Fort Weyr - Central Infirmary
This room looks fairly similar to most other infirmaries, with it's faint scent of antiseptic and an eerie quiet that goes along with convalescence. Rows of cots line both walls, each separated by a privacy screen. Breaking the line of cots along the outside wall is a entrance to the dragonhealing section of the infirmary. The far end of the oval room is filled with metal cabinets that hold the tools of the Weyrhealers trade, as well as a desk from which the healer can supervise his domain. Upon one wall rests a thick 'chart' containing the information on all patients within the infirmary.

It's early morning and while most of the Weyr is still groggily waking up, the Infirmary has long since stirred to activity. Granted, the Infirmary never quite "sleeps", instead just seeing lessened periods of activity. There are always Healers on duty and on this particular morning, with the absence of any serious patients, there is only one Journeyman at the desk and a small handful of Apprentices. Laurali is one of those Apprentices and she is currently using one of the empty and sterile cots to work through sorting and rolling bandages. A menial task, but the young girl doesn't mind it. After all the "excitement" the previous afternoon at the barrens, it gives her a chance to think. She hums quietly under her breath, not loud enough to be overheard unless someone steps close enough, so the Infirmary retains it's almost eerie quiet tone, save for the occasional scuff or shuffle of feet.

Cyrus returned from Xanadu very late in the evening…very late. Though honestly he could not have had a better time. Which puts him in about as lovely a mood as Cyrus is capable of being in. He is just sort of wandering, not really looking for anything. Just a slow lazy gait. Occasionally he pokes his head in an unfamiliar door and takes a gander around and then continues his lazy walk around the weyr. When he comes to the infirmary he pokes his head in, takes a tentative step inside and glances around. Not remarkably different from Xanadu's infirmary, though there are slight variations on a theme. The hall isn't that much different. He glances to to the other Journeyman and notes the presence of various apprentices Cyrus doesn't hear the muffled comment about excitment, and wouldn't know anything about it since his focus had been elsewhere yesterday.

The Journeyman on duty will look up from his work on his desk to give Cyrus a curious look. "Morning," he greets respectfully. "If you've time to spare, we could use an extra set of hands on supply preparation. A lot of big events today, most of 'em by foot and we've best be prepared for injuries." There's a slightly bemused smirk at that, as if sharing in an inner joke only Healers would get. A shared frustration of the folks who will likely clamour in to the Infirmary with minor cuts and scrapes to seek out the Healers when the wounds are capable of being tended by anyone. Laurali will look up from her work when she hears the Journeyman talk, offering Cyrus a reserved but polite smile. She's a darker complexion to her than most and her features are best described as plain and sombre. Her long dark hair has been braided into two braids at either side of her head and she wears the heavy linen skirt, tunic and smock of any Healer currently on duty.

Cyrus pauses for a moment as he considers, would that be breaking the rules? He apparently decides that it would not be 'practicing' since he moves forward to take a look at the supplies on hand, "I imagine it will be a busy day. Do we know what events are running today?" He does have a minor bit of curiosity, since well…he plans to compete in a few of the. He lifts a hand and waves to Laurali. He doens't recall seeing her around previously, but the place is big enough a person could go unnoticed for awhile.

The Journeyman has gone back to his work at his desk, clearly engrossed with whatever reports and charts are in front of him. So it will be Laurali who answers him, her voice low and soft spoken. "Some of the obstacle courses, the speed skating races and the dragon endurance races. First round and heat. They may hold the sledding races too." she informs Cyrus, only darting him a quick look as she rolls yet another bandage. Otherwise she keeps her gaze downturned and meek. It's no surprise if Cyrus hasn't crossed her before. The young girl and Sr. Apprentice is often between areas. She studies at the Hall, but frequents Fort Weyr on a regular basis and in the warmer months she is far up north in Stonehaven cothold, where she is to be posted soon along another Journeywoman. "Here," Laurali will wave her hand over some of the other bandages, all sorted by type but needing to be properly rolled, stacked and store. "You can help me with this? Are you from the Hall or posted here?"

Cyrus takes in that bit of information and nods, "Oh..well…I'll have to see if I can try to go to some of those. I think I signed up for that and I'd like to see the dragon races." Knowing that more than likely a certain someone signed up, given what she said the previous evening, "I'd be happy too." he says as he begins to taket he bandages and roll them, getting them preped for whatever use they will be later on this busy winter day, "I'm posted up at the hall. I'm just visiting here is all." he responds. Though he has spent a great deal of time here lately. More than he would have expected.

"They'll run the races again and again, even if you miss this round." Laurali helpfully continues to inform Cyrus, her voice always kept lowered to a quiet murmur. The girl is reserved, but not to the point of being standoffish. She just prefers to keep low and not really stand out. "You've signed up?" she seems particularly curious about that, but also pleased when he steps in to help. "Appreciate it." Maybe now she'll be able to escape earlier! "Mhm," Laurali says thoughtfully. "Same here. Posted to the Hall but more often here of late. Mostly because my Journeyman said it's good field practice, what with the Games providing… plenty of patients. Come spring, I'll be up at Stonehaven cothold. So I'll take all the practice I can get and come fall, perhaps I will walk the tables to Jr. Journeyman…" It's said almost wistfully, if not sadly, as she rolls another bandage and adds it to the tray, only to look up as the first non-Healer of the day walks in. Patient or… worse? "Weyrleader. Careful." Laurali warns in a low hiss to Cyrus, "He's been in a foul mood since they found the body…" What? Sure enough, Th'ero is at the entranceway and his expression is dark and grim. The Journeyman at the desk greets him and the two exchange a few low words. He seems harmless?

Cyrus ahhs slightly as she informs him that if he misses this round he'll get in on the next. Fair enough, "I'd like to try to be there I suppose. If only to watch everyone else and keep an eye on things." Better to be on the front lines and know what is coming than to be surprised. How Cyrus hates to be surprised! "You are most welcome." he responds to her comment of appreciation, "It sounds like a good plan. You have it well mapped out and it sounds logical." he says with a smile, "I can't say I've ever been up that way. Course there are many places that I've never been." His life has been boring really…at least until recently. When she hisses he looks up from the bandage that he was rolling and gives her a look that says 'Huh?' And when she mentions a body he blinks, "Who died? Was it natural causes?" He certainly hopes so. Weyrleaders are /never/ harmless.

Laurali nods her head in agreement to Cyrus concerning the events, as his response seems logical enough to her. "Couldn't hurt, could it?" she ventures to add, only to smile again in a sheepish way. "Wasn't always so well mapped out but once I knew what I wanted… it was just a matter to attaining it. I've worked hard." Harder than most, given her past. Laurali has come from so little. She frowns a little in thought when Cyrus doesn't seem to know of the name or the sad history to Stonehaven and immediately she pegs him as being from outside of the Fort region. Not a bad thing, but she doesn't pry and only adds: "It has just recently reopened under Holder Ezra Stonehaven, heir and youngest son." Laurali darts a nervous look to the Weyrleader, then to Cyrus and she keeps her voice lowered to a whisper. "You haven't heard? Bunch of Candidates out on a hike to the barrens to harvest barks of teas came across it. Seems that thief met an untimely end. She'd been thrown from her runner, her injuries too grevious. She died in the hole she fell in and from the cold. Terrible way to die…"

"… Apprentice Laurali?" The Journeyman calls to her, which of course brings Th'ero's attention along with it. The young woman hastily sets down the bandage she'd been rolling and bobs her head. Yes? "Can you go to the medicinal stores for me? I've a list here of the herbs I need." Herbs? Laurali looks a touch confused but she casts a quick look to Cyrus while murmuring her farewell and quickly walks over to the Journeyman to fill out the task he's given her. Th'ero by now, of course, has spotted Cyrus and he offers the man a tense smile. "Good Morning."

Cyrus is from outside of the Fort region by a considerable distance, though he has spent a great deal of time at the hall, though like most any hall its an insular place where news doesn't often come in or out beyond rumor and conjecture, "Ahhh.." he says softly as she explains the place just got a new start, "Hopefully it will be sucessful." He has a soft spot in his heart for holds. Always good to hear a new one is begining to grow. He does frown though when she explains that the thief met a rather ugly end, "That is a horrible way to go. Didn't deserver that..even if they were a thief." Though at least it sounds like its an accident. He blinks though, some of his friends are candidates. Hopefully none were with the group that found the body, especially that little kid, "It is morning. The goodness of it would seem to be debatable given what that apprentice just told me. I imagine you have had a stressful start to the day."

Little does Cyrus know that the Candidates were involved. Skyler included! How terrifying? Might be why Th'ero is in such a foul mood, as Laurali tried to warn him. She's gone now though, having slipped away to find the herbs the Journeyman had asked for, leaving the Weyrleader to quietly approach Cyrus. Are the herbs for him? Possibly, as it's the only logical reason to assume why the bronzerider is lingering. The Infirmary is not a place for social chit chat. "Word travels fast." Th'ero remarks dryly, giving Cyrus a lingering look that ends with a brisk nod. "It has been a stressful night and morning, yes. So Laurali informed you of the grim discovery by the barrens? Pity what happened to the woman. Thief or not, it was a cruel way to die." So the man isn't without mercy! Time will tell if he shows compassion to Ustrr, if the Renegade and his men are ever found. "Are you here this morning on duty?"

"It's a weyr. There are few secrets." he says dryly. If its one thing he has learned its that everyone knows everything about everything almost instantly after it occurs, "Sometimes its a pain in the butt." Though in this case it is news, "Yeah. She mentioned it. Didn't get much time to say a great deal about it, but it sounds like a bad business. Are the people who discovered this ok?" Sure he's used to looking at death, but not everyone is and it changes a person, "No. I was just poking in and helping prep some supplies for the games later today. Nothing terribly exciting, but its necessary. There will be bumps and owwies that need to be mended." he says just as drly as his first comment, "Hopefully nothing too serious will occur."

Th'ero snorts just as dryly when Cyrus points out that it's a Weyr. "It can be both a blessing and a curse," he admits grimly, but it's not as though word of the discovery will be left to rumour for long. Eventually, news will be official, though it'll be a logitiscal nightmare for the Weyrleader to assure those visiting the Weyr for the Games that all is well and there is no need for alarm. Cyrus is given another long look as the Weyrleader mulls over his answer for the Healer. In the end, he opts for honesty and truth. As he so aptly put it before, gossip will spread. Cyrus will find out eventually and better it be from HIM than some lower cavern worker with all their information backwards. "Candidate Amethyst is fine, as is Hazelon. Ravyal was a bit shaken and so was Skyler. They'll recover." He seems so confident and sure of it. "They were with the Weyrwoman and Wingrider Mr'az at the time, as well as a Guard. It was just ill fate that they stumbled upon the clues…" And in the case of Amethyst… falling right into it. "Ahh, I see. So you have decided to stay for the Games then?" Th'ero is glad for the subject change, though his mood remains questionable. At least, that is, until he smirks and there's the smallest hint of amusement. "We can only hope!"

Cyrus is in about as good a mood as a person is likely to find him in, thanks to a rather lovely previous evening, stillt he news is troublesome, "I'm sorry to hear that. Amethyst is a lovely person and that poor little kid…" he says with a shake of his head, "He's so young." A critique or a statement of fact, or both. He makes a mental note to check in with those that he knows to make sure they are ok for himself. Trust but verify after all. As for the lighter topic "I'm going to stick around. I'm going to compete in a few events and a certain special someone is going to as well, so I could hardly be anywhere else at the moment. I don't think I'll be winning anything but it will be fun to play. There are other things in life to be far more competitive about."

Th'ero quirks a brow up for Cyrus' comments on Amethyst and Skyler and his gaze seems to linger a touch longer than it ought to on the Healer. "So you've met both Candidates? As for Skyler… he is young, yes. Our youngest Candidate, in fact. Normally I prefer that they be a touch older but Varmiroth insisted as Kimmila informed me and blue's are very keen Search dragons." he admits, taking Cyrus' comment as a statement of fact. The Weyrleader listens politely to the rest, nodding his head. "Greenrider Kera, right?" he ventures to ask, prying just a little to get the clear answer from the Healer. "I'm glad to hear you are staying and even considering to compete and that Kera will be signing in as well." Nothing like seeing a bit of competitive spirit to chase the darker news away. Laurali will return then with the herbs and the Journeyman will check over the dosages and nod in a satisfied way before sending the Apprentice off on another task. "Weyrleader? I've what you need here. You remember the instructions? Good." Th'ero had begun to turn, only to pause and look back to Cyrus. A farewell? Not quite. "Walk with me a moment, would you?" Outside. Once the Weyrleader has the bundled and packaged herbs tucked safely inside his jacket pocket, he'll gesture with a hand to indicate he wishes Cyrus to follow him back to the bowl.

Cyrus can't really say no, he has no reason too anyway, so he makes his way with the Weyrleader. The herbs cause him a bit of curiosity, but he isn't going to ask what they are needed for. There are certain types no nosey that you just don't do if you want to keep your noses attached to your face. He does his best to not let his skepticism show, "I suppose we will just have to wait and see what happens." He nods his head at the statment about Kera, "That's right. She's rather excited about it. She loves that sort of thing. She's a playful person." That has been his experience anyway, "As you wish."

Th'ero may either see the curiosity in Cyrus or sense it and patting his jacket where the herbs are now hidden, he explains quietly. "My twin son and daughter are ill with a minor cold. I promised their foster parents I would pick up a different remedy as theirs doesn't quite seem to be helping effectively. I also wanted something to give to my older son, Kyzen, as a preventative since he is fostered with them as well. Kyzen is very sociable and last I heard he's formed a good bond with Skyler and some of the other Candidates. Last thing I want him doing is carrying illness to the Candidate ranks." he murmurs, walking at a sedate pace back out into the bowl and pulling the collar of his jacket up higher around his neck and under his chin against the winter chill. "Good! That's what we need. Excitement for good, wholesome competition. Bolsters good relations between the Weyrs and Holds." Th'ero admits and his mood seems to lighten. His eyes are troubled, but he no longer looks so grim. As they skirt the one curving side of the bowl, ahead of them Velokraeth is waiting. Not lounging, but waiting and he rumbles in a pleased and curious manner when his rider comes into view but his gaze is fixed on Cyrus. The Weyrleader has fallen back a step, now walking slightly behind Cyrus. "So tell me, Cyrus. Are you serious on staying on here for a time in Fort Weyr? Once the Games are done and gone, what then?"

Cyrus listens politely, "I'm sorry to hear your little ones are ill…having sick children around is always hard." he comments no further on that issue, though he does give him a reassuring smile, "Kids are wonderful and a great gift to their parents. I saw your little one at the feast. He has a good deal of energy and I could see you being very proud of him." Cyrus continues to walk at that slow pace with Th'ero, "I couldn't agree more. I have found that relations are sometimes strained. It's good for the hold folk to realize that weyrfolk don't think of themselves as superior…ideally anyway. We are all just men in the end." When Cyrus spots the dragon he gives him a polite nod and then turns his attention back on Th'ero, "Honestly. I don't know. My life is complicated right now. There's alot thats up in the air. I'll be at the hall for awhile and so you'll probably see me about since its so close. They aren't going to reassign me any time soon I think. If they decided to it would probably be some cothold in the middle of nowhere." He gives a little shrug, "I'm just…not sure."

Th'ero dips his head politely to Cyrus' concerns, the Weyrleader's mouth curving into the barest of smiles for the well wishes given and the remarks on Kyzen. Of course the man is proud! Even if he doesn't quite show it. He's always been reserved about his emotions. "We, that is my weyrmate Kimmila and I, are very proud of Kyzen. He is a good kid." Listening quietly, there is a low, dry chuckle for mentioning holders outlooks. "Can't fault them, really. Weyrbred and hold bred has always been so different, ever since the first dragon riders and Weyrs. Just how our society has formed and there is nothing wrong with either upbringing. But I agree, hosting events like these that put all on even level? It helps. All men are equal," he agrees soberly. "Complicated in what way, if you do not mind me asking?" The Weyrleader has stopped walking now, standing to the side of the bowl and well out of the way of traffic as he keeps his gaze firmly on Cyrus. Velokraeth rumbles to the greeting he receives, but the pale bronze has more up his sleeve. Gradually he will stand and stretch out, giving his ugly, stunted body a good shake and his wings a flick before he lumbers, almost waddling, closer to the pair.

Cyrus smiles when the Weryleader says that all are equal, "Yes…all men are equal." He pulls his head back though when he asks his question about how things are complicated, "Suffice it to say I'm an opinionated man and I have a difficult time with self restraint and I always call things like I see them. That tends to really piss people off. I have pissed alot of people off….you are as aware of politics as anyone can be." he says with a shrug, "I don't do politics." He sighs and shrugs again, "Then to be honest there's Kera. I've never really felt like that about anyone before. It's still early and all…don't know what will happen. So yeah…professionally, personally its all upside down right now."

"Oh, I'm aware of politics, yes." Th'ero remarks dryly and with a grim smirk but the look he gives Cyrus is one of amused inteest now and… understanding. That's odd? "And I'm aware too of how upset people can get when your opinions may not mesh with theirs. Not so much a matter of who is right or wrong, but a conflict of interest. You remind me a little of myself when I was younger. I was heavily opinionated once, but I was also ignorant and naive… It took many Turns, several harsh lessons and him…" Th'ero points to Velokraeth, who promptly chuffs as if laughing quietly. "… to unmask the truths from the lies and my own blindness, so to speak. And it doesn't necessarily have to be just politics, either." On to Kera again, the Weyrheader can only shake his head. He is no master of romance and it's a wonder how he ever snared a faithful weyrmate like Kimmila. "Can't say I am much help there, save to tell you to just take it a day at a time…" Velokraeth whuffles and snorts, tilting his ugly head as if to regard his rider with impatience. Th'ero just rolls his eyes and tries not to pinch the bridge of his nose in irritation. Alright, alright! "Velokraeth would like me to tell you that speaking the truth or being so openly honest is not necessarily a bad trait but a strength if wielded properly. Truths are better than lies." There's a pause, his brows knitting and after a moment Th'ero will dig into his pocket to pull out a white knot and hold it out to Cyrus. His hesitation is not so much on Cyrus himself, but more of which Master he'll have to speak to later — if needed. "He says that he can see a potential in you for that reason. To put it bluntly and," Smirk. "in his true words: you're a bit rough around the edges but capable. Care to prove him right or wrong, either way, by standing for Kayeth and Velokraeth's clutch?"

Cyrus just stands there perfectly still as Th'ero talks about how there is a similarity between them. If he has an opinion on it his face doesnt' show it. In fact there is no emotion on his face at all. He does grow something of a small smile though when the weyrleader mentions Kera. When the dragon wuffles he glances over to him briefly before turning to Th'ero for some sort of translation. He nods his head slowly, "I have always believed such." he affirms. The stillness comes to an end when the weyrlearder pulls out the white knot. It almost looks as if he has been struck. Between has now officially warmed over. Many different emotions play across his face in evidence of the storm that rages inside of him. He turns his head to the side to catch his breath for a moment, "If I do this what are my obligations?" he asks as he turns back to face the man before him. His breath comes a bit quicker and there is a twitch in his right hand, almost as if it wants to move.

Th'ero doesn't seem at all surprised by Cyrus' reaction to the knot. This happens sometimes and not all readily accept it. In fact, the Weyrleader seems almost pleased by his hesitation and Velokraeth rumbles too and in a note that sounds almost gently encouraging. "Obligations? There are rules you must follow, but we put emphasis on the Crafts and other skills to our Candidates. Traditionally you'd be Weyrbound and kept to chores but that was back to times of Thread. Now… we encourage our Candidates to pursue their Crafts, if they had one, or to find something else that speaks to them while they wait on the eggs to harden. You could continue your studies, if you wished, only you'd be required to house in the barracks here. If there is a chaperoned excursion to Healer Hall, you could always try to lead a lecture to your fellow Candidates or even show them the Hall. Aside from that, we only expect you to follow the rules and represent the Weyr in a good light." Sounds simple, doesn't it?

Cyrus just stands there with his right hand trembling as he listens to the 'rules'. He nods slowly, licks his lips, and in a spur of the moment sort of decision he reaches forward with his right hand to accept he knot, "I'll do it." he says softly. He just stares at the knot. He's seen it before many times, but this is a different sort of moment. His pupils dialate and his breath continues to come at a rapid pace. Life change here we come, "I can live in the barracks easily enough. Dorms don't bother me." If there is anything else he has to say its sort of lost in the emotional swirl that has claimed him.

Velokraeth rumbles and whuffles in smug satisfaction when Cyrus accepts and promptly flares his wings and springs aloft, gliding towards the feeding grounds to hunt. Th'ero also seems to relax as he hands the knot over to Cyrus, nodding his head. "Good! Then you'll at least not have to have that shock to adjust to," he murmurs and as if aware of the possible conflict the Healer-turned-Candidate may have, he reaches out to clasp the young man on the shoulder. Provided Cyrus doesn't evade, that is. "Take it a day at a time, Cyrus and know that if at anytime you can turn in that knot. It's only too late if you're already on the sands…" Obviously. "It's a worthwhile experience. Clearly there is something in you that Velokraeth sensed and you've already seemed to form a bond with two of the Candidates. Better than some and not even among their ranks yet! You'll be fine. Take the rest of the day to settle your affairs. Speak with the Headwoman first and be sure you'r back by the dinner hour. I best be off myself. I've medication to bring to Tlazio. Clear skies, Cyrus and the best of luck to you." With that, he'll take his leave and Cyrus will be left to his own devices. He'll have to notify the Hall and find the Headwoman and then… the rest is up to him.