad person you wouldn't even question yourself. Trust me on this. I've met some truly evil people, and they never take responsibility for themselves. They always blame someone else." he says with a nod. Yeah.

Skyler looks quite relieved at that and then he smiles, even if it's a little forced. "I'm glad. I was kinda worried that thinking it made it happen. I mean. It just happened, it was there. And I'd been hoping so much, it just." He swallows "It was horrible. I've not been able to eat real well. You don't think I'm a baby?" he asks as he looks up at Cyrus, his eyes pleading. "I really think I'm old enough to stand. I mean, others have before me. But this, this wouldn't mean I really shouldn't. Should it?"

Cyrus nods his head, "You've had an emotional shock. It's a trauma and it affects everything from sleeping to eating. You will get through it, but you aren't being a baby…this is how adults deal with trauma too." He sighs and shakes his head, "Skyler I'm going to be honest with you. I don't think you are old enough to stand, but it doesn't have anything to do with your reaction to what happened. I think there are really good reasons for all of us not to stand. Compelling ones. And yet we are all still here." Why?

Wait, huh? "Compelling reasons not too?" he asks, his mind shifted from the other topic "Why's that? What reasons? Even you?" he asks, curious now "And why do you think I'm too young? I'm old enough to be an apprentice after all." he states firmly.

"Especially me." Cyrus states simply, "If I go through with this and I'm chosen then it means the end of a dream. It means I'm not in control of my own destiny anymore…not completely. It means embracing certain things that I can't…won't. But at the same time I could finally understand all the things that I want to understand." He spares the young man a glance, "The things that I need to know. Skyler you are too young because you are too young. A young man your age, however intelligent, can't possibly forsee the things that could happen because they made this choice. I think it is unfair that you were searched and put in this position. It isn't because you aren't a capable young man. Though I doubt my opinion will matter much." There he goes again, exercising that same trait that got him searched in the first place, at least according to Th'ero's dragon.

Skyler listens quietly and purses his lips. "But can even you see whats too come because of this choice?" he asks after a moment. "And are we ever in control? I mean. Really? There's always someone else thinking somethings better for you. Or well, at least for me. I guess if you live all by yourself, maybe not. But then wouldn't you just be. Well. Alone?"

Cyrus nods his head, "I have a rough idea…no one can see the future, but I can make several educated guesses. I could be wrong, but I don't know." he says with a shrug, "I never said we had complete control but we do have some, and if we impress we will have less. That's just a fact." At least a fact of how he sees it, "There isn't anything wrong with being alone, I don't want to be alone either."

Skyler hmms a little as he thinks about it. "Well, I know, if I Impress, than I will go into a wing and I'll work with my wingmembers. I'll have a dragon, " well, duh! "And then I'll never be alone again." he states. matter-of-factly. "How is it any less control? If I didn't want to work in the wings, I don't have to stay and Impress. Or I don't have to stay at the Weyr either. There are riders out there that don't live in the Weyrs." he states.

"Yes you will have a drag…..wait what?" he asks. Something the young man just said caught his attention, "You mean there are riders out there that are on thier own and they don't live in a weyr?" he asks. Why has he never heard of this before?

Skyler stares at Cyrus a moment and then he nods "Yeah. I met one once. He was delivery some supplies. But he was between Weyrs, as he put it. Long time between if you ask me." He grin at his own little joke. "But I'd asked him why and he jst siad that both him and his brown had a touch of wanderlust so they went where they would and all. He kept up good relations and all with the Weyrs and would often do odd jobs and all, just for a little extra pay."

Skyler has just painted a very tempting picture for Cyrus and probably doesn't even know that he did it, "Wow. To be that free would be amazing." he says with a slight smile.

Skyler tips his head a little "I suppose." he murmurs and then shrugs "I dunno if I'd much like choosing to sleep in the rough on purpose. I like my bed." he adds with a grin "Though, I suppose you could barter for a place to stay or something."

Cyrus envisions a little cottage out in the middle of nowhere where he and….no. He isn't going to get his hopes up that high. He can't for a moment think that there is a solution. He can't let himself get so off track, "I suppose you could build your own place or contract someone to build it for you. Imagine the peace and quiet." We all know what Cyrus will be dreaming about this evening.

Skyler hmms "I suppose I can imagine that. I mean you should try my house. Or I guess my parents. It's noisy and everything. I guess if I didn't want to live in a area, it would work, but to be out all on my own? Though I guess I would't be. But still. I like people."

"I like some people…" and the list continues to grow, "…even love some of them." he adds for good measure, "But honestly people by and large don't appeal that much to me. I find that most people lack a moral compass and it disturbs me. Greatly." What does Cyrus lay awake at night worrying about? Oh so many things.

"That isn't the word that I would have chosen, but it suffices I suppose." he says with a small shrug, "I only know one thing. I'm going to live a good life. A life of conscience. One where I can look at myself every day in the mirror and like what I see. I swear.." Nothing that happens to him is going to change that. He decides to try out a bit of logic and see if it fits, "If I'm chosen by a dragon. They will have to see who I am…all of me, and accept me for who I am. Otherwise they would pass me by. A dragon tat would choose me would have to be in sync with that I'd think." At least he hopes so, "I've seen what happens when people try to change other people…it isn't pretty. I hope a dragon wouldn't play that game."

Skyler thinks about it and the shrugs "I've asked people what it's like and I've gotten different answers. But I guess the one I like best is finding the missing half of yourself and only then realizing it had been missing. So I guess there would't be games, unless you liked that sort of thing." he murmurs. "Even the ones who say their dragons are so different from them, it just seems that what is done is just well. Right."

Cyrus supposes that he will know more in time, after all thats the point of this process. For now he will trust it, until he finds a good enough reason not too and then will bolt if he must. At the very least the process will be unveiled to him, "I have a hard time with trust." he says simply enough. And with that he is own his feet once more. It's time to try to get some sleep. The world awaits tomorrow, "I'm going to head over to the barracks now and crash I think. It's been a very strange day. Try to get some sleep Skyler if you can." he says and turns to go.

Skyler is silent as those words about trust are said. That he said it, says a lot though. Skyler gives a little nod "I'll try." He's just lucky he had the day off today. "I hope you find your way." he offers and the he gets up himself and heads off to leave, after getting rid of his mostly untouched mug of cider.